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The San Pedro Sun

San Pedro and Caye Caulker Police complete in-service training
On Tuesday, July 11th and Wednesday, July 12th, a group of Special Constables and police officers of the Coastal Executive Unit (Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker) participated in an in-service training. Held at San Pedro Town Council Conference Room, in-service training has been cited as one of the most important responsibilities in any law enforcement. From 9AM to 5PM, facilitators Assistant Superintendent (ASP) Eusebio Lanza, Officer Commanding Training Planning and Support Unit, National Police Training Academy (NPTA); and Sergeant (Sgt) Clinton Magdaleno, Instructor at NPTA, took turns consulting participants on current laws and practices of the Belize Police Department.

Guest Editorial: Small Efforts -can make a Big Impact
– By Dr. Eileen Anderson-Fye. The horrors of Faye Lin Cannon’s life and death are almost too awful to imagine. In recent days the community has seen protests, calls for justice, and exhortations for more services for children. But looking at her picture in news reports, and knowing what she endured, it feels nearly impossible to hold on to hope. Faye’s case is most prominent right now, yet Belizean authorities report receiving close to 1,500 cases of abuse and neglect in 2016. Even more tragic, they acknowledge that many more never come to official notice. How many children are in circumstances like Faye’s? Can any one person, or even group of people, really make a difference? Or is it all just too enormous, too complex – just too hard to address?

Misc Belizean Sources


Mexico stops Belize buses from entering Chetumal
Mexico announced yesterday that they will no longer allow Belizean buses to cross the border into Chetumal. This will be a blow to Belizean operators, a boom for Chetumal taxis, and extra cost for Belizeans visiting Chetumal. The owners flatly refused to adhere to standards acceptable to Mexico and yet demanded reciprocity. Mexico agreed to allow time for them to get up to standard but that time has run out. Operators complained that enforcement of standards in Belize to meet the Mexican requirement will inevitably lead to a demand for higher fares.

Snippet of today's activities at the National Corn, Coconut & BBQ Festival

NICH Media Session
The Institute of Archaeology (NICH) Belize and Institute for Social & Cultural Research met with various media outlets to discuss media in Belize, and it's impact on culture. It was a great meeting, and some strategic brainstorming was done in regards to promoting culture. Hopefully, positive events and cultural events can be covered more, and certain media outlets that simply focus on the negative can gain some journalistic integrity. Link in fb.

Youth Star Talent Search
The Youth Star Talent Search Show and Dance will be next Saturday, July 22nd, starting at 3pm, at the Belmopan Civic Centre

The Reporter

US teen dies in road fatality
A traffic accident at midday today in the Stann Creek district has claimed the life of an 18-year-old US citizen. According to the Police Press Office, Devin Robert Merriell died at the scene of injuries he sustained during a road collision at the Bocawina junction. Merriell was exiting the junction and making his way onto the highway, using a rented motorcycle, when he crashed into an oncoming tow head truck. A Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP) was issued to the driver of the truck, Abraham Friescen, a resident of Guinea Grass village.

Contraband caught before reaching Belize City
A joint operation by the Mobile Interdiction Team (MIT) and police officers from Precinct III proved successful in the confiscation of a variety of contraband cigarettes and whiskey before they reached Belize City. Police received a tip and they and MIT personnel apprehended Alfred Edward Usher, 53, a resident of Orange Walk town, as he alighted a bus from Orange Walk to Belize City. Usher made his way to a taxi, which was when police moved in for their search, which uncovered 38 cartons of contraband cigarettes and two litres of Buchanan brand Whiskey. The items were handed over to the Customs Department in Belize City, whose personnel will now handle the case.

Teacher jailed for having sex with student
A teacher was remanded to the Hattieville prison on a charge of having ‘unlawful sexual intercourse’ with a 15 year-old student. The teacher is Eric Mazin, 24, who teaches at Mopan Technical high school in Benque Viejo del Carmen, Cayo. San Ignacio police have been investigating the incident for some time and on July 14, arrested and charged Mazin. He was remanded to prison until his next court date on October 16.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Road traffic accident near Beaver dam bridge
By BBN Staff: Around 4:30 today, a pick up truck collided with a James bus near the Beaver dam bridge on the George Price Highway. According to reports, the pick up truck had two passengers – a male and a female.

BPMS workers given bail
By BBN Staff: BBN reported on Wednesday of two workers from BPMS who were caught with 25 pounds of weed. Police busted them on the outskirts of Orange Walk. The weed was in a large box in the cargo van. According to police reports, the weed was not cargo, it was a package that the driver and sideman were responsible for.

US citizen dies in fatal traffic accident
By BBN Staff: BBN has confirmed the identity of the man that died in the fatal traffic accident this afternoon. According to reports, Devin Robert Merriell, 18, a US citizen, was riding a rented motorcycle and was coming out of the Bocawina Junction when he collided on another vehicle being driven by Abraham Friescen of Guinea Grass.

Fatal road traffic accident on Southern highway
By BBN Staff: Reports to BBN is that a fatal traffic accident occured a short while ago on the Southern Highway. The accident occured near the junction leading to Bocawina.

Belize City police find weed and ammo
By BBN Staff: According to police reports, on Thursday Belize city police conducted searches on abandoned lots in the George Street area. Police found a total of 431 grams of suspected cannabis and thirty .9mm rounds of ammunition.

Stann Creek teen missing
By BBN Staff: Yesterday morning around 10, Ever Montenegro ,31, of Santa Cruz Village, Stann Creek reported that on Wednesday, July 12, at 7:30 am his sister Ingris Montenegro, 16, student of Georgetown Technical High School left home en-route to Independence.

Chetumal taxi man and Belizean charged for drug trafficking
By BBN Staff: Yesterday morning around 11.20, while Corozal Police were conducting mobile patrol in the Santa Elena area, Belize northern border, they searched a white with yellow stripes Nissan Izuzu car. The car had Quintana Roo license plates and was being driven by 55 year old, Jorge Anzures Alfaro, Mexican taxi driver of Chetumal.

Man stabbed multiple times in Roaring Creek
By BBN Staff: Last night around 10:30, Roaring Creek Police visited the Western Regional Hospital where they saw a man with multiple stab wounds to the body. He was identified as Jason Jones, 34, Belizean attendant at Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital and a resident.

Convicted firearms examiner denied bail again
By BBN Staff: Convicted firearms examiner, Orlando Vera, who was arrested for offering American Michael Modiri to lose supposed evidence against him in exchange for a bribe, has been denied bail for a fourth time by the Supreme Court. Vera is serving a two-year prison term for the charge of ‘abetment to pervert the course of justice’. His attorney, Anthony Sylvestre, filed the application in Supreme Court yesterday but Justice Herbert Lord denied it.

Orange Walk man busted for contraband cigarettes
By BBN Staff: Yesterday morning, acting on information received, police from Precinct 3 in Belize City awaited a Tillett bus at the Northern Entrance. Based on the description given, a man came off the bus and boarded a taxi. The man had 15 cartons of Elite brand cigarettes, 9 cartons of Elegant brand cigarettes, 4 cartons of LG premium brand cigarettes and 2 liters of Buchanan’s whisky.

Mayor Bradley making way for new Mayoral candidates?
By BBN Staff: The Amandala Newspaper is reporting that two sitting Belize City Councillors have applied to run for the post of Mayor, which is currently held by Darrel l Bradley. The report indicates that Philip Willoughby and Deon Leslie have applied to run for the post. Willoughby had previously applied to serve as the UDP’s Standard Bearer in the Albert division but was later replaced by political newcomer Tracy Panton.


Bugs that Bite in Belize
For much of the year (the dry, breezy season – usually December thru about now) – I hardly notice them at all. The mosquitoes aren’t around – they wait for standing fresh water to lay their demon seed, the pesky sand flies are whisked away by the wind… THE MOSQUITO: You can start with a short trivia test to see what you REALLY know about mossie. And here is a super interesting article about the History of Humanity’s Bloody War Against the Mosquito in Wired. SANDFLIES: Sandflies are tiny little nothings…also called no-see-ums, midges and sandfleas that REALLY irritate some…and hardly bother others. For me, I feel the light sting but don’t get a raised bump. For others, they can be the bane of their existence. BOTLASS OR “BATTLE ASS” FLIES: These tiny black flies are TOTAL ASSHOLES. I have encountered them only on the mainland and can find no reason for their locations. You don’t even notice them…tiny…black…you don’t even feel them biting but you notice a droplet of blood on your legs. DOCTOR FLIES: I have no idea where they got their names…they are one of the world’s most dim-witted insects. They are aggressive about following you about but oh so easy to kill. These yellow bellied flies are a bit larger than your average housefly and have more of a pointed abdomen. FIRE ANTS: All previous beasts described bite to get blood to make their babies. Though I don’t like it, there is a reason. These ANTS just bite for the hell of it. Like bees, they sting just to be mean…protect themselves….whatever.

Second Day on the National Cornfest held in Corozal Rainbow Park
As this was the main attraction of the event, the weather didn't stopped the locals and tourists from enjoying the weather. Everyone swam on the water and drove the jet sky and sailed away on the Bay of Corozal. People from around the country, including from Chetumal came to attend National Corn Fest. If you missed it this weekend you still have one more day. If you can't make it on the last day there's always next year.

International Sourcesizz

Countries With Coral Reefs Must Do More on Climate
Countries with responsibility over world heritage-listed coral reefs should adopt ambitious climate change targets, aiming to cut greenhouse gas emissions to levels that would keep global temperature increases to just 1.5°C, the UN agency responsible for overseeing world heritage sites has said. At a meeting of Unesco’s world heritage committee in Kraków, Poland, a decision was adopted that clarified and strengthened the responsibility of countries that have custodianship over world-heritage listed coral reefs. Until now, most countries have interpreted their responsibility over such reefs as implying they need to protect them from local threats such as water pollution and overfishing. But between 2014 and 2017, reefs in every major reef region bleached, with much of the coral dying, in the worst global bleaching event in recorded history. Over those three years, 21 of the 29 listed sites suffered severe or repeated heat stress.


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