In recent months, the Ministry of Civil Aviation has been entering into agreements with airlines from around the world in an effort to continue growing the tourism industry. According to Minister Manuel Heredia Jr., works are being done behind the scenes to accommodate this rapid growing industry ranging from technical initiatives to infrastructural works.


"Two things we have to grow; we have to grow the number of rooms which we are already doing and secondly I believe that shortly we will continue to expand the PGIA otherwise it makes no sense but definitely we are working at BTB, our airline development committee is working very hard to make sure that we can bring new airlines and to have additional flights from other destinations with existing airlines but more importantly is the price, that has been keeping Belize particularly the Miami flight that has been keeping Belizeans from flying and tourists from going to Belize because everybody was saying that it was too expensive; this will make a difference. With the air transport agreements also we did with Kuwait , Malaysia, Singapore and Dubai those agreements are twofold. One technical assistance and also educating our younger air transport people in Belize and probably providing particularly Malaysia providing scholarships for our young people working at the Civil Aviation Department. Again the second part of it is that they will try to connect our 16 airlines with the carriers that either go to Panama or other destinations so that they can arrive to Belize on the same day. On the other side I think you heard in December Air Canada also coming and it is very hopeful that next year we will have Volaris from Mexico or either through the Central American area because they have a branch in Costa Rica now. We are also very close also with Aero Mexico so we are getting there but you are right we need to improve our infrastructure not only at PGIA but also at the tourism destinations like the archaeological sites I think you saw Altun Ha, Lamanai and other destinations that have been paved we will shortly be doing Caracol which is one of our major archaeological sites and I believe that if we have the infrastructure together it is just a matter of time when you will see Belize at the top of the region in tourism.

Minister Heredia was in Fort Lauderdale, Florida over the weekend for the Southwest inaugural flight.