The Belize Leaders for Social Justice, a community activist group, is holding a peaceful demonstration in Belize City, calling for the Government of Belize to increase the minimum wage.

The demonstration started at the on Cemetery Road at the Constitution Park, went up Orange Street, turned into Albert Street, then King Street and finally into Regent Street, ending at the Battlefield Park.

Moses Sulph, co-chair for the BLSJ, explained that the cost of goods and services in Belize makes it difficult for many to survive on $3.30 per hour, which sparks an urgent need for the figure to be amended.

"I believe that it should be upwards of $6 because of the high level of inflation," Sulph said. "If goods are going to increase over, a ten-year period, by 150 percent, then the minimum wage needs to be tied to that."

Protestor, Dr. Jose Espat, said that the demonstration extends beyond just minimum wage. It's a call for better housing, lower fuel prices, and better healthcare; but he conceded the minimum wage issue is.urgent.

"If minimum wage increases, even though businesses will have an increased cost, Belizeans will have more money to spend at their establishments, so they will make it back."

Representatives from Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action (COLA), the Belize Progressive Party, and the Belize Territorial Volunteers, went out to support the initiative.

The Reporter