For the second weekend in a row, the Department of Agriculture has spearheaded a successful market day to the benefit of farmers and customers alike near the Belmopan area. The National Agriculture Show Grounds, with additional infrastructural improvements has become a main attraction for customers and their families in need of consuming a range of wholesome produce.

Over this past weekend children participated in a free rodeo show with famed singer Desmond Berry coming out to entertain the crowds with karaoke. But this is just the beginning of what NATS has to offer to the public.

It is the intention of the Department of Agriculture to maximize the use of the 28 acres show grounds outside the once a year National Agriculture Show itself. As a result it has come up with a five year development plan and has recently made $234,000.00 in investments on the grounds to make it operational as a market for weekends. Such an initiative is supported with partial funding from the Japanese Climate Change Fund, which is operated by the United Nations Development Program.

Even from its first opening on July the 29th the new market at the show grounds has had its food courts operational, with breakfast and lunch during the day to maintain the visiting crowds. The grounds also now has secure and ample parking space. Even while parents pick up their fruits and vegetables , children can be entertained at the well maintained playground.

Persons who love plants can also visit the nurseries located at the show grounds. There are now several toilet facilities around the show grounds, which makes it convenient for all visitors.

From here on, the market will now be opening every weekend at the NATS Grounds from 5:00 am to 5:00 pm.

“We are looking for families to come and spend a few hours on the show grounds, there is a lot of shaded area, we have made a lot of investment in terms of keeping the area clean and accessible…come out and enjoy the facilities to support the various businesses that are part of the market facility,” says Gary Ramirez, the coordinator of the National Agriculture and Trade Show Grounds.

Members of the public can also rent the main stage area for their functions at the show grounds, which is located near the Guanacaste Park at the periphery of Belmopan. Depending on the amount of space that is occupied at NATS, the costs are as low as $350.00 to $400.00 and comes with rest room facilities.