The Government of Belize Reaches Important Cornerstone in Border Management

The UN Migration Agency (IOM) reports that an important upgrade to Belize's Border management system is complete. Particularly, this initiative strengthened the capacity of Belize's Department of Immigration and Nationality Services (DINS) and its staff to manage the border more efficiently through an upgrade of the recently installed PIRS/MIDAS computerized border information management system.

The MIDAS system has been designed by OIM to be compliant with international standards and is currently operational in 19 countries. It also enables the production of real-time reporting over the 1.5 million border transactions per year in Belize. MIDAS automatically checks all recorded entry and exit data in the border posts, allows the collection of biometric data and more accurate capture of information.

"With this Belize can count on a better risk assessment of those travelling and more targeted interventions at the front line and faster clearance of passengers" said Mr. Jason CLARKE, IOM's Senior Specialist in Border and Identity Solutions.

The software for the pre-security screening at the international airport through Advance Passenger Information Systems (APIS), and the registration of Residents Permit and extend VISAs is now in place. The new system has an enhanced connection to Interpol screening systems to identify persons of interest under various categories.

Mr. Rene CHUC, IOM head of Office in Belize noted: "IOM congratulates the Government of Belize for the excellent collaboration that has brought this achievement. An important step to strengthen migration management across the entire country."

In Belize, more than 80 migration officers are trained in MIDAS and they receive monitoring visits of their regional counterparts. IOM has provided expert guidance throughout the installation process, including training workshops and post-project support to ensure MIDAS' sustainability.