The San Pedro Traffic Department (SPTD) is in the process of joining a nationwide network which will provide all municipalities with a database of all registered drivers' licenses and vehicles. The initiative is expected to take place in the upcoming months and will seek to standardize the current system. The effort is expected to thwart the many violations committed by drivers across the country as well as the theft of vehicles.

Chris Nu�ez of the SPTD welcomes the idea, saying it will help the Department in accessing any information that might be needed regarding any particular case. "If someone has been issued a ticket in Cayo, we will be able to pull out that information over here in San Pedro and know whether it has been paid or not," said Nu�ez. If not, then the person can be penalized. The new system will also provide access to the drivers' background, and it is believed that it will assist in the enforcement of the traffic regulations as well. So far, the only municipalities with these type of records are Belize City and Belmopan City.

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