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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

The San Pedro Sun

Police Report: Drug Trafficking
On 05.06.17 around 8:30PM, The Belize Coast Guard reported that around 7:30PM they were conducting patrols in the lagoon area west of San Pedro Town, when their attention was drawn to a small vessel coming from a channel in the area. The strobe lights of the Coast Guard boat were then turned on to signal the vessel to stop, but instead it took off. They pursued the vessel until it came to a stop at a canal. In the boat was 28-year-old fisherman Jaime Young of Tarpon Street, San Pedro Town. A search of a knapsack he was carrying led to the discovery of two transparent plastic bags which contained 2.9 grams of cocaine. He was escorted to the San Pedro Police Station where he was charged for Drug Trafficking.

Belikin National 8-Ball Pool Tournament tips off this weekend
The 2017 Belikin National 8-Ball pool tournament is set to start this Friday, June 9th with the first games held at Cholos Bar by the beach. Eight teams have signed up for the competition, which will last for seven consecutive weekends. The different teams competing are: One Shot One Kill, Rack Dawgs, Team Amigos, Legends, Barrel Bar, Jade Bar, Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars, and Caye Caulker. Four games are scheduled for this weekend, beginning on Friday and lasting through Saturday. The first round of matches will be at 6PM and the second at 8PM.

Wild animals should not be pets; captive Margay rescued and turned in to Saga
The Saga Humane Society is concerned about the increasing number of exotic animals being held as domestic pets. On Thursday, June 1st, local business owner Tammy Lemus purchased a baby Margay cat, which was in the possession of young children, and turned it in to Saga for veterinary treatment and delivery to the proper wildlife authorities. The baby Margay had a collar tightly around its neck, which Veterinarian Assistant Ingrid Lima safely removed. Lima indicated that the cat would not have survived in captivity, as Margays are vulnerable to humans. Lima then administered vital fluids, and fed the hungry kitten before making arrangements to send it to the Belize Wildlife Referral Clinic (BWRC) on the mainland.

Ambergris Today

University Of Belize Launches Five New Programs
The University of Belize (UB) as the National University recognizes the need to increase its program offerings to students and will be launching five new programs. These programs were approved by the Board of Trustees of UB chaired by Mr. Harrison Pilgrim at its last Board Meeting on 5th June, 2017. These programs will address key areas in Belize's national economic development through the development of our Human Capital. Applications are now being accepted for the new programs that will be starting in August 2017.

Costa Maya Festival Is BACK With Alison Hinds And La Sonora Dinamita!
The San Pedro International Costa Maya Festival is back for its 2017 edition after being absent last year due to its cancellation after Hurricane Earl struck Belize in August. And just when everybody was starting, the festival committee steps up to announce the participation of Soca Queen Alison Hinds and Sonora Dinamita as featured entertainers. Costa Maya Festival 2017 has been set to take place from August 3 to August 6 with four days of high-powered entertainment. The Costa Maya Pageant will once again kick off the festival on Thursday, August 3, with the participation of eight beautiful and exotic delegates from the Mundo Maya countries and around the region. (Click Here for Delegates Announcement)

Misc Belizean Sources


Maya site being destroyed in Louisville, Corozal
Looting and destruction of our cultural heritage is still a very present threat in Belize. We are currently following such a situation in Louisville, Corozal, where a site of the same name is being destroyed. From what we can gather, the destruction is for the removal of cut limestone blocks from the structures for resale to people in the area. The vandals are known to go around stealing black soil as well as limestone blocks from other areas in this region. As a result, (as seen in the pictures), a large mound was destroyed, including one that had a red plastered wall. Everytime our institution makes a visit the destruction has grown. We implore the public, especially those in the Louisville, San Narciso and San Roman areas, to be wary of who you are buying black soil and limestone from. If you notice cut stone blocks, please call the Institute of Archaeology at 822-2106 or the police, as they are contributing to the destruction of ancient monuments in your area. Please help us preserve our cultural heritage, not for us, but for the future generations of Belize, so we can be proud of the long history our country has.

Over 40 football tournament comes to San Pedro
Lake I FC vs San Pedro VFC this Saturday, June 10 at Ambergris Stadium 7:00 pm. Please come and support your local team !!

Launch of Children's Agenda 2017-2030
"If we don't stand up for children� then we don't stand up for much" - Marian W. Edelman. This quote reflects the continued commitment of the National Committee for Families and Children (NCFC) to creating a Belize where children and adolescents can grow, play, be safe, participate and become productive citizens. Thus, the bi-partisan signing of the new Children's Agenda 2017 - 2030 on May 15th was among the final steps leading up to today's official launch. NCFC realizes that LIFE is a right of every child, not a special privilege for some. Hence, this 8th day of June 2017 is living testament to Belize's commitment to the realization of international instruments such as the Convention on the Rights of a Child (CRC) and the advancement of all children regardless of their age, ethnicity, religion, and gender. This new agenda is a result framework that looks at the development of children and adolescents aged 0-19 over the next fourteen (14) years.

World Accreditation Day 2017
The Belize Bureau of Standards (BBS) in the Ministry of Investment, Trade and Commerce hereby informs the general public that World Accreditation Day (WAD) will be internationally observed on Friday, June 9, 2017 under the theme "DELIVERING CONFIDENCE IN CONSTRUCTION AND THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT". This year's theme highlights that Standards and accredited conformity assessment are market-based tools that can be used in the construction sector to cover construction products and materials, building techniques and practices, onsite Health and Safety, environmental impact, to even the use of digital technology in smart buildings. The construction sector is complex and highly competitive, and provides challenges for companies seeking to improve margins, and reduce costs while improving build quality and ensuring a safe environment on site. Accreditation supports the construction sector to control risk, help drive efficiency, demonstrate regulatory compliance and provide supply chain confidence.

Full Moon Concert June 14 in San Pedro
All the way from CUBA - Top Female Band MORENA SON will be performing live for FREE at the San Pedro House of Culture! Starting at 7:00 p.m. Come check them out! Brought to you by the San Pedro Town Council, the San Pedro Cultural Committee, the Cuban Embassy jointly with the San Pedro House of Culture.

Termites project going full speed at Caves Branch
Very intense, alot of findings. The hardest thing in identifying termites is that you have to find soldiers and be able to see the details of their heads- hairs, mandibles,,etc.. Marvin and David, and Don Luis are everyday in the field working with the termites experts:

Verification of Fuel Pumps 2017
Remember to look for our verification sticker on the fuel pump; this is proof that the pump has been verified and is accurately dispensing fuel.

I kept glancing over our Corozal Bay this morning and really appreciating the beauty in it and our majestic Cerros Archaeological site towering as its backdrop, where once our Mayan ancestors thrived to live in peace and harmony. These were great times you know. How beautiful that must have been. No crime, no corruption, no hate, no liars, no prejudice, no greed and no violence. We can only imagine. So I am thinking deeply and trying to come up with answers and I couldn't, therefore, it makes it harder for me to say what I wanted to say yesterday, making it harder for me to write this article before I set to do my real work...(ehmm) I have been away from it for an entire week, short of a day.

Family members of 32 year old Zeidy Orosco and 41 year old Baltazar Lopez laying their loved ones to rest
Only minutes ago the bodies of the couple were transported to the Corozal old cemetary immediately after the post mortem was concluded. Police are yet to release the results of that examination.

Let's Hear it for the Girls' Jazz Fest 2017
Changes to this event. We have scrapped the dinner will be available by order. Concert 7PM - 10PM with Dawn Drake & Zapote, LaTosha Love, Rhojani Perriott, Giselle O'Brien & Jael August - $20.00 Dance with Morena Son from Cuba - 10:30PM - midnight - $20.00 Come on out and enjoy an ALL FEMALE night of entertainment

New conservation post in Chiquibul begins construction
Mobilization of materials has begun for construction of the new conservation post. This is made possible through the Chiquibul Forest Investment Initiative supported by the Government of Belize

Paradise Theater playing this weekend
The Shack, The Fate of the Furious, Spark: A Space Tail, The Belko Experiment

Channel 7

In The Aftermath Of A Double Murder, Pain, Loss, Incomprehension�
It's been a very difficult week for the Corozal families of Zeidy Orosco and Balthazar Lopez. The couple went missing last week Thursday night, and for days, their families were out searching frantically. That's until yesterday afternoon, when their decomposing bodies were found in an area near the Consejo Shores dump site. It's the tragic end that they were hoping would not come to pass, and, when it did, they were still unable to bury their loved-ones. Police wanted to perform an on-site post-mortem, but they couldn't do it yesterday. So, it didn't happen until early this morning, after which the police finally released the bodies to the family, for hurried funeral arrangements.

Francesca's Family Wants Answers From FIU
Last night you heard a portion of our exclusive phone interview with the family of Canadian Fransesca Matus. The relative we spoke to yesterday says he didn't know of any problems or trouble Matus or her boyfriend Drew Devoursey might have been in, and the family doesn't believe Matus' tenant, John Dehais, was involved in the double murder. But the family still has so many questions and concerns in this case - questions they say the Corozal police are not answering. The family in Canada is gripped by helplessness, grief and frustration; they want justice for their loved one and they feel the police are working too slowly. Here is part 2 of the interview where the relative - who asked not to disclose his identity - describes the difficulty he has had getting answers form the Corozal police.

Two Years In Jail For "Corrupt" Police Ballistics Expert
He was found guilty of abetment to pervert the course of Justice, and, today, Orlando Vera, the former deputy head of the National Forensic Science Services, was sentenced to 2 years in prison. It's a thunderous fall from grace for a senior member of the security services, and, today, Vera admitted to the Chief Magistrate that he did wrong, but said it was only in words, not in deeds. Vera - who is a police officer trained in ballistics examination - came out of a week on remand for his sentencing hearing, where where Chief Magistrate Anne-Marie Smith heard mitigation pleas from Vera, his attorney, Anthony Sylvestre and 3 character witnesses, including 2 employees of National Forensic Science Services.

Could Harvest Caye Be Contributing To Spike In Placencia area Manatee Deaths?
The Southern Environmental Association is reporting tonight that a manatee was killed in the Placencia Lagoon, and they believe that the increased traffic in the area is putting the endangered mammals at risk. SEA reports that they received a report yesterday morning of a dead manatee drifting in the Placencia Lagoon, near Malacate Beach. Their quick response team were dispatched, and their investigations have revealed that the manatee was hit by a catamaran named Lady Lisa on Tuesday evening. The catamaran's workers allegedly towed the manatee to a marina located on Norwegian Cruise Line's Harvest Caye.

Stacks Of Contraband At Garrido In Guinea Grass
Contraband continues to flow through the norther where there are dozens of illegal border crossings and secret landing areas. Today, Customs raided Leonardo Garrido's home in Guinea Grass village which seemed to be a kind of storehouse. They found 43 cases of assorted beers,15 sacks of flour, and 10 cases of soft drinks. The items were confiscated and the two persons in the home, Garrido and Sima Yamili were held responsible. The fine arising from all that contraband is 27 thousand dollars. This afternoon another man named Guadalupe Flores walked into the customs office in Orange Walk and said he would take full responsibility - but could not pay the fine.

He Took Tomza For All Its Cash
You all will remember the Ladyville gas station jackings - the most recent being the mid May Puma Gas station robbery. Well another gas station was targeted, this time it was Gas Tomza at 1 ½ miles on the Western Highway - which sells LPG or butane. On Tuesday night, at around 8:40, Salvadoran gas attendant Irvin Carranza was inside the office when a man with a knife slipped in and demanded money. Fearing for his life, Carranza handed over $3,600 in the day's sales along with a cell phone. The robber then rode off on his bicycle down the George Price Highway towards the Fabers Road junction. Police continue to investigate this gas station theft.

Teenaged Burglars Caught Hiding Out In Roof Of Gacho Shack
Today, 18-year-old Adrian Sanchez and a 16-year old were charged with burglary in the Magistrate's Court. Sanchez and his accomplice were caught breaking into Lopez Fast Food Shop on Albert Street last night. The duo were seen breaking through the roof of the restaurant, and passersby reported them to the police. When they arrived, the cops found them hiding in an attic like area under the roof. In court today, both of the accused pled not guilty to the charge. The prosecutor objected to bail on the grounds that Sanchez and the 16-year-old were caught red handed, and that if released they might interfere with the witnesses. Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith upheld the objection and remanded the duo into custody until July.

Government Can't Pay/Won't Pay Ashcroft Alliance's Funding And Legal Costs
As we've been reporting, the Government of Belize says it won't pay the "funding and legal costs" put forward by the Ashcroft Alliance to settle the BTL acquisition. Those costs should come out of the 60% of the total award, which is the amount arising from the Accommodation Agreement. It's about 200 million Belize dollars, but so is the final bill from the Ashcroft Alliance! And today the Financial secretary told the media, that they just can't pay it:... Joe Waight, Financial Secretary - GOB: "The claim for their cost is about 95 million US dollars, leaving about 5 million dollars or so left. We are going to challenge that." Jules Vasquez, 7News: "At the end of the day this figure they are claiming is in US dollars. 95 million is a quarter of the reserves or a third of the reserve roughly. We can't pay that." Joe Waight, Financial Secretary - GOB: "We can't pay and even the order to pay, we can't pay. Let's not jump the gun. Let's see how the process runs."

Injunction Blocking Enforcement of Ashcroft Alliance Judgement Lifted
In other news relating to government's many legal battles with the Ashcroft Alliance…. For months we've been reporting on the injunction taken out by the government of Belize to block the Ashcroft Alliance from collection of a US court judgment for 50 plus million US dollars. Well, LOVE FM reports that Chief Justice, Kenneth Benjamin has lifted that injunction - which means the Alliance can move for enforcement. But today, The Financial Secretary put on a brave face and said there are still many more battles ahead to settle that case:...

One Nation, One Drivers' License
We met the Financial Secretary at an event today where he was representing the Prime Minister. It's the signing of a memorandum of understanding for the Belize Motor Vehicle Registration and License System - a project funded by Taiwanese, which could significantly change how your driver's license looks. We found out about the plan to standardize licenses and vehicle registration: Mike Singh - Chief Technology Officer: "We have small municipalities that are running with the complete license system that include, drivers licenses, vehicle licenses, and there is no central connection between all of them and then you have some municipalities that might have more resources than others. So, Belize City might be able to have a system that works better than say Benque Viejo or Independence.

An Agenda For Tomorrow's Children
Where will Belize be in 2030? There are so many possible answers that pop up, but the National Committee for Families and Children believes that 13 years from now, Belize will be one of the best places to raise a child. That is the main vision for this year's Children's Agenda. It was launched today at the Biltmore and Executive Director Margaret Nicholas discussed the agenda's goals. Margaret Nicholas, Executive Director, NCFC: "We are launching the Children's Agenda for the next 14 years this agenda is from 2017 to 2030 and what is in the agenda is the whole of Government's commitments to children and adolescent."

Anglican Bishop Explains The Minority Position
Two nights ago, we told you how the Church State Commission on Public Morality has hit a major snag after two Bishops withdrew from the commission. President of the Council of Churches, Bishop Roosevelt Papouloute, and the head of the Anglican Church, Bishop Phillip Wright, have withdrawn. Yesterday, Bishop Wright told the media why they felt they had to: Bishop Phillip Wright, Bishop - Anglican Church: "Both bishop Papouloute and I, well during the meetings and the minutes would record it as well, we were constantly being recorded as, for lack of better word, a minority voice. But I think we both came to a position where we felt that in order to properly represent our understanding of some of the concepts we were dealing with as well as how to state some of these concepts, that we would step back and formulate a report on our own.

The Fight In The FFB is Fierce
The jostling continues in the Football Federation of Belize, where tonight, Sergio Chuc and Cruz Gamez remain banned from running for President. That's the decision taken yesterday by the FFB Electoral Appeals Committee. Now, both men had gotten an attorney to write to the FFB pleading their case, and both had also been cleared by the FFB's Disciplinary Committee.

Port Honduras Marine Reserve, Where Every Day Is Oceans Day
Yesterday, in advance of World Oceans Day, The Coalition to Save our Natural Heritage took the media on a tour of the Port Honduras Marine Reserve to showcase some of the tourist attractions that demonstrate a harmonious co-existence with nature. Here's Alex Courtenay with the full story... Every year World Oceans Day is celebrated to honor our waters and marine life. It serves as a reminder of the importance of the conservation of our oceans, which many communities throughout the world, and in Belize especially, rely so heavily on.

BELTRAIDE and CITCO - Making Entrepreneurship Easier
One of BELTRAIDE's latest initiatives is teaming up with the Belize City Council in enhancing entrepreneurial opportunities for residents. Today they both signed a Memorandum of Cooperation at the BTEC office. Now how does business and the work of the City Council merge? Well the General Manager of Enterprise and Innovation at Beltraide along with Mayor Bradley explained.

Mayor Bradley's "Bromance" With Chester
And, today, the Mayor also made it clear that he is a very big fan of ACP Chester Williams - so much so that if Williams ever needs a letter of recommendation, he knows who to call. Mayor Bradley says he's crestfallen that Chester is saying "Ciao" to Belize City:

Channel 5

Zeidy Orozco and Balthazar Lopez Laid to Rest; Family Says Thanks
Family and friends of Zeidy Orosco and Balthazar Lopez were emotional with grief today as the couple was laid to rest in Corozal Town.� The outpouring of support for the [...]

US $95 Million More for Dunkeld? G.O.B. Says No Way
There is another round of costly litigation coming our way, and once again it has to do with Belize Telemedia Limited. �The Government of Belize paid half of the settlement [...]...

Government Plans C.C.J. Fight; Hopes for 'Magic'
Without a doubt the matter will be going to the CCJ, which FinSec Joseph Waight says is provided for under the settlement agreement signed in Miami, Florida in 2015 between [...]...

U.S. Court Refuses UHS Hearing; Belize Injunction Lifted
According to a U.S. court decision, the eighteen-point-five million U.S.-dollar arbitral award for the Belize Bank Limited against the Government will not be reconsidered. It leaves only an injunction granted [...]...

Roosevelt Papouloute Admits 'Huge Theological Differences' at Church-State Commission
A rift in the membership of the Church-State Commission will result in separate reports being presented to the Government of Belize. �The Commission was formed in the wake of the [...]...

Church Leader Says There is Still Hope
Reverend Papouloute expects that the report of the Council of Churches will be produced once all its executive members are together in a few weeks' time. But despite the separate [...]...

Anglicans Thought Dialogue Was Needed After Section 53 Decision
A partial appeal of Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin's historic decision on Section Fifty-three of the Criminal Code of Belize is set for hearing at the Belize Court of Appeal. However, [...]...

D.P.P. Details Why Battered Wife Could Not Be Charged with Murder
Within twenty-four hours after she was charged with the murder of her husband, Deshawm Ramirez was set free of the charge. The Seine Bight couple had a tumultuous marriage known [...]...

Forensic Examiner Orlando Vera Gets Two Years for Perverting Justice
A ballistics examiner employed with the National Forensic Science Service is serving a two-year sentence at the Belize Central Prison after being found guilty last Thursday of abetment to pervert [...]...

Louisville, Corozal, Maya Site Targeted by Soil and Block Thieves
On the heels of damages done to a Mayan mound in San Pedro, tonight there is another disturbing report from the Institute of Archaeology that another Maya monument, this time [...]...

Robber Hits Gas Tomza Depot
There was an armed robbery in Belize City on Tuesday night, involving an employee of Gas Tomza Ltd.� Twenty-four-year-old Irvin Carranza, a Salvadoran national, was at work a fuel depot [...]...

Audubon Wants to Come Back to Crooked Tree
Last month a fire was set that wiped out the Belize Audubon Society's Education Center in Crooked Tree. Someone deliberately set the structure on fire just hours before the village [...]...

Why Was Alleged Bribery Attempt Not Investigated?
As we told you on Wednesday, Paul Ku got a Belizean passport with the approval of then-Immigration Director Ruth Meighan and then-Minister Carlos Perdomo, despite issues with his application flagged [...]...

Testy Exchange as Perdomo Goes after Lizarraga
The hearing concluded with some fireworks, as Business Senator Mark Lizarraga pressed the former Minister on a particular application for one Mohamed Mohamed Khalil Owemer, a Saudi/Palestinian national who applied [...]...

Churches Tell Senate Punish the Guilty
Senator for the Churches, Ashley Rocke, has told News Five that he believes he has seen enough of the public testimony for the Senate Special Select Committee. He also opined [...]...

Belize Makes Plans for Nationwide Drivers' License System
Driving in Belize can sometimes be a hassle, considering that each municipality and the Department of Transport have its own system for licensing and any cooperation is informal at best. [...]...

A National Agenda for our Children
The Children's Agenda 2017-2030 was launched today, but signed on May fifteenth between the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition. �The document is a road map that outlines [...]...

Celebrating World Oceans Day in Toledo
Today across the world was observed World Oceans Day. It is a day set aside to highlight the importance of oceans and the need to protect and preserve the natural [...]...

Healthy Living Beats the Summer Heat
The heat has been very intense over the past few weeks and it is only the beginning of summer. You've heard the message countless times about staying hydrated and out [...]...


PSU Confirms President Suspension
Some weeks ago PSU president Eldred Neal, was under much public scrutiny when he was caught making prejudiced remarks about the Garinagu community on a leaked recording. Following that scandal nine of the 15 members of his council of management asked him to resign, but Neal would not go down without a fight. Viewers may remember that on Friday May 19th it was stimulated that the PSU Council of Management had voted to suspend Neal, but he apparently did not attend that meeting, and maintained that he would fight it on the grounds of natural justice.

Belize Insitute Of Archeaology Investigates Looting Of Maya Mount In Corozal
The Belize Institute of Archeology is currently investigating yet another case of looting of a local heritage site here in the north of Belize. In a statement issued by the department "Looting and destruction of our cultural heritage is still a very present threat in Belize. We are currently following such a situation in Louisville, Corozal, where a site of the same name is being destroyed." According to the release further states quote "the destruction is for the removal of cut limestone blocks from the structures for resale to people in the area. The vandals are known to go around stealing black soil as well as limestone blocks from other areas in this region. As a result, (as seen in the pictures), a large mound was destroyed, including one that had a red plastered wall. Every time our institution makes a visit the destruction has grown." End quote

Male Dead Body Found In O/W, Foul Play Not Suspected
The news that a dead body was found in Trial Farm spread like wild fire through Orange Walk Town this morning. Just before 8:00am news reached our newsroom that the body of a man was found motionless outside a local business located opposite to the San Martin Gas station in Trail Farm Village. Police were called out to the area and the body was later identified as that of 39 year old Osman Grajalez.

Opposition Leader Chides On PM For Rising Cost For BTL Settlement Agreement
On June 1st, Prime Minister Dean Barrow announced that the legal battles and mounting legal costs in relation to the disputes over the Barrow Administration's 2015 settlement agreement with the Ashcroft Alliance over the Government's takeover of Belize Telemedia Limited had not come to an end. Barrow confirmed reports that Ashcroft group was challenging the amount which the Government will be paying them as legal cost compensation and so the parties would head to the Caribbean Court of Justice. Today Opposition Leader Hon. John Briceno decried the heavy costing which the entire fiasco has been to the country.

Orange Walk Resident Murdered In Corozal
Even before Corozal Police can make any arrest for the double murder of Zeidy Orosco and Baltazar Lopez they have another murder to solve. Twenty one year old Brandon Lee Tessecum, an Orange Walk resident who had recently moved to Corozal Town was lay waited and executed sometime after eleven last night in the newly developed Dominguez layout in Corozal Town. Senior Superintendent Dennis Arnold - Commander Corozal Police Branch" "Last night some minutes the quite community of Dominguez layout resident called reporting that they heard shots in that area as a result well we had a police mobile on patrol that had just passed that area some fifteen or twenty minute before this resident reported a shot was fired in that area so the mobile turned back and upon turning back and reaching in that area they saw a male person lying face down in a pool of blood with apparent gunshot to the face..."


Five Murders in Corozal for 2017
The disappearance of 32 year old Zeidy Orozco and 41 year old Baltazar Lopez has become a murder investigation after their bodies were found yesterday afternoon. Corozal police say that they were called around two in the afternoon after sanitation workers reportedly found the body. The discovery brought an end to almost an entire week [�]

Ashcroft vs GoB: Greed, Power or Game of Chess?
Lord Michael Ashcroft has been a thorn in the side of the Belize Government since the Barrow administration took over but more particularly so, following the nationalization of Belize Telemedia Limited. The court litigations have been numerous and the legal fees and interest rates have skyrocketed as Prime Minister Dean Barrow sought to fight the [�]

No Escaping the UHS Guarantee Award to Belize Bank
No further consideration will be given by the US DC Circuit Court surrounding the UHS guarantee case brought about by the Said Musa administration. In this matter, the Musa Government had offered the then Universal Health Services to be their loan guarantor at the Belize Bank. The UHS defaulted on their loan and the Government, [�]

Lifting of Injunction Is Just the Start of a Lengthy Process, Says FinSec
Yesterday we told you of the decision by Belize's Chief Justice, Kenneth Benjamin rendered to lift the injunction that had prevented Michael Ashcroft from enforcing a court judgement against the Government of Belize. If that award is enforced and the Government is forced to pay it will put the country in quite a financial and [�]

Bishop Wright to Submit Independent Report to Cabinet
Yesterday we told you of the withdrawal of the Anglican and Methodist Bishops from the Church State Commission. The work of the commission was set to be completed yesterday and it perhaps was despite the withdrawals. According to Bishop Philip Wright, he and Bishop Roosevelt Papaloutte would be submitting their own report on the issues. [�]

Anglican Church Seeks Middle Ground on National Issues
On August 10, the Chief Justice ruled that Section 53 was unconstitutional as it deems it criminal for consenting adults to engage in sodomy or anal sex. Some churches had joined in an appeal effort which did not include the Anglican Church. According to the Anglican Bishop, Philip Wright, the church's efforts continue despite not [�]

A 3-Year Agenda Just For The Children
Today the National Committee for Families and Children, NCFC, in partnership with government agencies, political parties, and associated stakeholders, launched the Children's Agenda 2017-2030. The Children's Agenda focuses on five core principles; Children's rights, family centered, equality and equity, accountability and resource efficiency, and evidence informed and outcomes focused. Executive Director for NCFC, Margaret Nicholas, [�]

Taiwan Leads the Way for E-Governance in Belize
A Memorandum of Understanding was signed this morning that formalizes the collaboration between the Government of Belize and the Taiwan Embassy on a project called, Belize Motor Vehicle Registration and License System. This partnership is for four years and is focused on e-governance. Francisco Gonzalez is the Acting Director of the Central Information Technology Office [�]

Centralizing Belize's License and Registration Systems
As we reported earlier, the Government of Belize is looking to centralize license and registration system which would see the nine municipalities no longer issuing drivers licenses. A formal agreement was signed this morning in this regard between the Government and the Taiwan Embassy, which is funding the project with two point eight million US [�]

Forensics' Deputy Convicted and Sentenced for Perverting Course of Justice
Orlando Vera, the former deputy head of National Forensic Science Services, who was found guilty last week of abetment to pervert the course of Justice, was sentenced to two years today by the Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith. Before she decided on the sentence, Chief Magistrate Smith heard pleas for mitigation from Vera, his attorney, [�]


Jerson Carballo shot and killed
Another man has been killed in Belize City. 27-year-old Jerson Carballo was heading home early this morning when he was gunned down.. Sometime around 12:30 this morning, Carballo was on his bicycle at the corner of Electric and Lawrence Avenues, in Belize City, when several shots were fired at him. ...

Robert Carballo found dead with bullet to the head
The Carballo family has suffered another loss. Reports are that Roberto Carballo, the cousin of Jerson Carballo, was found dead in Orange Walk. Today Roberto's motionless body was discovered with an apparent gunshot wound to his head. Details are still sketchy at this time and as soon as we have an...

7 year old girl abducted from San Pedro
A 7 year old girl from the island of San Pedro has been reported as abducted. The child's mother, 32 year old Hade Anaide Chacon, who is a Belizean Prep Cook of San Mateo Area, San Pedro Town , told police that on Saturday 3rd June, at about 8:00 p.m, she dropped off her daughter, 7 year old Hamy ...

Allegations into sexual assault by senior police officers being investigated
Police would not confirm or deny that they are currently looking into allegations made against at least 4 police officers in the San Ignacio police formation. Reports to Plusnews are that two women police officers have alleged that the accused policemen have sexually harassed them. One of those wome...

BDF Football team players who are civilians paid soldier salaries?
A leaked document on salaries paid to the BDF in 2009 has caused even more questions regarding the use of National Defense funds for sporting purposes. A BDF recruit starting salary is somewhere around $900 dollars a month. Meanwhile football players who play for BDF, but were just civilians, appa...

Money Gram robbed at gunpoint
As we told you in yesterday's newscast, Money Gram, located on the George Price Highway in Santa Elena, was robbed at gunpoint. 30-year-old Nely Jimenez, the cashier at Money Gram, reported to police that at approximately 2:10 p.m. on Monday afternoon, while she was at her work place, two men entere...

Eden Seventh Day Adventist School was burglarized
Eden Seventh Day Adventist School is the second school to be burglarized in the Cayo District within two weeks. The burglary happened sometime last night. Plusnews spoke with the Principal of Eden Adventist Primary School, Tharine Gabourel, who told us how she learnt of the unfortunate incident Thar...

Two persons missing; vehicle found burned in Corozal cane field
Another couple has been reported missing in Corozal and their vehicle found burnt in a cane field. 32-year-old Zeida Orosco of San Andres Village, Corozal District and her boyfriend 41-year-old Baltazar Lopez of Ranchito Village are the missing persons. According to reports, the couple was last seen...

Tragic boat accident leaves one woman dead
A tragic boat accident has left one woman dead. According to police reports, at approximately 5:00 a.m. on Thursday June 1, 44 year old Acita Flores, along with 8 other persons, left Sarteneja Village, Corozal in a white and blue 24 ft. skiff for a fun day to shop in Calderitas Village and Chetuma...

Elderly man found dead in the Belize River
There was another apparent drowning in the Belize River in the Orange Walk District. The search for 79-year-old Edwardo Landero has come to an end, after his body was found in the Belize River on Sunday. Landero was reported missing by his daughter, 33-year-old Myrna Ortega. Ortega told police that ...

Oscar Sabido's sentence reduced from life to 21 years
On April 26, 2016, Oscar Sabido Jr. was convicted of the murder of Christie Currassco in the Orange Walk Session of the Supreme Court before Justice Herbert Lord. He was sentenced to life, but on appeal in March of this year, Sabido Jr. saw his old conviction squashed and replaced with a verdict of ...

Nedal McLaren freed of drug charge
56 year old Nedal Jihad Mclaren back in court today for possession of Marijuana⁠ but he was released of the charge of possession of a controlled drug in front of Chief magistrate Ann Marie. The well-known political and social activist was first charged in November of last year when cops say they fo...

Money Gram robbed at gunpoint
Unconfirmed reports reaching our news desk is that Money Gram located on the George Price Highway in Santa Elena was robbed earlier today. Reports are that two men entered the business establishment and held up the cashier at gunpoint and made good their escape with an undisclosed amount of money. ...

3 years plus $10,000 for sack of weed
38-year-old Ernie V. Zelaya, a taxi driver of Belize City, was arrested and charged for Drug Trafficking. On Saturday afternoon, police were conducting a check point in front of the Hattieville Police Station. They observed a grey car that was heading in the direction of Belize City, make a right tu...

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The Guardian

GOB to defend 186 million dollar claim by Ashcroft
Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow has confirmed to the Guardian Newspaper that the government is preparing to defend a claim by the Ashcroft Alliance for 93 million US dollars in fees that have arisen out of the acquisition of BTL. The Prime Minister said that the fees that the Alliance is claiming are for legal, accounting and funding costs. A challenge will be filed against the claim within the next two weeks. In June of last year, Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow announced that the government of Belize had reached a final settlement for the purchase of BTL. That price stood at 453.5 million dollars. 40 percent of this figure however was as a result of the actual value of BTL and the remaining 60 percent was as a result of the PUP's Accommodation Agreement. At the time it seemed as if the matter was finally settled and there were arrangements made to pay for BTL which has since started.

Missing couple found in dump near Consejo in Corozal
Increasing worries about the whereabouts and the welfare of a couple from Corozal who were missing for almost a week turned to tragedy after their bodies were found. Sometime after 2:00p.m. search parties who have been looking for them for days , came up on the discovery near the dump site in the Consejo area of Corozal. 32 year-old Zeidy Orozco, a resident of San Andres Village, and 41 year-old Balthazar Lopez, a resident of Ranchito Village, were last seen on Thursday night, June 1. Orozco left her home in her Chevy Prism car to meet up with him at the Machies Pool Spot in Corozal Town. She left at around 8 p.m., and persons in Corozal town say that they saw her pick up Lopez, her boyfriend. They were later seen socializing near the Corozo Blues area.

Belize's Denys Barrow now CCJ judge
Denys Barrow, a senior counsel who is well known and well respected in Belize and in the Caribbean, has been sworn in as a judge of the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ). He becomes the first Belizean jurist to be elevated to the highest court in the region. Denys, the younger brother of Prime Minister Dean Barrow, has been at the top of the legal profession for more than 20 years. He has been practicing law since 1977, and in 1990, he was elevated to the status of Senior Counsel, which was around the time that he went on to start his own law firm, Barrow and Company. He served as a High Court Judge in St. Lucia, Grenada, Belize, and the British Virgin Islands between 2001 and 2005. He was appointed as a Justice of Appeal for the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court from 2005 to 2008. From 2010 to 2012, he served as a Justice of Appeal at the Court of Appeal in Belize.

Nude pictures cost Wesley student salutatorian recognition
All over the country, students are preparing to make their steps toward one of their milestones: graduation. Those probably even more excited are those that have received awards and other recognition for their four years of hard work. Unfortunately, the technical salutatorian of the 2017 graduating class of Wesley College High School will not get the opportunity to bask in her glory. Kiana Henkis, who received the second highest GPA for her graduating year, was stripped of her title as salutatorian. The ordeal took place in Henkis's second term in her fourth year. What begun as, described by Henkis as, "youthful indiscretion" soon became one of the biggest mistakes and undoubtedly one with the most unfortunate consequences.

Carlos Perdomo's appearance before the Senate proves PUP immigration hussle
Carlos Perdomo, the Cabinet Secretary, and a former Minister in charge of Immigration, went before the Senate Select Committee to testify as a witness. He went there to defend himself against allegations that he ordered the approval of a passport to an applicant who did not qualify for the document. That applicant was Paul Ku, who was given a passport even after the department learned that he was applying with fraudulent documents. In the Auditor General's report on passport, the audit team disclosed their investigations into the passport which was given to the applicant Paul Ku. In May of 2011, he was accompanied to the Belize City Passport office by a naturalized Belizean, Rina Chiu Hsiang Lo, a justice of the peace who was trying her best to get him a passport.

Governor General welcomes 4 ambassadors to Belize
On June 5, at the Belize House, four ambassadors presented their letters of credence to the Governor General of Belize H.E. Sir Colville Young. The ambassadors included H.E. Mr. Daniel Chuburu of Argentina, H.E. Mohamed Chafiki of Morocco, H.E. Zurab Eristavi of Georgia and H.E. Mr. Jorge Roman Morey of Peru. Each ambassador expressed their desire for continued cooperation and strengthened ties between Belize and their respective countries. For his part, the Governor General thanked the ambassadors for their kind words and warmly welcomed them on behalf of the government and people of Belize.

Second leg of Honorable Aragon's Country-wide Police Formations Tour
The second leg of the country-wide tour has taken the Honorable Aragon and the staff of the Ministry of Home Affairs to Corozal District. The first stop was at the Police Station in Corozal Town where a guard of honor was mounted by the Corozal Police formation Officers. The guard was inspected by Honorable Aragon and following that a meeting with the general staff was held at the Station's conference hall. A candid discussion was carried out between the Ministry Staff and the Police Officers. Several issues were raised by the officers and addressed by the Minister and the Ministry's personnel. It was a fruitful discussion and everyone left with a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

Hon Edmond Castro thanks missionary volunteers working in Belize District
Minister of National Emergency Management and Transport and Area Representative for Belize Rural North, Hon Edmond Castro, has congratulated and thanked a group of missionaries from the United States for the valuable work they have been doing over the past two weeks in communities throughout the Belize District. The group is from Rancho Cucamonga, California, and they have been doing volunteer work in Crooked Tree, Maskall and Santana (Zion Primary School) in Belize Rural North; as well as the Gunulung area of Belize City and the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) where they delivered much need medical supplies.

Massive drain works in Santa Elena, Cayo
Mayor Earl Trapp and the San Ignacio and Santa Elena Town Council continue to work on a major drainage project in flood prone areas in Santa Elena Town in the Cayo District. Some eight masons have been committed to the project to take the drain from the concrete bottom to the street level, near the Santa Elena Sporting Complex. But the challenge has been in getting the muck out of the drain and this has slowed down the work at a time when the rainy season is now upon us. "I am sure that after this drain [is completed] it will work perfectly and the people now will be able to sleep in peace enjoying the rain drops on their roof and not worrying about water coming into their bedroom," says Mayor Earl Trapp Junior.

Elsia Pop receives Diana Legacy Award at Saint James Palace in London, England
Meet an outstanding 17 year old youth: Elsia Pop. She lives in Bella Vista Village, a small village located in the Toledo District. Elsia is a scholar recipient of the Energy for Life Program which a BNE employee initiative that sponsors, tutors and mentors underprivileged youths to obtain a secondary school education. In 2015, because of her outstanding community service, Elsia was nominated and received the International Diana Award. This year Elsia was nominated for the Diana Legacy Award and she is one of 20 youths chosen from around the world who was honored with this Prestigious Award at a ceremony held in Saint James Palace, London, England on May 18, 2017. Elsia was presented with the award by Prince Harry and Prince William, the sons of Princess Diana.

PSE results are out!
The Ministry of Education has announced the results for the 2017 Primary School Examinations. This year's top performer is Curt Smith from Bernice Yorke followed by Suamein Palacio from Belize Elementary School and Devyne Lopez from Punta Gorda Methodist. According to the ministry a total of 7,271 students registered to sit the exam while 7,077 actually sat them on April 3rd and May 2. Of the persons who took the exam 3,558 were male representing 49.8% while 3,585 or 50.2% were female. There were 121 less students taking the exam than last year. In math 37% of the students scored satisfactorily or better which is a 2% increase over last year's scores. In Social Studies 31% scored in the excellent range which is a marked improvement from last year when only 21% scored in this range. The average score also went up from 63.7 to 68.1% having most students scoring in the excellent range in this subject.

Immigration Merry-go-Round
It would appear, at least listening to the media accounts that many, if not most Belizeans, were eagerly awaiting and then transfixed by the appearance of certain individuals at the Senate Select Committee on immigration matters during the period of 2011 - 2013. Two of these persons of particular interest were former minister of government Elvin Penner and alleged part whistleblower, part media hound Alvarine Burgess. Regretfully for anyone expecting a bombshell or two, they were sorely disappointed. Despite the strenuous and arduous efforts of PUP Senator Eamon Courtenay, neither witness produced anything new or anything that had not been previously circulated in the public domain. For starters, Elvin Penner simply proved the Prime Minister's point from almost 4 years ago, that there is a difference between apparent or widely believed guilt and legal guilt.

Belize National Aids Commission receives regional testing day award
The Belize National AIDS Commission and Executive Director Enrique Romero were presented with the 10th Anniversary Regional Testing Day Innovative Outreach Award for their contribution to the Regional Testing Day on HIV initiative as it celebrates its 10th Anniversary this year. The award was given in recognition of the innovative approach that the NAC has taken to the promotion of Regional Testing Day in Belize. Thirty-three (33) awards were presented to organizations and individuals from across the Caribbean who have worked tirelessly over the last ten years in support of Regional Testing Day (RTD) activities. The milestone tenth Anniversary of Regional Testing Day for HIV AIDS in the Caribbean was also launched at this glittering event.

Peace Corps and Belize Ministry of Education Launch Collaboration to Further Early Child Literacy Initiative; Swear In Four Volunteers
Friday, June 2, four new Peace Corps Response Volunteers were sworn in as Literacy Intervention Specialists to officially begin their close collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Youth, Sports, and Culture in furthering the Ministry's literacy goals. The Swearing In ceremony was held at the Peace Corps office in Belmopan with Ministry officials, members of the Diplomatic Corps, Peace Corps staff, host families and Response Volunteers in attendance. Charg� d'Affaires of the United States Mission, Adrienne Galanek, administered the Oath, as these four Volunteers officially joined the ranks of more than 2,000 Peace Corps Volunteers who have served in Belize since 1962.

Police officers rewarded for bravery and team work
On Thursday of last week five police officers from the Belmopan Police Formation were rewarded for their valiant efforts in recovering properties from the Ministry of Agriculture. These police officers, moving with great speed and precision, were able to recover a stolen 2016 Hilux and 4000 Euros, which also led to the arrest of the person who allegedly committed the crime. On hand to celebrate with the police were the Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Agriculture Mr. Jose Alpuche (responsible for Pesticide Control Board from which items were stolen) and the Commissioner of Police Mr. Allen Whylie. The Police Department would like to thank Mr. John and Jonathan D'Silva of Bullfrog Inn for providing lunch for this occasion.

PSU President suspended
The PSU Council of Management in a special sitting on May 19th, 2017 suspended its President Mr. Eldred Neal for inflammatory statements made via an audio recording that went viral. This was in accordance with Section 18(2) of the Public Service Union Constitution Revised Edition 1993. The letter has stipulated that Mr. Neal does not conduct any business on behalf of PSU and he is to return the assets of the Union until such time that his suspension is lifted. Please be informed that Mr. Eldred Neal is not authorized to conduct any business for PSU in the capacity of President or until the Council decide otherwise. As such he cannot call membership meetings, however he can make a request through Council of Management to be given an audience at General Membership Meeting.

Saint John's College Junior College now offers degree in music
The Saint John's College Junior College has recently added a new music degree program to their curriculum. The program will be a full course just like any other major and will officially start in August 2017. The realization of the program at SJCJC came through their collaborative effort with another Jesuit institution. That institution is the Loyola University in New Orleans. The two schools began in 2015 and finally completed the developing of a brand new curriculum as well as a center dedicated to the music program. The music curriculum will prepare students to work or to pursue higher education.

Southwest: direct flight - Belize to Fort Lauderdale
Tourism continues to be an ever growing facet of our industry and in January of this year, the Belize Tourism Board announced the new non-stop flight from Fort Lauderdale to Belize with Southwest Airlines. The inaugural flight was made on Sunday, June 3, 2017. Southwest sponsored this flight with an official delegation as well as media personnel from Belize. BTB continues in their effort to sell the country as an ideal vacation destination and Southwest has used that opportunity to make itself a household name. The wider Caribbean as well as Belize continues to develop from this relationship.

St. Martin's Credit Union satisfied with Central Bank
The St. Martin's Credit Union SMCU recently held its 68th Annual General Meeting at the auditorium of Sacred Heart College in San Ignacio Town. At this special meeting, four vacancies were filled within the Board of Directors. Newly elected to serve for three years were Dr. John Morris, Rene Torres, Debbie Martinez and Doroteo Balan. At the SMCU meeting, the members graciously accepted their 3% dividends. Currently, St. Martin Credit Union assets stand at over $25,500,000.00 dollars, an increase of over 2.3 million dollars from last year's figures. Also, this year the current membership stands at 8,656, which comes at a decrease of -0.91% from last year. This comes mainly due to a decision by the SMCU taking the position that members must have a minimum of $50.00 in their accounts. (Just from that decision, the SMCU was unable to capture 1,200 members, but their accounts can be re-opened whenever they come up with the required amount of funds.)

Talking Plenty... saying nothing!
The more we hear Johnny Brice�o speak, we are becoming more convinced that his elevator does not go all the way up to the top floor. This gentleman has been the ORATOR of some of the most ASSININE STATEMENTS, we have heard in modern times. We at no time ever did suspect that we would one day be missing Said Musa or Francis Fonseca. Say what one wants to say about Said but he can never be accused of being a fool. Even though he took us for fools, he was certainly no fool. The same cannot be said about Francis, but he was not one to be making an ass of himself, by putting his foot in his mouth on a regular basis, because he kept his shortcomings by not saying very much.

UB launches five new programs
The University of Belize has announced that it will be introducing 5 new programs to the courses of study that are currently available at the National University. In a release UB states that it recognizes the need to increase its program offerings to students and therefore launched a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration BBUA with concentrations in Marketing, Management and Finance. It will also be offering a Bachelor's Degree in Medical Technology; Bachelor's Degree in Pharmacy; Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education and Certificate in Agriculture.

Jerson Carballo slain for no known reason
The family of 27 year-old Jerson Carballo, brother to the well-known musician and soca performer Ernestine Carballo, are mourning his loss after he was shot and killed on his way home. He was known as a church man who tried to encourage others to seek out Christianity, but his killer gunned him down as if he was part of the street life he reportedly avoided. According to police, at around 12:30 a.m. on Tuesday, June 6, Carballo was riding his bike, heading toward his home. That's unfortunately when he was gunned down by an assailant who shot him in the head, the chest, and the back. He had only just left his cousin's house, and he was only a short distance from his McKay Boulevard home. It is believed that he was listening to his music when he was attacked at the corner of Electric and Lawrence Avenues. He ended up dying right in the street where he fell.

Fatal road traffic accident in Orange Walk
A fatal road accident occurred on Thursday, June 1, 2017 on the Corozal Cane Traffic Road. Involved in the accident were a motorcycle and a parked trailer at the BSI area. Investigations revealed that Rigoberto Coba, a 33-year-old resident of Guinea Grass Village and voluntary Special Constable, was travelling from Orange Walk to Belize City when he collided into trailers that were parked on the side of the road. Coba died on the spot.

Body of man found in Corozal
The body of a man was found next to a basketball court and football field in the village of San Narciso in Corozal on the morning of June 6, 2017. The man, a resident of Louisville, has been identified as Ramon Rejon. Rejon returned to the village from Spanish Lookout over the weekend and had since been seen intoxicated. The body was found with facial injuries and the death is being treated as a case of sudden death. Police do not suspect any foul play.

Drowning in Corozal
Family members of 79 year old Eduardo Landero continue to be perplexed at the finding of his decomposing body along the Belize River on Sunday in Carmelita Gardens near Santa Familia in the Cayo District. Landero was known by villagers as a fisherman and a good swimmer. He had last been seen with his grand-daughter going to the river about 9:00 am on Friday near his home base when he jumped into the river and did not re-surface.

Elderly found lifeless half a mile down river from his home base
At 10:00 a.m. on June 4, 2017, police visited the Corozal pier on 1st Avenue, Corozal Town where the body of 44-year-old Acita Milsa Flores of Sarteneja Village, Corozal District was seen. Flores's body was seen inside a skiff in an advance state of decomposition. Investigations revealed that on June 1, Flores and eight other persons left Sarteneja in a white and blue skiff en route to Calderitas and Chetumal, Quintana Roo, Mexico to do some shopping. They departed on the same day and while at sea, a wave caused the boat to capsize. On June 2, a search party left Sarteneja and found eight survivors in front of Calderitas. Flores was not found.

Kendis Flowers charged with attempted murder
On Friday, June 2, 2017, police arrested and charged Kendis Flowers, 25-years-old, with two counts of attempted murder on PC Rafael Flowers and PC Wayne Dawson. He was brought before Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith where the charges were read to him. No plea was taken. He was denied bail since the alleged offenses were committed with a firearm. Flowers is remanded to the Belize Central Prison until September 18, 2017 where his case is tentatively set for trial.

Infanticide in Toledo
Toledo police visited the village of San Vicente where they spoke with the Alcalde, Edgar Pinto. Pinto reported that on May 31, 2017, a villager reported to him that he saw the body of a baby floating in the river. The police were led to a pasture about half mile off the main road where they saw the body of a new born baby floating off the river bank in an advanced state of decomposition.

Stanley Moore gets time in prison for attempted robbery and wounding
Stanley Moore, well-known criminal figure, has been sentenced to a total of 6 years, 5 years for attempted robbery and 1 year for wounding. He was accused of committing the crime against a 73-year-old business man and his friend. Moore's initial not guilty plea was changed to a guilty one in court on June 7, 2017 before Magistrate Carlon Mendoza.

52-year-old charged for possession of drug pipe
A 52-year-old maintenance worker of Ladyville has been fined $150 for being in possession of a pipe. He is Edward Quilter. In court, Quilter, who was unrepresented, pleaded guilty to the charge of the possession of a pipe before Magistrate Carlon Mendoza on June 6, 2017. He was allegedly found to be in possession of a metal pipe used for the administration of drugs. He was found on Monday, June 5, 2017.

Orange Walk Man is Granted Appeal for Rape of 16-year-old Virgin
Antonio Gutierrez, a 36-year-old Orange Walk man, was accused of raping a 16-year-old girl in Northern Belize on August 12, 2011. In a trial which began on May 30, 2016, a jury found him guilty before Justice Herbert Lord on June 7, 2016. He was sentenced to eight years in prison. After being sentenced, he appealed the conviction at the Court of Appeals and on June 6, 2017, he was granted a retrial.

Rockville driver set free after alleged gunplay
An alleged gunplay in the village of Rockville landed Mario Rivera, a driver, into police custody where he was charged with one count of aggravated assault with a firearm upon another villager, Jerome Staine. Rivera would have usually been remanded to jail without bail but luckily, the victim has told the court that he wanted no court action.

School in Cayo broken into for third time in less than two years
Students and staff members at the Eden Seventh Day Adventist Primary School in Santa Elena Town are still reeling from the third break-in to their beloved center of learning during the last two years. Sometime on Monday night or early Tuesday morning a thief or group of thieves gained forceful entry into the principal's office and zeroed in to a set of eight duplicated keys, which were the gateway for the schools eight other classrooms. Stolen from the struggling school was about $7000.00 worth of items, which included four DELL Lap tops, which had just been replaced from the previous break-in. Also stolen from the school were four large blue tooth enabled speakers and FM radios that teachers used to enhance educational lessons. Most precious to the school for the information contained therein was the loss of a 120 gigabyte USB flash drive.

65-year-old Guatemalan man is charged with sexual assault of a 6-year-old
65-year-old Guatemalan man is charged with sexual assault of a 6-year-oldevi Figueroa, a 65-year-old Guatemalan man of a Burrell Boom address, was remanded to prison on Friday, June 2, 2017 after being accused of touching a 6-year-old child inappropriately. He was unrepresented before Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith and was read a single charge of sexual assault upon a child. The incident is said to have occurred on April 30, 2017 in Belize City.

Brandon Tesecum killed in Corozal
Police visited the Dominguez Layout area in the Corozal District in response to information received of shots being fired on June 6, 2017. There they saw the body of 21-year-old Brandon Lee Tesecum. Tesecum, who was of an Orange Walk address, was seen on the pavement on the San Antonio/San Andres Road with several gunshot wounds to the head.

Belmopan Bandits crown Pepsi National Elite Basketball champions
The Pepsi National Elite Basketball League season closed with a huge bang in San Pedro on Saturday night, as two-time champions San Pedro Tiger Sharks hosted Belmopan Bandits in game 3 of the Finals. San Pedro High School was packed to capacity, with standing room only, as the intensity of the game surely depicted a championship game with everything on the line. The first quarter got the jitters out of both teams, as Belmopan Bandits finished with an 18 - 17 lead. In the second quarter, the visiting team jumped out to an 18 point lead, going into intermission with a comfortable 44 - 30 lead. However, San Pedro Tiger Sharks went on a run of their own at the end of the third quarter and mid-way through the fourth quarter, and in the process grabbing a 5 point lead with 4 minutes remaining in the game. Belmopan Bandits was able to regain their composure, coming up with some key shots down the stretch, while getting crucial defensive stops, to register the 75 - 67 victory, claiming the NEBL championship.

St. Joseph Primary School boys undefeated in Belize City primary schools basketball competition
The Belize city Primary Schools Basketball competition continued on Tuesday 6th June with four games played at the Gateway Youth Centre. In the first of two game splayed in the girls' competition, St. Joseph School won over St. John Vianney School by the score of 19-5. The top scorer for St. Joseph School was Afeni Lamb with 11 points and the top scorer for St. John Vianney School was Alleesha Sawazo with 3 points. In the second game in the girls' competition, Muslim Community School won over Queen Square Anglican School by the score of 6-0. The top scorer for Muslim Community School was Zakiyyah Sacasa with 4 points.

Belmopan Bandits are the early leaders in Cayo Softball Competition
The Raymond Garbutt Cayo Softball Female competition which is being sponsored by the Hon. John Saldivar continued on Sunday 4th June, 2017, out at the Joan Garbutt Softball Stadium with three games on the schedule with only one game played because of the inclement weather. In the game played, Belmopan Bandits defeated Esperanza Wolverines by the score of 7-2. The winning pitcher was Laniesha Jones and the losing pitcher was Dawn Miralda. The competition will continue this coming Sunday 11th June, 2017, with three games on the schedule out at the Raymond Garbutt Softball Stadium in Roaring Creek Village.

Shalini Zabaneh spun No Hitter in Stann Creek Softball competition
The 2017 Stann Creek District Softball competition continued on Sunday 4th June, 2017, at the Michael Ashcroft Stadium in Independence Village with two games on the schedule. In the second game of the day, Independence United behind the no-hit pitching of Shalini Zabaneh defeated Lucky Stars from Sittee River by the score of 26-0. Zabaneh gave up no hits, she did not walked a single batter and she struck out 7 in the process in the lopsided wid.

Under the Red Tent
For a period of about 3 months some years ago, Residents of Orange Walk Town had to travel to Corozal to purchase tickets for ADO to Merida / Cancun. I still recall the little outlet right in front of the Corozal bus terminal where we had to go to get our tickets if we wanted to catch the bus here in OW at 8 pm at night. One time I arrived in Corozal during the lunch hour and had to wait at the bus terminal for the store to open. A neatly dressed young man sat beside me and asked, 'aren't you the guy who likes to write fool in the Guardian every week?" I told him I don't know about every week, but, yes, I am an expert in that field. My sarcasm having been lost on him, he continued his conversation that he used to be a flag bearer for the UDP in Corozal but since the national election victory they had turned their backs on him and now he had no time for them and would never vote for them again.

Three Week Art Exhibit at the House of Culture- Canada: Synonym of�
Canada will celebrate its 150th Anniversary of Confederation (Canada 150) on July 1, 2017. As a way of celebrating and engaging the world, the Canadian diplomatic mission hosted 150 events to showcase Canada as a premier destination to visit, invest, live, work, and study. Today, Canada is made up of 10 provinces and three territories. The Government of Canada envisions Canada 150 as a means to inspire connection among Canadians while celebrating their shared values, achievements, environment, and their place in the world. Canada's four areas of priority have been identified as

Will the Pope of Rome and Sovereign of Vatican City call Jules?
Some in the Media are always begging for respect and honor. The concept of the media or press as a fourth branch stems from a belief that the news media's responsibility to inform the populace is essential to the healthy functioning of the democracy. That is a solemn duty, indeed! When I turn on the news I expect the news crew to have done their job well. Way too often they fail. Take Friday, June 02, 2017 Channel 7's Hyde declared: "We all know well the Bible story which tells us that the Apostle Peter denied three times that he knew Jesus after the crucifixion." I was totally shocked because I remember well the story about the three acts of denial of Jesus by the Apostle Peter as described in all four Gospels of the New Testament. Yes, all four Canonical Gospels state that during Jesus' Last Supper with his disciples, he predicted that Peter would deny knowledge of him, stating that Peter would disown him before the rooster crowed the next morning.

Youth Tlks - High School is over - what now?
We squeezed into the small cafe, barely dodging the tiny raindrops as the unexpected downpour began. Inside was warm, muted, hushed; every bit a haven and a different world all together than the hot dusty streets being assaulted by the wet splatters from the sky. The aroma of cinnamon and spices competed with that of fresh java percolating in the back. I ordered a cup. Although I am hardly a coffee drinker, the scent alone was too tempting to pass up. Akeya, my baby cousin and I, were celebrating her greatest success of her 16 years on earth; she was graduating with distinguished honors from high school. Needless to say, I was very proud of her. "So What's next for Akeya", I asked her, smiling broadly as we found two very comfortable chairs at the back of the cozy cafe with our coffee and cinnamon buns. She caught me off guard when she said, "I don't know."

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Family clarifies motorcycle-horse accident
Following the posting of a story about a horse killed in a motorcycle-horse accident earlier today by BBN, a close relative of the motorcycle driver contacted BBN to provide their version of what happened. According to the relative, a proper 'halter' or 'head [�]

Body found in Belmopan
Reports to our newsroom are that a body was found near the Mountain view area of Belmopan this afternoon. Police are currently at the scene. This is a developing story. © 2017, This article is the copyrighted property of Breaking Belize News. Written [�]

Road traffic accident in Cayo leaves horse dead, motorcyclist hospitalized
At around 6 a.m. yesterday, there was a fatal road traffic accident near Bishop Martin RC school in the Cayo District. Information to our newsroom is that a child was riding a horse when a motorcyclist collided into them. The child flew off the horse and [�]

Institute of Archaeology says cultural heritage being destroyed in Corozal
The Institute of Archaelogy is reporting that another cultural heritage is being destroyed up north. In a statement posted by the institute today it revealed, "Looting and destruction of our cultural heritage is still a very present threat in Belize. We are currently following [�]

PSU Pres suspended over comments on Garinagu community
Less than a month ago, Eldred Neal, Public Service Union (PSU) President, made very incendiary comments on the Garinagu community in a conversation that was secretly taped. The leaked tape created much controversy, so much so that nine of the fifteen members on his [�]

Couple busted with weed in Mahogany Heights
On Wednesday, June 7, members of the Mobile Interdiction Team (MIT) searched the residence of Ryan Edward Gentle located in Mahogany Heights Village, Belize District. Present at the time of the search were Ryan Edward Gentle and Natasha Nicole Smith. The search resulted in the discovery of 523 grams of cannabis. [�]

Man busted with weed at OW Custom's Office
Just before 2 p.m. yesterday, Orange Walk police received information of a man with drugs at the customs office in San Lazaro. When officers arrived on the scene, they searched 28 year-old Omar Rufino Ramirez, a laborer of San Lazaro Village. During that search cops found [�]

Robbers break into Eden Primary School
There is a case of burglary coming out of the San Ignacio/Santa Elena police jurisdiction. 24-year-old Johnny Alexander Gonzalez, a Secretary at Eden Primary School in Santa Elena, told police that between the hours of 4:45 p.m. on Monday and 7:45 a.m. on Tuesday [�]

Gas attendant robbed while on duty
The old capital was the venue of an armed robbery on Tuesday night. The assailant, armed with a knife walked into Gas Tomza located at 1 1/2 Miles on the George Price Highway and approached Irvin Carranza, 24, a gas attendant. Carranza told police [�]

61 murdered since January 1, 2017
In its midweek issue, the Amandala Newspaper had reported that murders were down by 3%, and property crimes were down by a total of 20% when compared to last year. As of Monday, June 5th 2017, the Amandala had reported 57 murders. However since [�]

Charges against PUP leader dropped
Orange Walk Central Area Representative, John Brice�o, will no longer have to appear before the Orange Walk Magistrate in connection with an alleged traffic mishap in February of 2015. Christopher Hendricks, the driver of former UDP Deputy Leader, Gaspar Vega, had claimed that the [�]

Illegal logwood bust in Orange Walk
s Yesterday morning a joint patrol of police and BDF seized illegal logwood that was being transported through the San Lazaro road in Orange Walk. According to reports, a brown rodeo was towing a trailer with illegal logwood and the driver of the rodeo, [�]

Police seeking "HardRock" killer
Police in the old capital are looking for the person that killed Andrew Bennett AKA "HardRock". Bennett was gunned down two weeks ago in front of his home on Central American Boulevard and was well respected by his peers in the music industry. Police have [�]


The West Side of Ambergris Caye, Cayo Rosario & The Sandbar On A HOT Day
A few acre mangrove caye directly west of Secret Beach, the tiny caye is well known by flyfishermen and locals. But more recently it has been getting attention because of the proposed development plan - for 90 over the water cabanas and a maximum capacity of 600 employees and guests. Absolutely totally ridiculous. You own an island that is a few acres of sand, mangrove, birds and mangrove swamp in the middle of Hol Chan Marine Reserve. We may not like that. We may not like how you got the island but you own it. But do you have the right to build preposterous structures all around it - over the marine reserve - in water that is owned by all and actively used by many? A mockery to conservation in Belize. That's what is being decided right now in an official Environmental Impact Assessment.

Beating the Heat - The Top 5 Ways to Cool Off on Ambergris Caye
If you're lucky enough to be here with us on Ambergris Caye this week, visitors and Islanders alike will tell you that, the past fews days on the island have been some hot ones� summer has hit San Pedro hard, and we're really starting to feel the heat. No need to worry though, because the island has many ways to beat the heat and stay cool on these scorching summer days� Here's our picks for the top 5 ways to stay cool on Ambergris Caye!

No Better Way to Celebrate World Oceans Day Than in the Ocean
Our family was super excited to have joined Oceana Belize as they took us on a local tour of the Port Honduras Marine Reserve and Snakes Caye in observance of World Oceans Day. The day was filled with amazing panoramas of mangrove forests, a bird's eye view of the reserve, learning about the importance of the reserve to southern communities in Belize and breathtaking views of crystal clear turquoise waters at West Snake Caye. We toured the surrounding areas in the reserve which included Abalone Caye Ranger Station where the Toledo Institute for Development and Environment (TIDE) and the Belize Coast Guard monitor and protect the reserve. They are the good guys who, on a daily basis, protect the reserve from illegal fishing activities, monitor sports fishing and tourism activities in the areas.

El Fogon Restaurant San Pedro Ambergris Caye
El Fogon has an old school cooking over a "fogon" or open fire stove and delicious simple Belizean dishes. The entrance is filled with sand as you enter. A Palapa is there to give you shade while you eat at the restaurant. when you walk through the entrance, their was flowers decoration on the left and Banana trees on the right and the white sandy floor in one area. El Fogon is just 2 minutes away from Maya Island air north of Tropic air #2 Trigger Fish St. A large sign on the entrance of the restaurant had a list of various food choices. When I tried the rice and beans, I could actually taste the fresh coconut in the rice and the soft smokey meat, well cooked in the fire heart. The service is always excellent with other menu list everyday you can get chimole, escabeche, rice and beans with stew chicken, fry fish, and much more. El Fogon has been expanded for better space and for more customers to sit down and have a great time at El Fogon. We know offer breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. We make coffee for on the mornings. Just sit down and listen to the birds while having your coffee.

13 Reasons Why You Should Never, Ever Bring Your Kids to Belize!
As a parent, you're zealous about monitoring what your kids see and do in today's crazy world; it's your job to help them steer clear of experiences that could damage them for life. We're concerned too, and feel it only right that we inform you about reasons you should never bring your children here. Consider all of them and we're sure you'll agree that taking them on vacation to Belize is the worst idea you've ever had! 1. If you leave them home, you'll protect them from having nightmares you're pretty sure will result from taking them to Mayan hot spots were crystal skeletons, bones and creepy vestiges of Belize's historical past await. You don't want to expose them to ancient civilizations, right? 2. Dining out could be a horrific experience if you bring your children to Belize! This many tastes, smells and culinary sensations could, heaven forbid, turn them into mini-gourmands who refuse to eat frozen pizza and peanut butter once their palates are exposed our delicious and tasty foods.

Find Your Place in the Sun on Ambergris Caye
As the largest island in Belize's chain of offshore jewels, Ambergris Caye is geographically the closest point to the mainland. But what a difference that slice of the Caribbean Sea makes. Ambergris is a symphony of white sandy beaches, mangrove swamps and prehistoric rock that rises up from the ocean floor to host every type of tropical plant, tree and flower you can imagine. At just 25-miles long, getting around is a no brainer, but visitors usually headquarter in San Pedro Town, where the drinks are cool, the people are warm and the resorts are all top drawer. If you like to let your hair down, mingle with tourists from around the world, eat so much ethnic food you gain weight and then work it off jumping into myriad sports activities guaranteed to keep you energized, this is your island in the sun. Your holiday budget stretches far due to the wide variety of eateries and accommodations, so don't let budgetary concerns keep you from making this your next vacation pick.

Orange Walk: Avoid Crowds While Immersing Yourself in Belize's Wonders
If you dislike crowds but you're fascinated by everything Belize has to offer, make Orange Walk District-and especially Orange Walk Town-your next vacation spot. Just 57 miles from Belize City, it's a quick trip from that city's airport. Since it's tucked into the northwest corner of the nation, the partying beach crowd isn't here in numbers yet you'll enjoy the full tourist experience. See exotic cultural sites, all the natural wonders you could ask for and just enough people to declare Orange Walk the friendliest place on Earth. As the second largest Belize district, Orange Walk's 1829 square mile interior is filled with rustic villages, the nation's agricultural hub and Mayan ruins offering amateur archaeologists close looks at the area's distant past. Heavily populated by Mennonites who farm the land and produce much of the sugar cane, rice and vegetable crops, this large faith-based colony also runs most dairy farms.

Archaeologists discover Aztec ball court in heart of Mexico City
The remains of a major Aztec temple and a ceremonial ball court have been discovered in downtown Mexico City, shedding new light on the sacred spaces of the metropolis that Spanish conquerors overran five centuries ago, archaeologists said on Wednesday. The discoveries were made on a nondescript side street just behind the city's colonial-era Roman Catholic cathedral off the main Zocalo plaza on the grounds of a 1950s-era hotel. The underground excavations reveal a section of what was the foundation of a massive, circular-shaped temple dedicated to the Aztec wind god Ehecatl and a smaller part of a ritual ball court, confirming accounts of the first Spanish chroniclers to visit the Aztec imperial capital, Tenochtitlan.

International Sourcesizz

Western Caribbean, Bay Of Campeche & Western Gulf Of Mexico Tropical Development Is A Possibility Between June 15th & June 20th
For at least the past couple of weeks, I have mentioned on a few occasions that we are going to have to really watch the western Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico for potential tropical development starting next week and beyond. This word of caution was based on looking at the upcoming weather pattern and what has happened in the past with similar weather patterns. Anyways, it appears that a majority of the model guidance are beginning to really latch onto the idea of tropical development first in the western Caribbean with this system moving into the Bay of Campeche and the western Gulf of Mexico during the time period from June 15th to June 20th. It should be noted that the western Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico are climatogically favored areas for tropical development during the month of June, therefore, there is a distinct possibility that we could see tropical development by or after June 15th in the western Gulf of Mexico and the western Caribbean.

5 things to check out in Belize
Belize might be small in size but it's mighty in history and culture and an interesting fusion of Caribbean and Latin-American vibes. These are some of the things you can do during a trip to the country: The Lamanai ruins are one of the oldest continuously occupied Maya sites in Belize, from about 1,500 BC, when inhabitants grew maize at the site, to 1,680 AD. It's one of the largest Maya ceremonial sites in Belize and had once been a major city of the Maya civilization. The site includes the Temple of the Mask, the Temple of the Jaguar Masks and the High Temple. Climb to the top of High Temple for great views of Belize.

Chills follow excursion into ATM cave in Belize
NEAR SAN IGNACIO, BELIZE-"Our Maya ancestors saw caves as a portal to the underworld, often referred to as 'Xibalba,' which translates to 'the place of fear or fright.' They believed evil spirits, demons and monsters were guarding caves and only elites, priests and their entourage were permitted to access them; commoners were not allowed to go in," says caving tour guide Gliss Penados. And yet here I am, a mere commoner, about to descend into the underworld of Actun Tunichil Muknal, also known as the ATM cave, in western Belize. Under a blazing sun, our tour group treks through a tropical jungle, punctuated by a few river crossings before we arrive at the entrance of this massive limestone Mayan archeological site. It feels both foreboding and magical. A portal back to between 300 to 600 AD.

Standup Paddle Magazine
Belize and Cayo Frances Farm & Fly on the cover and a 15+ page spread of STANDUP PADDLE MAGAZINE - SOOOO many cool pictures of Ambergris Caye and town - my favorite might be Calvio Bike Repair. Check it out.


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  • Punta Gorda - Belize Festival of Hope, 4min. On Saturday - July 22, 2017 thousands of people from across the nation of Belize will gather together in Belize City for a historic day of music concerts, X-tream sports, fun, games, and a message about the hope that can only be found in Jesus Christ. Admission is free! All are welcome!

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  • SAILWINDS BEACH SUITES - CAYE CAULKER, Belize, 3.5min. I made this amateur video today for my sister's Hotel. Music recorded 2012 on Caye Caulker with Guitarist Reuben Alamina Sr. & Singer Ilna Alamina Auxillou....Song: "Caye Caulker my Happy Home"....

  • Placencia's First Cruise Passengers Enjoy the Peninsula's Hospitality, 4min. On May 16th, the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) announced that the Placencia Municipal Pier would officially open to Harvest Caye Passengers, starting Tuesday, May 30th. Our Belize NOW Team joined the BTB in Placencia to welcome the first boat �

  • Turquoise Water, White Beaches at Snake Caye on World Oceans Day, 2min. We were so grateful for the opportunity to visit yet another important place in our nation's culture and preservation and interact with the people that care for it. We're calling on all our friends today to join us in our stance against offshore oil in Belize.

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