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Today's Belize News: August 23, 2017 #525386
08/23/17 06:14 AM
08/23/17 06:14 AM
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP


Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

The San Pedro Sun

San Pedro Pirates FC draw 1-1 against BDF FC in home game
The game tipped off at 7PM and from the start both teams went on the offensive, trying to open the score. The island team was determined to win, but BDF F.C was not an easy rival. After a cross pass on the left side of the field, BDF took a shot, but the Pirate’s goalkeeper swatted it away. During the rebound, BDF’s Hector Martinez then went in for the attack and netted the first goal of the match. The pressure grew heavy for the home team as fans demanded a goal. The Pirates met that request and minutes before the first half came to an end, Jarren Lambey scored for the island team, tying the game 1-1.

Ambergris Today

Celebrity Spotting: Rossy War Arrives In San Pedro On Vacation
International Tex-Mex Peruvian artist Rossy War arrived in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize today, Tuesday, August 22, 2017, on vacation along with her husband and two children. Ambergris Today joined the Arceo family and friends in welcoming her to La Isla Bonita. Rossy just recently performed at the Miss Estero Amor Pageant that took place this past Saturday and will be performing again in Belize City at the Dibary Restaurant on Saturday, August 26. Rossy came to Ambergris Caye for a few days of rest and relaxation, although she will be hosted on various tours and dining events by the Arceo family who have become very close friends with Rossy and her family.

Misc Belizean Sources


San Pedro Toll bridge getting maintenance, BTL working also
Please take extra care when crossing the toll bridge, maintainence work is being carried out and we want to keep the workers safe. Thank you. Also BTL is continuing its work around the island installing the fiber optic cable, so please be careful where they are working.

Entrance tickets to Altun Ha and Nohoch Che'en
The Board of Directors of the National Institute of Culture and History (NICH) and the NICH Administration through the Institute of Archaeology (IA) hereby informs all Tour Operators, Tour Guides and Hoteliers of the following policy with respect to the purchase of entrance tickets to the Nohoch Cheen and Altun Ha Archaeological Reserves. Effective Monday, 28 August 2017: All tour groups consisting of eight (8) guests and more going to the Nohoch Cheen Archaeological Reserve AND all tour groups consisting of fifteen (15) guests and more going to the Altun Ha Archaeological Reserve are required to purchase entrance tickets at any one of the following locations:

National Song Competition 2017
The National Celebrations Commission informs the public that the National Song Competition 2017 Finalists Chosen Online Voting Started already! The public now has the power to propel their favorite by voting online and requesting the songs on the radio.

Ya’axché has secured a project for the development of capacity for local community-based organizations in financial management
Ya’axché now invites eligible consultants to indicate their interest in providing the services. Click the link below for more information:

The future of Seine Beight, Placencia, Hopkins and Georgetown in Belize
By Wellington C. Ramos. In the year 2014 I took a tour of the southern villages with my brother Anthony Noralez to see what type of developments were taking place in the area. When I was a little boy growing up in Dangriga town, I use to travel with my neighbour Dick Usher and his children especially my childhood friend, Osbert Usher, to all the villages in the southern part of Stann Creek District to sell goods. We would leave Dangriga on a Friday evening after school and make stops in the villages of Silk Grass, Sittee River, Kendall where Mr Coke use to live, South Stann Creek, Georgetown, Alabama, Maya Beach, Mango Creek, Big Creek and Savannah. We would sleep in Alabama village on the Friday night, do our selling and then proceed to the Mango Creek area for Saturday afternoon. When we were finished selling our goods on Saturday, we would return back to Dangriga on Sunday evening to get ready for school Monday morning.

Lionfish Management Workshop
Everyone is invited to come out and participate tomorrow from 6PM to 8PM at the San Pedro Lions Den.

Peruvian Superstar Rossy War spotted vacationing on La Isla Bonita
The popular Techno Cumbia singer from Peru, Rossy War, is vacationing on La Isla Bonita along with her family. The renown singer of hits like 'Que te perdone Dios,' and 'Como un dulce Poema,' arrived via Tropic Air on Tuesday, August 22nd. She was welcomed by the Arceo family along with enthusiastic fans who had the opportunity to mingle and take a few pictures with her. Rossy War is happy to be on the island, taking a break before her upcoming performance at the Dibary Restaurant in Belize City on Saturday, August 26th. The San Pedro Sun wishes her a pleasant stay on Ambergris Caye!

QUICK STOP Management Trainee Vacancy

Ciguatera Poisoning Detected in Fish Consumers
The Ministry of Health would like to alert the public that 2 further cases of suspected ciguatera poisoning have been identified. Investigations conducted so far reveal that the barracuda fish from the Turneffe Islands area has been the sole carrier of the ciguatoxin or poison. The public is hereby advised that toxic fish does not have any odor or taste and cooking and freezing does not eliminate the toxin. Persons are warned that the following are symptoms people can show after eating contaminated fish suffering from ciguatera poisoning:

Belize was Guest Country at the XXI Afro-Caribbean Festival in Veracruz, Mexico
Belize was the guest country at the Twenty-First Afro-Caribbean Festival in Veraruz, Mexico, held from August 10-12, 2017. The event was hosted by the Government of the State of Veracruz, through their Ministry of Tourism and Culture and the Veracruzan Institute of Culture. The importance of the festival is to acknowledge Africanism as a part of the Mexican culture. The event was organised by Belize Honorary Consul in Veracruz Ms. Sandra Vasquez. Belize’s Ambassador to Mexico H.E. Oliver del Cid, congratulated the Government of Veracruz and the people of Mexico for recognizing African aspect of their culture.

The Belize Defense Force Youth Cadet Corps (BDFYCC) held its 11th annual training camp in Independence Village, Stann Creek District from the 12th to 19th of August 2017. The aim of BDFYCC Camp 2017 was to revise and test cadets on all the lessons covered in their syllabus over the past year of training while experiencing a life in a different part of the country. Training objectives for the cadets included military type lessons such as Foot Drills, Map Reading, Field Craft and Basic Fitness Training. The cadets also had the opportunity to tour of the Deer Farm in Independence, Big Creek Port and the Banana Farms, both of which contribute greatly to the economy of this country.

Kathak Dance Performance
Kudos to Honorary Consul General of India in Belize Arun Hotchandani and Ambassador of India to Mexico and High Commissioner to Belize Muktesh Pardeshi, for bringing such a beautiful Kathak Dance Performance by the group of Hemanta Kalita at @Bliss Center. The group also performed in Mexico City and Guadalajara. Best regards from the Embassy of Mexico to our friends from the Indian community in Belize.

Cultural, artistic and sporting activities at the House of Culture
We would like to thank our community for embracing the educational, cultural, artistic and sporting activities which took place over the summer at the House of Culture. It was an unprecedented time filled with meaningful interaction amongst our community members. Thank you to members of Xaibe Village for taking up the challenge with our Cultural Industry Workshop training and establishing the first modern Corozal team - Xaibe Subin K'in Pok ta Pok Team. Thank you to NGO Toone Masehualoon Maya group for instilling Maya language, songs and customs into our youngest residents. The 2nd annual Ancient World Week was filled with shared knowledge and a site visit to Aventura, thank you to Sylvia Batty of the Institute of Archaeology, Northwestern University's Dr. Cynthia Robin and Margaret Briggs, and our very own Mr. Graham Sampson for you great presentations.

Giving Thanks - Courtesy Adela Pederson
It was a wonderful privilege to honour and recognize two wonderful professionals who have given selflessly and supported our efforts at The Jacob's Rehabilitation Farm Center in Patchakan, Corozal, Belize as we work to combat the epidemic of addiction in our beautiful jewel of Belize. Doctora Amparo Muro and psychiatrist nurse Juchim have been an invaluable support to us all, as we walk the path to recovery together with our brothers at the Rehabilitation Center. They have always extended kindness and compassion coupled with the highest level of professionalism. As Doctor Muro completes her term in Belize, we wish her the best as she heads back to her homeland of Cuba but we will keep her always close to our hearts. We were delighted to also bring the gift of song and music.

Calling All Artists
The Museum of Belize is inviting Belizean artists to submit up to three (3) pieces of their original artwork, to be displayed in our new art exhibition on September 29th, 2017. Pieces should be no bigger than 24 inches by 36 inches, and must be submitted by Friday, September 8th. Artwork does not need to be theme-based, but must be family appropriate content. For more information, contact Ilona Smiling at [email protected] Yusleidy Chan at [email protected] You can also call them at 223-4524.

Channel 7

Johnny Zabs, Kingpin No More Says US Treasury
Tonight, Johnny Zabaneh is called a Kingpin no more - the US Treasury Department has lifted that designation from his name. This is five years after they pretty much ended life, and business as usual for Zabaneh. The Kingpin Designation served a deathblow to his entire Mayan King agro - enterprise - which at the time was the biggest banana producer in Belize. The US Office of Foreign Assets Control spoke about a "John Zabaneh Drug Trafficking Organization" and called him and his alleged associates, "Sinaloa Cartel Operatives in Belize." His alleged associated included his nephew Dion Zabaneh and Corozal's Daniel Moreno. Zabaneh denied it as energetically as he could, and he did so everywhere he could, but the stigma was too great: no one: no bank, no supplier, no service provider would do business with a man bearing the Kingpin designation.

(Remnants of) Harvey Had No Effect on Belize
We were spared again! Tropical wave Harvey has passed with virtually no effect on Belize. As we had told you last night, Harvey should have brought steady rain all over the country and those in flood prone areas especially in the South were warned. Well, when we checked in with the Southern Regional NEMO Coordinator, he told us that it didn't rain at all. Also in the North, there was no report of any heavy rains or flooding. So we can now say farewell to Harvey, it has passed Belize. It is now in the Northwest Yucatan and while it is being described as only a disturbance at this time - the storm is expected to re-organize and pose a threat to Texas possibly as a hurricane.

Child Knocked Down and Killed In Griga
A 7 year old girl was knocked down and killed this morning on the Stann Creek Valley Road. Around 11:35, 7 year old Janey Bailey and her grandmother 47 year old Jacklyn Jacobs had just gotten out of a passenger bus when Janey went ahead to cross the road. But she didn't make to the other side, she was hit by an oncoming Toyota pickup truck, the driver is 46 year old Fernando Elvarenga. The little girl was taken to Southern Regional Hospital where she was in a coma suffering from head injuries. She died on her way to KHMH. Elvarenga was served with an NIP, and his vehicle has been impounded.

More Fish Poisoning Reported
Two more persons have come down with Ciguatera poisoning also known as fish poisoning. As we told you on Friday, the Ministry of Health sent out a warning to stay away from barracuda - this is after about 10 people had to be hospitalized after eating it. A release sent today says that 2 other cases have been identified. It also states that it is the barracuda from the Turneffe Island area that are infected with the poison. So again, Health officials warn to stay away from Barracuda because it is hard to tell which fish are contaminated. IN the release it says "the toxic fish does not have any odor or taste and cooking and freezing does not eliminate the toxins." It continues by saying "Avoid eating larger reef fish that have a greater likelihood of ciguatoxin, especially the barracuda and also to report any suspected fish poisoning to the local Public Health Officer so necessary action can be taken to prevent it.

Another Vega Family Special
"It is what it is" - that's all the Prime Minister could wearily say on Friday when we asked him about the Ramsey Caye land deals that benefitted the family of former Deputy Prime Minster Gaspar Vega. And, tonight, there's more - cozy compensation deals for Vega family members that saw them end up with prime real estate on a private island close to san Pedro. It follows a familiar pattern: compensation for public land transactions of private property which should never have happened in the first place. Sounds familiar? Call it the Vega family special - Daniel Ortiz has more:...

Maskall Accused of Maim
Today 21-year-old Clinton Maskall appeared in the Magistrate's Court where he was charged with grievous harm. According to reports, Maskall got into a fight with Austin Williams last Friday, during which he took out a knife and cut Williams along the palm, causing severe damage that required the attention of a specialist. Maskall appeared before Acting Chief Magistrate Sharon Fraser, who took no plea because the charge may be upgraded to maim. Maskall was offered $2000 bail, and the case was adjourned until October.

Of Walkouts and "Haul-outs"
At Friday's house meeting, Julius Espat, who is the PUP's Rep for Cayo South stormed out of the House meeting in a fit of rage. It's a familiar sight for the mercurial Mr. Espat who is known for bouts of anger. But what was unfamiliar was the fact that he walked out alone; his party didn't join him. As Jules Vasquez reports, that's most unusual:... The first rule of walkout is - everybody walks out. The PUP did it in the 90's. The UDP did it in the aughts - when it was somehow much easier to slide out of those benches. And they walked out together and maybe even threw a tantrum outside and ended up with bloody nose.

Tickets Now Needed For Large Groups At Nohoch Che'en or Altun Ha
For anyone traveling in large groups to Nohoch Che'en or Altun Ha Archeological reserves next week - you will have to stop at a NICH office near you to buy your entrance ticket. It is a new ticketing policy that NICH believes should bring some ease to the visitor experience. Now again we stress, there is not increase in the entrance fee - the only change is the location where you buy your ticket. NICH Communication Officer, Neil Hall discussed this new ticketing system and the overall idea and goal behind it.

Weed and Rounds Found
Yesterday the police conducted several searches leading them to a few successful finds. On Basra street, they found half a pound of weed, while on Partridge street they found slightly less than that. And in the Lord Ridge cemetery, they found parts of a 9mm pistol and a black magazine. No one was around at any of the sites, so all the items were labeled as found property.

Fear of Flares?
And this afternoon in the Hattieville/Boom dump area, police found these. They're flares and while they may not look like much, police say they can use .22 ammo. There's no word on whether they were placed there for illicit reasons.

One More For Cop Kickdown
Last week we told you about the three men being accused of beating up a former Assistant Superintendent of Police, Francis Williams. Darrell and Rayford Brown, along with Eckert Powell were accused of jumping the former cop as he pulled up to a party. According to Williams, he parked on Unity Street and was attacked as soon as he got out his vehicle. Williams says that he was punched in the face several times and then hit in the back of the head with a pint bottle. Then, the men allegedly kicked him while he was down, eventually knocking out one of his teeth.

Family Spared In Electrical Fire
A Ladyville family is grateful to have a house tonight after a fire started in one of their bedrooms. It happened yesterday evening around 5:00. According to a family member, it was an extension cord that was plugged into the wall that sparked and started the fire. The flames spread to the mattress and eventually to the entire room. Luckily the family lives near the fire station and the fire was quickly put out. No one was in the room at the time of the blaze. A few relatives were in the house but they ran out unharmed. The family lost over $10,000 worth of items in the room including back to school supplies. The family asked not to be named.

Another City Shooting in Hotspot Area
There has been another shooting in the Belize City hotspot of Antelope Street - the same street that saw a murder and two shootings 12 days ago. This time, an 18 year old male was shot once to the right thigh. But police say he's not cooperating but they are still investigating.

Putting Refugees On The Agenda
Today social workers and community rehabilitation officers attended a conference was on refugees. Now, lately, Belize hasn't been accepting any refugees, but the refugees department was re-established in 2016. Now, today at the Radisson, the United Nations High Committee on Refugees held a meeting to sensitize social workers to refugee issues:... Kelleen Corrigan, UNHCR Protection Officer: "We are here today from UNHCR in a collaboration with the Refugee Department and the Ministry of Human Development to provide a seminar for some of the officials from the ministry including social workers and community rehabilitation officers and the point is to discuss refugee land policy and some of the human rights aspects to help do 3 things..."

City Council Takes Credit For Carnival Route
The new route for this year's Carnival Road March was confirmed last week. It was designed to alleviate traffic and health risks along the entrances to both major highways as well as the KHMH. This weekend the Belize Carnival Association along with members of the Belize City Council conducted a practice run along the new route to make sure that there weren't any problems. The City held a press conference today to clarify any outstanding details. Here's what they had to say. Phillip Willoughby - Belize City Councillor: "Basically we drove the route again, which is Caesar Ridge Road, Central American Boulevard, right into Vernon Street, left into BelChina Bridge onto Douglas Jones, though Cinderella Plaza onto Kelly Street, Baymen Avenue, Princess Margaret Drive. What the council will be doing, and I apologize for my colleague, BQ PItts, who isn't here and Councillor Cuellar, a flyer will be distributed along the route to notify the residents of the new route, carnival route, and to ask them not to have their vehicles parked along the carnival route."

Not The Singer, It's The Song
For those National song Competition goers - get ready to head over to Dangriga this weekend , because that's where it's being held this year. Now we are used to jamming to the songs from our favorite Belizean performer at the Memorial Park in Belize City but NICH hopes this will be a welcomed change - one that will bring more inclusiveness and Belizean-ness to the celebration. The Communications officer for NICH explained today . The song Competition starts at 8:00 this Saturday night at the Alejo Beni Park in Dangriga. Entrance is free. You can also go to to listen and vote for your favorite song in the junior, Belizean song and Carnival categories. There are 26 participants in all.

Major Makeover for Phillip Goldson
The Phillip Goldson Highway between Belize City and the Haulover Bridge is undergoing a major transformation. Yes, it looks like the road is being fixed and drainage installed, but the plan is much bigger. Sahar Vasquez found out more today: Belize may be home to the second largest barrier reef, the sea is never far away, our rivers meander as far as the eye can see. Those are just a few of the stunning highlights in our jewel, 2) but one thing Belize is not really known or remembered for are our roads. For decades we have been either falling into potholes or trying to dodge them.

Channel 5

John Zabaneh comes off U.S. ‘drug kingpin’ list
Businessman John Zabaneh is a well-known entrepreneur in South Stann Creek whose ventures, including Mayan King Limited, Mid-south Investments Limited, Belize Chemicals Limited and Crown Paradise Enterprises were all flagged [...]

P.U.P.’s Valerie Woods stands with Lisa Shoman on ‘borders’ complaint
P.U.P. Senator Valerie Woods, having heard the prime minister’s response to former Foreign Minister Lisa Shoman’s open letter on Thursday, is also weighing in on the comment made by Foreign [...]

Senator says G.O.B. must state position on respect for borders
According to Woods, while government at some point will turn to the people for a vote on whether the Belize/Guatemala territorial dispute should be taken to the ICJ for resolution, [...]

Territorial Volunteers says Sedi must go!
Former Foreign Affairs Minister Lisa Shoman appears to have stepped on a few toes last week after writing an open letter to Prime Minister Dean Barrow, appealing to him to [...]

B.T.V.’s Maheia continues call for re-registration ahead of I.C.J. vote
Maheia also spoke to News Five about the re-registration campaign as it relates to the referendum to attend the International Court of Justice to resolve the Guatemalan claim. The Belize [...]

Dwayne Almendarez abandoned to die after shooting, family says
A post mortem on the body of thirty-year-old Dwayne Almendarez was conducted this afternoon in Belize City and certified that the Yo Creek resident died as a result of complications [...]

U.D.P. prepares for Municipal Convention in Belize City
Belize City will host the United Democratic Party’s next convention to select a municipal slate for the 2018 elections due in March this coming Sunday. The headline is the mayoral [...]

Primary schooler Janey Bailey, 7, killed in traffic mishap
There was a fatal traffic accident today on the Stann Creek Valley Road in southern Belize that claimed the life of a seven-year-old Dangriga student. Around eleven-thirty this morning, Janey [...]

Shot teen refuses to cooperate with police
There was a shooting on Monday night in Belize City in which an eighteen-year-old man was shot once to the right thigh. But that is all we can report tonight [...]

Traffic officer jailed after armed confrontation with neighbor
Traffic Officer Mario Vernon is tonight spending his first night on remanded at the Central Prison in Hattieville after his twenty-one-year-old neighbor accused him of pulling a gun at him [...]

Gov’t uses savings for road works in Twin Towns
On Monday, the Government of Belize, through the Ministry of Works and Transport, signed a multimillion-dollar road rehabilitation project for Santa Elena Town. Valued at fewer than seven million dollars, [...]

Two more fish poisoning cases reported
The Ministry of Health has confirmed two further cases of suspected ciguatera poisoning, reported by persons who ate barracuda fish from the Turneffe Islands. A release states that this fish [...]

NICH introduces ticket system for large groups
A new ticket purchasing procedure comes into effect on August twenty-eighth, for visitors wanting to experience the Nohoch Che’en and Altun Ha archaeological reserves.  As of Monday, all tour groups, [...]

Pregnant manatee struck by boat; search continues for another mother and calf
The number of manatee fatalities annually continues to rise and despite conservation and awareness efforts by Sea to Shore Alliance, in particular Jamal Galvez, the population continues to be threatened [...]

NGO’s want ‘black and white’ on oil moratorium bill
It’s wait and see for the Belize Network of Non-Governmental Organizations regarding government’s announced intention to place in law an indefinite moratorium on activities leading up to offshore oil exploration [...]

Carnival route is finally settled
September ninth’s Carnival Road March will be returning to the Marion Jones Sporting Complex for the first time in many years, but it will take a new route to get [...]

Road march bigger and better than ever!
And what will Carnival itself look like? We took the opportunity to ask the Association’s president, Patrick Thompson, about the run-up to the event and he says it will be [...]

Song Competition moves to Dangriga; September Celebrations will open in O.W.
The National Song Competition takes place this Saturday in Dangriga and preparations are underway for Belizean artists to showcase their musical talents ahead of the annual September Celebrations.  The event, [...]

Remixing Motown as KTV semifinals continue
Last week, it was singer’s choice, but tonight, the final five contestants in the quarterfinal round of KTV the Remix will be taking on classic tunes from one of the [...]

Re: Today's Belize News: August 23, 2017 [Re: Marty] #525387
08/23/17 06:15 AM
08/23/17 06:15 AM
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP


Police Await Directives From The DPP To Proceed In Case Of Dwayne Almendarez
A postmortem conducted on the body of thirty year old Dwayne Almendarez today concluded that he died as a result of acute cardiorespiratory failure, severe pulmonary edema and saddle pulmonary thromboembolism due to gunshot wounds to the body. Almendarez was shot three times to the body- one to the left chest, one to the abdomen and once to the thigh by a customs officer on Tuesday of last week during a violent confrontation in Yo Creek village. As we initially reported last week the incident transpired while Customs supported by BDF officials conducted a search on a passenger bus where officials attempted to confiscate un-customed goods from passengers on board. An altercation then reportedly ensued between officials and a group of individuals including Almendarez. During the altercation Almendarez reportedly physically attacked one of the customs, who responded by firing a warning shot in the air.

John Zabaneh's Name Removed From US Narcotics Kingpin List
Since 2012 John Zabaneh has had to engage in a public campaign to defend his name after the United States Government placed him on the notorious list of Designated Narcotics Traffickers and accused him of having ties with Mexico’s Sinaloa Cartel. As a result of the designation, the U.S. threatened to freeze the assets of any U.S. company carried out business with Zabaneh or his companies. Zabaneh denied the allegations that he fits the criteria, but the designation affected his business ventures. In October of that year, even businesses such as Mayan King Banana Farms in Dangriga which is indirectly involved with him was forced to close when U.S. owned Fyffes stopped buying bananas from them, sending over 700 banana workers out of a job.

P.M Speaks On Taiwan Grant And Loan
The Prime Minister also remarked on the financial generosity of Belize’s bilateral friends, Taiwan. Earlier this month, the Taiwan Government through their Ambassador in Belize donated $60 million dollars which would support the Government’s budget. If you can recall, the Government is facing a severe financial crunch and has had to increase taxes on light bills, imports, beer, soft drinks, fuel and construction material to make up for the financial belt-tightening. But that may not be enough to make up for an increasing budget deficit, so Taiwan has been coming to the rescue. Some pundits believe Taiwan is really providing elections money with the incoming municipal election, but according to the PM, the funds are part of the normal arrangements.

PM Speaks On Reported Airport Authority Resignations
Three years ago scandal broke out of the Belize Airports Authority when the Minister responsible was caught with his hands in the cookie jar. Minister Edmond Castro had been using the funds raised by the BAA to purchase chicken for political parties, to pay for family funerals and to repair his children’s bicycles. Sensing the distaste in the reports, the Prime Minister moved quickly to strip Castro of the portfolio and fire the Board members who approved the cheques. It was felt that with a new Board the scandals would end, but it seems there is insufficient oversight of the management of the Authority’s funds and another scandal is about to surface. There are reports that as a results of financial mismanagement, the Authority’s accountant resigned in June, followed by the resignation of the Chairman. On Friday, the PM was asked whether he knew about the state of affairs at the Airports Authority, but it seems he was fully out of the loop.


New Miss Estereo Amor Crowned
The new Miss Estereo Amor hails from Orange Walk Town. Miss Joannie Cantun bested all other candidates on Saturday night in San Ignacio Town. We take a look at how she captured the crown.

Whale dies despite TIDE's efforts to save it
A whale died just off coast south of Punta Gorda. At 3pm on Friday August 18, Executive Director of Toledo Institute for Development and Environment Celia Mahung received a call from concerned citizens that a whale was sighted off coast just south of Punta Gorda in the vicinity of Orange Point area. TIDE’s Marine biologist, Tanya Barona and other staff upon arrival at the site observed that the adult whale was partly grounded in shallow water and several local fishers were trying to get the whale into deeper sea environment. One of the fishers explained that he saw the whale making an effort to swim out to the deep for at least three hours, but it kept circling back to shore. It was observed that blood was coming from the whale’s blowhole and one of its fins seemed injured. At about 5pm that same day, the whale died. With assistance from community members samples from the whale to help determine the cause of death and for further analysis were taken by TIDE personnel. The whale measured 30 ft. in length with tail width of 6 feet.

Lord Ashcroft Makes Strategic Move against GOB for its Arbitration Award
Ten days ago, we told you that the Ashcroft companies were seeking to have Midway Investments of Turks and Caicos take over the ownership of the twenty seven point four million US dollar arbitration award owing to the BCB Holdings and the Belize Bank Limited by the Government of Belize. Last Friday, August 18, U.S. […]

Ryan Thompson was ambushed and killed at home
Belize City resident Ryan Thompson was shot on Sunday night and died some five hours after. According to police, Ryan was shot at his home but they have not yet established why he was targeted. While the police did not have much detail, his mother told the media what she believes may have led to […]

Man shot and killed in San Pedro
Police continue to investigate the murder of 34 year old Armando Lopez, a Belizean Carpenter of the San Pedrito Area on San Pedro Ambergris Caye. Lopez was shot and killed on Sunday shortly after two in the afternoon while he was socializing inside a bar located on Barrier Reef Drive on the Island. Police say […]

Man found dead in Santa Cruz
The body of a man, now identified by police as Juan Jose Ortega, was found on Sunday Morning in Santa Cruz Village in the Stann Creek District. ACP Edward Broaster also updated the media in respect to the department’s preliminary investigations. Assistant Commissioner of Police Edward Broaster, Acting Commander of the Eastern Division: “Police […]

Police shootings failed to stop men
Belmopan Police shot a man over the weekend. The incident happened on August 19, and began while police were conducting a check point at the Ring Tail junction located outside of Belmopan City. According to police, they saw two Hispanic men on a motorcycle approaching the checkpoint but then, the two men, made a U-turn […]

“Police Operation Simultaneous Everywhere” A Success
A national operation conducted by police last week has reeled in a number of seizures and arrests. ACP Edward Broaster says the operation titled “Police Operation Simultaneous Everywhere” was launched at midnight on Wednesday night and concluded at midnight on Saturday. It included raids and a large number of vehicle searches. Broaster says the operation […]

Man shot by Customs Officer dies
30 year old Dwayne Almendarez who was shot by a customs officer in a stop and search in Yo Creek Village, Orange Walk has died of his injuries. According to police, Almendarez got into an altercation with customs officials and even after a warning shot had been fired, he attempted to assault one of the […]

Victim of hit and run dies
Love News has confirmed that sixteen year old Monique Morey succumbed to her injuries on Saturday morning while in the Intensive Care Unit at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital in Belize City. (VO STARTS) Morey’s mother told Love News that she died at around 8 o’clock on Saturday morning. A post mortem examination on her […]

Neal’s Days Over
Eldred Neal is no longer the president of the Public Service Union. He ended his term in controversy after an audio recording of a conversation was leaked to the media. In that recording, Neal made disparaging remarks about the Garinagu. He was suspended but the matter was resolved before his presidency ended. After the PSU’s […]

Public Service Union gets New President
Doreth Obermayer Cayetano was elected as the new President of the Public Service Union at a general meeting held on Saturday in Belmopan. Fem Cruz reports. President, Doreth Cayetano: “The way forward for the union, I plan to make sure that the branches are more involved in the decisions that are made on behalf […]


Dwayne Almendarez, 31, succumbs to Customs officer’s bullets
Last Tuesday, Dwayne Almendarez, 31, was gunned down by a Customs officer on duty. He was shot in the chest, abdomen and leg. He survived his injuries but on Saturday at 6:47 a.m., while in an induced coma at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH), Almendarez died. Today, Amandala enquired whether the Customs officer who shot Almendarez would face any charges, but Police Press Officer Hortence Hernandez replied, “Police are investigating the matter and whenever there’s any update, the press will be briefed.”

Works’ $1.7 mil deal with Special Effects
There have been five outstanding audits of the Government of Belize, but that will be reduced to four when the 2012-2013 annual report of the Auditor General of Belize is tabled at a special meeting of the House of Representatives this Friday. Since parliamentarians began receiving their papers last week, the questionable relationship which the Ministry of Works had with two companies — Special Effects and Special Effects Performance — has come to light. According to the report of Auditor General Dorothy Ann Smith-Bradley, the Government, which should be spending public funds with a view of obtaining value for money, lost well over a million dollars under the arrangement it had with those companies.

Ryan Thompson, 24, gunned down on Neal Pen Road
Ryan “Fish” Thompson, 24, is the latest victim to be gunned down in the old capital. According to police reports, at around 9 o’clock last night, Sunday, he was just about to enter his home at #193 Neal Pen Road Extension when he was ambushed by a gunman, who reportedly crept from behind his home and shot him in the legs, chest, back and hands. Thompson was transported to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH), where he was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). His pancreas, liver, lungs and kidneys were too severely damaged, however, and at 2:56 this morning, he succumbed to his injuries.

Armando Lopez, 36, murdered in San Pedro bar
Armando Lopez, 36, a carpenter of San Pedrito, was shot and killed in a club on Barrier Reef Drive while socializing with his friends at about 2:30 yesterday afternoon. Police said that an unknown gunman entered the club, fired a shot that hit Lopez in the right side of his chest, and then ran off. The bullet exited the left side of Lopez’s chest and went into his left arm. He was rushed to the San Pedro Polyclinic, but he died shortly after. In a press brief held this morning at the Raccoon Street Police Station, ACP Edward Broaster said that two men, one from San Pedro and one from Belize City, have been detained for questioning. The man from the city was detained as he was trying to board a water taxi in San Pedro to go to Belize City.

The mayoral candidate race tightens up
On Sunday the PUP held an internal convention at the St. Peter Claver primary school in Punta Gorda, Toledo, to select its mayoral and councilor candidates to head into the March 2018 municipal elections. A total of 531 votes were cast between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. when polls opened and closed. The PUPs selected former Punta Gorda mayor and businessman, Carlos “Obeah” Galvez, to run again as mayor. He was victorious with 246 votes. In second place in the mayoral race was Gilbert Charles Selgado, with 191 votes. In the 1998 general elections he had offered himself as the standard bearer for the National Alliance for Belizean Rights (NABR). However, he lost to incumbent PUP area representative, Michael Espat.

Understanding Belize’s decriminalization of 10 grams of marijuana
On Friday, at the House of Representatives meeting, Home Affairs Minister Hon. Wilfred “Sedi” Elrington introduced a bill to amend the Misuse of Drugs Act to make provision for the decriminalization of 10 grams of marijuana. This is the quantity which the Decriminalization of Marijuana Committee (DoMC) had recommended in its 2015 report. Marijuana, or cannabis, as it is referred to in the Laws of Belize, is illegal and will remain illegal long after the DoMC’s recommendation becomes the law of the land. While the spirit of the law is to let possession of 10 grams or less not be a criminal offense, the new proposed law, which had its first reading in the House of Representatives last Friday, will take an administrative notice of offenders, who will be subject to pay a small fine.

PLB 2017-18 Opening Season Week 2 results and standings
Already, Week 2 is in the books for the Premier League of Belize (PLB) 2017-2018 Opening Season, and Verdes FC jumps in front with a perfect record of two wins from their first two outings, while Wagiya starts off where they left off in last season, at the bottom of the heap with two losses. (See standings below.) On Saturday night at Ambergris Stadium, newcomer hosts San Pedro Pirates FC played to a 1-1 draw with visiting BDF FC. Hector Martinez scored for San Pedro, while Jarren Lambey tallied for BDF. Meanwhile, down south at the M.A. Stadium in Independence, it was also 1-1 between Placencia Assassins FC and visiting Bandits Sports from Belmopan. Kervin Johnson (49’) put the Bandits in front, but Luis “Baaka” Torres (69’ PK) equalized for Placencia from the penalty spot.

National Over-40 football Week 12 results & standings
San Pedro Veterans are sole leaders at Week 12 of National Over-40 football, after their 2-1 win over Kulture Yabra Veterans yesterday at the MCC. Kulture took the early lead on a strike by leading goleador, Kevin Rowland that saw the ball rebound off the goal post after beating San Pedro goalie Aldon “AC” Augustine, and bounce out after crossing the line; but before the half ended, San Pedro returned the favor, as Jacinto Pinelo’s free kick from 35 yards out eluded Kenny Morgan in goal for Yabra and crossed the line before bouncing back out. Early in second half, San Pedro got the 2-1 game winner from Christopher Hendricks, who trailed a long center from the left side to slap in the volley past Kulture’s Maurice “Magic” Francis, who had replaced Kenny Morgan in goal to start second half.

From “Classico” to catastrophe
The Over-40 vibes were shattered yesterday evening at the MCC, and it may never be the same again. What started out as nostalgia for the game by some old timers wishing to get some exercise and share the camaraderie of meeting past teammates and adversaries in a less combative setting, ended up with individuals getting carried away with the intensity of competition, forgetting their age, and, regrettably, taking a loss too seriously. Under any circumstances, the reaction of a Kulture Yabra defender after the game yesterday, attacking referee Anthony Robinson with a vicious left hook that probably broke his jaw, caught everyone, including his own teammates, by surprise.

BDFA Interoffice Football Week 6 scores
The Belize District Football Association (BDFA) Interoffice Football Competition 2017 continued last Wednesday and Thursday, August 16-17, at the MCC Grounds with Week 6 games. In the opener on Wednesday, August 16, Latino FC dropped KHMH, 3-1, with goals from Patrick Max (38’), Maynor Hernandez (53’) and Ryan Murillo (63’); while Charles Canton (58’) scored for KHMH. And in the nightcap, Ramada Eco Nature blanked BTL, 5-0, with goals from Carlos Castro (12’ & 23’), Stephan Diego (28’ & 54’) and Antonio Barrera (63’).

Belize at 36: how we got here
We have two octogenarian Belizean friends of African descent who were deeply disturbed by events in British Honduras involving the extremely popular People’s United Party (PUP) in the early years of the anti-colonial movement in the 1950s, and they decided to leave the colony. One left in 1953, and ended up in Canada. The other left in 1957 for the United States. Conversing separately with both these senior citizens, we are convinced they remain deeply Belizean in their emotions and perspectives. In a recent editorial, we spoke perhaps too lightly of the issue of speaking Spanish instead of English (had 1798 turned out differently). With respect to exactly what it was that concerned these two black Belizeans so much in the early and middle 1950s about the direction of their native land, we can submit it had to do with the unease they felt about their individual futures and functions in a Belize which would be Guatemalan instead of British. Certainly their race was a consideration, and so would language have been.

Props from Czarnecki
Editor Sir, I’ve just finished re-reading your finely wrought composition in the Amandala and yep, I get it…sad but true in all its details. It’s like the rest of the world, I guess, never really about ’the people’…come to think of it. My father was always on about ‘roll with the punches. Son, roll with the punches….’ Thanks ever so much for your efforts, and keep up the good work as an advocate for ‘Power To The People.’ After all, what else can a man do? Props.

Props from Czarnecki
Dear Editor, Pre-diabetes is a prevailing condition in Belize, where the majority of persons suffering it are not even aware of its existence, thus leading to full-fledged diabetes. Much like other silent killer diseases we do not know we have it until the damage is evident. Our diet of very nice “rice and beans with potato salad”, or “burger with fries”, and a cold soft drink are culprits that exacerbate this problem. The problem is not only sugar but also carbohydrates. I would suggest to the majority of Belizeans to check their blood glucose levels two hours after eating the meal mentioned previously to see what is their reading. This should not cost more than two or three dollars at your favorite pharmacy or maybe the local Diabetes Association should launch a campaign with a little help from the Social Security people whose interest should be the health of the working force.

Someone who could turn water into suds
From long experience I know how to prepare the holy temple to receive this not-so-saintly-to-all sacrament. Chopping grass isn’t a part of the ritual. But I, like all sinners who appreciate the virtue of work, cherish a good sweat. It humbles the soul. It cleans the pores. It titillates the heart, pipes, liver an lights. It does a body, old or young, good. I lay down my machete for a heavier one. My regular Collins just doesn’t cut it in some of the grass at the back of my yard. Some grass, your cutlass just whistles through them, like the hot knife through butter. You can go against grass like that any old time of the day. Some types of grass, you got to go at them in the early morning. And your blade has to have weight, and be sharp, or your job will be more bruise than chop.

Belize will be graced by the presence of Belizean cycling legend Noel “Muscles” Gordon, who will be visiting Belize for the 2017 September celebrations from September 8 to 23, some thirty-one years since his migration from Belize. Gordon, before he first left Belize in 1972, had almost become Belize’s 1971 Holy Saturday Cross Country Cycling Champion that Mexican cyclist, Pablo Calderon won when Gordon rode into Belize alone. Gordon told “Belizean Legends” that, if it was not for a graded-down National Stadium track in preparation for the usual ending of the race, he would have won the race. However, the previous track, which he had trained on before in preparation for the race, was completely changed. He said that made him become very frustrated and angry when he arrived to do his laps around the track. He said that the track had become difficult for his bike to maneuver, and slowed him down; whereby allowing Mexican cyclist Pablo Calderon, another Mexican rider and Anthony Hutchinson to catch up on him and diminish his chance to win.

Right to the Point
Now I was asked a very interesting scenario about where the man died while separated for just over three years, and had already applied for his divorce, but he died before getting the divorce, so the asker wanted to know if the wife still had claims as wife? The answer is simply, yes! It is not until divorce that the spouse can be excluded in a claim under intestacy, but not a Will if she is named in a valid one. Even if you are separated, not talking to each other, mortal enemies … once you are still legally married, either spouse upon the death of the other is clothed with all legal rights as spouse, because there is still not yet a divorce. So the person was asking because it seemed that he was of the view that since the wife was estranged and the husband no longer wanted anything with her, then he felt the wife should be cut out completely. That is not legally possible. Remember, by virtue of being wife she is not only entitled to her one-third as wife, but she is also entitled to his chattels and cash up front $600.00, where such monies exist.

My own private official “shakedown”
Not revealing any secrets, but the Lands Department is a mess. My story is an example of an “official shakedown” executed by the Lands Department on a member of the public. This is not about passing money under the table to corrupt public officers. It is about public officers using institutional weaknesses to officially exploit people on behalf of GOB. My goal here is not merely to discomfit. It is shared in the hope that the powers that be may heed the warning that the public is aware of what is going down. Many suffer in silence but that does not mean the injustices are not recognized and noted. For the sake of brevity, I have omitted many of the frustrating details and names involved in these events.
Eighteen days after Monique Morey, 16, a student of Orange Walk Town, was knocked down by a hit-and-run driver, she succumbed to her injuries at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. The incident, which occurred at about 5:00 Monday morning, July 31, near a bus stop in Orange Walk Town, left Morey suffering from massive head and body injuries. She was found unresponsive at the side of the road by a woman who was jogging on Dangriga Street in Union Town. The woman alerted Morey’s mother, and she was taken to the Northern Regional Hospital, where she was given initial treatment, after which she was rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital.

Belize introduces legislation to decriminalize marijuana
Minister of Foreign Affairs and Home Affairs, Wilfred “Sedi” Elrington, this morning introduced an amendment to the Misuse of Drugs Act, chapter 103 of the Laws of Belize, to decriminalize the possession of up to 10 grams of marijuana. The proposed legislation also provides for the imposition of monetary and non-recordable penalties for such amounts that are found on school premises in specialized circumstances, and decriminalizes the use of the substance in small amounts on private premises, Elrington furthermore explained. He noted that the legislation (tabled but not yet passed) has long been in gestation and it is recognized by members on both sides of the House of Representatives, that the present regime is not equitable and it is the view that it is unduly prejudicial, particularly to the poorer members of society who use the drug in small quantities.

New Ashcroft company, Midway, can pursue US$27.4 million arbitral award from Belize, US federal judge rules
U.S. District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly ruled today that a Turks and Caicos company formed by the Michael Ashcroft group of companies some months ago can pursue the Government of Belize over a confirmed US$27.4 million arbitral award that was granted as a result of litigation over GOB’s acquisition of Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL). As Amandala reported back in June, Caribbean Investments Holdings Limited, a Michael Ashcroft- related enterprise, had announced the assignment of the arbitral award against the Government of Belize, in the litigation over the nationalization of BTL to a new company, Midway.
About 7:45 last night, four masked men made their way into the Bowen and Bowen Distribution Center on Slaughterhouse Road in Belize City, where two of them, who were armed, pointed their weapons at the cashier and the clerks in the office, and demanded money. The other two bandits then went into the cash drawer area and took out money amounting to about $25,590, reportedly the day’s sales for the business. The men then walked out of the office, and got into a boat, which sped down the Haulover Creek towards Belcan Bridge. No shots were fired during the robbery and no injuries were reported.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Thirty-foot whale dies near PG coast
A Baleen whale died in southern waters off the coast of Punta Gorda last Friday. According to reports from the Toledo Institute for development and Environment (TIDE), it received a call from concerned citizens around 3:00 on Friday afternoon about a whale sighted off […]

7 year old knocked down dead crossing southern road
A 7-year-old Dangriga student is dead after she was knocked down while trying to cross the road. Shortly after 11:00 a.m. today Janey Bailey and her grandmother, Jacklyn Jacobs, 47, had just exited a passenger bus between miles 3 and 4 of the Stann […]

San Pedro couple charged for high-power assault rifle
Over the weekend, San Pedro police conducted a number of operations on the island and found a high powered Ruger .223 bolt-action assault rifle along with a magazine, and a dozen .223 and 5.56 rounds of ammunition. Police also found ten rounds of .45 […]

Former PM Esquivel supports decriminalization
During Friday’s sitting of the House of Representatives, a bill proposing to decriminalize up to 10 grams of marijuana was tabled. The National Evangelical Association of Belize (NEAB) followed the tabling of the bill with a statement saying that its 250 plus churches disagreed […]

PM refutes claims of political leveraging with Taiwan funds
Political pundits have theorized that the US$60 million recently given to Belize from Taiwan would be used by the government for political mileage considering the fact that municipal elections are scheduled for next March. Prime Minister Dean Barrow, however, has refuted that notion. In an interview […]

PSU elects new president
On Sunday the membership of the Public Service Union (PSU) gathered in Belmopan for its 95th Annual General Meeting. At that meeting, Doreth Cayetano was elected president after defeating Gerald Henry by 7 votes. Herman Pastor remains First Vice President while Jerome Lozano is […]

Thieves make off with $16,000 in South Water caye burglary
There was a case of burglary reported on South Water caye in the Stann Creek District. Barbara Dawn Kelt, 58, a Canadian National and Manager of South Water Caye, told police that between the hours of 8:00 p.m. on Sunday and 8:00 a.m. on […]

Teen shot on Antelope Extension
Less than 24 hours after the murder of Neal Pen Road resident Ryan Thompson, there was another shooting incident in Belize City. This time an unidentified 18-year-old man was shot on Antelope Street Extension. He was shot once to the right thigh last night. […]

Heavy rainfall expected in Belize
As of this morning, the National Hurricane Center (NHC) is reporting that a large area of disturbed weather over the northwestern Caribbean Sea is associated with the remnants of Harvey. Satellite images and surface observations indicate that the system has not become better organized […]

Belize City man ambushed and killed
On Sunday, August 21, around 9:35 pm, police visited Neal’s Pen Road Extension, Belize City where they saw blood in some bushes next to a wooden house. Investigation revealed that about 9:33 p.m., Ryan Thompson, 24, arrived at his house and was about to open his […]

Belize City cops seize guns, drugs and ammo
Belize City cops have seized a total of 957 grams of cannabis, fifteen live .9mm rounds and a magazine during a search on the south side. According to police reports, yesterday the first search on Basra Street led to the discovery of 234 grams […]

Queen of the West pageant stirs controversy
Picture: San Ignacio/ Santa Elena Town Council The Queen of the West pageant was held in San Ignacio town on Saturday, August 12, at the Octavia Waight Center. There were five contestants from Cayo vying for the title. At the end of the night, […]

Heavy rainfall expected in Belize
As of this morning, the National Hurricane Center (NHC) is reporting that a large area of disturbed weather over the northwestern Caribbean Sea is associated with the remnants of Harvey. Satellite images and surface observations indicate that the system has not become better organized […]

Belize City man ambushed and killed
On Sunday, August 21, around 9:35 pm, police visited Neal’s Pen Road Extension, Belize City where they saw blood in some bushes next to a wooden house. Investigation revealed that about 9:33 p.m., Ryan Thompson, 24, arrived at his house and was about to open his […]

San Pedro man killed at bar
On Sunday, August 20, 2017 about 2:40 p.m., police visited Winner’s Spot located on Barrier Reef Drive, San Pedro Town where they saw Armando Lopez,34, carpenter of San Pedrito area, San Pedro Town inside the bar with gunshot injuries to his chest and left […]

Belize City police find pen gun and ammo
On Friday, August 18, 2017 around 6:40 p.m., Belize City police were conducting patrols in the Saint Martin’s area when they met Dwight Patrick Orosco. Police searched Orosco and found a pen gun and three .22 rounds of ammunition. He was arrested and charged for keeping […]

Man burns SUV in Santa Elena, Cayo District
Cayo resident, Andra Acevedo,21, told police that she was at home in Santa Elena on Friday afternoon when she suddenly started to smell the strong aroma of gasoline. She then noticed that her SUV Mazda Tribute valued at $11,000.00 was on fire. She also saw a […]


Five Things that Made Me Happy This Week in San Pedro, Belize
It’s only Tuesday and we are seeing a mosquito hatch (from the rains after the last tropical storm that left us drenched) of epic proportions. But there are still lots of things that I’m happy about (even the gloomy weather is pretty)…and here are just five. Bandanas aka As Sweat Rags NOW Known as Fly Swatters — Summer/early fall is the hottest time of the year on Ambergris Caye. Though the temperature doesn’t get too far above 90 — which I know is considered a cool front in August Housten, Texas — the humidity is always hovering around 100% and the winds shift around. And sometimes die off all together.

Kaj Expressions pops up at Belizean Arts, San Pedro
Pop Up shops are incredibly fun and popular within the small-craft community, bringing coveted items directly to customers who may have been admiring from afar. One businesswoman who has undertaken such an initiative is Khadija Assales of Kaj Expressions.The jeweller popped in to the gorgeous Belizean Arts, located inside Fido’s Courtyard on Saturday, August 12th, from 2PM-6PM. With an array of beautiful handmade pieces in tow, Assales also brought her tools with her, creating custom pieces from eager customers who showed up to admire and buy. The pop-up is the second for Kaj Expressions, and featured sea glass, rhinestones, freshwater pearls, and a stunning “Reef Goddess” necklace Assales is working on. Inspired by her love of the Belize Barrier Reef, and the gorgeous underwater world she sees when she goes diving and snorkeling, Assales has been busy bringing this fantastic necklace to life.

Why Visit Belize on September Celebration
Starting on National Day and culminating on Independence Day, two weeks of city-wide patriotic celebrations keep the locals dancing in the streets. The Belize Carnival, a street festival held during this time, sees Belizeans don colorful costumes and dance to Caribbean beats. Meanwhile, Belize country-wide is also celebrated the patriotic month of September. The September Celebrations are a pair of holidays in Belize only eleven days apart. They are Battle of St. George's Caye Day (alternatively, National Day), September 10, celebrated since 1898; Independence Day, September 21, celebrated since 1981. A calendar of activities has traditionally been held every year centered on both events. Annual traditions such as the Queen of the Bay Pageant, concerts and talent shows, the Citizens Parade on the Tenth and Uniform Parade on the 21st and Carnival (traditionally held on the middle Saturday but has been held on other days) add to the Celebrations. In 2007, September Celebrations began on August 31 and concluded on September 22 with a postponed Carnival (it had been postponed for two weeks due to Hurricanes Dean and Felix).

International Sourcesizz

Cheyney honor students expand cultural horizon in Belize
When Cheyney University senior Shaneka Briggs and junior Veronica Baccera get back in the classroom next week, they will have much to share with their professors and classmates. Both women spent time over the summer break in Belize as part of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education’s Honors Study Abroad program, which provided full scholarships to them and other students from PASSHE schools. All were competitively selected in a process that included writing a statement of purpose, soliciting letters of support and preparing a portfolio.

Armchair travel to Belize in FENCE program
Aaron Steed, international bird guide, will take us on a journey in the great room at FENCE with a spectacular program about the culture, ecology, and natural beauty of Belize. This Aug. 27 program is free, open to the public and starts at 4 p.m. Refreshments will be served following the presentation. Belize is a place steeped in history, Mayan culture, and natural wonders. Well known for its Mayan archaeological sites, beaches, and coral reefs; Belize also has incredible rainforests that provide habitat for a huge diversity of wildlife, from jaguars and monkeys to hummingbirds, macaws, toucans, motmots and more. Join Aaron Steed as he recounts his recent trip to this northern Central American paradise.

Belize: 7 of its most stunning islands
In addition to having some of the finest stretches of white sand in Belize and near 180-degree sea views from anywhere on the island (all six hectares of it), South Water Caye is part of the South Water Caye Marine Reserve, the largest protected marine park in the country. With luxury cabanas and dozens of hammocks swaying among coconut palms, Pelican Resort (pictured in distance) is the perfect place to be lazy.


  • Belize Honeymoon 2017, 7min. Jeff and Hannah's 2017 honeymoon in Belize. Resorts: The Black Orchid (Burrell Boom, Belize) Xanadu (San Pedro, Belize). Mainland Excursions: Belize river tour, Altun Ha Mayan ruins tour, Belize Zoo, cave tubing, zip lining. Ambergris Caye Excursions: Hol Chan & Shark ray alley snorkel trip, Secret Beach, fish/snorkel/BBQ trip, sunset cruise.

  • Scuba Diving in Belize — Pompion Wall, 1.5min. Visit two of the finest scuba diving sites on Placencia's Outer Reef off the coast of Belize: Pompion Wall and Pompion Canyons.

  • 1st Days at Belize, 4.5min.

  • Miss Estereo Amor 2017 Pageant held in San Ignacio, 4min.

  • This adorable rufous hummingbird busy busy busy buzzing up and down to feed her two adorable chirps., 10sec.

  • , 1.5min. Video about Trades 4 Life, which teaches many useful trades like refrigeration, welding, and mechanics. Visit for more information. Their next semester starts in January. "At Trades 4 Life, we believe providing Trade, Life, and Leadership skills develop young men into highly employable tradesmen capable of offering leadership in work, business, and family. Students can acquire trade skills to work for an employer or learn how to start their own business. "

  • Living in Rural Belize, 24min. The Ageing in Belize Documentary was produced by the National Council on Ageing and Filmed by 13 Productions.

  • Mi experiencia en Belice (My Experience in Belize), 8min.

  • Scuba School & Family Dive Center Belize, 3min. Belize holds the second largest barrier reef on the northern hemispheres.

  • Police Check Point Talk Show, 55min.

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