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Today's Belize News: May 19, 2017 #523638
05/19/17 06:47 AM
05/19/17 06:47 AM
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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

The San Pedro Sun

Island educators get an A++
The hard work of two island educators were recognized recently, as teacher Paul Kelly and his wife Odilia Jacobs both accomplished major milestones. As part of Education Month, the Ministry of Education (MOE) held its Annual Teacher of the Year Award ceremony on Thursday, May 11th. There were 24 nominees, and eight outstanding teachers took the overall award. San Pedro High School (SPHS) teacher Paul Kelly was given the ‘National Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award’ 2016 – 2017 for the secondary-level category.

Second Garifuna Catholic Bishop Ordained in Belize
The Belize’s second Garifuna Catholic Bishop of the Belize Diocese, the Most Reverend Lawrence Sydney Nicasio, was ordained Bishop in a concelebrated mass at the St. John’s College gym in Belize City on last Saturday morning. The gym was packed to capacity with Catholic faithful from throughout the country, to witness as the Papal Nuncio to El Salvador, Archbishop Most Rev. Leon Kalenga, led the concelebrated mass along with Most Rev. Christopher Glancy, the Auxiliary Bishop of Belize City and Belmopan, and five other Bishops from the Caribbean and New Orleans, Louisiana USA.

Fundraising efforts benefit Saga Humane Society
Through fundraising efforts, the Saga Humane Society was able to embark on several projects that not only relocated a dog to her forever home in the United States (US), but allowed them to make much-needed improvements at their facility. On Saturday, May 13th, several kind volunteers converged at Saga, and after a day of cooperative effort, gave the place a ground-level facelift. With fresh pebble gravel covering the floor, all pens scrubbed out, a new bath tub installed for the dogs, and linoleum placed inside the office area, their grand mission was accomplished!

BTB launches Hotel Registration Campaign
The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) launched a public awareness campaign this week to remind owners and operators of guest accommodation services of their obligations and requirements under the ‘Hotel and Tourist Accommodation Act’. Under said law, any owner or operator providing accommodation for remuneration purposes to any guest (local or foreign), regardless of its location in the country, is required to register with the BTB’s Registrar of Hotels.

GOB signs construction contract for Airport Link Road
A contract was signed on Thursday, May 11th, between the Government of Belize (GOB), Nabeel Abdul Raheem Consultants (NARCO), and BECA International Consultants Ltd for consultancy and supervision of the construction of the Airport Link Road Project. The project, which consists of a stretch of road, approximately five miles long, will intersect the George Price Highway with a bridge crossing over the Belize River near Gentrac Belize Limited and existing airport access road. The road works will be funded by a US$12 million dollar loan, which GOB was approved for in May of 2016 from the Organization of Oil Exporting Countries (OPEC) Fund for International Development.

Ambergris Today

Belize Commits To Making Country The Best Place For Children To Grow
May 15 is known as the International Day of Families worldwide. This year’s theme was “Families, education and well-being.” In commemoration of this day, Belize through the National Committee for Families and Children made this 15th day of May quite monumental and symbolic as both the Prime Minster Right Honorable Dean Barrow and Leader of Opposition Honorable John Briceno made their global proclamation with the signing of the new Children’s Agenda 2017 – 2030.

Exhibition of The Castle War: The Last Campesino Rebellion
Inviting everyone to the Angel Nunez Auditorium for an exhibition of The Castle War: The Last Campesino Rebellion in honor of International Museum Day! Meet some of the War survivors still living Today! Museums all over the world celebrate this day showcasing under the theme of the year. This year it is "Saying the Unspeakable in Museums." What rarely is spoke about will be spoken today! Thank you to the San Pedro House of Culture and Museum of Belize for making this event possible!

Misc Belizean Sources


International Museum Day in Benque
International Museum Day 2 was a great success. Much thanks to the Benque House of Culture for inviting us along, and to Jorge, Yasmini and Joanna for coming out to help us. The children loved the activities and were very insightful.

Amanda Autumn Margraves passes away
On Saturday night, the rehab community lost one of its brightest stars. After a long battle with her illness, Amanda Autumn Margraves is finally at peace. We were blessed to spend time with Amanda at Belize Bird Rescue. She was one of the most unselfish souls we have ever met. Generous with her time, her knowledge, her patience and her mischievous sense of humour. I personally owe her a huge debt of gratitude for all she has taught me and the BBR staff and interns over the years. She was always at the end of a call or message, always ready with advice, and willing to come down to Belize and lend a hand whenever I pushed hard enough!

Global Big Day 2017
Well, Global Big Day 2017 is gone now. How did we do? What do our efforts show in the Central American and Global context? GBD has shown for three years now, that birders can unite better than many other people in the world. That we are a tight-knit community with a huge passion for birds. Around the world, some 19,000 birders stormed the world, literally over 150 countries and birded like no other day in history. Collectively, they reported almost 65% of the world’s avifauna, yes, more than 6,500 species were reported in a single day! Colombia alone reported almost 1,500 species and took the coveted title of “Best Country in the world for Birding”. Their diversity is stunning! Some of you perhaps have not realized this, but we live at the edge of the largest chunk of intact forest north of the Amazon, the Maya Forest. Yes, we got more forest than Costa Rica, in case you were wondering. This massive block of bird habitat, has been exploding with diversity as the surrounding land is lost to slash and burn farming and cattle ranching. What is left of it, is wisely being locked up in private and government reserves as well as eco-lodges. As more and more eBird data is being submitted from every corner of the Maya Forest by birders and scientists, it highlights its importance as wintering grounds for Noetropical migrants. So, keep eBirding. Your data, your checklists are not going down unheard. You are helping us understand just how important this land is for our birds and for those which visit us from abroad.

Awesome 360 degree panoramas
Glover's Reef Atoll - It's a panorama of one of my favorite creations even after several years. I serve them up facebook ready now. Just upload. Full screen viewing is best. More panoramas:

National Corn Coconut & BBQ Festival
The National Corn Coconut & BBQ Festival will be held July 14th, 15th and 16th 2017 at the Corozal Civic Center Grounds. Food, Meat, Fire, Beer , Live Music, Steel Pan Band, Cultural Performances, pageantry, bartender mix drinks competition, Bachata Dance, Limbo, Coconut husking, Salbutes and tacos.

Belize Zoo Conservation Camp 2017
The Belize Zoo is getting ready for their 2017 Conservation Camp. They are calling for essays from interested kids between the ages of 12 and 17. Entries are needed by June 15th, as the camp starts on July 3rd. "ZOO CAMP 2017: Applications for TBZ's annual Conservation Camp are now being accepted. Young Belizean's ages 12-17 are invited to apply for this Summer's session being held at the Tropical Education Center from July 3rd-7th. How to apply: Send us a short essay describing an environmental issue affecting your community. district, or Belize in general that is of concern to YOU.

Clean up campaigns in Los Encuentros and La Polvora
The bi-national watershed alliance includes 9 communities in Guatemala. Thanks to the British Embassy in Belize, the alliance has been active in clean up campaigns and setting up of garbage bins at Los Encuentros and La Polvora.

The U.S. Embassy has two job openings for a time limited Visa Clerk position and full time Human Resources (HR) Assistant
WHO MAY APPLY: Anyone who is eligible for appointment under Belize’s local laws. Applicant must be in possession of a Belize social security card valid for employment and/or a resident/work permit. HOW TO APPLY: Interested candidates must submit the following in order to be considered for the position. 1. Universal Application for Employment (UAE) form (DS-0174); plus 2. Any other documentation (e.g., essays, certificates, awards, licenses, copies of degrees earned) that addresses the qualification requirements of the position as listed above.

Paradise Theater playing this weekend
Beauty and the Beast, Logan, The Boss Baby, Get Out

SISE House of Cultural celebrating International Museum Day today
A big thank you to Mr Hector Silva and to all the schools for being a part of the celebration.

Channel 7

Pastor, TV Personality and Journalists to Be Charged For "Doing His Job"
He's a pastor, a Television personality and a journalist, but tomorrow PLUS TV's Louis Wade will be criminally charged, he says for doing his job. Wade says that in November 2016, he dashed out to the Santa Elena Sports Complex to see the Ministry of Works completing work that a private contractor should have done. That was the end result of some very funny business with that contract and Wade claims that while he was shooting pictures and videos, Rene Montero's son, Robert Montero pulled up in a red pickup and drove directly at him. Wade says he had to jump out the way, and he claims Montero then used the truck to block him from shooting, and from coming out of the stadium.

Deputy PM Oblivious To Yellowman's House Hijinks
And while that is one event with a chilling effect on press freedom, another is what happened yesterday at the Senate. We showed you last night how UDP troublemakers Brian Yellowman Audinett menaced the media, threatened to throw our camera man over the railing, snatched the cell phone from KREM TV's Marisol Amaya and threatened to throw a pen at a PLUS TV videographer. That's after the hearing had to be briefly suspended because UDP Chairman, Alberto August, along with "Yellowman" and Allan Kelly were loudly heckling PUP Senator Eamon Courtenay while he was questioning Elvin Penner.

Chairman Says Senate Inquiry Should Be Winding Up Now, Opposition Differs
And, perhaps not surprisingly, the Chairman of the Senate Inquiry, Senator Aldo Salazar feels the same way. Yesterday he told the media that he only wants to call a few more witnesses, but PUP Senator Eamon Courtenay had a very different perspective. Here's what they both said:... Hon. Aldo Salazar, Chairman - Senate Select Committee: "I would not want this to condescend to a political spectacle. I think that we've been at this from October and I think there is wisdom in trying to look at what is pertinent that's left and we write our report. There is enough material in my view and the only way to stop this or to prevent this from being a political spectacle is to transact our work expeditiously."

Lascelle Martinez - His Murder Leaves Community Grieving
Punta Gorda residents are still coming to terms with the murder of Lascelle Martinez. He was a celebrated vocalist and keyboard player for the Coolie Rebels. The 35 year old musician was stabbed yesterday morning in front of his friend's house. But that's not all, Martinez's girlfriend Tianne Figueroa was attacked just moments earlier about a half a mile away. Figueroa survived after she was stabbed 8 times. It was all motivated by jealousy. Courtney Weatherburne has more on Martinez's musical background and his untimely killing.

DPM Knew Lascelle
Today, Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber commented on Lascelle Martinez's murder. Faber is the political colleague of his father Peter Eden Martinez, and he says he also knew the 35 year old Lascelle - and knows he will be missed in Punta Gorda: Hon. Patrick Faber, Minister of Education: "Well I do want to sympathize with my colleague. I believe he was stabbed and I, again, have not gotten all the details, but as a parent myself I can only imagine how my colleague feels. But my colleague aside, the young man who I know very well. Is a personal friend of mine as well, is a very talented musician. Every time I go to Punta Gorda Town, I see him in action. I see him as a very personable person, so I am convince that his death will be a loss to the Punta Gorda community and I can only send my sympathies and my best wishes to my colleague Eden and the rest of his family."

Custom Broker's Assistant Went For Broke With Flatscreen Theft
Justin Longsworth was a Customs Broker's employee who was accused of stealing eleven 49 inch televisions that he was supposed to deliver to the Radisson. The theft was valued at almost almost $14,000 dollars. Today, he was found guilty of the charge by Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith. Longsworth was remanded to prison until Thursday, May 25, for sentencing.

Karim Gets Off, Micah Never Showed Up
He's a loyal PUP, but Karim Adle Sr. was accused of choking a fellow party member at the bitterly contested Belize Youth Movement election in November of last year. Now, the 55 year old Adle is no youth, but his son, Karim Jr was vying for the presidency, and when the votes didn't go their way, Karim Sr. allegedly turned on Micah Goodin - who was supporting the other candidate. Goodin made a complaint saying that Karim Sr. walked up to him, pushed him in the chest, pinned him against the wall, and put him in a chokehold. Adle was charged for common assault.

Penner "Doesn't Recall" Election Rush
Going back now to yesterday's Senate Hearings. As we've been showing you, the day was more remarkable for the antics in the gallery pulled off by UDP supporters than it was for the very muted testimony of Elvin Penner. He didn't say much about Citizen and he said even less about all those would-be voters he rushed through the nationalization process in the month before the election. Very early in the Senate Hearings, back in January, former Immigration Director Ruth Meighan conceded that shortcuts were taken, which allowed for applicants who did not qualify to get Belizean Nationality. Her disclosure was supported by the testimony of Gordon Wade, the former head of Nationality. He said that the Director and the Minister of the day interpreted the law incorrectly to allow for persons who entered Belize illegally, but were living in Belize for a number of years, to get Nationality. That, in his opinion, should not have happened, but they were the bosses.

What He Said In 2012
And while Penner couldn't recall what he did or said back in 2012, it's all in our archive. Here's the interview from January 18, 2012, when there was an unseemly flurry of activity at the immigration department. That's because it was the last chance to get naturalized in time for the general elections in March 2012. At the time - and this was way before Citizen Kim and all that mess - Penner freely discussed how he was co sponsoring the naturalization process for hundreds of prospective voters. Here's his interview from that day:...

Courtenay Wants Visa Activity Reports
And while that's how much Penner was prepared to spend on naturalizations for new citizens, nationalities are only a small part of the immigration story. The other part is visa's - which were bring given out by the bucketful - principally to Chinese nationals - often times with letters of recommendations from Ministers. They were so plentiful, it's not a stretch to conclude that it was a money making enterprise. Senator Courtenay says that's why the testimony that monthly visa activity reports were sent to cabinet is worth further examination. Now, Penner was very critical of Courtenay for attempting to probe him on Cabinet business in last week Wednesday's hearing. That's because Cabinet business is usually confidential, but in this instance, the Committee wants to learn the nature of these reports.

Senators Will Visit Immigration Office
But, beyond visas, the Senate Select Committee wants to learn more about how passports are produced. That's why they intend to visit the department's main office in Belmopan in the coming weeks. The Chairman told us yesterday, that the committee wants to see the passport machine and the process for themselves. Hon. Aldo Salazar - Chairman, Senate Select Committee: "And so we want to see what we've been talking about all this while. In order to see what the system is and probably interact with it, see how it's done so we can get a full picture of how the passport process is conducted from start to finish."

The Mysterious Picture Process
So, while the Chairman still has doubts about how the Citizen Kim picture ended up in the passport system without him entering the country, one of the IT experts from the Immigration Department is convinced that someone intentionally fooled the system. She's Georgia Bowen, the Systems Administrator attached to the IT Unit within the Immigration Department. Yesterday, she told the Senate that from her experience, a picture was taken of Won Hong Kim's picture. When the Senate asked her about Erwin Robinson's explanation that he did take a picture of a man, she disagreed. Here's how she put it:

Harnessing Cyberspace For Information
As technology continues to develop, we spend more and more of our time online. This is especially true for millennials, who came of age in the era of youtube, social media and smart phones. While many people see this as a negative, some are trying to use the online platform as a way to improve our education system. Today Minister of Education, Patrick Faber, hosted his counterpart from Antigua and Barbuda, Michael Brown, and several other education stakeholders for a discussion on implementing e-learning into the Belizean curriculum. Antigua and Barbuda has already made the switch, so we spoke to both Ministers about the benefits of making the change here in Belize.

Taking Stock of Belize's Resources
As a small country rich in natural resources, it is important for Belize to use what it has to its maximum potential. Over the last few months several members of the environmental community have been taking part in a Natural Resource Valuation course that will give them the tools necessary to assess and evaluate the worth of our resources. We spoke to the course's instructor, Esther Wolf, as well as program manager, Judene Tingling Linares about the training...

A Debate For the Ages
The last time someone was taken to the gallows in Belize was in 1985 at Her Majesty's Prison. Fast-forward to the 21st century capital punishment has pretty much been written off as archaic and has been abolished in many countries all over the world. But the Museum of Belize pulled out all the moldy and cobwebbed books on those death sentences in Belize and brought them to life in a panel discussion. It was done to celebrate International Museum Day. The panelists featured Dianne Finnegan from the Apprenticeship Program, she spoke on the social implications of the death sentence while the legal mind of Senior Counsel Simeon Sampson weighed in on the prospect of reinstating capital punishment. We start off with The Director of the Museum Alexis Salazar on today's activities.

The Contested History of Marcus Canul
And while that's what they did in Belize City, in Orange Walk at the Banquitas House of Culture they spoke about Marcus Canul, who, depending on who you listen to, is either a villain or a hero of the Caste War in the late 1800's. Students and Researchers gathered and discussed all sides of this piece of contested history:

The Panama - Belize Connection
And if those debates on contested histories were a bit too heavy, scenic shots of Panama will certainly lighten the mood. 60 pictures from 24 members of the Photographic Club of Panama line the walls of the Museum in Belize City. The exhibit opened tonight at 6:00 and we stopped by earlier to find out more about the unique connection between Belize and Panama. Francisco Frauca, President, Photographic Club of Panama: "The idea of this photographic exhibition is to bring a little piece of Panama to Belizeans so you can get to know a little bit more about Panama and find out that we have been together a long of our history and we are more than friends, we are brothers and that Panama has so many similarities to Belize and this is just a way to show a little bit of Panama and try to share with you."

Hummingbird and Holy Redeemer Rule Primary Schools
This evening, The 2017 National Primary School Volleyball Championship tournament concluded at the Stars Gym, and the Belize Elementary School's Gym. We stopped by to see how the tournament was going, and we spoke with the Deputy National Sports Council Director. Here's what he told us about the tight competition: Well the tournament is over, and the Favorites Hummingbird Primary School Girls, and the Holy Redeemer Boys have emerged as this year's National Champions.

Chester Friendly on Faber's Road
Southside Commander Chester Williams is winding up his tenure in Belize City. At the end of next month, he will be headed to Belmopan for a desk job at the Professional Standards Branch. But before he does that, he's making the most of his remaining time on the streets of the southside. Yesterday that meant going out on the usual Wednesday meet and greet, even if this one was out in the sunstroke inducing heat. Williams pulled in under the shade to talk about the area of Faber's Road Extension which used to a be a hotspot - but thanks to police and community interventions is now a place where peace prevails:

Fleecing The PSU Purse?
And now back to the continuing saga of the embattled PSU president, Eldred Neal. We've been featuring him for the past three nights defending himself against charges of racism, and making it clear that there are deep, deep divisions in the National Trade Union Congress of Belize. So much so that he says the PSU is not going back to the NTUCB: And while Neal still speaks for the PSU as its president, the truth is that 9 of the 15 members of his Council of Management have asked him to resign. They allege in a letter that he plans to purge the Council of Management of its Garifuna members. and accuse him of quote, "fanning the flames of racial discord and intolerance."

Eldred Defiant
But the bottom line is that Neal was secretly recorded making some highly objectionable statements. Yet, still, he is defiant, and says he will only go if a majority of the membership - not the council of management - asks him to: PSU elections are set for August.

Eldred Unafraid
And, to hear Neal tell it, one of those areas of abuse is just the cost of convening a meeting of the council of management. Here's how he put it:

Channel 5

Love Triangle, Jealousy and Murder in P.G.
Police in Punta Gorda are looking for a man who stabbed popular musician Lascelle Martinez to death on Wednesday morning.  He has been identified as Simon Lino, who is on [...]

Accused Simon Lino May Have Fled to Guatemala
Alleged murderer Simon Lino is wanted by police for fatally stabbing Lascelle Martinez and seriously injuring his ex-girlfriend during a brutal attack on Wednesday in Punta Gorda.  Lino, it is [...]

Murder Victim Warned Over Relationship
While Inspector Zuniga stopped short of making any connections, Martinez’s roommate confirms that he was indeed in a love triangle where the young woman was involved with both Martinez and [...]

PLUS TV’s Louis Wade to Cayo Court for Assault
Pastor, host of Rise and Shine and owner/manager of PLUS TV in Belmopan, Louis Wade, confirmed to News Five this evening before news time that he has been summoned to [...]

KREM’s Marisol Amaya Menaced by “Yellow Man”, Press Plans Complaint
There is another incident on what is an attack on the media. Sergeant-At-Arms of the House of Representatives, Brian “Yellow Man” Audinett, was a member of the gallery at Wednesday’s [...]

Is Senate Inquiry Done? Top Members Disagree
Has the usefulness of the Senate Special Select Committee come to an end? Since November more than fifteen persons have been called to testify, some more than once, but only [...]

P.U.P. Condemns House Assault on Media
There is condemnation of the attack on the media by political operatives. This afternoon, the People’s United Party condemned the actions of Yellow Man and U.D.P. Chairman Alberto August as [...]

COLA Says “Yellow Man” Must Be Disciplined
President of Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action, Geovannie Brackett, is no stranger to the back and forth in the National Assembly.  Last September at the height of the wrangle [...]

Penner Not Off the Hook after Testimony
There is no love lost between former Minister of State Elvin Penner and Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action. In 2014 and 2015, COLA pressed for Penner to be indicted [...]

COLA Says P.U.P., U.D.P. to Blame for Integrity Commission
The second statement concerns the Integrity Commission, which is now asking for only one year’s worth of declarations from persons in public life including Ministers of Government. It bowed to [...]

Minor Detained for Alleged Involvement in Armed Robbery
A twelve-year-old minor is in police custody tonight pending the outcome of a criminal investigation, following an armed robbery in Belize City on Wednesday.  According to twenty-one-year-old Enrique Patt, an [...]

Micah Goodin Concedes Assault Case to Kareem Adley
A charge of common assault was struck out against Kareem Adley Junior today by Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser.  It goes back to November fifth 2016, when the P.U.P. held an [...]

“Bang” Charged for Shotgun Bangs Outside Woman’s House
A Security Guard of the Belize International Airport was arraigned today in connection with a shooting incident that occurred through Munoz Alley, Belize City, on Tuesday of this week. Tyrone [...]

On International Museum Day, Debating the Death Penalty
The worldwide community of museums today celebrated International Museum Day, which is recognized annually on and around May eighteenth. Established in 1977 by the International Council of Museums, it is [...]

Will Secondary School Textbooks Go Online?
Belize’s primary schools have, for the most part, standardized textbooks paid for by the Government of Belize. There have been few hiccups in distribution and management but no major complaints. [...]

COLA Frowns on Eldred Neal and Marvin Mora
COLA has broken a lengthy radio silence with a pair of press releases. The first condemns the remarks of President of the Public Service Union, Eldred Neal, and general secretary [...]

Celebrating 26 Years of Belizean-Cuban Cooperation in Medicine
Doctors, Nurses, Technicians and other medical personnel gathered at the Inspiration Center for the first Cuba-Belize medical symposium. The event was put together to mark twenty- six years since Cuba [...]

Museum of Belize Hosts Photographic Exhibit from Panama
Just before news time today, a photographic exhibit was launched at the Museum of Belize. Approximately sixty photos from the Club of Photography of Panama will be on display, starting [...]

Training to Build Capacity for Strategic Planning and Management of Natural Resources
The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries, The Environment, Sustainable Development and Immigration is conducting a five-day training program to build capacity for strategic planning and management of natural resources in Belize. The [...]

How You Can Support Cancer Patients
It is Cancer Awareness Month and there is a flurry of activities taking place across the country.  In Belize the upcoming two weekends will see two of the Belize Cancer [...]


Aragon Claims Ignorance Of Incident With UDP Agents Disrupting Senate Hearing
There has been heavy public outrage following the circus-like behaviour and violent actions against the media by a group of UDP agents, led by UDP Chairman Alberto August and National Assembly Sargeant at Arms Brian “Yellowman” Audinette, at the Senate Select Committee hearing. As we showed you in last night’s newscast, after disrupting the Senate hearing in which disgraced former UDP politician Elvin Penner was testifying, and defying the Chairman’s orders to behave sensibly, the UDP supporters turned on members of the media including Krem News Director Marisol Amaya, Channel 7 News cameraman Dennis Ellis and Plus TV cameraman Cirilo Choco.

OW Mayor Writes To CEO Gentle Requesting Upgrade Of San Estevan/Progresso Road
Over the past months Orange Walk Town has seen tremendous upgrades as it relates to infrastructure at the hands Orange Walk Mayor, Kevin Bernard and his council. Other areas however which falls under the responsibility of the Ministry of Works and by extension Central Government have long been neglected in Orange Walk. The San Estevan Road for example is one of those projects which has long been promised by GOB but never delivered. Today during his appearance in our Morning Show, Despierta Belice, Mayor Bernard spoke of the road’s condition and the strain it places on residents who traverse the area especially students attending Muffles Junior College. According to Bernard, he has taken the time to personally send a letter to CEO in the Ministry of Works, Errol Gentle asking for the road to be worked on.

OW Mayor Weighs In On Chaos At Senate Hearing
As you saw at the top of the newscast the Minister of Police Elodio Aragon Junior did not have much to say about the rampant display at the Senate Select Committee Hearing yesterday. But while he was taciturn about the issue the same cannot be said when it comes to Mayor of Orange Walk Town Kevin Bernard who did not hold back any punches today when he spoke about the issue via a press release.

Corozal ITVET Celebrates Skills Training
The Institute of Technical, Vocational Education and Training in Corozal held its annual open day this morning to highlight the creative abilities of their students. ITVETs, unlike regular schools, focus on skills training and development. We spoke to Ana Gomez, the Acting Manager at the institution who told us what the open day was all about. Ana Gomez, Acting Manager, Corozal ITVET: “We have different booths today, we have the ornamental horticulture, we have different plants displayed there, we have some plants there for sale, we also have the food preparation program and is being displaying different pastries...”

Allege Kidnappers Turn Themselves Into The Corozal Police
This morning the two men sought by Corozal Police in relation to the kidnapping and assault of three men in Ranchito Village that occurred earlier this month, turned themselves into Police. We understand the men, Brian Espinoza and Jeffrey Gongora, walked into the station with an attorney. Espinoza and Gongora are accused of abducting Corozal businessman Eder Hall, his brother Eliazar Hall and Emir Rosado. The three men had travelled to Ranchito Village with the intention of purchasing a vehicle when the supposed car salesman and suspected ring leader, Gongora, suggested that they meet at the abandoned lagoon road.

Media Launches Compliant Against Yellowman
As we shared yesterday, during the time the hearing was suspended, the original person that police was told to eject refused to leave. Only two cops were present in the gallery at the time and they were unsuccessful in escorting the group out. Instead, they witnessed as Brian “Yellowman” Audinett assaulted Plus TV’s Cameraman, Cirilo Choco by stoning a pen at him. After the men walked to the lobby downstairs with police in tow, Chairman Aldo Salazar emerged to try to convince them to desist from the unruly behavior. KREM’s News Editor, Marisol Amaya had followed them to record what was transpiring. After the Chairman departed, Yellowman approached Amaya and chastised her for taping.


PG police on the hunt for suspected murderer
Yesterday, we told you about the murder of 36-year-old Lascelle Martinez in Punta Gorda Town. Police say it appears to be a love triangle gone wrong and jealousy the motive. According to police reports, their investigations revealed that Simeon Lino was driving his red pick-up truck on VOA Road wh...

Dead Guatemalan in Chiquibul fell and hit his head
We have been reporting on the body of a Guatemalan person found in the Chiquibul some two days ago. There have been many conflicting reports as Guatemalan media said it was a Guatemalan Soldier who was killed on the Belizean side. Guatemalan media even showed a picture of the body propped up in a h...

Senate Inquiry Chairman says he tried to bring order
Yesterday at the Senate Select Inquiry in Belmopan, the disruptive and disrespectful behavior of UDP operatives caused the session to be suspended as Police tried to remove Brian “Yellowman” Audinett and Alberto August and others from the gallery. As we showed you, the men had gone to the Senate Inq...

Media asking for Yellowman’s assault to be addressed by police
Yellowman’s behavior included a threat to throw a channel 7 camera man over the balcony, stoning our plusnews camera man with an object, and grabbing the Krem journalist’s camera while threatening to throw it to the ground. As we told you yesterday, our plusnews camera man made an official police r...

Courtenay Says UDP hecklers trying to protect Penner
As we’ve said, the main target of the UDP supporters in the gallery was Senator Eamon Courtenay. It started from the week before, which was Penner’s first appearance. At last week’s session, Alberto August was in the gallery and Senator Eamon Courtenay had stopped the session to complain that August...

Wade to be charged in court on Friday
Six months ago, PlusNews aired a story about work being done at the Santa Elena Sporting Complex by the Ministry of Works personnel after the Stadium had already been handed over by the contractor to BIL. Well that story has landed the journalist who covered it, Pastor Louis Wade, in trouble with th...

Man arrested for shooting at woman’s house
28-year-old Tyrone Young has been arrested and charged for Discharging of a Firearm in Public. As we told you yesterday, 22-year-old Kayla Young, who resides in Munoz Alley in Belize City, reported that while she was at home at approximately 11:50 p.m. on May 16; she saw two male persons standing ou...

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The Guardian

60 million dollars for SIF and DFC
There was a meeting of the House of representatives on Friday May 12 during which Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow announced that the government will be taking on two loans for the Social Investment Fund (SIF) and the Development Finance Corporation (DFC). These loans will be facilitated by the Caribbean Development Bank at interest rates not exceeding 3.3%.

Good Samaritan shot by robbers
Eduardo Samuel Caal Sub, a 39-year-old Guatemalan living in the Stann Creek Village of Hope Creek, was shot and killed on the Coastal Road, simply because of his kindness, police believe. So far, investigations are revealing that he stopped to render aid to several men, who turned out to be criminals on the run. Those men shot him and then stole his car to make an escape.

Policeman wins $435,000 Fantasy 5
Dayton Cyril Ogaldez walked into the offices of Caribbean Gaming Company on Wednesday May 17 to claim his winnings of $435,000 for Tuesday’s draw. The policeman told the press that he will use the new found wealth to buy a new house, a new car and invest in his children’s education. Ogaldez says he purchased the quick pick ticket at a grocery store in Lord’s Bank.

Music Week 2017, the business of music high on the agenda
Belize’s Music Ambassador along with artists including Coconobway, Jackie Castillo, TY and Unlimited, officially launched Music Week 2017 on Monday May 15. This is the second year that music week is being observed. It will feature a number of activities including conferences on copyright laws, a public and private sector dialogue with the directorate of foreign trade, presentations by MIAB’s James Sanker, a music in schools rally, an open mic night as well as free concerts on Friday and Saturday.

Government of Belize signs contract for airport link road project
A contract was signed between the Government of Belize, Nabeel Abdul Raheem Consultants, and BECA International Consultants Ltd. The contract, which was signed on May 11, 2017,was for services of consultancy and construction supervision of the Airport Link Road Project. The contract was agreed for BZ$4,973,500. The GOB procured the services as a counterpart measure to its existing funding parter the OPEC Fund for International Development. OFID had no objections and the award for surpervision was made to a joint venture with the two firms, both having years of experience in Belize.

Love triangle ends in murder in Punta Gorda
There was a murder on Wednesday, May 17, 2017 in Toledo District. The victim of the murder was Lascelle Martinez, a popular musician of the famous “Coolie Rebels” and son of former Minister, Eden Martinez. He was fatally stabbed multiple times at the corner of West and Victoria Streets in Punta Gorda Town. The suspect in the case in Simeon Lino.

Guatemalan gold panner dies in Chiquibul
The Guatemalan Press reported rather prematurely that one of their soldiers was killed in the Adjacency Zone. That was cause for concern because if it was true, the tension between both countries would spike once again. That was a completely false report. A Guatemalan civilian was found dead in Belizean territory, but forensic evidence is pointing to an accident, not hostile fire with the Belize Defense Force Soldiers.

CARSI 2017 Notice of Funding Opportunity
The United States Embassy in Belmopan, Belize announces a notice of funding to strengthen government through civil society engagement under the Central American Regional Security Initiative (CARSI). The purpose is to support democracy and governance efforts. The closing date for proposal submissions is June 19, 2017. The embassy intends to issue three to five awards in amounts not to exceed $1,500,000 in total funding, each to be between $200,000 and $400,000. Project periods are not to exceed two years and the anticipated start date should be September 29, 2017.

The New Children’s Agenda
Today is celebrated worldwide as the International Day of Families under the theme, “Families, education and well-being.” In commemoration of this day, Belize through the National Committee for Families and Children made this 15th day of May quite monumental and symbolic as both the Prime Minster Right Honorable Dean Barrow and Leader of Opposition Honorable John Briceno made their global proclamation with the signing of the new Children’s Agenda 2017 – 2030. The Agenda is a result of a framework that looks at the development of children and adolescence age 0-19 over the next 14 years.

Cayo Central celebrates mothers
Hundreds of mothers turned out at the Santa Elena Sports Complex last Friday for a Mothers’ Day special, which had been organized by the Cayo Central Division. The office of the Hon. Rene Montero, Representative for that Division now confirms that the Mothers’ Day Celebration was a huge success. As highlights for the 2017 Mothers’ Day special, mothers were entertained by the New Sensation Band and provided with gifts, food and drinks. Master of ceremonies for the occasion was Mike Salazar, who was assisted by Sharry Medina.

Resentment over Audubon leads to arson in Crooked Tree
Readers who travel often to the village of Crooked Tree are well-acquainted with the Belize Audubon Society’s Visitors’ Center. That building was there up until the weekend of the village’s cashew festival, when it was completely destroyed by fire. The building went up in flames sometime after 3:30 a.m. on Saturday, May 13. That’s when the site manager realized that the visitor’s center was on fire. The fire department was called in, but it was already too late to save anything, and when they came, all they could do was put out the small fires that remained. The 40 feet by 40 feet structure was completely destroyed, and at this time, the investigators from the National Fire Service are trying to determine what the cause of the fire was.

E-books for high schools in Belize
The Ministry of Education is this month celebrating Education Showcase with a number of activities aimed at highlighting education in Belize. As part of the observance, Minister of Education, Hon. Patrick Faber has invited his counterpart minister from Antigua and Barbuda, Michael Brown to come to Belize. He was specifically invited to share his experience in the implementation technology and e-books for students to serve a double role of having students exposed to technology at an earlier age while also reducing the cost of books to students.

GOB and UNDP Host the Biodiversity Finance Initiative (BIOFIN) South-South Cooperation
The BIOFIN South-South exchange was held on May 10 and 11, 2017 at the Biltmore Plaza and included the participation of persons from both the private and public sectors. Participants hailed from Guatemala, Colombia, and Costa Rica. Through the exchange, Belize stakeholders gained insight on finance modalities developed by targeted BIOFIN countries, as well as their experience in the implementation of BIOFIN assessments. Belize signed to the global BIOFIN in December 2015. The global partnership responded to an indication of the persistence of significant gaps in the financing of biodiversity management.

Gracie Rock residents receive capacity building through SIF
Residents of Gracie Rock Village who successfully completed training in Capacity Building programs received Certificates of Completion at an award ceremony held at Gracie Rock Community Centre, Gracie Rock Village on May 13, 2017. Funding for the project was provided courtesy of the Government of Belize through the Caribbean Development Bank. The programs were designed to strengthen the capacity of the community to increase income from tourism and recreational activities aimed at taking advantage of the rich eco-tourism that Gracie Rock possesses.

Iguana Street basketball court rehabilitated
On Monday May 15, young men and residents of the Collett constituency gathered at the Iguana Street basketball court as the newly refurbished basketball court was inaugurated once again. Originally constructed in 1996, the court has seen very little improvement over the years and the decision was taken that it was time for a facelift. After a 12 thousand dollar investment, the court saw a resurfacing of the court along with painting and installation of backboards and rims and the refurbishing of the bleachers.

Internal union squabble turns into racism
Right now, there is major upheaval within the Public Service Union and the trade union movement in Belize following the recording and release of a conversation between union executives. In it, the PSU President, Eldred Neal, and trade unionists, Marvin Mora and Lorelei Westby, are heard carrying on in an embarrassing conversation in which prejudicial remarks were made against the Garifuna people, and members of the union who are of the Garifuna Culture.

Museum day observed in Belize
Activities for International Museum Day are being observed in Belize this week in partnership with a number of entities. As part of the celebration of International Museum Day 2017, the Museum of Belize is partnering with the Embassy of Panama in Belize in an effort to highlight both the Belizean and Panamanian cultures. The exhibit will run from May 18th to July 18th. The public is invited to view the exhibit at the Museum of Belize, from Mondays to Saturdays, from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

Racism in Belize and how unaware we are of it
Originally it was not our intention to write about the topic of the perceived racist remarks that have been attributed to the President of the Belize Energy Workers Union, Mr. Marvin Mora and the President of the Public Service Union Mr. Eldred Neal. We must however become involved in this conversation because it is our opinion, that the proper things are not being brought to the forefront. First of all let us state that at this newspaper we deplore any sort of discrimination and as such we condemn, the statements that are being purported to have been said by the two gentlemen. We believe that people should not be singled out for special treatment based on race, color, politics, sex, religion, economic status, education, size or any other of those things that persons may seek to use, to divide us as a people.

ROC diplomatic allies submit proposal for WHO to invite Taiwan to WHA as an observer
The Republic of China (Taiwan) has not been invited to attend the 70th World Health Assembly this year. Nonetheless, it has the obligation—and its citizens have the right—to participate in discussions on global health and disease prevention issues, a fact that is reflected in the worldwide support Taiwan has received. The ROC government takes global health cooperation very seriously, and is determined to play a role in international epidemic control efforts. As such, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has formally requested its diplomatic allies to submit proposals to the World Health Organization endorsing Taiwan’s participation.

Achieving Sustainable Development Goals through Early Childhood Development
UNICEF in collaboration with the ministries of Education, Youth, Sports, and Culture; Health, and Human Development, Social Transformation, and Poverty Alleviation is holding a two-day conference at the Princess Ramada Hotel on May 16 and 17, 2017. The conference is focusing on Early Childhood Development (ECD) as a vital faucet of achieving our Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as described in the 2017-2030 Agenda. The participants had the pleasure of hearing from a variety of key players during the two day event who conveyed prominent information in the field. Teachers and educators alike were given the platform to learn how to achieve better results beyond education given our very limited financial resources.

Regional partners gather for 7th Caribbean Urban Forum in Belize City
Over the course of three days, between May 17th to the 19th, the Belize City Council will host the Caribbean Urban Forum 2017 under the theme ‘(Green) Energy, Economy and Space Pathways to Urban Sustainability.’ The forum is an annual regional gathering that brings all manner of persons and entities involved in land management and planning together to share information and create collaboration and networking. This year Belize City is hosting the 7th such gathering where a total of 47 conference papers will be presented. These papers are the main part of the conference where wide and varied topics related to urban planning and development will be discussed. Every manner of research documents from countries across the region including Belize will be presented. The papers presented will vary from Waterfront development in Belize to affordable housing projects by the IDB in the Caribbean.

Top teachers awarded for 2016-2017
Outstanding teachers from all across the country were awarded during this year’s observance of Education Showcase 2017 on May 11, 2017. Awarded were eight teachers and school leaders that excelled in several categories including pre-primary, primary, secondary and tertiary levels, special education, technical and vocational, as well as school leaders. Claudia Smith was awarded Most Outstanding pre-primary school teacher 2016. Smith said “sometimes we are the teacher, sometimes we are the psychologist, sometimes we have to be the doctor, and sometimes we even have to play the mother and father.”

Burglary in Corozal nets $57,000
Police in Corozal are investigating a burglary in Corozal where as much as $57,0000 dollars worth of valuables were stolen. On Sunday, May 14, 2017, Elena Sanchez, a 66-year-old retiree of Corozal reported to police that she woke to find her house burglarized. According to Sanchez an assortment of jewelry and electronics were stolen along with cash, totaling an approximate value of $57,000. No one has yet been charged in relation to the burgulary.

Cultivation of cannabis in Crooked Tree
Police conducted a house search at the residence of 63-year-old Norma Aldana of Crooked Tree, Belize District on Wednesday, May 10, 2017. Also present was David Aldana, 26-years-old. Police discovered 55 cannabis plants ranging from 11 inches to 3 feet 1 inch in height. Norma and David have both been arrested for the offence of cultivation of cannabis.

Female Coast Guard chokes colleague
Maribel Manzanero, 27-year-old employee at the Belize Coast Guard, was placed on interdiction in January 2016 when she attacked and choked another female coast guard over an old issue between them. She was found guilty on Friday, May 12, 2017 and remanded to the Belize Central Prison. On May 16, 2017 she was released with two court fines.

Fishermen found not guilty of gun possession
Fishermen working at Turneffe were allegedly in possession of a firearm along with live rounds of ammunition in its chamber in July 1, 2015. The bust was made by a coast guard patrol who handed the six men to police. According to the coast guard, someone was seen throwing a gun through a window and that is why all six men on the campsite were charged. The men, Giovanni Murrillo, Emiliano Camara, Jerome Bowen, Goldburn Goff, Everon Teck, and Dion Usher, were remanded to prison and later granted bail.

Gas station robbery in Ladyville
CIB Personnel responded to information received of a robbery at the Puma Gas Sation in Ladyville, Belize District. They were met by Kirk Cadle, 18-year-old gas attendant, who reported that on May 11, 2017 around 9:15 p.m., while he was sitting alongside James Leal and Ray Peters in front of the gas station, they were approached by a long gun man.

Man sentenced to three months for crack cocaine
Gerald Hamilton, a 58-year-old Belize City resident, has been sentenced by Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser to three months in prison for the possession of a controlled drug. He was found with 0.3 grams of crack cocaine on Sunday, May 14, 2017. According to police while on a patrol on Gill Street, they intercepted Hamilton and during the search for an illegal substance, Hamilton opened his hand and the officer saw two objects that he suspected to be crack cocaine.

22 Honduran prisoners escaped- possibly enroute to Belize'
Authorities have been warned that some 22 prisoners have escaped detention from the Marco Aurelio Soto prison, an overcrowded military prison in Honduras. The prison holds 17,000 inmates in a facility designed to host 8,000. It is believed that some of them are possibly headed to Belize. The escapees are of the infamous Barrio 18 gang in Honduras.

Illegal Honduran immigrant women being sent home
Two Honduran women will be facing time in detention at the Belize Central Prison until Friday, May 19, 2017 after which they will be returned to their homeland. They are Greisy Rodriguez Roman and Keyli Cabrera Sabillon that came to seek employment in Belize six months ago. They were onboard a BBOC bus on May 16, 2017 when they were intercepted at a police check point at Mile 16 on the George Price Highway. An Immigration officer requested documents and when they could not produce any, they were taken off the bus, detained, and escorted to the police station. Police later handed them over to the Immigration Department in Belize City.

Three years in jail for robbery
Samir Martinez, the bus conductor that was robbed in July 2016, is now getting justice. His attacker, Elroy Hemmans, an accountant of La Democracia, has been sentenced to three years in prison on Wednesday, May 17, 2017 by Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser. Hemmans, who had initially pleaded not guilty, changed his plea at his last trial.

Pepsi truck driver robbed
On May 11, 2017, John Gabourel and Raynard Rhaburn, sales men onboard a Pepsi delivery truck, were approached by three men on Mahogany Street, Belize City. One of the men pointed a gun to Gabourel and demanded money. Gabourel was searched and his wallet was removed from his pocket which contained $54.00 in cash, his driver’s license, and his ATM card.

Robbery at Stann Creek Western Union
Police from Independence Village responded to a robbery on May 10, 2017. They visited the Charlton’s Cable Office in Bella Vista Village which also houses the ICB and Western Union office. They received information that Leslie Williams, a 29-year-old Guatemalan cashier, had been taken to the Independence Village Polyclinic. Investigations revealed that Williams was at her workplace when a man entered and demanded cash.

$38,0000 robbery in Santa Elena, Cayo
The owner of Chen’s Supermarket from Santa Elena Town in the Cayo District, Wei Bin Chen was caught off guard on Monday morning and robbed at gun point. He reported to police that two men on bicycles approached him an robbed him of $38,000. The 60 year old Chen was hit to the left side of his face with a firearm and was robbed of $38,000.00 in cash which he had on him. The incident occurred when Wei Chen was exiting his abode on Eduardo Juan Street at about 8:00 am

Teenager charged with drug and bicycle offenses
Kyle Latchman, an 18-year-old construction worker, was caught by police with a bag of cannabis while riding contrary to the flow of traffic and later managed to escape. He was recaptured and charged with four criminal offenses on May 15, 2017. He was fined with drug trafficking, escaping from lawful custody, causing a bike to proceed up a one way street, and riding a bicycle without a bell. He pleaded guilty to three of the four offenses as he claims that he was not riding contrary to traffic and that it was instead a young man with whom he was riding.

Three years in jail for robbery
Samir Martinez, the bus conductor that was robbed in July 2016, is now getting justice. His attacker, Elroy Hemmans, an accountant of La Democracia, has been sentenced to three years in prison on Wednesday, May 17, 2017 by Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser. Hemmans, who had initially pleaded not guilty, changed his plea at his last trial.

Belmopan Bandits is Premier League of Belize Closing Season champions
The Premier League of Belize 2016-2017 Closing Season Tournament came to an end on Saturday 13th May, 2017, at the Isidoro Beaton Stadium in Belmopan when the defending champions, the Belmopan Bandits blanked Verdes FC by the score of 1-0 to retain its billing as the top football team in the country. The spectators that went to the stadium to support their team was treated to a real beauty as nobody gave up anything until the late in the second half of the game that the Belmopan Bandits’ Ian Gaynair was able to penetrate the defence of the Verdes FC to score the only goal of the game.

Football Federation of Belize Elections Nominations close
The Football Federation of Belize announced that with the unset of the FFB executive elections, the nomination period closed. The nomination period allows an individual to submit his or her documents after being nominated by a district association chairman and seconded by another. Monday 15th May, 2017 was set as the deadline for those who wished to contest the two remaining executive positions of President and Vice President on the FFB Executive Body during the 10th Ordinary Congress set for Saturday, June 24th, 2017. Those who have submitted their names will be vetted before any official information is released from the FFB.

Belize City Primary Schools Basketball Competition opens
The 2016-2017 Belize City Primary Schools Basketball competition opened on Wednesday 10th May, 2017, with two games played at the Gateway Youth Centre in Belize City. In the first game played in the girls’ competition, St. Martin De Porres School won handily over St. Luke Methodist School by the score of 29-0. The top scorer for St. Martin De Porres School was Shantel Flowers with 19 points. In the boys game played, St. Martin De Porres School also won over St. Luke Methodist School by the score of 35-11. The top scorer for St. Martin De Porres School was Evan Welch with 12 points while the top scorer for St. Luke Methodist School was Andy Flowers with 6 points.

San Pedro Tiger Sharks fourth time to the Pepsi National Elite Basketball League finals
The championship for the Pepsi National Elite Basketball League of Belize is now set to commence on Saturday 20th May at 9:00 pm out at the San Pedro High School Auditorium in San Pedro Town between the San Pedro Tiger Sharks and the Belmopan Bandits. The San Pedro Tiger Sharks laid claims to the final spot when it eliminated the Cayo Western Ballaz on Sunday 14th May, 2017, by the score of 82-69 out at the San Pedro High School Auditorium. The top scorers for the San Pedro Tiger Sharks were George Williams with 23 points, 3 rebounds and a steal and Raul Roches who scored 20 points to go along with his 10 rebounds, 2 assists and a steal.

Outside the box in 2020
I decided to stay tuned to Wave television this morning, Wednesday May 17, since they announced earlier that my friend Fonso would be on with Joe. Maybe I am one of those old people who opposes change, but I consider Fonso and Joe Bradley as complementary to each other on the morning show. After all it is considered a political talk show not “Court TV”. People want to hear the latest “chisme” and enjoy when the UDP’s radio and TV station lashes back at those who dedicate their entire morning shows in attacking this UDP government.

House fire in Bella Vista
Police responded to a house fire in Bella Vista, Toledo on May 13, 2017 and upon their arrival, police saw a wooden house with a thatched roof engulfed in flames. Investigations reveal that Elvira Peck, a 40-year-old domestic, went to San Isidro Village and left her 2-year-old, 6-year-old, and 16-year-old behind. The neighbor was alerted by smoke and went to rescue the children who all escaped uninjured. It was revealed that one of the children was playing with a lighter. The building and its contents were completely destroyed. The fire was extinguished by fire personnel.

Lionel ‘Diablo’ Gentle and Rupert ‘Canalete’ Anderson
Lionel Diablo Gentle: some of us called him Hitler. Those who were closely attached to him called him Diablo. You see, Diablo used to play football on the popular and powerful BEC football team. His teammates like Pine Hernandez, Chico Ellis, Malcolm Hemmans, Claude Robinson likewise his opponents like Angus Vernon, Charlie Gardiner, Bembe the Mugger Garbutt (now deceased), and Roo Robinson all believed that Diablo was the best football stopper this country has ever seen. The name Hilter, I believe came from Adolof Hitler who dictated the direction of the world in the 1940’s which led to World War II. Hitler Gentle dictated things in the defensive lines of football in Belize. The word Diablo is a Spanish word which in English means devil. I believe his devilish attitude on the football field is why he derived that nickname from his closest friends.

Words of Life
In the Gospel of John, chapter 16, verse 24,Jesus said, “Until now you have asked for nothing in My name; ask and you will receive, so that your joy may be made full.” Every prayer should have a foundation on which to build up to answers. The foundation is made up of our definite request which is supported by the word of God with thanksgiving.

Regional Writers’ Conference held in Benque
As part of the recently ended seventh International Festival of Culture held in Benque Viejo del Carmen, a Regional Writers’ Conference was also held at the Mount Carmel High School. Present at this conference were writing luminaries from Belize, Honduras and Guatemala. Ivory Kelly, English lecturer at the University of Belize, who is about to release her second collection of short stories and has spent much time on the internet promoting and celebrating the work of other Belizean writers, told the audience that there was a paucity of locally produced material. She also said that writers need time to write and that some entity like the National Institute of Culture and History NICH needs to invest in our writers--to take a sabbatical.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Transformation apace- Development unhindered
Amid the revelations emerging from the Senate Special Select Committee Hearings, some of which are admittedly disappointing, to say the least, we must not lose sight of the fact that whatever went wrong at Immigration or any specific department or ministry (such as Lands or Natural Resources) has NOT centrally impeded nor undermined this government’s national development agenda. In every part of the country, the signs of development and physical transformation are visible, unmistakable and irrefutable.

PUP Condemns Disruption of Senate Inquiry
The People’s United Party (PUP) have issued a press release condemning the disruption of the hearing of the Special Senate Select Committee on May, 17, 2017 by the UDP Chairman, Alberto August, Brian “Yellowman” Audinett, and Allan Kelly.

Louis Wade to be charged for assault and using indecent words
Plus TV’s owner and host of the Rise and Shine morning show, Louis Wade will be arraigned tomorrow morning at 9 at San Ignacio’s Magistrate Court for “assault”, and “using indecent words”. Wade is being charged for an incident that occurred in November of last year between him and the son of Rene Montero, the current Representative for Cayo Central.

Belize City man arrested for assaulting three women
According to police reports, Shirley Mejia, 41, of Pinks Alley, Belize City reported that on Tuesday night around 9:39, while standing in front of her house with her daughter and daughter-in-law, she was approached by Davone Gillett, 20, of Pinks Alley, Belize City. Gillett then pulled out a firearm […]

Elodio Aragon embarks on countrywide tour of police department
The Minister of State with responsibility for Home Affairs, Elodio Aragon Jr. will embark on a countrywide familiarization tour of the Belize Police Department. Through the tour, Aragon will familiarize himself with the day-to-day operations of the individual police departments throughout the country, and […]

Stakeholders champion multi-sectoral approach to early childhood development at 2nd biennial conference
The Ministry of Human Development, Social Transformation and Poverty Alleviation; Ministry of Education, Youth, Sports and Culture; and Ministry of Health in partnership with UNICEF yesterday concluded a two-day Early Childhood Development (ECD) Conference under the theme: “Positive Play, Positive Minds, Brighter Tomorrow”. Stakeholders and […]

The Belize Chocolate festival kicks off this Friday
The annual chocolate festival will be held this weekend in the Toledo district. The three day celebration runs from May 19-21st in Punta Gorda and is a part of the cacao-driven culture of the Toledo District. The Toledo District is known for its superior cacao. […]

PG man wanted for murder and stabbing, police say
Yesterday around 12:25p.m., police visited the Punta Gorda Hospital where they saw Lacelle Martinez, 36, Belizean musician of Victoria Street, Punta Gorda Town suffering from stab wounds to the left side. Police also saw Tiannie Figueroa, 20, of VOA Road, Punta Gorda suffering from stab […]

Body of Guatemalan national awaits a post mortem examination in Belize City
Yesterday, the Government of Belize issued a release on the Guatemalan national found dead in the Chiquibul National Park. A joint operation conducted by the Organization of American States (OAS) along with the Belize Defence Force (BDF), Belize Forensic Department, and Guatemalan officials, located […]

Police detains 12 year old student for armed robbery
A 21 year old driver for Zeta Purified Water reported that at lunch time yesterday, while driving his delivery truck on Mahogany Street along with his coworker, he made a stop at the corner of Western Avenue and Mahogany Street where his coworker went to purchase […]

23 Participants to Receive Certificates in the BPO Industry
The Belize Training and Employment Centre (BTEC), a unit of BELTRAIDE held a 3 weeks training in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) field of job preparedness training. The classes were a unique blend of soft skills, customer service, and technical aspects needed in this […]

PUP leader says GOB rigged Integrity Commission’s decision
People’s United Party Leader, John Briceño, is claiming that the Government of Belize manipulated the Integrity Commission, to allow for minister’s of government to get away without disclosing their financial statements.

The Games People Play – Antics in the Senate
Brian Audinett aka “Yellowman” – Sergeant At Arms, National Assembly “Put that down and no the video me before I stone you over this thing (railing) ya. I no play you know.” Brian Audinett aka “Yellowman” – Sergeant At Arms, National Assembly “Why you like video people, that’s what cause me to broke people phone and so.” Alindy Marisol Amaya – News Director, Krem News “You can try with mine.”


San Pedro, Belize
San Pedro Town is the one and only town on the popular Caribbean island of Ambergris Caye, Belize. It serves as a hub of amenities for the 20,000 expats and locals who currently live on the island. This is where they go to shop, bank, and socialize. IL Belize Correspondent Ann Kuffner lives close to the town center. “We can get most of what we need right here,” says Ann. “Every year more conveniences are available. We have reliable power, water, cable, and internet. There are many great restaurants, bars, and a monthly gourmet farmers’ market. We have a theater north of the bridge. Events and parades are held often. The road north has now been paved, making it easy to get to beaches and resorts that used to be remote. And the San Pedranos are friendly and helpful in general, making it easier to fit in.”

Fund Your Caribbean Adventure With Simple Photography
Floating peacefully in the warm Caribbean waters, we’d just about given up on our quest to spot a manatee (sea cow). My friend—a freelance photographer like myself—had been raving about the possibility all day…but now it was almost time to head back to dry land. Suddenly, I felt something enormous brushing against my leg—a huge manatee, far bigger than us and twice as bold. Despite his size, he was a gentle and playful creature, eager to join in our swim. Days later, I would still find myself smiling every time I thought of this event. It was, without a doubt, the highlight of our trip—and just about the only thing that neither of us caught on camera. We traveled all the way from Antigua in the central Guatemalan highlands to beachside Placencia on the Caribbean coast of Belize, snapping up a storm along the way. It was a long journey and an adventure in the truest sense of the word.

Visited the inauguration of the Corozal House of Culture Historical Walk in Corozal
All Corozalenos where cordially invited to the opening ceremony for the inauguration of the Corozal Town Historical Walk that began at 9 am on Thursday May 18th, 2017. We want to kindly thank our collaborators; the Corozal Town Council, Belize Archives and Records Service, Corozal Junior College, Mr. Roy Rodriguez, Mr. Oscar Riveroll, Mr. Francisco Magana, Mrs. Amira Leiva, Mr. Graham Sampson, the Ahmad Family and Mr. Jorge Clarke. All have been an integral part in the research, collection of images, installation and inauguration of the Historical Walk. Join us tomorrow in celebrating this milestone with our beloved community!The Corozal House of Culture was originally built in 1886 as a Market for Corozal Town. During its lifetime the Market was utilized for a century as it was originally intended. Abandoned for a decade, the building was refurbished in 1996 and reopened as the Corozal Tourism and Cultural Centre, but was closed in 2003. Due to the historical nature of the building, it was transferred to the Institute of Archaeology's management and remained unused, until the idea to convert it to a House of Culture was born.

One of the biggest joys I find in life is discovering something I never knew existed but somehow feels so familiar that it lights up my imagination. This happened with our trip to Western Belize and it came out of nowhere. I was planning my trip to Naia and their PR said, "we also have this amazing property in San Ignacio if you want to extend your time in Belize!" Honestly, I ignorantly never knew that there was a magical place in western Belize that is chock full of adventure and healing. So of course I put aside whatever it is that I was meant to be working on (typical me) and fell down the rabbit hole. Mayan architecture. Rainforest medicine. Cave exploring. Jungle Horseback Riding. I was hooked before I even really knew anything about it but came to me at the exact moment where I could truly understand the magic. I spent the next 2 days devouring Rosita Arvigo's book about her time with one of the last Mayan healers in the area. It was spellbounding. There are thousands of medicinal species of plants here. The biodiversity is astounding and it's been quietly healing people for hundreds, maybe thousands, of years. Bush doctors, shamans and village healers were common practice and had continued to scrape together this tradition orally after the Spanish burnt most of the important codexes that housed a wealth of critical information.

International Sourcesizz

OutRight Honors LGBTIQ Human Rights Defenders at United Nations
On May 15, 2017, OutRight Action International honored Caleb Orozco, the man who successfully challenged Belize's sodomy law and won, with the Felipa De Sousa Award at the organization's annual gala, a Celebration of Courage. Caleb Orozco, Executive Director of LGBTIQ organization, Unibam, stole the show with his reflection on the struggles and successes of overturning Belize's anti-sodomy law and changing the landscape of LGBTIQ rights in Belize and beyond. Kenita Placide, OutRight's Caribbean Advisor, presented Orozco with the prestigious award and commented on the changing situation for LGBTIQ individuals in the Caribbean:

Advanced nursing students from Florida Inter-national University lighten load of Beyond the Horizon 2017
In a small open field next to a school house, hundreds of peo-ple gather to receive free health care provided by the U.S. Army in San Ignacio, Belize, May 12. Treating only acute illnesses, the medical exercise is the second of three 10-day events that will be administered during Beyond the Horizon 2017. BTH 2017 is a U.S. Southern Command sponsored exercise, led by U.S. Army South, and runs from March 25 to June 17. It is a partnership exercise between the U.S. military and the government of Belize, that consists of the construction of medical clinics, school buildings and provides three medical readiness treatment exercises. So far, providers are seeing approximately 500 to 600 patients a day at San Ig-nacio. The first medical event in Ladyville, treated upwards of 3,500 patients over the ten-day period and it is looking like they will exceed that number in San Ignacio.

Surprising sylvan elegance: Belize's Blancaneaux Lodge
Bouncing along in the back seat of a school bus, reggaeton blasting over the crackly loudspeakers, I bid farewell to Belize's Caribbean coast and headed west, deep into its thickly jungled backcountry. I had spent three days unwinding at the beach at Caye Caulker and now was bound for San Ignacio and ultimately the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve for a stay at the understatedly swanky Blancaneaux Lodge, owned by filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola. Blancaneaux Lodge, one of two Coppola hotels in Belize, is an earthy oasis in the midst of a vast protected forest. The weather conditions and landscape are nothing that you would expect from Belize: low humidity, pine trees and oaks, rocky paths, mountain streams. The resort comprises 20 rooms that overlook Privassion Creek, which runs through the property with tumbling waterfalls that create refreshing swimming holes. In the spirit of disconnecting, WiFi is available only in the main lodge and around the pool, but it's unlikely you are going to miss it when there is so much to do on property.

Engineer Unit gives more during Beyond the Horizon mission
U.S. Army Engineers from the 372nd Engineer Company, a reserve unit out of Pewaukee, Wisconsin, stand in formation and listen to the students of St. Matthews Government School outside of Belmopan, Belize, sing their national anthem during the morning assembly May 2, 2017. The Soldiers are constructing a new classroom building for the school as a part of Beyond the Horizon 2017. BTH 2017 is a partnership exercise between U.S. Southern Command and the Government of Belize designed to improve health and educational facilities by providing five construction projects and three health care events in the districts of Cayo, Stann Creek and Belize. The engineering crew awaits the chance to interact with the kids and present a duffle bag filled with sports equipment they brought from their home station. Soldiers from the 372nd gathered, purchased and transported various pieces of athletic equipment they hoped the children would enjoy. They did this on their own, without input or direction from their first sergeant or company commander.


  • Plus TV in Belize interview with children chess champs, 12.5min. An interview on Plus TV in Belize. Were the Davis boys were interviewed about their Chess Tournament wins in 2017.

  • Did you know that whale poop helps you breathe?, 1.2min.

  • Snorkeling in Belize with NWTC Study Abroad, 7.5min.

  • Snorkeling With Sharks & Peeing On Jellyfish Stings In Belize, 5.5min.

  • JASON Project V Belize 1994 crew video, 8min. JASON V: Planet Earth (February 28 - March 11, 1994) A journey to the rain forest, caverns, Mayan ruins and coral reef of Belize. This is the crew video that was put together from outtakes of the two weeks of live broadcasts and behind the scenes footage. Dr. Meg Lowman (aka CanopyMeg) appears in this video.

  • Music Week 2017, 33min.

  • HORSE RACE SHOW 5 18 2017, 2hr.

  • Dynasty Hair, 22min.

  • SJC Caste War Project, 1hr.

  • Eldred Neal on Controversial Comments, 37min.

  • Chocolate Stout & Chef Kuylen, 42min.

  • National Agriculture and Trade Show Grounds Upgrades, 3.5min. Belizeans will soon view the National Agriculture and Trade Show grounds in a different light as major projects are on the way to ensure that the show grounds is utilized throughout the year. Janel Rodriguez tells us more …

  • Birdy's La isla Bonita Birthday, 4.5min.

  • Belize Adventures Tours at Portofino Beach Resort, 1min. Do nothing or do EVERYTHING at Portofino Beach Resort on San Pedro Belize. We will help you organize tours to the many cultural and historical wonders of Belize, including world class diving, fishing, inland trips, massages, kayaking, sailing and parasailing and much more.

  • Snorkeling in Belize, 3min. Snorkeling with sharks, manta rays, and all sorts of colorful fish in the reefs of the Hol Chan Marine Reserve, off the coast of Caye Caulker in Belize. An adventure day during Month 4 of the World Race.

  • Song Time - Belize Study Abroad with NWTC, 4min. Every morning they sang songs for about 20 minutes. As you can see, they enjoyed this time very much!

  • Dolphin in the Belize River, 1/2min. Bottle Nosed Dolphin riding the waves in the Belize River behind our tour boat.

  • Snorkeling & Diving with Portofino Belize - beautiful underwater footage, 4min.

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    First Class Accommodations for the Budget Traveler

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