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The San Pedro Sun

Doctor Love: Mother knows best
Dear Doctor Love, My fourteen year old son stays up really late then he cannot get up in the morning and wants to nap all afternoon. I think it is laziness but my husband says he needs extra sleep. Who is right? /s/Mother knows best Dear Mother, In this case, father knows best. The National Sleep Foundation states that teenagers require eight to ten hours of sleep per night to function normally and most don’t get anywhere close to that amount. They go to bed late and get up early, then feel drowsy midday during classes. So instead of worrying that he is getting too much sleep, you need to make sure he is getting enough proper sleep.

Wolfe’s Woofer: Home Care
“Hello, Dennis speaking,” I said, when I answered the phone. “Mr. Dennis, it’s me – Consuela.” “Oh, hi, Consuela,” I said. “What did the doctor say about Mario? Is he going to be all right?” Mario, my sometime yard worker and handyman, had been feeling poorly all week long so his wife, Consuela, had taken him to the doctor. “The doctor say he want to talk to me by myself about Mario,” she said. “I’m scared. Will you go with me to the doctor’s?” “Sure.”

Ambergris Today

Celebrity Spotting: Nick Jonas Excites Fans In Belize!!!
Yes! The Belize social media is a buzz and the teenage girls are screaming for joy and wishing they knew where Nick Jonas is staying in Belize. The young American singer/actor has been spotted in Belize but his whereabouts remain unknown. According to our sources he was spotted in Placencia, while others swear he was in San Pedro. Tropic Air pilot Milo Paz shared his picture with us that he took with Nick at Belize’s Phillip Goldson International Airport.

Misc Belizean Sources


NEMO Flood Advisory #1:
FLOODING IN SOUTHERN BELIZE SUNDAY, 2ND JULY 2017, as at 12:00 MD. The National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) hereby informs that the National Meteorological Service have issued a flood warning for the Toledo District due to flooding as a result of heavy rainfall over the last 36 to 48 hours over southern Belize. Rainfall is expected to continue through the day and tonight. It is raining over the Maya Mountains, so communities prone to flash flooding in the Stann Creek District must be on the alert. The concerns remain as localized flooding of low-lying communities and flash floods near rivers and streams especially in the south. AREAS OF CONCERN in Stann Creek are the North Stann Creek and South Stann Rivers including Kendal. In Toledo it is the Moho and Temash Rivers which are at flood stage. So far eight (8) families had to relocate to their relatives due flood waters in Crique Sarco...

NEMO Flood Advisory #2
FLOODING IN SOUTHERN BELIZE, SUNDAY, 2ND JULY 2017, as at 6:00 p.m: Few showers and isolated thunderstorms will continue over the south tonight. Conditions are expected to improve tomorrow with showers and thunderstorms becoming isolated. Communities in the Stann Creek District that are prone to flash flood must be on the alert as the North and South Stann Creek rivers are rising fast. A flash flood warning is in effect for and has been issued to the villages of Sarawee and Hope Creek. Shelters will be opened in Sarawee and Hope Creek to assist those residents who need a dry, safe place to shelter until the water recedes. The Stann Creek District Command Centre was activated at 4:00 p.m. today. The Hon. Frank Mena chaired the Stann Creek District Emergency Committee meeting, reviewed the situation and initiated their plan of action.

Caye Caulker Lobster Fest 2017
Lots of photos!

This Month July is when the event of the Maya resistance known as the Caste War Started
The Independent Maya Masewal Communities during the Guerra Social Maya(Caste War 1847-1930's) In 1850 the Chan Santa Cruz state founded by the Yucatec Maya group known as the Cruzoob Maya, stretching from north of Tulum to the Belize border and a considerable distance inland, was the largest of the independent Maya communities of the era but not the only one. The Ixcanha Maya community had a population of some 1,000 people who refused the Cruzob's break with traditional Catholicism. In the years of stalemate, Ixcanha agreed to nominal recognition of Mexico in exchange for some guns to defend themselves from Cruzob raids and the promise that the Mexican government would leave them alone. As Chan Santa Cruz was more of a worry, the Mexicans let Ixcanha govern itself through 1894. Another important group was the Icaiche Maya, in the jungles of the lower center of the peninsula .The Icaiche Maya territory included part of northwestern Belize and southern Mexico close to the Rio Hondo. , who in the 1860s battled against the Mexicans, the Cruzob, and the British .

Water is receding on the Southern Highway at Jacintoville (Toledo), 8 miles just outside Punta Gorda. As a result, the Highway has been partially re-opened for now, with only high vehicles being allowed to pass. Motorists and villagers in Toledo District and Stann Creek District are advised to stay informed and keep monitoring the situation, for while flooding might be subsiding in some areas, waters might still be rising in other areas.

BAFFU12 an e magazine from BELIZE
Still accepting submissions...

BEL Authorized Collection Agents
Payments for electricity bills can be made for free via any Authorized BEL Collection Agent countrywide. If you are being charged a fee to pay your electricity bill, be aware that you are not using an Authorized BEL Collection Agent.

Ceviche with a smile
Friendly faces and delicious food at the Lobster Fest in Caye Caulker.

The Reporter

Man drowns in Macal river
A man has reportedly died of drowning in San Ignacio town. The incident happened on Sunday in the Maval River. Police say they were summoned to the branch mouth area at around 11:00 a.m., where they observed the decomposed corpse floating down the river. The person was identified Leston Broaster, 31, of Santa Elena town. Broaster’s mother, Mirta Broaster had reported that he left home last weekn Wednesday and had not returned.

Police believe murdered businessman was killed on lunch break
Police believe that Abdush Salam, the 29 year-old Indian businessman whose body was discovered Saturday night in his apartment downtown Belize City, was murdered during the lunch hour. Salam reportedly left his booth at the Novelo’s bus terminal to go for his lunch break at aroynd 1:30 on Saturday afternoon but did not return. A friend who went looking for him just before 6:00 p.m., discovered his nude body lying face up on a bed inside his apartment. His hands were tied behind his back. Police have not yet made any arrests.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

US Embassy confirms Wentz found safe
This evening, BBN reported that Renee Wentz, a self-defense instructor went missing in Corozal Town. Wentz was last seen yesterday in Corozal and her family and friends were concerned since she did not show up for an appointment in Chetumal this morning at 10. The United States Embassy’s Duty Officer/ Public Affairs officer has responded to BBN and informed us that Wentz was found safe in Corozal Town.

Post-mortem reveals Letson Broaster found in Macal River died by drowning
According to police reports, at 11 am today, authorities visited an area on the Macal River Bank in the branch mouth area where the body of a male person was seen faced up floating down the river. The body was retrieved and was in an advance state of decomposition.

Body found in Macal River identified
Earlier today, BBN reported that the body of a man was found floating in the Macal River near the new San Ignacio/ Santa Elena bridge. BBN can confirm from sources that the body was identified as Densdale Letson Broaster. According to reports, Broaster had been missing for several days.

Indian businessman found dead at home
Last night around 6:15, Belize City police visited #4 Orange Street in Belize City and observed a man of East Indian descent lying face down naked on a bed. The person was identified as 29-year-old Bangladeshi businessman, Abdush Salam. Salam had both hands tied behind his back.

NEMO Toledo partially activated
The Ministry of National Emergency Management informs that the NEMO Toledo Emergency Operations Center (EOC) has been partially activated as coordinators monitor rising waters of the Moho and Temash rivers.

More problems for Belize’s struggling oil industry
Belize’s oil industry, which is already facing rapidly declining production, is gong through even more difficulty as production at the Never Delay Oil Field, located north east of Belmopan, came to a halt. Director of the Petroleum and Geology Department, Andre Cho, explained that Belize Natural Energy (BNE), the only oil producer in Belize, hit a rock formation which is making oil extraction difficult.

Bus driver robbed in Lords Bank
Belizean bus driver, Dexter Hemmans, 36, of Hollywood Street, Lords Bank reported that on Friday night around 8:00 he was inside his bus doing his last bus run for the night when he stopped for two dark complexion men.

Belize City church robbed of almost $7,000 in items
According to police reports, Wesley Ruiz, 30, Brazilian pastor of Queen Street in Belize City reported that between the hours of 3:00 p.m. and 4:45 p.m. on June 30, while he was giving a service inside the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God someone entered his office at the church.

House burns in Belmopan
Bernard Lino, 65, of Ortanique Street, Belmopan City reported that on Thursday at 6:30 p.m. he was at home watching news when he smelt something burning. Lino told police that he made checks in one of the bed rooms and noticed that the mattress was on fire. Lino immediately called the fire station for assistance.


Plunge Into Rio Blanco Falls
We just took the highway while exploring southern Belize and kept our eyes open for any great adventure we could get into. We were told there are beautiful waterfalls in the area. Signs on the road alert of waterfalls and the Rio Blanco Falls was easy to find. The falls are located in a national park that was made a protected area in the early 1990’s. Rio Blanco contains a series of waterfalls dropping 15-20 feet into a deep pool. It is a popular swimming and picnic spot for locals, as well as tourists. It is designated as an Indigenous People’s Park and is managed by Santa Cruz and Santa Elena Villages. Two dollars allows you access to the falls that has changing rooms, picnic areas and stairways to access the waterfall; there is a ranger who overlooks the park. Jumping in and cooling off the the best part of it all.

International Sourcesizz

Caribbean credit unions want a greater role in regional development
Caribbean credit unions are more alive and active and can play a greater role in national and regional development, but that much is either not known or recognized by the region's government's -- and they want to change that. That's the word from the president of the Caribbean Confederation of Credit Unions (CCCU), Aaron Moses -- and he delivered just that message at the regional organization's 60th International Convention and 46th AGM held June 16-17, 2017, at the Memories Varadero Beach Resort in Cuba.


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  • That Time We Drove Our 1992 Mazda from Panajachel to Belize and Back, 9.5min. Don't plan on driving in Guatemala until you watch this video. Driving in Guatemala is an adventure. We drove all the way from Panajechal to Belize and back. Of course, we stopped and had some fun on the way.

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