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The San Pedro Sun

Wolfe's Woofer: Wallpaper
I've decided on the wallpaper I want for the kitchen," Sherry said. "Where are you buying it?" "I'm ordering it from Amazon and having it sent to Bruce and Becky's house in Texas. Becky says they'll bring it when they're here on vacation." "Good God!" I said, when she told me the price. "We'll have to get a loan from the bank to pay for this stuff. How many rolls are you buying?" "I'll leave that up to you to figure out. I'm not that good with math."

Letter to the Editor: Caye Caulker Croc Concern
Dear San Pedro Sun Editor, Although an article published in The San Pedro Sun on January, 21, 2017 titled "Caye Caulker is a model for how to co-exist with crocodiles," suggests that man and crocodile are living in harmony on La Isla Cari�osa, the sad fact of the matter is that this couldn't be further from the truth. Since the release of this article, the American Crocodile Education Sanctuary (ACES) has been contacted numerous times by several residents of Caye Caulker, who which to remain anonymous, with reports of dead crocs; people feeding the crocs, not just chickens or scraps, but unwanted puppies too; people setting baited hooks to catch them, kill them, and sell the meat; kids stoning and killing hatchlings and young crocs; and, there was even a report of kids with a small croc, appearing dead, on a rope swinging it in circles above their heads which was witnessed by a tourist. Not quite the model for "how to co-exist with crocodiles" that ACES supports; and, definitely not the model other researchers led the public to believe exists in the said article.

Doctor Love: She's Mine ad Trimmed
Dear Doctor Love, My husband and I are from two different cultural backgrounds. He is Asian and I am Caucasian. We have a baby daughter who is now one year old. She looks nothing like me. She is a beautiful little girl who looks completely Chinese. This difference in our appearance seems to attract attention from everyone we meet, and it is very common that people take it for granted she is adopted or my husband's daughter with an Asian mother. When I took her to a new doctor last week even the receptionist assumed I was not her mother. It upsets me that people put me in the position to have to answer what I consider to be an intrusive question. How do I handle these wearisome situations? /s/ She's Mine

Ambergris Today

Three Injured In San Pedrito Area Shooting
Police reports indicate that two persons have been detained in connection with a shooting that injured three people (including two minors) in the San Pedrito Area of San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye, Belize, at around 9:00p.m. on Saturday, August 12, 2017. Acting upon information received of the shooting incident, San Pedro Police reports visiting the San Pedro Town Poly Clinic where they saw (3) three male persons suffering from gun shot wounds. Jaheem Martinez nine-year-old student of San Pedrito area, who received a gunshot wound to his left wrist; Armando Bernardino Hernandez Jr, 12-year-old student received gunshot wound to his right side of buttocks and Lloyd Tyndall 27-year-old, farmer of Dump area, Toledo who received (3) gunshot wounds to his left side of abdomen and (3) to his left leg.

Misc Belizean Sources


Whether Belizeans want to called it a government monopoly radio station of the 1960s, 70s, 80s and 90s, or the only radio station across Belize that brought them the news, views and reviews, and hits upon hits; we may all agree that the legendary Belizean broadcast medium was everything "Belizean"! When Belize had no television, and the only means of which to know what was going on in Belize City and across the country besides the common "yereso" kind of information that passed along by word of mouth, was to touch that dial to "Radio Belize" on the old transistor radio based inside a mahogany cabinet polished to a shining brown, and tucked in a nice corner of the hall across the linoleum floor. A Belizean living room was not complete without it, and the voice of Eddie "Seferino" Coleman, Manfred Arkins, Everal Waight and many others, entertained the Belizean spirit day by day.

Pat Bennett rose to become one of Belize's greatest softball players of all times. She has also become one of the best Belize softball archivist today in terms of Belizean softball history in general. Formerly one of the presidents of the Belize Softball Federation (BSF) in the 1980s and 90s , Bennett also rose to prestigious athletic status as one of the most skillful Belizean softball base stealers of the 1960s and 70s. She was known for her great speed and base steals, and probably the Belizean athlete that wrote the "softball book of steals" so to speak that she is remembered for. She possessed the athletic ability of sliding like an ice skater on dry grass and ground at Belize's Rogers Stadium and MCC Grounds to beat the opposing team defenders. Another one of Belize's most accomplished softball athletes of the period, Sonia Buller-Davis, reflected on Bennett's awesome skill and stated in an Belizean Legends interview with yours truly that Pat Bennett was the best she has seen.

Total Solar Eclipse 21 August 2017
Only in the central USA will it be Total, but Belize should see a little bit of it, about 20 - 30% around about midday, so start checking from 11 am, may only last for 5 - 20 minutes in our location.

The UDP municipal slate for the City of Belmopan
Three incumbents, three new candidates & Mayor Khalid Belisle of the UDP will contest the municipal elections in 2018.

$50,000 stolen from Caribbean Tires
A burglary at the Caribbean Tires Limited in the Spanish Lookout, Cayo. Police visited the the area where 54 year old DAVID REIMER reported that between the hours of 6:15 p.m. on 11/08/17 and 7:00 a.m. on 12/08/17 someone broke into the business and damaged an iron safe (27 inches by 30 inches) by wrenching off the iron safe door located in a room at the lower flat of the building and stole $20,000.00US, $5,000.00, Banking Checks and an undisclosed amount of cash.

Does the owner of the Lazy Lizard have an exemption to the 66' foot rule?
So the American proprietor of The Lazy Lizard on Caye Caulker has created a real shit storm for himself. He got butt hurt over a review a local gave him for the price of beer ($7). So he went off on the woman, calling out her place of employment and even insinuated that due to her job she could easily afford $7 beers. In short, he behaved like a bully. But he also exposed himself as a foreigner who really does not care for locals or their business. Now if he wants to cater exclusively to tourists, that's his prerogative. BUT IS his establishment is on PUBLIC land? In Belize, all land within 66 feet (20 meters) of water is PUBLIC (unless there has been a exemption given). This American believes he can post signs banning outside food and drink on the public beach. According to others who live on Caye Caulker he has also banished vendors from "his beach". But does he have that right?

Corozal Cop stole the peepee
A male resident of Corozal Town was charged with an alcohol related offense. The officer on the case reported that at 4:30 a.m. on August 10, 2017 he placed the urine specimen inside a refrigerator at the Corozal Police Station's Traffic Office. About 5 p.m. he checked in the refrigerator and discovered the specimen and the "chain of custody" were missing. Information was leaked revealing that Police Constable Ismael Monima, Police Constable was seen in the office just before the specimen went missing. About 7:50 a.m. pm August 11, Monima handed the peepee to a co-worker. P.C. Monima has since been charged with Perverting the Course of Justice. He will appear in Corozal Town Magistrate court on Monday morning.

19 year old shot after alleged rape
On Saturday 12/8/17 a woman reported to police that at 4:30 p.m. she caught a ride on a motorcycle with a stranger to get from Hopkins Village to go to the junction of the Southern Highway. However, upon reaching the junction the motorcycle driver did not stop but proceeded up the highway towards Maya center Village. He drove pass Maya Center and somewhere between mile 18 & 19 he took her into a feeder road and raped her. During the rape, she saw tattoo with the name "Rosita" and some stars around the name. She managed to escape and run to the highway where a passerby assisted her to the Santa Cruz Police Station. With the assistance of the police, they returned to the area where the male was identified to the police. He was ordered to stop. He fled and police fired one shot hitting him on the left foot and disabling the cycle. He was identified as 19 year old Andy Pop of Maya Center Village. He was taken to the Southern Regional Hospital.

The Belize Times

Cops Covering Up for Castros AGAIN?
On Wednesday morning, the Police Press Office confirmed via release that Police are "looking for the Castro Brothers" for questioning about a violent altercation in san Pedro Sunday night. In response to a query for clarification, the Press Office confirmed that the Castro Brothers referred to in the release were Wasani, 23, and Jafari, 21, both sons of UDP Minister Edmond Castro. But by this morning, Police did an amazing about turn. The Police Press Office went to pains to state that there was no report involving the Castro brothers Wasani and Jafari Castro and that they were not being sought by Police. We were unable to clear up the confusion because the report fingering the Castro brothers had been released by Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood of the Press Office. Today, also, we were informed that he is no longer with the Police Press Office, and that the report issued by him was 'wrong.' Today's new Police Press Office minus Inspector Yearwood also claims that none of the Castro brothers or affiliates of theirs was detained after the brutal beat-down on Saturday in San Pedro, an attack which almost killed Kevin Brown, 21.

Toddler Dies in Fiery Blaze
Another Belize City baby died in a fire which left 17 persons homeless on Santa Barbara Street. The toddler was Tyreik Roberts, who burnt to death inside his home when it caught on fire. The blaze started on Sunday night, August 6, at around 9:00pm, and it is said to have originated from the home at #32 Santa Barbara Street where the baby was inside sleeping. His grieving mother, Shaneeka Roberts, told the press, "The quickness of how this happened I couldn't save my baby."

Three City Murders in Three Days
Southside cops have their hands full tonight investigating three separate murders in as many days. The latest victim is Christian Velasquez, 23, a mechanic. At around 11:00pm last night Velasquez was standing on Antelope Street Extension when a vehicle drove by and a gunman opened fire, hitting him to the left side of the chest and killing him instantly. According to Supt. Daniel Arzu, preliminary investigation has indicated that Velasquez may not have been the target and was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Early Wednesday murder there was another murder, this time of a Guatemalan man, Ruben Esquivel Aguilar, 45. Aguilar was at home with his sister and her family on Mahogany Street when two men entered through a window, with burglary as the motive. While Aguilar's sister Aura Esquivel locked herself in her room, he went to investigate and that's when he was shot three times and died instantly.

Everywhere is WAR�
As we go to press, there are reports that the UDP municipal convention scheduled for this weekend in Belmopan may be cancelled because of increasing discord within the municipal body which has spilled out to the national level. We are also reliably informed that Mayor Khalid Belisle has threatened, again, to take his name off the slate because of the increasingly nasty and personal infighting. Currently social media is blowing up as Belmopan Area Representative John Saldivar has launched a tirade against Councillor Anna Banner, who he does not want back ono the slate. Banner responded by accusing Saldivar of deliberately pushing her out because she did not support his at the UDP Deputy Leadership Convention last year. When Saldivar announced his new slate for the City Council, because it is a known fact that he wields total control over the Council, Banner responded by running on her own for re-election.

For God's Sake Stop It�
I'm writing this on a Wednesday afternoon. It's been 47 days since Elvin Penner killed Kenrick Myvette on the George Price Highway. San Ignacio Police say they still haven't gotten back the results of the test taken to determine if he was under the influence when he smashed into Myvette's cycle which he says just "appeared in front of him." How do you like them apples? You know what�I'll just stop asking about it. It's a waste of time. The Officer Commanding the San Ignacio Police Formation is said to have been Penner's Campaign Manager at one time. And he is very close to Rene Montero. I was going to say he is known to be a political prostitute but lately I've been trying to be calm and at peace with myself and others.

The Power is in Your Hands
There is a new set of land documents going around. As with others before them, they detail, in black and white, what was happening in the hotbed of corruption under then Minister of Natural Resources Gaspar Vega. Scores of documents released in the past year have shown how Vega enriched himself and family members through shady land transactions and the abuse of his ministerial power. And there is no doubt it is the tip of the iceberg. In civilized countries politicians have gone to jail for much less than has been revealed about Vega, with corroborating evidence. For much less, in civilized countries, the ill-gotten assets of corrupt politicians have been seized. But if you speak to Mr. Barrow tomorrow, or next week or next month, he will say the same thing he has said on multiple occasion before. He will say that he has not seen the evidence and if there is indeed any evidence he will act on it. He will puff out his chest and with patented stare say, "You know me. I operate on the straight and narrow. You know I do not tolerate corruption." And it will be, as it is every single time he says it - utter and absolute, unapologetic bullshit�something at which Dean Barrow is very, very good.

A TRIBUTE TO DAD – William Fonseca
On my Dad's last birthday September 14th he published his second collection of poems entitled Poems to Ponder. Both his collections Lessons in Living and Poems to Ponder provide many wonderful lessons about life, love, faith, and hope. These lessons came from the many memorable experiences he had in his many years working as a teacher, counselor, Chief Education Officer and founding member of the Belize Council for the Visually Impaired. Dad's poems and reflections focus on the lives of ordinary persons like a caretaker, a curandero, a teenage girl, a riverboat captain, a young widowed mother and persons with disabilities - persons of exemplary qualities of character and commitment who every day faced many challenges in their lives but refused to allow these challenges and obstacles to dictate how they should live their lives. He wrote about the personal challenges of three blind persons like himself who he considered to be family: Teresita Moh, Donovan Reneau, and Hector Hoare who all faced discrimination, prejudice and marginalization because of their disability.

Connected – Taking Control of Your Sexual Health
What is there in a number? A whole lot. In the "Women Empowerment" forum held on July 29th, a particular number jumped out that reflects a huge risk for women. It is the estimated amount of Belizeans infected with HIV/AIDS (3000) and the number of new cases per year (225). The districts reporting the majority of the new cases are Belize, Stann Creek and Cayo districts. For a population of approximately 350,000 and in a society that is still very much a church-state system in which sex education and sex discussion is still not openly discussed, this is a critical number for women (and girls who are sexually active) to monitor. Women empowerment has become such a buzzword globally and often times it is discussed within the content of economics, politics and education. Although not often considered in these conversations, women empowerment has a just as important context in health, and in particular with sexual health. Within this context, women empowerment begins with each young woman. Each woman has the power within them to insist on using a condom to prevent sexually transmitted diseases including HIV/AIDs. Each young girl and woman has the right to protect their bodies and their health.

Thinking Out Loud
By: Kevin Bernard. As I write this, the northern districts are preparing for heavy winds and rain as Tropical Storm or Hurricane Franklin passes just above us, impacting our Mexican neighbours directly. We give thanks to God that we seem to have avoided the worst of Franklin, and hope that our people in Corozal and further north stay safe. And of course, I pray that there is no loss of life. Here in Orange Walk we are prepared for the heavy rains. Our drains have been cleaned and cleared and garbage carted away, and our teams are on standby for any emergency situation. We will continue to work hand in hand with NEMO to ensure that our residents are kept safe and comfortable as Franklin passes by. Currently, if I could provide an update, we have been working on completing the paving of San Francisco Street while preparing the entire San Francisco Boulevard for paving. Simultaneously, we have been working in the Pasadita Area of Orange Walk East which lies within our jurisdiction. You have my commitment that these streets will be improved significantly in the days ahead. We may be held back for a day or two by heavy rains brought on by this natural disaster, but it will not stop the work. We will continue to do everything we can for the residents of this town.

I have just finished reading all 137 pages of the Judgment of the Jamaican Full Court (Three Judges) in the Claim of Professor Brendan Bain against The University of the West Indies. It took a while! And what a read in the huge dust up caused by the Report of Dr. Bain in the Caleb Orozco constitutional challenge in our Supreme Court. Let me say at the start that Dr. Bain's was no real win at all in my estimation. Of the twelve reliefs he sought he was successful in only one of them. He was awarded only twenty per cent of his court costs and also J$4.2 million which is about US $33,000 as three months' pay, his salary if he had served the three months after notice from UWI.

Faber's Political Thug Attempts to Eject Gwen Liz Principal
Police were called out to Gwen Lizarraga High School in Belize City on the afternoon of Monday August 7th, as the City prepared for possible effects from Tropical Storm Franklin. But the requested presence of the authorities had nothing to do with any emergency mode. They were called on the order of school board chairman Roosevelt Blades, who happens to be the right hand man of Education Minister Patrick Faber. That afternoon he handed a four-page letter to the principal of 13 years, Dr. Lorna McKay informing that she was being placed on 20 days paid administrative leave with immediate effect while the Board investigates charges against her.

If Dah Noh Soh
Untouchables� Instead of clearing the land maybe he should have been clearing the cobwebs off those condoms and maybe we wouldn't be having this conversation today. One of these days the three dread wonder is gonna get a call and it's not going to be pleasant. His sons keep messing with people because they seem to think because daddy does crap and gets away with it they can too. They're going to mess with the wrong people and it'll get very messy. Just a matter of time. I hear triple dread is defending his sons because he heard Police are looking for them. I hear they've gone running to the choice attorney for UDP penny ante thugs, hooligans, drunks and jackasses Herby Panton. It don't matter if you swear for them, Minister NEMO. Your word is worth much less than your credibility, and that's about as much as that one ply toilet paper in public restrooms�really [#%!] me off how unnu behave. Serious!

Questions to Ministers
Would the Member for Queen Square and Prime Minister please say how many tens of millions the government will now be seeking in disaster relief even though Tropical Storm Franklin completely missed Belize? Would the Member for Collet and Minister of Education please say why he is trying to force out the Principal of Gwen Lizarraga and is using his political thug Roosevelt Blades to harass her? Could he say why he is so intimidated by strong women? Would the Member for Corozal Bay and Minister of Health please say why he insists on having his wife Danini Contreras Marin remain as Director of the Drug Inspectorate even though he has been advised on multiple occasions by health officials that it is a blatant conflict of interest?

The Council that WORKS!
As we go to press, the Orange Walk Town Council is fully engaged in paving San Francisco Street and San Francisco Boulevard, while upgrading works to multiple streets in the Pasadita Area which is located in the East of the Town. And while that is going on, Mayor Kevin Bernard and his team are already planning another stage of road works which will get underway when this is done. And a monument to honour Belize's heroes, placed prominently in Central Park, is also underway. And while all that is being handled efficiently, the Council's primary responsibility of sanitation, maintenance of drains and upkeep of parks and playgrounds are being done like clockwork.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

UDP holds councilor convention in Belmopan
Today, the United Democratic Party (UDP) held a convention in Belmopan for 6 councilor candidates and endorsement of incumbent Mayor Khalid Belisle at the Belmopan Civic Center. Voting opened at 10 in the morning and ended at 5 this evening.

Six more gold panners detained in southern Chiquibul
On August 12, 2017, a patrol unit comprised of Belize Defense Soldiers (BDF) and Friends for Conservation and Development (FCD) Park Rangers stationed at the Ceibo Chico Conservation Post detained 6 gold panners in the area of Ceibo Chico, southern Chiquibul. According to a press release from FCD, the patrol unit detected human activity due to the sound of voices coming out from a camp located nearby the Ceibo Chico Creek.

Marconi Matus wins PUP Mayoral Convention in San Ignacio
The People's United Party (PUP) held a convention today to elect a mayoral candidate for the 2018 municipal elections for San Ignacio and Santa Elena towns. Three mayoral candidates vied for the post: Javier "Colonel" Castellanos, Arthur Smith and Marconi Matus.

Man seriously injured after motorcycle collides with SUV
According to police reports, last night around 8:30, Christian Delcid, 24, of Belize City was driving his Melium motorcycle on the Phillip Goldson Highway heading to Belize City when he collided into a parked Ford Escape. Delcid sustained a broken right leg, sprain right arm, and multiple abrasions all of over his body.

Police issues official report on major accident on new Santa Elena/San Ignacio bridge
This morning around 10:30, Azel August, 19, of Santa Elena Town was driving a Pontiac SUV on the Loma Luz Boulevard in the direction from the new San Ignacio/Santa Elena Bridge to the La Loma Luz roundabout when he collided into the rear end of a Toyota pickup travelling in the same direction. The Toyota pickup was driven by Justin James, 19.

2 minors, 1 adult shot in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye
Last night around 9:10, acting upon information received of a shooting incident, San Pedro Police visited the San Pedro Town Poly Clinic where they saw three male persons suffering from gunshot wounds. The victims were identified as two minors (9 and 12 years old) and an adult. The 9 year old received gunshot wound to his left wrist, the 12 year old was shot to the right side of his buttocks, and the adult was shot to the left side of his abdomen and to his left leg.

Police officer charged for stealing urine sample
A police corporal in northern Belize reported to authorities that on August 10, 2017 at 4:30 a.m., he placed a urine specimen obtained from a male resident of Corozal Town who was charged for an alcohol related offence inside a refrigerator in the Corozal Police Station and at around 5 pm, the officer made checks in the refrigerator and discovered that the specimen was missing.

Eldred Neal reinstated as President of the Public Service Union
The Council of Management of the Public Service Union (PSU) has reinstated President Eldred Neal, after two months of suspension. At the meeting held at the Hilltop Hotel in Belmopan yesterday and mediated by Solicitor General Nigel Hawke, the council decided to reinstate Neal on the condition that he will not chair the upcoming Annual General Meeting.

Another major accident on new Santa Elena/San Ignacio bridge
Just after 10 this morning another major accident occurred at the new bridge linking Santa Elena and San Ignacio in the Cayo District. A Toyota pickup and a white car were both travelling towards Santa Elena and had just crossed the new bridge when the accident occurred.

Police: Robbers Steal over $50K from Caribbean Tire in Spanish Lookout
Belize police are reporting a burglary that took place yesterday morning in the Spanish Lookout Community, Cayo District. According to reports, yesterday at 7:15 am, authorities received information of a robbery at Caribbean Tire Limited.

Toyota Hilux pick-up valued at $30,000 stolen in San Ignacio Town
Police in the Cayo District are reporting that a Toyota Hilux pick-up was stolen on Friday morning around 8:45 from a garage situated on Joseph Andrews Drive, San Ignacio Town.

US college basketball player in Belize for friendly games
Xavier Sneed, of the Kansas State University Wildcats basketball team, is currently in Belize on a five-day basketball tour. The sophomore forward arrived in Belize on Friday and will remain here until August 18. According to US news outlets, Sneed is here via the Sports Reach Movement, which is a faith-based organization out of Campbellsville, Kentucky. Sneed and the other members of his team played their first game against Hoop Dreams Belize at the Princess Hotel.

PG officers busted for extortion
Punta Gorda Police have arrested and charged two of their own officers for extortion. The officers pleaded not guilty to the offense and were granted bail of $3,000 each but are still expected to face disciplinary action from the Professional Standards Branch of the police department. The incident happened on Tuesday, when WPC Jenny Tanner, and PC Arden Jones, offered to let a Toledo school principal off of a charge for driving her vehicle without insurance in exchange for $300.


Saturday Afternoon in San Pedro: The Town Goes Wild
I had a few errands to run yesterday in San Pedro, Belize. I wanted to visit my friend's pop-up jewelry store, grab some groceries/supplies for a rare Sunday when we wouldn't go to town and pick up Jeff - who was returning from a 2 night stint at Cayo Francis Farm & Fly. Yesterday was a GORGEOUS - hot and clear. Hot even for August. But NOT too hot for a race. As I was driving to town, Ambergris Caye hotspot The Truck Stop was open early and PACKED. There is always something going on - and yesterday it was the Ambergris Caye version of the reality show - the Amazing Race. If you don't know the show, Wikipedia says: The race is generally split into twelve legs, with each leg requiring teams to deduce clues, navigate themselves in foreign areas, interact with locals, perform physical and mental challenges, and vie for airplane, boat, taxi, and other public transportation options on a limited budget provided by the show.


  • RESPECT DORETH MARTINEZ: YOU PLAYED CHAMPIONSHIP SOFTBALL FOR BELIZE!, 24min. One of Belize's most outstanding softball athletes, Doreth Martinez, who had also become one of Belizean softball most skillful base stealers in the tradition of the likes of the great Pat Bennett, has continued to support sports in Belize relentlessly, and has not given up once since her migration from Belize. From Belizean Cricket to softball, Doreth had amazed me, and seeing her work two years ago for a big reunion event for the "Golden Girls" of Belizean softball demanded from me serious respect for her passion for progress beyond the softball diamond. Doreth's exciting discussion with yours truly of "Belizean Legends" will illuminate the dark in terms of how good the 1979 Belize national softball team were that beat the United States 2-1 in the Pan America Games thirty-eight years ago. She spoke out here expressing the power that went into their game, and the fearless nature that they played with not even intimidated by the world's greatest softball team in the crushing power of the United States "Orlando Rebels".

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