Belize receives regular and diesel fuel through the Petrocaribe program with Venezuela although prices remain high at the pumps. But for some time now Belize has been unable to source premium fuel through Petrocaribe and has had to agree with Puma Energy to supply that fuel. While with Venezuela's ongoing political crisis the 'good old days' of Petrocaribe are not yet to return, Miguel Castillo says Venezuela is waiting out the current flux in world prices and promises a return to full service.

Miguel Castillo, Charge d'Affaires, Embassy of Venezuela (Translated by Rudy Aguilar)

"As you know the Petrocaribe project because of the fall of oil prices has obviously affected us in a very meaningful manner. It has to do with the quantity of fuel and all of the social programs that we have been developing, but the program as such is still going on. Even with the difficulties, maybe a little lesser quantity in the initial amounts but the project goes on. The Prime Minister has said so in his support of Nicolas Maduro. We hope that the program, the agreement, that arrives [at a point] when there is more stabilization of world prices and the program can return to these ideal quantities or numbers, but the program continues."

Channel 5