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Re: Canadian Woman, American Man Missing In Corozal [Re: Marty] #523410
05/06/17 07:20 AM
05/06/17 07:20 AM
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Belize City
Katie Valk Offline

Katie Valk  Offline
For murder charge, yes. Burglary, no.

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Re: Canadian Woman, American Man Missing In Corozal [Re: Marty] #523440
05/09/17 05:55 AM
05/09/17 05:55 AM
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oregon, spr
Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP

Deshaies Still Detained By Coro Cops, FBI Assisting

Canadian John Deshaies remains in the custody of Corozal Police tonight. He is the only suspect presently detained for the murder of 52 year old Canadian Francesca Matus and 36 year old Drew Devoursey. Here's the report on why police believe that a local with knowledge of the area helped in disposing of the bodies:...

Joe Milhloen, Friend of Couple
"I was schedule to pick up Francesca Matus at 8:30 to transport her to the airport in Belize and when I arrived she was not at home. Her vehicle was gone."

Jules Vasquez reporting
And now, her tenant in that Consejo Shores home John Deshaies is being questioned by police. On Friday, Independence police charged him for an unrelated theft in Placencia. He says he knows nothing about the murder in Corozal:

Courtney Weatherburne, 7News
"Were you involved in the murder of your landlord Francesca Matus?"

John Deshais, Charged for Theft
"Not at all. She is very good friend of mine. Absolutely not."

After he was arraigned, Police took Deshaies straight to Corozal for further questioning about the double murders.

The FBI Police is now assisting local police. On Friday we saw them collecting evidence from Francesca Matus's Isuzu Rodeo - where she and Drew Devourseny were last seen. And Deshaies' pickup - last seen in the driveway at the home was also being scanned by the FBI investigators - it's been impounded at the police compound.

The FBI team was also taking samples from another SUV. Police believe that more than one person colluded to kill the couple and local knowledge would have been needed to take the bodies down this road at the far end of Chan Chen, and put them in a mature canefield that was about to be burned.

If one of the cane farmers hadn't been checking the field before burning, those bodies might not have been found:

"Who discovered the body?"

Sr. Supt. Dennis Arnold, Officer Commanding - Corozal
"It was a farmer. I believe that they would have burnt that field, but they were walking around the field to see that the fire pass and everything was made and that's when they made that discovery."

The Isuzu Rodeo was also placed in a mature canefield which was about to be burned - again showing local knowledge.

WE should stress that when they are mature, canefields are burnt, which is what was about to happen with the one In Chan Chen where the bodies were dumped.

We have learnt that the US Embassy offered the services of the FBI.

Deshaies’ Attorney Speaks

As for Deshaies, he is charged with theft and is on remand because he is a flight risk. He has indicated that he wants his attorney Steven Perrera to apply for bail as soon as possible.

As we told you, Deshais was arraigned in the Independence Magistrates Court on last Friday for an unrelated case. He's facing the offenses of theft and handling stolen goods, because, according to police he allegedly took over $57,000 worth of items from the Placencia Casino. Those allegedly included hard drives, laptops, machine gaming systems and other pieces of pricey equipment.

As you will remember he came out of court telling reporters that he does not agree with the charges, and that he was only doing his job. We asked Perrera, who will represent him, for a few more specifics on that case, and about his detention in Corozal as a suspect in the double murder:

Steve Perrera, Attorney for John Deshais
"The situation with Mr. Deshais is that we have yet to meet to go over the details of this matter. However, what we do know at this point in time was that Mr. Deshais had only been assisting his employers who were the then managers of the casino in respect to the items and eventually there was some kind of dispute between the parties and this charge was raised against him."

"Presumably you have to still be with your client, but can we presume that he intends to seek bail in relation to this charge?"

Steve Perrera, Attorney for John Deshais
"Yes, we would be seeking bail for Mr. John Deshais shortly."

Daniel Ortiz, 7News
"What is the name of the casino exactly that this matter falls from?"

Steve Perrera, Attorney for John Deshais
"I don't have the particulars with me right now, so I wouldn't be able to say."

"We do know that your client is also a person of interest in the double murder in Corozal. I presume you will be speaking with him with regard to whatever questioning police out there are doing."

Steve Perrera, Attorney for John Deshais
"I will be discussing that with Mr. Deshais in the future."

Daniel Ortiz, 7News
"Has he retained you a attorney for that particular matter for which he is being investigated, at least as one of the suspects police have or have intentions to speak with?"

Steve Perrera, Attorney for John Deshais
"Not as yet, no."

Perera will try to get a bail hearing for him on Friday.

Channel 7

Re: Canadian Woman, American Man Missing In Corozal [Re: Marty] #523530
05/12/17 01:41 PM
05/12/17 01:41 PM
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oregon, spr
Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP

Canadian John Deshaies was released on bail this morning by Justice Antionette Moore. Deshaies has been named as a suspect in the double murder of Canadian American couple, Francesca Matus and Drew Devoursney. No charges have been levied against Deshaies in relation to that matter, however, on May 5, he was charged for theft and handling stolen goods for a separate matter. In that case, Deshaies is accused of stealing more than fifty thousand dollars worth of equipment from the Placencia Casino. It is for that matter that he received a bail of twenty thousand dollars. His team of attorneys includes, Estevan Perrera, Kevin Arthurs and Richard “Dickie” Bradley. Deshaies’ bail conditions include that he must surrender his Canadian passport; he cannot travel outside of Belize without the court’s permission, he is to report to the Corozal police station between the hours of 6am and 6pm every Friday commencing on May 19, he is not to interfere in any way with the complainant or witnesses, he is not to be rearrested for any reason during his bail and he is to reappear in court for his next court date on November 6, 2017.


Re: Canadian Woman, American Man Missing In Corozal [Re: Marty] #523534
05/12/17 02:09 PM
05/12/17 02:09 PM
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San Pedro AC Belize
Diane Campbell Offline
Diane Campbell  Offline
I wonder how quickly he will wade across the creek that divides Belize and Mexico, only to report a lost passport to a Canadian Embassy and return to the great white north.
He got off scott-free. Then again he might be innocent, but it is unlikely we'll ever know.

Last edited by Diane Campbell; 05/12/17 02:10 PM.
Re: Canadian Woman, American Man Missing In Corozal [Re: Marty] #523541
05/13/17 05:59 AM
05/13/17 05:59 AM
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oregon, spr
Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP

Deshaies Gets Bail, Answers Questions About Murder

After 10 days in police custody, Canadian John Deshaies was finally allowed to go home today after he was released on Supreme Court bail.

Corozal police picked him up on May second for questioning about the double murder of Canadian Francesca Matus and American Drew DeVoursney. But while being investigated, Placencia police charged him with theft of equipment from the Placencia Casino. The sitting magistrate in Independence Village remanded him to the Belize Central Prison, but instead of going there, he was taken back to the Corozal police station for further interrogation into the double murder. He was also interviewed by FBI agents who flew down to assist the Belize police.

There were talks that as soon as his bail was processed, police intended to detain him once again for more questioning, but best information to his attorneys is that he was allowed to go home. But before he went home, we got an interview with Deshaies. We asked him about the theft charge, and about being treated as a suspect in the double murder that has been making global headlines for 2 weeks now. Here's what he had to say:

John Deshaies, On bail for Theft
"This was a false charge in the first place and I got bail set today and I am free now. But it will all come out in court that it was all false. It was a business related thing. I didn't do anything wrong."

"Francesca was a beautiful friend of mine. We lived together there for 2 years in the house. It was her house, she lived upstairs, I lived downstairs and she is one of the most beautiful people you'd ever meet. We've always been good friends and there is absolutely nothing that I've ever done to hurt her. I am assuming I was accused because I live in the same house, but otherwise there is nothing that ever happened between us to make anybody think that. Any of our friends would never think that."

Daniel Ortiz, 7News
"There are reports suggesting that you guys had some sort of quarrel or a fight, some sort of disagreement a few hours before she went missing."

John Deshaies, On bail for Theft
"The only person who would say something like that would be the neighbor who lives across the street and he would have done that just because we've had an ongoing issue, but there is absolutely never a harsh word between Francesca and myself. We never had a problem and everybody knows that, like all the people that we hang out with - everybody that knows me and knows her, my whole family, my kids in Canada - like she would see them in Canada, everybody knows that we never had a problem. There was never an issue."

"I had full negotiations with the FBI. I've gone over everything. They've got all the information. They've taken my DNA, they've checked my vehicles, they've check the entire house. To get me investigated, I don't mind giving some time or whatever, but I think that I have been investigated. I've given all the information. Everybody knows where I was and what I was doing. There is absolutely no reason for them to carry on with me personally. I think to move forward as them going on with this, I think it would be seriously a constitutional situation that I would have to take in hand, but I don't have any problem with being detained, I don't have any problem with them asking me questions on that. The thing is you have to get everybody as a suspect figured out where they were what they did. That has to happen. It would be an injustice for me not to do that knowing that Francesca's killers or killer whoever did this is still missing."

So, we turn now to the bail hearing itself. His attorneys, Richard "Dickie" Bradley and Kevin Arthurs, went before Justice Antoinette Moore to request bail. After hearing from the Crown Counsel Jackie Willloughby, Justice Moore decided that he should be granted bail of $20,000 with the conditions that he must sign in at Corozal Police station every Friday, and he is not to interfere with any of the complainants or witnesses. He also must not be rearrested on any other crimes while he on bail, and he must surrender his Canadian passport.

After the hearing, his attorneys told us outside of court that they believe that he will be acquitted of this charge:

Richard "Dickie" Bradley, Attorney for John Deshaies
"As you would know Mr. Deshaies' name has been all over the world. The American and Canadian media has been in constant touch with Kevin Arthurs and Steven Perrera in relation to this matter. I see he calls right now on my phone. Because some reason they have put out his name that he is a suspect in the double murder of two foreigners; one American, one Canadian. Mr. Deshaies told me that he was extensively interviewed by officers claiming to be member of the Federal Bureau of Investigation from the United States, who asked and he corporate and gave a blood sample and other information. He completely corporate with the FBI officers and Kevin is of the considered view and has further information to support that, that the charged levied against Mr. John Deshaies in relation to some bogus theft in Placencia - that will completely fall apart, but that there was no need for his freedom to have been taken away."

"This morning, his Belizean common-law-wife at our request brought clothes for him because from the time he was detained in Corozal, he has not been given a shower, he is not been allowed to change his clothes, they refused to take clothes for him to change his clothes. That is no way to treat anybody. But at the end of the day, the good news is that he will not be seeing the inside of Her Majesty's Prison at least for today and hopefully the weekend."

"You know the system, they may want to go and grab him again and hold him, but there was no objection to him applying for bail on a matter of a theft, which let me say this for the records, he was merely on behalf of the owners of those things, keeping a watchful eye to see that they were secured. He didn't steal any of those items."

John Deshaies was Francesca Matus's tenant; he lives down in the downstairs flat of her house in Consejo Shores, Corozal. She lived in the upstairs flat.

Channel 7

Re: Canadian Woman, American Man Missing In Corozal [Re: Marty] #523953
06/08/17 05:28 AM
06/08/17 05:28 AM
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oregon, spr
Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP

Police Still Have No Conclusive Leads For Drew Devoursney and Francesca Matus

So, is there a connection between the murders of the two couples?  They were both killed in Corozal after a social outing, both found a distance from their vehicles, and both found in abandoned areas near Corozal town.  The differences?  Well the North Americans were found in a cane field; these two were found in a wooded area, and the North Americans, their vehicle wa snot burnt, but this one was.  Also, the cause of death for the North American couple was strangulation, in this case, it has yet to be determined.

Police said the investigation into Drew Devoursney and Francesca Matus is still very much open and no arrest has been made:…

Sr. Supt. Dennis Arnold, Officer Commanding - Corozal
"We are still waiting for forensic analysis to be completed so that's the hold up right now."

"The tenant, is he still a suspect at this time? Or not anymore?"

Sr. Supt. Dennis Arnold
"Well we are looking at all angles, I can't say that he's a suspect because he is at the police station once a week, I saw him, he came and spoke with me yesterday but we are continuing our investigation in relation to that matter."

And there's more on this story later on when we'll have the first interview with the family of Francesca Matus - who tells us why they aren't happy with the police's effort.

Channel 7

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