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The San Pedro Sun

Team 'One Shot One Kill' wins the San Pedro Belikin National 8-ball Pool Tournament
After seven weeks of intense competition, the San Pedro Billiards Association crowned a champion on Sunday, August 6th during the finals at the San Pedro Lions Den. The top four teams of the tournament hoping to grab the championship title were: Team One Shot One Kill, Team Amigos, Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars, and Rack Dawgs. After some intense games, Team One Shot One Kill emerged as the champions, claiming the first place and a cash prize of $800, plus the opportunity to represent the island at the National Tournament in Belize City on August 19th. The Most Valuable Player of the tournament went to Mauricio Pe�a of team One Shot One Kill. During the award ceremony, each player was commended for their participation. The winning team was encouraged to do well at the National Tournament in Belize City.

Maya Island Air's planes sport a new 'Belize' look
On Friday, August 5th, two of Maya Island Air's newly modeled planes landed at the John Greif II Airstrip, sporting designs featuring the Great Blue Hole and the Jaguar. Seeking to always promote the best of Belizean hospitality, Maya Island Air has now redesigned its planes to showcase images that are synonymous with Belize. From the breathtaking blues of the Caribbean Sea to the lush greens of the jungle, Maya Island Air hopes that this new design will leave a lasting impression on visitors the minute they arrive in Belize. The planes' decor is also geared at promoting the country's main tourist attractions, such as the Blue Hole, and the rain forest jungle adventures.

Ambergris Today

Minister Castro's Sons Wanted For Questioning In San Pedro Aggravated Assault Case
Police are on the look out for the sons of Minister Edmond Castro. Wasani and Jafari Castro are being sought in connection with an aggravated assault incident that took place in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye over the Costa Maya Weekend. The Police Report states that 21-year-old Kevin Brown was at a resort in San Pedro with a group of friends when a dispute over a piece of jewelry started. During the dispute someone kicked Brown several times and bashed his head with a fire extinguisher. Police visited the San Pedro Polyclinic where they saw Kevin Brown (21yrs) in an unconscious state. He was later airlifted to Belize City. Since Sunday, police are looking for the Castro brothers for questioning.

Sewage Treatment Systems Required For Commercial And Tourism Developments
The Department of Environment has issued a public advisory informing all new commercial and tourism developments on North and South Ambergris Caye (outside the declared "service areas") and those in ecologically sensitive areas, are required to invest in a proper sewage treatment system. "The developer/investor is free to review the many types of sewage treatment systems available on the international and local market, and to select the most appropriate system for their purposes," stated the press release from the Department of Environment, Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment & Sustainable Development, August 7, 2017. "Whichever sewerage treatment system is selected, it will need to meet or exceed the Department of the Environment's MINIMUM STANDARDS for discharges."

Captured Jaguar Dies Of Heat Trauma And Exhaustion
On the 27th July 2017, the Forest Department responded to reports of a jaguar being captured by farmers around the Northern Lagoon area in the Belize District. Upon investigation, it was discovered that farmers, who experienced several jaguar attacks on their livestock, retaliated by trapping the jaguar. When farmers informed the Forest Department that they had caught a jaguar, a team comprising of members of the National Jaguar Working Group (NJWG), was immediately dispatched to the area. The team noted that prior to and during transportation to the Belize Zoo facilities, the jaguar exhibited signs of sluggish behaviour, poor coordination and weakness - all indications of a potential health crisis. Immediate and specialised care by veterinary personnel and response team was given around the clock to revive the animal, but all efforts proved unsuccessful and a post-mortem confirmed that the animal died due to heat trauma and exhaustion.

Maya Island Air Planes Boast New Look
Two new planes of Maya Island Air have been making head turns as their new design for their aircrafts feature images of the Great Blue Hole and the Jaguar. The newly modeled planes were first seen on Friday, August 5, as they landed at the John Greif II Airstrip in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. Maya Island Air says that it hopes the new images on their aircraft will inspire, awe and leave lasting impressions on visitors and locals alike. The new look for Maya Island Air has been painted on two of the airline's newest aircrafts.

Misc Belizean Sources


BHA President visits Member Properties in Belize
The Belize Hotel Association's newly elected President Ted Tejada has embarked on a familiarization tour of all the member properties, since being elected to office in late June. Destinations he has visited include Placencia, San Pedro, Cayo, Orange Walk and Belize City. To date President Ted Tejada has visited over 20 properties and met with managers, owners and staff, while learning about all the amenities and attractions available at each hotel. He will continue to visit other BHA properties in the upcoming weeks, so he will be in your area very soon. We would like to thank all the member hotels that hosted our President on his recent visit, with their exceptional warmth and hospitality.

Belize City Primary School History and Social Studies Competition
The Belize City House of Culture and Downtown Rejuvenation Project and the Belize National Library Service Information System along with its partners (Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation, NICH, Belize City Council, and Taiwan ICDF) along with its sponsors BTB, BWS, BEL, Angelus Press Ltd and GSCOM are pleased to bring to you the 2017 Belize City Primary School History and Social Studies Competition. 24 Schools will participate, six will go to the finals and the top three schools will be named. Last year St. Mary's Anglican Primary School barely edged out Holy Redeemer Primary School to take home the coveted History Cup. The question is: Will they be able to keep it in 2017? It will all happen live on Love FM on October 27th starting at 9:00 a.m.

Come paint with us tomorrow at Crazy Canucks Beach Bar. We will be painting "A New Day" inspired by local artist Marcus Larious.

UB ERI is currently looking for a Bird Bander
UB ERI is currently looking for a dedicated person to fill the following full-time volunteer position of Bird Bander. The deadline for receipt of applications is September 04, 2017.

Forest Research & Monitoring Interns
UB ERI is currently looking for dedicated persons to fill the following Full-time positions of Forest Research & Monitoring Interns. The deadline for receipt of applications is August 11, 2017.

Great finishing off the design at the old prison in Corozal
This workshop with 7 young corozaleonos along with an artist painted this wall for one week.

Corozal - All Tourism Stakeholders - Free Social Media for the Travel Industry Training for all Corozal BTIA Members
To register and secure your space contact us at [email protected] or 227-1144. Don't miss this opportunity.

International Day of the World's Indigenous People
he Unveiling of The Crique Sarco Customary Land Map took Place Today - Story by Osmany Salas - "The Maya of Crique Sarco have taken matters into their own hands to implement the Caribbean Court of Justice's (CCJ) Order to "create an effective mechanism" to identify and protect Maya lands in accordance with their traditional governance. I was happy to witness the Sarstoon Temash Institute for Indigenous Management's launching of the Maya Lands Registry today. SATIIM and Crique Sarco have developed a model that identifies traditional territorial boundaries and resolves boundary conflicts with the adjacent Maya communities of Sunday Wood and Graham Creek. The Crique Sarco maps are the initial entry in the listing of customary land usage and delineation that will be collected in the Maya Land Registry. The expectation is that other Maya communities will follow Crique Sarco's lead. The Registry aims to document all Maya lands and how they are managed. A terrific way to celebrate the International Day of the World's Indigenous People."

Illegal catch of a Tarpon, conch
Here are two illegal activities recently posted on social media. Belize is a mecca for all those around the world interested in fishing, especially fly fishing, which in Belize, is a catch and release sport. The Tarpon fish, as well as the bonefish and permit are three catch and release species. It is illegal to kill them. The fellow pictured below has the audacity to display his illegal catch of a Tarpon on social media. The other post was also just made advertising conch for sale. Currently, the conch season is closed so it is illegal to catch and offer it for sale. Both posts are simply reckless and shameful. We hope that by sharing this, it reaches the proper authorities and action taken.

This Day in History
August 9th, 1784, a special Legislative Meeting was held to take into consideration the singular arrival of the ship " Mercury," Capt. Arnott, from London, with Convicts purchased of the Government, and directed by those who bought them to be brought here for sale. They afterwards were compelled by the inhabitants to carry them away from these shores. In the late 1700's, Britain sent many of its convicts to other places in the world as a way to manage their convict population. These convicts were sold off as labourers. One of the places they sent them was Africa. This particular post is about one of those "transports" (179 men, 22 women and 2 boys) as they were called. As you would imagine, no one wanted these ships. As it turned out, Mercury ended up in British Honduras. As it is stated in the Almanack, it sounded as though Mercury left Birtish Honduras with its cargo, but in reality it did not. Apparenntly, after the magistrates met and decided that they should leave, the men were taken to Haulover and then Caye Chapel and from there some of them were sold off to some of the Magistrates (Potts being one of them) and some other locals. To get a better understanding please read Chapter 13 of the Book "A Merciless Place"

Channel 7

Another Guatemalan Visitor Murdered In Belize City
Eight days ago we reported that Guatemalan visitor Josue Arizandieta died after he was robbed and shot a few days earlier. Tonight, another Guatemalan visitor is dead after he tried to stand up to armed robbers. 45 year old Ruben Esquivel Aguilar was visiting family in Belize and last night he got killed trying to defend them. Alex Courtenay has the story: Early this morning, Ruben Esquivel Aguilar and his sister were sleeping in her home on Mahogany Street when they started to hear noise coming from another part of the house. His sister locked herself in her bedroom while Aguilar went to see what was happening, and met two men, one armed with a gun, in the living room...

City Shooting on Sarstoon
And while that was a murder, there was also a shooting on the city's Southside. This one happened on Sarstoon Street just after midnight. Police told us more: Supt. Daniel Arzu - DOC, Southside Police: "Michael Aspinal, he was seen with gunshots to his arm and leg. Police are investigating at this point in time and we are hoping to gather additional information in relation to that incident as it is because the person refuses to speak to us at this point in time so we have to prove into this matter and see what we can get out of this latest incident. Now we are not in a position to say if he is the intended target, what we do know that he was riding his bicycle and he indicated that somebody came from behind fired shots from behind a house and caught him on his hand and feet."

A Murder Charge For Nevis Bethancourt
Nevis Bethancourt almost had his hand chopped off 12 days ago in Santa Elena, Cayo - and now police have charged him for murder. On Thursday, July 27th., 31 year old Bethancourt shot and killed 37 year old Jose Nunez Castellanos - who he says was chopping his hand at the time. And while he claims self-defence, there are other versions of the story which put Bethancourt as the aggressor who pend fire on Nunez Castellanos. It happened at a restaurant which Bethancourt's mother had called him to, reportedly after Castellanos disrespected her.

Another Armed Robbery of A Chinese Grocery In Ladyville
It took the police two days to report it, but there has been another armed robbery at a Chinese grocery in Ladyville. This one happened at Brother`s Store in Lords Bank Village on Monday morning. Shopkeeper, Chun Mie Lui, was tending the counter when three men walked in and one of them held her up with a 9 millimeter pistol. He clubbed her with the pistol handle and they then snatched the cash pan with $350.00 dollars and two cell phones. Police have moved quickly to charge two men. They are 23 year old Veris Ventura and 18 year old Steve Ferrell, who were charged with robbery today before Magistrate Aretha Ford. They pled not guilty to the charge but were remanded because the offence was committed with a firearm.

Customs Collect Weed Coming From Botes
Orange Walk Customs came up with a pound of weed yesterday. They found the brick of weed in a neatly wrapped bundle on an Alamilla Bus at 4:30 yesterday. Customs searched the bus on the Yo Creek Road, coming from the direction of Santa Cruz, which is Belize's most popular illegal border crossing - leading to Botes, Mexico.

Canadian Woman Deported For Abduction of Her Own Child
Today, Belizean law enforcement closed the case on a high profile custody battle out of Canada. It involves this 4-year-old Canadian child, Treyson Trockstad-Greenway, who was taken out of his home city of Lethbridge, Alberta, by his biological mother Robin Leanne Greenway Trockstad. She had been on the run with her son since January 2014, when she relocated to Belize with the child. Canadian missing persons reports say that Robin Trockstad fled with her baby while she was in a custody battle with the child's biological father. He has since won sole custody of Baby Treyson, which made the mother, Robin Trockstad, a fugitive. She is wanted for the charge of Abduction in Contravention of a Custody Order, and for years, she had been quietly living in Cayo. That's until 15 days ago, when she was picked up by Belize law enforcement. Best information to 7News is that the biological father came to Belize to get his son. So, what about Robin Trockstad? Well, Belize Immigration deported her to Canada today, where she will have to answer to Canadian police.

Board Chairman Caught Dr. Lorna On Camera
Dr. Lorna Mckay has been principal of Gwen Liz High for the past 14 years, but, as we've been reporting, the career educator is at odds with the chairman of her board of management, Roosevelt Blades. Two days ago, he hand delivered a letter ordering her to hand over the keys, and leave the compound immediately because she was being placed on administrative leave, forthwith. She didn't leave immediately, and she didn't hand over the keys, so Blades had the locks changed - with the new keys handed over to the Vice Principal. Now, the directive to Dr. McKay is that she is not to return the school until the end of the month because she is under investigation. But, today the Chairman sent us security camera video which shows her at the school - leaving with a manila folder in hand.

Fire Victims Have Shelter
2 days ago, we told you about the fire on Santa Barbara street, which destroyed 4 homes, left 17 people homeless, and killed 1 year-old Tyreik Roberts. It's a tragedy that will have long lasting effects on these disaster victims, and NEMO and the Ministry of Human Development have been trying to ease their suffering. Immediately after the fire on Sunday, they were relocated to the St. Martin De Porres School for lodging while NEMO arranges better temporary housing for them. Today, we got a chance to speak with City Councillor Phillip Willoughby about the the alternative housing that the majority of the victims are already benefiting from:

"Philloughby" In Election Mode Writes Off Taxes!
That opportunity to ask about the fire victims came when Willoughby called us out to Antelope Street to discuss a social program that he says the City Council is rolling out. It's designed to help the poor residents of the city who cannot pay their property tax. So, here's how it works. If you are a property owner in Belize City, and you can show with sufficient proof that you cannot pay taxes due to the City, there is a possibility that you may qualify for a tax write-off. It's a section of the laws already in the books where the taxpayer can show that he or she is, quote, "poor and indigent, and unable to pay the rate on the property". We got a chance to speak with the Antelope Street residents who will be the first to benefit from this program, of course with the intercession of an election-crazed "Philloughby". Here's what they told us:

FFB Tries Again
If at first you don't succeed, try and try again. That's just what the Football Federation of Belize is pushing to do after their ninth annual congress never got quorum. Now, the FFB has set up the agenda for an Extraordinary Congress. They're trying to finalize important football business that was left on the floor during the embarrassing 9th Congress from June 24 and 25 that had to be postponed. Well, the FFB has scheduled this extraordinary congress for Saturday, September 2, and they're hoping that this time, enough football delegates will show up so that quorum can be reached.

"Hardcore" Thieves Wiped Out Fishing Business
Placencia resident Erwin Westby earns his living as a fishing guide, but his business, named Hardcore Fishing Charters got hit by some hardcore burglars between Monday night and Tuesday morning. They cleaned him out of some very expensive rods and reels. In total, 13 Penn brand fishing rods and reels, valued at about $45,000, were stolen. But Police followed up on the report swiftly and have detained two persons as well as recovered 6 of the reels valued at about 26 thousand dollars.

SATIIM Makes Land Registry On Its Own
Today is the International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples and to commemorate the occasion, SATIIM launched the Maya Lands Registry. They say this is following up on the directive of the Caribbean Court of Justice to "create an effective mechanism" to identify and protect Mayan lands in accordance with their traditional governance. They say that 2 years later and still no mechanism exists. So, they took the matter into their own hands and created that mechanism for Crique Sarco village - one of the 38 communities with customary land use rights. NGO Senator Osmany Salas attended the event - and we have his interview courtesy PGTV:

Belize U-13 Table Tennis Athletes Excel
This weekend, Belize table tennis athletes turned heads at the 2017 U-13 and U11 Table Tennis Championships. A delegation of 7 athletes went to Tegucigalpa, Honduras to participate in the tournament. After 4 days of competition the pair 12 year-olds, Taye Parkinson and Devesh Hukmani, managed to make it all the way to the semi-finals in the doubles category. After a hard-fought battle, they lost to Guatemala, and won the Bronze Medals. In that same tournament, Devesh Hukmani managed to distinguish himself when he won the bronze medal in the singles tournament as well. This evening, we got a chance to speak with both athletes, and their coaches about their performance. Here's what they told us about making Belize's presence known in the tournament:

Kevin Brown, Suspect May Have Flown Out
As we told you last night, 21 year old basketballer Kevin Brown is at home in Camalote recovering after a massive blow to the head which happened in a brawl on Sunday night in San Pedro. According to eyewitnesses, Brown and about three other friends were mobbed by a group of 20 men. Eyewitnesses tell us that he was punched out and then someone threw a vase on his head - even though initial reports said that he had been hit with a fire extinguisher. The dispute was all over a bracelet, and police have surveillance video of the fracas which happened near Banana Beach resort. Witnesses tell us that the dispute was with some well known young men from Belize city - one of whom has reportedly left the country. We'll keep following the story.

Kids See the Inside of A Prison And Hear Real Stories
We see their pictures, get footage of them when they are taken to court and follow their cases, but we don't usually get to see what happens after convicts go to prison. We have an idea but it's not the same like actually experiencing or hearing it from the inmates themselves. Well today, a group of Belmopan kids got a chance to confront the reality of life behind bars. Courtney Weatherburne went to the prison and has more details. It's another day in the wood work shop for these prisoners. Some are sanding a table they just built others are working on smaller wooden craft. But these inmates know how to do much more than just construction. They know how to rear chickens and slaughter pigs. These are just a few activities that the prisoners can keep busy with on the compound. And of course, there is time for recreation. It might not seem too bad from the outside.

Channel 5

Murderous Pre-Dawn Home Invasion in Belize City
A national from Guatemala arrived in the country a few days ago to get away from personal problems. But instead his life was cut short in a deadly home invasion [...]

Nevis Betancourth Faces Murder Charges after Stand-Off
San Ignacio Police have arrested and charged Nevis Betancourth for the murder of Jose "El Chele" Castellanos. �Betancourth was hospitalized for several days following the deadly incident that happened at [...]

Michael Aspinall Shot on Sarstoon Street
Hours prior to the murder of Ruben Esquivel, shots rang out several blocks away on Sarstoon Street in the Old Capital. Just after midnight on Tuesday, thirty-four-year-old Michael Aspinal, a [...]

The Castro Brothers Sought for Beating on Ambergris Caye
We can finally confirm tonight that the San Pedro police are looking for Wasani and Jafari Castro, following the aggravated assault of twenty-one-year-old Kevin Brown at a resort on the [...]

C.C.J. Says Why Wilfred Elrington Must Return Documents
The Caribbean Court of Justice has issued written reasons for its decision in the case of Progresso Heights Limited versus Wilfred Elrington and Pitts and Elrington. On July twenty-first, the [...]

The Power of Family: Vega/Banos Land Acquisitions
News Five continues its perusal of one hundred and eighteen land documents leaked recently that show a land scheme which enriched friends and families of former Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar [...]

Youths Hear Powerful Testimonies from Behind Prison Walls
The Belize Central Prison is bursting at its seams as the number of inmates stands at one thousand three hundred, fifty-eight percent of them are awaiting trial for crimes that [...]

Belmopan Police Reaching Out to Youths in Community
The field trip to the Belize Central Prison was organized by Senior Superintendent Howell Gillett of the Belmopan Police. He says that it is part of his formation's community policing [...]

Mother and Son Returned to Canada after Hiding for 4 Years
A three-year custody battle between Canadian parents is winding down. Thirty-three-year-old Canadian national Robin Leanne Greenway Trockstad was arrested by authorities in Cayo District after the Canadian government issued a [...]

Shopkeeper Robbed in Lords' Bank
A duo believed to have been involved in an armed robbery in the Lord's Bank area, Ladyville were arraigned this afternoon in the Belize City Magistrate's Court. A third man [...]

Why Antelope Street Family Can't Pay Property Tax
Could a legal loophole help residents of Belize City avoid paying overdue property taxes? We'll tell you what city councilor and mayoral aspirant Philip Willoughby's role is shortly; but first, [...]

Mayoral Aspirant Philip Willoughby Comes to Rescue
Ryan Davis, who renounced his gang ties and is a part of the Youth Apprenticeship Program, approached Willoughby, who took his case up to the Ministry of Local Government. Poor [...]

Crique Sarco Initiates Maya Land Registry
The very first admission into the newly formed Maya Land Registry has been made by the remote southern village of Crique Sarco.� The far-flung community in the Toledo District is [...]

Maya Land Rights Commission Takes Interest, Completes Consultations
This morning, men, women and children from the wider indigenous community were bussed into Crique Sarco where the geographical map of the village was formally unveiled.� Among the invited guests [...]

Table Tennis Players Hard at Work Despite Bronze Success
Belize's team to the 2017 Central American Pre-Infantile under-eleven and under-thirteen Table Tennis Championships in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, returned with two bronze medals in boys' play and improved performances across the [...]


Impasse Remains Between BSCFA abd BSI/ASR
Today there is no saying when the apparent impasse between the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association and BSI/ ASR will end over proposed amendments to the current commercial agreement laid on the table by the milling company to invest 22 million dollars into the factory. The last we heard about the issue was that the BSCFA had sent a letter to BSI/ASR dated Monday July 31st where the association makes the position of its members, in regard to the current proposal, known. The letter did not bear good news because while members of the association welcomed the 22 million dollars investment they are in total disagreement with the proposed amendments. In return the association had proposals of their own and they made those known in the letter.

Police Look For Castro Brothers In Relation To Aggravated Assault Issues
The infamous Castro brothers, Wasani and Jafari are tonight back on the media spotlight as they are being sought by police for their possible involvement in an aggravated assault which occurred over the weekend in San Pedro. The incident we understand played out on Sunday night and has left well known San Ignacio basketball player, twenty one year old, Kevin Brown with serious head and body injuries after he was beaten up and stuck across the head with a fire extinguisher. Police say Brown was at a Resort with a group of friends when a dispute arose over a piece of jewelry. He is said to have been attacked by males other than his friends who kicked and then struck him with the fire extinguisher, knocking him unconscious. Brown's injuries were so severe that he had to be airlifted from San Pedro to the KHMH where he reportedly slipped into a coma. Brown, we understand is today recovering at home from his injuries.

SATIM Launches Maya Land Registry
Today August 9th is recognized as International Day of the World's Indigenous People and also marks the 10th anniversary of the UN declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. In commemoration of the celebration, today the Sarstoon Temash Institute for Indigenous Management (SATIIM) launched a Maya Lands Registry which seeks to protect the rights of the Mayan community of Crique Sarco located in the Toledo District. Back in 2015, the Caribbean Court of Justice ordered the Belize government to create an 'effective mechanism' that will serve to identify and protect the property and other rights arising from Maya customary land tenure, in accordance with Maya customary laws and land tenure practices. But while two years have gone by and still no mechanism has been established, the residents of Crique Sarco decided to take matters into their own hands and sought assistance from SATIIM to address the problem.


Guatemalan Farmer Found Dead in the South
Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of a man whose body was found already in a state of decomposition after five o'clock this morning. Police report that seventy three year old Jose Antonio Garcia, a Guatemalan farmer was walking along Davis Falls Road when he saw some blood stained stones and when he [�]

Brandon Taylor Nabbed for Firearm Offences
Thirty one year old Brandon Taylor has been charged for 'kept firearm and ammunition without a gun license. Police say that at around eight o'clock last night they spotted Taylor on Central American Boulevard in Belize City. When Taylor saw the officers he reportedly dashed into a yard and attempted to hide the firearm at [�]

Belize and Mexico Officials Discuss Transport
The governments of Belize and Mexico have entered into discussion for the development of a framework focused on international motor carrier, passenger and freight transportation across the borders. A Mexican delegation comprised of diplomatic and technical experts, headed by Mexican Ambassador Carlos Quesnel Melendez met with top officials of the Ministry of Transport including CEO [�]

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Belize police officers attend seminar in Panama
A team of six Belize police officers from the Mobile Interdiction Team (MIT) and Customs are in Panama attending a training session. The training is focused on ceasing terrorist threats and border security. The 4-day seminar was funded by the United States State Department and entails the detection of weapons of mass destruction and general protection of borders against terrorist threats.

Belmopan kids visit Kolbe Foundation
Today, the Belmopan police took 29 children between the ages of 8 and 17 to visit the Kolbe foundation. According to Officer Commanding Belmopan Police, Senior Superintendent Howell Gillett, one of main reasons for the visit was to allow the kids to gain a first hand experience of what life inside a prison is like.

Belize City man charged in Orange Walk for .38 revolver
On Sunday around 1:30 p.m., while Orange Walk police were on Dunn Street, cops saw two suspicious men riding into the cemetery on separate bicycles. Police then pursued them and apprehended one of the men.

Guatemalan farmer died of multiple chop wounds
According to police reports, yesterday morning around 6:30, police went to Davis Fall road, Alta Vista village and saw the body of 49-year-old Guatemalan farmer, Cesar Augusto Monroy, on the ground in a state of decomposition. Monroy had what appeared to be a large chop wound behind the neck and a cut wound to the left hand.

Early morning shooting in Belize City
This morning around 12:10 a.m., police responded to a shooting incident and visited the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where cops saw 34-year-old Michael Aspinal, a laborer of Kraal Road, Belize City with multiple gunshot wounds.

Guatemalan shot dead at his home in Belize City
This morning around 3:30, police visited a house on Mahogany Street, Belize City where cops saw 45-year-old Guatemalan, Ruben Esquivel Aguilar, lying in the kitchen area with multiple gunshot wounds and apparently dead. Investigations revealed that at around 3:20 a.m., Aguilar's sister was awaken by the sound of someone inside the house then heard her brother shouting her name before gunshots were fired.

Belize~Assessment of the current political situation
By Richard Harrison: Local government elections in 9 of the principal municipalities of Belize are expected to take place in March 2018, and the political season that comes with that has already kicked off. These elections are important because they will serve like a mid-term litmus test of the UDP third consecutive term in central government, since taking the reins of power in 2008. Currently, the UDP have control of 8 of these municipalities�and the PUP has only Orange Walk Town. Unless some major issues cause momentum to change between now and March, it would appear that this 8:1 ratio will remain.

San Ignacio Scotiabank recognizes brave police officers
Yesterday, Scotiabank Belize Ltd. - San Ignacio branch presented gifts of appreciation to officers PC Daniel Choc and PC Derwin Garcia in recognition of their bravery for rescuing three minors from the strong currents of the Cristo Rey village river on July 29th. Scotiabank gifted both officers with VIP tickets for the football match between the Belmopan Candits and CD Walter Ferreti tomorrow, $100 cash and a Scotiabank gift bag with promotional items.

Castro’s kids in trouble again
Police say they have been looking for Wasani and Jafari Castro, sons of Minister of Transport Edmond Castro, since Sunday in connection with a brutal case of aggravated assault. Police say that the victim, 21-year-old Kevin Brown, was at Banana Beach Resort with a group of friends when a dispute arose over a piece of jewelry.

Police involved in trans-border weapon smuggling?
Today is International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples and the 10th anniversary of the United Nations (UN) Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. The Sarstoon Temash Institute for Indigenous Management (SATIIM) is launching the Maya Lands Registry in commemoration of the day.

SATIIM launches Maya lands registry to celebrate UN Indigenous Peoples day
Today is International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples and the 10th anniversary of the United Nations (UN) Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. The Sarstoon Temash Institute for Indigenous Management (SATIIM) is launching the Maya Lands Registry in commemoration of the day.


Belize's Cultural Celebrations: Yurumein
Yurumein (Homeland or St. Vincent) is the re-enactment of the arrival of the arrival of the largest group of Garinagu to Belizean shores in 1823. This annual celebration is held on the 19th November or Garifuna Settlement Day.Efforts by Thomas Vincent Ramos and others led to the commencement of the celebration in the Stann Creek District in 1943; in 1997, it was declared a national holiday. The re-enactment demonstrates the Garinagu trails as they journeyed from St. Vincent to Roatan, Honduras then to Belizean shores.

Corozal Friendliest community to visit in Belize
The people tend to be very friendly. Corozal is a small and sleepy town with great views of the bay. If you want to rest, this is a great stop. If you arrive on Sunday, you'll find most businesses closed, although a few of the small restaurants and general stores will be open. There are very few tourists, so it is a good place to see Belize off the beaten track, and consequently, accommodation, food and drink, and other items are cheaper than in better-known places. Very regular buses are available between Corozal Town and Chetumal in Mexico, running about every 45 minutes during the day. The journey lasts about 1 hour and costs around 3.00Bze$ or 20$ pesos Mexican if you are still in Chetumal coming to Corozal. Fairly regular and inexpensive buses are also available to and from Belize City and Belmopan, as well as other destinations in the country. Tropic Air and Maya Island Air offer flights on smaller prop-driven aircraft between Corozal and Belize City, San Pedro, and Caye Caulker, as well as many other less-traveled Belize towns.

A loving Class of Carlos Perrote's Steel Band
It's once again here Carlos Perrote's Steel Drum Summer Class 2017. Where kids can learn a various music skills about the Steel Drum. And, its not just about learning the skills until the end of the class, but to have a wonderful time during the three weeks event. I will take you an event that happened back in 2014. Steel band music, it has made a comeback and no where is it more alive than in students. Students learn basically rhythms, different kinds of rhythms, just technique to play the pan and to play different kinds of instruments. in Steel Drum you need to practice. The steel band is just like another instrument. It isn't different. For a violin you have to practice and for steel band you have to practice. In this purpose, the first objective is to introduce the children to music. Carlos Perrote wants. Their are over 5,000 instruments percussion to be learnt and 10 year's of experience. "Its like going into steps by step to reach the goal of music." Carlos Perrote explained to the students while practicing.

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Le Belize, Une Destination De R�ve
Le Belize est une destination magnifique et pourtant tr�s m�connue des fran�ais. 90% des personnes avec lesquelles j'ai discut� de mon voyage ne connaissaient pas. Et pour tout vous dire, il y a 6 mois, je n'en avais jamais entendu parler non plus. Ne pas conna�tre un pays, �tait-ce possible ? Le temps passant, ma curiosit� grandissant� j'ai pris mes billets d'avion bien d�cid�e � en savoir plus ! Le Belize est un petit pays (22.970 km2 versus 248.573km2 pour la France) lov� entre le Mexique, le Guatemala, le Honduras et bord� par les Cara�bes. Seul pays anglophone d'Am�rique du Sud, c'est la destination confidentielle pr�f�r�e des Am�ricains. Durant mes 2 semaines de voyage je n'ai crois� que 2 Fran�ais. Je ne vous cache pas que c'est une belle satisfaction et que cela fait le plus grand bien�

Judge to Hear Ex-Treasure Hunter's Request to End Jail Time
An Ohio judge will hear a request by an ex-treasure hunter jailed on contempt-of-court charges to end his imprisonment. Federal Judge Algenon Marbley has held defendant Tommy Thompson in contempt since December 2015 for violating terms of a plea deal by refusing to respond to questions about the location of 500 missing gold coins. Thompson's attorney argues federal law prohibits holding someone under such conditions for longer than 18 months. Investors in the treasure hunt trying to recoup their money disagree.

Scotiabank named best digital bank In The Caribbean
Scotiabank has been recognized by Global Finance magazine as the 2017 World's Best Consumer Digital Bank in Latin America and the Caribbean. Scotiabank has been consistently recognized as the Best Consumer Internet Bank or Best Consumer Digital Bank by Global Finance since 2009, demonstrating its strength in digital banking. "We are very proud to have been recognized by Global Finance for the digital solutions we offer to our customers in Canada, Latin America, and the Caribbean," said Ignacio (Nacho) Deschamps, Group Head, International Banking and Digital Transformation. "At Scotiabank, we have a global robust digital banking strategy focused on meeting customers' needs and expectations."

Early-season storms one indicator of active Atlantic hurricane season ahead
NOAA's Climate Prediction Center, located in College Park, Md, has issued its update outlook for the 2017 Atlantic hurricane season. It's now predicting a higher likelihood of an above-normal season, and has increased the predicted number of named storms and major hurricanes.The season has the potential to be extremely active, and could be the most active since 2010. The updated outlook is based on the current and evolving atmospheric and oceanic conditions, the most recent model predictions, and pre-and early-season storm activity. The numbers announced today include the season activity to-date.

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  • Central Health Region Update (Jan - June 2017), 29min.

  • Sunrise Fitness Belize - 60K Drive For Outdoor Community Center, 15min.

  • BELIZE MOVIE, 7.5min.

  • ZIPLINING IN BELIZE | bree ally, 8min. Zip lining through the jungle in Belize and facing my fears of swimming in the ocean in Cozumel!

  • Belize 2017, 5.5min.

  • Straight Up Belize: Earth Expedition 2017, 9min. A glimpse at my perspective of our Project Dragonfly: Earth Expeditions, 2017 Belize

  • FINALLY MADE IT TO BELIZE!!! | SAN IGNACIO, 12min. Belize Vlog Day #1- We made sure we were extra early this time around! Landed in Belize City and used Williams Shuttle Service to get to San Ignacio. Roamed the streets for some delicious street food and checked out the towns night life. We stayed at Bella's Backpackers which was very quiet and friendly only a few blocks from the center of town. Tomorrow is an early road trip to the Tikal Ruins.

  • Belize - Day Five, 6min. A day of iguanas, ziplining, car karaoke, boat rides, hammocks, napkin art and most of all laughter! Belize you really are the greatest!