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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

The San Pedro Sun

GoFundMe campaign launched to help Caye Caulker lionfish crafter
Family and friends of Caye Caulker resident and lionfish crafter, Dianny Enriquez, are kindly asking the general public for donations to assist with her medical bills. On Wednesday, June 21st, Enriquez suffered a stroke, which left the right side of her body paralyzed, and prompted the urgent need for brain surgery. Due to her overwhelming medical expenses, several fundraisers have been organized, along with donation drives. Enriquez has established her livelihood on handcrafting intricate pieces of jewelry, using lionfish fins, tails, and spines. Lionfish are an invasive species that threatens 56 species of fish and many invertebrate species up to half its body size.

Closure of the Conch Fishing Season
In accordance with the Fisheries (Amendment) Regulations under Statutory Instrument number 54 of 2012 (Regulations 24.A), the Fisheries Administrator hereby informs fishermen and the general public that the Conch Fishing Season will officially be declared closes from July 1st, 2017 to September 30th, 2017. The public is reminded that no person or establishment shall have in possession any conch during the closed season in accordance with Regulation 6 of Principal Regulations (Chapter 210's of the Laws of Belize - Revised Edition 2000-2003).

Ministry of Health confiscates hundreds of expired goods as part of routine inspections
With hundreds of businesses, including restaurants, grocery stores and bars thriving on Ambergris Caye, San Pedro Health Inspector Horris Patten is tasked to inspect each establishment three times per year. In an effort to ensure consumer safety, hundreds of expired perishable and nonperishable food items have been confiscated since the start of the year. On Thursday, June 22nd, The San Pedro Sun received a report that a truckload of expiry goods were seized after a local grocery store was inspected. Health Inspector Patten explained that food safety is taken very seriously at the Ministry of Health (MOH). "We conduct inspections randomly. Whether or not it is through a report or complaint, we make sure we are visiting these establishments to make sure they are in compliance with the food safety laws of Belize. Once we carry out an inspection, we look at all of the products, and remove all of the expired, damaged, dented, swollen, and rusty items," said Patten.

Costa Maya Presents: Miss Honduras, Kerelyne Isell Campigoti Webster
Only two Central American beauties remain unnamed, as the International Costa Maya Festival® committee has announced the sixth contestant vying for the title of Reina de La Costa Maya 2017-2018: Miss Honduras Kerelyne Isell Campigoti Webster. 19-year-old Webster stands six feet tall, and has brown eyes and light brown ha

ACES celebrates 7th Graduation Ceremony
10 pre-schoolers and five standard six students participated in Ambergris Caye Elementary School's (ACES) 7th Graduation Ceremony on Wednesday, June 28th. A host of family and friends gathered at the Lions Den to celebrate the students' success in education. With the graduates themselves leading the ceremonies, it was an emotional time as the teachers of ACES said good bye to their students. Invited guest, San Pedro Education officer, Odilia Caliz delivered the commencement address, challenging students to keep striving for their dreams. ACES's Principal, Amanda Burgos, also wished the graduates the best in their new journey, especially the standard six graduates who will be heading off to high school.

San Pedro Police report a decrease in major crime compared to last year
Officer in Charge of the Coastal Executive Unit, Assistant Superintendent Henry Jemmott has issued a crime report for May 2017. The report focuses on crime activity, statistics, and law enforcement measures in comparison to the same month in the previous year. The report indicated that major crime in May 2017 declined, with only theft on the rise. May 2017 saw three burglaries, four robberies, no cases of unlawful sexual intercourse, murders, rape, or thefts (above $5,000). This means a 27% decrease from May 2016, when there was one murder, one rape, eight burglaries, and one case of theft.

Ambergris Today

Dia De San Pedro Festivities Continue
On Thursday, June 30, 2017, San Pedro residents gathered at the Honorable Louis Sylvester Sports Complex to continue the celebrations of Dia De San Pedro. Delighted by the music of Wil and Dale, Rompe Raja, Dayanara Manzano and a special video tribute of San Pedro, the audience patiently awaited for the fireworks display! Events will continue tonight with more entertainment at the Sports Complex; Saturday will feature a special presentation by comedian "Puruxona" from Mexico and it will all culminate with a beach party on Sunday at the Central Park.

Belize Coast Guard Officer Graduates With Top Honors Abroad
Lieutenant Gregory Soberanis of the Belize Coast Guard (BCG) graduated from the United States Naval War College on the 16th June, 2017, after successfully completing the Naval Staff Course in Newport, Rhode Island, U.S.A. Soberanis, who is the first Belizean to attend the one-year version of the course, was elected class president during his time at the Naval Staff College and won the International Leadership Award for being the most outstanding overseas student.

Misc Belizean Sources


Blood Drive in Belmopan
IT'S TODAY! Give blood. God gave it to you first. July 1st, St Ann's Church, Belmopan, 9 am to 4pm. 18 to 65 years old. 669 31645 for info, or just come along.

Like the legendary Miguel Brothers of the 1960s and 70s Belizean cycling dynasty, the Jenkins sisters became a household name in Belizean softball during the same period. It appeared that there were four of them that played the game with extraordinary talent; but only two made the honor role as the best among their other siblings. It is typical that families that dominated a sport in terms of ranking among the best were fostered by their natural family heritage . It becomes a kind of domino effect that spark one family athlete to become like the other. It is a kind of chain reaction that explodes into that competitive spirit to be good and then better than the best. This analogy can only be the best way to describe family athletes like Cynthia and Genevie Jenkins of Belize's Softball Hall of Fame.

As the legendary Belizean softball player, Cynthia Jenkins graced this classic photograph of an historic battle of champions in the Caribbean between Belize and Jamaica in softball, memories of these sports reports on Radio Belize touched many Belizean hearts and inspired many future Belizean softball players of the late 1960s. It is most inspiring for me to remember this period through reading an article by the legendary softball coach, the late Collect Gill, in a Belizean magazine about these heated softball games between Belize and Jamaica. They were the two formidable rivals of the game in the historic 1968 and 1969 periods of Caribbean softball.

Belizean Legends has been in dialogue occasionally with the legendary Belizean softball player and pitcher, Cynthia Jenkins in Chicago, Illinois where she lives after her migration from Belize in the early 1970s. Jenkins holds one of the most important key to yours truly completion of the softball documentary called, "When We Were Queens". The documentary that we started to shoot some years ago has been incomplete because we cannot proceed until we capture on camera the historical story of those like Cynthia Jenkins and those of her peers who made Belize great in the softball world. Harbour.

The 1960s, 70s and part of the 1980s culminated the historical period of Belizean softball greatness that continues to be talked about today in Belizean circles both at home in Belize and in the Belizean diaspora abroad. It was a golden age of Belize's sporting greatness; a period of highly developed sportsmanship that was achieved through hard work and a high level of performance that appears to be unattainable today in all levels of sports in Belize.

Tropic Air
Travel just got easier between San Pedro and Corozal with your TropicAir Belizean Summer Special! $99bz each way!

Paradise Theater playing this weekend
Okja, The Lost City of Z, The Bad Batch, Smurfs: The Lost Village

This Day In History
1803 June 30th - Erection of Fort George, a small fort on an island off the river mouth of the Belize

Congratulations to Aaliyah Elijio, Miss Caye Caulker Lobster Fest 2017-18!!!

Dia de San Pablo
In Orange Walk celebrating the Yucatec Maya(Maya Mestizo) culture of the village . San Pablo had milpas since 1886 by Mayeros. Their first permanent inhabitants were in the 1915 consisting of Maya people who spoke Yucatec Maya. The descendants are still in the village speaking mostly the spanish language while elders still speak their Native Maya language.

Caye Caulker Lobster Fest 2017
Lots of good photos!

Benque Summer 2017 Art Courses
The Benque HoC is having quite a few Summer courses for the kids. They range from creating corn husk dolls to learning Maya glyphs to basket weaving, and even learning how to play the marimba. "Learn, Explore & Be Empowered through the Arts this Summer 2017, inbox, call us 823-2697 and save your space today!!! "

This Day In History
1807 June 30th - African Slave Trade abolished by Parliament in all British Colonies. Following are some key dates in the trans-atlantic trade in slaves from Africa and its abolition.

This Day In History
June 30th, 1828 - The Revd. Dr. Newport tendered to the Legislative Assembly of the Settlement his gratuitous services in the marriages of slaves, for which he received a Vote of Thanks.

Agroforestry concession inside Maya Mountain North Forest Reserve
20 farmers visited and exchanged knowledge with the group working in the agroforestry concession inside Maya Mountain North Forest Reserve - the first of its kind in Belize. The farmers were encouraged and inspired by the experiences and rewards of working within a protected area. They saw the young cacao blooming with pods, evidence of proper care of the plots, as well as the newly-established inga alley cropping system. The visit ended with a presentation of the recently-developed Integrated Farming Manual at Ya'axch�'s field station. This activity was funded by Selva Maya.

Channel 7

Hon. Vega from Backbench M.I.A. to Front Bench Appearance
He had missed 7 straight house meetings since he was forced to resign from Cabinet in November, but Gaspar Vega appeared at today's meeting - warmly greeting colleagues after a long absence. And we were surprised to see that Vega was not seated at the far end of the back bench where his seat had been placed before; instead he was brought to the front and placed in the 8th seat - not far from the fourth seat he occupied before his resignation. Now, its quite unusual to have a backbencher - that is: a representative with no portfolio - in the front bench but this may have been part of the compromise to have the Orange Walk North Representative Vega back in the house.

Strong Speaker Shuts Down Leader Of The Opposition
But before we get to that - we have to start at the top of the meeting where opposition leader John Briceno jumped out of the gates to try and make a statement about Mase - bearer Brian Yellowman Audinett - who was back in the house today doing his duties as sergeant-at-arms. But, the Speaker Laura Longsworth saw him coming and used her speaker's authority for firmly stop him in his tracks:... Hon. John Briceno, Leader of the Opposition: "I have to first start off by congratulating you on the principle position you took when it comes to the issue of the sergeant at arms." Hon. Laura Longsworth, Speaker of the House: "You are not supposed to any matter related to the speaker, please do not go there please Hon. Opposition Leader. It is in the standing orders, you are not allowed to do that. You are not allowed to refer to my chair at all, please."

Discussion Of Escalating Crime Enters House of Representatives
And after that firm opening, today's very long house meeting - had a lot to do with current events. First, Cayo South Representative Julius Espat made a presentation on all the murders in his division. Indeed, there have been many - especially in recent weeks - including the murder of Markey Mendez - which Espat said pains him greatly. Espat called on government to press police to make an urgent intervention in Teakettle where residents are frustrated - and the Prime Minister was very receptive:

Police Name Teakettle Suspect
And while the PM says he will press police to do more - they say they are investigating the killing of Teakettle resident Markey Mendez very aggressively. Police are trying to find 24 year old Erwin Santos for questioning in connection with this murder. Police say Santos is in hiding right now and they are doing all they can to locate him. Markey Mendez had been missing for 5 days and his body was found on Monday night around 6:00 in a creek about a 45 minute walk beyond the old Warrie Head Bridge. His body was tangled in a tree branch that had fallen in the creek. His entire upper body was decomposed and the only way his father could have known it was him was from his Nike tennis and his tattoos on his foot.

PUP Rep Says Hon. Vega Should Not Have Police Protection/PM Blames His Opponent
And while the spate of Cayo South murders made it to the house meeting today - another security issue did as well. But it's not about crime, it's about police protection for the UDP's Gaspar Vega. PUP Orange Walk South Representative Jose Mar alleged that Vega has 24 hours police security - which is straining police resources in that town. Here's how he put it, and how the PM responded:...

The Castro Corona's Crushed
Today, the Orange Walk Customs Department destroyed the 89 cases of Mexican Beer that they caught Jafari and Wasani Castro with on Friday June 16th. The customs department took the beer to a dumpsite outside Orange Walk Town where they threw them into a heap, and then brought in a front end loader to smash and destroy the over two thousand cans of beers. Just like the Castros had done, the Customs Department took the beers to the destruction site in the back of a pickup. On the night of June 16th., Customs found the beers uncovered in the pan of a southbound Wingle pickup truck. Reports say the beers had come across from Mexico at Santa Cruz - which is the village across from Botes Mexico - a main source point for contraband.

Alleged Drunk Driver Will face Trial For Causing Death Of Lilian Guy
Today Victor Mason Gibbs appeared in the Magistrate's Court for a preliminary inquiry into the traffic accident that killed Lilian Guy and injured two others. In July of 2016, an allegedly intoxicated Gibbs was driving past the Michael Finnegan Market in Belize City when he began to swerve along the street. Gibbs eventually veered onto the sidewalk, where multiple people including Lilian Guy, Francis Hinds and Stephanie Pouchie were standing. Gibbs crashed into the group, completely crushing Guy's right foot and injuring Hinds and Pouchie. After loosing a fatal amount of blood, Guy, who was a Jehovah's Witness, refused to take blood from the hospital and succumbed to her wounds the next day.

No Charge For Larios In Wild West Style Shooting
Remember the May 2016 Wild Wild West bar room shootout in Spanish Lookout? Two business rivals squared off against each other, guns blazing; one was killed, the other seriously injured, and police recovered almost two dozen expended shells from the scene. 59 year old Businessman Jose Molina Estrada was the victim - but he also fired the first shot. So, now, his rival, Eddy Larios, the man who shot and killed Estrada, will not face charges because the DPP has ruled it a case of self-defence.

BDF's Helicopter Pilots and Technicians Ready For The Air
Years ago, it seems like a dream, but tonight, the BDF helicopter unit is finally fully operational. The BDF today held a Graduation Ceremony for the four Pilots and thirteen Technicians who completed a year long Helicopter Conversion Training. We visited them a few months ago into the training, and today Daniel Ortiz went back to see how far they've progressed since. Here's his story: According to the BDF General, the Taiwanese Government has committed to assist them with parts for these helicopters, which lessens Government's operational costs.

"GI Joe" Changes His Plea, Sentenced To Ten
Cecil Franklin, a career criminal known as GI Joe was sentenced to a total of 10 years in prison this afternoon, after changing his plea from not guilty to guilty to avoid wasting time in trial. Franklin is accused of robbing and wounding Janette Seawell last December. She had just finished a night of partying and was on Central American Boulevard trying to get home when Franklin approached her. She knows him, and told the court he offered her a place to stay for the night, and when she refused, he snatched her phone, and dragged her by the neck into a nearby alley. Franklin then allegedly struck her to the left side of the face, and ordered her to strip. Fearing for her life, Seawell began to shout for help, which caused Franklin to run away.

Government Fails The Reef Test
Earlier this week, the Coalition to Save Our Natural Heritage released its 2017 Reef Scorecard. The document reviews the work that the government has been doing to protect the barrier reef over the past year, and ranks those actions on a point scale. The scores are based on the government's response to various recommendations that the Coalition and its members have given them in the last year or so. GOB was scored on a scale of 1-3, with 1 meaning that no progress has been made, and three denoting that significant work is underway. The scorecard is divided up into six categories each with an individual score. The categories are: Oil, Mangroves, Coastal Development & Tourism, Environmental Regulation, Fisheries and World Heritage Value. First off, government did not receive an optimal score of 3 in any of the categories. It was given 1 in Oil, with the Coalition citing a lack of commitment to a moratorium or a referendum and criticisms on last year's plans for offshore oil exploration.

Arson Suspected In Ladyville Fire
Tonight, the Ladyville Police are investigating a fire in the Milpa area, which members of the family strongly believe was arson. 34 year-old Lorna Bardalez reported to police that around 11:40 she went outside her house. That's when she saw her cousin's home, which in the same yard, completely engulfed in flames. The Fire Department arrived as soon as it could, but, by then, the plywood and zinc house was completely destroyed. This afternoon, Lorna Bardalez spoke with us off-camera about the blaze, and here's what she told us:

Both Sides Debate Economic Development Council
And going back now to today's meeting at the House of Representatives, today the government introduced the economic development council bill. It establishes the Council in law as a body to promote partnership and collaboration between the public and private sectors. The opposition didn't like it one bit:;.. The bill was passed with government support.

Finnegan To Hyde: Don't Tell Me About Being Black And Poor
And while that was an orderly debate, things got downright rowdy when PUP Lake-I Representative Cordel Hyde rose to speak on the minimum wage. He's following up on a civic lobby raised by activist Moses Sulph. But, Hyde clashed openly with another Southside representative the UDP's Michael Finnegan - when he connected the low minimum wage with black poverty in the city. Here's the testy exchange:...

Titan's Principals Lose Again
Bahamians Rohn Knowles and Kelvin Leach have lost another legal battle, and this time it's not about money. The Supreme Court is ordering that the aborted extradition proceedings against them must resume, which could mean that their freedom may once again be restricted. In September of 2014, the US Department of Justice unsealed an indictment accusing them and other defendants of committing a 1-billion dollar securities fraud. In the months that followed, Knowles and Leach were on a roll, winning the criminal and civil suits in the courts.

Police Mentoring That Matters To Minors
Last night you heard Chester Williams and Dianne Finnegan plead with the Southside gangs to keep the peace and not fall back into their violent ways. Well, today Williams also asked the southside youth from the mentorship program to hold on to what they learned and carry it with them as they go back into their neighborhoods. And 100 of those youth graduated today from the mentorship program. A ceremony was held for them today at the Radisson. We stopped by to see how impactful this 6 month journey has been for these children.

Increasing HIV Awareness Through Testing
Today, over 20 countries throughout the region celebrated the 10th Annual Regional HIV and AIDS Testing Day. The event promotes HIV/AIDS status awareness, and aims to eliminate the stigma around getting tested. This year the National AIDS Commission opened up testing sites in 8 different locations throughout the country to attract and test as many people as possible. We spoke with the Arthur Usher, the Communication and Programs Officer at the AIDS Commission about the importance of the event...

Channel 5

House Meets; P.U.P. Questions Make Up of Economic Development Council
The House of Representatives met in its final session before the mandated summer break and there was a lot to discuss. We'll have all the highlights, but first, to the [...]

P.M. Gives EDC Members Credit for Legislation
Accusing the Leader of the Opposition in particular and the Opposition generally of ignorance of the role of the Council, Prime Minister Dean Barrow gave them credit for several of [...]

Supreme Court, Liberty Hall Volunteered for "Rejuvenation"
We have been covering the Cultural Heritage Bill's passage through the House of Representatives. It is intended to present a regime for registration and maintenance of historical assets including buildings, [...]

Commercial Center Not Part of Project
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Culture Patrick Faber hit back with a reminder that both Liberty Hall and the Supreme Court were in some disrepair years ago. He countered [...]

P.M. Barrow: "I Don't Accept" U.S. Claim of Gov't Complicity in Human Trafficking
News Five was able to pigeon-hole Prime Minister Dean Barrow for a quick interview following the sitting. We asked first about the U.S. State Department's Trafficking in Persons report. This [...]

Bleeding Cayo South Begs for Crime Resolution, P.M. Responds
Two topics addressed on the adjournment are carrying a lot of currency at the moment. While Belize City has been mostly crime and murder-free for a few weeks, there has [...]

Julius to Howell: Don't Charge Tire Fire Protestors
The Cayo South Area Representative also called out the officer commanding Belmopan, Senior Superintendent Howell Gillett. Gillett told News Five on Monday that while the search was continuing for murder [...]

Can Education Gap in Labour Force Be Cured?
As we reported on Wednesday, unemployment ticked up to nine percent year to year according to the Statistical Institute of Belize's Labour Force Survey done twice annually. Additionally, just under [...]

The Pitfalls of Living at Minimum Wage
Five years ago, the minimum wage for working Belizeans was raised to three dollars and thirty cents. In that time, the cost of living has increased hundredfold, exacerbated by high [...]

Returning Gaspar Vega Living in Fear; Police Guard Home & School
Former Minister of Natural Resources and area representative of Orange Walk North, Gaspar Vega, made his long-awaited return to the House of Representatives after being absent since August. It wasn't [...]

Family Dispute Causes Arson in Ladyville
A domestic dispute among members of a Ladyville family has resulted in the alleged torching of a property in the Milpa Site area of the village.� According to thirty-four-year-old Lorna [...]

U.D.P. Sets Municipal Conventions for August
Municipal elections are set for March seventh, 2018. There are nine municipalities and a whopping sixty-seven seats to fill; eleven in both Belize City and Belmopan. The U.D.P. is in [...]

Accused in Fatal 2016 Accident Faces Supreme Court Trial
Belize City resident, Victor Mason Gibbs, accused of causing the death of a Jehovah witness, Lilian Emily Guy on July thirtieth, 2016 was today committed to stand trial at the [...]

Belize Short Again in Protecting Barrier Reef
The World Wildlife Fund and the Belize Coalition say that Government has failed to implement promised protection for the Belize Barrier Reef World Heritage Site. According to the WWF, this [...]

First 100 Graduates from Police's Youth Membership Program
Two years ago, a spike in crime violence in Mayflower and Sibun area of Belize City saw residents seeking an initiative targeting those most susceptible on the south side. ACP [...]

4 Pilots Train to Fly Huey 'Copters for B.D.F.
An auspicious ceremony was held at the Belize Defense Force headquarters in Ladyville.� Four pilots completed a Helicopter Conversion Training Course to fly the Taiwanese-gifted Hueys thus transitioning from the [...]

Know Your Status: Test for HIV!
Belize joined regional efforts today to encourage testing for HIV, particularly by men. Across the country, centers were open for persons to get tested and know their status. The trends [...]


House Meeting #2 Held for 2017/2018 Fiscal Year
The second sitting of the house of Representatives for this fiscal year concluded at around five o'clock this evening in Belmopan with thirty elected members in attendance including Orange Walk North's representative, Gaspar Vega who has been absent for House meetings since November 2016. Today's meeting saw the second reading of eight Bills including the [�]

Speaker Shuts Down Briceno
Starting off today's House Meeting was the Leader of the Opposition, John Briceno who did not get far in his presentation as the Speaker of the House interrupted his attempt at bringing back the issue surrounding Brian Yellowman Audinett.

Cayo South Rep Alarmed at Recent Crime Wave
For a very long time the cry and appeal to mitigate crime had come from Belize City residents after the municipality had been riddled with gang related gun violence. In recent weeks, however, the cries have been coming from the west which is seeing even more violent forms of homicides ranging from burnt bodies to [�]

EDC Bill Garners Much Debate in House Meeting
Several Bills which ran through fairly smoothly with the exception of the Economic Development Council Bill which saw much debate. Cayo South Representative, Julius Espat began the debate by questioning the purpose of legislating this Council which seeks to promote partnership and collaboration between the private and public sector. Collet's Representative, Patrick Faber responded to [�]

Hopkins' Cove Goes Down in Flames
Fire Officials and police are investigating what started a fire at the Parrot Cove Lodge in Hopkins Village. The fire started some time after two in the afternoon. Ted McCoy, Chairman of Hopkins Village told us more about the incident.

Helicopter Training Ends with 17 BDF Members Better Equipped
The Belize Defence Force held a graduation ceremony to recognize four Pilots and thirteen Technicians who successfully completed a Helicopter Conversion Training. The Helicopter Conversion training started on the July 11 last year and concluded on June 26 and covered a wide range of helicopter related subjects and practical exercises. Hipolito Novelo reports.

Bert Vasquez' Trial for Abduction Begins
On Wednesday a trial involving Bert Vasquez began in the court room of Supreme Court Justice Adolph Lucas. Vasquez is accused of a crime allegedly committed in May 2011. Nine jurors were selected to hear the case. Representing the crown is Sheringe Rodriguez who began her opening statement with details of the case. Vasquez is [�]

Police Investigates Separate Shooting Incidents in Rural Belize
Ladyville police are investigating reports by two men who were injured in separate shootings. According to authorities, on 32 year old Christopher Meighan told police that shortly after four Thursday afternoon he was sitting inside the pan of a grey Ford Ranger pickup along with 4 men when they stopped on the Lemonal Road opposite [�]

House Fire and Family Feud Takes Down Home
Fire officials are investigating the cause of a fire that destroyed a home in Ladyville. They believe it was arson and when Love News visited the scene today we found out that it might have stemmed from a family feud. Hipolito Novelo reports.

Loan Motion Gets Green Light for Testing of Placencia's Waters
A loan motion for one point two million dollars was pushed through this morning during the sitting of the House of Representatives in Belmopan. The loan is being acquired through the Caribbean Development Bank for a study under the Placencia Peninsula Wastewater Management Project. This morning's session was suspended briefly to give way to the [�]

Fishermen Awarded at Annual Ceremony
As part of Caribbean Fisherfolk Day, the Wildlife Conservation Society and the Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism, recognized three fishermen at the annual Fisher of the Year Award Ceremony. Hipolito Novelo reports.

Chester Says Goodbye to EDS
The name, Chester Williams has become a household name in recent years as he has made his mark particularly on the southside of Belize City as the Commanding Officer for Eastern Division South. Friday, June 30, the Assistant Commissioner of Police will engage in a handing over of office to Inspector Marco Vidal who leaves [�]


Murder in Corozal
Police are looking for a man that they believe can help them in their investigation into another murder in the north. The man is Arturo Tamai Tzul whom police say they believe can assist them in their investigation into the chopping death of a Salvadoran man. The murder happened in San Joaquin, C...

SIB says economy on rebound
In Belize's economy grew by 2.1% in the first quarter of 2017. According to SIB , Belize produced goods and services totaling 748.2 million dollars which an increase of 15.4million dollars from $732.8 in the first quarter of 2016. During this period, the banana industry grew by more than 34%. Sugar...

Unemployment rate at 9%
The unemployment rate has increased in comparison to the same time period last year. That is what the latest figures from the Statistical Institute of Belize reveals. The Labour Force survey of April 2017, showed that when compared to April of 2016, there were over two thousand more persons unemploy...

Drunken cop to be disciplined
A uniformed PC Florencio Rash was caught on camera in a most unflattering position on the ground at the Belmopan bus station earlier this week. The video quickly made its way around social media and on Wednesday, it was determined that PC Rash was indeed drunk in the video, as suspected. Police sa...

No one checked Nationality Certificates?
Yesterday, Addy Pacheco returned to sit before the Senate Select Inquiry into the Auditor General's report on the passport, nationality and visa sections of the Immigration Department. As we told you yesterday, Pacheco has constantly placed blame for the processing of fake nationality certificates ...

On Line sale of Pharmaceuticals not approved
Belizean Pharmacists have been monitoring a website which sells medications online. The website operators claim that they are operating from Belize and even the Google site tracker picks up the site running from NorthSide Belize City. Well, online Pharmacies are illegal in Belize and today the Mini...

Weed found in over grown lot
Cops found 950 grams of weed on Wednesday afternoon. Police searched an overgrown lot next to the Fiesta Park in the Belama Phase 4 area of Belize City where they found a black plastic bag containing the cannabis. No one was in the area at the time and as a result the item was labeled and deposited...

Belize attends 49th SICA Summit in Costa Rica
Belize attended the 49th Summit of Heads of Government and State of the Central American Integration System (SICA) in Costa Rica where leaders met to discuss regional cooperation, security and the continued strengthening of regional integration. Minister of Foreign Affairs Hon. Wilfred Elrington, H....

Belize Coast Guard officer graduates with top honors from the united states naval war college
Lieutenant Gregory Soberanis of the Belize Coast Guard (BCG) graduated from the United States Naval War College on the 16th June, 2017, after successfully completing the Naval Staff Course in Newport, Rhode Island, U.S.A. Soberanis, who is the first Belizean to attend the one-year version of the c...

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Hammon Lemoth, 23, barber, survives gun attack
Hammon Lemoth, 23, a barber who was shot twice in the head on Central American Boulevard in Belize City over a month ago, is still alive today. After being shot, he was rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) in a critical condition. Doctors at the time described his prognosis as grim. Miraculously, he survived. However, information to Amandala is that he is unable to walk, talk, or move his body. Despite his slow road to recovery, we have been reliably informed that the KHMH is seeking to discharge him within the next few days. His family has not provided our newspaper with a comment on this decision taken by the hospital, but we understand that it is not being taken lightly. We understand that efforts are underway to clear his medical expenses in Belize, and to seek further medical attention for him abroad.

The PUP, UDP and the Harmouchs
An in-depth analysis of the Auditor General's audit of the Immigration Department would lead one to think that the Harmouch family in San Pedro has benefited from its relationships with political figures in both the ruling United Democratic Party and the opposition People's United Party. For example, the audit revealed that in 2012, Abdel Harmouch became a Belizean national even though he had not satisfied the requirements to do so. Tourism Minister Manuel Heredia had provided a reference for him to the Immigration Department for the issuance of his nationality certificate. The Officer in Charge of the Nationality Section at the Immigration Department, Gordon Wade, however, was of the view that he did not qualify for nationality and so did not recommend him.

14,823 unemployed in Belize
There are over 2,000 more unemployed people in Belize, as joblessness increased from 8% to 9% this April, reflecting the fact that as many as 14,823 people who are of working age (14 years and above) are not even able to get paid work for at least an hour a week. Belize's job market has failed to meet the growing demand for work. Although roughly 3,000 new jobs were created, they were not enough to satisfy the burgeoning labor force. According to data released today by Curwen Arthurs, Statistician I (Labour Force) at the Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB), the majority of those who joined the ranks of the unemployed (more than 6 in 10) are women.

Deadly machete chopping in San Joaquin
Two men were chopped in San Joaquin at about 3:00 this morning near the village's fiesta grounds. Omar Mario Gonzalez, 21, a farmer of San Joaquin who is originally from El Salvador, was chopped in the back and in the back of his head, and died on the scene, while his companion, Doniver Armoldo Ruano, 20, also of San Joaquin, was chopped in the right side of the neck, but he was able to escape. Their attacker, then ran away. Ruano was able to alert police, who were on patrol, and both victims were taken to the Corozal Town Hospital, where Gonzalez was declared dead on arrival while Ruano was treated for his chop wounds and was later released.

Banana and sugar lead economic rebound
Belize experienced a recession in 2016, but indications are that the economy is on the rebound, with first quarter growth of 2.1%, according to latest figures announced by the Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB). Jefte Ochaeta, Statistician I of the SIB's Economic Statistics Department, told the media on Wednesday that agricultural expansion-primarily from the banana and sugar sectors-accounted for most of the growth reported for the period January to May 2017. The 2.1% increase in Belize's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) can be attributed to the agriculture sector, said Ochaeta, adding that agriculture alone contributed 1.6% to the numbers, with banana production actually making the highest contribution to the increase for that period.

The Godfather of internet inventions is a Belizean-American, Andre Gray
Before the internet and the World Wide Web (WWW) became public modes of modern communications, its precursor was some dial-up telecommunications nodes. Every state in the US had them. In New York, there was Dialnet and Telenet. These were mostly utilized by the military and some people in academia, who paid for subscription and were connected via modem on their computers. Built on to these communications nodes from as early as the 1970s were the bulletin boards system (BBS) which were around until the 1990s, when the internet came along. The BBS had no sounds, no graphics, no videos. BBS were essentially texts streaming on computer screens in a style resembling a telegraph machine.

Allison "Harrier" Laing Tournament results
Here are the results from the Allison "Harrier" Laing Tournament which was held at the Trial Farm Basketball Court in Orange Walk on Sunday, June 25. In Round 1 games: Crooked Tree defeated Knights, 62-24; One Love def. Truckers, 53-26; and San Lorenzo Snipers def. All Stars, 42-31; while Muffles Bobcats got a bye. Round 2 saw Crooked Tree with the 61-32 win over Muffles Bobcats; Truckers defeated All Stars, 42-24; One Love def. Knights, 49-37; San Lorenzao Snipers got a bye; and Truckers won, 47-18, over Muffles Bobcats.

Kulture Yabra leads at Week 4 of National Over-40 Tournament
The inaugural Belize National Over-40 Football Tournament 2017 completed its fourth week of games over the weekend, and two undefeated teams, Kulture Yabra and Mango Creek Veterans lead the standings, with Kulture Yabra in first place with 7 points, followed by Mango Creek Veterans in second. But the race is tight, as Mango Creek is also tied at 6 points with Benque Vets FC and BDF Veterans. And two others are right behind with 5 pts each - San Pedro Veterans and Belmopan Veterans. Two games each were played on Saturday and Sunday over the past weekend.

The Annual Kaina Martinez Track and Field Games, July 22-23
The Seine Bight village on the Placencia Peninsula in southeastern Belize will host the fifth annual Kaina Martinez Track and Field Games on July 22-23, 2017. Named for Kaina Martinez, an Olympic athlete who represented Belize in the 2012 Games in London, the Kaina Martinez Track and Field Games features young athletes between the ages of 4-14 from Seine Bight as they compete in a series of track and field events. Kaina Martinez is an 11-time All-American track athlete, two-time NCAA champion, and both the Belizean and Central American world record holder in the 100-meter sprint who grew up in Seine Bight. She has also won gold medals in the Central American Championships for the 100-meter sprint, the 4 x 100-meter relay, and a silver medal in the 200-meter event. The Track and Field Games named after her are part of her long-standing desire to contribute to the success of other young people in her community.

Cricket Corner: Last segment - BNCA President resigns
The attached message was sent in by the President of the Belize National Cricket Association (BNCA), Jeremy McCulloch. He has resigned. Also, I have withdrawn from doing anything for cricket. It was a pleasure doing so, but it had gotten to a point where a line has been drawn. I thank everyone who had supported me constructively throughout these 6-plus years� No more postings on cricket, but later I will find other positive things to write about. Thanks again. May you all, be blessed. A message from BNCA President, Jeremy McCulloch:

Editorial: Re-registration
The newspaper is disturbed by the decision of the ruling United Democratic Party (UDP) to postpone re-registration yet again. For us, the UDP decision is worse than Machiavellian: it is anti-democratic. Everyone knows that the voters' lists are dirty, which is to say, people are voting in constituencies where they should not be voting, and some people are voting who should not, strictly speaking, be eligible to vote. The first time re-registration took place in the post-universal adult suffrage (1954) era of Belize's modern politics, was in 1978. In 1978, the then ruling People's United Party (PUP) introduced the 18-year-old vote, which had been a demand of the UBAD Party (1969-1974), and 1978 was the first time Belizean voters were required to have their photographs taken for identification purposes.

From the Publisher
I went to St. Ignatius Church on Saturday morning for Lois Lightburn's funeral, and a lot of memories ran through my mind. Lois had lived in Chicago with her two daughters (one of her daughters, Alva, had been a New York City victim of the 9/11 terrorist disaster at the World Trade Center in 2001), and it occurred to me that Lois must have asked to be buried in Belize. It is an expensive proposition, you know, to bring a body home from America for burial. Between 1975 and 1977, I was like an adopted son of Ms. Lucille Eusey, mother of Stretch, Ray and Pulu Lightburn. Ma Luz was like a stepmother to Lois, who was a daughter of Bill Lightburn, the father of Stretcher, Ray, and Pulu, through another lady. I will always treasure the closeness of the relationship between Ms. Luz and Lois. It was beautiful. They were like blood.

Neri O. Brice�o writes the Taiwan Ambassador to Belize
Dear Ambassador Liu, I write to you as simply a man, without medals, honours, degrees, positions and titles; just an ordinary mortal as you are, but most importantly as a citizen of this beloved nation of Belize. This country is one of the most diverse in Latin America and has a long history of cultural and racial diversity that can probably be traced back to the origin of this state. It's a country that is made of immigrants to whom it has always opened its doors with welcome arms. Some have come with good intentions and managed to integrate and be a productive part of the community and the new nation they live in, while others, we will say, have not been so generous and forthcoming.

Bigging up road repair crews
Dear Editor, Since it is usual to hear complaints on most subjects, this will be a note with a difference. As much as people complain that the Western Highway is in terrible repair, we must admit that the repair crews do a tremendous job with what they have to work with. Without them, the road would be useless at more than ten miles per hour, and even then hard on the tires. These guys keep the road usable. Without them, we would spend hours, rather than minutes, to get from Belmopan to Cayo. While nothing in this world is perfect, these guys are out there making our world a little easier and safer. Some kudos for people who really try.

Beloved, scuttlebutt is scuttlebutt �
Greetings, It must be that in this day and age my efforts within the trade union movement are ill conceived or simply not known. Nonetheless I take serious umbrage to the inferences drawn in your recent article regarding me and the current administration. It was not until I read that article that I knew that the Barrow administration was rooting for me to be president. This is fresh news and would have been grateful to at least know. The second statement draws a serious inference to suggest that I am controlled by the UDP administration, If this is the view of the Amandala crew, I would deem you to be misguided without more. Perhaps it would have served all of our interest had a simple conversation been held with me about the state of affairs between both the Congress and PSU, so that misinformation and statements bordering on slandering are not so freely tendered.

Former Ex-Services General Secretary writes aspiring member
Dear Mr. Carr, My attention has been drawn to a Radio and TV broadcast which was aired by KREM Radio and Television on the morning of Monday, June 19, 2017, between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 9 a.m. In this broadcast you made a number of statements about the secretary of the Ex-Services League and the Executive of the Ex-Services League, which I believe to be libelous. I am the secretary of the Ex-Services League to whom you made reference, and at all material times I was a member of the National Executive Council.

The Panama Taiwan breakup
The announcement by the government of President Juan Carlos Varela of the severing of diplomatic ties between Panama and Taiwan was of monumental importance both to this region and Belize in particular. In an address to the nation, President Varela announced the breaking of immediate diplomatic ties and that the severing of ties was the correct path for his nation and that of China. The possibility of mending this relationship is almost non-existent since China, regardless of not having formal diplomatic relationship with Panama before this announcement, however shared close financial ties with Latin America's financial powerhouse. The fact that China is also the second largest customer to the Panama Canal and the largest supplier of merchandise to the city of Colon's Free Zone was, I am sure, a huge deciding factor. Taiwan as expected came out with a swift and hard diplomatic statement condemning the move and announced that it would immediately cease all bilateral projects, pull its diplomatic staff and technical advisors, essentially closing its embassy. This is a monumental blow for Taiwan.

In his time he was the best�
He's 79 now, and one of his knees isn't working all that well, but he still looks spry enough to take off and push one out of the farthest corner, or slam a C. F. S. Brown fastball over the boundary for six. In 1950's/1960's Belize, everyone knew Charlie Gardiner's name. He was a top football player. And he had some brilliant days on the cricket pitch too. He had to excel. Athletics is written all over his genes. His dad, Robert Gardiner, was among that famous group of Belizeans (British Hondurans) who boarded steamships in Belize and journeyed across the ocean to fight for Britain in the First World War. Robert won a silver cup in Mesopotamia for gaining the most points in a sporting competition for soldiers stationed over there. (Charlie says he still has the cup) His brother, Keith, was an All Belize footballer in the 1960's, a first class cricketer, and a national table tennis champion. His brother, Roy, was a highly respected boxer.

As a childhood friend in Belize City Derrick Estrada had more freedom than most of us who grew up in the same neighborhood and in very strict homes like mine in the late 1960s. But remembering him and his shy personality since then makes me realize that boys like him had appeared distant in many ways. For me, there was always this wonderment why my sheltered background at the time prevented me from knowing him better. It later appeared after we both became teenagers in the late 1970s, and my family's departure from the neighborhood that divided us from connecting, that we were to meet again in more maturity. There was a sense of reluctance still, even though we would chat occasionally at the Belize Islamic Center on Racecourse Street that had become like an educational hub for some of Belize's most brilliant minds.

The saga of evidence of the common-law union!
I must confess I was not taken aback by the huge interest expressed by many over my article regarding common-law unions because it only proved that indeed many do not even know the law, their legal rights and the legal consequences that ensue when it comes to the relationships they are in. Thus, this week I will further expand on this topic as there were some rather interesting questions asked by readers. High on the list of questions is what happens if it's just a visiting relationship? It is good to know that in jurisdictions such as Barbados the legislation recognizes the visiting partner, but that is not the case in Belize. This is critical in that jurisdiction, because some men sought to get away from being considered common-law spouse by virtue of the fact that they made sure they only visited and thus never "lived-in" with the partner, even when he spent most of the night with the female partner.

Yacht ran aground on the reef near Snake Caye
A United States-registered 45-foot yacht, the La Ishta II, was found on the reef near Snake Caye in the Stann Creek District by the Belize Coast Guard, who were conducting routine patrols in the southern seas last week. A report was made to the Port Authority and the Department of the Environment, who went to the area to find out what had happened, and to assess the damages. An initial assessment of the area was also conducted by TIDE (Toledo Institute for Development and the Environment), because Snake Caye lies inside the Port Honduras Marine Reserve, a zone co-managed by that organization. Nicholas Christian Dorion Ferber, the Guatemalan captain of the vessel, told local authorities that the incident occurred while he was travelling to Livingston, Guatemala, from Placencia, Belize. A senior officer at the Port Authority told us that they are yet to conclude their report, but it is believed that the motorized yacht ran aground due to the captain's error.

Police tribunal charges apparently intoxicated policeman
This morning at about 10:00, a policeman was seen lying on the ground near the Belmopan Bus Terminal. He tried to get up, but apparently could not. He got into a sitting position, but fell. He then managed to get up, and tried to retrieve his cap and handcuffs that were near him on the ground, but was unable to do so. Police said that they went to the bus stop, where they saw a police officer in uniform, apparently under the influence of drugs or alcohol. They identified the officer as Police Constable 1319 Florencio Rash, attached to Eastern Division South (Precinct 1, Belize City). Belmopan police said that they took him into custody and charged him internally. Rash was charged with "Act to the Prejudice of Good Order and Discipline, bringing the department into disrepute, conduct unbecoming of a police officer and violation of police codes of ethics."

Illegal Salvadoran family ran afoul of the law
A routine police check on a young man riding a bicycle in the Fort George area of Belize City has led to the detention of three other members of his family, who are Salvadorans and are all in Belize illegally. The four Salvadorans appeared in the Magistrate's Court before Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser. They are Moses Diaz Valdez, 18; Santos Emiliano Valdez, 18; Cesar Gomez Valdez, 19; and Maria Valdez, 39, who were all charged with possession of a utensil for the smoking of illegal drugs, and possession of a controlled drug for 1.6 grams of cannabis. Three of the accused pleaded not guilty to the two charges, but Santos Emiliano Valdez accepted responsibility and pleaded guilty to the two charges.

200 passports were stolen in 2005
At the end of August 2005, as many as 200 passports were stolen from the Immigration Department's Belmopan office. Following that major heist, former Director of Immigration, Jose Carmen Zetina, had told the press, "I am a suspect and everybody from Immigration must be considered a suspect, including those who profess that they were on leave. They must be considered suspects." Though this incident occurred over a decade ago, it was revisited by the Auditor General's special audit of the Immigration Department for the period 2011 to 2013. The audit revealed that one of the stolen passports had been issued to Chinese national, Qiu-Yun-Lin. It was issued on November 13, 2007, and was scheduled to expire 5 years later. The audit also revealed that this passport issued had been a part of a series issued to Immigration officer, Ady Pacheco.

The Reporter

Youth shot on south side
A youth is currently undergoing surgery after he was shot earlier on the south side of Belize City. Unofficial but reliable reports are that Raheem Bodden, 18, was shot in his right shoulder sometime before 10 p.m., Friday on Antelope Street Extension in the Collet [�]

Police look for suspect in connection with arson
Ladyville police are looking for a suspect following a fire they believe was deliberately set, which destroyed a man's house Thursday night. The blaze was first spotted at around 11:30 p.m., when Lorna Bardalez,34, went outside her house when she saw her cousin's house on [�]

BDF has four new pilots and several helicopter mechanics
Seventeen members of the Belize Defence Force (BDF) who have completed a Helicopter Conversion training course today graduated, two of them with honours. Four of the members are pilots and 13 are technicians who now know how to fly, repair and service the military's helicopters. [�]

Healing Circle: an inter-generational book of poems on Belizean issues
A few weeks ago the Institute of Social and Cultural Reseach (ISCR) helped two artists from two different generations publish their collection of poems in a book named after one of their works called, "The Healing Circle." The book of poems is co-authored by past [�]

Chester out, Vidal in – Gang truce in limbo
The month of July brings with it a few changes within the Belize Police Department, one of which includes the transfer of Assistant Commissioner Chester Williams as the Regional Commander of Eastern Division South to head the Professional Standards Branch in Belmopan. It is a […]

Miss Costa Maya Belize delegate chosen
Popular beauty contestant and former Miss San Pedro, Michelle Estrella Nunez, has been officially chosen to represent Belize at the 2017 Costa Maya pageant scheduled for August 3. The 26-year-old Belizean beauty ambassador and resident of San Pedro town will compete against delegates from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, […]

LGBTI community given voice at Commonwealth
The 52 members that make up the Commonwealth have given the Commonwealth Equality Network (TCEN) – a lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, and/or intersex (LGBTI) group, increased access to that organization. TCEN is a network of 38 civil society organizations that operates in 39 countries, including […]

More Belizeans awarded scholarships to study in Taiwan
Some 24 Belizean students will travel to Taiwan later this year to pursue degree programs offered by the Taiwan International Cooperation and Development Fund (ICDF) scholarship program and the Taiwan Scholarship Program 2017. The students will receive full tuition, round trip economy-class ticket, accommodations, tuition […]

Retired broadcaster, Richard Merrill, passes
Retired broadcaster, Richard Merrill – best known for his years on Love FM’s Morning Show and presenting the news during that radio station’s early days – died on Saturday in Consejo Shores, Corozal where he lived for the past few years. Originally from Mississippi, USA, […]

Belikin launches new light beer
The Belize Brewing Company, makers of Belikin Beer, on Tuesday unveiled its latest product , Belikin Light, in an already extensive line of beers. Belikin Light, offers heath conscious drinkers a comparable flavor profile of a regular Belikin, but with reduced calorie content. Nolan Michael, […]

Venezuela leaves OAS, Belize sides with US
Foreign Minister of Venezuela, Delcy Rodriguez, emphasized that Venezuela will leave the Organization of American States and does not intend to return, during the 47th OAS General Assembly held in Cancun, Mexico. Rodriguez explained that there was a two year administrative period in which Venezuela has to […]

GOB continues investments in TVET education
The Government of Belize, in its continued effort to enhance the quality of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in the country, signed a consultation contract with a German consultancy company. The Ministry of Economic Development & Petroleum along with the Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth […]

Barrow speaks on IMF outlook of Belize
The International Monetary Fund, in light of Belize's poor economic outlook, offered Belize several recommendations in its latest report on the country; however Prime Minister Dean Barrow has openly rejected most of their recommendations. Barrow, responding to the IMF's recommendations after its routine Article IV Consultation, emphasized […]

BEL and shareholders meets for AGM
The Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) held its Annual General Meeting last Wednesday at the Best Western Belize Biltmore Plaza Hotel to report the company's performance and achievements for the year 2016. According to a press release from BEL, following its vision to become a model of excellence, […]

Uniformed police constable caught drunk on video gets disciplined
A police constable who made the news this week after he was videotaped lying on the ground in his uniform – apparently under the influence of alcohol- is to face a disciplinary tribunal for the offence: “Prejudice of Good Order and Discipline.” Police Constable Florencio […]

Elvin Penner charged for fatal accident
Former Minister of State, Elvin Penner, was charged in San Ignacio Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday for causing the death of a motorist in a traffic fatality last Friday. Penner was read charges of manslaughter by negligence, causing death by careless conduct and driving without due care and […]

Indian national robbed of over $50,000.00 cash at Airstrip in Corozal
Corozal police are looking for two thieves who netted over $50,000 in cash from an Indian national at the Ranchito airstrip in Corozal Town late Friday evening. Thirty-four-year old Avinash Deshmukh, store manager of Corozal Town, reported to police that around 5:00 p.m on June 23 he was attacked at […]

Police looking for suspected killer of Marky Mendez
The five-day search for a Teakettle resident who was reported missing came to an end on Monday after his decomposed body was discovered in a shallow creek near the old Warrie Head Bridge about a mile away from Teakettle village. The body of 24-year-old Marky Mendez was […]

We just spent seven days celebrating Police Week, and we are pretty confident that the men and women who responded with so much enthusiasm and goodwill all have stress in their lives. Policemen are not the only ones living with stress, and stress cannot be used as an excuse for […]

Early morning murder in Corozal; suspect on the run
Corozal police are seeking the public's assistance in finding a San Joaquin man who is suspected of inflicting deadly chop wounds to two men, one of whom died on the scene. It is believed that the suspect, Arturo Tamai Tzul, might have escaped across the […]

GOB trying to avoid another million dollar lawsuit
The Government of Belize is entering into negotiations with an American businessman, over several acres of land valued at more than $8 million dollars, used for the newly-opened Rene Montero Bridge over the Macal River in San Ignacio town. Errol Gentle, Chief Executive Officer in […]

GDP and exports up! Unemployment and cost-of-living too!
The latest data released by the Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB) shows that Belize had increased economic performance while battling rising unemployment and cost of living for the first quarter of 2017. The SIB released its latest Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Estimates, External Trade Bulletin, […]

Southside bids farewell to Chester Williams
More than 70 members of the Belize Police Department’s Belize City south side zone, along with various media houses, and supporters of the Community Policing program were recognized during a ceremony to bid Assistant Commissioner of Police and leader of the program, Chester Williams, farewell […]

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Belize observes Regional Testing Day
The National AIDS Commission (NAC) culminated six weeks of mobile HIV testing today, with countrywide observance of Regional Testing Day. The NAC and its partners, such as the Ministry of Health and Scotia Bank, had testing sites all over the country, encouraging Belizeans to come out and learn their HIV status.

WWF challenges GOB on empty promise to protect Barrier Reef
The World Wildlife Fund (WWF), in a report this week, called out the government of Belize for its failure to implement legislation drafted to protect the Belize Barrier Reef from the threat of offshore oil drilling and damaging coastal construction.

Addy Pacheco talks missing passports
Senior Immigration Officer, Addy Pacheco, had another round of testimonies at the Senate inquiry this week, answering questions about hundreds of missing passports cited in the Auditor General's Report.Senator Mark Lizaraga led the way in the questions, pointing out that over 600 passports were reported missing, stolen, or were simply unaccounted for. Lizaraga added that many of those passports re-entered into the system for renewal, at later dates.

Walk in my Shoe fundraiser
My name is Ruby Reyes and I am a teacher at SCA and an adjunct professor at UB. I am coordinating a shoe drive to secure 50 school shoes and school supplies to 50 deserving girls of Big Falls R.C. in the Toledo District. I taught there for four years prior to moving to Belize City so I'm aware of the difficulty parents face, like in many parts of the country, in preparing their children for school which often requires funds that surpasses the available financial resources.

U.S. Embassy in Belize celebrate 241st anniversary of U.S. independence
Last night, the United States Embassy in Belize celebrated the 241st anniversary of independence for the USA. Charge d 'Affaires Adrienne Galanek hosted distinguished guests including Governor General, Sir. Colville Young among others. Dr. Paul Whisnant was also present at the celebration.

Corozal police seek man for murder
Yesterday, BBN reported the murder of a Salvadoran national in San Joaquin, Corozal. Amilcar Morales Gonzalez , 21, and Doniver Ruano were riding home when they met a girl and began speaking to her. Arturo Tzul, 34, confronted the men and chopped both men [�]

Local businesses fund summer camp for over 100 kids
Green Reef, a marine conservation NGO, for the fourth consecutive year, will undertake a four week summer camp at Camp Basil Jones on North Ambergris Caye adjacent to the Bacalar Chico Marine Reserve. The summer youth camp program aims to promote conservation and preservation of the [�]

Ladyville farmer shot
Yesterday, Ladyville Police visited a farm located on Texas Road, Scotland Half Moon village where Timothy Schrock, 29, farmer of Isabella Bank told police that around 3:50 p.m., he was driving his tractor on the Lemonal Road heading to Scotland village. Upon reaching beside the [�]

House burns in Ladyville
Last night around 11:41, Ladyville Police visited #80 Milpa Site, Ladyville village, and spoke with Lorna Bardalez, 34, who reported that around 11:40 p.m. she went outside her house and saw her cousin's house ( Calvin Palma, 27) engulfed in flames. The structure was a [�]

Top cop Chester says goodbye to Belize City
Assistant Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams today departs from his post at Eastern Division South, Belize City to take up his new position in Belmopan City. Williams now assumes the post of Head of the Professional Standards Branch unit in the capital city. Former [�]

Chester encourages youths to keep peace in Belize City
Assistant Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams' departure from Belize City has raised concerns among Belize City residents. Williams' work in the streets of the city's southside included intervention programs, community policing and even a peace march earlier this year with gang members. Williams has [�]


September in Belize
September is one of the best times to visit Belize. Falling during the "low" season, visitors can get a chance to see the top spots in the country and enjoy fabulous festivals without having to deal with large crowds. Here are 5 great reasons why you should visit Belize in September: Affordable Flights: All four of America's biggest airlines now offer non-stop flights to Belize, making it easy to get great prices on airfare to Belize. The Whole Month is One Big Holiday: Belize has several national holidays that all occur in September, making the entire month one non-stop celebration.

What Is the Climate Like in Belize?
If you had to describe the climate of Belize in one sentence, you could say that it's very similar to South Florida. Officially, Belize is a sub-tropical country that enjoys warm weather year-round, gentle trade wind breezes, and a mean humidity of around 83%. Unlike North America, Belize only has two seasons, often referred to as the "dry" season and the "green" season. The "dry" season is also the "high" season for tourists, roughly corresponding to winter in North America but featuring long stretches of sunny days and delightfully warm temperatures. The "green" season is the "low" season, roughly corresponding to summer in North America but without any significant elevation in temperatures.

Visit Belize's Cayo District: 7 Reasons This Should Be Your Next Destination
Below are 7 great reasons to visit Cayo District: It's the "Wild West:" Often known as the "Wild West" more for its abundance of pristine nature and exotic wildlife rather than the presence of cowboys, Cayo District is the eco-tourism heartland of the country. It is home to enormous national parks, animal sanctuary, pristine rivers, and spectacular waterfalls. Ancient Maya Sites: The ancient Maya civilization once dominated Central America from Mexico in the north to El Salvador in the south. Belize was the heartland of the ancient Maya culture, and today is home to more Maya sites than anywhere else in the world. Some of the most impressive Maya sites can be found in Cayo, including the ATM Cave, Caracol, and Xunantunich. The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Tikal is located just a few miles from Cayo District across the border in Guatemala.

Time Magazine Says You Should Visit Belize in your 30's
On June 25, 2017, Time Magazine published a video on its Facebook social media account that listed seven amazing trips that travelers should enjoy in their 30s, including Belize. The Time Magazine video extolled the highlights of Belize for individuals in their 30s, describing it as the perfect honeymoon or beach destination because it is far (from the United States) but not "too far." Indeed, all four of the biggest airlines in the United States now offer non-stop service to Belize from major cities across the country, with flights taking just 2-5 hours to arrive in the country. For honeymooners of all ages, Belize is well-known as a place for exotic destination weddings because of its luxury resorts, hundreds of picturesque islands, sugar sand white beaches, and lush natural jungle settings. The Time Magazine video also described Belize as a great beach destination and a world-class spot for scuba diving and snorkeling. Many newlyweds enjoy experiencing these and similar activities on the islands, including sea kayaking, windsurfing, fishing, sailing, and sampling fresh-caught seafood with a lovely beach barbecue.

Belize Sleeping Giant Mountain
With one foot in the Central American jungles and the other in the Caribbean Sea, Belize may be small but it's packed with adventure and culture. Belize is even known to offer great tales from the mythical world, and today we are going to explore a mythical slumbering giant that lies in the mountains of Belize, the Sleeping Giant. Lying 19 miles from the country's capital, Belmopan, the Sleeping Giant features can be defined. His facial profile and barrel chest is a portrait of his slumber, as he reigns over the vibrant green valleys below. Cast under the spell of eternal rest, his domain and minions bring alive the serenity of a dream living in harmony with the enchanted terrain.

Vacation Planner, Whats Ahead and New Codes
Everyone always wants to know what is happening when while they are planning their trip. Things change so fast it is hard for everyone to keep track, thankfully Paradise Guy has stepped to help. He currently has the most up to date general events schedule. Click through for a complete calendar on all the Ambergris Caye nightlife (which bands are playing where, trivia, darts, karaoke etc.) For those of you that are thinking about Belize the next 3 months or have your tickets booked, below is an overview of various annual festivals and events.


  • New Song from Belizean Dian Songs Ft. Altee - Wine and go down, 4min.

  • Sitting of The House of Representatives (6/30/2017)

  • Belize 2015 Trip, 3.5min.

  • Belize Diving Teaser, 3.5min. Ambergris Caye, San Pedro Belize First diving experience and diving certification in Ambergris Belize with Ambergris Divers .

  • Marimba musicians in Benque are so talented!, 2min.

  • SWFL man starts petition to ban unattended baited hooks used to trap alligators, also Crocodile sanctuary in Belize, 2min. A N. Fort Myers man has created a petition hoping to get unattended baited hooks banned for trapping alligators. Vince Rose runs a crocodile sanctuary with his wife in Belize. He said there's several other methods trappers can use that are safer for both the animal and people.

  • SONGS ON CANVAS----THE TALITA LONG STORY!, 42min. Meeting Talita Long for the first time in 2008 at Jordan High School in South Central Los Angeles where she taught Art Education open an opportunity for me to view the life of an incredible American artist of Caribbean heritage who is the mother of the acclaimed and legendary African-American actress Nia Long. It is so true that you never know who you will cross paths with until you explore the realms of this global community. As an educator myself at Jordan High School that opened up a whole world to me of black and brown unity, it was coincidence that brought me to connect with this very hidden American artist who just happened to be in the school's cafeteria that day having lunch and expressing a bright spirit as she sang in the style of the legendary African-American singer, Minnie Riperton. Being a passionate music lover, it didn't take me long to look up and see Long's identity that was a direct replica in voice of the beloved Riperton. The legendary songbird, Denise Williams, another African-American female artist also came to mind, and so my connection with Long began.

  • Grace & You -Benjamin's Summer Smoothie & Devon Creme Pie, 25min.

  • BFLA Summer Activities Team Relay Triathlon Experience, 21min.

  • Police Youth Mentorship Program Basketball Cup Tournament 2017, 28min.

  • Some fun at CC lobster fest pageant!, 10min.

  • Cindy and Leon provide some musical talent during intermission at the Caye Caulker Lobster Fest pageant! , 9min.

  • Miss Lobster Fest 2017 Caye Caulker, 10min.

  • Caye Caulker Lobster Fest- Miss Lobster Fest 2017, 25min.

  • Monica & Jesus' Belize Vacation 2017, 3.5min.

  • Placencia Peninsula, 2.5min. I introduce to you Placencia Village! One of many famous tourist attraction destination in the beautiful country Belize! Placencia boast some of the best beaches, the locals are very friendly, and the resorts are world class. Placencia needs to be a bucket list destination for any tourist traveling to Belize.

  • Trip to Yucatan and Belize, 7min. Our trip in Yucatan and Caye Caulker in April 2017.

  • Belize Trip 2016, 6.5min. Video of all of our fond memories in Belize! We all hope you enjoy!!! We hope everyone who was in Belize with us had a great time as well.

  • Maya Mountain North Forest Reserve: Conserving critical tropical rainforests in Belize, 3.5min. One of the reserves Ya'axch� co-manages is threatened and needs urgent action to save it. Slash and burn agricultural methods, escaped fires, illegal logging, poaching and resource extraction have increased deforestation rates in the 36,000 acre Maya Mountain North Forest Reserve. These forests provide essential clean water, flood prevention, sediment retention, rain generation, and carbon storage services for the Toledo district. The livelihoods and way of life of at least 4,000 inhabitants from communities downstream are dependent on the survival of this reserve.

  • Celebrating our Ocean Hero 2016, 10min. The Ocean Hero award began as a way for Oceana to recognize and celebrate exceptional accomplishments in ocean conservation, advocacy and education. Being an Ocean Hero mostly means taking action to protect our oceans for people and creatures today and for generations to come. The wave to that kind of impact can start anywhere�and by anyone. In her forty year (and counting) career, biologist and zoologist Janet Gibson has played an influential role in just about every marine conservation strategy or resource management strategy developed in Belize. Gibson was also a driving force in securing reserve status for two marine protected areas: Belize's first marine reserve, the Hol Chan Marine Reserve (also the first of its kind in Central America) and the Glover's Reef Atoll, one of Belize's three atolls. She was also a key member of the Belizean team that worked to have seven sites within the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System declared World Heritage Sites.

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