We asked Mayor Darrell Bradley if he will be running again for Mayor. Municipal Elections are months away - but Mayor Bradley has a history of dancing around a decision for months before he finally commits to it. In 2015, we didn't know for some time whether he was coming or going. But in 2018, it looks like it will be me straightforward - even though the mayor did say it's not about an election, it's about the work:..

Darrell Bradley - Mayor, Belize City
"Well, that remains my position, I want to run for Mayor again. That remains my position. I think though, there are people who make the election a focus. This may be something or one of those ways which you always tell me that I don't answer the question, but it has never been our focus to zero in on an election. Our focus has always been on the work. We have to focus a lot on my managing the expectations of people and ensuring that we can get the work done."

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