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For the latest on Tropical Storm Harvey, click here


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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

The San Pedro Sun

The National Emergency Management Organization in collaboration with the National Meteorological Service hereby informs the general public that Tropical Storm Harvey is located near latitude 13.4North, and longitude 62.9 West or approximately 1, 700 miles east of Belize. Harvey has sustained winds of 40 miles per hour (mph) and is moving to the West at 21 miles per hour. If it maintains its projected path over the next 3-4 days based on the forecast, the country could be affected by tropical storm or higher conditions sometime between Tuesday and Wednesday or thereafter. Over the next 3-4 days the only concern

DFC Eco Rangers benefit from Blue Water Grill's Monthly Donation Program
A group of young environmentalist have set out to make San Pedro Town a cleaner place. Since inception, the DFC Eco Rangers have been hard at work, cleaning up their neighborhood and raising awareness for proper garbage disposal. The actions of these children have not gone unnoticed as several businesses have stepped up to show support by donating to their cause. Most recently, the DFC Eco Rangers received a substantial donation of $3,531 from the Blue Water Grill (BWG), The Phoenix Resort and Wine de Vine. The donation was part of the businesses' Monthly Donation Program where customers make monetary contributions that are matched 100%. During the month of July, BWG customers donated $1,462, The Phoenix customers donated $275 and Wine de Vine customer donated $29. After matching the donations, a grand total of $3,532 was handed over to the Eco Rangers. "They made us a great trash bin that we will install on the beach in front of our restaurant. If you doubt the work ethic, selflessness, and intelligence of young people in Belize, you should spend time with these kids. We guarantee that your perception will change," says BWG.

CZMAI reiterates Catch and Release Law
On September 26, 2009, Statutory Instruments (SI) 114 and 115 were passed into law. SI 114 of the Fisheries Act, Chapter210, cites the three main fish species designated for protection including other common sport fish species: Tarpon (Megalops atlanticus), Permit (Trachinotus falcatus) and Bonefish (Albula vulpes). These fish species are intended for 'Catch and Release' fishing only. "Catch and release is a practice within recreational/ sport fishing, intended as a technique of conservation. After capture, the fish are unhooked and returned to the water before experiencing serious exhaustion or injury," says CZMAI. "SI 115 of the Coastal Zone Management Authority Act, Chapter 329 states that 'every person desirous of engaging in sport fishing within Belizean waters shall apply� for a sport fishing license.' The CZMAI is thus responsible for the distribution of licenses and the collection of fees from the sale of these licenses."

Belize Network of NGOs disapprove postponement of Re-registration Exercise
The decision to hold the re-registration of electors until after the 2018 Municipal Election has left several organizations dissatisfied. Among those voicing their concern is the Belize Network of NGOs (BNN), who has indicated their disappointment over the postponement of the exercise. The postponement of the national re-registration exercise was officially published in the Government Gazette on June 30, 2017, after Governor General Sir Colville Young signed a statutory instrument and proclamation to push back the exercise until next year.

Martin Dawson and 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu team up to bring self-defense training to San Pedro
Island residents are honing their Martial Arts skills during a week-long seminar. The summer program is organized by 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu, an international group implementing the non-traditional system of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu developed by Eddie Bravo, and local MMA fighter and instructor, Martin Dawson. The free program taught valuable self-defense techniques to both children and women. The summer program was held from Tuesday, August 15th to Friday August 18th at a training room on Barrier Reef Drive. Participants were encouraged to bring the whole family to take part in this once-in-a lifetime self-defense class led by Dawson and 10th Planet instructors Matt Salinas and Aaron Smith. "I hope that this seminar will give the people an understanding of the discipline of MMA. By taking these lessons, participants can get an idea of what MMA is, building self-confidence and learning self-defense techniques," said Dawson.

Ambergris Today

Tropical Storm Harvey Sets Sights On Belize Nemo Issues First Advisory
Tropical Storm Harvey Moving Westward in the Caribbean - The National Emergency Management Organization in collaboration with the National Meteorological Service hereby informs the public that Tropical Storm Harvey is located near latitude 13.4 North, and longitude 62.9 West or approximately 1,700 miles east of Belize. Harvey has sustained winds of 40 miles per hour (mph) and is moving to the West at 21 miles per hour. If it maintains its projected path over the next 3-4 days based on the forecast, the country could be affected by the tropical storm or higher conditions sometime between Tuesday and Wednesday or thereafter. Over the next 3-4 days, the only concern for Belize is Tropical Storm Harvey.

Success In Sight Against Offshore Oil Activity In Belize
- Government of Belize Announces Commitment to Legislate Indefinite Moratorium on Offshore Oil in Belizean Waters - Right Honorable Prime Minister Dean Barrow officially announced in the House of Representatives today, Friday, August 18, 2017, his administration's commitment and plan to legislate an indefinite moratorium on offshore oil activity in Belize's territorial sea including its Exclusive Economic Zone. The Belize Coalition to Save Our Natural Heritage welcomes this decision and commends the Prime Minister for his decisive leadership. The Coalition takes this announcement as a commitment by the Government of Belize to fully incorporate the value of our natural resources in developing a sustainable economy.

Massive Land Clearing Has Island Residents Very Concerned
Once it became obvious last week that the clear cutting was not going to be confined to a small area, residents of south Ambergris Caye started mobilizing and expressing their concerns to local authorities. It's acres upon acres that have been leveled completely by developers and area residents say they had no regards to any impact on the environment. The large lots of land located in Holiday Lands LLC include property adjacent to Royal Caribbean Resort that extends all the way to Pelican Reef Villas, a distance almost a mile long. Neighboring residents are outraged at the destruction of trees, including mangroves that are natural habitat to many wild animals living in the area.

Misc Belizean Sources


Reef Radio's 18th Anniversary
Let us celebrate Reef Radio's 18th Anniversary at the Hon. Louis Sylvester Sporting Complex on Saturday August 19th, 2017. Entrance fee only 10.00 and includes a drink courtesy of Travellers. See You There!!!

Suspected Ciguatera Poisoning Detected in Fish Consumers
The Ministry of Health informs the public that suspected fish poisoning (Ciguatera poisoning) was detected in persons that had eaten fish bought from a fish vendor in Ladyville, Belize District. Further investigation into these cases has linked and identified that the fish consumed was barracuda. Consumers are warned that ciguatera poisoning is normally seen in predatory fish, mainly barracudas. However, other fish such as the coral trout, red snapper, donu, parrot fish, grouper, Spanish mackerel, red emperor, wrasse, reef cod, sturgeon fish, trevally and moray eel may also cause ciguatera poisoning. It is key to note that this toxin does not affect the appearance, odor or taste of the fish; and freezing or cooking the contaminated fish will not prevent the poisoning. Anyone who consumes fish contaminated with the ciguatera toxin will become ill. ndividuals who consume any fish that contains the toxin can experience many symptoms including tingling and numbness in fingers, toes, around lips, tongue, mouth and throat; nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and/or abdominal cramps, joint pains, headache, and difficulty breathing.

First Regional Media Co-Op program is underway in Los Angeles and we are proud to have Andrea Polanco from Channel 5 represent Belize!
The program focuses on community policing and citizen security issues and includes participants from Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and El Salvador. The program will explore successful at-risk youth community and school-based programs that focus on vocational training, remedial education, life skills and job placement; examples of private sector initiatives that target at-risk youth; conversations with relevant government agency representative at the national and local levels, and with NGOs involved in countering gang violence; and visits to violence prevention programs that could demonstrate the effectiveness of incorporating police, municipal government and local community members into law enforcement and prevention efforts. Participants will also conduct interviews with mayors or municipal representatives in Los Angeles, and Boston.

Paradise Theater playing this weekend
Playing this weekend .. SCREEN 1: Goon the last of the Enforcers @ 7, Baywatch @9. SCREEN 2: The Lion King @ 7, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 @ 9.

Belizean Legends pay special tribute to the Marcus Garvey Movement in Belize that this monument of the legendary Belizean "Garveyite", Isiah Morter, is depicted here in the photograph. Isiah Morter, like Africa's richest man in the world, Mansa Musa, King of Islamic Mali in Africa, was considered also as one of Belize's richest men; and had at one time owned the Belizean island of Caye Chapel. Morter who made millions from his coconut business, donated most of his wealth to Marcus Garvey's United Negro Improvement Association (UNIA). The Isiah Morter symbol of African slave resistance and power in Belize was erected in what was once named, "Ibo Town" in the Yabra Area of Belize City by Belizean musical artist and Kriole activist, Bredda David Obi, through the assistance of the Belize City Council in the 1990s. The statue of Isiah Morter represents Marcus Garvey's vision in Belize of African liberation in the most symbolic form.

Francis Reneau's 'Timeless Motown Memories'
Mark your calendars .... Aug. 31 and Sept 1, Bliss Centre

The National Emergency Management Organization in collaboration with the National Meteorological Service hereby informs the public that Tropical Storm Harvey is located near latitude 13.4 North, and longitude 62.9 West or approximately 1,700 miles east of Belize. Harvey has sustained winds of 40 miles per hour (mph) and is moving to the West at 21 miles per hour. If it maintains its projected path over the next 3-4 days based on the forecast, the country could be affected by the tropical storm or higher conditions sometime between Tuesday and Wednesday or thereafter. Over the next 3-4 days, the only concern for Belize is Tropical Storm Harvey.

Government of Belize Officially Announces Legislation on Indefinite Moratorium on Offshore Oil Exploration
Today, Friday, August 18th, in the sitting of the House of Representatives, Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow officially announced Cabinet's August 15th decision to legislate an indefinite moratorium on offshore oil exploration in Belize's territorial sea, including the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). Prime Minister Barrow stressed that the current administration has had, and has committed to for some time now, an official policy decision to abstain from oil exploration in our territorial sea and EEZ. Cabinet's decision is in furthering that policy decision, to assure citizens, the environmental community, and investors, that the Government of Belize is committed to sustainable development.

NEMO Training in Damage Assessment and Needs Analysis
Yesterday, August 17, 2017, a number of public officers from various departments, who are stationed mainly in Belmopan, Cayo District and Orange Walk District, participated in a training workshop on Damage Assessment and Needs Analysis (DANA) conducted by the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO). The training covered sub-topics such as how to conduct efficient and quality assessments in disaster management situations so that relief can be provided in a timely manner and fair order of priority; differentiating four basic levels (or categories) of flood and hurricane damage; reviewing assessment forms, and understanding how the assessments are used.

Long line today in the Northern Border of Belize
Long long lines at the Northern Border Corozal, FREE ZONE worker and Corozale�os needs to unite and protest demonstrate, take action because if we wait for politicians to do something they will never do. Theres some days that only one immigration officer is working.

Corozal Women's Forum
What an awesome time we had today at our meeting. Ms. Adela Pederson and members of Toone Masehualoon (We are Maya) provided information about the Mayan people of Northern Belizean as well as the mission of the group to bring together Mayan's from the North and South of Belize as one and to ensure their culture is never lost. One of the highlights of today's meeting was the singing of the Belize National Anthem in the Mayan language!

Unsung Hero: Mr Arthur "Banza" Arnold
Hurricane Hattie must have created 100s of unsung heroes that we may never know about because their heroism may have been lost through the passage of time, or nobody around to tell their stories. One of these unsung heroes was no other than Arthur "Banza" Arnold. I have no picture to post of Mr. Arnold and I am not sure if he is even still alive. I am hoping he is though. I am also hoping a relative, or a friend will see this post and will post a picture of this unsung hero for everyone to see. Here is as excerpt from the book "Hurricane Hattie" by John D. Friesen, which shares with us his extraordinary feat of bravery.

Channel 7

House Meeting History: Small Amounts of Marijuana Decriminalized
History was made at the House Meeting in Belmopan today when the bill to decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana was introduced. Minister of Home Affairs Wilfred Elrington bought it to the house for the first reading:.. Hon. Wilfred Elrington - UDP Area Rep.: "To decriminalize the possession of cannabis in amounts not exceeding ten grams. To provide for the imposition of monetary and non-recordable penalties for the possession of cannabis in such amounts occurring on school premises in specified circumstances, to decriminalize the smoking of cannabis in private premises and to provide for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto. This bill has long been in gestation. I think it is recognized by members on both sides of this House that the present regime which we have dealing with marijuana is not equitable. As a matter of fact, it is viewed that it is unduly prejudicial, particularly to the poorer members of our society, who for one reason or the other use marijuana in smaller quantities and this is a small step towards ameliorating what we consider to be an injustice over the years perpetrated against our people."

"Weedists" Celebrate, Evangelicals Lament, GOB Calls It Progress
And while tonight "weedists" all over Belize are celebrating, evangelical church leaders are lamenting, and we'll have their points and counterpoints for you later on in the news. But for the Barrow Administration, they are taking it as a progressive and worthwhile step forward. The Prime Minister explained:... Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow - Prime Minister: "I feel both as a matter of conviction that it is something good to do, but also that as a society as a whole will support it." Jules Vasquez - Reporter: "Sir, the most cynical interpretation will be that, well, there is an election in a few months and the UDP has had this on the backburner for some while but your government brought it to the front burner to give it a little boost for the elections since you don't have a lot of money to spread around."

Hon. Julius Espat Walks Out, Not Dragged Out
But going back to today's House Meeting, Cayo South Representative Julius Espat did it again! He clashed with the speaker over the very same subject that got him carried out of the house by police exactly one year ago! 51 weeks ago on August 26, 2016, he insisted that he would speak on the audit of the Immigration Department - and when the speaker did not allow him, and ordered him to leave the house, Espat refused to budge, forcing police to drag him out - certainly the most shameful, eye-popping moment in Belize's parliamentary history. Well today - on the adjournment Espat asked to speak again on the latest report coming form the Auditor General's office. But, just as in the last case - the speaker did not permit him, except this time, he played it cool, and simply walked out. Here's how the whole exchange went:..

Espat Says Audit Doesn't Dig Deep Enough
What he also has a problem with is the auditor general. Espat says her new audit doesn't dig deep enough, and it doesn't examine the most important ministry with any depth:... Hon. Julius Espat: "I believe the auditor general has not gone far enough. I believe that you have the biggest budget in all the ministries is the Ministry of Finance. That has not been audited at all, not even mentioned- one section with the GST was mentioned. I believe that even the analysis that was done in the ministry of Works was insignificant. You are talking about 1.2 million dollars being lost when they only analyzed 1.7 million. So of 1.7 million dollars the auditor general is reporting that 1.2 has been lost as revenue and that sends up a lot of signals because the Ministry of Work's main expenditure is not the purchase of tires, it is the awarding of contracts throughout the entire country and no mention has been made of that and no analysis has been made of that."

Finnegan Throws Serious Shade At His Cabinet Colleagues
And in that same spirit of condemnation for corruption in both parties, UDP Party Whip Michael Finnegan had some very uncharitable words for his own parliamentary colleagues. Based on what we have picked up about tensions in the UDP, we asked him how he feels to be seated just a few feet from his much scandalized colleague Gaspar Vega. Finnegan gave a telling and compelling answer:... Jules Vasquez, reporter: "You are 3 seats away from Mr. Vega who is a back bencher, but has been brought to the front bench and backbenchers don't belong on the front bench and also I would think that those on the front bench like Mr. Faber and Mr. Saldivar who have leaders aspirations maybe feel a bit unfortunate about that." Hon. Michael Finnegan, UDP Party Whip: "Mr. Vega probably have company, because a lot of them out of the 31 don't belong in the house any at all."

PM Says Hon. Espat's Walkout Was Wrong
That's heavy stuff, and the PM was not so outspoken - but he did lament the irregularities which have been raised in the audit:... Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow- Prime Minister: "There are things in the report that clearly are worrying, things in the report that are worrying, with respect to things that happened not just under our administration, it went beyond that, certainly, under education. But any report from the auditor general deserves to be ventilated and must be ventilated and there are clear provisions in our laws and in the standing orders for that to be done."

PM Cagey When Discussing Alleged Misuse of Funds At BAA
And one statutory board that does seem to need an audit is the Belize Airports Authority. In 2014, it erupted in a patronage scandal when it was discovered that funds were being used for the then Minister's constituency. That Minister Edmond Castro was stripped, and measures were taken to ensure that it didn't happen again. Except, it now appears that it has. Government has been keeping a tight lid on what the Authority's former accountant pointed out as irregularities supposedly involving misuse of funds. And today, when we asked the Prime Minster about it, he toed the fine line of plausible deniability:...

They Came By River: Big Money Heist at Bowen and Bowen
There was a big money robbery at Bowen & Bowen's Slaughterhouse Distribution Center last night. Armed thieves stole over twenty-five thousand dollars. At around 7:45, 4 masked men - two of them armed - went into the sales office, held up the employees and helped themselves to all the cash they had collected form the day's sales. The foursome then escaped in a boat which sped off toward the Belcan Bridge. Police are investigating, and it appears that they suspect that it may be an inside job. That's caused a lot of worry and concern for the Belize City family of 22 year-old Selywn McDonald Jr. He's a high school graduate who recently began working at the company. He reported for work for his usual evening shift yesterday, but never got home - because police took him into custody.

Beware of the Barracuda
For you barracuda lovers, if you don't want to end up in the hospital - DON'T EAT IT ! That's the warning from public health officials. This is after 10 people had to be hospitalized since August 9th, with fish poisoning also known as Ciguatera Poisoning. Now, no one has actually died from this illness but it causes some serious symptoms and it can severely impact persons with other conditions such as diabetes. Today Senior Public Health Inspector Lisa Tillett explained what Ciguatera is why you have to stay away from barracuda at this time because of it. Lisa Tillett, Sr. Public Health Insp., MOH: "So whatever is a toxin mostly in Barracuda fishes. We have other fishes that they can have it also. How the Barracuda gets the Ciguatera toxin inside them is they would eat on the smaller fishes and the smaller fishes would have the toxin them because they eat the little algae from the bottom of the sea."

Church Council Conservative on Cannabis
As we told you in the first segment, the government introduced the amendment to the Misuse of Drugs Act today in Belmopan. While no vigorous debate had begun as yet, we asked Methodist Bishop and President of the Belize Council of Churches, Roosevelt Papaloutte to give his preliminary reaction to the legislation. He was quite diplomatic and open minded on the matter. So he didn't take a hard line stance, but he did say that many factors need to be considered especially when it comes to how this change will impact youth.

PLUS TV Faces Off, PM Barrow Walks Away
And today, one of the members of that National Evangelical Association of Belize, Nazarene Pastor and media personality Luis Wade wore both his hats when he got into the media scrum with Prime Minister Dean Barrow. He wanted to ask some very technical questions about the rationale for legalizing 10 grammes of marijuana. But that's after the PLUS TV cameraman and reporter put in his own testimony about the ills of marijuana use. Here's how that led to a rather awkward back and forth with 7News smack in the middle: Cirillo Choco, "Marijuana destroyed my life": "12 years now that I don't smoke no more. I have money, I have my family and I'm moving forward. I had to take myself and rehab myself so that I can come out of this lifestyle of marijuana that's why I want to say, why pass it? Why?"

The Good and The Bad of Ganja
As you just saw Pastor Louis Wade is against the passing of the amendment to the Misuse of Drugs Act. We spoke to Wade, after his sharp exchange with the Prime Minister, about what he doesn't like about the law. But first, here's what someone on the opposite side of the argument has to say. Clinton "Pulu" Lightburn is a long time proponent for the legalization of marijuana, and has voiced his opinion on the subject on this newscast several times before. He gave us his thoughts on the newly read amendment, and what he thinks is the way forward...

Hilux Home
The stolen white Toyota Hilux which was found in Melchor two days ago - has made it back to Belize in record time. Last night we told you that authorities on that side of the border had opened an investigation because the new owner was trying to pay duties on the pickup. Well, that has been worked out and today we confirmed that the pickup was back on the Belize side of the border.

Offshore Drilling Moratorium Ad Infinitum?
And while the controversial marijuana decriminalization issue took the headlines tonight - the other major announcement coming out of today's house sitting is that government has made it official: it will introduce legislation to enact an indefinite moratorium on offshore oil exploration in Belize's territorial sea. Here's the Prime Minister making the announcement: Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow - Prime Minister: "We agreed, some time ago, to a policy decision that there will be a moratorium but there were those who wanted a more permanent ban and I've always said that I am completely against that and I am still against that. A moratorium is a different thing. Even though it is indefinite, the fact is that it is not permanent..."

OCEANA Overjoyed
OCEANA's Vice President for Belize Janelle Chanona attended today's house sitting to hear the announcement that her organization has fought so long for. Outside the houses he told us it's exemplary leadership which will benefit all Belizeans:... Jannelle Chanona - VP, OCEANA Belize: "Today is a very momentous day, this is an example of exemplary leadership, we hope it will be replicated around the globe but certainly, I think, as the Prime Minister referenced in his comments, it affords Belizeans the peace of mind, that all Belizeans deserve on this issue, that they have stated and restated, that they want to be involved in this issue, so once this law is passed that is exactly what they would be able to enjoy. That, you know, once this indefinite moratorium is passed, that our marine resources will be safeguarded from the inherent hazards of offshore oil development."

Deviling the Details of Moratorium
As Chanona mentioned, OCEANA will now have to look very carefully at the legislation to make sure that what they agreed to is what they get. The Prime Minister discussed some of the finer details and how the decision came about in the first place:... Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow- Prime Minister: "Madam Speaker, I take great pleasure in announcing to the house and to the nation that cabinet on a meeting on Tuesday, agreed to have prepared and to bring to parliament, a bill that would enshrine into law the moratorium against offshore oil exploration activity. In consequence of conversation with Oceana and the Belize Coalition to Save our Natural Heritage, cabinet felt that the time has come to put the policy commitment into law. It makes no practical difference since under either regime, there is not going to be any licenses granted for offshore oil exploration activity but it certainly, I believe, gives comfort to those who require such comfort that this is a step beyond just the policy commitment."

Harvey Hit Barbados
Yesterday we told you about Tropical Storm Harvey, the storm that is projected to make landfall in this general area on Tuesday. Well, at the time, Harvey was gathering strength off the coast of Barbados and it swept through the small island nation last night. In preparation, all flights in and out of the country were cancelled and all government offices were closed and public transportation was suspended. So far reports say that Harvey caused minor damage and flooding, and officials believe that no widespread public utility outages occurred.

Is Harvey Coming This Way?
So, what's next for Tropical Storm Harvey? Well, as of 6:00 pm today the storm was moving west at 21 miles per hour with maximum winds of 40 miles per hour. Currently, it's about 1,700 miles east of Belize, and forecasters say that it will not arrive close enough to affect the country until around next week Monday or Tuesday. But, there is a lot that the storm could do before it is close enough to become a serious threat to Belize. This evening, the deputy meteorologist told us via phone that Belizeans should be closely monitoring this storm to find out what it eventually does. Here's what he had to say: Derrick Rudon, Deputy Chief Meteorologist: "Nothing has changed really from last night or from this morning. The forecast is still the same. Coming out if the national hurricane center, they still forecast Harvey to strengthen a bit and to move over the Caribbean Sea and by next week Monday/Tuesday should be over the northwest Caribbean which is basically in our area. The center of the cone comes right over Belize, but it is not necessarily have to go right up the center, it could be anywhere in the cone, in the area at that time."

PM on Banos-Vega Land Deals: It is What It Is
10 years into government, Prime Minister Dean Barrow has clearly grown tired of having to answer for the less than stellar conduct of many in his cabinet. That was clear today when the press asked him to answer for the Bano's-Vega land deals which we showed you two weeks ago. Its a series of transactions, where Ramon Rosendo Banos - who is Rene Montero's sideman - would acquire crown lands in the name of every imaginable member of his family and then sell those lands to Eduardo and Alma Vega. Today, the PM said he saw our story, and concludes, resignedly, "it is what it is":

PM Says Shoman Has Answering To Do
But the PM did regain some of his trademark wit when we asked him about that letter that former Foreign Minister Lisa Shoman sent him yesterday. The open letter complains lyrically about the many failings of current Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington. And with clear relish, the PM suggested that the letter may have gotten Shoman into some trouble:... Jules Vasquez, reporter: "Former Senator Lisa Shoman, former foreign minister has written you a letter. Will you respond to it, what do you make of it?"

Aimee Flores On Making It
And that's it for politics tonight. For a more refreshing perspective, we have a little leftover from our interview with Belizean Biochemistry Researcher, Aimee Flores. In our profile last night we told you about the groundbreaking stem cell research team which she led. But, breaking into the research world wasn't as simple as it might seem from the outside. She had done her masters in Pathology and got into the research setting by volunteering in a lab. That's where she met some of the most highly regarded published researchers, and top international students entering the Broad Center of Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Research. We asked her how she competed with the best in the US and the world:

On Sunday, 110 Belizean youth athletes will embark on a journey to Tegucigalpa, Honduras where they will participate in the 2017 CODICADER students sports games. This evening at the Marion Jones conference room, a press conference was held to introduce the team and here's what they had to say: Jones and the sports council also donated 2 motorcycles to Police Superintendent Moody. The bikes will be used to heighten security around the area while those who use the facility are exercising.

Mayor Loves Track and Field Athletes
And that wasn't the only attention given to young athletes today. Earlier on in the afternoon, a few of Belize City's youngest and most talented track and field stars were invited to City Hall for a small award ceremony. Mayor Darrell Bradley and his Councillors distributed plaques as well as a monetary token as a way to recognize their achievements. We spoke to Bradley after ceremony about why he felt the ceremony was an important gesture... Bradley also presented awards to the parents and coaches of the athletes.

Channel 5

Julius Espat Walks Out After Being Denied Speaking Time on Audit Report
The House of Representatives' special session in Belmopan today was chock-full of news inside and outside. There were eight bills presented, one of which was taken through all its stages, [...]

G.O.B. Begins Road to Decriminalizing Marijuana
Five years after the first proposals were made and three years after an officially constituted committee, today G.O.B. brought legislation to the House to amend the Misuse of Drugs Act. [...]

P.M. and Louis Wade Clash over Science of Decriminalization
But there will be opposition to the bill, primarily from church groups. They believe that marijuana along with alcohol is a 'gateway drug' to harder drugs such as cocaine and [...]

NEAB Says No; P.M. Has 'Ultra-Liberal' Agenda
The National Evangelical Association of Belize has registered its disagreement with the proposed new legislation, which it says is a wrong move in the wrong direction that will bring wrong [...]

Oil Moratorium Becomes Law, but Has Anything Changed?
By its next session in October, a bill formally legislating the indefinite moratorium against offshore oil exploration activity should be before the House of Representatives. It is considered a major [...]

Environmentalists Savor Victory 'For All'
OCEANA in Belize has been lobbying tirelessly for a complete ban on offshore exploration since it established itself in the country under the leadership of Audrey Matura.� During that time, [...]

Harvey Coming; Belizeans get ready
Going into the weekend, the National Emergency Management Organization, NEMO, has issued its first advisory in respect of Tropical Storm Harvey which continues a westward path in the direction of [...]

Bowen Distribution Center Robbed; 2 Detained
The distribution center of Bowen and Bowen located at Slaughterhouse Road in Belize City was robbed on Thursday night. The brazen robbery occurred before eight o'clock and involved four masked [...]

Shooting Victim in Customs Incident Remains under Coma
The family of thirty-year-old Dwayne Almendarez is demanding answers from the Belize Police Department.� The Yo Creek resident remains in an induced coma at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital after [...]

Why It's Better to Wait for Re-Registration
The decision to postpone re-registration to 2018, after the municipal elections and before a planned referendum to the International Court of Justice, has raised hackles. Having waited twenty years, opponents [...]

Should Government Settle B.S.I./B.S.C.F.A. Impasse?
The first issue raised on the adjournment of the House was the ongoing impasse between the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association and American Sugar Refining/Belize Sugar Industries Limited. The Association [...]

P.M. Says Lisa Shoman Under IDB Investigation for Elrington Comments
On Thursday, former Foreign Minister Lisa Shoman publicly criticized current Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington for his repeated statements suggesting that Belize does not have internationally recognized borders, especially with Guatemala. [...]

No Bail Yet for Christian Espat
Twenty-one year old Christian Espat of San Pedro Town will remain behind bars for another week since his bail application was not heard today. The Director of Public Prosecutions' office [...]

Twin Towns and Other Municipalities Get Power to Borrow
In our last story from the House, the sole bill introduced today to go through all its stages was an amendment to the Town Councils Act which purports to give [...]

Warning Issued for Ciguatera Fish Poisoning
The Ministry of Health says that suspected fish poisoning, specifically Ciguatera poisoning, was detected in persons who had consumed barracuda bought from a vendor in Ladyville, Belize District.� �The toxin [...]

NICH Demands BSCAP Present Certified Audit
The National Institute of Culture and History is calling on the BSCAP Board to present certified and audited financials to its membership at an annual general meeting to be convened. [...]

CitCo Recognizes Top Track Athletes
This afternoon Mayor Darrell Bradley and several of his councilors hosted three National Team Track and Field athletes and their coach at the City Hall. The team was presented with [...]

N.S.C. Raises Funds for CODICADER Team
Over a hundred young athletes under the age of fifteen years, are traveling to Honduras this weekend to participate in the CODICADER Games.� Despite initial concerns that Belize would be [...]

Belize Getting Support from Central American Partners
Chief of Mission, Charlie Slusher, also shared with the audience the sentiments of other CODICADER executives who are in support of Belize, despite the financial difficulties in defraying the cost [...]

Patrons of Inspiration Center Enjoy Fun Day
Over a hundred persons with disabilities and their families converged at the Inspiration Center just outside Belize City. But today's session was not for the routine visits for therapy, the [...]

The Highlights of Channel Five's Summer Fest 2017
Just before we close tonight's newscast, we have the highlights of our ninth annual Summer Fest held this morning on our outdoor stage right here at our compound on Coney [...]


Lisa Shoman calls remarks made by Minister of Foreign Affairs concerning our borders "ridiculous" and "wrong"
Former Foreign Minister Lisa Shoman has written an open letter to Prime Minister Dean Barrow asking him to reject statements made by Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington. Last night when questioned on the Belize Guatemala issue and going to the International Court of Justice, Elrington had this to say. Wilfred Elrington, Minister of Foreign Affairs "I [�]

Opposition Leader comments on Auditor General's report that will be tabled in the House on Friday
Tomorrow Area Representatives will meet in Belmopan for the Special Sitting of the House of Representatives. During that sitting, the 2012-2013 Auditor General's Report is expected to be tabled. In Chapter 4, the report zeros in on the Ministry of Works, Ministry of National Security, Ministry of Education and the Department of Sales Tax. According [�]

Opposition Leader comments on amendments to the Misuse of Drugs Act
Also expected to be tabled during tomorrow's Sitting of the House of Representatives is a bill to amend the Misuse of Drugs Act. The bill comes after a Decriminalization of Marijuana Committee was formed in 2012 and its final report was presented to cabinet in 2015. The bill seeks to decriminalize up to ten grams [�]

BSI and BSCFA must meet to discuss impasse
The Belize Sugar Cane farmers Association and the Belize Sugar Industries Limited, BSI, are still at odds after not being able to agree on the proposed changes to the existing Commercial Agreement. As we reported, BSI is willing to invest twenty two million dollars to produce direct consumption sugar as soon as the new crop [�]

Opposition Leader says Castro borthers must be held accountable for misdeeds
Yesterday Jafari Castro, son of UDP Minister Edmond Castro was arraigned on a charge of harm. Castro along with James Young and Gilbert Franklin who were also charged for harm, were released on a bail of one thousand five hundred dollars. They are accused of beating 21 year old Kevin Brown. This is not the [�]

HFLE Curriculum revised after consultation with churches
At the beginning of the month we reported on the training of trainers' workshop that was held and which surrounded adjustments made to the HFLE Curriculum for the upcoming academic year. In 2012 the Ministry of Education had come under fire by stakeholders especially the churches who expressed serious concerns over the HFLE Teachers' Manual [�]

DPM explains why new Civic to be privately managed
The Civic in Belize City is nearing its completion. The thirty two million dollars infrastructural investment began in 2015 and it's now expected to be completed three months before the scheduled time and within its budget. It will be a multipurpose, structure that will be privately managed. This means that after Medina's Construction and International [�]

More emphasis to be placed on ITVET's curriculum
Technical and vocational institutions, including the ITVETS in Belize, need to improve its curriculum. According to the Minister of Education, Patrick Faber, they have engaged with several stakeholders who have told government that the quality of the instruction in the ITVETS and other vocational and technical institutions in the country don't meet high standards. He [�]

University of Belize holds first ever matriculation ceremony
Almost six thousand students are enrolled at the University of Belize for the new school year. Yesterday, these new students were welcomed to the University of Belize with the first of its kind matriculation ceremony held at the Belmopan Campus. The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education, Youth and Sports, Patrick Faber was the [�]

Road Safety Unit hopes to curb the number of road traffic accident
Pauline Soberanis Tillett reporting� "This morning a special meeting was held at the Road Safety Unit, the purpose of the meeting was to address the number of road traffic accidents occurring primarily on the weekends. On board to address the issues were Senior Superintendent of Police Howell Gillett, Transport Officer Valen Hyde, Manager of [�]

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Works' $1.7 mil deal with Special Effects
There have been five outstanding audits of the Government of Belize, but that will be reduced to four when the 2012-2013 annual report of the Auditor General of Belize is tabled at a special meeting of the House of Representatives this Friday. Since parliamentarians began receiving their papers last week, the questionable relationship which the Ministry of Works had with two companies - Special Effects and Special Effects Performance - has come to light. According to the report of Auditor General Dorothy Ann Smith-Bradley, the Government, which should be spending public funds with a view of obtaining value for money, lost well over a million dollars under the arrangement it had with those companies.

Garifuna leaders disapprove of reinstatement of Eldred Neal
Leaders of two prominent Garifuna organizations, the United Garifuna Association Inc., representing Garinagu residing in the United States, and the National Garifuna Council (NGC), representing Garinagu in Belize, have expressed their disapproval of the decision by the Council of Management of the Public Service Union (PSU) to rescind the suspension of their president, Eldred Neal, which was effected in May in consequence of a recording on which he was heard to be making derogatory remarks against the Garinagu in general, and specifically, against Garifuna members of the union. Neal, elected in 2015, came under fire over allegations that he intended to "purge" the executive of the union of its Garifuna members. It was also alleged that anti-Garifuna comments were made by him - that the Garifuna people would do anything to ascend to power and are by so doing claiming high ranks in the public service.

Tropical Storm Harvey could threaten Belize early next week
Belizeans are keeping an eye on Tropical Storm Harvey, the 8th named storm for the 2017 Atlantic Hurricane season, which formed east of the Caribbean islands earlier today with winds of 40 miles per hour. On its current track, Harvey is a concern for Barbados, Martinique, St. Lucia, and St. Vincent and the Grenadines, which could feel direct impacts tonight and tomorrow. Tropical storm warnings are now in effect for those territories. Early next week, it could become a concern for Belize, Mexico, Honduras and Nicaragua - which are all within the 5-day cone of uncertainty.

Omar Gomez, 22, remanded for burglary of Caribbean Tires
Omar Gomez, 22, who had spent the last three years as a truck driver at Caribbean Tires, has been arraigned for the burglary of his workplace. Today, he appeared before Magistrate Hurl Hamilton in the San Ignacio Magistrate's Court, and was charged with the offences of burglary, handling stolen goods and damage to property. Gomez, who was represented by attorney Rachael Montejo, was offered bail of $20,000. However, he was unable to meet bail and was remanded to prison until November 17, when he is scheduled to reappear in court.

Update on Hummingbird Highway low-boy accident
Three of four men who were traveling in a low-boy truck survived a road traffic accident when the truck overturned between Miles 38 and 39 on the Hummingbird Highway, near the Hershey community, at about 6:00 yesterday morning. The driver of the truck, Winston Dawson, 36, died of the injuries he sustained as a result of the accident, but three men who were with him survived the accident. They are Kenton Pollard, 29; Dorian Buckley, 21; and Albert Che, 21, all employees of Benny's Home Center of Mile 2, Philip Goldson Highway, Belize City. Police said that Pollard discharged himself from the hospital, while Buckley, who suffered two cut wounds and abrasions on both arms and both knees; and Albert Che, who received abrasions to both arms and both knees, have received medical treatment.

Male inmates at the Belize Central Prison are mostly Creole; female inmates are mostly Hispanic
The Kolbe Foundation has released January to June statistics for the Belize Central Prison, which as of the end of June, had a population of 1,297 inmates. The data is very revealing, especially when it comes to the ethnic make-up of the prison population. Two ethnicities stand out: Creoles, who make up 50% of the inmate population, and Hispanics, who make up 25%, but the primary reasons for which inmates from those ethnic groups end up in prison are vastly different. In the case of Creoles, the majority of those inmates who belong to that ethnic group are there for murder and crimes of dishonesty: robbery, burglary, theft, etc., while the majority of Hispanic inmates are at the prison for immigration offences and crimes of dishonesty.

"In the Paint" : INTEROFFICE BASKETBALL - Dragons rout Grace Kings, 94-45, while Bulldogs prevails over Kings, 65-62
League leaders, Dragons won their 7th game of the season in eight outings last Friday night in Interoffice basketball, this time in blow-out fashion over the lowly Kings of Grace Kennedy. An early 18-0 run created an 18-point lead (27-9) at the conclusion of first quarter play, and the Dragons cruised into the winner's circle from there. Everyone on the Dragons roster scored, with Eyan Rene's final line being 16 points on 7-of-18 shooting, to go with 3 rebounds and 1 steal. Meanwhile, Devon Defour scored 13 points on 6-of-8 shooting, while adding 3 rebounds and 1 steal, with Denford Bevans adding 13 points of his own. Grace Kings' Alex Gordon scored a game high 23 points, however, had no other teammate scoring in double figures.

Introduction of Belize delegation attending the 2017 CODICADER Under-15 Games
The Belize delegation of one hundred and ten (110) members is scheduled to leave the country on Sunday, August 20, en route to Tegucigalpa, Honduras for the VI CODICADER Student Sports Games for 13-14 year-olds from August 20 - 26. A press conference will be held on Friday, August 18, at 3:30 p.m. in the Marion Jones Sports Complex Conference Room to introduce the Belize delegation.

2017 Strong and Weak Doubles Table Tennis Tournament results
The 2017 Brodie's Annual Strong & Weak Doubles Table Tennis Tournament took place this past Sunday, August 13, at the BES Auditorium, the home of table tennis. Competing in a Double Elimination format, 13 Strong & Weak Doubles teams began competing for this year's title. Last year's winners, Carlos Cui and Terry Su could not form a pair this year, as Terry has grown significantly into a strong player of his own.

Billiards News - Belikin 8-Ball Nationals this weekend in Belize City
The championship in Orange Walk was decided yesterday between Infierno and Team Picame. In the 3rd place game at 1:00 p.m., Chattas defeated Eagles two straight after blowing them out in game one on Friday, 4-0, securing the 3rd place. Ramon Witz defeated Joseph Jacobs, 3-1; and Miguel Chatta defeated Ernest Arzu, 3-0. In the championship game Friday night, the mighty Picame defeated the upstart Infierno, 4 to 1, on their table. Infierno had the momentum going into this game, after blowing out the number 2 seed Eagles, 6-0, just to run into a brick wall with team Picame. Sunday saw game two, with Picame needing two wins to seal the deal. Infierno won the first two games, as Abimael Godoy defeated Zadiel Smith, 3-0; and Jose Carballo defeated Byron, 3-0.

Editorial: Garvey's 130th
As we write, today, Thursday, August 17th, 2017, is the 130th birthday of Marcus Mosiah Garvey (1887-1940). Two of the reasons Garvey comes to mind for us are the white supremacist incidents in Charlottesville, Virginia, last Sunday, and the tabling of a marijuana decriminalization bill in the Belize House of Representatives tomorrow, Friday, August 18. Marcus Garvey was a black nationalist who was born in Jamaica but reached the peak of his power and fame when he led the Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA) from headquarters in Harlem, New York City in the 1920s. The British Empire abolished the African slave trade in 1807 and emancipated its slaves in 1838. The United States of America freed its African slaves in 1863, and Western Hemisphere countries like Brazil and Cuba did the same in 1888, fifty years after the British.

Belize's onerous departure tax
Dear Editor, History is littered with ill-conceived policies that were rashly implemented to fix problems, only to make them worse. Often made in haste, and without proper consultation, these so-called solutions have created problems much bigger than the ones they were designed to solve. A recent example is the GOB's recent increase to the departure tax imposed on travelers leaving Belize - a legislative "fix" that has been shown to make matters worse, and has already resulted in Tropic Air abandoning three travel routes. In what is looking like a classic case of killing the golden goose, the government is milking Belize's visitors to cover budgetary shortfalls, and in doing so is compromising the very lifeblood of our economy. In a very volatile and fragile global tourism market, and with a country that is already one of the region's most expensive travel destinations, such a heavy-handed impost carries a very real potential to backfire - and backfire disastrously.

Rough vibes from Russell Czarnecki
Dear Editor, Is it mere incompetence, or is it simple GREED ? Let's put down our rum and Cokes for a minute and ask ourselves, what has the GOB ever done that contributed to the stability and betterment of society? A free T-shirt and a bucket of chicken at election time don't count! Belize, what is your future when you acquiesce to, and tolerate these scoundrels?

Heighway's discussion of "social protection"
Dear Sir, The recent discussions between members of the current Belize City Council are interesting from a political point of view with municipal elections in the near future. But of even more importance I believe, is that it starts a conversation about how we support the most vulnerable people in our society - a system of support called social protection. Social protection is commonly understood as "all public and private initiatives that provide income or consumption transfers to the poor, protect the vulnerable against livelihood risks and enhance the social status and rights of the marginalised; with the overall objective of reducing the economic and social vulnerability of poor, vulnerable and marginalised groups".

Bernard Bulwer's two cents
Dear Editor, I'm out of circulation, FB/social media, but from what I've glimpsed (and maybe I shouldn't comment because I haven't digested or discussed deeply), this smells of a dangerous game at Belize's expense. Could Taiwan, a country under existential threat, be cozying up (to such a great financial extent) to Guatemala-a country that poses an existential threat to Belize-in the form of a potential Trojan horse? So this is my 2 cents: � Option 1. Belize can easily get Taiwan's attention if it really wants, and sign up to the PRC-One China policy, unless Taiwan reconsiders

Guatemala claims and the Special Agreement
News is that the Guatemalan Congress has approved the holding of the Referendum to take the Guatemalan claims to the International Court of Justice (ICJ), their public education campaign has commenced, and their national referendum is scheduled to be held by the end of 2017. Noting Guatemala's theatrics, it is very unlikely that said referendum will be held as indicated; however, should Guatemala surprise us and hold said referendum then the probability is very high that a YES vote will be realized. The simple reason being that Guatemala, unlike Belize, has virtually nothing to lose by going to the ICJ and can only gain if the ICJ rules in their favour. There is no doubt that our Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) is monitoring said public education campaign in an effort to sensitize the Belizean public and prepare itself should we need to go to the ICJ. We will not know exactly what Guatemala claims will be unless both Belize and Guatemala vote YES in their national referendum. As Belizeans, we need to know what are the claims Guatemala will be advancing at the ICJ so that we can properly vote in our national referendum and be prepared for any eventuality.

A few weeks ago an aspiring political candidate visited my home seeking endorsement. I was not at home, and he said he would return. He hasn't! If he does, my answer will be: I will publicly support the party and the candidate who promises to return to me, my Belize, Constitution and my school. As far as I know, there is only one place where I have been mentioned in a historical document. It is on page 262 of the "Years of Grace", the history of the Catholic Church in Belize. It says: "Scholastic Paul Rodriguez left the Society." This happened in 1964, a time of peaceful political change in British Honduras. However, it was an era of upheaval in the Catholic Church worldwide. Vatican 2, inspired by Pope John 23rd, had been in session for almost 2 years. Here and elsewhere, cosmetic changes took place with nuns getting rid of habits and leaving convents to live in private homes to appear to be more like ordinary women.

Guatemala claims and the Special Agreement
News is that the Guatemalan Congress has approved the holding of the Referendum to take the Guatemalan claims to the International Court of Justice (ICJ), their public education campaign has commenced, and their national referendum is scheduled to be held by the end of 2017. Noting Guatemala's theatrics, it is very unlikely that said referendum will be held as indicated; however, should Guatemala surprise us and hold said referendum then the probability is very high that a YES vote will be realized. The simple reason being that Guatemala, unlike Belize, has virtually nothing to lose by going to the ICJ and can only gain if the ICJ rules in their favour. There is no doubt that our Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) is monitoring said public education campaign in an effort to sensitize the Belizean public and prepare itself should we need to go to the ICJ. We will not know exactly what Guatemala claims will be unless both Belize and Guatemala vote YES in their national referendum. As Belizeans, we need to know what are the claims Guatemala will be advancing at the ICJ so that we can properly vote in our national referendum and be prepared for any eventuality.

Eulogy for William "Chi Chi" Fonseca
TRIBUTE TO DAD: August 8, 2017-On my Dad's last birthday September 14th he published his second collection of poems entitled Poems to Ponder. Both his collections Lessons in Living and Poems to Ponder provide many wonderful lessons about life, love, faith, and hope. These lessons came from the many memorable experiences he had in his many years working as a teacher, counselor, Chief Education Officer and founding member of the Belize Council for the Visually Impaired. Dad's poems and reflections focus on the lives of ordinary persons like a caretaker, a curandero, a teenage girl, a riverboat captain, a young widowed mother and persons with disabilities - persons of exemplary qualities of character and commitment who every day faced many challenges in their lives but refused to allow these challenges and obstacles to dictate how they should live their lives. He wrote about the personal challenges of three blind persons like himself who he considered to be family: Teresita Moh, Donovan Reneau, and Hector Hoare, who all faced discrimination, prejudice and marginalization because of their disability.

RIGHT TO THE POINT: It is property you get while married!
The topic of matrimonial property has sparked many questions and has clearly shown that many do not appreciate how the changing circumstances in a relationship can actually affect the property rights of each spouse in the marriage. For example, all property obtained during the subsistence of the marriage can be affected by death in a different way than it would be affected by divorce. Property affected without divorce: Now it has always been an unsettling issue for me that a man and woman may work together and even build an empire, yet the legal rights of all those property may lie solely in the name of one of the spouses. Yes, this happens more often than not. Too often when the marriage is sweet� or merely holding together, the property remains in the name of only one spouse, yet at the critical point of separation, abandonment, or even divorce, the other spouse may find him/herself displaced and in an desperate situation..

Over $600,000 for BSCAP CEO; $2,500 for BSCAP members
Seven days ago, Music Ambassador and political aspirant, Shyne Barrow, son of Prime Minister Dean Barrow, dropped a bombshell with his sudden resignation from his post as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Belize Society of Composers, Authors, Publishers (BSCAP). Barrow claimed that his departure was triggered by the actions of his predecessor, Heather Cunningham, who, he alleges, claimed that BSCAP owed her over $600,000 to cover her salary (and expenses) for the period 2010-2013. In his resignation letter, Barrow explained that amidst Cunningham's claims for compensation, there was, "absolutely nothing to show as far as generating revenues [for BSCAP] or getting the nation to be copyright compliant."

Crazy gunman shoots boys, 9 and 12, and man, 27
Two minors and an adult were hit by a hail of bullets in San Pedrito, San Pedro Town, on Saturday night. According to police, at around 9 o'clock they received information about a shooting, and thereafter visited the San Pedro Polyclinic. They saw 9-year-old Jaheem Martinez with a gunshot wound on the left wrist, 12-year-old Armando Bernardino Hernandez, Jr., with a gunshot wound on the right side of his buttocks, and 27-year-old Lloyd Tyndall, who suffered the worst injuries, with three gunshot wounds to the left side of his abdomen and three to his left leg. Police investigations revealed that the three victims, were at a social gathering in the Easy Does It, A & A, Wood Work Shop, when two gunmen, with dark blue rags concealing their faces, emerged. The men stood at the front of the establishment and recklessly fired into the crowd. The victims were transported to the San Pedro Polyclinic and later to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH).

1 dead, 3 injured after 18-wheeler overturned on Hummingbird
At about 6:00 this morning, an 18-wheeler lowboy truck that was traveling on the Hummingbird Highway from Belize City, transporting construction material from Benny's Home Center to the south, overturned between Miles 38 and 39 in the vicinity of Hershey Community. The truck reportedly suffered a front-wheel blowout, causing it to veer off the road to the right. The driver lost control of the vehicle, and it overturned. As a result, the driver, identified as Winston Dawson, 45, a truck driver of Belama Phase 3, Belize City, suffered massive head and body injuries, and died almost immediately.

Prices up for regular gas and diesel
At midnight last night, pump prices were increased for regular gasoline and diesel at service stations across Belize. In the case of Belize City, the price of regular gasoline increased from $9.70 a gallon to $10.21, an increase of 51 cents on the gallon. The price of diesel went up in the City by a much smaller margin, from $8.68 to $8.82 - a difference of 14 cents. Meanwhile, there has been no price change for premium gasoline, which remains at $10.49 a gallon, and kerosene, which is still priced at $5.09 a gallon.

The Reporter

Bail for Castro and friends
Jafari Castro, son of Transport Minister Edmond Castro, is out on bail this week, after being formally charged and arraigned on a single count of harm against Kevin Brown. Police charged Castro, 21, jointly with James Young, 19, and Gilbert Franklin, 21. All three men […]

Gas prices go up again
This week, gas prices had its tenth price adjustment since the start of 2017, with both Regular and Diesel fuels seeing increases. The increase took effect at 12:00 a.m. on Wednesday, sending Regular fuel up by 51 cents, from $9.70 a gallon to $10.21. Diesel went up […]

Diabetes could be better control with new medical inventions
The invention of artificial pancreas device system, coupled with a digital contact lens, patented by Google, that can measure blood glucose levels from tears may be two inventions that can help to better control diabetes. The world’s first artificial pancreas has been proven to monitor […]

Taiwan makes contribution to health
The Republic of China (Taiwan) this week gave the Ministry of Health US$ 221,850 for the Prevention and Control of Chronic Renal Failure project. The donation on Monday at the Corozal Community Hospital is the first disbursement for the project. Taiwan’s Ambassador to Belize, H.E. […]

The BSCAP back and forth
The ongoing conflict between the Belizean Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (BSCAP) and former Chief Executive Officer Moses Shyne Barrow, continued this week, with both parties taking their side of the story to the media. Barrow had resigned from BSCAP last week, claiming that the former […]

Mexico helps light Marion Jones Stadium
Mexico's Agency for International Cooperation in Development (AMEXCID) has allotted US$10 Million for the building of an indoor basketball and volleyball facility at the Marion Jones Sports Complex in Belize City, which included state of the art lighting for the football pitch at the stadium. The $500,000 lighting installation is […]

Belize to benefit from IDB investment
Belize will be among the nations benefitting from funding that the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) is providing to Mesoamerican countries in the areas of transportation, logistics and integration. The IDB announced this week that it is planning to fund special studies, investment and action plans for regional […]

Police looking for daring Dangriga Treasury bandit
Dangriga police are searching for a brazen gunman who walked into the Dangriga Sub Treasury last Friday afternoon and robbed the cashier at gunpoint. According to police, sometime after 12:30 p.m. on August 11, the thief escaped with approximately $1,750 in cash along with two cellphones. According […]

Two children, one man shot; suspect charged
Two children and a man suffered gunshot injuries in San Pedro town on Saturday night, but police have charged a suspect. Sometime around 9:00 p.m., Jaheem Martinez, 9, Armando Bernardino Hernandez Jr., 12, and Lloyd Tyndall, 27, a farmer of Dump area, Toledo were in […]

Man found dead on George Price highway
Roaring Creek are looking for a hit and run suspect who knocked down and killed a Camalote resident in the wee hours of Saturday morning, near Cotton Tree village. The victim, 41-year-old Oscar Cermenio, was discovered near mile 45 on the George Price highway laying in the […]

Supreme Court bail for cop and friends busted with stolen Guatemalan firearm
Three people, including a police officer, who were accused of smuggling a stolen weapon into the country from Guatemala were granted bail by the Supreme Court last Friday. Police Constable Franklin Ramirez, Trevor Brown and Elorey Graham were granted bail by Justice Herbert Lord for the sum […]

Sometimes in the tide of times, advice comes too late. It may be so in this case, but we feel honour bound to offer it. The Government of Belize is about to introduce legislation to decriminalize the use of small amounts of marijuana for recreational smoking. The legislation, we believe, […]

Marijuana Decriminalization Bill going to House
After five years of consideration, the Government of Belize is preparing to take the first step in decriminalizing small amounts of marijuana. Authorities have confirmed that the Misuse of Drugs Amendment Bill 2017, which will decriminalize possession of up to 10 grams of marijuana among […]

Belizean makes groundbreaking scientific discovery on hair loss
A hometown girl is making great strides in the global scientific community, having been featured in the journal Nature Cell Biology for groundbreaking new research with the potential for developing new treatment for hair loss and baldness. Aimee Flores, the author of the benchmark study is a Belizean student completing […]

Tropical Storm Harvey treks towards Belize
Belizeans may be in for a real threat from Tropical Storm Harvey, which formed over the Eastern Caribbean on Thursday afternoon. The projected path of the storm puts it directly over Belize by Tuesday of next week, if it continues on the westward track that […]

San Pedro tour guide shot and killed
San Pedro police are investigating a case of murder after tour guide Scott Charles was shot on the island on Wednesday night and died on Thursday afternoon. Charles, 24, was at his home in the Bayside area of San Pedro on Wednesday night when someone […]

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Lisa Shoman in trouble for comments about Sedi?
Prime Minister Dena Barrow, today confirmed that former foreign Minister Lisa Shoman may be in trouble with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) for statements made against Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington. Barrow explained that Shoman had written an open letter to him regarding the Foreign [�]

NEMO issues advisory 1 on Harvey
The National Emergency Management Organization in collaboration with the National Meteorological Service is informing the general public that Tropical Storm Harvey is located near latitude 13.4North, and longitude 62.9 West or approximately 1, 700 miles east of Belize. Harvey has sustained winds of 40 [�]

National Evangelical Association of Belize disagrees with GOB intent and steps in decriminalizing marijuana
The National Evangelical Association of Belize (NEAB) and it's 250+ represented churches expresses its disagreement with intent and steps of the Government to decriminalize marijuana, according to a press release issued by NEAB today. NEAB says that they are convinced that the move is [�]

GOB Officially announces Legislation on Indefinite Moratorium on Offshore Oil Exploration
Today, in the sitting of the House of Representatives, Prime Minister Dean Barrow officially announced Cabinet's August 15th decision to legislate an indefinite moratorium on offshore oil exploration in Belize's territorial sea, including the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). Barrow stressed that the current administration [�]

NEMO trains public officers in Damage Assessment and Needs Analysis
Yesterday, a number of public officers from various departments, who are stationed mainly in Belmopan, Cayo District and Orange Walk District, participated in a training workshop on Damage Assessment and Needs Analysis (DANA) conducted by the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) at NEMO headquarters [�]

Goldson House teams up with BCVI for 3 day Summer Camp
The National Institute of Culture and History (NICH) through The Goldson House for Democracy and Patriotism in Belmopan will be holding a 3 day summer camp with the Belize Council for the Visually Impaired (BCVI) from August 16-18, 2017 from 9:00a.m. to 12:00 p.m. BCVI is [�]

Belize Coalition responds to PM's commitment to legislate moratorium on offshore oil activity
The Belize Coalition to Save our Natural Heritage (BCSNH) today issued a statement in response to Prime Minister Dean Barrow's official announcement in the House of Representatives that his administration has committed and plan to legislate an indefinite moratorium on offshore oil activity in Belize's [�]

Corozal police find weed, gun, and ammo
Yesterday, police visited the residence of David Salvador Samos of Altamira area, Corozal Town; however, he was not at home at the time. Police then conducted a search of his residence which was witnessed by a relative who resides in another house in the same [�]

Orange Walk retiree missing
Reymunda Wright,59 of #3 Barbados Street, Orange Walk Town reported to police that yesterday evening around 5, her 84-year-old father Nicolas Wright, retiree of the same address left home. Wright said that he was going for a walk but has not returned since. He [�]

Bowen & Bowen robbed of $25K
The warehouse manager for Bowen and Bowen Distribution Center located at #1 Slaughter House Road, Belize City reported that last night around 7:45, four masked men entered the office. Two of the men were armed with firearm, held up the personnel and took $25,594.22 in [�]

Julius walks out
Member for Cayo South, Julius Expat has walked out of today's special sitting of the House of Representatives. Espat rose to raise an issue contained in the Auditor General's Report, but was told by the Speaker of the House, Laura Longsworth to stick to [�]

Fort George Area Rep calls for Re registration
Former Prime Minister of Belize and Fort George area representative, Said Musa today at the sitting of the House of representatives stressed on the importance of the re registration exercise in Belize. Musa accused the present administration of winning elections by corruption. " Winning [�]

GOB to pass bill on offshore oil exploration in Belize
A letter circulated on social media from the office of the Prime Minister to Oceana, in which he assured that legislation will go to parliament to " enshrine the moratorium, already in effect as a policy matter, on offshore oil exploration in Belize." The [�]

Ministry of Health warns of fish poisoning
The Ministry of Health today informed that suspected fish poisoning (Ciguatera poisoning) was detected in persons that had eaten fish bought from a fish vendor in Ladyville, Belize District. Further investigation into these cases has linked and identified that the fish consumed was barracuda. [�]

GOB to pass bill to decriminalize 10 grams of weed today
A special sitting of the House of Representatives is in session today in Belmopan. Eight bills will be introduced today including an amendment to the Misuse of Drugs Bill. The bill proposes to "decriminalize the possession of cannabis in amounts not exceeding ten grams, [�]

Stolen Hilux still in Guatemala
Last Friday, a Toyota Hilux was stolen from a mechanic shop in San Ignacio. According to police reports, the Hilux was found in Melchor de Mencos and Guatemalan authorities were making arrangements with Belizean officials to return the vehicle. However, according to a report [�]

Tropical Storm Harvey moving into the Caribbean
The National Hurricane Center (NHC) is reporting that Tropical Storm Harvey continues to move west into the Carribbean and could make landfall next week as a hurricane. Harvey is also drenching the Windward Islands with rain. As of this morning, Harvey was located about [�]

Former Harlem Globetrotter, Melvin Adams, in Belize for charity event
Former Harlem Globetrotter, Melvin Adams, has been spotted in Belize. He was seen at the National Fire Services Office in Belize City where he delivered an inspirational speech to the fire fighters. Information to BBN is that he will be in Belmopan tomorrow night for a [�]


Tropical Storm Harvey Pointed Towards Belize
Tropical Storm Harvey is now poised just east of Barbados - the easternmost island in the Caribbean and almost 2000 miles away from our shores. He is moving forward at about 14 miles per hour. Always a storms scariest look - the satellite image. Here are the projections as of now. Again, they are talking landfall on Monday and Tuesday�and slight jogs to the north could change quite a bit. That is all reflected in forecast cone.

Top 10 ways to stay fit on your vacation to Placencia, Belize! (Yoga, Gym, Crossfit, and more!)
We get this question from guests pretty often (and if you just want to lay on the beach, there are PLENTY of people doing that and nothing more.) Here's what we learned from our past guests about their favorite ways of staying fit while they are in Placencia... 1.) Bike riding - Placencia is a 16-mile peninsula, with one road all the way to the "top"- this is a GREAT ride, very interesting for people and sight seeing. There are plenty of places to stop on the way up and get water, have lunch, jump in a pool/the sea. Most people will stop when they get to the "Placencia Hotel," this is north of Maya Beach in the "Plantation" area of the peninsula. If your hotel doesn't offer free bikes (many do) you can rent from a place in town.

How to Explore the Blue Hole by Air - Belize
It's a hole. And it's blue. But really, it's so much more. After getting glimpses of this amazing oceanic formation from afar, we knew that we could not go to Belize without exploring this natural wonder. The Blue Hole, otherwise known as the Great Blue Hole, is a large submarine sinkhole off the coast of Belize. The Belize Barrier Reef, Lighthouse Reef Atoll and Turneffe Atoll are other beautiful sites that you'll fly over. If you're lucky, you'll spot manatees, rays, sharks and dolphins. We went with Tropic Air from San Pedro on the island of Ambergris Caye. There are 2 ways to see the Blue Hole with Tropic Air: A private charter or a scheduled tour. We did the private charter, as we wanted more flexibility with our days and times.

5 Questions to ask your international mortgage loan officer
There comes a time in life when you become mentally ready to take the steps toward fulfilling a dream or making the biggest investment of your life, but are you financially prepared? You might be interested in seeking funds from an international bank, and thanks to technological advancements, this is another option available for you to get the financing you need. However, going overseas for a loan may cause doubt and fear so research is important when it comes to choosing the right bank. Begin with emailing, calling or scheduling Skype meetings with a few different International banks for an interview and consultation. To help you prepare, we've outlined 5 important questions you should ask your loan officer during or before the loan application process so as to remove any doubts on the process of a loan with an international bank.

Celebrating a Decade at Ka'ana
It's almost September and we wanted to let you know in advance just what an exciting month it will be in Belize and at Ka'ana Resort. The country is alive with celebrations, parades, street parties and crowds celebrating Independence Day on September 21. And this year, we're also commemorating our 10th Anniversary on the same day! We've already been commemorating our 10 Year Anniversary Celebration for several months, but the real party comes on September 21, when we invite you to a grand f�te. Enjoy celebratory cocktails with our general manager Wolfgang Brandl at The Wallace Bar, where our talented mixologists craft specialty drinks using our homegrown produce. And on the yoga deck, we're hosting a Maya barbecue with live music-a feast honoring both 36 years of independence and 10 years of award-winning service here at Ka'ana. An outdoor screen will be showing movies under the stars as well. And at the end of the night, fireworks will light up the jungle sky.

Meet the Birds of Belize
With over 590 bird species, it is safe to say that Belize is a paradise for birdwatchers. Interestingly, even regular folks who aren't really into bird watching are drawn to this recreational activity when in Belize - may be it's because birds are so easy to spot here. Most of the birds in Belize are local species and approximately 20 percent are migrants who fly down to Belize during the harsh winter months in North America. With almost half of Belize's land made up of protected areas, it doesn't matter if you are inland or on the cayes, you will encounter numerous beautiful birds. I recommend you visit the jungle lodges in western Belize, it is especially easy to spot birds there. At many of those resorts, in the morning you can have your breakfast while you're treated to a ceremonial chatter of several types of birds. Another option is waking up early and going to the Mayan sites - the ruckus of the rainforest is absolutely amazing.

Tropical Storm Franklin never came for a visit, but Dopey the potlicker did!
Just one year and three days after Hurricane Earl decimated our tiny island, we had another intruder lurking at our door. His name was Franklin and he was a tropical storm. The morning that Franklin was to hit, the SAGA Humane Society put out the call, "We have over 20 dogs living at Fort Dog that need shelter for the storm." We asked Dooley Bear if he wanted to have another slumber party and he was all in. We drove over to SAGA to pick up our foster potlicker. We introduce to you, Ms. Dopey! We introduce to you, Ms. Dopey!

International Sourcesizz

Belize Loses Bid To Block Assignee In $27.4M Award Row
A D.C. federal judge chided the Belizean government Friday in a decision that allowed a Turks and Caicos entity to pursue a confirmed $27.4 million arbitral award over a tax arrangement with banks, discounting Belize's "meritless" arguments to keep the case with another plaintiff. U.S. District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly ruled that Belize brought arguments that are "meritless and require little discussion" in trying to prevent Midway Investments Ltd. from taking over the litigation for a $27.4 million arbitration award. The judge wrote that Belize had regularly...

Belize Asks High Court To Review $18.5M Arbitration Award
The government of Belize has asked the U.S. Supreme Court to hear its appeal of a decision that enforced an $18.5 million London arbitral award in a case involving a Central American bank. The Belizean government said in its filing, dated Aug. 8, that the D.C. Circuit wrongly affirmed a lower court opinion that said the arbitral award could go forward. Because Belize is not party to the New York Convention, an international agreement providing for the reciprocal enforcement of international arbitration awards, U.S. courts should...

Turlock's Mr. Safety finds himself 'Naked and Afraid' in Belize
Cory Williams has always been up for a challenge, however, the Hilmar High grad and former Turlocker didn't know his love for adventure would eventually find him "Naked and Afraid." On Sunday, the world will be able to watch Williams, an original YouTuber, and pro surfer Anastasia Ashley try to survive in the jungles of Belize in the Discovery Channel's popular reality show that takes two strangers and leaves them naked and stranded on a desert island.


  • Naked and Afraid 8x06 Season 8 Episode 6 "Belize Breakdown", 48min.


  • Secret Beach Belize - By boat, 3min. Video of approaching Secret Beach by boat in the crystal clear waters of Ambergris Bay.

  • Garifuna Settlement Day - Main Stage Party in Dangriga, Belize, 100min. Garifuna Settlement Day is a public holiday in Belize, celebrated each year on November 19. In this video you will see Garifuna Artist from Belize such as Guwie . In this video is the Main Stage Part - 18th Night bring in 19th Yurumein (The reenactment of the arrival of the Garifuna people in Dangriga, Belize. For more. Beautiful village southern coast in Belize. After the LIVE Musical street and beach parties that went on throughout the night until morning. Punta Drumming. The coastal town of Dangriga in the Stann Creek District of Belize comes alive with the celebration of Garifuna Settlement Day. A colorful, lively and big parade.

  • Belcampo Belize, 3min. Belcampo Belize is a remote and unique eco-tour and fishing lodge in southern Belize. They have deep roots as a fishing lodge, set in some of the most fertile permit fishing grounds anywhere in the world and employs expert flats fishing guides. Belcampo describes the lodge as "agritourism-chic" featuring a Jungle Lodge, organic farm, and a 12,000-acre nature reserve. Belcampo Belize offers the best in local food and culture, active adventures, wildlife viewing, saltwater fly-fishing, and world-class hospitality.

  • Prime Minister Dean Barrow in the House of Representatives; August 18th 2017, 2min.

  • The South Ambergris Caye neighborhood. Sadly they still have plenty more land waiting to be cleared., 2.5min. ow sustainable can this indiscriminate clearing of mangroves and wildlife habitat be for our island San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. The southern end is one of the most ecologically sensitive areas on the entire island, as it is one of the narrowest ridges filled with wetlands,savannas and is the corridor to the Hol Chan Marine Reserve. Has anyone thought about the carrying capacity of the island. How far are you going to destroy our ecosystem for these so called developments? It cannot continue to go one way. There has to be a sustainable balance between our ecosystem and development.

  • Scuba diver surprises wife with underwater wedding, 3min. Dave and Kristy have been married for 25 years and have had a marriage and a life filled with love and adventure. When Dave looked back and realized that he had not proposed in a very exciting way all those years ago, he decided he could do much better. He started scheming about the most romantic and surprising way to propose again and to renew his vows. Kristy loves few things as much as she loves scuba diving and swimming among the ocean life on the coral. There could be no better setting than 60 feet under the waves.

  • Belize Now - August 18, 2017, 34min. In tonight's headlines: The Belize Film Commission is courting international film makers, Taiwan aides Belize in fighting kidney disease, Marion Jones Stadium gets lit up, and Beltraide is looking for talent. These stories and more on this week's edition of Belize Now. Thanks for joining us on this Friday, August 18th, 2017!

  • Belize Diving 2017 Swimming With Sharks, 1.5min.

  • VISITING BELIZE!! PART ONE, 11min. I visited Belize for my 25th birthday and it was an awesome experience!

  • We know exactly how you feel Madi :), 1min. Madison Pearl reacting to the news that the government of Belize has committed to legislating an indefinite moratorium on offshore oil in Belizean Waters.

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