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Today's Belize News: May 18, 2017 #523619
05/18/17 06:49 AM
05/18/17 06:49 AM
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP


Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

The San Pedro Sun

New Five-a-side Football Tournament starts in San Pedro Town
A total of 30 football teams signed up for the new 5-a-side Football Tournament organized by the San Pedro Sports Committee (SPSC) and The San Pedro Town Council (SPTC). The tournament officially started on Friday, May 12th and spanned to Sunday, May 14th bringing 15 thrilling matches to eager fans at the Honourable Louis Sylvestre Sporting Complex. The tournament was divided into five categories to better accommodate all levels of athletes: Under 10, Under 13, Under 15, female and male teams. The second round of games continued on Wednesday, May 17th, Thursday May 18th and Friday, May 19th starting at 7PM.

Ministry of Health launches BHIS identification card system
Starting June 1st all medical patients nationwide will be required to have their individual Belize Health Information System (BHIS) cards to access health care services. Applications for the card can be done at any public medical facility with just an identification document, such as a Social Security Card or passport. The BHIS is considered a dynamic, comprehensive tool that will assist the Ministry of Health in providing better health care services in the fastest, most affordable and efficient way to Belizeans. The initiative is expected to benefit not only the nation’s hospitals, but other governmental health facilities. In San Pedro Town, all patients will be required to obtain this card in order to access health services, at the Dr. Otto Rodriguez San Pedro Polyclinic II. Services include outpatient, dental clinic, psychiatric clinic, gynaecology/obstetric clinic, pharmacy, lab, x-ray, and family community health, among others.

Ambergris Today

Popular Musician Lascelle Martinez Murdered In Punta Gorda
Police has confirmed that popular musician Lascelle Martinez was stabbed multiple times at the corner of West and Victoria Streets in Punta Gorda this afternoon, Wednesday, May 17, 2017. Martinez and a female, Tianee Figueroa, were stabbed by suspect Simeon Lino. Police report that Simeon went to his ex-girlfriend Tianne Figueroa's residence and reportedly stabbed her as well and fled the scene. She was transported to the PG Hospital where her condition is stable; Martinez passed away. The motive of the attack is being reported as an act of jealousy. Police are seeking Lino.

BTB Launches Hotel Registration Campaign
The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) launched a public awareness campaign to remind owners and operators of guest accommodation services of their obligations and requirements under the Hotel and Tourist Accommodation Act. Under the law, any owner or operator providing accommodation for remuneration purposes to any guest (local or foreign) regardless of its location in the country, is required to register with the Registrar of Hotels at the BTB.

Paul Kelly Of San Pedro High Awarded Outstanding Teacher Of The Year
Paul Kelly, better known as Mr. Kelly by his students, received the National Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award 2016 - 2017 at the Bliss Institute of Arts on Thursday May 11, 2017. This was presented to him during the Annual Teacher of the Year Award Ceremony hosted by the Ministry of Education of Belize. Every year the Ministry of Education in Belize awards teachers from all over the country at every level of education: Pre-school, Primary School, Secondary Level, and Tertiary level for their outstanding work and dedication.

Misc Belizean Sources


Cardio Dance Class on Caye Caulker
This Saturday, 7:30pm, Caye Caulker Community Center

Bees nests at Moonracer Farm
At this point in the dry season, lots of flowers are blooming and we hear a constant background buzz of bees. So, we weren't surprised when Julio took us on a bees' nests tour and we found four different types of nests right in the yard.

CAWS Cinco de Mayo Cook-off
There were some awesome entries into the Cayo Animal Welfare Society's Jefe de la Cocina Cook-off on Cinco de Mayo at Remo's Roadhouse. Star from Simply Delicious won with her amazing sopes. CAWS got some pictures.

Western Border Chocolate Festival Celebrations 2017
In celebration of the upcoming Chocolate Festival on May 19-21, 2017. The Belize Tourism Board is giving travelers at the Western Border a taste of the upcoming event.

The U.S. Embassy Belmopan has an opening for a time limited Visa Clerk position
The successful candidate will be required to obtain a security clearance and undergo a medical examination. WHO MAY APPLY: Anyone who is eligible for appointment under Belize’s local laws. Applicant must be in possession of a Belize social security card valid for employment and/or a resident/work permit. HOW TO APPLY: Interested candidates must submit the following in order to be considered for the position. 1. Universal Application for Employment (UAE) form (DS-0174); plus 2. Any other documentation (e.g., essays, certificates, awards, licenses, copies of degrees earned) that addresses the qualification requirements of the position as listed above.

Vakantiebeurs Utrecht Tradeshow, Famed Fly Fishing field editor Hans van Klinken in Belize!
In January 2017, the BHA attended the Vakantiebeurs Utrecht Tradeshow in the Netherlands. This is a 6 day event which includes one day of meetings with travel agents and press and five days open to consumers and travelers. Our BHA European Rep Sander Langeveld, and Vice-President Sandra van Noord, represented the BHA at this event where they met Mr. Hans van Klinken who is a well-known fly fishing field editor and owner of Fly Fishing Gazette, is in Belize from May 7- May 20, traveling throughout the country to gather information, material and photography about the fishing and other inland and island activities that are available in Belize for all travelers.

On May 17th, San Pedro High School (SPHS) fourth year students found out whether they will be marching to pomp and circumstance come June 10th. Those who got the good news celebrated their achievement in the traditional signing of their uniforms – as well as lots of happy smiles, shrieks and excitement. CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES!

San Pedro High Students received graduation announcements today and they couldn't be happier!
The traditional signing of the uniforms began as the first student came out with the news that he/she is graduating! Congrats SPHS 2017 Graduates!!

Stakeholders Champion Multi-Sectoral Approach to Early Childhood Development at 2nd Biennial Conference
The Ministry of Human Development, Social Transformation and Poverty Alleviation; Ministry of Education, Youth, Sports and Culture; and Ministry of Health in partnership with UNICEF today concluded a two-day Early Childhood Development (ECD) Conference under the theme: “Positive Play, Positive Minds, Brighter Tomorrow”. Approximately 180 stakeholders and partners in the field of early child development attended the event which on day one featured thematic presentations on programmes currently in place in the areas of Care for Child Development, Family Literacy, Parenting, and Specialized Services for Children with Different Abilities.

Junction Carnival Mas Band
COROZAL CARNIVAL NEWS: This Saturday 4:30PM...Free Registration for Inde Junction Carnival Mas Band. Come prepared to dance. Comfortable shoes/tennis not slippers....if long jeans please let it be stretch. (next to Civic Center)

HAPPENING TODAY! Corozal Town Historical Walk
You are cordially invited to the opening ceremony for the inauguration of the Corozal Town Historical Walk beginning at 9 am Thursday May 18th. We want to kindly thank our collaborators; the Corozal Town Council, Belize Archives and Records Service, Corozal Junior College, Mr. Roy Rodriguez, Mr. Oscar Riveroll, Mr. Francisco Magana, Mrs. Amira Leiva, Mr. Graham Sampson, the Ahmad Family and Mr. Jorge Clarke. All have been an integral part in the research, collection of images, installation and inauguration of the Historical Walk. Join us tomorrow in celebrating this milestone with our beloved community!

Cayo Day Festival
Cayo Day is Sunday at Macal River Park. The fun starts at 10:00am. The New Sensation Band and Tanya Carter will be there. "CAYO DAY EXTRAVAGANZA!!!! MARK YOUR CALENDARS AND BRING OUT THE FAMILY!! IT WILL BE SPECTACULAR!!"

Minimum Standards for Accommodations
Kindly see the upcoming scheduled dates and venue for our Minimum Standards for Accommodations meeting.

BTB & CTO Scholarship Opportunities
The Belize Tourism Board is offering scholarship opportunities to interested applicants for Tourism Programs commencing August 2017 for Full-time Students for the following degrees: 1. Associate Degree in Tourism (Two Year Tuition Scholarship). 2.Bachelor Degree in Tourism Management (Two Year Tuition Scholarship). 3.Jean Shaw Scholarship (Two Year Full Scholarship). 4.Scholarship for Culinary Studies. Application deadline for BTB Scholarships is Friday, June 30th, 2017 and application forms can be obtained by contacting BTB at [email protected] Completed application forms can be submitted to [email protected]

International Museum Day 2
International Museum Day 2 was a great success. Much thanks to the Benque House of Culture (NICH)for inviting us along, and to Jorge, Yasmini and Joanna for coming out to help us. The children loved the activities and were very insightful.

Channel 7

Popular Musician Killed In PG Love Triangle
A popular musician was stabbed to death in Punta Gorda Town this morning - and it happened in the street near the Town Center. 36 year old Lascelle Martinez, well-known as a musician with the Coolie Rebels band and other musical outfits, was at a friend's house at the corner of West and Jose Maria Nunez Streets - when a 33 year old man, stabbed him three times. The motive?: Jealousy. And after that, the assailant went right to his ex-girlfriend's house, stabbed her 8 times and then fled. She lived, but Martinez's wounds were more serious and he died early this afternoon. Apparently, Martinez - had started a relationship with 21 year old Tianne Figueroa - and her ex was taking it very badly; reports say he was crazed by jealousy. Tonight, police are asking Simeon Lino - seen in the background of this picture - as a person of interest. Tianne Figueroa's was is at the PG Hospital where her condition is stable.

UDP Operatives Menace Media In Senate
Today in Belmopan, Elvin Penner was back in the hot seat as the main witness for the Senate Hearings on Immigration. He was back to being an uncooperative witness, mostly choosing not to answer any questions related to his role in the issuance of a fraudulent passport to the South Korean fugitive, Won Hong Kim. In the instances where he did give a response, he told the Senate that he couldn't recall the details that they were looking for. We'll get to that, but first, to the media menacing pulled off by Brian Audinett, better known as "Yellowman". He's the Sergeant at Arms for the House of Representatives, in charge of maintaining order during house meetings. But, today at the senate, he was leading the disorderly conduct.

"Yellowman" Snatches Journalist's Phone
We're not sure what caused the police not to intervene, but as you may be aware, Yellowman does command some authority over the officers who act as security during House meetings. We are not so sure what are the standing orders for Senate meetings, and if he has any authority there. But, he wasn't kicked out for the rowdy behavior. Instead, he, Allan Kelly, Alberto August, and the other UDP supporters left on their own. While on the break, Chairman Salazar, who controls the Senate Hearings, went to speak with Yellowman and the others. Our Krem News Colleague, Marisol Amaya, was out there capturing it on her cellphone camera, and once again, "Yellowman" didn't take took kindly to being recorded on video. Also, our other colleague from Plus News claims that "Yellowman" stoned him with a pen. Here's that second confrontation between "Yellowman" and Amaya, in which he grabbed her phone:

Chairman Tried To Defuse
So, why didn't the Senate Committee Chairman, Aldo Salazar, simply order that his UDP colleagues be removed from the gallery for disrupting the hearings? You've heard him warn witnesses that the Senate Inquiry on Immigration is not a "soap opera". Yet, that's just what it devolved into because of the heckling. So, was he playing favorite today? That's what we asked him, and he rejected that saying, he was trying to defuse the situation before it got out of hand: Daniel Ortiz: "There were certain members of the gallery today who are from your party and it seems that you were rather reluctant to throw them out for being disruptive." Hon. Aldo Salazar - Chairman, Senate Select Committee: "I don't agree with your characterization of reluctance, we did suspend the sitting when there was noise, I did speak with certain person that we need to have the senate respected, you would have heard me if you review your tape you will see that I said the same thing, we need to respect the business of the senate but remember we have to weigh the interest of the public as well."

Hon. Courtenay Says Deliberate Disruption to Protect Penner
After the Senate Hearing today, we asked PUP Senator Eamon Courtenay about the behavior from the UDP visitors to the gallery. He was the subject of the vicious heckling, and the UDP's were "throwing phrases" at him from the moment they arrived. He said that this was deliberate to try to disrupt the questioning that he was putting Penner through: Hon. Eamon Courtenay - PUP Senator: "The proceedings last week were disturbed by the chairman of the United Democratic Party Mr. August. Mr. August came back again today; he was accompanied by others including the sergeant at arms of this honourable house. So these are of part of the official United Democratic Party, part of the house staff and they were the person who came here today to disturb the proceedings with a clear intent to do so let's make no mistake about that."

The Problem With Probing Penner
So, with all that antics aside, we turn now the real business of the day. Elvin Penner was called back to take a few more questions from the Senate on the part of the Auditor General's report for which he was named. More specifically, however, the Senators wanted to take a second attempt to get him to answer to the Citizen Kim scandal. Last week, we showed you how how he tried to claim rights and privileges in the constitution which he said excused him from taking their questions. Well, as soon as the hearing opened today, he gave a few prepared remarks adding that he is not going to answer any loaded questions which he thinks are aimed at scoring political points against the UDP Government. Here's that back and forth:

Penner "Can't Recall"
So, as you saw, Senator Courtenay was determined to ask his questions about Citizen Kim, and he did. The line of questioning started with Elvin Penner refusing to answer, and later on, his answers changed with him asserting that he could not recall. Here's how that back and forth went: Hon. Eamon Courtenay - PUP Senator: "The evidence before this committee is that you took or you went along with whichever way it is, an Asian gentleman in a black suit to the immigration department, do you recall in September 2013 going to the immigration department with an Asian gentleman in a black suit?" Elvin Penner - Former Immigration Minister: "At this point in time I will invoke my right under the laws of Belize to remain silent." Hon. Eamon Courtenay: "Mr. Penner why are you refusing to answer that question?" Elvin Penner: "Because I believe I have the right to do so."

Guatemalan Gold Panner Died In Ceibo Chico
Tonight, we can confirm that a Guatemalan civilian did die in the Chiquibul - but it was an accident and had nothing to do with the BDF or law enforcement, according to General David Jones. 18 year old Marvin Cristobal Chac Pop's body was removed form the Chiquibul this afternoon and is now being held at a morgue in Belize. Two Belizean forensic Doctors, Ken and Blanco were taken to the Ciebo Chico area of the Chiquibul today where they determined that Pop had tumbled down from a cliff and died from injuries to his head when he fell on the stones in a small creek. This happened 7.7 kilometers or 4.7 miles inside Belize.

11 Bullets For Belize Bank/Matalon
The Matalon Building on Coney Drive is one of the most impressive in Belize, but last night, the Belize Bank Section was riddled with bullet holes. As many as 13 shots were fired, and 11 hit the first two floors of the building - which are owned and operated by the Belize Bank. It happened around 10:00 pm, when security cameras picked up a car passing by, which then spun back unto Sun Dial Avenue - which is across from the structure. A man walked out of the car and basically emptied a clip on the Bank's two floors. And while several panes of the glass exterior were damaged, it's all hurricane resistant tempted glass, so they didn't shatter. And we are told that the 11 bullets which did hit the building got no further than the blinds. Additionally, insurance will cover costs for all the replacements. The building has high intensity zoom security cameras on all corners of roof - and we are told they did get footage of the car which police are reviewing.

Police Warn Businesses About Delivery Truck Jackings
And while North side police are reviewing that surveillance video, on the Southside they are trying to get a handle on a spate of armed robberies that have been happening on Mahogany Street in the Lake Independence Area. Since last week, at least three delivery trucks have been robbed in the area. The pattern is the same in every crime, three men, one with a gun, taking money from the days deliveries. It happened again this morning and we asked the Southside Commander what they can do to stop it. He says the business owners have to help:..

House Fire Started As a Result of Family Dispute
Just as the news was finishing last night, at 7:45, the Fire Department got the report of a fire near North Creek canal. That's a block away from the Southside fire station - and the fire truck was there within two minutes. But, still, it was too late: two buildings burnt down. The station officer told us more - and police filled in with details pointing to the fact that it is an arson:.. Orin Smith - Station Officer, National Fire Service: "On arrival on scene found were two structures already engulfed in flames. Approximately 12 by 15 bungalow wooden structure and an elevated 10 by 14 wooden structure approximately 10 feet off the ground were engulfed in flames. The national fire service went into operation to extinguish the fire, both structures were later extinguished. Investigation reveals that the fire was the result of an incendiary or the fire was classified as incendiary. Neither of the two structures were insured."

Crooked Tree Fire Was Arson
And while that fire was a case of arson, so too it appears with the Audubon Society's Visitor's Center at the Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary. Orin Smith filled us in: Orin Smith - Station Officer, National Fire Service: "The Crooked Tree fire investigation determined that fire to be incendiary." Reporter: "Give us more details." Orin Smith: "There were trailers found on the step leading to a veranda, trailers are usually devices whether liquid or materialize that is used to lead a fire into an area you want it to go and that was discovered on one of the staircase that led to a veranda and eventually to the structure itself."

Caribbean Urban Forum Converges On Belize
Today the Belize City Council hosted mayors and town council representatives from throughout the country, as well as city planners and urban development officials from around the region in the 7th annual Caribbean Urban Forum. The event is comprised of several events focused on sustainably developing cities and towns. Alex Courtenay spoke to some of the forum's presenters today, and found it what urban planning means for regular city and town dwellers: The Caribbean Urban Forum brings experts from all over the world to discuss strategies for developing urban areas in a way that's not just sustainable, but addresses major problems such as climate change and poverty. Today, the Belize City Council hosted the 7th annual forum under the theme "Green Economy, Energy and Space - Pathways to Urban Sustainability"...

Early Childhood, And Its Effects In Later Life
"Positive Play, Positive Minds, Brighter Tomorrow." That's the theme for this year's Early Childhood Development Conference. It sounds straightforward enough right?: Just play with your kids and interact with them. But it's more than that; it's really about sculpting a child's future. Courtney Weatherburne has more details on the conference and how proper stimulation will impact children's lives. An individual's personality, social skills and cognitive abilities are shaped during their early years. According to Dr. Zoyah Kinkead-Clark from the University of the West Indies in Jamaica "You can tell how a child at 3 years old will act at age 15." Educating and engaging a new-born may not seem as top priority for a parent compared to providing them with basic needs, but studies show that a child's development starts even before birth.

Fishing in a Spawning Aggregation Area
A joint patrol between Southern Environmental Association Rangers and the Belize Coast Guard on Saturday ended with authorities apprehending Elexander Harris, Wilmer Enrique Limas Herrera, Wilmer Isaac Limas Calderon and Anuar Enrique Limas Cruz, for illegal fishing activity. All four men are from Honduras and according to a press release issued yesterday, they were caught in the Gladden Spit and Silk Caye Marine Reserve. They were all charged for fishing in a spawning aggregation area without a Special License Permit. The fishermen appeared in the Independence Magistrate's Court on Monday. Harris and Enrique Limas Herrera pled guilty to fishing without the special license and were fined.

How Does It Feel To Win Half A Mil?
A Police Constable with 14 years on the job, will finally be able to buy his dream house after he landed the fantasy 5 prize. Dayton Ogaldez bought his usual quick pick fantasy 5 ticket and found out later from a Chinese grocer that he had won the 435 thousand dollar prize. We caught up with Ogaldez today as he collected his cheque and he was still shocked that he gets to take home all that money, which works out to $369,750 dollars after tax. Here's how he plans to spend his money. The winning numbers were 17, 35, 19, 34, 13. Ogaldez is the 15th winner of the fantasy five jackpot.

Crocodile Safely Relocated
In Mid March we reported on the 10 foot crocodile that was safely removed from the canal in the Belama Phase 2 area. Well recently, the Belize Zoo along with the Crocodile Research Coalition also safely moved one from the Fein Catch Tilapia Farm on the Coastal road and released the croc in the Cox Lagoon at Mile 25 on the George Price Highway. It's a 5 foot Morelet's Crocodile. Here is a bit more about the rescue. Now it was a happy ending for both the Tilapia farm owners and the crocodile , but that's not always the case specifically the crocs. In many instances people shoot the crocodiles, tape their mouths shut so they starve to death, among other unwarranted cruelties. Well the Belize Zoo is urging residents not to harm these animals. Yes , they are scary to have roaming around but instead of killing them, you can call the croc experts to safely take them to another area . The Belize Zoo hopes to educate the public more on World Croc Day on June 17th at the Zoo. Everyone is invited.

Suspects, But No Witnesses In Lalin Murder
Police still have not made any arrests in the murder of Ludwin Lalin, the 19 year old who was killed on May 9 days ago on Jane Usher Boulevard. Today, the Southside commander told us that they have suspects, but no forthcoming witnesses: ACP Chester Williams - Commander, Southside Police: "99% of the murders that occur in Belize City we know who do it, the difficulty is always to get the evidence that we need to be able to prosecute the perpetrators of those crimes." Reporter: "The last time you were making a public appeal for witnesses to come forward, how did that go?" ACP Chester Williams: "Yes that public appeal is still on going, we're still trying to see if we'll get anyone who will be willing to give us a statement as to what they may have seen on the day in question."

Jane Usher Blvd. Healing The Wounds
And while that murder remains unsolved, the wounds caused to Lalin's friends and family also remain unhealed. The 19 year old - who was not known as a gang member - was killed, possibly because he ventured into hostile territory not far from his home. Today, Williams told us that community healing takes time… ACP Chester Williams - Commander, Southside Police: "The area is still tense, people are still hurt, we know that overcoming anger is not an easy thing but we're trying to see how best we can get the help that they need in terms of counselling for those who need counselling to be able to assist them to overcome the hate that they are currently feeling because if we do not assist them to overcome the hate and anger resulting from the death of the young man then more than likely the problem with persist."

NTUCB President, Not President?
For the past two nights we've been telling you all about the problems in the PSU where nine members of the council of management are calling for President Eldred Neal to resign. It's because of remarks he made in a conversation with two union colleagues. That conversation was secretly recorded - and in it Neal is heard making prejudicial remarks against the Garinagu in general, and specific members of the public service and his council of management who are Garifuna. And while that is what's happening in the foreground, in the background to all this is a fight for control of the National trade Union Congress of Belize. We're told that The PSU Delegate Jackie Willoughby raised at a meeting that recently elected president Floyd Neal could not hold that post.

Re: Today's Belize News: May 18, 2017 [Re: Marty] #523620
05/18/17 06:50 AM
05/18/17 06:50 AM
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Posts: 80,490
oregon, spr
Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP

Channel 5

Musician Lascelle Martinez Stabbed to Death in P.G.
Residents of Punta Gorda Town are tonight reeling from the senseless murder of one of their beloved musicians and former band mate of the famed Coolie Rebels.  Thirty-five-year-old Lascelle Martinez, [...]

Body of Guatemalan Retrieved in Chiquibul; Others Reported Injured
When we left you on Tuesday evening, the breaking news was the discovery of a body, believed to be that of a Guatemalan national, inside the Chiquibul National Park.  The [...]

Elvin Penner Still Uncooperative with Senate Inquiry
For the second week running, former Minister of State for Immigration and Nationality Elvin Penner was the headline witness at the Senate Special Select Committee. After last week’s appearance, any [...]

U.D.P.’s Disrupt Proceeding, Target Eamon Courtenay and Press
The Committee’s public hearings were briefly interrupted by an outburst from the public gallery. Its source has been identified as opponents of Senator Eamon Courtenay and supporters of the United [...]

Is Elvin Penner on Thin Ice After Testimony in Inquiry?
The saying goes that a man who represents himself in a court of law has a fool for a client. In the case of former minister Elvin Penner, he claims [...]

2012 Nationality Rush: Penner Says He Was Just Trying to Help
More than two thousand names collected by the Immigration Department are suspected of having obtained Belizean nationality in less than optimal circumstances during the rush to the 2012 general elections. [...]

Georgia Bowen Says No One Could Change Kim File in BPIS
Current systems administrator at the Immigration Department, Georgia Bowen, worked at the Information Technology section of the Department during the time of the Won Hong Kim case. It has been [...]

Palacio Family Displaced by Arson of Home on East Canal
A fire which has now been determined to be a case of arson ripped through two buildings early on Tuesday night in the City. Five family members were displaced as [...]

Audubon Building Fire in Crooked Tree Now Confirmed to be Arson
It was widely suspected that the weekend fire at the Belize Audubon Society’s Education Center in Crooked Tree was arson.  A completed investigation by fire officials has now confirmed that [...]

Belize Bank Office at Matalon Building Shot At
The Matalon Building on Coney Drive was shot up Tuesday night. Police say as many as thirteen shots were fired and eleven of them met their target on the first [...]

Elroy Hemmans Jailed for Assault and Robbery of Bus Conductor
A bus conductor, who has been travelling to and from Belize City for years, was injured in July 2016 when a patron got personal with him after he was removed [...]

Fine for Feuding Lady Coast Guard Officer
A female coast guard was placed on interdiction in January of 2016 when she attacked and choked another female officer over an old beef that had been festering between them.  [...]

Government, Agencies Tackle Early Childhood Development
“Positive Play, Positive Minds, Brighter Tomorrow” was the theme of a two-day early childhood development conference convened by UNICEF and several local ministries. As many as a hundred and eighty [...]

Rotary Clubs Donate to St. Martin School Feeding Program
The Saint Martin De Porres Parish received a twenty-five-thousand-dollar cheque from Rotary. Today, visiting Rotarians from Houston Texas and local Rotarians went to visit the School and handed over the [...]

Caribbean Urban Forum Unites Region’s Planners
The Belize City Council has teamed up with the Belize Association of Planners and the Caribbean Network for Urban Land Management to host the 2017 Caribbean Urban Forum. Approximately one hundred [...]

Was Pastor Rocke Wrong to Browse During Senate Inquiry?
Senator for the Churches, Ashley Rocke, has been in hot water in some quarters for not paying attention to his duties during the Senate Special Select Committee. A few weeks [...]

St. Martin’s De Porres Close to Finishing Brother Swift Parish Hall
The Saint Martin De Porres Parish will be getting a brand new hall in the next few weeks. The structure has been under construction adjacent to the Parish – it [...]


BDF Transports Body of Guatemalan National to City Morgue
The story surrounding a dead Guatemalan national, reportedly murdered, in the Chiquibul National Park keeps evolving as the Guatemalan press is reporting a case of homicide while Belize’s BDF Commander, Brigadier General David Jones has noted that they are looking at the incident as a case of drowning. Love News was at the Belize City […]

North Creek Fire Stems From Domestic Issues
Just before eight o’clock last night fire and police officials were called out to the North Creek area directly behind the Queen’s Square Primary School in Belize City. Upon arrival, they found a wooden structure on stilts engulfed in flames. It was a frightening scene as there were about five other wooden homes nearby that […]

UDP Hecklers Disrupt Senate Proceedings
The Senate Hearing had to be suspended today by Chairman of the committee, Aldo Salazar after members of the gallery, known UDP supporters and operatives, were heckling PUP Senator Eamon Courtenay. Chaos errupted inside the national assembly building for a brief moment and everything was caught on camera, including threats made to the media. Hipolito […]

IDAHOT 2017 – 13th Year of International Recognition
For the 13th year the International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia is being recognized around the globe on May 17 each year. It has been decades since various parts of the world have been working at having members of the LGBTIQ recognized and respected. A press statement from the United Nations Programme on HIV and AIDS […]

Challenges of Illegal Hunting Reported in the North
The Rio Bravo Conservation and Management Area is a nature reserve and is located in north-western Belize. It was founded in 1988 by Programme for Belize upon the acquisition of over one hundred and ten acres of land from the Gallon Jug Agro-industries. In almost thirty years the location has developed tremendously but with most […]

Police Constable Wins Over 1/4 Million Dollars in Fantasy 5
A police constable is the latest winner of the Fantasy Five jackpot. Dayton Ogaldez, has served the Belize Police Department as a Police Constable for the last fourteen years. He was at the Brads office this morning to collect his winnings and he spoke with the media about his good fortune. He says he plays […]

Belize and West U Rotary Clubs Finance Feeding Program
The Rotary Club of Belize teamed up with the Rotary Club of West U in Houston, Texas, USA to raise funds for the Saint Martin’s Primary School Feeding Program. The twenty five thousand dollars donation was handed over this morning on the school compound to Father Matt Ruhl. Belize’s Rotary Club President, Barry Nowlin was […]

Ariel Rosado Foundation Invites Application for Scholarships
May 14, 2017 marked six years that the well-known cyclist, Ariel Rosado lost his life in a traffic incident on the Philip Goldson Highway. In January 2012, his father, Dr Alvaro Rosado established the Ariel Rosado Foundation aimed at providing educational opportunities via a scholarship fund. The foundation continues with its goal and is once […]

Investigators Clueless As to Who Killed Lalin
Nineteen year old Ludwin Kivany Lalin was shot and killed around six o’clock on the evening of May, in Belize City. Lalin was hit to the left side of his forehead on Curl Thompson Street where he soon succumbed to his injuries. A couple days after, police told the media that they knew who pulled […]

Police News: Firearms and Ammunition Found …. Shooting Incidents
Police in Punta Gorda confiscated a twenty gauge shotgun they found among some mangroves during a joint operation with the Belize Defence Force and the Belize Coast Guard. The units were doing a river patrol near the Sarstoon Island when they saw a red and white item stashed within the mangroves. Closer inspection led them […]


Lascelle Martinez stabbed and killed in PG
There was a murder in Punta Gorda this afternoon afternoon . Popular musician 35 year old Lascelle Martinez, the son of ex UDP minister Eden Martinez, was stabbed multiple times at the corner of West and Victoria Streets in Punta Gorda Town. According to preliminary police reports, it appears to be ...

Guatemalan dies in Chiquibul
As we reported, yesterday, a Guatemalan was reportedly killed in the Chiquibul National Park, in an area known as Rio Blanco. It was reported that the body was discovered at approximately 10:00 a.m., yesterday, 500 meters into the Belize side. Further, the information was given to Belize’s Attaché i...

Ruckus at Senate Hearings; Yellow Man assaults journalists
Another session of the Senate Select Inquiry got on the way today in Belmopan and while the first witness was former Minister of State in Immigration, Elvin Penner, what stood out today was the ruckus that occurred in the gallery. The main players were UDP big shots Brian “Yellow Man” Audinett and...

Penner chooses to remain silent
The main witness in today’s Senate Select Hearing was Honorable Elvin Penner. It’s his second time at the hearings and as last time, he began by making a statement. Last week he said he would not answer any questions on Wong Hong Kim in order to avoid incriminating himself in any possible pending cr...

John Briceno says racist remarks cannot be excused
Eldrid Neal and Marvin Mora have both been fighting against allegations that they made racially charged comments during a private conversation that was recorded and leaked to the media. Those recordings have been aired publicly and the two can be heard making comments directly about Garinagu people....

Luke Palacio speaks on Eldrid Neal’s recorded conversation
Today, we heard from Luke Palacio, the former president of the BNTU, on the issue of those now infamous recordings with Eldrid Neal and Marvin Mora. Luke Palacio, President BNTU: I did not give any interview because I wanted to give the gentleman, if I could call him a gentleman, the opportunity to ...

Leader of Opposition speaks about Integrity Commission
The Leader of the Opposition, Hon John Briceno, hosted a press briefing yesterday to speak specifically on the Integrity Commission. As we have reported, the Integrity Commission had asked for records of elected officials for the past five years, however, they then changed that to only the past yea...

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

A Miscegenated View – of race and ethnicity in Belize
urks – ei, you, Turks. I grew up hearing this from people who thought it was ok to call my Palestinian grandfather this, despite the fact that he was not Turkish, and had no reason to love the hated Ottoman Empire. To many Belizeans, my Papito with his swarthy skin (and my Dad, Assad and I who shared that melanin) was a “Turk” – a “Turco”. He hated it. I hated it. It was said like this – “Mine deh Turks teef yuh.” It was said like this “Alla deh Turks rich.” It was never said for any reason other than to identify you as different.

Police hunt man in connection with PG murder
According to police reports, Lascelle Martinez, 35, was stabbed multiple times at Corner West and Victoria Streets in Punta Gorda this afternoon. The ex boyfriend of Tianne Figueroa, Simeon Lino is the suspect.

Popular musician murdered in Punta Gorda
Confirmed reports to BBN are that popular musician, Lascelle Martinez was stabbed to death around 1 this afternoon in Punta Gorda. Details are sketchy at this time but information suggests that it may have been a crime of passion.

Police find shotgun and weed in Georgeville
Yesterday morning around 11:30, San Ignacio police conducted a search in an overgrown area behind the Georgeville Cemetery where they found a white plastic bucket containing 2.6 pounds of cannabis.

Penner reluctant to testify (again)
Today’s Senate hearing was off to a technical start. Former Minister of Immigration, Elvin Penner read a statement telling the Senate Select Committee that the constitution disallows him from responding to questions posed by the committee. However, Senator Eamon Courtenay, before disagreeing with him asked him to specify which part of the constitution said so.

Authorities find shotgun near Sarstoon Island
Yesterday around 1 p.m., police along with members of the Belize Defence Force and Coast Guard were conducting a river patrol near the Sarstoon Island in southern Belize when they observed a red and white item on the bank of the river among the mangroves.

Shooting incident believed to be gang related
At around midnight last night, residents of the Fort George community were awoken by gunshots. A 22-year-old Munoz Alley resident, Kayla Young reported to police that she noticed two men standing outside of her house. One was armed with a gun.

Belize holds national conference on Early Childhood Development
The Ministries of Health (MOH), Education, Youth, Sports and Culture (MOEYSC) and Human Development, Social Transformation and Poverty Alleviation (MHDSTPA) are responsible for the GOB’s commitments to Early Childhood Development (ECD).

Sunny skies on the horizon
The 24-hour forecast is for mostly dry and hot conditions to continue with sunny skies today and partly cloudy skies tonight. The wind will blow from the east at 5-10 knots. The sea state will be slight to light choppy.

SIF inaugurates Gracie Rock Capacity Building training programs
On May 13, 2017, a ceremony was held for residents of Gracie Rock Village who successfully completed training in Capacity Building programs. The trainees received Certificates of Completion at an award ceremony.

National Garifuna Council condemns racist remarks
The National Garifuna Council (NGC) issued a release yesterday saying that it condemns and is disheartened to listen to the derogatory comments against Garinagu made by the President of the Public Service Union (PSU), Eldred Neal.

Museum of Belize to launch photo exhibit with Panamanian Embassy
The Museum of Belize and the Embassy of Panama in Belize will be launching a photographic exhibit on May 18th, 2017. As part of the celebration of International Museum Day 2017, the institutions have partnered in an effort to highlight the contrast between our distinct cultures – Belizean and Panamanian.

Guatemalan dies in Belizean territory
Yesterday, BBN broke the story that a Guatemalan was found with gunshot wounds to the head well within Belizean territory. The Government of Belize confirmed late yesterday that the body of a Guatemalan national was found in the Chiquibul National Park.

Businessman robbed on busy Belize City street
A salesman in Belize City reported that this morning around 9:20, while on Mahogany street conducting business, he was approached by three dark complexion men on bicycle.

GOB confirms death of Guatemalan found in the Chiquibul National Park
The Government of Belize issued a press release a short while ago confirming that the body of a Guatemalan national was found in the Chiquibul National Park. Earlier today BBN broke the story that a Guatemalan was found with gunshot wounds to the head well within Belizean territory.

BNTU rejects Integrity Commission proposal to give elected officials free pass
The Belize National Teachers Union (BNTU) issued a press release today informing that it rejects the proposal of the Integrity Commission to waive the submission by elected persons of their records for the past five years and only to accept submissions for the past year.

PSU President in hot water for discriminatory remarks
Public Service Union (PSU) President Eldred Neal, and former National Trade Union Congress of Belize (NTUCB) President Marvin Mora are facing a wave of backlash and criticism after a recording of a private conversation between them leaked to the press, in which Neal and Mora make seemingly inflammatory remarks regarding Garifuna people.

Ministry of Tourism hosts consultations on tourism policy
The Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation, in partnership with the Sustainable Tourism Project, is hosting a national consultation workshop on the update of the National Tourism Policy. The workshop will take place in six different destinations. Today, the workshop was held in Punta Gorda


Eat More Lionfish and Save the Belize Barrier Reef
I say “Eat more Lionfish and save the reef while you are at it.” It’s delicious, even RAW! I had my first taste of raw fish at during Ambergris Caye’s Reef Week Lionfish tournament. Dipped in a little soy sauce, Mmmmm! Yummy! That’s the best thing about Lionfish – they are delicious, so you don’t feel guilty killing so many of them at a time. Did you know that the invasive and venomous Lionfish pose a big threat to our Belize Barrier Reef? Yup, they can drastically reduce other small prey fish populations by as much as 80% and one female can release up to 30,000 eggs every four days! They eat as many as 70 different species and just one can consume 20 fish in half an hour.

What is Ambergris Caye Like Right Now?
I thought I’d share a few pictures from this past week and share the weather sites I like to visit year round. May starts the “Season Festival” in Belize, the start of the slower season, the time when all the trees are flowering and we see the summer fruits and technically, Hurricane Season. This week’s weather: Things are heating up – and it’s been still in the mornings with the breezes picking up as the day goes on. About sargassum – the crunchy green-brown algae that is a normal part of ocean currents but became a nightmare across the Caribbean in 2015. (Here was my post in April 2015- UGH.) For months, we had HUGE piles and mats along the shore line. And while wet and fresh, this stuff isn’t so bad. But once it piles up and starts to dry – it smells horrible. For the past few months, we have seen the seaweed was up on shore – and it is worse in some spots, better in others. I would not call it horrible. It is not anywhere near to the 2015 situation.

Belize Green Iguana Conservation Project - Everything You Need to Know
This landmark conservation project has no equal in the Caribbean, so you get to see the fleshed out image Miriam Roberson and Daniel Velasquez had for an Iguana refuge back in 1996. Concerned that these reptiles were decreasing in alarming numbers, these two ecological seers launched a movement that culminated with the establishment of the Green Iguana Conservation Project headquartered at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel. Years have passed. As Iguana populations are restored, the behaviors of these scaly creatures have been chronicled, showcased and explored at what is currently ranked the #1 attraction in San Ignacio! Iguanas were called Itzamna by ancient Mayans and this knowledge can be valuable during the one-hour Project tour at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel where you’ll learn more about how Iguanas are incubated, hatched and reared. Find out how the Iguana catch-and-release program works to help project scientists keeps tabs on these little animals, and if you’re onsite when Iguanas are released back into the wild, you could witness this exciting event. The Project’s Adopt an Iguana Program is particularly popular, as is the Iguana Kids Club.

Silk Cayes (Placencia, Belize): Top Tips Before You Go
Belize’s Silk Cayes are two deserted islands offering visitors 360-degree panoramas of endless sea, so you and your party can see how it feels to be the only people on Earth. For some reason, these islands were given two names: Silk Cayes and Queen Cayes. Call them either when you travel here and you’ll encounter sugar-white beaches, the occasional coconut palm and water lapping along the shoreline, beneath which, a lively community of aquatic life awaits wide-eyed visitors. Spot vividly-colored fish, benign sharks (yes, they do exist), eagle rays and stingrays from your perch on the beach where a picnic is the perfect accompaniment to a day-long adventure. Due east of Placencia Village on the Placencia Peninsula; approximately 20 nautical miles from shore. Don’t expect a dock! Visitors pilot their boats directly onto the sandy beach.

Cerros Maya Ruins Belize - Everything You Need to Know Before You Go
Cerros is a great example of land occupied continuously for centuries and not every Mayan site can make this claim. Archaeologists speculate that this community thrived between 400 BC and AD 400, during which time distinct cultures emerged and are today classified as examples of both the Late Pre-classic Period and the Classic Period. Study the architecture, art and symbolism left behind by generations of indigenous people who turned this area into a trading hub for merchants moving across Central America. Look for signs of the primitive canal system used by the Mayans to water the terraces on which the community’s crops were grown. Cerros is located 84 miles north of Belize City at the mouth of the New River and near the Bay of Chetumal in Corozal District, the northern-most Belize territory. Your lodging host can arrange a private boat or book a tour that may also include land transport to and from the dock. This journey is fairly fast; it only takes about 15 minutes to reach the ruin. A ferry departs Orange Walk Town for Cerros, but first, you must drive 55 miles along the Northern Highway from Corozal, traveling past villages like Chunox, Progresso and Copper Bank, and then another couple of miles inland. Your best bet is that boat!

International Sourcesizz

PlanetHeroes, the stories of the Belize winners
First place: Manatees savior: Jamal Galves. Jamal Glaves goes above and beyond the call of duty to protect the manatees in Belize. While doing so is a part of his job, Jamal has a strong connection and passion for helping to safegaurd these gentle giants from a young age of 11 years. Jamal is the Program Coordinator for Sea to Shore Alliance in Belize, under which he has created and spearheaded the program "Protect our Manatees Belize" since 2012. Jamal is very passionate about protecting the manatees and their habitat so that Belizeans can continue to benefit from the toursim and ecosystem value that they possess.
Second place: Daniel Chiquin. Daniel is one of the most well-mannered, knowledgeable and exemplary young farmers that Ya'axché has had the privilege to work with. At just 25 years old, Daniel, along with his father, has embraced the concept of agroforestry as a means of food and income security, as well as environmental conservation. After undergoing training and receiving material and technical support from Ya'axché, Daniel has whole-heartedly applied himself in making his family's farm a successful example of integrating sustainable agricultural practices in the natural environment.
Third place: Environmental fisherman: Fidel Audinette. Fidel Audinette constantly demonstrates that he cares about the marine environment. He monitors illegal fishing; takes pictures of observations he makes at sea and continually advocates for sustainable fishing.

WCS’s Queens Zoo Helps Howler Monkeys Thrive in Belize
Recent WCS (Wildlife Conservation Society) Queens Zoo surveys of black howler monkeys (Alouatta pigra), translocated to Belize’s Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary 25 years ago reveal that the effort has been a great success, with monkeys now thriving throughout the reserve after going locally extinct 40 years ago.

Take A Paradisaical Paddle Through Belize’s Backwaters
Nestled in the heart of Caye Caulker, a tiny island 21-miles northeast of Belize City, Contour Ocean Ventures is located along the main drag, a stone’s throw from the water taxi’s drop-off point. The island has a motto—“Go slow”—and Contour fits the description perfectly. Owner Henry Lopez grew up on the shores of the small, coral island and has seen it evolve over the years. In 2011, he opened Contour, making his mark as the first to bring standup paddling to the island. Lopez’s business continues to flourish despite other shops following suit and Contour continues to offer an unparalleled array of activities for visitors of the island. Aside from standup paddling Contour offers windsurfing, kite surfing, traditional surfing, and even wakeboarding if you’re willing to spend a few extra dollars. As far as SUP is concerned, they offer lessons, tours on the leeward side of the island, surfing on an offshore reef, an island hopping tour and a mangrove tour. The staff is friendly and excited to work with you to create your ideal paddling tour. They’re also committed to preserving the environment and keeping Caye Caulker beautiful for generations of paddlers to come.


  • Catch, Kill and Cook All the Lionfish in Sight, 2min. The country of Belize hosts various Lionfish tournaments throughout the country (year) to promote the eradication of the invasive species from our Barrier Reef.

  • Belize Fly Fishing, 1min.

  • An Opportunity to Unite Belize | My Thoughts on Eldred Neal's Comments, 10min. Charles Leslie Jr

  • Kendis Gibson of ABC, interview on Open Your Eyes , 24min.

  • Belizean judges and attorneys deeply impacted by National Cybersecurity Symposium, 6min. Highlights from the Judicial and Legal Forum, held on Day 4 of Belize's first-ever National Cybersecurity Symposium, which took place in Belize City from April 24 to 28, 2017.

  • John Avery, Chairman, Belize Public Utilities Commission: "This Symposium is just the start", 3min. John Avery, Chairman, Belize Public Utilities Commission, speaks at the country's first-ever National Cybersecurity Symposium, held in Belize City from April 24 to 28, 2017.

  • Belize 2017 10 Day Travel, 13min. Here is our 10 Day adventure in Beautiful Belize . We got to explore the Jungles, the Ruins at Xunantunich and the Cayes .

  • Senate Special Select Committee Public Hearing, 1hr50min. Elvin Penner,former Minister of Immigration gives testimony.


  • Caye Caulker flyover, 15sec.

  • Visit to San Pedro Ambergris Caye May 10, 2017, 4.5min.

  • Belize National Cyber Security Symposium, 12min. The largest gathering ever in Belize of cyber security experts from across the country, the Caribbean and around the world.

  • Belize and PharmDs, 5.5min. Grad trip to Belize.

  • The Best Flies for Ascension Bay, Belize, Cuba, Bahamas, 6min. This is a well rounded selection of flies for fishing Ascension Bay, Yucatan Penninsula, Cuba, Belize, Bahamas, and even the Florida Keys. They are for baby Tarpon, Bonefish, Permit, Snook, Jack Crevalle, and there is even a needlefish for Barracuda fishing.

  • Third Time's the Charm - Wildtracks Belize 2016, 6.5min. Any wild animals seen in this video are a part of a rehabilitation process and on their way to eventual release back into the wild.

  • Investments and improvements at Archaeological Reserves, 2min. Learn about the valuable investments and improvements that the Institute of Archaeology and NICH have made at the various Archaeological Reserves over the years.

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