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The San Pedro Sun

Police are investigating a shooting that occurred early this morning in the Boca Del Río area of San Pedro Town. According to the official police report, the victim has been identified as 33-year-old Andrew Harris, a resident of the same location. Harris, who is originally from the Corozal District, was reportedly walking home with some friends around 5AM when he was apparently shot twice to his left upper leg. He is in a stable condition and police continue investigating.

Wolfe's Woofer: Longevity
"Hey, Mr. Dennis." It was Mario, my sometimes yard man coming from the water taxi with a suitcase. He came up on the deck and took a seat at my table. "Where were you last week? I asked, after ordering a beer for him. "I tried to reach you all week to come over and paint the porch." "I had to go home to Orange Walk to my Grandpa's funeral." "I'm sorry for your loss," I said. "That's sad." "Not really. Grandpa was already ninety-eight years old and he had a good life." "That's the way it was with my Grandad," I said. "He lived to be ninety-three. He left behind three children and a whole lot of grandchildren and great-grandchildren."

Letter to the Editor: Bad Cops
Dear Editor, I'd like to commend two sets of individuals that acted in the best interests of our community the other day. The incident that gave rise to my admiration was the unfortunate occurrence where some bad cops tried to intimidate and extort money from a visitor to our shores. This was a terrible act of dishonesty and put all of us, not only we of the island, but all of Belize in an unfavorable light. It made the world think that we are not a nation of laws or an orderly society. The whole story is far from that conclusion; and why I have taken this time to commend the actions of two sets of people. First I'd like to commend the unfortunate victim in all of this. Thank you for believing in the true nature of San Pedro and believing that those cops were not representative of either the island or the police force. Thank you for standing up and having faith that the people you have met and interacted with during your stay on the island reflected the true nature of the Belizean people, and thank you for the faith that you showed that we would not let this injustice stand in our community.

Doctor Love: Potential New Boyfriend
Dear Doctor Love, There's a bar that I've been going to for the last year or so. It's one of the more popular bars and has good music and different events in the evenings and such. The cute bartender and I have been friends for a while and we've gone out with friends to other bars and had a fun time. Finally, last week we hooked up, after we ran into each other and ended up having lunch, so it was not at his work. I like him and would like to see where it goes. But should I stop hanging out at the bar? It is a fun place and my friends all go there, so it would be hard not to continue going. Am I still allowed to hang out? /s/ Potential New Boyfriend

Misc Belizean Sources


Team Belize making progress at the WSOP in Las Vegas
On Saturday nine players representing Team Belize entered the first start day of the Monster Stack tournament at the 2017 WSOP. A total of 2676 players from across the globe attempted to survive the first 10 hours of poker in this first day. At the end of the night, only 759 players survived including six of Team Belize's players. This means that they will return to play on Monday for Day 2 of the tournament. Today, on the second start day ten players representing Belize are hoping to outlast thousands of other players as well.

Team Belize in Las Vegas UPDATE 3!
On Saturday nine players representing Team Belize entered the first start day of the Monster Stack tournament at the 2017 WSOP. A total of 2676 players from across the globe attempted to survive the first 10 hours of poker in this first day. At the end of the night, only 759 players survived including six of Team Belize's players. This means that they will return to play on Monday for Day 2 of the tournament. Today, on the second start day ten players representing Belize are hoping to outlast thousands of other players as well. Here are some photos of today's players (in blue) and those who survived on Saturday. (in red).

Sarstoon Island Eco Challenge 2017
We just added an amazing opportunity courtesy of PGTV. Starting today, for each $5.00 you donate, your name will be entered in an opportunity drawing to win a full day tour of Toledo cayes and fishing trip with Wil Maheia for a party of 4. Drawing will be on September 16th, 2017 at the Sarstoon Island Eco Challenge 2017 event. Winner need not be present. Leave us a contact email or phone. Tour can be schedule with 2 weeks notice for a day after September 16 and before Easter Monday 2018. What a great opportunity to support a great cause!!! Please donate.

Belize Tourism Industry Association San Pedro Chapter
San Pedro BTIA members, and those interested in learning more about our chapter are invited to our monthly membership meeting on Wednesday, June 28th at El Divino Restaurant, 7PM.

Belizean Society of Composers Authors Publishers (BSCAP)'s Nationwide Copyright Tour
UPDATE: Correction made to tentative schedule for future tours.

Man ambushed on the way to meet a friend
Ar 12:50am on 25/6/17, 21 year old Akeem Guzman, a resident of San Ignacio had just reached Flamingo Avenue to meet a friend when he was shot in his back. The suspect is described as masked man dressed in full black clothing who was waiting in a nearby bush. As a result of the ambush, he received a single wound and he was taken to San ignacio hospital where he succumbed to his injury at 1:40 a.m.

National Junior Road Championship Race
Today our team took part in the National Junior Road Championship Race and came out on top! A big congratulations to Nashen and Gian for making us proud and always representing us well. Nashen Ysaguirre- 1st Place, (2017 National Road Champion). Gian Lino -4th place, (2017 Junior Cross Country Champion). One team, One Family...One Goal."

Lobsterfest: What a night!
A big thank you to all of the hard working businesses that put so much love and enthusiasm into their booths last night! Each year we are amazed by the creativity and dedication all of you give to make this event such a success! Thank you!

Rewriting the history of the mayas of northern Belize
On June 17th The Northern Belize Maya Association met at Banquitas House of Culture in Orange Walk Belize to discuss the first step in rewriting the history of the mayas of northern Belize as it should be told from the perspective of the people of Belize. As a result the 1st annual Marcus Canul recognition day will be observed on September 2nd 2017 in the town of Orange Walk, commencing at 9:00 a.m. Keep posted for more details to this historic event in Belize"

Jazz Fest Closing Ceremony
The 2017 Belize International Jazz Fest had its closing ceremony at the Cayo Welcome Center, and it was the best fest yet!  A wonderful night with a wide range of music from more than 10 groups.  2 stages meant virtually constant music.  Ascenthium rocked the night.  The World Culture Band delighted the crowd. Moreno Son ended up stealing the show.  Within seconds of finishing their sound check, they harmonized, danced, had fun, and jammed in perfect unison with their distinctive Cuban music.  Panerrifix also played, as did Hitalo, who played with Deborah Gilharry at Ka'ana on the Friday before the closing concert.

Tolacca Wins 2017 Grill Master Challenge
Congratulations, Tolacca Smoke House! They won the Benny's Grill Master Challenge...again! This is their 2nd year in a row winning! Way to represent Cayo! "For the second year. Tolacca Smoke House brings home the grill master challenge 2017. We would like to thanks our staff, loyal customers and benny's. The title stays in the west another year! Stay classy and eat in. "

Placencia Lobsterfest, 2017 - delicious lobster dishes everywhere!
Congratulations to the #Placencia Chapter of the Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA) and the Placencia Village Council on a successful LobsterFest!

The Reporter

Man murdered in San Ignacio
A San Ignacio resident was executed by a masked gunman on Flamingo Avenue in that municipality early Sunday morning. The victim, identified as Akeem Guzman, was shot to his back at around 12:50 a.m Police sources have indicated that Guzman had just arrived at a friend's house to visit when his killer, dressed in full black clothing, emerged from out of the nearby bushes and fired the deadly shot. The victim was transported to the San Ignacio community hospital, where he succumbed to his injury at 1:40 Sunday morning.

Teakettle villagers stage protest against police
With the break of dawn on Saturday, black plumes of smoke and fire rose into the sky as tires burnt across the highway in Teakettle village as a sign of protest against police, cutting off traffic. Sources from the village have confirmed that the bonfire was a way of showing displeasure with the police investigation into the disappearance of a young man for four days from the village. The villagers are accusing the police of not assisting with the search for the missing man, despite their call for assistance. While Belmopan police have not issued any report on the young man's disappearance, they have confirmed that he is missing and that authorities are assisting in the search for him.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Tow Tow robbed!
Tow Tow Grocery shopping in the Lake Independence area of Belize City was robbed at gunpoint today. The incident happened just before midday when an armed assailant stormed the premises and demanded cash. No one was hurt and he escaped the area. © [�]

Trump says Mexico is world's 2nd deadliest country
Last week, U.S. President, Donald Trump, turned his attention to a country with whom we share our northern border. He tweeted, "Mexico was just ranked the second deadliest country in the world, after only Syria. Drug trade is largely the cause. We will BUILD [�]

Women, men, obsession and murder : "If you are not for me, you will not be for nobody else"
By Lisa Shoman: I was planning on a lazy Sunday morning indulging in my favorite morning ritual - freshly ground, freshly brewed coffee pressed coffee and cookies and a good book. I certainly was not planning a rant - but then I decided to skim the news [�]

Man shot in San Pedro
Aside from the shooting murder in San Ignacio, there was another shooting incident in San Pedro today. However, the victim, Andrew Harris, 33, was only shot to the leg and remains hospitalized. Further details have not yet been provided by police but we will provide [�]

Early morning murder in San Ignacio Town
BBN has received reports about a murder that happened in San Ignacio Town early this morning. According to reports, Akeem Guzman, 21, had just arrived to visit a friend on Flamingo Avenue, San Ignacio Town when he was shot on his back by a [�]


2017 San Pedro Lobsterfest - Great Food and Music & Eating My Body Weight in Lobster
Last night was the culmination of the 2017 San Pedro Lobster Festival - the zenith of 11 years of festivals that we've held on this island to celebrate the opening of lobster season in Belize. And I was asked to be a judge of all the lobster dishes submitted by the 19 different restaurant booths. Along with representatives from the Belize Tourism Board, the San Pedro Town Council and various blogs and publications, fresh-faced and excited to eat and drink. 2 hours later, it was a different story - fresh faced no more - but with all the music and dancing and the fabulous atmosphere, it was a burden worth bearing.

Corozal Candle Light Walk Peace for Unity 2017
This once peaceful district has also seen an increase in violent crimes and robberies, some including extortion by police officers. Crime is one of the biggest solution Belize has in our daily life's. Crime is one of the highest rates which is escalating by the number. Locals in Corozal are not that happy about the what has been happening around town and around the country. On Saturday June 24, 2017, locals from Corozal was invited to attend " A call For Peace A call For Unity" candle light walk that was held in Corozal Central Park. This event was organized by the Mayor of Corozal, Town Council's, Vice President of the Rotarct and attend by Rigo Vellos. It commenced at 7pm where everyone had gathered to here about the local's concerns about the towns crime, violence, robbery, and more on how to mange it at a low rate.

International Sourcesizz

How to get the cheapest flights according to an expert
Jack Sheldon is the 29-year-old brain behind Jack's Flight Club - a newsletter sending its 89,000 subscribers breathtakingly low deals on flights from the UK and Ireland. The Texan native moved to London six years ago and swiftly built a reputation among his friends for always finding the cheapest fares. He decided to share his skills by launching his service - which scans for the best discounts, hidden offers and error fares - last September. He's not the first to do this, of course - sites like Scott's Cheap Flights do exactly the same - but Sheldon's strong point is that his deals are all from the UK and Ireland. "I've always loved to travel and found that you could always find a cheap place to stay or find cheaper food but flights were always the place where you spent the most," he told The Independent. Not any more - his personal best is a £18 return fare from London to Belize on American Airlines (which, he admits, is "exceptionally rare").

Prince Harry 'wanted out' of Royal Family
Prince Harry was once so disillusioned with being part of the Royal Family that he decided he "wanted out". Having considered giving up his title, he finally decided he should remain and "work out a role for myself". Speaking to the Mail on Sunday, the prince - who is fifth in line to the throne - said being in the Army was "the best escape I've ever had". And he said the royals "don't want to be just a bunch of celebrities but instead use our role for good".

The Belle of Belize | JoyJah
I recently watched the new Beauty and The Beast movie and what an awesome job the directors did! Belle is my favorite Disney Princess, yes I'm all grown up now but Disney Princesses never get old. I also love Ariel because I secretly may still want to be a mermaid! I mean, what girl didn't?! Plus the Caribbean crab, Sebastian, would probably make me feel right at home! Any who, back to Belle. I love Belle because of her story and persistence. People pretty much disliked her for no valid reason; simply because she was different. It seems like we have our very own Belle in Belize. Over the past year, Joyjah has caught the attention of many Belizeans, especially young girls. After watching Beauty and the Beast, I thought about Joyjah and her story which she shares on her social media platforms. In her interview with Open Your Eyes, she said, "I always knew that I wanted to be a model� I got bullied a lot because I was different from everybody else, I was the mixed kid, I have freckles and big curly hair." But today, Joyjah is famous for some of the same things she got bullied for.


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