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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

The San Pedro Sun

Elections and Boundaries Department encourages electorates to prepare for 2018 Municipal Elections
With the next municipal elections slated for March 7, 2018, the Elections and Boundaries Department is beginning the process of preparing the electorates list. To facilitate this, the countrywide Election and Boundaries' registration offices will be open on Saturday, August 26th from 9PM to 4PM for those seeking to transfer from one electoral division to another, register for a Voters' Identification Card (ID) or simply pick up their Voter's ID. The 2018 municipal election will see the selection of mayors and councilors for nine destinations, including Corozal Town, Orange Walk Town, San Pedro Town, Belize City, Belmopan City, Santa Elena Town, San Ignacio Town, Stann Creek Town and Punta Gorda Town. Only persons registered under the specified areas can vote during the municipal elections. As recent as June 2017, 109,003 Belizeans can validly vote during the upcoming elections.

Injured crocodile Phineas fully recovered and back in the wild
As some of you may remember, a few months ago on March 18th, members of ACES (American Crocodile Education Sanctuary) were alerted to an almost lifeless croc in Boca Del Rio area of San Pedro Town. Some very cruel person, (or persons) had caught this croc, taped his mouth shut, tied it shut with wire on top, and inflicted an incredibly deep wound to his neck. He was then released in that condition to die a slow and horrible death. Truly a disgusting act of animal cruelty. Thankfully for us and him, Dr. Ines Ventura of the San Pedro Animal Hospital came to the rescue! Although terrified of the croc, she put aside her fears and spent over two hours stitching closed the wound in his neck. The surgery went well, and the stitches appeared to be holding, and although still sick and stressed, Phineas the croc started to eat on his own without having to be force-fed, which was a great weight off all our minds.

DOE announces new sewage treatment system for Ambergris Caye
In an effort to diminish the threat of any negative environmental impact on Ambergris Caye, the Department of the Environment (DOE) has issued an advisory to all new commercial and tourism developments on north and south Ambergris Caye, to invest in a proper sewage treatment system. In a press release issued on Monday, August 7th, DOE encourages future developers/investors to select the most appropriate system available on the international and local market, and then submit for the Department's approval.

Tropic Air cancels international flight routes -GOB's Increased Departure Tax takes the blame
The Government of Belize's (GOB) decision to increase Belize's Departure Tax was met with resistance from the very beginning. Now, four months after its approval, tourism stakeholders reiterate their stance that an increase from BZ$78.50 (US$39.25) to BZ$111.00 (US$56) is having negative impacts on Belize's tourism product, mainly overnight tourist arrivals. Most recently, Tropic Air discontinued three of its international flight routes as a result of reduced passenger rate due to the increase in departure tax. Stakeholders are of the mind that if the GOB does not rectify this issue, there will be further negative impacts on the tourism industry.

Ambergris Today

What If You Could Make A Difference?
I am the adoptive father of Zoe Lin Cannon, Mia Lin Cannon, Faye Lin Cannon and Siri Lin Cannon. I would like to thank the Citizens of San Pedro Town for your heart felt condolences and your support for my daughters and I during these difficult times. I know that Sanpedranos are dedicated to knowing the TRUTH about what happened to my daughters and dedicated to Justice For Faye Lin Cannon. I know that many people witnessed how my daughters were treated over the last 5 years that they lived here in San Pedro Town. I am asking everyone who witnessed, first hand , how my daughters were treated to please go to the San Pedro Police Dept. and make a Sworn Statement to one of the Criminal Investigations Bureau Officers, so that the TRUTH WILL COME OUT!!

Misc Belizean Sources


Business owners in top Belize destination want increased mangrove protections
Walking the shore of San Pedro provides a solid picture of the tension between natural resources and the economy in this, the top tourist town in coastal Belize. White coral sand gives way to several hundred feet of stunningly deep blue water out to where Caribbean waves strike the Mesoamerican Reef, the world's second longest barrier reef, which stretches from Honduras in the south to its Mexican terminus to the north. But walk north along the beachfront just a little ways and your path is diverted away from the water by a wiry stand of mangrove trees growing in the gentle waves. This mangrove belongs to yet another open-air bar, La Choza, and reminds one of what this whole area once looked like. "If I cut those trees, erosion will get our bar," owner Luis Cabanas explained when asked. "The mangrove protected us from Hurricane Earl last year, the roof didn't go." Cabanas has been in San Pedro 28 years and remembers the beachfront at that time was a lot wilder, with mangroves marching right into the waves along much of it. When asked if he keeps the mangrove trees for any other reasons, he added with a smile, "We like to give homes to the little fishes."

A new plan to save Belize's livelihood-giving reef and coasts
The coastal nation of Belize is at a crossroads. The Belize Barrier Reef System supports the livelihoods of more than half the nation's population and provides numerous benefits including cultural heritage, protection from storms, and habitat for endangered species. But this same ecosystem is under threat. In 2009, the reef system was added to UNESCO's List of World Heritage in Danger. It remains on the list today because of mangrove deforestation, unsustainable coastal development and offshore oil exploration. The good news is a coastal zone management plan can safeguard Belize's natural assets and produce a win-win opportunity for the people and environment. New research by WWF scientists and collaborators describes the government-led planning process which identified risks posed by human activities and measured how different development decisions impact the Belizean people and species.


SSBA Basketball Summer Camp 2017
The SSBA is having their 2017 Basketball Summer Camp from Monday, August 14th through Saturday, August 26th. There will be 2 camps for the younger kids, one held at the SHC auditorium, and one at the Santa Elena Sports Complex. There will be one for the older kids, and it will take place in the evenings at the SHC auditorium. Thanks, SSBA!

Statement from Dave Cannon
My name is Dave Cannon, I am the adoptive father of Zoe Lin Cannon, Mia Lin Cannon, Faye Lin Cannon and Siri Lin Cannon. I would like to thank the Citizens of San Pedro Town for your heart felt condolences and your support for my daughters and I during these difficult times. I know that San Pedranos are dedicated to knowing the TRUTH about what happened to my daughters and dedicated to Justice For Faye Lin Cannon. I know that many people witnessed how my daughters were treated over the last 5 years that they lived here in San Pedro Town. I am asking everyone who witnessed, first hand , how my daughters were treated to please go to the San Pedro Police Dept and make a Sworn Statement to one of the Criminal Investigations Bureau Officers, so that the TRUTH WILL COME OUT!!

Bienvenidos a la Fiesta de San Joaquin!
Welcome to San Joaquin Fiesta! August 11, 12 & 13!!! Don't miss out!!!

Benque Zone 4 Neighborhood Watch summer camp
It's August 14th -18

4th Annual Yellow Ginger Festival
The East Indian Council of Belize-Southern Chapter is presenting the 4th Annual Yellow Ginger festival in Eldridge Ville, Toledo District located five miles outside of Punta Gorda Town. We are inviting everyone from far and near to come out and learn more about the Belizean East Indian cultural food, practices and heritage and much more. Mark it as a family date on your calendar!!!!!!!!!!

8 teams, winner takes all $1,000. Adults $3 Kids Under 12 Free. Food, snacks, and drinks. Bring the Island Back!

CYEN's Biennial Youth Exchange 2017
CYEN's Biennial Youth Exchange 2017 is just around the bend and we're excited to join together to go to......BELIZE! The Exchange seeks: To foster closer collaboration and working relationships between CYEN members throughout the Caribbean. Get members to learn about, understand, and value environmental issues within the various Caribbean territories. Encourage members to better appreciate the geography, socio-economic, and cultural elements of the Caribbean territories. The dates for Exchange 2017 are 12th - 19th August, 2017

Corozal Junior College developes and launches its mobile APP for its students
The CJC Mobile App has been successful in facilitating effective communication with our students, parents, teachers and other stakeholders. Download it today!

"WAYITO Y BENITA TUCUCH" at Princess Casino Freezone
Another Laugh Out Loud weekend this Friday, Aug 11th and Saturday, Aug 12th at the PRINCESS CASINO FREEZONE COROZAL for the live comical show "WAYITO Y BENITA TUCUCH" beginning at 10:00 p.m. No cover charge.

Escuela Secundaria Tecnica Mexico - Parenting Session and Orientation Day
Parenting Session Monday - August 14th 1st Form :- 9:00a.m. - 11:00a.m. 2nd Form:- 1:00p.m. - 3:00p.m. Tuesday - August 15th 3rd Form :- 9:00a.m. - 11:00a.m. 4th Form:- 1:00p.m. - 3:00p.m Orientation Day Thursday August 17 1st & 2nd Forms - 7:55a.m. to 12:30p.m. Friday, August 18th 3rd & 4th Forms - 7:55a.m. to 12:30pm.

Job Preparedness Training
The Santa Elena DYS is going to have job preparedness training on Mondays and Wednesdays, starting on August 21st. Interviewing skills and interpersonal communication skills can be honed, allowing for a better interview. "The Department of Youth Services Santa Elena Job Preparedness Training will start on the 21 of August 2017, whereby this training will assist our young people to be prepared as they go along searching for employment opportunities in our area. This Training will be offered twice a week Monday and Wednesday from 1pm to 4 pm. Registration forms are available now at DYS Santa Elena office located at 28 Peter August Street Corner of Eve Street just above the Santa Elena Post office."

Belizean Patriot: Nicholas Anthony Pollard Sr.
Nicholas Anthony Ignatius Pollard Sr. (March 22, 1924 - January 21, 2003) was a Belizean politician and trade union leader. He was born in 1924 in Bacalar, Quintana Roo, Mexico to Belizean parents, Stella Alberta Gill and Juan Castro Pollard. He was a founding member of the People's United Party (PUP) in 1950. The same year, he was elected president of the General Workers Union. He made major contributions to the development of the trade union movement in Belize. On September 29, 1956, Pollard and nationalist leader George Cadle Price co-founded the Belize Times, now one of the largest newspapers in Belize. In 1958, Pollard broke away from the PUP and formed the Christian Democratic Party of Belize (CDP). The CDP contested the 1961 elections, but the PUP won all 18 seats.

Channel 7

He Robbed Treasury Dept. With a Sawed Off And a Bicycle
Tonight Dangriga police are looking for a daring thief who robbed the town's Treasury office today, using a bicycle and a sawed off shotgun. At about 12:30, he slipped into the building, pulled the sawed off shotgun out of a bag, and held up the cashier and a customer and left with 1,700 dollars in cash. He rode off on a bicycle, and slipped away. Police investigators have been frustrated so far because the security cameras on the building have been out of commission for months, and none of the persons who saw the robber have been able to identify him from pictures in the police "rogue's gallery."

Police Speak on Pierced Window At Agric Ministry
Did someone shoot at the Ministry of Agriculture? Was some vandal trying to send a message? And should employees there feel at risk? Those are the questions that have been at play in the public discourse after what looks like a bullet hole was seen in a glass window at the Ministry on Queen Elizabeth Avenue in Belmopan town. Today, the commander of the Belmopan police spoke about what they know so far:... Sr. Sup. Howell Gillet - OC, Belmopan: "What we know so far is that there is a piercing in the glass that faces the Queen Elizabeth Boulevard. We are not certain, so I cannot say with certainty that it was gunshot or anything that caused it. We've done swabbing of the hole to see and that will be sent to the forensic laboratory for testing. There is a very small piercing, but what amazes us is that there was no marking anywhere else in the building. So it could be a number of things, but I don't want to speculate. We are very hopeful that the forensic testing will tell us what actually pierced the door."

Two Cops Accused Of Extorting Principal Face Criminal Charges
Today, two Punta Gorda police officers were taken to court and criminally charged for extortion. On Tuesday a Toledo school principal was driving in PG when she she was stopped at a checkpoint by WPC Jenny Tanner. Tanner informed the principal that the insurance on her vehicle had expired two days earlier, and told her that she would be arrested and charged. Tanner and another officer at the checkpoint, PC Arden Jones, then took her to the Punta Gorda Police Station, where they told her that she had committed a serious offense and that her car would be impounded and driver's license revoked. That's when Jones allegedly suggested that the principal settle the matter with he and Tanner. Jones asked her how much she was willing to pay, and after she proposed $300, Jones allowed her to leave to withdraw the money from the bank. She returned with $400 and handed it over, and then was allowed to leave. After the incident, the principal immediately reported what had happened to the Toledo OC, ASP Clement Cacho, who moved quickly to retrieve the money from Jones.

American Busted With Weapons And Weed In Corozal
An American man living in Corozal has been charged for possession of weed, weapons, and a trio of smoking pipes, or "bongs." 63 year old Dale Irwin was caught after someone called the 922-TIPS hotline. Corozal police told us more about the search at his home in the Chula Vista area of Corozal Town: Supt. Sinquest Martinez - OC, Corozal Police: "We search the residence of Dale Irwin, an American national where the police found a double barrel shotgun, a .22 rifle, along with some drugs, pipes and ammunition. I got to thank the 922-TIPS who assisted us in respect to the information that we received. So we went out there and executed and we found those stuff there. He was formally arrested and charged for 2 counts of kept unlicensed firearm, 2 counts of kept ammunition, 2 counts of drug trafficking, 3 counts of possession of a pipe, 3 counts of drug possession and we continue to do these operation simultaneously within the town of Corozal and the villages."

Cops Found Bulletproof Vest
Yesterday police conducted several routine searches throughout Belize City. Starting on Kelly Street, the cops searched the residence of 22-year-old Richard Rowland where they found a plastic bag containing about 7 ounces of cannabis. After arresting and charging Rowland for drug trafficking, the police moved on to New Road, where they found another 7 ounces of cannabis. No one was in the area where those drugs were found, so they were labelled as found property.

Bail For Police Caught Allegedly Smuggling Gun
On Tuesday's news, we told you about the Police Constable, Franklin Ramirez, and his 3 passengers who were intercepted by the Mobile Interdiction Team in Ontario Village. They were busted with a gun police believed was smuggled in from Guatemala, but tonight, they are out on bail. Their attorneys, Oscar Selgado and Herbert Panton, applied for Supreme Court bail, and Justice Herbert Lord granted them an audience today. After hearing from both sides, Justice Lord granted them bail of $6,000, with the conditions that they must report to the Raccoon Street Police Station every Friday, attend all adjournments of the case against them, and that they do not interfere with the prosecution's witnesses.

Kevin Brown's Beatdown, An Eyewitness Account
All this week, Kevin Brown's name has been in the news. He's the 21 year old basketballer from Camalote village who was hit over the head in a brawl in San Pedro Town on Sunday night. While he recovers, police still have not arrested the man or men who beat him. It was a brawl on the island - all because of a bracelet. Tonight, for the first time we'll hear the account of an eyewitness - one of Brown's friends - who says that first there was a fight at the Luna Loca in San Pedro - that was the prelude to the bigger brawl. But the male witness fears for his safety, and so It's only a voice interview WHICH HE GAVE TO PLUS TV and his voice has been altered to mask his identity.

Police Did State That They were Seeking Castro's
And a you heard that witness say, quote, "I just know one guy and it's the dread guy who is always in the news," and we're assuming he's referring there to one of the Castro brothers. And that is substantiated by what former Police Press Officer Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood told the media. But Yearwood's statement was then rescinded by the police press office in an extraordinary disavowal. But, Fitzroy was telling the media just what San Pedro police told him. 7News has obtained a copy of the text sent by San Pedro police to the press office and other commanders. It says clearly: "Persons wanted: the Castro Brothers". We know one of the brothers was out at San Pedro, another had flown out that morning.

Armed Robbers In Hattieville
Yesterday, Otoniel Pech, Heraldo Chiac and Orlando Teul drove a Quality Poultry Truck to Hattieville to deliver an order to Blessed Love Shop on Ysaguirre Boulevard. As the men pulled up in front of the shop they were approached by a gunman, who held them up. He demanded money, so Pech handed over a bag containing an undisclosed amount of cash, and the gunman fled, but not before allegedly stabbing Pech in the leg. Police have since detained two men.

Road Safety Rockstars in Belize
TODAY, the Belize Road safety team got a quick but special visit from the United Nations Envoy for Road Safety Jean Todt. It is his first time in Belize. A short press conference was held this morning at the UNDP conference room in Belmopan where Todt spoke on the effectiveness of the 5 year Road safety program and on what other important elements need to be addressed in Belize. I went to Belmopan to find out more. In just a couple of minutes, your life can end - just like that. Many people have died in accidents over the years. Especially on the Western highway. Based on the statistics, the Western Highway was the deadliest stretch of road. But in 2013 the Road Safety project was launched to try and reduce the number of traffic fatalities on the highway.

Did UDP's John Saldivar Muscle UDP Councillor Ana Guy Off Municipal Slate?
Ana Banner Guy is a two term city councillor in Belmopan - and she's also a close political ally of UDP deputy leader Patrick Faber. When the UDP had a convention to select a Deputy Leader in 2016 - that put her in direct conflict with Belmopan area representative John Saldivar. And she says that's what's gotten her left off the slate for Sunday's UDP municipal convention in the Capital City. Today she told me it's because she did not support Saldivar in the Deputy Leader's Convention: Anna Banner Guy, City Councillor - Belmopan: "There was a slate out and it was posted on Facebook and that is how I became aware." Courtney Weatherburne: "Unfortunately you name should have been on that slate."

Capital Cops Looking for Killer
In other news out of Belmopan, police there are still looking for a murder suspect. Two weeks ago Sam Mendez was killed as he cut grass in Salvapan, and police say the main suspect is 22 year old Angel Antonio Orrellano. They put out a wanted poster for him 10 days ago, but still, they haven't found him. The Officer commanding discussed it today:.. Sr. Sup. Howell Gillet - OC, Belmopan: "There is no update in terms of finding the person. We are following a number of leads. Some of them is nowhere near the truth, because you're getting reports in one area that he is there and then he is at another location. I don't want to say what we believe occurred but we are doing our best to try to bring him into custody, but we continue to follow it. It's that a murder case will always be a murder case regardless of how long it takes to bring the person to justice."

Stealing The Doors
Belmopan police are also looking for a thief or thieves who stole four doors form a development project at the Capital's Independence Park. OC Gillette told us more:... Sr. Sup. Howell Gillet - OC, Belmopan: "Last night it was reported to us that 4 of the doors to 4 separate booths were stolen. We have 4 persons in our custody and we also have a vehicle that we believe was used to transport the doors and there is a strong likelihood that the 4 individuals will be charged for the missing doors. As I said, I don't know if I said this, we also have the doors in our possession."

Will Cops Charge Teakettle Villagers For Civil Disobedience?
And while police are moving ahead decisively with this investigations, they're moving a little slower when it comes to finding out who set those tyre fires in Teakettle in late June. Villagers did it as a form of protest to say police weren't doing enough to solve a murder mystery. Today the OC said that police are using emotional intelligence:.. Sr. Sup. Howell Gillet - OC, Belmopan: "Sometimes we have to be emotionally smart. The people believed at that time that the police would take action, but we were taking action. There were misconceived that the police wasn't doing sufficiently, but we were doing what we were supposed to do but the person was on the loose and I could tell you based on what I know that we had officers placed in many different areas to try to locate him. Someone did that on their part but there are consequences when you step outside. But yes emotionally the right thing would be to not charge the people, but if an offense is that glaring to us we have to investigate and if we find that someone or some people were involved then we have to lay charges in the future."

Ashcroft Alliance Changing Positions
2 months ago, we told you how Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin discharged the temporary injunction that the Government of Belize had gotten in the Belize Courts to block the Ashcroft Alliance from enforcing the approximately 50 million US dollars in the US Courts. So, with that one barrier out of the way, the battle over enforcement of the mega judgement is continuing in the US Court. The latest news now is that a Turks and Caicos company, Midway Investments Limited, went before a DC Federal judge on Wednesday to ask that it be substituted in enforcement case. If successful, it would replace for BCB Holdings Limited - now known as Caribbean Investments Holdings Limited - and Belize Bank Limited as the holder of the award against Belize. Midway's attorneys attempted to convince the DC Federal Court judge that Belize's arguments on the case clearly demonstrate why they must be substituted as the petitioner in the place of Belize Bank and BCB Holdings.

PSU Council of Management Opposes Language of Belmopan Union
President of the Public Service Union Eldred Neal has been under suspension for May for derogatory remarks made about Garifunas in the public service. And now - one weeks before the unions annual meeting - the Belmopan branch is trying to get him reinstated. Last night we told you about a release from the Belmopan Branch of the PSU which has organized a special meeting to, quote, "(settle) the impasse between the parties" because, quote, "This issue of the suspension has dragged on for too long to the detriment of the functions and the image of the Public Service Union of Belize." But the PSU council of management sent out a release saying it is not in agreement with the language of the release - which is very sympathetic to Neal. Council member Edmund Zuniga Junior told us more via telephone today:...

BSCAP Says, See Ya Shyne!
Last night, we told you how Shyne Barrow abruptly resigned from his post as CEO of B-SCAP. That's after he complained that the Chairwoman was claiming exorbitant fees for her expenses and earnings. So, Shyne is out, and his exit brings the organization into disrepute, because his allegations suggest that the artists aren't getting any real financial benefits that copyright protection should be affording them. Shyne made a Facebook post today which says, quote, "I always said on record that as CEO of BSCAP I would never tolerate a situation where all we are doing is paying administrative costs�.After looking at the 2016 financial statement presented by my predecessor and current BSCAP chairwoman I have lost all confidence that BSCAP will indeed get the money to the artists." End quote.

Help With Blood
Having large quantities of blood stored up in blood banks is important for dealing with disasters and emergencies. It's even become important for patients undergoing surgery to get the blood necessary before hand, but it's difficult to keep up those stores when there isn't a constant flow of donations. That's why the Belize Red Cross is holding a blood drive in Belize City this Saturday, and they're inviting everyone to come out and donate. We spoke to a Red Cross official today, and he told us more about the drive. Fredrick Hunter -Belize Red Cross: "People always come to the Red Cross when they need blood, because we have a network of volunteers and contacts countrywide and we always get on the phone, and this is from the 10 years I've been here, from day 1. We need some blood A+ or O- or something and we get on the phone and we start to send out the emails and texts and start to contact all our people around the country."

Welcome Back To Bird's Isle
Last week Tuesday, we told you how the owners of the Bird's Isle Basketball court had revived it after Hurricane Earl smashed it to bits in August of 2016. And so now basketballers around the city can return to the iconic court. The owners are staging a grand re-opening event, to show that high-level basketball play is back at that location. An all-day marathon tournament will be held there on Sunday, and here's what the organizer and one of the athletes had to say about event which announces the return of Bird's Isle:

Bandits Did Well, But Not Well Enough, Fail To Advance
The Belmopan Bandits gave it a good show but they failed to advance in the Scotiabank Concacaf League. Last night at Isidoro Beaton Stadium in Belmopan, the Bandits more or less outplayed the Walter Ferretti team from Nicaragua but still lost the game. Ferrite's Robinson Da Silva scored the lone goal to earn the visiting team a 1-0 win in the Scotiabank CONCACAF League Round of 16. Walter Ferretti advanced to the quarterfinals, 5-1 on aggregate score.

Another defendant who got Supreme Court bail today was 25 year-old Ruben Nah, a construction worker from Cristo Rey Village. He's being accused of fondling a female child. The child, who's below the age of 14, reported to police that the incident happened on August 4 in Corozal. She said that Nah kissed her and touched her touched her breasts. Police investigated her report and charged him with sexual assault. He was remanded to the prison, until today when his attorney, Leslie Hamilton, applied to Justice Herbert Lord for Supreme Court Bail.

Crevan Cardinez At Court
18 year-old Crevan Cardinez, a resident of Orange Walk is at the Belize Central Prison after being charged aggravated assault and escaping from lawful custody. His accuser, Bernard Wade, reported to police that on June 30 in Belize City, Cardinez pulled a gun on him and threatened him with it. Well, police investigated the report, but they couldn't charge him with any offense because he reportedly escaped from police custody. He was located on Wednesday night in Orange Walk town, and he was charged yesterday with aggravated assault and escape. He was arraigned before Magistrate Carlon Mendoza, who couldn't offer him bail, since one of the offense was allegedly committed with a firearm.

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Channel 5

BSCAP Made No Money During C.E.O. Heather Cunningham's Tenure
Shyne Barrow's abrupt departure as chief executive officer of the Belizean Society of Composers, Authors and Producers, BSCAP, on August tenth, is mired in controversy.� Belize's Music Ambassador has demitted [...]

Organization Accuses Shyne of 'Inflammatory, Misleading and Inappropriate' Comments
Late this evening, BSCAP issued its release on the claims made by Shyne. The organization accepted his resignation, but goes on to call his comments to be "wildly inflammatory, misleading [...]

Why Did Belmopan CitCo Give Away Land Next to Community School?
Residents of Las Flores, a subdivision of Belmopan, are demanding answers about a recent transfer of land to a resident of Belmopan by the Belmopan City Council. One Amy Anabella [...]

Police Officers in P.G. Reported for Extorting Teacher
It has been a less than stellar week for the Belize Police Department, as the men and women of law enforcement have been finding themselves on the wrong side of [...]

Constable Franklin Ramirez and Co-Accused Bailed for Guatemalan Gun
Police Constable Franklin Ramirez as well as Trevor Brown and Elorey Graham were all granted bail of six thousand dollars, plus two sureties of three thousand dollars when they appeared [...]

Dangriga Treasury Robbed for $1700
A daring robbery was reported at high noon in the Culture Capital, Dangriga, today. According to police, a single armed man walked into the Dangriga Sub-Treasury on Saint Vincent Street [...]

Wrong Place, Wrong Time for Christian Velasquez
There have been four murders in south side Belize City alone since the beginning of August, but unfortunately, no one has been charged for any of the crimes. The most [...]

"Weche" Eludes Belmopan Police 10 Days after Murder
Belmopan police continue looking for twenty-two-year-old Angel Antonio Orellano, also known as Weche, in connection with the July thirty-first murder of twenty year-old Samuel Mendez, a Salvapan resident and security [...]

Prison Population is Varied; No Gangs Allowed
Earlier this week, we joined youths from Belmopan on a tour of the Hattieville prison. The initiative was intended to discourage and deter young people from engaging in criminal activity. [...]

Anna Guy Looks to Upset the Odds to Return as U.D.P. Belmopan Councilor
In political news�.earlier this week, incumbent councilor for Belmopan, Anna Banner Guy, finds herself the odd woman out at the United Democratic Party convention scheduled for Sunday, August thirteenth. Guy [...]

Veteran Officer Fitzroy Yearwood Challenges Transfer, Castro Story
Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood was summarily transferred from his post as a Media Relations Officer on Wednesday and is now preparing himself for legal action against the Belize Police Department.� His [...]

Magistrate Norman Rodriguez to Learn Fate on Rape Charge
Magistrate Norman Rodriguez was back in court earlier this week. The interdicted magistrate appeared in the Dangriga Magistrate Court on Thursday for disclosure of the evidence the Crown has against [...]

Weed and Vest in Northside Searches; One Charged
Police were busy across the city on Thursday conducting searches within hotspots of the Old Capital. Now, it is a crime for anyone to be in possession of a bullet [...]

Quality Poultry Truck Targeted in Hattieville
There was the robbery of a Quality Poultry Products truck on Ysaguirre Boulevard, Hattieville. Around one p.m., thirty-six-year-old Otoniel Pech was along with Heraldo Chiac and Orlando Teul and when [...]

Thieves Took Mahogany Doors Off Hinges at Independence Park
An attempt to create employment in the style of B.T.L. and, less successfully, Memorial Park, in Belmopan threatened to backfire except for Police's quick intervention. Thieves struck at Independence Park [...]

Police: We're Not Giving Up Tire Fire Investigation
In the wake of the disappearance of Teakettle resident Mark Mendez, who was found murdered in June, residents of the village got frustrated with the police's response and set tires [...]

The Bizarre 'Shooting Incident' at Agriculture Department
An apparent bullet hole was discovered on Thursday in the glass window at an office of the Agriculture Department in Belmopan. It shares space with the Ministry of Natural Resources [...]

Bus Drivers Head-To-Head and Caught on Camera Near Bus Terminal
Bus lines sparring over passengers? According to one video that has gone viral on Facebook that is what happened between two bus drivers from different companies. It appears that bystanders [...]

Belize Makes Strides in Road Safety
The Belize Road Safety Project was established in 2013 in direct response to increasing numbers of fatal traffic accidents across the country. The near-fifty-mile stretch between the entrance to Belize [...]

Fatalities Cut in Road Traffic Accidents on George Price Highway
But how is Belize doing in terms of reducing the incidence of road traffic accidents and their causes? There are still far too many reported, with many fatalities. But according [...]

3 Films to Represent Belize in CARIFESTA
CARIFESTA is the Caribbean festival of arts held every two years by CARICOM AND CARIFORUM countries to celebrate the best in Caribbean culture through music, literary arts, visual arts, theatre, [...]

Back to School, Time for a Trim
The annual Back to School Trimming Drive is on its seventh year and once again primary and high school students from across the city are being invited to come out [...]

Barbers Thank Sponsors for Haircuts
According to co-organizer, Brian Dena, the annual event is made possible through donations from members of the public, as well the as efforts of volunteers who give of their time [...]


Another Ashcroft Attempt to Enforce Arbitration Award
Looming over Belize is the twenty seven point four million US dollar arbitral award that was initially issued to BCB Holdings Limited and the Belize Bank Limited. It is an award whose enforcement is long being sought via the United States. Since the confirmation of the award, the Ashcroft companies assigned it to an entity [�]

IDB Analyses Citizen Security Initiatives
There was a Gap Analysis Report on Belize which was published earlier this month by the InterAmerican Development Bank which focused on mapping existing citizen security initiatives and recommends actions for future programs. It is a 67-page report that looks at several areas including juvenile justice, legal aid, the prison system, mental health as well [�]

Court News: Firearm, Sexual Assault and Wounding
Four persons who were remanded into custody in connection with a stolen gun, were released on bails of six thousand dollars each that was offered to them today by Justice Herbert Lord. They are police constable Franklin Ramirez, Trevor Brown, Elorey Graham and a 17 year old boy. They were charged with handling stolen goods [�]

Diocessant Day for the Anglicans Set For Sunday
Hundreds of Anglicans from around the country will converge at St John's Cathedral on Sunday, August 13 for a special Thanksgiving Mass in celebration of what they call Diocessant Day. Bishop Philip Wright spoke to Love News on what can be expected and why. Bishop Wright says the Anglican Church has been celebrating Diocessant Day [�]

Two PG Cops Nabbed for Extortion
Two police officers in the Toledo District have been charged with extortion and are facing a number of disciplinary charges. The charges follow a report made by a school principal of Toledo. The Principal says that on Tuesday August 8, police at a checkpoint in Punta Gorda Town notified her that her insurance was expired [�]

The Challenges In a Growing Population of Importers
The Ministry of Health is still developing its national online drug registry with the objective of having quality and standard medication distributed to consumers in Belize. The participation of all importers of pharmaceuticals is essential for the success of the registry. However, some importers have expressed concern over the Ministry's move and with the number [�]

BSCAP Responds to Shyne's Reported Resignation
Yesterday we told you of Shyne Barrow's resignation from the Belizean Society of Composers Authors Publishers (BSCAP) with immediate effect. Today, a very brief release was sent to our news centre indicating that they have not received any such letter and only until they do will they respond to the charges made by Barrow. Barrow [�]

FFB Taking On an Environmental Cause
Yesterday we told you about the eco conference held in Belize City where the Executive of Eco Nature and Recycling Company met with potential partners to discuss the company's future in Belize. The company's goal is to develop a plant in Ladyville where recyclable materials will be transformed into plastic wood which would then be [�]

Nicaragua Beats Belize at Football
The Belmopan Bandits Football team played against Nicaragua's C.D. Walter Ferretti Football team last night in Belmopan. The game began at eight o'clock at the Isidoro Beaton Football Stadium. During the first half, and precisely during minute 17, the first goal was scored against the Belmopan Bandits. The game finished with a one nil score. [�]

Ending the Violence For Children and Teens
A two day workshop concluded today in San Ignacio, Cayo. Stakeholders gathered to focus their efforts to end violence against children and adolescence. Katie Vaughan, Project Manager for the Sustainable and Child Friendly Municipality Initiative gave more details. The workshop will be held in all municipalities.


Christian "Flash" Velasquez, 23, shot dead on Antelope Street Extension
Christian "Flash" Velasquez, 23, was shot and killed in a drive-by shooting at about 11: 00 last night on Antelope Street Extension. The young man, who is the son of popular Neal Pen Road vehicle electrician and mechanic, Victor Velasquez, also known as "Flash", was shot in the chest and back and reportedly died on the spot. In an interview this evening at the Racoon Street Police Station, Superintendent Daniel Arzu, Deputy Commander of Southside Belize City Police, said that they believe Velasquez was not the target of the gunman. Police believe that he was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Two expended 9mm shells were found at the scene.

Shyne Barrow resigns as CEO of BSCAP over Heather Cunningham
Music Ambassador and political aspirant, Shyne Barrow, has today officially resigned from his post as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Belizean Society of Composers, Authors, Publishers (BSCAP). Amandala saw his resignation letter sent to the BSCAP membership which is filled with a number of reasons for his sudden resignation from the organization tasked with protecting the intellectual property rights of our local artists. In the letter, Barrow claimed that his predecessor, Heather Cunningham, a Belizean lawyer living in the US, who is the current chair of the BSCAP board, is claiming $600,000 to cover her expenses and salary for the period 2010-2013.

Kevin Brown, 22, survives cruel beat-down in San Pedro
Galen University student Kevin Brown is at home in Camalote recovering after he was almost beaten to death in San Pedro, Belize District, by a gang of about twenty men. Information to Amandala is that Brown, 22, and three friends had gone to San Pedro to take part in the Costa Maya celebrations on Saturday night. While near the Banana Beach Resort, an argument erupted between the group Brown was with, and the gang of men over a bracelet. The gang attacked Brown, kicking him in the body and beating him in the head with a vase until he was unconscious. Reports are that two of Brown's female companions who tried to shield him from the assault were nevertheless also assaulted by the gang.

Gwen Liz trouble - Roosevelt Blades vs Dr. Lorna McKay
On Monday, the relationship between the board and the administration of Gwen Lizarraga High School reached boiling point when the chairman of the board, Roosevelt Blades, served principal Dr. Lorna McKay a letter informing her that she was under investigation and as a result, was to be put on immediate administrative leave. Amandala has obtained a copy of the four-page letter sent from Mr. Blades to Dr. McKay, which provided a detailed report of an audit of the school. That audit revealed that the school suffered several major shortcomings including the improper and inadequate keeping of minutes of board meetings, the lack of a school improvement plan, the lack of monitoring in regards to teachers going to classes on time, and the principal's frequent failure to carry out the approved decisions of the board.

Taiwan MOFA says "totally impossible" for Guatemala to get US$600 mil
Official sources from Taiwan are refuting reports which appeared at the end of July in the Guatemalan press (see links at the end of this article) saying that Guatemala's president Jimmy Morales had announced that Taiwan would be assisting the country with a US$600 million funding package-US$250 mil to be donated, and US$350 mil to be loaned at 1.25% for 30 years-for a 4-lane highway project leading to the Atlantic. Speaking with Amandala today, Taiwan's Ambassador to Belize, H.E. Ambassador Charles K. Y. Liu, said that the funding remains still a proposal, but he went further to say that Taiwan cannot afford to provide so much money. He told us that it is still a "pie-in-sky" request: "You can watch it, but you cannot eat it!"

-To us who grew up in the late 1980's, the name Penta Lakers still stands legendary as one of the more decorated and successful semi-pro franchises every assembled in the Jewel. And on Wednesday night I was one of the fortunate fans to be present at the SCA Auditorium to see this legendary team take to the court once again against one of their fiercest rivals - the Bulls, in a game organized to mark the Lakers' 30th anniversary (1987-2017). For me, it was truly a night of nostalgia, a trip down memory lane - so to speak. Being in the presence of Belizean basketball legends such as Clinton "Pulu" Lightburn, Alvan Haynes, Frank Lord, Charles Ellis, Emory Bennett, Wilfred "Chickiblue" Nicholas, Peter "Paco" Neal, Frankie Bob, Gordon "Gas" Tillett, Roger "Lash" Tillett, Brads Neal, Jim Scott, Keith Acosta, Leroy Forbes, Harry Dawg, Peter Usher, Cecil Mortis, and all the others was truly an amazing experience, for myself and all those fans that attended the game.

Dangriga sports stats - Basketball in 'Griga
Dangriga Basketball Association (DBA) started their Under 21 Basketball Tournament last week Saturday at Ecumenical Basketball Auditorium with 2 games. In game one, Harlem Shockers won over Foreshore Pelicans, 61 to 59. Top scorer for Harlem Shockers was Donnel Arzu with 15 pts and 13 rebounds, along with Dwayne Avila with 9 pts and 3 rebs. Top scorer for Foreshore Pelicans was Rackeem Lewis with 16 pts and 5 rebs, along with Deon Castillo with 11 pts and 9 rebs. In game 2, New Site Raiders won over Hopkins Assassins, 88 to 70. New Site was led by Alrick Nicholas with 36 pts and 23 rebs, along with Kyron Molina with 10 pts. For Hopkins Assassins, Najib Casimiro had 18 pts and 5 rebs, along with Justine Ford with 12 pts.

Belizean Hener Cruz excels in canoe racing in USA
Following is a summary of Belizean Hener Cruz's races that he did during his three months stay this year in the USA: On May 6, Hener and Kyle Mynar of Texas won the Texas River Marathon. On May 29, Hener and Kyle finished 11th in the Clinton Classic in New York. Hener and Kyle won the world's toughest race - The Texas Water Safari, a 260 mile nonstop race in the USCA-C2 class, coming in 3rd out of 150 teams. On July 16, Hener and Wade Binion of Texas won the Texas State Championships in the USCA-C2 class. Hener and Wade did the Spike's Challenge on July 23, and came in 12th place out of 62 teams.

Belize wins 2 Bronze Medals
Belize participated (for the third time) in the 2017 Central American Pre-Infantile U-13 & U-11 Table Tennis Championships, which took place in Tegucigalpa, Honduras from August 3rd to the 6th. Seven (7) countries participated in this event, including Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, Panama, Costa Rica and Honduras. Teams were comprised of two players each, and each country could register up to two teams (with the exception of the host country, Honduras, who were allowed four). The Belize delegation comprised of seven players, including two male teams and, for the first time, a female team as well. These were: Taye Parkinson and Devesh Hukmani (both age 12) for Male Team A, Jofny Paguaga (age 12) and Goran Gabourel (age 13) for Male Team B, and Gabrielle Gabourel and Abigail Thurton (both age 12) for Girls Team A. One other female, Sarai Paguaga (age 10) also participated in the Mixed Doubles and Singles events.

"In the Paint"
Tuff E Nuff's Raul Roches' game high 38 points 10 rebounds 3 assists was obviously pivotal in his team's surprising 82-75 win over league leading Dragons, in a game played last Friday night in Interoffice basketball. Roches was extremely efficient, hitting on 13 of his 20 field-goal attempts in little over 38 minutes of play. Tyrone "Joka" Edwards was no slouch himself, hitting 5 of 11 from the field for 13 pts; while teammates Louis Pitterson, Justin Wade and Orlando Ferguson all contributed 8 pts apiece in the win. The Dragons, who currently lead the tournament in wins with 6, had three players scoring in double figures, led by Andrew Vasquez and Eyan Rene 19 pts each, and Steve Bonell with 13 pts 8 rebs.

Editorial: The Saldivar saga
As we write this editorial early Thursday morning, the national football champions of Belize, the Belmopan Bandits, are preparing to defend Belize's honor this evening against a visiting football club from Nicaragua. This is the home end of the home-and-away two-game series which are characteristic of these regional football tournaments. The Belize team was losing narrowly in Nicaragua last week Thursday night, but gave up two goals very, very late in the game which made the final score Nicaragua 4, Belize 1. The Bandits will therefore have a tough three-goal hill to climb in Belmopan on Thursday night. At this newspaper, as supporters of sports and Belizean nationalists, we are saddened by the ambivalence with which we have to view tonight's game. We are unable to support the Belmopan Bandits with the patriotic intensity the team's players and management deserve, because the football club is John Saldivar's personal fiefdom. He used his political power to bring both his football team and his basketball team to 2017 national championships in The Jewel.

From the Publisher
Personally, I don't want to go to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) for a ruling on the claim Guatemala has been making on Belize. When this whole Special Agreement (compromis) thing came up in 2009/2010, some of my activist friends immediately went public with a complete denunciation of the ICJ proposition. Personally, I did not do what they did, because I felt that it may be that the ICJ will end up being our best option, or our only option. That was my position then, and that is my position now. I wish that Mr. Goldson was still alive, so that I could hear his 2017 opinion. You know there are pro-ICJ Belizeans who have said that in 1967 Mr. Goldson was in favor of the ICJ route. But, that was fourteen years before Belize's independence with territorial integrity in 1981. I also wish that Leroy Taegar and Odinga Lumumba were still alive. I would have liked to hear their opinions.

The Asian Bukut
For those who have been messaging, texting and emailing me questioning what is my issue with the Asian population in Belize and why I continue to attack them, here is my simple response. First of all, nothing that I have said and written is not factual. Two, I have said nothing racist, discriminatory or prejudicial against Asians as a people and a culture. Let's not confuse or muddy the issues. If you Belizeans who are so bent on defending a foreign interest would put as much effort in defending real Belizeans and the nation, the country would not be in the deplorable state it is in today. I have no problem with any race of people and would not unilaterally dislike any race or culture. As a person of Garifuna heritage, I have felt the sting of discrimination, prejudice and racism and it is something I would wish on no one. However, in case you have not realized it, hardworking, middle class Belizeans have now become third class citizens in their own country. For all purposes there is little if anything we can leave for our children and grandchildren because it has all been gobbled up by the connected, the political elite, the politicians, the corrupt businessmen and foreigners.

Right to the Point
Matrimonial property is a critical area of the law, which few married persons consider before getting into a marriage. I myself was not aware of the intricacies of this area before I first got married because when you fall in love it seems common sense falls out of your brain! But now I know that before marriage, when getting "marriage counselling", a series of the sessions should address the legal aspects of matrimony and not just the spiritual aspect or the family aspect. This is especially critical given that marriage, in law, is really a legal contract that you enter into and being that it is governed by laws, then every wise adult must know about the law that will govern this contract impacting on the very intimacy of their life.

Leonides Sanchez is Belize's artistic Sleeping Giant!
If we step aside for a moment and ask why there has been such deep sense of consciousness that has gone into the building of this model boat here called the "Black Star Line," the only answer that would be warranted is that the artist, Leonides Sanchez of Belize's southernmost town of Punta Gorda in the Toledo District, is a Belizean artist with an African-centered approach to life in general. Being Emancipation Day, August 1, 2017 when Sanchez completed this masterpiece in wood in commemoration of the crime against humanity that brought his African ancestors to the shores of Belize, it would not have been possible to do if we consider the patience, skill and perfection that went into this work. But it was as if this artist was fighting against the stolen time and legacy that were not afforded his enslaved ancestors, and passionately pushed his artistic brilliance to the brink of their cry across the Atlantic. He was involved in his own war for freedom, pulling strength from five hundred years of memory that is embedded in his Garifuna soul.

Guatemalan farmer, Cesar Monroy, murdered in Alta Vista
Dangriga police are investigating the murder of Guatemalan farmer, Cesar Augusto Monroy, 49, of Alta Vista, whose body was found in a state of decomposition on the Davis Falls Road at about 6:30 yesterday morning, in Alta Vista. Monroy had been chopped on his neck, in the back of the head, and on his right arm. A post-mortem exam conducted on his body yesterday certified the cause of his death to be traumatic shock due to blunt sharp force trauma due to multiple chop wounds.

Murder in gacho shop
Ruben Esquivel Aguilar, 45, a Guatemalan, who came to Belize City to visit his sisters and relatives who own and operate a gacho shop on Mahogany Street, located just about a block away from the Mahogany Street Police Station, died after he was shot multiple times by one of two bandits who gained entry into the living quarters attached to the food shop. Aguilar was shot in the head, chest and leg. After a post-mortem exam is conducted on his body, his remains will be returned to his home in Guatemala. At about 3:30 this morning, Esquivel and his sister were sleeping in the living quarters of the gacho shop when they were awakened by movement in the other portion of the building. Aguilar got out of bed to investigate when he saw two thieves in the living room, and there was a struggle between them.

Cop remanded to prison after he was busted with stolen firearm
Instead of patrolling the city streets of Southside Belize City, busting criminals and combatting crimes, Constable Franklin Ramirez, of Precinct 2 Belize City, has been remanded to the Belize Central Prison until November 9 after he was busted, along with three others, with a stolen 9mm pistol that contained three rounds in its magazine. He was charged with handling stolen goods and keeping an unlicensed firearm and ammunition. The incident occurred last night in Ontario, Cayo District, at Mile 56 on the George Price Highway. Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), Edward Broaster, Commander of Operations of the Police Department, said that at about 9:30 last night, the Mobile Interdiction Unit was manning a vehicle checkpoint in Ontario when they stopped and checked a Ford Explorer, which PC Franklin Ramirez was driving, and in which three other persons were passengers.

Gunman targets 14-year-old youth
On Monday night, a mother of five and a Wesley College student were both shot in Belize City. Police reported that at around 10:00 p.m. that night, they visited the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH), where they saw Fiona Spain, 35, suffering from gunshot injuries in her right lower back, while Jaheim Pipersburgh, 14, was seen suffering from gunshot injuries in the left wrist, upper left chest and upper right back. Information to Amandala is that Pipersburgh was sitting on a chair on the verandah of a home on Cleghorn Street when a man walked past the house and then opened fire at him. Pipersburgh, although injured, was able to run into the home of Spain, who is his neighbor.

The Reporter

Toddler perishes in fire
A 21-month-old baby boy burnt to death in a fire on Sunday night in Belize City. The tragedy unfolded shortly after 9:00 when a wooden house at #32 Santa Barbara Street caught on fire, burning the toddler, Tyreik Roberts, who was locked inside while his […]

Police constable, minor and associates busted smuggling stolen Guatemalan gun
A Police Constable attached to Precinct Two in Belize City is facing criminal and disciplinary charges after he and three other people including a minor, were busted smuggling a stolen Guatemalan firearm with three magazines on Monday night in Ontario village, Cayo. On August 7, the Mobile […]

Galen student knocked down and killed after alighting bus
Alma Flowers, 21, a student of Galen University lost her life on Sunday night when a vehicle knocked her down just after she had alighted a bus and was crossing the Philip Goldson highway en route to her house. The incident happened just after 7:30 […]

Guatemalan farmer found dead in southern Belize
The badly decomposed body of a Guatemalan farmer was discovered with multiple cut wounds laying beside the Davids Falls road in Alta Vista village, Stann Creek early Tuesday morning. Dangriga police confirmed that 49-year-old Cesar August Monroy was discovered laying on the left hand side of the […]

BTIA calls for repeal of departure tax amendment
Following Tropic Air's cancellation of three flight schedules due to departure tax increases, the Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA) is calling on the Government of Belize to repeal the amendment which gave rise to that increase. The BTIA said on Thursday that the government must […]

Belize dodges an economic bullet
Belize was spared a huge economic disaster this week, when Tropical Storm Franklin passed the country without causing any damage. While Franklin was a relatively weak storm, Belize is counting on an incident free hurricane season for the sake of the recovering agricultural industry and for the […]

SATIIM launches Maya Lands Registry
To commemorate the 10th anniversary of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples on Wednesday, the Sarstoon Temash Institute for Indigenous Management (SATIIM) launched a Maya Lands Registry. SATIIM, in collaboration with the villagers of Crique Sarco developed a Mayan model that identified traditional territorial […]

Belize and Mexico meets to discuss international transportation
A Mexican delegation offering technical support to Belize visited on Monday as part of a follow up meeting between top Belizean and Mexican transport officials. The group met to discuss the framework for a Memorandum of Understanding for international motor carrier, passenger and freight transportation between both […]

The storm that never came
Hurricane Franklin – the weather system that was projected to cross somewhere in northern Belize as a tropical storm on Monday evening avoided Belize altogether, with little more than a drizzle and no wind gusts at all. Earlier on Monday, the outer feeder bands associated […]

"Let the experts handle it," says National Jaguar Working Group
Following the death of a jaguar captured by farmers in the Belize district, the National Jaguar Working Group released a set of recommendations for farmers when dealing with jaguar encounters. The working group issued four recommendations on Tuesday, with accompanying rationales, in an effort to raise awareness […]

Organs healed with single touch of breakthrough device
A new technology, Tissue Nanotransfection (TNT), that can generate any cell type of interest for treatment within the patient’s own body may be used to repair injured tissue or restore the function of aging organs, blood vessels and nerve cells. Researchers at Ohio State University’s […]

More help for HelpAge
HelpAge Belize now has access to a physiotherapist to help elderly persons regain or maintain their mobility. HelpAge introduced Cuban physiotherapist Dr. Aline Ayrado, on Monday, who will be working with HelpAge Belize and the Inspiration Centre, for the next two years. HelpAge Executive Director, […]

Belize needs to find a more accurate way to track storms and hurricanes to keep the population informed of exactly where the storm is. The electronic maps showing an elongated blob of fierce weather pointing towards Belize does nothing to inform the population or to calm its fears. Belize lies […]

Taiwan sets record straight on US $650M for Guatemala
Reports in the Guatemalan press last week – that Taiwan has provided US $650 million to Guatemala to build a road that some say is the same one that sparked Guatemala's claim over Belize , are false, Taiwan’s Ambassador to Belize, Charles Liu told the […]

One killed, two others shot in 24-hour span on Antelope Street Extension
Three people were shot within a 24-hour span on the Antelope street extension in Belize City, with one person being killed and two others recovering from gunshot wounds. The first incident – the murder of Belize City mechanic, Christian Velasquez – happened around 11:00 on […]

Conflicting police reports over Castro brothers’ involvement in assault
The Belize Police Department released conflicting information this week, regarding the possible involvement of Transport Minister Edmond Castro's sons Wasani and Jafari in a brutal case of aggravated assault. On Wednesday, Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood, who at the time was attached to the Police Public Relations […]

Canadian woman arrested in Belize for kidnapping her son
A Canadian woman living in Belize for the last four years, was arrested and sent back to her home country on Wednesday for kidnapping her son after Canadian authorities issued a warrant for her arrest for violating a court custody order. Robin Leanne Greenway Trockstad, […]

Franklin moves northeast of Belize City
Tropical Storm Franklin has taken a slight shift north of the track it had kept since Sunday, threatening to directly hit just north of Chetumal, Mexico in the next few hours. The storm is likely to strengthen to a hurricane by the time it makes […]

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

BTIA says departure tax increase is negatively impacting tourism
Yesterday, the Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA) issued a statement expressing its solidarity with its long standing member and industry partner, Tropic Air Belize, in relation to its decision to discontinue its regional flights to Chetumal, Merida, and San Pedro Sula, Honduras, as of [�]

Orange Walk Police find .22 pistol in abandoned lot
Police in Orange Walk are reporting that they found a .22 Berretta pistol and an empty magazine in an abandoned lot during a mobile patrol on the Chan Pine Ridge Road. The pistol and empty magazine has since been deposited as found property. © [�]

American national in Corozal arrested for drug trafficking and keeping ammo and firearm without license
Dale F Irwin, 63, an American national living in Corozal was arrested yesterday morning around 3:15 for drug trafficking and keeping ammo and a firearm without a license. According to Corozal Police, they conducted a search at his residence on Chula Vista area, Corozal [�]

Two 16-year-old boys arrested by Police for stealing a motorcycle
Yesterday police in Belize City arrested two teens for stealing a motorcycle. According to reports, Joan Pakeman,52, of Belize City reported that about 1:00 a.m., she saw two male persons both of whom she recognized reportedly stealing her 2014 Blue, Meilun brand motorcycle bearing license plate [�]

Police in Hattieville arrest minor and woman for drug trafficking
Police in Hattieville arrested two persons last night for drug trafficking. According to reports, police conducted a search at a house on #32 Myvette Street in Hattieville Village occupied by a minor and 26-year-old Shakira Smith where in the back of a tube television [�]

Car dealer robbed at gun point in West Landivar
Police in Belize City are reporting a gun point robbery that happened yesterday morning in the West Landivar area. According to reports, Andre Castillo, a car dealer was approached by 2 men in the West Landivar area and one of the men pointed a [�]

Quality Poultry delivery truck robbed at gun point in Hattieville
Police in Hattieville are reporting a gun point robbery that happened on Tuesday, August 8, 2017. According to reports, police responded to the robbery on Ysaguirre Boulevard, Hattieville Village where they spoke with Otoniel Pech, 36, a driver for Quality Poultry Product who told [�]

Belize deports child abductor to Canada
Robin Leanne Greenway-Trockstad, 33, was detained by Belize Police and deported to Canada where she was charged with abduction and remains detained. Her charges date back to three years ago on January 6th when she abducted her then eleven month old son and fled the country. [�]

Shyne resigns as CEO of BSCAP in protest
Today Shyne Barrow announced his resignation from his post as CEO of the Belizean Society of Composers Authors Publishers (BSCAP). In a letter leaked to the media, it was revealed that Barrow's predecessor Heather Cunningham, the current chairwoman of the BSCAP board, is claiming [�]

Police Media Relations Officer abruptly transferred amid latest Castro brothers controversy
Fitzroy Yearwood, former Media Relations Officer at the Police Press Unit has been abruptly transferred from the department leaving the media with more questions than answers into the reasons for his sudden departure. Just yesterday, Yearwood, via the official Belize Police Department (BPD) Whatsapp [�]


Visit Belize and enjoy our warm culture!
There's lots of ways you can immerse yourself into the variety of cultures we have in Belize, from homestays with the Maya in the Toledo District, to attending one of our many festivals. You must get in there and dance with us, eat with us, play with us, and party with us! Recently I had the distinct honor of being invited to a baby shower. You may think, how can that be so culturally different from one in the USA, where tea and cake are the mainstay, silly games might be in order, and after gifts are opened your home in a couple hours. Well, as they say in Belize, "Mek a tell yu!"; they know how to celebrate a baby on the way!

International Sourcesizz

Sneed to travel to Belize with Sports Reach
Sophomore forward Xavier Sneed will get some international experience in the coming week as he will take a 10-day, five-game tour of Belize with Sports Reach from Aug. 11-18. Much like Athletes in Action, Sports Reach is a faith-based organization out of Campbellsville, Kentucky, that runs exhibition tours in various sports around the U.S. and world. Sneed left the United States on Thursday and arrived in in the capital of Belize City on Friday, where the nine-member squad will begin its five-game schedule against Hoop Dreams Belize at the Princess Hotel. The team will make the hour-long trek north to Maruba on Saturday and will play a second game against the Orange Walk Running Rebels.

Belize's IFSC Warns Against TrineMarkets over False Regulatory Claims
Belize's financial watchdog (IFSC) ‎today warned investors that Trine Markets Group Ltd, which operates under the trading name TrineMarkets, is falsely claiming to hold an International Business Company registration in Belize while it's not licensed by the commission ‎or any other competent authority in the country. According to the Belize's watchdog, ‎‎all persons concerned should exercise extreme caution and take note, as the ‎‎aforementioned entity is fraudulently claiming to hold a trading licence in financial and commodity-based derivative instruments and other securities licence.‎ It is not yet clear how many clients may have been affected by the firm. This is therefore a warning sign of other potentially fabricated aspects of its business with regard to credibility.

Father embraces opportunity to speak with young son for first time in years
An Alberta man looks forward to reuniting with his son following a separation that lasted more than three years while authorities searched for the boy throughout Central America. "It was just so huge and exciting to finally get that call we've been waiting so long for." Chad, whose last name is being withheld in order to protect the identity of his four-year-old child, says the last time he saw his son was in January of 2014. Chad's ex-wife, the boy's mother, sent him a text message indicating she had fled the country with their son and had no plans to return to Canada. The woman was tracked throughout Central America but remained on the run for more than three years. Last month, police received information she and her son were living in San Ignacio, Belize. Local authorities apprehended the suspect on charges related to improper immigration documents and she was returned to Canada.


  • Simply Belize:The Yucatec Maya part 1 Day of the dead, 10min. This documentary shows one of the Yucatec Maya traditions known as Hanal Pixan "Food for the fouls" more commonly known as Day of the dead or finados . For Hanal Pixan there are different kinds of altar the ones shown in the documentary of Simply Belize:The Yucatec Maya are more Roman Catholic influence ,Many Mayas in northern Belize also put traditional Maya altars made of all natural things ,while others make a more modern Maya altar with a combination of Aztec influence or some the combination of 3 of them .

  • #1 Pupusaria! Belize!, 2.5min. A pupusa is a traditional Salvadoran dish of a thick corn tortilla stuffed with a savory filling of chicken, pork, and/or vegetables.

  • Belize Now | Episode 30 - Friday, August 11th, 2017, 27min. In tonight's headlines: A world renowned legal expert in international law makes our case for the territorial dispute, Belize Infrastructure Limited hands over sporting facilities, Belmopan youths are learning agriculture, and The Road Safety Unit is making strides in awareness. These stories and more on this week's edition of Belize Now. Thanks for joining us on this Friday, August 11th, 2017!

  • San Pedro, Belize - Unbelizeable, 3min. Here is my trip report for San Pedro, Belize In this video you'll see: Ambergris Caye, A'kbol Yoga Resort, Hol Chan, Shark Ray Alley and Secret Beach A REMARKABLE EXPERIENCE, Definitely a HAPPY PLACE TO GO :)

  • best BELIZE that! | travel., 10min. i'm baaaack with a travel vlog of my incredible trip to belize! my boyfriend vin and i had an amazing time and wanted to share it all ...

  • Belize Honeymoon / 1st Anniversary Trip, 2013, 12min. Our first amazing trip to Belize for our Honeymoon/1st Anniversary back in May/June of 2013. It feels good to have finally checked this project off the bucket list! We spent the first days in Caye Caulker at Colinda Cabanas, then in Placencia at Tri-Tan Cabanas, and finally at Hatchet Caye private island resort. It was really fun looking back at all our old footage of Caye Caulker after having just been back there this past May. So much has changed!

  • Mordu De La P�che - P�che XXL - BELIZE, 50min.

  • Belize 2017, 18min.

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