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The San Pedro Sun

Wolfe's Woofer: Paddy McKaw
"You're naked, old man. Put some clothes on." "Are you talking to me?" Sherry called, from the kitchen. "No. It's Paddy McKaw, that damn parrot again." Three weeks ago, in a moment of stupidity, I bought a blue and gold macaw from a friend of Mario's. Someone had taught that parrot to swear like I do when I hit my thumb with the hammer. Even worse, he commented on everything he saw. "You look like you got drunk last night," the parrot said. "But then, you always look that way."

Doctor Love: Concerned Mother
Dear Doctor Love, My sixteen-year-old daughter has asked me to let her go on the birth control pill. Because of irregularity, she has to be careful to avoid having embarrassing accidents. She has terrible pains during that time and I understand that it can help manage the irregularity of her cycle. She is a good student and a good daughter and she says she is not sexually active. I believe her because she doesn't have a boyfriend. My concern is her father. He has never had a big input into the daily upbringing of the children and he doesn't like to talk about these things so, do I tell him or take her to the doctor as she has asked and leave it between us? I don't like to keep secrets from my husband but I think he does not need to know. /s/ Concerned Mother

Misc Belizean Sources


Anke Doehm leaves the island!
As protesters continue to call her murderer for the death of her 13-year-old adoptive daughter Faye Lin Cannon , Anke boards a 4PM vessel to Belize City.

Anke Doehm Arrives in San Pedro
This morning eye witnesses reported seeing Anke Doehm boarding the 10:30am Ocean Ferry Water Taxi leaving Belize City with destination to San Pedro. Work quickly spread around San Pedro Town and residents lined up to confirm her arrival on Ambergris Caye. Chanting "You Murdered Faye", those who gathered followed her as she walked on the beach, to Central Park, where she crossed over to Front Street (Barrier Reef Drive) to meet the nearest taxi past her store Rubi Moon.

Accident on Chetumal bridge
Just happened on Chetumal bridge Belize City,this fool just ran into the rails of the bridge and damaged not only the bridge rail but vehicle as well. Drunk as a skunk, can barely stand up ,leaning on the rail of the bridge.

A collection of new urban imagery by Richard Holder
Friday, July 28 at 6 PM - 9 PM. Image Factory Art Foundation, 91 North Front street, 501 Belize City. SM4TP is a conceptual project that gives voice to Belize's Street Vendors via social media and the creative platform of Belizean Visual Artist, Richard Holder. Admission is Free!

Banana Bank Horse Camp 2017
Pictures from the 2017 Banana Bank Horse Camp. "Every year in July we host a Horse Camp for all ages and this year was as fun as all the past years since 2006."

Belize Hawk Watch Project
We have started a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds for our 5th Annual Hawk Watch Project and 2nd Raptor Certification Program! Every dollar helps us to reach our goal. Please consider donating to this cause. You can read about the project below. Thank you for your support. Help us make the 5th Anniversary of this Program a success!

The Reporter

Man rendered critical after attack
A man lies critically wounded in the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital following a misunderstanding in the Mahogany Street Extension area on Friday. Devon Chee of Belize City was found with head injuries at around 2:00 p.m., in that area after he had a misunderstanding with [�]

Traffic accident leaves man critical
The tranquility of Caye Caulker turned into horror for a woman who was raped in her house at knife-point. The victim, a 24-year-old woman told police that at around 4:00 Saturday morning, a man awoke her in her house, wielding a knife in her face [�]

Man dies of injuries inflicted during fight
A man has died of injuries he suffered at the hands of someone in Santa Elena Friday evening. Police say at around 4:45 that evening, Marlon Peters, 38, of Perez Street, Santa Elena town was found beaten in a driveway. Perez was transported to the [�]

Police investigate two incidents of rape
The tranquility of Caye Caulker turned into horror for a woman who was raped in her house at knife-point. The victim, a 24-year-old woman told police that at around 4:00 Saturday morning, a man awoke her in her house, wielding a knife in her face [�]

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Anke Doehm met by angry residents
The circumstances surrounding the death of 13-year-old Faye Lin Cannon has shocked Belizeans countrywide as scrutiny has fallen on her adopted parents, David and Anke Doehm, who were granted bail despite arguments from the office of the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP). As Anke exited a water taxi, she was met by angry residents in calling her a murderer, cruel and evil person. Anke was escorted by an unknown Belizean woman.

Thousands celebrate Christ at Festival of Hope Belize
Belizeans across the nation rejoiced at the Festival of Hope 2017 Christian event last night at the BTL Park in Belize City. It was the first event of its kind in Belize. Last week, international Evangelists and Christians visited Belize to share the word of God.

Bandits make away with $1,420 in items
Carmen Flores of Belama Phase two reported to police that her home was burglarized yesterday sometime between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.

Man critical after being beaten with stick
On Friday, July 21, Devon Chee, a Belize City resident was found unconscious with head injuries around 2:00 p.m. in the Mahogany extension area. Information revealed that Chee was involved in an altercation with another man, who beat him with a stick, causing the injuries.

Motorcycle rider critical after collision with van
There was an ugly road traffic accident near the Burrel Boom junction just before 11:00 last night. Police visited the scene where cops saw a white van on the left hand side of the highway with its front portion extensively damaged. The van was driven by 30-year-old Orange Walk resident, Ismael Castillo.

San Ignacio man charged for sexually assaulting minor
According to police reports, a 13-year-old minor reported that on July 15, when she arrived at home, she found the door open. The minor said that when she went inside, a man known to her Arsenio Cano grabbed her and sexually assaulted her.


A Look Back at The Split on Caye Caulker, Belize
The small island of Caye Caulker was split in two by infamous Hurricane Hattie in 1961. The storm also caused thousands of people to evacuate the then capital, Belize City. Hattieville, now a village (and home to the Belize prison), was set up as a refugee camp for over 10,000 people. Today, on Caye Caulker, there seems to be some disagreement about the Split's origins - if a smaller passage was made larger by the hurricane or if it was man-made after the storm. Either way, ever since I moved to Belize - and for many years before that - the beach area at the split has been a centerpiece for those living on and visiting Caye Caulker. A place for swimming, enjoying the sun and sand, for water sports, for beer and music. The main users were the many backpackers and international budget travelers, often people in their 20s, and the locals. The Lazy Lizard Bar is probably the most visited in Belize.

International Sourcesizz

Port cooperation and maritime security in Belize
Identifying and dealing with potential threats to port security operations was at the core of a three-day workshop in Belize City, Belize (18-20 July). The event took a closer look at security needs and associated risks. Through interactive presentations and discussions between participants the workshop helped identify opportunities for increased collaboration between government agencies and port owners/operators as well as assessing port security training priorities. The workshop also discussed specific issues around Port Facility Security Assessments (PFSAs) in keeping with the international requirements in IMO's International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code, for example, identification and evaluation of important assets and infrastructure which are to be protected.

Mansfield leads state system honors trip to Belize
Every summer, one of the 14 universities from Pennsylvania's State System of Higher Education organizes a trip abroad exclusively for honors students. This year, Mansfield University volunteered to host the trip. Twelve of the universities, including Mansfield, selected two honors students to enroll in the program. The destination was a place where Mansfield University is becoming well known, thanks to Political Science professors Jeff Bosworth and Jonathan Rothermel, the small Central American country of Belize (population: est. 380,000). For the last three years, Bosworth and Rothermel accompanied Mansfield students for a short-term, study abroad program in Belize. This summer they took the State System honors group.

Bronx rapper climbs hip-hop ladder with millions of followers
One Belize-born artist is climbing the hip-hop ladder, attributing his inspiration to the streets in Brooklyn and the Bronx. Rising Bronx rapper Safa Gaw is 21 years old and produces and records music out of a Williamsburg studio. His most recent song "Dangriga" has over a million views. The artist says music has been in his life for years. His mother is a professional piano player. "I don't really care about anything else other than just speaking my feelings in my music," he says.


  • Anke Doehm is off the island!, 1min. She arrived earlier today to Ambergris Caye , but after collecting her belongings, she took a 4PM vessel enroute to the mainland. Angry protesters continued calling her out, as they believe she played a role in the death of her adoptive daughter Faye Lin Cannon.

  • Anke Doehm in San Pedro, 2min. As protesters called her murderer, Anke Doehm, accompanied by an unknown young lady, walked along the beach and onto Barrier Reef Drive. She was able to find a taxi and then made her way to northern Ambergris Caye, where she currently lives.

  • Anke Doehm Arrives in San Pedro and Received by an Angry Group of Residents, 3min.

  • San Pedro in Belize, natural paradise, 3min. video of San Pedro,Belize, the beutiful paradise in America

  • CAYE CAULKER The Best Island in BELIZE, 10min.

  • My trip back home to Belize 2017 part 2, 10min. Here are some of the foods I ate while back at home in Belize. I had fun eating my favorite - CRAB! I was in heaven!!!

  • AGRIman greetings Belize 4H campers, 3min.

  • Approach and Landing at Caye Caulker - Belize, 1min. Island hopping in Belize with a small 6 seat plane on Maya Island Air.

  • Festival of hope Belize 2017 - Papa San [live concert], 3min.

  • 3rd Annual Belize Duck Race 2017, 2.5min. The Rotary Club of Belize holds its 3rd Annual National Belize Duck Race on Saturday July 22nd 2017 in San Ignacio Macal River