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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

The San Pedro Sun

No Worries quickly responds to their capsized boat
On Thursday, June 22nd, a 'No Worries Tours' boat capsized outside of the reef near Mexico Rocks Marine Reserve. Fortunately, the three divers were underwater when the incident took place around 10:20AM. Due to the swift response, no one was injured. In their report to the Belize Port Authority (BPA), No Worries indicated that one of the star-board engines on the vessel had failed, causing the boat to flip over. "We made sure that our patrons were rescued, and after doing so, we went to retrieve the boat. We then made a full statement at the Belize Port Authority. The tourists were not on the vessel when the incident occurred, as they were diving," said a representative of No Worries.

Xcalak Championship game and Over 40 League held at Ambergris Stadium
The Ambergris Stadium in San Pedro Town was the venue for two exciting football matches on Saturday, June 24th. The first game was for the Xcalak Championship, between Jokers F.C and the San Pedro Pirates F.C. This was followed by a match in the Over 40 League, between the San Pedro Veterans and Mango Creek Veterans. While the San Pedro and Mango Creek Veterans tied 0-0, Jokers FC triumphed over the San Pedro Pirates to win the Xcalak Championship. The League will be back on the island on Saturday, July 8th for another round of games. The San Pedro Sports Committee thanks all the teams for participating and continues encouraging football fans to always come out and support.

Reina de La Costa Maya 2017 Presents: Miss Belize, Michelle Estrella Nu�ez!
Our fifth contestant in the 2017 Reina de La Costa Maya pageant is none other than Michelle Estrella Nu�ez for Miss Belize! The exciting announcement by National Director of Miss America Latina Belize, Michael Arnold, was made on Tuesday, June 27th. Michelle is from San Pedro, Ambergris Caye and she aims to become the first Sampedrana to capture the Costa Maya crown. The 26 year-old, 5'6" (1.68m) beauty was a past Miss San Pedro (2014). She also represented Belize last year at Miss America Latina del Mundo in Mexico, where she not only captured the award for Best Original Costume but also gave Belize its highest, and thus far only, placement in this pageant. She placed 4th Runner-up (out of 19), besting delegates from Argentina, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Spain, among others.

Misc Belizean Sources


APEX Music is making its debut in Belize
Thank you to Samuel Haynes Institute of Excellence for such a warm welcome! Over 100 primary-level students joined our interactive workshop this morning, and Foreign Minister Elrington warmly welcomed the musicians to Belize!

Street Repairs in San Pedro
While we are experiencing a lot of street repairs, we remind the driving public that barriers and detour signs are placed at locations to protect the workers and other road users. It is not only illegal to ignore or move barriers and signs but also dangerous. Please respect the barriers and thank you for your co-operation.

Nominate your Ocean Hero today!
Oceana is pleased to announce nominations are now open for the 2017 Oceana Ocean Hero Award. This award recognizes and celebrates individuals who go above and beyond to ensure the protection of our oceans. Please include a brief summary of your reason(s) for nominating your candidate(s). Their impact can be local or national in scope. The award is open to individuals throughout Belize with interests in the ocean.


The Board of Governors of Belize Humane Society has passed the following motion concerning the captivity of Big Red and other wildlife at Harvest Caye
We have also sent a letter outlining our concerns to Prime Minister Barrow, Ministers Hulse and Figueroa (as Ministers responsible for environmental concerns), Belize Tourism Board and Norwegian Cruise Lines. We encourage our supporters to also make their views known, so that we can protect our wildlife from this type of exploitation. Our motion reads: "The Belize Humane Society opposes holding our Belizean wildlife in captivity at Harvest Caye or any other similar tourism facility. In particular, we call on the government to ensure that all wildlife currently held at Harvest Caye, including the Scarlet Macaw known as "Big Red", be released to a a bona fide wildlife rescue and rehabilitation organization such as Belize Bird Rescue. All decisions for the future of these animals should be made based on the best interests of the animal and overall conservation efforts. We also believe that failure to do so puts Belize's reputation as a responsible steward of the environment at risk, which has serious implications not only locally but internationally as well."

The Ministry of Defence wishes to inform the public that the Belize Defence Force (BDF) will hold a Graduation Ceremony to honour four (04) Pilots and thirteen (13) Technicians who have successfully completed a Helicopter Conversion Training. The Graduation Ceremony will take place on the 30 June 2017 at the Belize Defence Force Air Wing Base, Williamson Hanger Complex, commencing at 0900 hrs. The Helicopter Conversion training started on the 11 July 2016 and concluded on 26 June 2017 and covered a wide range of helicopter related subjects and practical exercises.

The Ministry of Economic Development & Petroleum and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth & Sports have signed a contract with GFA Consulting Group of Germany for BZ$2.6 million for a TVET Capacity Building and Professional Development Training Programme. The GFA Team has mobilized to Belize to begin the inception phase of this 18-month contract with their partners, Sequa of Germany and the University of the West Indies. This Training Contract, funded by the European Union under the Banana Accompanying Measures 2013, has as its objective to increase the capacity of TVET Management and Instructors in the northern Toledo and Stann Creek Districts to deliver quality training to students. This will support the implementation of the Belize Education Sector Strategy, which has identified improving the quality and relevance of TVET as an appropriate vehicle for ensuring that a greater number of graduates gain appropriate employment in work related to their qualification, or progress to further education and training.

Mr. Rosendo "Papi" Graniel passes away
Mayor Daniel Guerrero, the San Pedro Town Council and Staff would like to extend its sincere condolences to the Graniel friends and family on the passing of Mr. Rosendo "Papi" Graniel. Mr. Graniel was a fishing pioneer in San Pedro where he contributed in the development of San Pedro town. May his soul rest in peace.

Farmer's Deli in Corozal Today
Come today in front of the Corozal House of culture to see what the Farmer's Deli has to offer. Meat, bread, sauce and more. 9am tomorrow, see you there. click below to see the past event.

Belizean writers and aspiring writers, you've gotta check this out!
Six whole days in San Pedro doing nothing but write, write, write, receive coaching from award-winning writers and New York based literary agents, learn about publishing, write some more, attend yoga classes, meditate, etc, etc. Did I mention it will be right here in Belize, in San Pedro??? Please share and spread the word. If you are interested in this event, you're might be staying at the hotel. even if you are a resident of San Pedro.

2nd annual Ancient World Week
Registration is on for the 2nd annual Ancient World Week coming in July. Learn about the Maya in Northern Belize with archaeologists from the Institute of Archaeology (NICH) and Northwestern University. Call 422-0071, message or visit us to register. Participation is free!

Fast Internet service is here in Corozal by BeeLine Internet
Beeline has arrived!! Providing FAST, RELIABLE Internet service to those living in: * Corozal Town * Santa Rita * Paraiso * Xaibe * College Road * San Andres and Corozal Bay. Contact us today for more information. ****.NO INSTALLATION **** NO RENTAL OF EQUIPMENT **** NO HIDDEN FEES Sign up with us today and get FREE NETFLIX or ROKU PLAYERS.

Noche Cultural: Homage to Los Chicleros
The Benque House of Culture is having a special cultural homage to the Chicleros, including testimonials about the life of a chiclero and stories about the industry. Los Hijos del West will be playing. It'll be at the Chiclero Park on Saturday, July 1st, and it starts at 5:30pm. "Gearing for Noche Cultural - Homage to Los Chicleros, an industry that bloomed during the Golden Years in Benque Viejo Del Carmen! Make it a date at the Chiclero Park, July 1st, 2017 starting at 5:30 p.m."

Belikin Light
Belikin has started making a light beer. They had a big launch party with Chef Sean doing his magic. They have a video from the celebration. Belikin Light has a lower calorie count, and the alcohol content measures 3.8%. When's the chocolate light coming out?

Youth Empowerment Camp 2017
The 2017 Youth Empowerment Camp will be on July 17th and 18th at Sacred Heart Junior College. Contact the Cayo DYS office at 804-0540 for more information. Thanks, DYS! "Summer is here once again, the Department of Youth Services San Ignacio and Santa Elena are now Recruiting youth ages 12 - 24 for our 2017 Youth Empowerment Camp which will be held at Sacred Heart Junior College on July 17 - 18"

Amidst the enticing aroma of sizzling lobsters, bask on the golden beach of Placencia peninsula as the sweep of the Caribbean Sea breeze provides coolness under the tropical sunrays. Experiencing the 2017 Placencia Lobster Festival (June 23rd - 25th) is an adventure that encompasses all aspects of Belize: culturally-inspired foods, performances, friendly people and of course spectacular natural views.

APEX Music on AltunHa!
Thank you, Institute of Archaeology

Dia de San Pedro Calendar of Events

Dia de San Pedro
Join us as we pay tribute & honour the patron saint of San Pedro. A night of cultural dances, mariachi music and live entertainment. Wednesday, June 28th @ 8:00 pm

Channel 7

Teakettle Family Gets Closure After Loved One Found Dead, Now They want Justice
Teakettle Resident Markey Mendez had been missing for 5 days - but his family knew he was dead, and finally tonight, they have closure after a search team found the 24 year old's body yesterday evening around 6:00. It was found not too far from his home - near the old Warrie Head Bridge. An on-site post mortem revealed that Mendez had been shot to the head. Although the family is relieved that they found their loved one's body, they are very much broken by his murder and want police to find the man who did it. I was at the scene when they carried Mendez's body out.

Penner Criminally Charged, Asks Forgiveness From Victim's Family
On Friday night, Elvin Penner knocked down and killed 41 year-old Unitedville resident Kenrick Myvett, while trying to overtake another vehicle on the George Price Highway. Well, this afternoon, he was arraigned at the San Ignacio Magistrate's Court on the criminal charges of manslaughter by negligence, causing death by careless conduct, and driving a motor vehicle without due care and attention. After his arraignment, Penner granted the entire press an interview, something which he certainly hasn't done after his tumble from grace in 2013. Daniel Ortiz takes a look at his day in court:

Castro Company Gian Espadas To Court
Yesterday we told you about Gian Espadas. A week and a half ago he was caught alongside Wasani and Jafari Castro transporting 89 cases of contraband beer. While that matter was settled out of court, Espadas made an appearance in the Magistrate's Court today after being charged with drug trafficking. Police arrested the 22 year old on Sunday after intercepting him in a vehicle with about 12 pounds of marijuana. He pled not guilty to the charges, and was released on $8000 bail. Espadas also had to hand over his passport and agree not to leave the country without the court's permission. The case was adjourned until September 1st.

Wanted For Killing 90 year Old Shopkeeper
12 days ago, Pedro Pol, a 90 year old shopkeeper from August Pine Ridge was robbed and beaten by two Hispanic men. When his family found him tied up on the floor of his small shop, Pol was severely injured, and by the time he got to the hospital, less that two hours after the incident, he was dead. Police have identified at least one of the men responsible for the heinous crime, and are asking for the public's assistance in locating him. They are looking for 26-year-old Guinea Grass resident Amin Ricardo Cho. Cho is a Belizean of Hispanic descent and stands at about 5' 5''. If anyone has seen him or has any information about his whereabouts, they are asked to contact the Orange Walk Police at 322-2022, call 911, or inform your nearest police department.

Cop Caught KO'd On Camera
A police constable is feeling the full wrath of social media after a most unfortunate scene caught on camera. PC 1319 Florencio Rash attached to Precinct One in Belize City was caught apparently knocked out on the pavement at what looks to be the Belmopan bus station - his police regulation hat and handcuffs strewn on the ground. He is in front of a food stand - and appears that he may have been sitting before he passed out. Rash is seen quickly regaining consciousness, and then trying - with little success - to pick up the cuffs - which he then nonchalantly tosses into the police hat. Rash then struggles to his feet, where he starts to walk forward, and the cell phone video grapher cuts it there.

GSU Gets Weed, Man Pleads
Yesterday on Raccoon Street, a GSU patrol saw a man dash through the back door of a house and throw a bag over the fence. The officers stopped and apprehended the man, along with two others in the house. They retrieved the bag which contained about 3 ounces of marijuana from the neighboring yard. The three men, identified as Anthony Crawford, Bruce Reneau and Fredrick Smith were arrested and charged with drug trafficking. The trio appeared in the Magistrate's Court today, where Smith took the blame and pled guilty to the charge. According to reports, Smith initially intended to plea guilty for the lesser charge of possession, which the prosecution had already agreed to accept. However, when Smith was read the original charge of trafficking, he mistakenly said that he was guilty. The plea was recorded, and Smith was fined $10,000, which he has until December to pay or spend three years in prison.

Putting A Target On Cyberbullying
As technology and the internet continue to play larger roles in our daily lives, ensuring the safety of everyone online is becoming a higher priority. Already cyber bullying has presented itself as a huge threat to the well being of students, as well as adults using social media. So far, Belize, does not have any concrete legislation to protect people from cyber crime, but as need grows, different organizations and governmental entities are working to change that. Today the Ministry of Education hosted a workshop to develop and implement a Regional Cyberbullying Manual. We spoke Sylvester Cadet, one of the consultants of the project, about why it is so needed...

Hon. Briceno Says Even Without Increased GST, Belizean Still Paying More
On this newscast you've heard the Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister say an emphatic "no" the the IMF's recommendation that the rate of GST be increased to 15%. And while that may be consoling, the Leader of the Opposition says don't be fooled - you are still paying increased taxes in other ways. He had these remarks at a Corozal municipal convention: Hon. John Briceno, Leader of the Opposition: "The Prime Minister had not raised GST. He raise environmental tax, the cost to buy US. These things have a direct impact on any and everything that you buy."

Hon. Briceno Says We Live In A Country of Two Sets Of Laws
The Opposition Leader also commented on the recent case involving the sons of Minister Edmond Castro. He says that it appears we live in a country of two sets of laws: Hon. John Briceno, Leader of the Opposition: "People believe that there is almost two types of justice in this country; one for the UDP ministers, their families and their cronies and one for the rest of us." "Look at the recent developments - we have the Castro brothers. Their vehicle has no license plates, they have no permits to show that have the permission to drive this vehicle."

BDF's Chopper Pilots Ready
Last year in September, we showed you how the BDF's Pilots were getting training to fly the 3 Helicopters that they currently own. They are preparing to provide the Belize military with their own air support, and the BDF announced today that the trainees are now graduates. On this coming Friday, The Ministry of Defense will hold a graduation ceremony to recognize 4 BDF pilots and 13 technicians who have completed the helicopter conversion training.

Car Their Caught, But Stolen Car Still Missing
Tonight a desperate Belize City car owner is asking for your help to recover her 2008 Saturn Vue. Here's how it was stolen: the owner Linda Turner was at the Sit and Sip bar on Saturday morning. Now, according to court reports, she didn't have a key for the vehicle so she took out the battery when she went to Sit and Sip. But a resourceful car thief came along, slapped his own battery in and zoomed off. Police have caught the alleged car thief, 21 year old Jahleel Goodger a Belize City Car Washer who is in jail tonight, spending his first night on remand after being denied bail for stealing the SUV valued at $17,000.

Belikin, One More Beer Being Brewed
Ask anyone sober or drunk and they'll tell you there's no shortage of beer offerings at the corner store or at bars and nightclub's. But the folks at the Belikin Brewery - who already bottle 6 beers - think there's a market niche that hasn't been filled. It's for a light beer, targeting the health conscious market who are watching their calorie intake. And, so, enter Belikin Light beer, which is being introduced to the market at the beginning of July.

Belize Fails Trafficking In Persons Test, Again
The US State Department has issued its 2017 Trafficking in Persons Report - and just like the last two years, the Americans say Belize is the worst trafficking offender in Central America, and comparable only to Haiti and Suriname in the Caribbean. According to the report - which was released yesterday - "Belize is a source, transit, and destination country for men, women, and children subjected to sex trafficking and forced labor." It adds that in tourist areas, mainly US tourists seeking child sex "exploit child sex trafficking victims." It adds that "Sex trafficking and forced labor of Belizean and foreign women and girls, primarily from Central America, occur in bars, nightclubs, brothels, and domestic service."

European Union Helps ITVETS
The Ministry of Education is hoping to increase enrollment and interest in ITVET'S and the European Union is helping. Along with the the Ministry of Economic Development, they today signed a $2.6 million contract for a T-VET Capacity Building and Professional Development Training Programme. It is funded by the European Union under the Banana Accompanying Measures 2013 - and the German firm called GFA Consulting Group will carry out the 18-month contract. We found out at the contract signing in Belmopan that it's about finding a match for the marketplace:

Football Strategic Plan On Hold
As we showed you last night, the Football Federation of Belize is again in disarray after they had to abort their congress on Sunday. That Congress was supposed to elect a new president and it failed - the second congress in a row where that has happened. It was also supposed to approve a new budget which it did not. A look at that budget leaked on Facebook shows a top heavy FFB spending 63% of its money on administration, $593,000 of that going to salaries. President Marlon Kuylen defends the works he has done pointing to a strategic plan which cannot be implemented now because the FFB is basically in a frozen state:...

Channel 5

Charged Elvin Penner "sorry" he didn't see cyclist coming
Former Minister Elvin Penner is home tonight on bail; this afternoon he was arraigned for manslaughter by negligence of Kenrick Myvette, a motorist who was killed on Friday night. Penner [...]

Mark Mendez found dead; family says goodbye as hunt begins for killer
It had been expected, but the loss of twenty-four year old Mark Mendez of Teakettle, Cayo District, hurts no less for his family and the village. The five-day saga that [...]

Mom forgives Akeem Guzman's killer but wants to know why
Police are looking, but no one has been detained for the murder of twenty-one year old San Ignacio resident, Akeem Guzman. Guzman was shot once to the back by a [...]

What happened to Corporal Florencio Rash? Internal probe coming
The images of a seemingly drunken cop captured by video and posted on social media has been trending all day. The cop, dressed in uniform, has been identified as Police [...]

Amin Cho of Guinea Grass sought for shopkeeper's murder
Police are also turning to the public for assistance in locating a man believed to be responsible for the murder of Pedro Pol, an elderly shopkeeper from the village of [...]

City Mayor weighs entertainment and residents' concerns along 'party strip'
Belize City Mayor Darrell Bradley has found himself in quite a pickle, following a leaked memo last Thursday in which he single-handedly served notice to bar owners operating in the [...]

Darrell Bradley defends "reactive" policies
On Friday afternoon, the Belize City Council held a caucus meeting to address the issue of the entertainment strip.� News Five understands that a majority of the councilors who attended [...]

Area resident Valerie Woods says don't stop the party, just be responsible
According to Valerie Woods, a resident in the immediate vicinity of the Pickwick Club, while the problems they have been facing are indeed bothersome, it wasn't expected that the mayor [...]

CitCo not to blame for proposal to change Carnival route
The annual carnival road march is at least three months away and there is already controversy brewing as a result of a proposal to reroute the parade from the Princess [...]

Castro associate Gian Espadas charged for 12 pounds of weed
Gian Espadas, friend and associate of the Castro Brothers, was charged with drug trafficking today. Twenty-two-year-old Espadas, a UB student of Belize City, was arraigned on a single charge of [...]

Mayor endorses fellow councilors; says it's about the work
The United Democratic Party is gearing up for the upcoming municipal elections in Belize City.� Eight councilor candidates are so far officially in the run for local government in March [...]

Works Ministry says it will stick to final evaluation for Felix Castillo's land
On Monday, we brought you the exclusive story of Felix Castillo, whose land in the Santa Elena area Government took over, along with other landowners, for purposes of building the [...]

Negotiations open but funds are limited, says C.E.O.
The use of the land, according to Gentle, is not a primary concern for the compensation payment. C.E.O. Gentle reiterated the Government's willingness to continue negotiations and avoid a trip [...]

A school manual to fight cyberbullying
With an estimated one in three of all internet users in the world today being below the age of eighteen, children and young people are facing increased safety risks when [...]

The Beer of Belize in a lighter form
Beer drinkers across the country, here's something to excite your taste buds.� Belize Brewing Company is rolling out a new beer from its production line, just in time for the [...]

KTV the Remix: First live show tonight
You don't have to wait too much longer… because the show you have been anticipating is finally here. Start your summer with us as KTV Remix premieres tonight at the [...]


Wanted Poster Issued For Man Suspected To Have Murdered 90 Year Old August Pine Ridge Resident
The Orange Walk Police Department has issued a wanted poster for the man who they believe murdered ninety year old Pedro Pol approximately two weeks ago in the village of August Pine Ridge. He is twenty six year old Amin Ricardo Cho, a resident of Guinea Grass Village. Cho is of Hispanic descent, measures about five feet five inches in height, and has brown eyes and sharp nose.

Another Black-eye For Belize Police Department.
This past week was celebrated as Police week and throughout the country officers planned various activities geared at regaining the confidence of the public and clearing the department's image which does not actually stand out with the community at the moment in sight of a series of scandals involving rogue cops. But while the department has been working overtime to build that relationship with the community, tonight it is facing another embarrassment following a video which went viral on social media today starring an officer in uniform seemingly intoxicated on the streets of Belmopan.

Oppositio Leader Weighs In On IMF Recommendations
Ten days ago, an IMF team concluded an official 10-day visit to Belize conducting what is called an Article IV consultation. The visit was followed by the release of a preliminary statement in which the global financial institution warned that despite having renegotiated its external debt, Belize's economy continued to face serious challenges. The IMF indicated that growth in 2017 is projected to average just under 2 percent in the medium-term, due to declining productivity, competitiveness, public investment, and further decrease in oil output. That projection is below the mandatory 3% which the Government has committed to the bondholders. Among the key issues raised by the IMF is that Belize needs further fiscal consolidation for long-term sustainability.

PUP Prepares For Municipal Election
Last night we showed you the spirited launching of the Oppositions municipal team for Corozal Town led by 5-time Mr. Belize winner Rigo Vellos. This is the first municipal slate in the entire country, and according to PUP leader Hon. John Briceno who travelled to Corozal Town to endorse the candidates, his Party is making extra efforts to have teams set in place in every other municipality.

Opposition Leader Says COMPOL Must Go
PUP Leader Hon. John Briceno also took the time to respond to a number of issues that have been on the front burner lately, commencing with the swift release of the Castro brothers after they were detained for traffic violations and for assaulting a police officer in Belize City. Briceno said that the actions of the Police when it comes to wrong doing by UDP Ministers or their families and close friends continue to show that there are two versions of laws in Belize.


Pacheco to Reappear Before Senate Select Committee
Immigration Clerk One, Ady Pacheco, is expected to reappear before the Special Senate Select Committee tomorrow morning. This will be Pacheco's third appearance before the committee. She is the one who received the incomplete Wong Hong Kim file from former minister Elvin Penner. During her testimony last week, Pacheco said she did so because she [�]

Flash Flood Leaves Minimal Damages As Affected Communities Receive Aid
Residents in low lying areas in San Ignacio and Bullet Tree Village are recovering from the damages caused by a flash flood on Saturday June 24. Officials of the National Emergency Management Organization, NEMO, were in the affected areas to conduct an assessment on Monday. Al Westby, Central Regional Coordinator told us today the damages [�]

Video of Cop Goes Viral; Internal Investigation Underway
A video of a police officer lying on the ground and apparently under the influence has gone viral on Facebook. 28-year-old, police constable 1319 Florencio Rash is in trouble tonight after a video surface of him lying on the ground near the Belmopan bus terminal. He was in his uniform and appears to be under [�]

Belize Votes In Favour of OAS Resolution on Venezuela
At a meeting of the Organization of American States on June 19 in Cancun, Mexico, the motion to have several friendly Caribbean countries mediate in the Venezuelan crisis was shot down after the proposal did not meet the approval of the majority. It was a shocking outcome as even the Miami Herald has asked, "How [�]

Former Gov't Minister Entangled In Yet Another Controversy
San Ignacio Police say former Government Minister, Elvin Penner will likely face charges for manslaughter after he knocked down and killed 41 year-old Kenrick Anthony Myvette, a resident of Unitedville. The accident happened shortly before seven o'clock Friday night. Police say that Penner told them he was heading towards San Ignacio in his dark green [�]

Young Akeem Gunned Down on Flamingo Street
Police in San Ignacio Town are investigating the fatal shooting of 21-year-old, Akeem Guzman who was gunned down on Sunday morning while on Flamingo Street. Hipolito Novelo reports. GERALDINE JONES-FLORES "You could see that something was bothering him and he said everything was okay and I asked him where he was coming from at that [�]


San Ignacio man shot in the back by masked man
A San Ignacio man was shot in the back and killed early Saturday night. Sometime around 12:50 a.m., 21 year old Akeem Guzman arrived at a friend's home on Flamingo Avenue, San Ignacio Town. He had just arrived and was speaking to a minor while sitting on a crate at the corner of the yard. According...

Teakettle Residents block highway to get police attention in missing man case
On Saturday afternoon, billowing black smoke could be seen over the George Price Highway in the village of Teakettle. That's because frustrated residents placed burning tires across the highway, blocking traffic for about half hour until police arrived and cleared the highway. The reason? To get the...

Elvin Penner served with NIP in fatal traffic accident
Former Minister of Immigration, Elvin Penner, was served with a Notice of Intended prosecution after he knocked down and killed a man on Friday night. According to Penner's account to police, just before 7 o'clock that night, he was driving his Green 2000 Ford Excursion from Belmopan to Cayo on the...

Man knocked down in Roaring Creek
There was another accident this morning on the George Price Highway in Roaring Creek Village. An elderly man, Lucio Ochoa, was riding a bicycle shortly before eleven this morning on the highway in his village when he was hit by a white pickup truck. The driver of the pickup, Rosalio Moralez, told po...

Accident in PG
There was another traffic accident reported this weekend. On Friday evening, a white Toyota Fore Runner was seen near the Punta Gorda Town junction. It appears the driver lost control of the vehicle and somehow ended up in a watery ditch off the road. There has been no reports of injuries in this in...

Corozal businessman robbed of over 50 thousand dollars
A Corozal businessman was robbed of over 50 thousand dollars on Friday evening. 34-year-old Avinash Deshmukh, Indian National and store manager of Corozal Town, reported that on Friday, 23rd June, at around 1:20 p.m., he flew from Ranchito Village via 1:30 p.m. flight to San Pedro Town, leaving his ...

Woman stabs boyfriend twice
There is a report of a stabbing in Stann Creek. According to reports, 28 year old Thompson Orlando Guttierez told police that he and his common law wife, 24 year old Lucia Chan, were having an argument when Can stabbed him to the back and chest. Police say they have detained Can pending charges. ...

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Special treatment for Elvin Penner
Former UDP Minister of State, Elvin Penner, 45, is under a dark cloud again after reportedly causing the death of a motorcyclist while trying to overtake a minivan on the George Price Highway at about 7:00 p.m. on Friday. According to information provided by police, sometime before 7:00 on Friday night, Penner, who was travelling from Belmopan to San Ignacio Town, attempted to overtake a red Pontiac Montana minivan near the Running W Office between Central Farm and Esperanza. When he was side by side with the minivan, Penner saw a red and black motorcycle approaching from the opposite direction. Penner reportedly swerved to the right, to avoid colliding with the motorcycle, but his vehicle hit the left side of the minivan.

Bert Vasquez's Supreme Court trial begins on Wednesday
-Bert Vasquez, 35, who has been on remand at the Belize Central Prison for the murder of Jasmine Lowe, 13, who was killed in June 2012, in the Cayo District, is waiting for his day in court to answer to that murder charge. In the meantime, he will have to answer to other charges brought against him. This Wednesday, he is scheduled to go on trial in the Supreme Court of Justice Adolph Lucas where he will face a three-count indictment for forcible abduction, harm and aggravated assault. The allegation against Vasquez is that on May 13, 2011, he forcibly abducted a 16-year-old minor and took her to an area of Vista Del Mar in Ladyville. He is being defended by attorney Oscar Selgado, while the Crown's evidence will be led by Crown counsel, Sheringe Rodriguez.

Freddy Blanco, 22, gets 17 years for shooting death of girlfriend
After being on remand for 6 years for the shooting death of his girlfriend, Nelsi Chuc, 21, in August 2011, Freddy Amir Blanco, 22, was yesterday given a 17-year sentence by the Supreme Court judge, Justice Herbert Lord, at his trial during the Northern Session of the Supreme Court in Orange Walk Town yesterday. However, the six years he spent on remand was deducted from the time he is to spend in prison, so he will only serve 11 years in jail. Police said that in August 2011, Amir Blanco, then 16, was with his girlfriend, Chuc, and another woman, smoking cannabis in a cane-field in August Pine Ridge in Orange Walk when they became involved in an argument over who smoked the most marijuana.

Akeem Alexander Guzman, 21, fatally shot on Flamingo Avenue
The Cayo District has recorded yet another homicide, the fourth within the last nine days. The latest victim has been officially identified as San Ignacio resident, Akeem Alexander Guzman, 21. According to reports, Akeem went to visit a friend on Flamingo Avenue in San Ignacio Town a little before 1:00 on Sunday morning. They were socializing, when a single shot rang out, hitting Guzman, who was in a sitting position, in the back. He was quickly transported, to the San Ignacio Community Hospital, where he took his last breath. Initial police investigations reveal that a masked man, dressed in full black, emerged from nearby bushes and opened fire on the men.

Gian Espadas, 22, busted with 12 pounds of weed
Belize City resident, Gian Espadas, 22, who was busted with 12 pounds of cannabis at about 11:00 this morning in West Landivar, Belize City, has been taken into custody and charged with drug trafficking. This is Espadas' second major run-in with law enforcement personnel in just over a week. Just 8 days ago, he, along with two sons of Minister Edmond Castro, was busted in Orange Walk with 89 cases of contraband beer, valued at $6,200. Incidentally, Espadas was released from the custody of Customs officials and police when the Castro brothers made arrangements for out-of-court settlement for the contraband goods.

Dissatisfied villagers burn tires in bid for more police action in case of missing man
Teakettle residents, dissatisfied with the efforts police have made to find a missing villager, made a giant blaze on the George Price Highway this morning, Saturday, June 24. Mark Menzies, 23, was reported missing after he left home around 11:30 Wednesday night and did not return. The villagers piled tires on the highway, and lit them, slowing down traffic on the highway for about an hour. The Belmopan Fire Service and the Belmopan Police were called to the scene, to put out the blaze and clear the debris off the highway. Motorists who were in a haste to get on with their business were able to divert to a dirt road to get around the village and back on to the highway.

Interoffice basketball defending champs, Belize Bank Bulldogs won their season opener against Belize Telemedia Limited last Friday night at the St. Martin de Porres Swift Hall Auditorium by the final score of 82-78. Roscoe Rhys led his team with 22 points on 7 of 17 shooting from the field, while teammates Quincey Lopez and Roderick Williams contributed 18 pts and 15 pts, respectively. The Bulldogs jumped out to the early 23-16 first-quarter lead, and was able to essentially control both ends of the court for most of the game. Jason Vasquez of BTL was the game high scorer, hitting for 23 pts on 9 of 17 shots from the field. Lennox Bowman made his presence felt by totaling 16 pts 4 rebounds, while Chadwick Ysaguirre had 11 pts 5 rebs.

Smart Mundialito semifinals completed; Finals this Sunday at MCC
The 6th Annual Smart Mundialito 13 & Under football tournament had its knockout semifinal games on Saturday, June 24, at the MCC Grounds, after 12 participating teams had completed a full round-robin of competition, with the top 4 teams pairing off in the semifinals. It was high drama in both games on Saturday, as game 1 featured a first time playoff entrant, #4 seed Heights FC (19 points) from Mahogany Heights, and #1 seed Hattieville Riverside Boys (25 pts), a former champion who were undefeated in regular season; and game 2 that would see the reigning champions, #3 seed City Boys (22 pts) going up against #2 seed Ladyville Rising Stars (23 pts), who were also undefeated in regular season.

Rural Softball completes 1st round; All Star Game this Sunday
The Belize Rural Female Softball Tournament 2017 competed the first round of its double round-robin regular season yesterday with 3 games played in Flowers Bank. There are seven (7) teams participating in the tournament, namely: Lords Bank Sunrise (Lords Bank); Unity (Double Head); Orchid Girls (Burrell Boom); Easy Does It (Flowers Bank); Power Outage (Crooked Tree); Beverly Hills Flames (Lords Bank); and Arrows United (Bermudian Landing). In game 1 yesterday, United defeated Power Outage, 15-5, behind winning pitcher (WP) Herlette Clarke; while the losing pitcher (LP) was Yvette Flowers. Game 2 saw Lords Bank Sunrise shutting out Beverly Hills Flames, 10-0. WP - Karen Hilton; LP - Alberta Bailey. And in game 3, it was Orchid Girls, 14-7, over Easy Does It. WP - Valorie Vernon; LP - Margaret Hendy.

No quorum, no elections; Marlon Kuylen remains Acting President after failed FFB Congress
It was a different plot from last year, but a similar ending at the 2nd floor of the Princess Ramada Hotel in Belize City over the weekend, where the Football Federation of Belize (FFB) twice attempted to convene its 10th Ordinary Congress, where elections for President and a Vice President were items on the agenda; and twice it was unsuccessful. No quorum was reached; and so, no elections could be held. Therefore, Acting President Marlon Kuylen will continue in that post until further notice. On Saturday, with everything in place, and CONCACAF representative Marco Leal in attendance, only 4 members appeared, where 5 members were needed to make a quorum. The meeting was therefore aborted until Sunday morning; but again a quorum could not be reached.

Editorial: Step up, Ras
October 12 of this year will mark 525 years since Christopher Columbus, an Italian in the employ of the king and queen of Spain, entered the so-called New World in the name of Spain and of European Christianity. Led by Spain, various European nations began to seize the lands of the native peoples of the Americas (people who used to be called "Indians" but are now referred to as "Indigenous" populations), and then the Europeans began to enslave Africans and transport them across the Atlantic Ocean to develop the lands which the Europeans had seized from the Indigenous peoples of the Americas. In the official narrative which is taught to Belizean children, the Christian schools say that when British pirates began to settle in Belize in the first part of the seventeenth century, there was no one here. All the Mayan buildings and sites which have survived in Belize from the Rio Hondo to the Sarstoon, however, prove that there were Indigenous peoples who lived and worked here before the so-called Baymen came, and so the question would be: when did those Indigenous people leave, or was it that they went into hiding when they saw the Baymen.

From the Publisher
About three weeks ago, Maurice Jones brought the 77-year-old photograph to me which is reproduced on this page. He said that one Nick Sanchez had given it to him. I didn't get a chance to find out any details about Nick Sanchez, because I was so busy trying to identify the legendary football players/athletes in the photo. The writing on the photo says it is from 1940, but there is some confusion as to how many of the players are from the famous Crimson football team, because this is also supposed to be an All Belize selection. It is distinctly pointed out that Louis Guild, who is second from right in the back row, is actually from the Police team. But there is no other such distinction made. (When I discussed this with my dad, he was positive(?) Louis Guild never played for the Police, and he mentioned that Jim Stephen was MYA.) In the row of five players who are kneeling, second from left is Emilio Sanchez, who later became Jamaica's national boxing coach for many years.

Intersex rights lobby at OAS opposed by Latin American legislators
There has been no official report coming out of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Belize's participation last week in the 47th General Assembly of the Organization of American States (OAS) in neighboring Mexico-an event which has been making international headlines because of the enduring impasse on the crisis in Venezuela, in the backdrop of which the OAS had to suspend its meeting to adopt a resolution on a proposed mechanism to help end the deadly political unrest in the country known to be one of Belize's most influential diplomatic allies. Whereas the split in the CARICOM vote at the OAS General Assembly resulted in the defeat of a US-backed motion for OAS intervention in the Venezuelan crisis-with Belize and 5 other CARICOM nations voting "yes," but 6 others abstaining and 2 flatly rejecting the proposed resolution-the issue has overshadowed other matters addressed at the event. The church community here in Belize has nevertheless taken note of a less publicized development in Mexico in the run-up to the OAS meeting.

Convicted murderer arraigned for attack on court reporter
Four months after he attacked freelance court reporter Anita Nembhard-Flowers, convicted murderer Byron James was brought to court to answer to a charge of harm. James, 31, appeared before Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith and pleaded not guilty to the charge. The allegation against James is that on Thursday, February 16, 2017, the same day he was convicted of the murder of Frank Vasquez, as he was being led away along with other prisoners he rushed over and attacked Nembhard-Flowers, who was photographing the prisoners. James hit her in the face, causing a wound to her nose. Nembhard-Flowers was treated at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, where Doctor Aline Gonzalez classified her injury as harm.
The man who allegedly pumped three bullets into the back of Jermaine Franklin, 36, last Wednesday evening at a video store on King Street, hid his face from court reporters' cameras as he was led from the court's holding cell to the courtroom of Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser to be arraigned on the murder charge. Magistrate Fraser read the charge to Kashief Gallego, 25, which stated that "�on Wednesday, June 21, 2017 you caused the death of Jermaine Franklin by unlawful means, in Belize City, in the Belize Judicial District�" After reading the charge, Magistrate Fraser asked Gallego if he understood what she had just read to him. Gallego, an unemployed resident of East Collet Canal Street, replied that he understood.

Court of Appeal ruled that Gilbert Henry's constitutional right to a speedy trial was violated
There is a legal maxim that says, "Justice delayed is justice denied." At the close of its June session last Friday, the Court of Appeal handed down an important decision in Criminal Appeal No. 15 of 2012 between Gilbert Henry and The Queen. On September 14, 2008 Gilbert Henry was in an altercation with Ellis Taibo that resulted in him stabbing Taibo in the chest. He was charged with the usual indictable offences of attempted murder and dangerous harm. When the trial came up some four years later, in 2012, a jury returned a verdict of not guilty of attempted murder, but guilty of dangerous harm.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Belikin launches new light beer
Belize Brewing Company, which produces Belize's most famous beer, Belikin, held a brief ceremony this morning at its brewery in Ladyville, Belize to announce the launch of its new line of beer, Belikin Light. Belikin Light will hit stores countrywide starting July and the [�]

Northern Regional Hospital gets operating theater
Picture: Corozal Daily After more than a year, the Northern Regional Hospital has received a new operating theater. Yesterday a ceremony was held to open the new urgently needed building. CEO in the Ministry of Health, Ramon Figueroa and former Cabinet Minister, Gaspar Vega [�]

Belizean completes 100 mile race in United States
The Westen State Endurace Run website revealed that Belizean National, Kim Espat, 32, completed a hundred mile race over the weekend in the United States. Of the 369 runners, Espat came in 48th overall and ranked 36th of all the male runners. He crossed [�]

Elvin Penner charged for manslaughter
Police have confirmed that former Immigration Minister, Elvin Penner has been charged for manslaughter by negligence, causing death by careless conduct, and driving without due care and attention. Penner's vehicle collided into a motorcycle on Friday night on the George Price Highway near Running W in [�]

Video of intoxicated police officer goes viral on social media
Today, a video of an intoxicated police officer was posted on social media. The officer has been identified as PC Florencio Rash. Rash is seen near a bus terminal in Belmopan City with his cap and handcuffs on the ground. According to reports, Rash was [�]

Corozal cops bust 4 men with weed
Corozal cops have detained four men for trafficking drugs. At around 5 yesterday evening, Corozal cops were conducting a mobile patrol in Corozal Town when they saw a green Toyota Corola Taxi. Two men then exited the vehicle at an unnamed restaurant and shortly [�]

More motorcycles stolen
Aside from the motorcycle stolen from Pelican Street in Belize City, cops in the old capital are investigating two other stolen motorcycles. Juan Jose Martinez, reported that between 23.06.17 at 10:00 p.m. and 25.06.17 at 6:00 a.m., his black 2014 Skygo brand motorcycle valued [�]

Belize City cops investigating stolen motorcycle
Belize City cops are busy investigating the theft of a motorcycle on Pelican Street Extension. The owner of the motorcycle, Kendrick Flores, yesterday told cops that between the hours of 4.00 p.m. on Sunday and 5.30 a.m. on Monday the theft occurred. His 2015 white and red Sky go Brand [�]

Tow Tow robber only jacked $200
On Sunday we told you about the midday robbery of Tow Tow Grocery shop on Mahogany Street in Belize City. We reported that the establishment was robbed by one armed person with a rag over his face. Well today police issued a report revealing that [�]

Police say Teakettle man was murdered
The badly decomposed body of a man was found last night near the old Warrie Head bridge near Teakettle Village, Cayo. Police has confirmed the body to be that of 24 year old Mark Mendez who was reported missing last week. The post mortem examination [�]

More allegations against Johnny Valencia?
Johnny Valencia, Monsignor Romero Primary School Principal who is already charged with sexual assault of a minor, is facing yet another accusation of the same. Belmopan police say that they are investigating a report where another child came forward claiming that Valencia sexually assaulted her, [�]

Belize City burglars get 12,355.00 in assets and gun
A burglary in Belama Phase 3 of Belize City yielded $12,355.00 in valuables. Nidia Dominquez of Rhamdas Street reported that sometime between the hours of 6:25 a.m. and 2:15 p.m. on Monday her four-bedroom bungalow house was broken into. According to police accounts, burglars made off with [�]

Western protestors will be charged says police
Belmopan police are preparing to charge those involved in a protest in Teakettle village where villagers burned tires as a sign of discontent with the police. Senior Superintendent of Police Howell Gillett, explained that police intend to lay charges on as many as 20 [�]

Bullet Tree Village still without running water after the freak storm
The Department of Rural Development (DRD) informs residents of Bullet Tree Village that there will be no access to potable water throughout the course of the day. According to a DRD press release, the pump house is currently experiencing high voltage, and as a [�]

Belize and Cuba establish closer ties
Belize and Cuba will establish closer ties in the months ahead, Minister of State for Economic Development, Oil, Investment and Trade Tracy Taegar-Panton assured Cuban Ambassador Lissette Perez during a meeting on Monday. Taegar-Panton confirmed that Belize will take part in the upcoming [�]

Elvin Penner to be charged for manslaughter today
At yesterday's press briefing, Deputy Officer Commanding San Ignacio Police, Assistant Superintendent Daniel Iche told the media that former minister of government, Elvin Penner will be charged for manslaughter today. According to Iche, Penner was at fault since he was overtaking. The fatal traffic [�]

Body of Markie Mendez found by hunters in Teakettle Village
Confirmed reports are that the body of Markie Mendez was found last night in Teakettle Village. The body was found by a group of men who were hunting near the old Warrie Head Bridge in Teakettle. Mendez had been missing since last week. On [�]


Turtle Inn, A Coppola Resort in Placencia, Belize: More Beautiful than I Ever Imagined
I'll let my pictures (and the gorgeous ones from the website) do the talking but MAN is this place as close to perfection as I can imagine. The grounds are lush and beautiful - as if you were wandering a secret garden in Bali. At every turn a statue or flower that begged to be photographed. A beautiful private beach with 3 floating docks for sunning, 2 big pools, burnished hardwood carvings, perfect palapas, stone walls and carvings, gorgeous antiques. Almost a jungle lodge on the beach. In the most perfect way. THE FLOWERS! I had to meet the gardeners�

Sun, Sand, Sea and Lobster in Placencia
Placencia Lobsterfest lived up to its expectations. It delivered three days of entertainment by the sea as vendors set up their booths to prepare the tastiest of lobster dishes and promote their services and products. It's three days that you spend in the popular peninsula of Belize, enjoying the sights and sounds of the celebration. Of course the taste of the delectable spiny lobster is the big draw. Lobsterfest in Placencia is one big beach party that takes place for three days. It's filled with plenty of lobster to eat, music to whine to, sun to soak, water to wade in and fun to enjoy. People from all over come for food, but end up staying for the entertainment.

The Most Fun I Ever Had Not Winning
"The Most Fun I Ever Had Not Winning" turned out to be my vacationing friend John McHenry's tag line of the night. He was in town speaking on behalf of the board for Holy Cross School graduation and wanted to get together. I had declined his Friday night offer to meet for a drink after dinner as I was enjoying some quality me time and I was also saving myself for Saturday night on the town and the big lobster festival street party. When I mentioned the block party as an alternate plan I was surprised to find out that John did not know about it. By his response I could tell that he thought it was a small local neighborhood thing. He soon found out otherwise when we walked from our meeting place out front of Fido's to the very packed Central Park area. After several years of attending San Pedro Lobster Fest, it was fun to see the party through the eyes of someone who unexpectedly ended up there. Surprisingly in all the years John has been coming here he has never celebrated the opening of lobster season in Belize.

July 1, International Reggae Day
"This year we are celebrating the 50th anniversary of Rocksteady. We have managed to bring media on board in 35 cities in multiple regions for a 24-hour reggae party. Among the new cities coming on board this year is Beijing, China. We are very excited about this as it joins other new partners from Vietnam, Australia, South Africa, Madagascar, Singapore, Sierra Leone, Ibiza, Belize and three cities in Brazil. The total number of participating cities move from 25 last year and three the year before," Andrea Davis told the Jamaica Observer. While earlier years of IRD were focused more on the building of the product in Jamaica, it is all about spreading the wings of the event. There are a number of events from parties, yoga sessions, and concerts to a panel discussion taking place worldwide to celebrating the day. In Jamaica, the day will be celebrated on local media, as well as an IRD conference at the Jamaica Pegasus hotel in St Andrews.

International Sourcesizz

A new parrot taxon from the Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico
Amazona gomezgarzai could well be in northern Corozal or Sarteneja.... Parrots (Psittaciformes) are a diverse group of birds which need urgent protection. However, many taxa from this order have an unresolved status, which makes their conservation difficult. One species-rich parrot genus is Amazona, which is widely distributed in the New World. Here we describe a new Amazona form, which is endemic to the Yucatán Peninsula. This parrot is clearly separable from other Amazona species in eleven morphometric characters as well as call and behavior.

Belize Slapped With Worst Rank In Latest Human Trafficking Report
The U.S. State Department yesterday slapped the worst tier status on the Central American CARICOM nation of Belize as it released its annual Trafficking in Persons report. Belize is the only Caribbean country with a tier 3 status again this year, which means its government does not fully comply with the minimum standards of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act's (TVPA) and is making no significant efforts to do so. The Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA) of 2000 is arguably the most important anti-trafficking law ever passed. The TVPA and its subsequent reauthorizations, define a human trafficking victim as a person induced to perform labor or a commercial sex act through force, fraud, or coercion.

Brexit threatens to clip the wings of UK butterfly exporter
The flapping of a butterfly's wings can unleash a typhoon halfway around the world, chaos theory says. But what if the typhoon of Brexit ends up crippling butterflies instead? That is the concern of Richard Lamb, general manager of the Stratford Butterfly Farm in Stratford-upon-Avon, which bills itself as "the UK's largest tropical butterfly paradise". It has its own zoo-like attractions, which the company says draws about 150,000 visitors a year. It also supplies butterflies for similar parks around the world. Last year, Stratford sold £1.2m worth of pupae, around 750,000, about half in the EU. "We're a good business," Mr Lamb says. Stratford opened 32 years ago and Mr Lamb, a conservationist and noted lepidopterist (a butterfly and moth expert), has worked there ever since. A large proportion of the pupae Stratford sells, including for export, are sourced from farms across the tropics, including one the company owns in Belize. The business specialises in the best-selling Blue Morpho, a large and colourful butterfly with an unusually long adult lifespan of about six weeks.

In Search of the Maya World: From Central America to Philadelphia
Last month I set out on a trip through Central America with a small group of Road Scholars in search of the mysterious Maya World. Little did I know at the time that there are so many connections between Maya culture and Philadelphia. The first archeological site on the itinerary was Lamanai ("Submerged Crocodile" in Mayan language), situated in a tropical forest on the banks of the New River Lagoon in Belize. The Mayas used waterways to trade with each other and we accessed the site by motor boat. Lamanai was a large, ceremonial center, built in layers by succeeding generations in the Pre-Classic Period (2,500 BC - 250AD). The Jaguar Temple and the Masks Temple with its impressive sculptures are some of the highlights of this site. The steep climb to the top of the High Temple, one of the largest of this period, was well-worth it for the panoramic view of the jungle and the lagoon. Unlike the Egyptians, the Mayas did not necessarily bury their rulers in these pyramids. Maya temples were built mainly to honor their rulers and their gods; special offerings of jade and shell ornaments were recovered at this site. Cahal Pech, another ceremonial center in Belize, is known for being one of the earliest in the region. Its 34 structures consist of two small ball courts, palaces and temples with stelae (stone monuments) and altars.

Patent Application for Snapchat Scuba Mask
Cruise ship company Royal Caribbean has submitted a patent application for a dive mask that will allow Snapchat spectacles to used underwater. The 'Seaseeker' mask allows a pair of Snapchat spectacles to be slotted in and out of an underwater housing, allowing the wearer to record their underwater experience for up to 30 minutes at a maximum depth of 46m (150ft). 'The Seaseeker will enable all adventure-seekers to get a front-row seat to the thrilling adventures found underwater in a way that has never been possible before,' said Jim Berra, Royal Caribbean's SMO and SVP of marketing. 'Snapchat continues to be a favourite channel for curious travellers and is the ideal platform for this first-of-its-kind undersea exploration.'


  • Royal Belize, 1.5min. Drone view

  • Belize (GoPro Montage), 2min.

  • Galen University Youth Rise, 38min.

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  • 2017 Belize Howler Monkeys, 36sec. We went into the Jungle along the Monkey River in Belize and found some howler monkeys.

  • Chester Williams Leaves Eastern Division South, 29min.

  • Govenrment Goes Digital - CITO Microsoft MOU, 25min.

  • Film & Media Arts Unit - Audio Workshop - Movie Release, 27min.

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  • Belize at World Poker Games Update, 17min.

  • Growing The Future Summer Camp Project, 14min.

  • Stress Dolls, 20min.

  • Football Federation of Belize, 21min.


  • The 'seaseeker' dive mask transforms snapchat spectacles into underwater goggles, 1min.

  • When "BELIZE GYAL" come out!, 2.5min. BNDC Performing earlier in Astana, Kazakhstan

  • San Pedro Belize 2017, 2min. This video does not even do justice to how beautiful Belize was! Definitely the trip of a lifetime and I met some of the most amazing people while I was there!

  • A game in Belize, 1.5min. Chicken Drop, a game in Belize.

  • Dreaming of Belize 1080p, 14.5min. The clear water of Belize, see the sharks up close!


  • Belize ICP Aftermovie, 5min. Big shout out to Monkey Bay Wildlife Sanctuary - Belize Study Abroad for hosting us.

  • The animals of the Belize Zoo, 18min. We went on the directors tour at the Belize Zoo and we created this video of the animals we saw.

  • Wildside Adventures Travel Service - Belize River Lodge, 28min. Fishing for Tarpon, Bonefish, Snook, Permit and many more species

  • Drunk Cop in Belize, 40sec. It very sad to see that man so .lot of people never stop and think is he ok do him.have problem sometime we. As human mek the thing that happen to ous in our daily life get the best of ous being a police is hard sometime because tomorrow never promise to them

  • Placencia Lobster Festival - Fishing Tournament weigh in., 7min.

  • Placencia Lobster Festival 2017!, 11min.

  • Placencia Lobster Festival 2017! (Pt.2), 9min.

  • Placencia Lobster Festival 2017! - Day 3, 2min.

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  • Police Check Point Talk Show, 39min.

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