On 16 July 2017, the San Pedro Sailing Club (SPSC) enjoyed its first day of Sunday sailboat racing on the waters just off the beachfront of the Banyan Bay Suites, the clubís new permanent location. The SPSCís decision to seek out the Banyan Bay Suites which is about a mile south of town as a new home were based on the resortís open beaches, its proximity to the best sailing and training waters in Belize, and a joint passion between the resort's owners and the SPSC to provide free instructional sailing to Belizeans, both young and old.

The San Pedro Sailing Club was founded in 2010 by Andrew Milner, Commodore; Forrest Jones, Vice Commodore; and others. Their goal was to restore sailing to the community with an emphasis on training the island's children to sail. Sailing, once a common skill among the local fishermen of San Pedro, was beginning to die out due to the introduction of motor boats on the island. Since its founding, the San Pedro Sailing Club has introduced sailing to literally hundreds of Belizean youths and adults for free and provided a sailing and training venue for visiting sailors from other parts of Belize and around the world.

At Banyan Bay Suites, the San Pedro Sailing Club will continue to provide weekly sailboat racing on Sundays, ladies sailing classes on Wednesdays, its special needs program, and most importantly, the youth training programs which have been the heart of the clubís activities since its inception. In joint effort with the Banyan Bay Suites, the club also hopes to grow its kite board and wind surfing programs and have a greater outreach into the local community.

Almost exclusively since 2010, the San Pedro Sailing Club has called Caribbean Villas Hotel its home. In an interview, a person with interests in both the club and the resort said that "the expansion of the water park and other amenities in the water and on the shoreline has served to materially increase Caribbean Villas' attraction in a fun way, even though the open space needed to kite board was lost and the ability to launch and recover boats had become severely restricted. As club members, I and others congratulate rather than quarrel with the management for successfully boosting Caribbean Villas Hotel's popularity." And in parting, the San Pedro Sailing Club and its directors would like to take this opportunity to sincerely express their deep thanks to the Caribbean Villas Hotel and its owners for the many years of support, the use of their facility, and their efforts to help promote sailing in Belize.

For more information about the San Pedro Sailing Club and its programs, contact Andrew Milner or Joy White at our San Pedro Sailing Club Facebook page. The website for Banyan Bay Suites is: http://www.banyanbay.com.

Match-racing Lasers at Banyan Bay

Match-racing Hobie Waves at Banyan Bay