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#524901 - 08/02/17 09:32 AM Re: 13 year old girl found dead, US Parents Held [Re: bywarren]  
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That's not prediges he is showing it's flat out bigotry. I was wondering when it would come through.

Let those who are without sin cast the first stone
#524912 - 08/02/17 12:25 PM Re: 13 year old girl found dead, US Parents Held [Re: Marty]  
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Agreed on the bail these folks make 60K US free and clear of Belize taxes just from child support let alone the income from the store. That bail was a drop in the bucket to them. Judge should have considered that first and foremost.

#524914 - 08/02/17 02:48 PM Re: 13 year old girl found dead, US Parents Held [Re: Marty]  
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Sure, it’s important to presume innocent until proven guilty, especially in this day & age of fake news & social media. But this is an exceptional case given the following, documented facts:

• Anke & David have a documented history of inexplicable rage & violence toward others, per the 3-year Court Order issued against them on November 9, 2011 in Hawaii to protect a neighboring family from their persistent & obscene threats of violence & inexplicable rage. (
• Since at least 2011, numerous witnesses in the US & Belize have been disturbed enough by the routine neglect and/or child endangerment they witnessed relative to the Doehm’s 4 adopted daughters to report Anke & David to child protective services.
• As witnessed in Hawaii & Belize, the Doehms were not that social & did not socialize their daughters with other children or otherwise.
• As witnessed in Hawaii & Belize, the Doehms neglected their daughters’ safety, welfare & education, often not sending their daughters to school for years at a time.
• Per Faye’s short stint in public school, school officials report she was a very bright student with no mental disabilities or self-abuse.
• Faye was found sexually abused & beaten to death in Anke & David’s home.
• Autopsy reports reveal Faye also had older injuries indicative of horrendous sexual & physical abuse.
• When Anke realized Faye died from the physical injuries inflicted in their home, Anke’s first reaction & attempt to defer blame was to blame Faye, claiming she was mentally disturbed & abused herself. If that were true, there would be sufficient evidence & a documented history (medical records, doctors’ visits, teacher reports, adoptive father’s testimony, etc.), but no such evidence or witnesses have surfaced. To quite the contrary, all known witnesses, including school officials & teachers, contradict Anke’s obscene allegation.

Given all the documented facts & evidence suggesting Anke & David are responsible for their daughter’s tragic & untimely death in their home, the conclusions of guilt many have drawn are not unjustified. In fact, their conclusions are supported by a great deal of evidence.

Granted, we still have yet to see if Anke or David will produce any circumstantial evidence that may suggest someone else in their household beat & murdered Faye. If so, who? After stooping so low as to falsely allege Faye was responsible for her own death, might they also attempt to blame one or more of their other daughters for this inhumane & malicious abuse? I pray they don’t! Or, might they finally admit the truth & simply tell the Court what really happened? Only time will tell. Whatever the case, it seems quite clear that any circumstantial evidence they may produce will be met with overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

And for those who don’t know or never encountered this family, please know Anke is the primary instigator of evil in their home. While living next to them in very close quarters with many open windows, we learned that no one in that home did anything without Anke’s expressed approval, not even David. She ruled the roost & they served in that home at her pleasure.

Even so, she walked into a Hawaii court room acting as if she was a pathetic & feeble little mom from Germany who just didn’t know or understand what she was being accused of. Yet, she was rightfully accused of persistently & obscenely harassing & threatening her neighbors, my family. By the grace of God, the Court saw through her pathetic façade and issued a 3-year Court Order protecting my family from their obscene harassment, threats & violence. I mention this because I suspect she’s attempting to pull the wool over the court’s eyes in Belize too.

Based upon our experience living in the same duplex with that family, we recognized Anke as evil incarnate & David a close second. Yet, Anke is the master manipulator & control freak who dictated everything that went on in that home. Keep in mind, that is the same home in which a defenseless 13 year old girl was physically & sexually abused to her death.

I’m not excusing David in the least, far from it, as he’s a close second. Yet, he led a pretty ordinary life before he married Anke & has older children from a previous marriage who weren't reported to have been subjected to this kind of neglect & horrendous abuse.

Anke is the gasoline to this fire & based upon all we witnessed & all we’ve learned since, it seems clear to us that Anke is primarily responsible for Faye’s death, as she’s the only one who could have suggested, encouraged and/or allowed it to happen. We suspect others in the home, including David, very likely inflicted abuse at Anke’s direction or encouragement, but make no mistake . . . Anke ruled the roost & dictated all that happened. Even so, we must let the evidence play out.

But if they flee, I hope everyone familiar with Faye's tragic & untimely murder, not to mention the neglect & abuse (physical, sexual & emotional) she suffered will acknowledge the surmounting evidence & do everything we can to bring these two back to justice. That’s the very least Faye & her sisters deserve!

#524919 - 08/03/17 05:08 AM Re: 13 year old girl found dead, US Parents Held [Re: Marty]  
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My name is Dave Cannon, I am the adoptive father of Zoe Lin Cannon, Mia Lin Cannon, Faye Lin Cannon and Siri Lin Cannon. I would like to thank the citizens of San Pedro Town for your heartfelt condolences and your support for my daughters and me during these difficult times. I know that San Pedranos are dedicated to knowing the TRUTH about what happened to my daughters, and dedicated to justice for Faye Lin Cannon. I know that many people witnessed how my daughters were treated over the last five years that they lived here in San Pedro Town. I am asking everyone who witnessed, first hand, how my daughters were treated to please go to the San Pedro Police Department and make a sworn statement to one of the Criminal Investigations Bureau Officer, so that the TRUTH WILL COME OUT!

This is the very best way for San Pedranos to help achieve Justice for Faye Lin Cannon!

Please keep my daughters and me in your prayers!
Thank you,
Dave Cannon

#524927 - 08/03/17 08:17 AM Re: 13 year old girl found dead, US Parents Held [Re: HIwhyEMom]  
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Well, HIwhyEMom, your statement is jarring, and you speak from experience with these two and their daughters.
I truly hope you contact the San Pedro police (or the Belize Judiciary) and offer to make yourself available for your testimony.

Faye needs this.

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#525131 - 08/12/17 05:38 AM Re: 13 year old girl found dead, US Parents Held [Re: Marty]  
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My name is Dave Cannon, I am the adoptive father of Zoe Lin Cannon, Mia Lin Cannon, Faye Lin Cannon and Siri Lin Cannon. I would like to thank the Citizens of San Pedro Town for your heart felt condolences and your support for my daughters and I during these difficult times. I know that San Pedranos are dedicated to knowing the TRUTH about what happened to my daughters and dedicated to Justice For Faye Lin Cannon. I know that many people witnessed how my daughters were treated over the last 5 years that they lived here in San Pedro Town. I am asking everyone who witnessed, first hand , how my daughters were treated to please go to the San Pedro Police Dept and make a Sworn Statement to one of the Criminal Investigations Bureau Officers, so that the TRUTH WILL COME OUT!! This is the Very Best opportunity for San Pedranos to help achieve Justice For Faye Lin Cannon!! In fact this is the Very Best opportunity to achieve Justice For All Of My Daughters!! Please understand, that the next step in the Trial for the Charges of Cruelty to a Child, is on August 24 2017. As has been reported in the Media, that will be the Discovery Phase of the Trial, when the Director of Public Prosecution will bring evidence before the Judge to support the charges of Cruelty to a Child. So it is very important that anyone who has information regarding how my daughters were treated, please come forward and make a Sworn Statement to the Police as soon as possible. That way your Statement can be processed by the Police and the Director of Public Prosecution in time to be presented to the Judge on August 24 2017.

Please, Please come forward and make your Statement to the Police!!!

Your Statement will have a positive effect as Evidence in the Director of Public Prosecutions Case!!

Your Statement will make a difference!!

Each and every one of your Statements will be greatly appreciated by my Daughters and I!!

Thank You!
Dave Cannon
August 10th 2017

#525414 - 08/25/17 03:33 AM Re: 13 year old girl found dead, US Parents Held [Re: Marty]  
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Doehm Couple Back To Court

A month ago, we told you about the high profile case out of San Pedro involving the American couple, David and Anke Doehm. They were charged with cruelty to a child for the death of their 13 year-old adopted daughter, Faye Lin Cannon, after a week of being investigated but not charged with murder. Well, they've been out on bail, living in Belize City, staying under the radar while they await today's adjournment of their case in the Magistrate's Court.

The DPP's Office committed to provide partial disclosure to them so that they can see the evidence that the police has amassed against them for the questionable death of their daughter. Crown Counsel Jacqueline Willoughby showed up, and did just that. She handed over a sheaf of police witnesses statements that she intends to use to convict them of the negligence which directly led to Faye's death.

That means that the couple is one step closer to facing a full trial for the offense, and after the hearing, we asked Crown Counsel Willoughby for an interview. She explained briefly that there are 24 witness statements against them so far, and she is hoping that at the next adjournment, she's provide them with the rest of the prosecution's evidence:

Daniel Ortiz, reporter
"What exactly was provided to the 2 defendants today?"

Jacqueline Willoughby, Crown Council
"Mostly statements. We are still waiting for the other scientific matters."

Daniel Ortiz, reporter
"Are you able to give us a broad overview of the number of statements that have been provided to the defendants and maybe a broad summary of the contents of those statements if you would?"

Jacqueline Willoughby, Crown Council
"I will tell you that there are about 25 or so statements. In terms of the contents, that will be left for the trial."

Daniel Ortiz, reporter
"So what exactly is left for the rest of the disclosure to be delivered by September 20th?"

Jacqueline Willoughby, Crown Council
"Scientific matters, like perhaps you test like the other test that may have been done on tissue and that kind of thing. The fact is the DPP office doesn't do testing. And so it is going to be heavily reliant on whatever circumstances out there. But I don't think that it would be wise for me to comment on whether or not I am certain or not. I am just going to say is we are relying on the people who conduct this kind of work to be completed and if it done, then we go. If not, as you may have heard in court, we have agreed that if there has to be any changes we will communicate and change in necessary."

The case has been adjourned for September 20, when the results of those forensic tests are expected to be to be in. If the DPP's Office is able to provide the rest of the disclosure, the preliminary inquiry will take place on October 5. If the results are not ready, the PI will be rescheduled for a later date.

As we reported, on Monday July 3, the Doehms called San Pedro police to their condominium unit on Northern Ambergris Caye where they lived for 3 years before Faye's death.

Anke Doehm told police that Faye woke up at around 7 a.m. that day, asked for some water and went back to bed. 15 minutes later, David Doehm found her unresponsive. A doctor confirmed that she died, but it was not a natural death. She had multiple bruises on the arms and legs, and a swelling on the right side of her head, which had a cut. The results of a postmortem examination revealed that she had been physically and sexually abused. The examination found that she died from chest compression. Someone pressed down on her chest hard enough that the pressure broke 3 of her ribs and punctured her heart.

Channel 7

#525965 - 09/21/17 05:38 AM Re: 13 year old girl found dead, US Parents Held [Re: Marty]  
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American Couple Accused of Child Cruelty David and Anke Doehm Back to Court

After a month's adjournment, Americans David and Anke Doehm went back to Magistrate's Court today for the continuation of the case against them for the charge of cruelty of to a child.

They're waiting for the prosecution to provide them with the rest of the evidence which will be used to prove that they are criminally responsible for the death of their 13 year-old adopted daughter, Faye Lin Cannon.

At the last hearing, Crown Counsel Jacqueline Willoughby informed the court that the prosecution was waiting for the results of forensic tests which will make up part of the evidence the Doehm's will have to face. There was an undertaking that if those results were ready, they would be disclosed to the defendants on today's date, if not, the case would be adjourned to a further date to allow for more time.

So, when the Doehm couple showed up before Chief Magistrate Sharon Frazer today, they were informed that the prosecution is being allowed another adjournment until October 17.

Those forensic tests are still not ready, so after being given their new date that they must return, they left the courtroom - still on bail.

The DPP's Office intends to prosecute them for the high-profile and very questionable death of their daughter, Faye Lin Cannon, on San Pedro on July 3. Police found out about her death when the couple called them to their condominium on Northern Ambergris Caye.

Their explanation to police was that she woke up about 7 o'clock that morning, asked for water, and went back to bed. David Doehm reportedly went to check on her and found her unresponsive. Anke Doehm told police that she suffered from mental illness, and that she had episodes where she would hit her head against a wall. Anke Doehm also claimed that she was refusing to eat for 3 weeks.

Contrary to the mother's statement to police, a post-mortem conducted on Faye's body indicated that she was physically and sexually abused.

At this time, the prosecution has already submitted 24 witness statements to the court, which will be used against them.

Channel 7

Doehms’ court case once again adjourned
The ‘Cruelty to a Child’ case against American couple David and Anke Doehm continued on Wednesday, September 20th when they returned to the Magistrate Court in Belize City. The prosecution was expected to provide the rest of the evidence, which seeks to prove that the duo is criminally liable for the death of Anke’s adoptive daughter Faye Lin Cannon. That evidence, which includes results from forensic tests, was not ready to be disclosed, and as such, the case was adjourned until October 17th. After being in police custody for a few weeks, they were each granted bail of $10,000BZ, which they met, and were then set free. Under the terms of the bail, the couple is to report to the Queen Street Police Station every Monday, in Belize City, while the murder investigation continues. A preliminary inquiry is set for October 5th in San Pedro Town. However, since the forensic evidence is not available as yet, it is not certain if that date will change.

#526196 - 10/05/17 04:14 PM Re: 13 year old girl found dead, US Parents Held [Re: Marty]  
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David Doehm found dead in Belize City Hotel Room

On Thursday, October 5th, the Belize Police Department confirmed the discovery of the body of David Doehm inside a hotel room at the Ramada Princess Hotel and Casino. According to reports, police were called to the scene sometime after noon. Upon inspection, they discovered the body in room 523, allegedly with a plastic bag over his head. So far, besides the confirmation of the deceased identity, police have yet to give out an official statement on the incident.

Click here to read the rest of the article in the San Pedro Sun

#526201 - 10/06/17 05:27 AM Re: 13 year old girl found dead, US Parents Held [Re: Marty]  
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David Doehm’s Carefully Calculated Suicide In Room 523 The names David And Anke Doehm burst into the national spotlight in July when their daughter Faye Lin Cannon was found dead in their San Pedro condo - the victim of neglect and abuse. Well tonight, that story has taken a shocking twist: David Doehm was found dead in a Belize City hotel room - room 523 at the Princess Hotel and Casino. By all indications, he had taken his own life, and done so in a most unusual way. 7News has confirmed that Doehm was found with a suicide note beside him, and a plastic bag over his head which is consistent with asphyxiation.

But, it seems he went to lengths to make sure his end was quick: 7News has confirmed that police found a tank of nitrogen gas beside him. A receipt found in the room showed that he bought the tank of nitrogen, took it into the room - and used that to asphyxiate himself. The way nitrogen works is that breathing in the gas, reduces oxygen to dangerously low levels - knocking the person unconscious after one or two breaths, and kills them shortly after. The plastic bag is used to keep the gas in.

Police say that he checked in alone yesterday and we know that his body was found at around 12:30 by a cleaner. When our team got there at around 1:30 we saw a lot of police activity an ambulance arrive. The ambulance left - since that service does not transport the dead - and then police got in position to process the scene and remove the body.

That finished around 3:30 when the body was removed on a stretcher which had to be taken down 5 flights of stairs, wrapped in a yellow covering. From there it was put into the police truck and they left for the morgue.

His wife Anke Doehm was not there; she spent the day at a family court with her attorney Rachel Montejo in the case having to do with the custody of her other two daughters who are in foster care.

This evening, 7News was there when she came back to her Belize City apartment on Reggae Street in the Port Loyola area. She was in tears - having gotten the news of her husband's apparent suicide just a few hours earlier. Her attorney told us she's in a state of shock:...

Rachel Montejo - Attorney for Doehm
"We came out of court this afternoon, sometime after 3:00, I believe. Police were there to inform us of something and so we went by the police station, the CIB office. At this time, we have not been told much but for the fact that her husband passed away. So, we await further information from police tomorrow but my client was shocked about the news. Police informed us that it may be a suicide; it looks that way. But we've not been told. Yes, we are still waiting for information."

David Doehm emerges as one of the most confounding figures in recent memory. He was Faye Lin Cannon's stepfather; Anke Doehm had already adopted the child and her two sisters from China when they became a couple in Hawaii some years ago. Anke and David Doehm came to Belize in 2012. In July of this year, 13 year old, Faye Lin Cannon was found dead din the family's condo as a result of extreme physical and sexual abuse. There wasn't enough evidence to charge David and Anke Doehm for murder, so they were charged for cruelty to a child. The couple was forced to relocate to the Port Loyola area of Belize City where - as we show you earlier - they were renting an apartment from their bail bondsman. Reports are that he left the apartment yesterday at around 9:30 with a bag in his hand. Doehm reportedly went to another major city hotel, and then went to the Princess. Anke Doehm did know that her husband left to go to a hotel, in fact, this afternoon she reportedly went to different hotels including Princess to check where he was because she had not heard from him. She did see the early police activity at princess but did not know it was her husband they were there for. She returned back to court and was later informed of his suicide after it was confirmed.

His life ends with more questions than answers as his role in the death of Faye Lin Cannon is not known - but ending his life as he has in this manner, certainly suggests a man with a very heavy load. His wife Anke continues to face the charge of child cruelty, and is also in a custody dispute for her children…. Police are not calling it a suicide at this time and say a post mortem examination will be conducted.

Channel 7

David Doehm, ‘Tired of Life,’ Found Dead in Princess Hotel Room

There have been nine deaths reported across the country in the span of one week. But the last twenty-four hours have been especially bloody, with four deaths reported – two in Belize City, one in Corozal and another in Roaring Creek, Cayo. Our top story tonight is the suicide of David Doehm inside a room at the Ramada Princess Hotel and Casino. He was found this afternoon in a room on one of the upper floors facing the pool side next to B.T.L. Park. Police say the fifty-nine-year-old American retiree had a plastic bag over his head with a tube that led from a small Nitrogen tank to the inside of the bag; beside him a hand-written note. Information to News Five is that Doehm checked into the hotel room on Wednesday morning. This morning, he was visited by his wife, Anke and security at the hotel would last see him alive around eleven a.m. until a cleaner found him dead. In the note, we are told; he wrote that he was tired of this life. Anke reportedly went back to the hotel after a custody hearing at the family court, but would then learn that he had taken his life. David and Anke were charged with cruelty to a child – specifically, thirteen-year-old Faye Lin Cannon, discovered dead in a rented condo room in north Ambergris Caye on July third, as well as possession of Valium, a controlled substance. They were out on bail and awaiting preliminary inquiry at the Magistrate’s Court. But something went tragically wrong today. Aaron Humes traces the last movements of the Doehms and why their story may have had something to do with David’s sudden end.

David and Anke Doehm were scheduled to appear at the Family Court this morning for a hearing on custody of their three remaining adopted children. They were being challenged by the girls’ natural father, David Cannon, for custody. A few hours after the hearing, a world away from their previous residence on Reggae Street in the Southside, David was found apparently dead in his hotel room just before one this afternoon. Police have not confirmed any signs of violence to the body, and the report of a plastic bag found covering his head is not confirmed. Anke Doehm has not been located at this time. It is an unexpected turn in a case that has gripped the country since the discovery of thirteen-year-old Faye Lin Cannon’s battered body in the Grand Caribe rented condo in July. From the start, police on the island suspected murder.

Channel 5

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