Today’s guest post by Kai Martin tells a great story of it was like to go look for Mayan treasure at the ruins near the southern tip of the island close to 31 years before it was designated as a world Heritage site. There were no plank walkways to help navigate the 1/4 mile swampy path into dryer grounds of Marco Gonzalez.

We lived in San Pedro during the time of “bigger circus than this done come to town and gone broke”. The 80’s. It seemed everybody you met under the big tree at Paradise was looking at Ambergris Caye with dollar signs in their eyes. A place to get rich quick, whether from drugs, land speculation, business opportunities, etc.

My neighbor Claudio Trejo told my husband Franc and I about the “Mayan ruin” at the south end of the island. We could dig for Jade and Mayan artifacts. A true treasure hunt! So one morning we loaded up in the little Boston Whaler and zipped down there. To be honest, I was not expecting much.

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