On Saturday, July 22nd, a 24 year-old female resident of Caye Caulker visited the Caye Caulker Police Station and made a report. She indicated that the incident happened around 4AM on the same day. According to her statement,she was awakened by a male person who was on top on of her holding a knife to her face, and threatened to inflict injury to her if she did not cooperate. He then proceeded to have sexual intercourse with her against her will. Police are investigating.

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Scandinavian Tourist Raped on Caye Caulker

There was a rape on Caye Caulker this weekend. The story the police press office put out says a 24 year old female resident of Caye Caulker reported that at around 4:00am on Saturday morning while sleeping she was awakened by a man who was on top of her holding a knife to her face. He threatened to harm her if she resisted, and he proceeded to rape her.
Well, when we looked into the story, we found that the victim was not a resident of Caye Caulker - as police had said, but a tourist from the Scandinavian country of Denmark.

Our sources tell us that she was staying at one of the many hostels on Caye Caulker - which do not have optimal security. Island police are looking for a suspect.

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