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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

The San Pedro Sun

BTB wins Prestigious Award for Innovation & Creativity
The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) has won the prestigious Innovation & Creativity Award of the Latin American Travel Association (LATA) based in London, the United Kingdom for its Belize Virtual Expo, the first of its kind in Belize. The award was presented today to the Brighter Group, the BTB's Public Relation's firm in the UK, at the Experience Latin America (ELA) trade show, which is taking place in London from June 12-14 and organized by LATA. The Brighter Group is representing BTB at the show and received the award on BTB's behalf. The award was granted to BTB for its Belize Virtual Expo, which will be held at the Biltmore Plaza Hotel on 29th - 30th June. The Virtual Expo aims to give local tourism service providers an opportunity to meet "virtually" with key representatives of the international travel trade.

Lisandra Novelo is new Miss San Pedro 2016-2017, as Marisha Thompson steps down
The San Pedro Town Council and the Miss San Pedro Committee would like to inform the general public on the resignation of Miss Marisha Jemel Thompson as Miss San Pedro 2016-2017, as of June 12, 2017. Miss Thompson is now residing in the district of Cayo, which is a violation of the Miss San Pedro Regulations, as the reigning Miss San Pedro MUST be residing full time in San Pedro Town. This regulation is exempted ONLY if the reigning Miss San Pedro is away pursuing educational activities. In the light of Miss Thompson's resignation, it is the nature of the first runner up to step up and continue with the responsibilities as the island's goodwill ambassador, Miss San Pedro 2016-2017. Miss Lisandra Novelo, Miss Ramon's Village Resort, won the first runner up title during the Miss San Pedro 2016 pageant on August 27th of 2016.

SPACE graduates 16 proud students
San Pedro Adult Continuing Education (SPACE) held its fifth Commencement Exercises on Sunday, June 11th at the Angel Nu�ez Auditorium. The graduating class of 2017 saw 16 students, march to the tune of Pomp and Circumstance, proud of their achievement after a four-year educational journey. Delivering an inspirational speech was guest speaker the Dean of San Pedro Junior College, Gustavo Ellis. He spoke about the graduation theme, encouraging students to make the best out of those single steps. "Whatever they may be, always trust in yourself. Things may change in life, they may not go the way you want- however, never get discouraged. Be wise when you take important steps in your life. Learn from what you have done wrong so you don't repeat them later on in life." Ellis congratulated the graduating class and invited them to further their education at the San Pedro Junior College.

Ambergris Today

Maya Findings In Downtown San Pedro As Archaeological Students Conduct Digs
Did you know that there are nine registered Maya sites on Ambergris Caye? Most of them lie in the heart of San Pedro Town where development has hidden the past from plain sight. One of the largest registered sites is in the heart of downtown San Pedro which encompasses all of Central Park and three blocks back to the lagoon side. Since May 25, 2017, archeology students from North Carolina Universities have been on Ambergris Caye conducting research on the Post Classic Period Settlement of the Mayas, which is from about 1000AD to when the Spanish made contact with Belizean land. Over the past years they have been working hand in hand with the Belize Institute of Archeology (BIA) and therefore choose Belize to conduct a four-week archeology field study to train students in field methods, lab methods and about the Mayas who once thrived on Ambergris Caye.

Lisandra Novelo Named New Miss San Pedro As Marisha Thompson Steps Down
The San Pedro Town Council and the Miss San Pedro Committee would like to inform the general public on the resignation of Miss Marisha Jemel Thompson as Miss San Pedro 2016-2017, as of June 12, 2017. Miss Thompson communicated with the MSP Committee her intentions of her resignation in which she expressed that she would not be able to fulfill her duties as the island's goodwill ambassador, mainly due to her relocation, as well as other personal matters. Miss Thompson is now residing in the district of Cayo, which is a violation of the Miss San Pedro Regulations, as the reigning Miss San Pedro MUST be residing full time in San Pedro Town. This regulation is exempted ONLY if the reigning Miss San Pedro is away pursuing educational activities.

Misc Belizean Sources


Wildtracks Update: Release Day!!
All at Wildtracks wake up to the knowledge that, for eight globally endangered howler monkeys, today is the day they return to the wild! The majority came in from the illegal pet trade, one coming in with concussion in after being hit by a car, and one was found with an injured arm on a farm...all of them have come a long way these last two years. Mitch celebrated their last few days in pre-release with the following set of photographs... We wish they, and the post-release monitoring trackers, well in their first few days of living in the wild!!!

Haven House 5K Walk/Run
Such a great turnout for our Haven House 5K Walk/Run! Thank you all for coming out to support this worthy cause. We can ALL #standuptodomesticviolence

Paintings by Mr. Robert Reyes to be added to the National Art Collection
The National Institute of Culture and History (NICH) through the Museum of Belize will host the Induction Ceremony for Mr. Robert Reyes's art donation. On Thursday, June 15, at 1:00 PM The Bliss Institute will host the induction ceremony for the art of Mr. Robert Sydney Reyes. Mr. Reyes, a friend and past student of the Governor General has donated 4 paintings to the National Art Collection. The Museum of Belize will be hosting this grand event at the Bliss Institute of Arts.

Daddy Daughter Dance
Queen of the Bay presents Daddy Daughter Dance at the George Price Center on June 17th.

Between these lines ...
by Glenn Tillett. Pablo Saul Marin, Belize's current minister of health, has an opportunity now to re-structure the provision of dialysis services in Belize with a view to making it equitable, accessible and affordable. I've been told he does have a plan. I haven't seen or read or been apprised of what that plan is, and therefore cannot form any opinion as to its consequentialities but as one of the almost 100 Belizean citizens who must have dialysis or face certain death, I am all ears. Currently, as I have been told by several persons who claim authority, there are 32 persons receiving dialysis services from the WORTH implemented program at KHMH in Belize City and La Loma Luz in San Ignacio. Reportedly they pay $25.00 per session. The rest of us pay upwards of $220 per session at the private providers. For nearly all of us this is unaffordable.

Attention: Cayo residents
Happening this week: Free medical services (pediatric and adult) in the Georgeville area....

Alley cropping
We're working with farmers to revolutionize farming in southern Belize with the introduction of Inga edulis trees into a system called alley cropping. Corn, beans, pineapples, and peppers are commonly planted in between the rows of Inga. These amazing trees produce loads of weed-suppressing mulch in addition to having nitrogen fixing roots which improve soil fertility. Farmers are investing in their soils; they want to have healthier food and to use the same piece of land year after year!

Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association (BSCFA) and Belize Sugar Industries (BSI) on Agreement Regarding Loss of Molasses
The Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association (BSCFA) and the Belize Sugar Industries (BSI) have finalized an agreement, eleven months after the industry suffered a loss of molasses. the following is the press release issued this morning. Agreed Press Release From the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association (BSCFA) and Belize Sugar Industries (BSI) on Agreement Regarding Loss of Molasses Due to Maillard Reaction The Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association (BSCF) and Belize Sugar Industries Ltd (BSI) are pleased to announce that an amicable agreement has been arrived at concerning the loss of molasses due to Maillard Reaction, a chemical reaction occurrence which was the first such reaction recorded in Belize.

Insights guide about Belize
Insight Guides, the world's largest visual travel guide series, in association with Discovery Channel, the world's premier source of nonfiction entertainment, provides more insight than ever. From the most popular resort cities to the most exotic villages, Insight Guides capture the unique character of each culture with an insider's perspective. Inside every Insight Guide you'll find: .Evocative, full-colour photography on every page .Cross-referenced, full-colour maps throughout .A brief introduction including a historical timeline .Lively, essays by local writers on the culture, history, and people .Expert evaluations on the sights really worth seeing .Special features spotlighting particular topics of interest .A comprehensive Travel Tips section with listings of the best restaurants, hotels, and attractions, as well as practical information on getting around and advice for travel with children.

Texas Water Safari Canoe race: Belize win's the race at the Texas Water safari
The Texas Water Safari is a boat race down waterways from San Marcos, Texas, to Seadrift, Texas. The total distance traveled is 262 miles. Racers must take all equipment needed with them, receiving only medical supplies, water and ice along the way. The primary requirement is a boat powered only by human muscle. The event was first held in 1963, and is run annually. The race begins on the second Saturday of June of each year, barring bad weather. In 1962 Frank Brown and Bill "Big Willie" George navigated from San Marcos to Corpus Christi without a motor. In 1963 they created the Texas Water Safari which would become an annual race.

Conference for Mayors
Mayor Darrell Bradley and Councilor Kevin Singh are presently representing the Belize City Council at a Conference for Mayors and Local Authorities on the Implementation and Objectives of Sustainable Development - The Role of Cities and Regions being help in Miami, Florida. With Kevin Baaba Singh.

Beyond the Horizon
Today, the U.S. Embassy and the Government of #Belize, in coordination with U.S. Army South, held the third ribbon cutting ceremony as part of the Beyond the Horizon: 2017-Belize (BTH) collaborative humanitarian exercise. The ceremony, during which the BTH Task Force Commander officially handed over the keys to the emergency room expansion and a new structure with a medical waste incinerator to the Ministry of Health Belize, took place at the Western Regional Hospital (WRH). BTH is a collaborative training exercise between U.S. Army South, the Belize Defence Force (BDF), the Ministries of Defence, Health, and Education, as well as partner nations, such as Trinidad and Tobago and Colombia. BTH also includes numerous NGOs and private companies from the United States and Belize. The emergency room expansion project could not have happened without close cooperation and partnership with the WRH and the Belmopan City Council.

The origins of the word "Backra"
In the old days, a white man would be called a "Backra" by his friends. This term originated when the early white men in the colony because of the heat would take off their shirts. As a result, their backs became raw from the sun and thus the term "back-raw" and the creolization of these words was pronounced as "Backra."

Caves: at 2017 BAS
We all know caves were sacred domains, a place where the gods of the underworld lived, where Chaac dwelled, where one could enter Xibalba. Caves are natural formations. But do you know the ancient Maya used to modify caves with their own construction? Come hear Erin Ray talk all about it at the 2017 BAS, as she discusses such construction efforts at Las Cuevas!

To Catch a Lobster!
Do you every wonder how that succulent juicy lobster tail arrived on your plate? Catching lobster is a little bit more complicated that catching a fish and involves a few more steps. We asked some local lobster fishermen to give us the low down on how to catch a lobster. So, the million dollar question.. how do you catch a lobster? There are two ways to catch a lobster: using a trap or using a hook. The trap method is used in shallower water in areas such as Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker. The second method is normally used further afield. Lighters (a 30ft sailing sloop) sets sail for 10 to 15 days at a time with 6 to 7 fishermen and a boat load of ice. These fishermen skin dive the outer reef and atolls and catch lobster with a hook stick or gaff.

Channel 7

Police Detain Suspect For Barahona Murder
Belmopan police have detained a suspect in Saturday night's Cotton Tree execution. He was taken into custody this afternoon and an ID parade will be conducted. Police aren't releasing any more information about the suspect at this time but they believe they have made a significant break in this case. As we have reported, 21 year old Omar Barahona was shot and killed at a going away party his family had planned for him in Cotton Tree. He had gotten a new job in the US. At around 11:00 on Saturday night, Barahona had stepped outside to meet his friend Devon Brooks when a gunman walked up to them and opened fire. Barahona was shot about 7 times - information is that he had his back turned and the first shot struck him in the head.

No Bail For Vera
On last week Friday's news, we told you about Orlando Vera, a senior firearms examiner convicted of abetment to pervert the course of justice, and sentenced to two years in jail, yet still trying to get out of that conviction on a Supreme Court bail. Well, this afternoon, Justice Herbert Lord handed down his ruling that he will not be granting Vera bail at this time. That means that Vera will have to wait for his appeal to run its course while he is behind bars. But, his wait won't be an extended one because the court intends to expedite his appeal. Justice Lord noted this in his decision to deny bail that the DPP, Chery-Lynn Vidal, indicated to the court that the appeal case can be disposed of in a short amount of time.

Chunox, Resentment Still Smoldering
Last week Friday, police were sent to the home of Richard Allen Garcia in Chunox Village in Corozal. Garcia had been asked to move out of the residence by the owner earlier this year, but refused. The owner then made a complaint against Garcia and the police went to confront him, but he evaded them. That was back in March; when the cops went to confront him on Friday June 9th, Garcia allegedly came out swinging a machete. According to police, one of the officers tripped, and Garcia quickly attempted to chop him in the head, at which point another officer fired off a few warning shots. When Garcia continued, the officer then fired again, killing him on the spot. By the time more cops showed up to process the scene, dozens of angry villagers gathered around eventually forcing the police to flee after the villagers assaulted them with projectiles. The police left Garcia's body behind, along with key evidence, but came back the next day with as many 12 units.

Chuc and Vicente Square Off, Whose Side You On?
Last night, we showed you the press conference that Sergio Chuc held to protest that he is not being allowed to run in the upcoming elections for president of the Football Federation of Belize. The former FFB vice president wanted to opportunity tell the nation that he wasn't bribing anyone - as has been alleged. That's the allegation that his political opponent, Ruperto Vicente, made against him, and, there is a history of between these two football execs. They entered the administration of the sport's governing body, determined to work together to clean up the football federation, after Dr. Bertie Chimilio was voted out in 2012.

An Upgrade For Western Regional
In early April, ground was broken for the Western Regional Hospital's new emergency room. Construction work had commenced in March and 3 months later, it was finished yesterday. A ceremony was held at the hospital today to inaugurate the emergency room and other new and improved features and equipment. Courtney Weatherburne was in Belmopan today and found out just how significant these infrastructural upgrades are. About 800 to 900 trauma patients are rushed through these doors on a monthly basis - that number includes Belmopan residents and countrywide referrals - it's an intake that this emergency room simply can't accommodate anymore. Dr. Rene Godoy, Chief of Staff, Western Regional: "It is a known fact that our emergency has far outgrown the population that visits it and on a daily basis we see a congestion that overflows." "If we are not on our toes, and if we are not up to the challenge it becomes chaotic."

BSCFA Gets Money For Lost Molasses
Last year in July, news broke that almost four thousand tonnes of molasses spoilt in storage tanks at the BSI sugar factory. The projected economic loss was almost half a million dollars - and ASR/BSI said that the farmers would have to share in the loss. The cane famers rejected and fought that, saying ASR/BSI was to blame for whatever went wrong in storage and they alone should bear the loss. In the intervening months, some of the molasses were recovered, which lessened the loss in both the volume of molasses and the loss in earnings. And, now, 11 months later, the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association and BSI issued a joint statement today, saying that they've reached an amicable agreement.

Minister Campos Denies Free Zone Meddling
In late April and early May, there was an uproar at the Corozal Free Zone resulting in the suspension of CEO Valentin Blanco. The Free Zone Chamber of Commerce was adamant that Balnco's in-law and UDP Corozal southwest Representative, Dr. Angel Campos was meddling in the Zone's business. Campos has never publicly responded to that charge, but he did today when we asked him. Not surprisingly, he said there is no political interference on his part. Dr. Angel Campos - Minister of State, Min. of Health: "The Free Zone, I think everybody can have access. I usually go to the free zone whenever I need to see my friends. I have various friends there, friends that I go and sit down and have tea with, they are Indians and they are there and I have tea with them.

Lisa Shoman To Serve On IDB's Administrative Tribunal.
Another senior Belizean jurist has been chosen to serve as a judge on an international tribunal. Lisa Shoman has been selected to serve as one of the 7 judges on the Inter-American Development Bank's Administrative Tribunal. It's a panel set up to settle disputes which arise out of the employment relationship with the Bank, or the corporation with their staff members. The seven judges are chosen from candidates who are from member countries, but no 2 judges can come from the same country. They are selected and recognized for professional competence and integrity, and they must have the necessary qualifications to sit as judges in the highest judicial courts in their own respective countries.

Panama Says Sayonara Taipei, Hello Beijing
Almost weekly in the news, you'll see coverage of some program sponsored by the Taiwanese. Last week it was the multimillion dollars Motor Vehicle Registration and License System, and on Friday it will be a cultural exchange program for primary and secondary schools. And while Taiwan continues to play an active role in Belizean public affairs, as it does in other central American countries, not so for Panama, well not anymore at least. News broke today that Panama has severed diplomatic relations with Taiwan and switched over to China. It is a major loss to Taiwan, which is now only recognized by 19 countries, including Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. In the 90's they were recognized by over 20 nations. This year, Panama is the second country to switch allegiances over to mainland China; the first was the African island nation of Sao Tome and Príncipe.

Jimenez Caught Conch Fishing In Caye Caulker Reserve
The managers of the Caye Caulker Reserve often tell us that the reserve is under siege from lawless fishermen who are known to have law enforcement look the other way. Well, they didn't look the other way when 31 year old Elvin Isaac Jimenez, a fisherman from Sarteneja Village, Corozal was caught poaching conch. That happened on April 1, 2017, at about 6:45 a.m., when fisheries found Jimenez inside a canoe with diving gear, and a crocus sack with 28 undersized conch. So, he was charged with possession of undersized conch, and fishing in a conservation zone.

Brazen Bank Breaking Burglary In Bella Vista
One weekend story which didn't make it into last night's very packed newscast was a major burglary in Bella Vista Village, Toledo. It happened at the Toledo Teachers Credit Union in Bella Vista - sometime between last Thursday night and Friday morning. When employees got to work, they found a wooden door with its metal shutter and steel burglar bars damaged. Inside, the metal safe had been opened. The thieves got off with $7,088.00 US dollars, $116,575.40 Belize dollars, along with a Glock pistol a pump action 12 gauge shotgun. Police have not made any arrests.

The Weather And The Farmer
When there are heavy rains and flooding the first thing people think about is protecting their belongings from water damage. And when there is intense heat during the dry season, all anyone wants to do is to keep cool and hydrated. But beyond your personal comfort zone, these extreme weather conditions impact the operations and output in several sectors especially agriculture. So there is certainly a lot more to consider when it comes to the weather. That was the center of discussion at a Climate Change Forum held today at the George Price Center in Belmopan. Courtney Weatherburne has more details. Issac Dueck, Spanish Lookout Farmer: "I had a whole crop of Red Kidney Beans completely destroyed because of not enough rain just simply drought, it just didn't rain and some other crops, very poor crops because not enough rain and also too much rain so I had both experiences and that is devastating."

Remembering Women Fishers
Fisherman; it's one of the most common occupations in the country, but it's a term that often disregards the contributions of valuable members of the fishing industry: the women. Today the Belize Conservation and Climate Adaption Project in the Fisheries Department hosted the very first Women in Fisheries Forum. The event aims to identify the problems that women face in the fishing industry, and how to effectively address them. We spoke to several women in the industry about their struggles, and what they're hoping comes out of the forum...

For decades, getting a kidney stone removed in Belize meant getting cut. But, new technology has been developed to allow doctors to send a camera equipped with a laser through a patient's body to break the kidney stones down, but until recently the nearest hospitals that could perform that procedure are in Merida or Guatemala City. Now, the Belize Gastroenterology and Endoscopy Center in Belize City has acquired this cutting edge technology with the help of Dr. Victor Lizarraga, an Assistant Professor at Baylor College of Medicine. We spoke to Dr. Lizarraga about the new procedure, and how helpful it will be...

Queen Square Family Calls Out UDP for Land
There's a land dispute in the Queen's Square area - and the residents say they're being muscled off their land by the UDP political officer. The area is a triple lot near the Triangle Park on Neal's Pen Road where low income housing is going up very fast. But the Usher family - which has owned the property for generations say they were never consulted or compensated. Now, the land had been bushy and abandoned for many years - with the property tax not paid, but the family says they still own it. A family spokesperson gave the media an interview today:.. Irene Usher - Former Resident: "It was surprising to me, she said that mom they are taking away my land so I asked her how can they take away your land, this land is your family land. This land belongs to you guys. Fight for your land, don't give up just like that and I think for its unjust for what is going on and I don't like it."

Channel 5

D.P.P. Not Consulted as Police Defend Actions in Chunox
The Corozal Police Department remains under pressure tonight. Four officers were assigned by Corozal Police in an operation to evict forty-four year old Richard Garcia last Friday in Chunox Village. [...]

One Questioned, One Detained as Police Close in on TTCU Robbers
One suspect is being questioned following the brazen robbery of the Toledo Teachers Credit Union late last week. The robbers concocted an elaborate plan to break into the building, pry [...]

One Detained in Belmopan for Omar Barahona Murder
Omar Barahona Junior was shot seven times and killed as he attended a going away party in his honor on Saturday night. The twenty-one-year-old from Cotton Tree was socializing with [...]

Ex-Prez of F.F.B. Calls for 'Fair Play' Ahead of Election
There is more tonight to the ongoing battles within the Football Federation of Belize. On Monday, you heard Sergio Chuc who has been disqualified from seeking elections as president, call [...]

Chairpersons Withdrawal from Election Process is Wrong
With Chuc out of the way, Ruperto Vicente and Marlon Kuylen will go head-to-head in a few weeks at the annual congress. In the 2016 elections, after twenty-two rounds of [...]

Sergio Chuc, Ruperto Vicente Condemn Arson of GenSec's Vehicle
In the immediate aftermath of Sergio Chuc's disqualification to contest the presidency, the vehicle of Michael Blease, the secretary general of the federation, was set on fire. Both Chuc and [...]

I.D.B. Taps Lisa Shoman for Administrative Tribunal�
A Belizean attorney is moving up to a senior post at the Inter-American Development Bank. Senior Counsel Lisa Shoman has been appointed to a six-year term as a sitting judge [...]

�But Attorney and Political Figure Will Not Give Up Law Practice
So, with a cushy number waiting for Shoman at Thirteen Hundred New York Avenue, will her law office here in Belize City be shuttered?� That's what we asked her earlier [...]

"Yellow Man" Reprimanded, But Keeps His Job
A majority of members of the National Assembly Staff Committee voted on Friday during a meeting to reprimand, rather than suspend or remove, House of Representatives Sergeant-At-Arms Brian "Yellow Man" [...]

Macebearer Not Barred from Senate Committee
There will be another public hearing of the Senate Special Select Committee tomorrow, Wednesday, and members of the Belizeans against Courtenay movement led by Alberto August are expected to be [...]

Judge Rules No Bail for Orlando Vera; Hearing Date Set
Last week Friday, Supreme Court Judge, Hon, Justice Herbert Lord heard a bail application for convicted prisoner, Orlando Vera, the Belize Police Department Ballistic Examiner. On June first, 2017 Vera [...]

Duo to be Tried for False Nationality Certificates
Two men, one from San Pedro and the other from Corozal, will have to stand trial at the Supreme Court for thirteen counts of possession of false documents in respect [...]

New Extension to Western Regional Accident and Emergency Area
The Western Regional Hospital got a major upgrade today. The works done on an Accident and Emergency unit will enhance the capability of the hospital to accommodate more patients. Added [...]

Junior Health Minister Denies Involvement in Commercial Free Zone
Valentino Blanco is the embattled C.E.O. at the Free Zone. Over the past few weeks his appointment raised eyebrows with many questioning his qualifications and wondering if there was any [...]

B.S.I., Cane Farmers Settle Molasses Pay-Out
Almost a year ago, Belize Sugar Industries Limited lost over two thousand, six hundred tons of molasses due to a first-of-its-kind Maillard Reaction inside its tanks at Tower Hill. The [...]

Honoring Women in the Fishing Industry
A Women in Fisheries Forum was held today at the Biltmore Plaza. When looking at the fishing activity in Belize, particularly extraction, men dominate the sector. But the industry includes [...]

Panama Ditches Taiwan for People's Republic of China
Before we go to break, in foreign policy news�Panama has officially severed all diplomatic ties with the Republic of Taiwan, as of Monday and established relations with the People's Republic [...]

The Met Consults on Climate and Change
Variations in climate influence most human activities either directly or indirectly resulting in losses or benefits. Making effective use of available climate information ensures efficiency and sustainability across a number [...]

Family Raises Alarm after Multiple Houses Built on Pen Road Property
We report on land disputes regularly in this newscast, but this one has a different twist. The de facto caretaker of Queen Square division and sister to Prime Minister and [...]

Save Lives, Give Blood!
June fourteenth is celebrated annually as World Blood Donor Day. As early as eight o'clock, persons are encouraged to visit the National Blood Bank office inside the Central Region Compound [...]

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CZL Police To Charge Chunox Residents Who Allegedly Attacked Officers
While only the Police internal investigation will say what the outcome for the officers involved will be, action against the residents who threw rocks, bottles and even mangoes at the Police officers to get them out of the village could come quicker. Arnold explained that if any Police Officer is able to identify any of the missile-throwers, he or she will be charged. Arnold did admit that there were over 100 persons on the assault that night, so perhaps identifying the individuals will be a bit difficult to make out.

San Andres Council Prepares to Upgrade Junction
San Andres PUP Chairman Glenford "Choco" Melvin is no stranger to our newscast, as he is one of the most media savvy community leaders in the north. Several weeks ago, before the budget debate, Choco called on area representative Hugo Patt to allot funds to fix the San Andres Road junction with the road to the Corozal Community College. It's a section of the road that has been crumbling apart and therefore, breaking vehicles and even causing accidents according to Chairman Choco.

Historical Water Tank Removed By BWS
If you have recently made your way through downtown Orange Walk you might have noticed that the historic water thank that has been erect beside the BAHA office on Arthur Street for many years is currently being brought down and Orange Walkenos are wondering why? While we have been trying to find out the reasons for the tank being removed from yesterday, we were unable to do so until today when we visited the site and spoke to persons in charge of the project.

BSI To Pay Cane Farmers For Loss Of Molasses
Exactly eleven months ago the loss of molasses at the Belize Sugar Industries factory due to an uncommon chemical incident known as Maillard Reaction, threatened to shift the cane farmers' membership further into disagreement with the mill owners. Initially cane farmers were suspect and opposed to BSI's proposal that the farmers bear about 65% of the total losses, which was nearly $300,000. The farmers, through the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association, launched a legal challenge before the court which has led to an out of court settlement.

Sarteneja Resident Charged For Fishing Offences
Thirty one year old Elvin Isaac Jimenez, a fisherman from the village of Sarteneja in the Corozal District had to pay the court almost a $1,000 in fines after he admitted he was caught fishing inside the Caye Caulker Marine Reserve and also had in his possession, 28 undersized conchs. Jimenez was first summons to appear in court back in April of this year but did not appear and today he was brought to court on the strength of a bench warrant.


Mark Kuylen Arraigned for Dangriga Burglary
The man Montejo says she saw in her bedroom has since been arrested and was arraigned this morning in the Dangriga Magistrate's Court. Our Dangriga Correspondent Harry Arzu has since confirmed that the accused has a history of assaults. HARRY ARZU "Twenty four year old Alberto Mark Kuylen of a Tracking Boulevard address here in [�]

Anglican Bishop Supports Interventions and Senate Hearings
The Anglican Church of Belize has been weighing in recently on several national issues. Tonight we bring you their position on crime and the interventions that have been taking place. Bishop Philip Wright says there are no direct involvement from the church but they have been keeping up to date on what has been occurring. [�]

Embracing Women in Fisheries Sector
For the very first time in Belize, the Fisheries Department is making women the focus when it comes to discussing fisheries and their involvement in the industry. Sandra Grant is the Project Manager for the Belize Conservation and Climate Adaptation Project in the Fisheries Department. Grant says that their aim is to highlight the roles [�]

A Prayer and Blessing for the Upcoming Lobster Season
In two days the lobster season will be officially opened. It is a crucial time for the fisheries sector and the economy in general as it contributes significantly to the livelihood of fisher folks and their families as well as the public in general. This morning there was a special spiritual ceremony held at the [�]

Vicente Says the Perception of Bribery Exists
After being accused of bribery, corruption, conflict of interest, and election tampering, Sergio Chuc has been impeded from contesting the presidency of the Football Federation of Belize. Elections have been scheduled for June 24 and the only persons who have been successfully nominated to run for president are Ruperto Vicente and Marlon Kuylen. Vicente was [�]

Chuc's Exclusion from FFB May Lead to Less Monies
Sergio Chuc told the media yesterday that he learned of the allegations made against the day when his nomination was denied. He fears that because of these allegations he will not be able to serve on the Executive of the Football Federation of Belize. So if Chuc no longer forms part of the FFB Executive [�]

Belizean Citizens Abroad Wants Dual Nationals in the Pool of Election Candidates
Hubert Pipersburgh along with Joseph Guerrero are two Belizean men who have been carrying on a dialogue on social media calling for the inclusion of Belizean with dual nationality in elected positions. The duo brought the discussion to The Morning Show today to explain what they are advocating for and why. HUBERT PIPERSBURGH "And I [�]

BTB Captures LATA Award
The Belize Tourism Board has been honored with the award for innovation and creativity of the Latin American Travel Association. The BTB received the award for its Belize Virtual Expo. The award was presented today to the Brighter Group, the BTB's Public Relation's firm in the UK, at the Experience Latin America trade show. BTB's [�]

Burgess, Chan and Pacheco To Appear at Senate Inquiry
Tomorrow the Senate Select Committee will resume its investigations into the auditor general's reports on immigration. Three witnesses are expected to appear before the committee. We understand that former Immigration Minister Carlos Perdomo will reappear. Last week he was questioned in relations to Paul Ku. Ku's application for nationality was approved even though he did [�]

Credit Union Loses $130K Plus in Burglary Incident
Over one hundred and thirty thousand dollars was taken in a burglary in southern Belize last week. Police were alerted of the burglary at the Toledo Teachers Credit Union in Bella Vista Village, Toledo District, just before nine o'clock last Friday morning. Upon inspection of the crime scene, investigators found a wooden door, its metal [�]


21-year-old Omar Barahona killed at farewell party
21-year-old Omar Barahona, a resident of Cotton Tree Village, was planning on starting a new life in the United States of America. On Saturday night, a farewell party was held in his honour, where family and friends were gathered to say good-bye to him and wish him well on his new journey. However...

Mervin Humphrey died of multiple organ failure
34-year-old Mervin Humphrey Jr. was found lying in a yard on Haulover Creek Street in Belmopan on Thursday afternoon. He was rushed to the Western Regional Hospital where he later died. We were told that police were classifying it as a sudden death; however, as we told you on Thursday, the family s...

Chunox resident killed by Police
44-year old Richard Allen Garcia, a resident of Chunox Village, was shot and killed by Police just before 5:00 p.m. on Friday evening in his yard just next to the E and R Grocery Store. According to residents nearby, while they were unsure of what happened in the yard, they heard a barrage of shots...

Elderly man clings to life after being stabbed
84-year-old Pablo Zenun Reyes, a resident of Orange Walk Town, narrowly escaped death after being stabbed several times. According to police reports, Reyes was standing in front of his Tortilla business located on Progress Street in Orange Walk Town when he was approached by 33-year-old Nigel Guerra...

Alberto Ical acquitted of rape
Alberto Ical saw his conviction of 15 and 10 years for rape and robbery set aside today. On March 23, 2016, in the Belmopan Supreme Court, Ical was convicted and sentenced to 15 years for rape and 10 years for robbery before Justice Antoinette Moore. Today at his appeal, his attorney, Anthony Sylves...

Arson in Dangriga
Dangriga police are investigating a case of arson which occurred in the Village of Pamona in the Stann Creek District. Twenty six year old Errol Acosta reported to police that at around 2 o'clock on Saturday morning, he heard footsteps on his veranda. He went to check and noticed that the house was ...

Over 100 thousand dollars stolen from Toledo Teachers Credit Union
Over 100 thousand dollars were stolen from the Toledo Teachers Credit Union. When workers of the Toledo Teachers Credit Union, located in Bella Vista Village, arrived at work on Friday, June 9, they were shocked to find that the building had been broken into. According to police reports, the inci...


130,752 robbery of Toledo Teachers Credit Union
The Toledo Teachers Credit Union Ltd., Bella Vista branch, was burglarized by thieves who stole US$7,088 and BZ$116,575.40, a 9mm Glock pistol and a Maverick 12-gauge pump action shotgun. The credit union manager told police that after he finished work for the day at about 6:00 Thursday evening, he locked the credit union building and went away. When he returned to work at about 8:45 Friday morning, he found that the office had been broken into.

"Rambo" cops kill Richard Garcia, 44
At around 5 o'clock on Friday evening, a villager at the center of a civil dispute lost his life at the hands of four Corozal cops armed with high-powered rifles. A post-mortem examination revealed that Richard Allen Garcia, 44, affectionately known as "Charlie," died from multiple gunshot wounds to his face and thorax regions. Villagers told Amandala that they heard as many as thirty gunshots and in the end, Garcia, who had just returned from a day of farm work, would be killed on the spot while two nearby homes and a vehicle would be left riddled with bullet holes. Additionally, a bullet would find its mark inches away from Ronaldo Moh's head while he was unsuspectingly attending to customers inside his nearby grocery shop.

GOB won't make June 28 payment to Ashcroft Alliance: Fin Sec
The Government of Belize is hoping to secure the services of a Trinidadian lawyer operating in the British Virgin Islands to help argue its case at the Caribbean Court of Justice in what will likely be a new round of litigation at the country's highest appellate court, absent resolution by the Government of Belize and the Michael Ashcroft group of a dispute over the final US$104 million in payments due on June 28 for the Government's 2009 acquisition of Belize Telemedia Limited. Under the September 2015 settlement agreement between the parties, the litigants are allowed to deduct their expenses incurred in pursuing the claim from the portion of the almost half-a-billion dollar award attributable to the accommodation agreement of 2005.

Omar Barahona, 21, murdered during farewell party
Death and heartache came to the home of Omar Barahona, 21, a driver of Cotton Tree village, at about 9:00 Saturday night, when a vicious gunman shot him in the back of the head in what his family says is a case of mistaken idenity. Barahona was wearing a white T-shirt and was sitting on a motorcycle talking to his friend, Devon Alexander Brooks, 23, also of Cotton Tree. We were told that Brooks had been seen driving through the village on a motorcycle, in a white T-shirt, and people believe that when the gunman went to kill him, he saw a man wearing a white T-shirt on the motorcycle and opened fire, not knowing that the man was Barahona and not Brooks.

Justice Lord will issue his ruling on Orlando Vera's case next Tuesday
Less than 24 hours after Orlando Vera, the convicted Deputy Director of the National Forensic Science Services in the Ministry of Home Affairs, was sentenced to two years in prison, he was back in court. Today, Vera and his attorney, Anthony Sylvestre, who had filed appeal paperwork when Vera was first convicted on the charge of "abetment to pervert the course of justice" last week, appeared in the Supreme Court before Justice Herbert Lord for a bail application hearing.

"Yellowman" escapes dismissal
By majority vote of 5 to 2, parliamentarians of the United Democratic Party voted down a call for the immediate dismissal of Brian "Yellowman" Audinett, sergeant at arms/macebearer in the House of Representatives, and in favor of a reprimand, which includes apology calls to media personnel he attacked inside the National Assembly at the Wednesday, May 17, 2017, public hearing of the Senate Special Select Committee. Speaker of the House of Representatives, Laura Longsworth, who chairs the national staff committee which met on the matter on Friday, voted in favor of his dismissal and so did Florencio Marin, Jr., House member of the Opposition People's United Party.

Smart 13 & Under Mundialito Week 10 results; 1 week left in reg. season
The race to the Top-4 playoff is coming down to the wire in the Smart 13 & Under Mundialito Football Tournament 2017 at the MCC Grounds, where Week 10 games were held on Saturday, June 3. In game 1 on Saturday, Brown Bombers registered a big 3-0 win over Belize Elementary Spurs, that propelled the Bombers into playoff contention. Brandon Smith netted 2 and Keyden Bowen got the other goal for Brown Bombers. In game 2, Hattieville Riverside Boys clinched a playoff spot with their 1-nil victory over Reality Youth, on a goal by Oswald Young. Game 3 saw Ladyville Jaguars holding Carlston FC to a 0-0 draw, which effectively dashed the playoff hopes for Carlston. In game 4, Ladyville Rising Stars needed only a draw to secure a playoff berth, and they got it with a 0-0 draw against Heights FC, who remain in the playoff race.

NAWL congratulates Belize City FC, the first League Champion, and Jewel Fury, Sub-Champion
In the National Amateur Women League (NAWL) championship Game 2, which kicked off at 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, June 10, at the FFB Stadium in Belmopan, home standing Jewel Fury FC and visiting Belize City FC played to 1-1 draw after 90 minutes of exciting football action. (The two teams had drawn, 0-0, a week earlier in Game 1 of the finals at the MCC Grounds.) After a scoreless first half, #17 Kimberley Perez put Jewel Fury in front with a beautiful header from a free kick at the 71st minute, and, with time winding down, and the speedy Fury defenders keeping the Belize City visitors at bay, it looked like the Jewel would take the crown; but the picture changed suddenly and dramatically, when Belize City FC's central defensive stopper, #7 Kursha Pollard unleashed a long and powerful shot from 35 yards out at the 86th minute, and it dived just underneath the cross bar...

Editorial: PUP and UDP families
For a few years now this newspaper has been using the "PUDP" acronym to refer to Belize's two major political parties while simultaneously emphasizing the similarities between them. Our two major political parties are the ruling United Democratic Party (UDP), which was founded in 1973 and succeeded the National Independence Party (NIP), founded in 1958 as a coalition between the National Party (NP), founded in 1951, and the Honduran Independence Party (HIP), founded in 1957; and the Opposition People's United Party (PUP), founded in 1950. From time to time over the years, spokesmen and representatives of the PUP and the UDP have expressed their resentment at being lumped together as "PUDP." We think that in the case of the PUP, because they need to generate righteous indignation amongst the voting public in order to unseat the well-established UDP, PUP people feel the "PUDP" thing encourages resignation and apathy, a feeling of "why bother since both of them are the same."

From the Publisher
The Vietnam War has always held a powerful fascination for me, and it is because while I was safely reading textbooks in a college dormitory in New Hampshire between 1965 and 1968, young men my age, including Belizeans, were killing and being killed, crippled, and traumatized in Vietnam. Vietnam was thousands of miles away in Southeast Asia, but this was a war being fought on the television evening news in America, so to speak. The Pentagon allowed video of the body bags of the Vietnam War casualties arriving in airplanes to be shown on American television back then, but that policy was changed after Vietnam. I had arrived in the United States in late August of 1965, a time when the war had begun seriously escalating a few months earlier. I spent the summer of 1966 in Brooklyn, New York, and came into personal contact with a young Belizean by the name of Eugene Jex who was headed to Vietnam. I was alarmed because his Belizean friends and acquaintances did not seem to think this was that big a deal, whereas American students on the Dartmouth College campus were doing everything they could to avoid the draft (and Vietnam), including running across the border to Canada.

US Charg� d'Affaires of the US Embassy, Adrienne Galanek, speaks to media, but doesn't say much
Earlier this month, the UDP's Belize Rural North area representative, Hon. Edmond Castro, was stripped of his personal and diplomatic visas by the US Embassy. According to Castro, his visas were revoked simply on the grounds that he did not visit the embassy for renewal even though he had been contacted to do so. John Brice�o, leader of the PUP, in commenting on the matter, had maintained that Castro didn't visit the US Embassy because it is considered US soil, and the UDP Cabinet Minister could be forced to answer questions he simply didn't want to answer.

Court of Appeal allows appeal of convicted rapist; sentence and conviction set aside
Today, the Court of Appeal allowed an appeal by Alberto Ical, who was convicted of robbery and rape and was sentenced to 25 years in prison. Ical's sentence was quashed and his conviction was set aside. Ical's appeal succeeded on the ground of faulty identification, the Court of Appeal judges found. Ical would have been free to go home, but he is serving sentences of 10 and 15 years for two other rape convictions. The two sentences are running concurrently; therefore, Ical has been serving a 15-year term in prison for these two crimes. Ical is scheduled to be released from the Belize Central Prison in 2028.

Withdrawal from church-state commission is not sabotage, says Rev. Papouloute
Less than a year after the church-state commission was constituted, two of the six church entities representing some of the biggest churches in the country have withdrawn amid an impasse over key issues which have arisen following the 2016 decision by Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin to strike down Belize's sodomy law. Those commission members are Rev. Phillip Wright, head of the Anglican Diocese of Belize, and Rev. Roosevelt Papouloute, president of the Belize Council of Churches (The Council of Churches additionally represents the congregations of the Methodists, Salvation Army, Presbyterians, and the Chinese Christian Mission in Belize, as well as two organizations: the YWCA and the Black Cross Nurses), of which Wright is also vice president.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Dialysis reform in Belize - recommendations by Glenn Tillett
Pablo Saul Marin, Belize's current minister of health, has an opportunity now to re-structure the provision of dialysis services in Belize with a view to making it equitable, accessible and affordable. I've been told he does have a plan. I haven't seen or read [�]

Kaina Martinez seeks assistance for youth sports program
My name is Kaina Martinez, and I have worked very hard to earn the recognition as one of Belize's most outstanding athletes. I am 11 times All-American track athlete, NCAA 2 times Champion, Olympian, Central American and Belize Record holder for 100m, but above all, I am [�]

Corozal residents call for peace and unity
Two double murders have been reported in a span of only months in the Corozal district. The once peaceful district has also seen an increase in violent crimes and robberies, some including extortion by police officers. The recent increase in crime has brought the [�]

Robert Reyes paintings to be added to the National Art Collection
The National Institute of Culture and History (NICH) through the Museum of Belize will host the Induction Ceremony for Robert Reyes's art donation. The ceremony will be held on Thursday, June 15, at 1:00 p.m. at the Bliss Institute. Reyes, a friend and past [�]

National Climate Forum hosted today
The Fifth National Climate Outlook Forum, a stakeholder's meeting for enhancing the utility of seasonal climate forecasts, is being held at the George Price Center for Peace and Development in Belmopan City today. Variations in climate influence most human activities either directly or indirectly [�]

St. Matthew's Government School gets new building
Yesterday, the U.S. Embassy and the Government of Belize in coordination with U.S. Army South, held the second ribbon cutting ceremony as part of the Beyond the Horizon: 2017-Belize (BTH) collaborative humanitarian exercise. The BTH Task Force Commander officially handed over the keys to [�]


Belizean band, Verge of Umbra, on the verge of something huge
Belizean band, Verge of Umbra, stands apart from its contemporaries not only in the country or in the region, but globally, as it successfully infuses elements of metal, rock, reggae and hip-hop producing a unique listening experience with a fresh perspective on wide ranging topics and issues. The band has gained a great deal of publicity and acclaim, especially after winning the 2017 Metal Battle held in Guatemala City this past march. Following the release of its album and numerous music videos, Verge of Umbra followed up on that success and carried that momentum with them to Guatemala for the Metal Battle. After a long hard-fought battle of the bands, Verge of Umbra emerged the clear victors and won an opportunity to represent Central America at Wacken Open Air Festival in Germany later this year in August. Members of the band are excited for the opportunity to showcase their talents to an international audience during the festival to be held from August 3-5.

Friends Become Family in Belize
If a study were to be done, I am sure the combined annual population of Ambergris Caye and Belize (including tourists) would rate extremely high for human connection and general friendliness. It does not matter if you are a traveler, expat or Belizean, almost everyone has shared this common bond. Where else can you go that as soon as you step off the plane you feel like you have landed in a real life tropical Sesame Street? The pace of Ambergris Caye life is slower within it's speediness (always so much happening for such a small place) and most people rate a 10 plus on the friendly scale. It is common for first timers to form fast bonds and feel that Island Charm. It is also common for repeat offenders to experience the same in other districts. I know people that now include flights to Placencia on their trips so they can see "their brother" Tulu.

International Sourcesizz

Why Belize Should Be Your Family's Next Adventure Destination
My dream destinations tend to be far flung and exotic, which doesn't always bode well for a week away during our son's spring or fall break. This year, we decided to investigate a closer option that turned out to be just as alluring as our explorations in Thailand and Vietnam, but less than three hours away. My husband, Mitch, son Luke and I hadn't yet explored Central America, and the little country of Belize - with its mysterious jungles and beautiful barrier reef - caught our eye. After a short flight, we could explore under the sea, trek through caves and zip line through the palm trees. After an easy direct flight from Atlanta, we rented a car from Belize City and drove inland about 90 minutes to the Cayo district. We arrived at the Belize Jungle Dome, aptly named, and met our host family, Andy and Simone Hunt and their boys Aidan, 11, and Lucas, 14. Fleeing the London city life more than 15 years before, they adventurously bought this small hotel alongside the Belize river and chose a simpler life of homeschooling their boys in the remote and rustic countryside.

Belize murder victim's family hits brick wall
For nearly two months, the family of murder victim Francesca Matus has been kept in the dark on the vivacious 52-year-old's mysterious slaying. Matus - of Keswick - and her former U.S. Marine boyfriend, Drew Devoursey, 36, were found strangled to death in a sugarcane field near her home in Corozal, Belize, on May 1. They had vanished six days before. And so far, the family has struggled to discover the barest of details, one relative told 7News Belize. "The family will call and ask for lead detectives that are in charge and their typical answer is, 'We will be back in an hour.' You call back in an hour and they're not there," the relative, who wasn't named, told the news station.

Panola College nursing student travels to Belize to give care
Reyna Avila recently completed a course at Panola College in transcultural nursing in the remote jungles of Belize with her instructor, Barbara Cordell, dean of nursing. The course is connected to a group called Project Belize, which consists of doctors and nurses who have been traveling to serve Belize's poorest residents for 30 years. This year, 44 people went to the Toledo District to hike to villages that have no doctor or nurse. "We are often the only medical personnel these people have seen since we were here the year before," Cordell said

Diving Placencia Belize - What you Need to Know before you Go
In the southern part of the friendly country of Belize lies a beach town with a knack for cheap happy hours, inexpensive good food as well as plenty of water based things to do. Placencia is a two street village that is about laid back as you can get. It is located at the end of a long peninsula with miles of beaches. Down here there are no chain or high rise hotels, Starbucks or KFC's. There isn't even a traffic light. What you will find are a few small upscale hotels along with mostly comfortable middle level efficiency type rooms or cottages. Here you will find good restaurants run by locals or a few ex-pats who decided to stay after being here a season. While Placencia's prime activities seem like laying out at the beach and the beach bars, there are things to do for those that like to get wet. This includes snorkeling, diving, fishing, paddle boarding or kayaking. The scuba diving and snorkeling are world class being on the world's second largest coral reef system. To see the reef, people arrange tours to take them to the reef islands overseen by the park's department or to a privately run island with a lively beach bar.

Tropical depression could form in western Caribbean
The National Hurricane Center in Miami issued a tropical weather outlook for the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico on Tuesday morning. An area of low pressure, or a tropical depression, nestled near Belize and Honduras is expected to form later this week or into the weekend to move slowly northwest. According to the center, the chance of it forming into something more serious over the next two days is zero percent, and the chance of forming over five days is 20 percent.


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  • BELIZE 2017!, 4min. I went to Belize! It was my first time out of the country and I went with a group called EF Collegebreak. It is a travel company for 18-28 year olds who plans out entire trips for you! It was my first EF trip but definitely not my last! Belize was amazing and visiting Guatemala and going to Tikal was rad too!

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  • 2017 Belize Archaeology Symposium , 1min. The Institute of Archaeology made a short video about the BAS, which is from June 28th through the 30th, at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel.

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  • Hypnotizing a Shark - Belize, 1/2min. Nurse shark would approach us, it's like they wanted to be pet. Guides would hypnotize the shark and the shark would come for more!!

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