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The San Pedro Sun

SPTC starts summer sports camp
The San Pedro Town Council (SPTC), in collaboration with Projects Abroad and the Department of Youth Services, is currently hosting its second annual, four-week summer sports camp. On Monday, July 17th, more than 20 youngsters kicked off camp with beach soccer activities at the Honorable Louis Slyvestre Sporting Complex (Saca Chispas). With three full weeks left, SPTC Councilor of Sports, Hector Alamilla, is still encouraging parents to register children aged five to 12 years old to join in their upcoming sporting activities. Since the camp is sponsored by the SPTC, Alamilla states that children do not need to bring along any equipment, and that water is provided. The remaining camp schedule is as follows: Monday, July 24th to Friday, July 28th-softball at Saca Chispas. Monday, July 31st to Friday, August 4th-basketball at San Pedro High School or Boca Del Rio Park. Monday, August 7th to Friday, August 11th-martial arts at Belize Fitness on Coconut Drive at 9AM to 11AM. Those wanting to swim can meet in front of Mayan Princess on Barrier Reef Drive from 2PM to 4PM.

IDB's Investment Corporation offers Belize tourism funding
Belizean tourist destinations and resorts who may wish to expand their infrastructure or energy systems to become climate resilient, perhaps through a photo-voltaic solar cell array, can now access the necessary financing through the Inter-American Investment Corporation (IIC) of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). The IIC opened its doors for business at IDB's Belize City office on Monday, July 17, and the IIC's General Manager James Scriven was in town to promote the IIC's business initiatives. Scriven invited investment proposals from Belizean businesses when the IDB hosted a business mixer at the Belize Best Western Biltmore Plaza Hotel in Belize City on Monday evening, July 17.

Vivian Noralez to represent San Pedro at Miss Estereo Amor Pageant
On Saturday, August 19th, eight beauties from around Belize will be competing to earn the title of Miss Estereo Amor Belize. Representing San Pedro, Ambergris Caye is the lovely Vivian Noralez. The other seven contestants are: Carmelita Lara (Cayo), Ederline Green (Corozal), Gissell Rodriguez (Cayo), Joannie Cantun (Orange Walk), Julissa Gilharry (Corozal), Kayla Awe (Corozal), and Selena Urias (Belize City). The philosophy behind the Miss Estereo Amor Pageant is to select a young woman that best represents the culture, values, language, traditions, and the beauty of the Hispanic/Mestizo/Latino culture. This can be conveyed through their etiquette, professional presentation, eloquence, attitude, confidence, personality and knowledge of a wide variety of topics relevant to this prominent culture of Belize. The competition, which will be held at the Sacred Heart College Auditorium in San Ignacio, Cayo District, will feature swimwear, eveningwear, and talent segments.

Diabetes in San Pedro: What is it, are you at risk, and what can you do?
Type 2 diabetes is an illness that stops the body from using insulin effectively. This causes a person's blood sugars to rise high above the healthy levels and leads to many serious health problems such as heart attacks or strokes, blindness, kidney dysfunction and even loosing a limb such as the leg or foot. Belize, and especially San Pedro, has seen an increase in the rate of diabetes, as well as risk factors such as obesity. Type 2 diabetes is almost completely preventable. You can protect yourself and your family from developing the illness through both diet and physical activity. Diets that are high in processed sugars, such as soft drink or candy, simple carbohydrates- such as white rice and breads, or include high levels of alcohol consumption are at serious risk of causing diabetes within the body.

Misc Belizean Sources


Summer Experience 2017 is the module CYDP, BFLA, Samuel Haynes, Red Cross, Ahmadiyya, MOE Gateway and the BDF and City Council Multiple disciplines willing and able Together we are attempting to make the impossible possible Each learning from each other for the betterment of young people NGO and Government di huddle Walking with the youth through the puddle

"Mr. Morris , my father Mr. Rogelio Mendez from Benque use to love softball and Sports in a hole . I have this picture that is a very precious one that I can't identify the very good team of softballers and I want u to have it since U are familiar with . PRICELESS PIC." This classic photograph comes to Belizean Legends through the kind courtesy of Belizean footballer, Cesar Mendez, from the Facebook page called, "Sports". We invite you to check out this sports page. We also welcome Cesar's addition that will enrich our archives here on the "Golden Girls of Belizean Softball Hall of Fame".

New Home for San Pedro Sailing Club
On 16 July 2017, the San Pedro Sailing Club (SPSC) enjoyed its first day of Sunday sailboat racing on the waters just off the beachfront of the Banyan Bay Suites, the club's new permanent location. The SPSC's decision to seek out the Banyan Bay Suites which is about a mile south of town as a new home were based on the resort's open beaches, its proximity to the best sailing and training waters in Belize, and a joint passion between the resort's owners and the SPSC to provide free instructional sailing to Belizeans, both young and old.

Police Youth Cadet Summer Camp
Police Youth Cadet from across the country embark on their annual summer camp that is being held in Belmopan City from Saturday 22nd to Saturday 30th July,2017.

Belmopan Weekend Farmer's Market
Starting Saturday, July 29 and EVERY weekend thereafter! At the National Agriculture and Trade Fairgrounds.

Cover structures in the Vaca Forest
In the Vaca Forest Reserve, FCD has helped Belizean farmers with cover structures in order to improve their vegetable production and reduce their agricultural expansion on the land.

Paradise Theater playing this weekend
Alright guys we've been running into some bad luck for movie selection and equipment malfunctions but we're gonna try it anyways .. Tonight and tomorrow We're showing: First Kill at 7, Sleight at 9, Rock Dog at 7, Phoenix Forgotten at 9. Not exactly sure which screens we are showing which movie yet and yes we know we've played Rock Dog a while ago .. but it was a busy weekend in San Pedro during that one and not many people saw it even though it's quite entertaining and fun.. So there you go .. check the comments section for the trailers and if you know anyone coming from the states next week please let us know .. We are in dire need of fresh new lamps for the projector on screen 1..

The Belize Times

The UDP is in crisis mode in the city, which promises to be the municipal battleground, after Mayor Darrell Bradley has missed consecutive deadlines to submit his name in the race. Credible reports to the Belize Times are that Bradley left the country on vacation for three weeks and has refused to take calls from Prime Minister Dean Barrow. Sources close to the PM say that this past weekend Barrow was desperately trying to reach his hormonal Mayor with no success. It's something the Mayor has done before - in fact leading up to the last municipal election - and even back then veiled threats from Barrow did not sway him. It is no secret that the relationship between the two has been souring for years and it has even played out in public where both have been critical of the other. Bradley has openly condemned the Barrow Administration's handling of issues including blatant corruption, and Barrow has retaliated by basically calling the Mayor a liar after comments he made about zoning regulations going before Cabinet.

Enough is Enough: JAIL HIM
The Belize Times has received more documents leaked out of the Ministry of Natural Resources, documents which show the unbridled greed of the Vega family. Of course, this will be nothing new to our readers or to Belizeans in general who have been disgusted by the revelations coming out of the Vega's hotbed of corruption, operated like a private family business. We've revealed scores of documents showing prime land all over the country given to family members of the then Minister of Natural Resources Gaspar Vega. We have shown you the documents chronicling how millions were paid out in an organized compensation scam which benefitted cronies and family members of Vega, including his son Andre who has yet to give back the $400,000 his daddy took from Belizeans and gave to him. By now you have seen the documents which show that an associate of Vega paid $6000 for a piece of land and was compensated $1M when that land was taken away.

Police Investigator Found Rampant Corruption - Did ComPol Whylie Deliberately Cover It Up?
Retired Police Superintendent Julio Valdez was called to testify before the Senate Select Committee, and he confirmed to the Senate that the Police top brass knew about the hustling at immigration from late 2013 and early 2014. That was 2 years before the Auditor General's team produced their findings, alerting the nation to the rampant corruption within that department. Yet, nothing was done, despite one investigator's attempt to get to the bottom of the entire situation.

Darker Days Ahead for Cane-Farmers
Stakeholders in the Belize sugar industry are trying to prepare for the fast arriving October 2017 liberalization of beet sugar production in the European Union market. That will usher in an end to higher sugar prices enjoyed by the Belizean cane farmer. Currently, sugar world prices are already over 40 percent lower than 2016. As if more bad news is needed, agriculture CEO Jose Alpuche has already warned that the fuel subsidy currently enjoyed by the farmers might be up for review. Earlier this week he stated, "I know for a fact that Government is coming under tremendous pressure by the IFIs to end the subsidies that they provide to sugar.

Something Wrong with Us
By: Mike Rudon Jr. Last week I had a story in the newspaper about another scandal with former Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega at the center. See, what Vega would do is facilitate the transfer of land to pre-selected persons who would receive title immediately and then transfer that title to Vega's brother Eduardo and his wife Alma. There are a lot of these documents involving hundreds of acres of prime property in Cayo, and a bunch more documents in which Eduardo Vega and his wife got ownership of a large caye. It's institutionalized corruption, and we've seen it before. The same thing happened with 1600 acres of prime property in Carmelita in the Orange Walk district. Gaspar Vega got ownership of that ranch by granting title to selected persons while he was Minister. Those persons then immediately turned around and transferred all that land back to Gapi's brother German and Gapi's wife, and of course that land ended up in Gapi's hands.

In 2008 the UDP under Mr. Barrow represented a bright light, a ray of hope. Oh that fellow was a brilliant politician, Mr. Barrow. He said all the right things. He made all the right promises. With carefully practiced gestures and phrases he told the people of Belize everything they wanted to hear. He would fix everything that was broken, right every wrong. Seated on his white charger he would lead an army of the righteous in Cabinet. He would stamp out corruption. He would grow the economy. He would save this little corner of the world, our jewel Belize. What a sick, cruel joke that turned out to be. What a sick, cruel joke Mr. Barrow turned out to be. From those glorious days of chest-beating and pontificating we have now reached to the point where scandals and corruption are the orders of the day. Think back to that shameful, disgraceful, repulsive showing in the Senate two weeks ago where two Senior Ministers of Mr. Barrow's Cabinet behaved like unabashed thugs, and realize that they are an integral part of Mr. Barrow's army of the righteous. These are two of the stars of Mr. Barrow's Cabinet, if you can imagine that.

Inside Katie Numi Usher's LAByrinth
by yasser musa, lab documentalist. What is her drive? Why is Katie Numi Usher's LAB so significant to the shift in how we experience art in our community? It dawned on me that Katie Numi Usher has single handedly overthrown the orthodoxy of how we appreciate, consume and interact with art in Belize. Since 2014 Katie Numi Usher has organized LAB, a unique and never before attempted approach to planning and exhibiting a variety of arts within a site-specific time frame, and in so doing she had to knockdown many assumptions and traditions.

According to the Natural Disaster Hotspot study conducted by the World Bank, disaster wise Belize is the 61st country with highest exposure to relative mortality risk from an array of world hazards. They also concluded that we ranked 8th from 167 countries for climate risk. The report claims that we are located in one of the most active hurricane areas of the world. Belize's population of only 300,000 is hit by a major storm on average every three years, over 50 times since records began in 1871. Between 1935 and 2005, 11 hurricanes killed an average of 168 people per event, injuring 52 and causing an average annual loss of US$5.5 million (in constant US$ of 2000) to its economy of approximately US$1 billion GDP.

Connected – Women on the Move - Dolores Balderamos Garcia
An outstanding woman leader and past-president of the United Women's Group is Dolores Balderamos-Garcia. Mrs. Dolores is a true champion for women empowerment and has contributed significantly to the development of Belize and women's rights. She was successfully elected twice to the House of Representatives, first in 1998 as the representative for Port Loyola and the second time was in 2012 as the area representative for Belize Rural Central. In doing this, she was the first woman to have represented two uniquely different divisions in the House of Representatives- one rural area and one urban area. She served as Belize's Minister of Human Development, Women and Civil Society. She represented her constituencies with grace, grit, intelligence and respect, unlike the current occupant of Port Loyola Minister Anthony " Boots" Martinez.

Thinking Out Loud
By: Mayor Kevin Bernard. While I was doing my rounds of schools, there were several groups of students who asked me about being Mayor. They asked me about the challenges because even as young as some of them were they understood that it is not easy to be involved in politics in this stage of Belize's history. They also asked me what kept me going when the work got overwhelming and when politics gets nasty, as it invariably does. The answer I gave then is still true today. What keeps me going is being able to make a real difference in the lives of our residents. What motivates me is a positive word from a member of our community who has seen the work being done and whose life has been impacted positively. What makes this all worthwhile is being a part of a team which has done good things in Orange Walk, a team that has served well and continues to serve our people with everything we are.

I have just finished reading the book "The Life, Times, and Legacy of Dr. Karl Stanislaus Heusner." Knowing that I needed something to keep me occupied while traveling, I picked up a copy of this text in Brodies downtown Belize City, and I must say that I was fascinated from beginning to end. A granddaughter of Doctor Heusner, June Amelia Heusner, is author of the book. She was born in 1946 to Charles and Fermena Heusner, and it appears that she lives in Belmopan. The book is very well researched, and Ms. June acknowledges that it was a family effort. BRC Printing of Benque Viejo del Carmen did the printing honors, and my Auntie Meg, better known as Alice Margaret Craig of Regent Street provided a Foreword.

Speednet and PUC Rumble Again
Speednet Communications Ltd., the parent company of SMART has taken the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) to Court over its attempt to charge the company more than $1 million in spectrum frees (fees for the use of a portion of the radio frequency spectrum). The matter dates back several years ago when Speednet was rolling out its LTE technology and needed to use a portion of the 700MGHertz spectrum. It applied to the PUC to be assigned that part of the spectrum but it was already assigned to broadcasting and would need to be reassigned to mobile services. Speednet's attorney, Senior Counsel Eamon Courtenay said PUC told the company that until that happened, it could not charge Speednet.

No Belizean Buses Past Northern Border
Beginning on Saturday July 15, 2017, Belizeans using public transportation to travel into Mexico met with a different - and hassling - procedure to get all the way to the downtown area of Chetumal, Quintana Roo. Rather than being transported by the Belize buses to the usual parking lot at the Lazaro Cardenas market, they had to disembark at the old Belize-Mexico Bridge then walk over to the Mexican Immigration booth and take "combis" or taxis to continue their journey. That not only raises the cost of travel but is greatly inconvenient because shoppers have to themselves carry their purchases through Mexican Immigration and across the bridge on the return to Belize.

No Clinic for Santa Elena Town Yet
Before the 2015 general elections, UDP Cayo Central Area Representative Rene Montero promised residents a brand new clinic equipped with medical staff to provide services to the residents of Santa Elena Town. Montero moved the Belize Marketing and Development Corporation building to another location and selected their building to house the new clinic. The renovations began just before elections but after elections, the work on the clinic ceased. In February of 2016, Montero announced that the clinic will be opened soon and the residents continue to wait. The contract was awarded to prominent UDP supporter Luis Avella at a cost of allegedly close to $500,000 and was expected to be completed in 16 weeks from signing date.

The Clueless & Comatose ComPol
Readers probably did not expect much from the testimony of Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie, so you would not have been too disappointed with his appearance before the Senate Special Select Committee on Wednesday. Throughout his term as ComPol, Whylie has been seen as more a political puppet than a Policeman, and that seems quite clear following his testimony. Almost a year after their release, Police Commissioner Allen Whylie has finally started reading the Auditor General's reports, about two weeks ago he says. He's only just seeing for himself why Belizeans are outraged at institutional corruption within that Department that the Audit Team's investigations have unearthed. But, instead of diving right in, better late than never, the Commissioner is still not ready to direct that a criminal investigation be launched into the findings.

If Dah Noh Soh´┐Ż
Big Bolas´┐Ż. Darrell Bradley has big, shiny brass bolas. I figure he found them after Zenaida revealed that Dean Oliver has lost them. I hear the man nearly made DOB cry this weekend because he refused to take his calls. So what's the fuss all about? Well apparently Darrell will run as Mayor, but is holding out because he wants DOB to approve a multi-million-dollar loan from the Heritage Bank which has been held back. See, lending agencies don't generally make large loans to municipal administration which would not be paid back within their term of office. But the Mayor is looking to have this loan disbursed later this year, only a few months before the term would end. Bradley knows the UDP higher-ups don't take either Dion Leslie or Phillip Willoughby seriously so he's not concerned about taking a three-week vacation and ignoring the deadlines to submit his name. He may look like a lil wuss and talk funny, but the bolas on the fellow.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Albert Constituency reportedly backs Leslie over Willoughby
The UDP City Council Convention is more than a month away but there are already rumblings in two camps jostling for leadership. That is because Councilor Dion Leslie posted to his Facebook page that he has the support of the UDP's Albert Constituency Executive and the Area Representative, Tracy Panton.

Succotz student raped by motorcyclist
Police in Cayo are investigating a case of rape. Today a 16 year old female student of Succotz village told police that about 5:45 pm on Friday she caught a ride with a Hispanic male on a motorcycle on the Benque Viejo Road.

Another motorcycle stolen
Police have also not made any arrests in the series of motorcycle theft which continued over last night. 30 year old Leon Flowers, a Belizean Gym Attendant, told police that between last night and this morning someone stole his red and black Lifan motorcycle valued at over 3000 dollars.

Broad daylight robbery in the old capital
Belize City police are investigating a case of armed robbery which occurred shortly after midday yesterday. 36 year old, Hildardo Rosado, a Medicine Collector told police that he was riding his motorcycle on Flamboyant Street when he stopped to ask for directions.

BSI and BSCFA in tension
The committee of management of the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association issued a press release stating that in a recent press release the Belize Sugar Industries Limited (BSI) made alarming and untruthful statements regarding the commercial relationship between themselves and the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association (BSCFA).

Corruption in the GSU?
$60,000 has gone missing from the Gang Suppression Unit. Information to BBN is that those monies were a part of an "intelligence gathering fund," in which informants to the GSU were to be paid. We understand that whenever payments were made to informants, a GSU officer would normally sign so as to have some degree of accountability.

Woman raped in Caye Caulker
A twenty four year old woman was raped early this morning as she slept in her home in Caye Caulker. She told police that at around 4 o clock she was in her bedroom sleeping when she was awakened by a man on top of her.

Bandits get away with $15K in Buena Vista
Yesterday, Ada Delgado of Buena Vista Village, Corozal reported that between July 15-21, her home was broken into while she was away.

NEMO working in Toledo to mitigate floods
As part of its general nationwide Flood Mitigation Program, the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) has deployed equipment to the Toledo district where it is currently engaged in excavation and clearing of drains. Work is currently taking place in the Magoon and Indianville areas, and will soon extend to Hopeville and other flood prone areas.

No answers from police about baby found in canal
The news of a dead baby found floating in East Canal on Thursday morning has shocked residents across the country. Julian Jimenez, a sanitation worker was cleaning the area when he came across a plastic bag in the canal. Jimenez took out the bag and opened it. He immediately stopped a police patrol that was in the area when he realized he had pulled out a dead child.

Badly beaten man dies from injuries
According to police reports, on Friday, July 14 at around 4:45 p.m., Marlon Peters, 38, of Perez street Santa Elena town was found on a driveway badly beaten.

Civil war: Bar Association vs. Chief Justice
Frustrated with a backlog of cases spanning over two years, the Bar Association of Belize is considering either asking Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin to willingly resign, or using the system to force him out. Channel 7 reported that it received leaked documents, detailing the Bar's frustration, and how the association was considering approaching the situation. The document explained that the CJ had failed to deliver around 30 pending judgments, spanning a year and a half.

International Sourcesizz

'Sound' research shows slower boats may cause manatees more harm than good
Slower boat speeds reduce risks to manatees. Or do they? Not exactly, according to new research. In fact, the very laws enacted to slow down boats in manatee habitats may actually be doing more harm than good. Slowing down boats makes it more difficult for manatees to detect and locate approaching boats. An innovative alerting device is proving to deliver a better solution.


  • Belize: Snorkeling ´┐Ż Hol Chan, 3min. Condens´┐Ż d'une journ´┐Że de snorkeling.

  • Belize: paddle et kayak ´┐Ż Caye Caulker, 3.5min. Pas de drone au Belize, mais heureusement ´┐Ża ne manque pas d'activit´┐Żs!

  • Belize vs Nicaragua ( U20 Central American Female Volleyball Championship ), 2hr. U20 Central American Female Volleyball Championship Live From SCA Multipurpose Center, Belize City.

  • Spider monkey on New River Belize on Boat to Lamanai Mayan Ruin, 3min.

  • Lion fish and eel Belize, 2min.

  • Belize sunrise Chillout, 7min. Watching the Sunrise from the San Pedro shore in Belize.