With municipal elections coming up in March 2018, the speculation has been that the U.D.P. will be pulling a fast one and calling general elections at the same time so that the Prime Minister can proceed to retire early with no losses under his belt. Senior Minister Wilfred Elrington dispelled that rumor, saying that general elections will be held no sooner than November 2020.

Wilfred Elrington, Area Rep., Pickstock

"Let me give you the firmest of assurance. If I know anything about the Prime Minister, Mister Barrow, I know that he will not call a general election until, in my view, the last day which that is due and my understanding is that that is not due until about 2020, the latter quarter of 2020. So if anybody is expecting that there is going to be an early general election, they don't know Mister Barrow. He is very strategic; he is very, very shrewd and he has no reason to want to call an early election. He is on his way out, this is his last hooray and I don't think that he is in any hurry to demit the scene so I wouldn't bank on that."

Channel 5