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The San Pedro Sun

Jeff Bella is a new U.S. Warden for Ambergris Caye
As of July 28, 2017, Jeff Bella is a newly appointed American Warden for Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker. Bella, who hails from the State of Wisconsin in the United States of America, has been living on La Isla Bonita for the past 15 years. As a new representative of the Embassy of the United States in Belize, he is tasked to assist American citizens living or travelling to the island. Bella says that his main responsibility as a Warden is to assist consular sections in disaster preparedness, welfare, whereabouts, and alerting fellow Americans of emergency situations. "I will also provide important, timely, safety and security information. This might include the times and locations of upcoming local demonstrations, areas of potential unrest due to local celebrations or elections, or information about a specific medical issue," said Bella. "I will also provide the Embassy with information on any citizen who may be in need of Embassy involvement due to arrest, serious illness, death or being a victim of crime," he said.

Ambergris Today

San Pedro Police Make Positive Steps In Recent Crimes
San Pedro Police have cracked down on latest murder case on Ambergris Caye as the department has boosted personal on the island, including the presence of the Gang Suppression Unit (GSU). Police have charged Jose Armando Marroquin and Sarbelo Marroquin for the murder of Scott Charles who was gunned down at his home in the Elliot Subdivision of San Pedro Town on Wednesday, August 16. They will be arraigned in Magistrate's Court at the earliest convenience, and they will then be remanded to the Belize Central Prison.

Misc Belizean Sources


Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor at the Paradise Theater
This Saturday Night, Free Entry .. Screen one will be playing the fights all night.. For so many who've asked us to play this fight ... this is for you. Who are you rooting for??

Rugby match in San Pedro
INVITATION - To experience San Pedro's First Rugby 7s match between Belize City and Ambergris Caye on Saturday, August 26th, 2017 as Kings Park Scorpions RFC take on San Pedro Turtles RFC. Kick-off @ 11am Saca Chispas/Louise Sylvestre Sports Complex

Investment Agreement Signed for Stake Bank Cruise Docking Facility
The Government of Belize signed an Investment Agreement today, August 25, 2017 with Stake Bank Enterprise Limited (the "Developer") to construct a world class Cruise Ship Docking Facility, equipped with a resort and a theme park on the Stake Bank Caye located four nautical miles southeast of Belize City (the "Project"). The Stake Bank Cruise Ship Docking Facility, being led by the Feinstein Group of companies, proposes to construct a cruise docking facility to accommodate four Voyager class cruise vessels, inclusive of a 60-slip marina, an 80-room luxury and supporting amenities, and a theme park with water rides, roller coaster and aquaria. The total estimated investment size for the Project is cited to be US$62.5 million. The Project seeks to employ at least 500 Belizeans and provide long-term socioeconomic benefits to Belize and the Cruise Sector.

Support Scouts in Belize
Tshirts for sale

Poktapok team practices
The Xaibe Subin K'in Poktapok team practices each Wednesday and Saturday night at Liberty Court. Drop by to see the action!

16 farmers of the Maya Golden Landscape have established 1-acre Inga alley cropping plots!
These amazing Inga edulis (bri-bri) trees will create a blanket of weed-suppressing mulch, protect soil from erosion, keep soil moist and reduce the need for costly herbicides, pesticides, and harmful fires. The rows of trees will continuously provide nutrients to the soil via their nitrogen-fixing roots and nitrogen-rich leaves and branches.

Channel 7

Stake Bank Cruise Project Finally Gets The Executive Green Light
Belize City's Cruise Tourism future - so long in doubt - is on stronger footing tonight after the Government of Belize and the Feinstein Group signed an investment agreement to proceed with the development of a Cruise Ship Docking Facility at Stake Bank Caye, which is four miles southeast of Belize City. The announcement came as a surprise - after all, Parliament approved the project in 2014, but the Barrow administration and the Developer could never agree on the finer details - until recently when Cabinet's Investment Committee decided to give it another look. They isolated the problem which was an exclusivity clause - and agreed to compromise. And that led to today at ITVET when both sides signed what is being called a definitive agreement. The Attorney General - who is on the investment committee explained:...

Gang Warfare! Shots Fired Into Fish Market
Yesterday a gunman on a motorbike fired shots into the crowded Conch Shell Bay Fish Market. The gunman let loose at least 8 shots, six of which hit 26-year-old Windell Gibson, killing him at the scene. 24-year-old Karron Santos was also shot once to the left shoulder, and remains in stable condition at the KHMH. Today police are trying to figure out what prompted the shootings after learning that Gibson and Santos were likely not the intended targets. Alex Courtenay, spoke with the police and the family of one of the victims, here's what he found out... Yesterday evening the usual organized chaos of the Conch Shell Bay Fish Market was disturbed by a gunman and his getaway driver. The assailants allegedly rode up to the crowd, attempted to confirm who their target was and began to fire. The crowd dispersed, but two men were hit as they tried to escape down Lindo's Alley. Police arrived on the scene not long after the incident.

Cops Try To Figure Out What Happened on the Boat Where Cardinez Met His End
On Wednesday eyewitnesses saw a body being thrown out of a boat in the sea in front of Rock Park on Princess Margaret Drive. A day later, the body of 18-year-old Taylor's Alley resident, Crevan Cardinez washed up in the same vicinity. Reports say that there was a struggle before he was thrown off the vessel, and now the cops are trying to figure out what happened on that boat. The CIB Commander told us more. ASP Alejandro Cowo - OC, CIB: "So far we have nothing much. Finally we were able to get a family member sometime last night and hence the reason we divulge the name of the person late on that night. The family member were was not notified until sometime after 7-8 last night a family member came forward to actually confirm the identity of the person."

Another Shooting In Gang Hotspot
Cowo also told us about a non-fatal shooting that occurred in the city early this morning in the same general hotspot area that's been flaring up. Just before 5:00, Peter Sutherland was riding is bicycle on Cemetery Road heading towards Albert Street when a lone gunman appeared from an alley and fired a single shot, hitting Sutherland on the right hand. Here's what the CIB Commander had to say about the investigation so far. ASP Alejandro Cowo - OC, CIB: "There was a shooting this morning at about 5:30 on Cemetery Road in front of the homeless center. A male person by the name of Peter Sutherland had received a gunshot wound to the right shoulder. He was riding his bicycle enroute from Cemetery Road towards Albert Street when a male person just came out and fired several shots at his direction."

Police Descend on Pregnant Alley
And so with this rash of shootings and murders, the police have to respond to contain it. We are told the senior command met this morning at the Raccoon Street Station, and this afternoon the residents of Pregnant Alley - which is a part of the Taylor's Alley Gang off Orange Street - got a dose of the latest crackdown. Residents say, that around 4:00, the GSU and the SPU tore into heir neighborhood and went wild allegedly attacking a number of residents. They broke open a door and used heavy means of force in a one hour sweep. Mediator Dianne Finnegan who was called to the scene by residents of the alley told us this kind of brutality needs to stop. We spoke to her and two residents. Here's what they had to say:...

Belize-Chinese Community Not Happy About Visa Charges
Yesterday we told you about the Belize Chinese Association's dissatisfaction with the government of Belize after they found out the the visa fees for the incoming China Disabled Persons Performing Arts Troupe would not be waived. This is, according to the Association, the first time in history that fees were not waived for foreign performing act, and it's costing them a lot of money. The Association's Chairman, Edmund Quan, told us today that the original budget to host the Troupe in Belize was about $40,000, but cost has since skyrocketed to over $100,000, since they will now need to pay a total of $66,000 for visas for each of the 33 performers. We spoke to Quan today about situation.

Talking Trafficking
Attorney General Mike Peyrefitte recently came back from a seminar on Human Trafficking in Washington DC. A team of experts from Belize led by Peyreffitte and Minister of Human Development Anthony Boots Martinez, met with Rod Rosenstein, the Deputy Attorney General for the United States Department of Justice - among others. The mission of the Belize team was to try to get Belize upgraded from a tier three trafficking country. That abysmal ranking comes from the US State Department - and Belize is one of only three countries in the entire Western Hemisphere on listed in tier three. Peyrefitte told us that Belize made very specific commitments:...

15 Year Old Critical After Cut To Head
A 15-year-old minor was cut up in Orange Walk yesterday. At midday, Police visited the Northern Regional Hospital and found the youth suffering from a serious cut wound on the top of his head and one on his left arm. An investigation revealed that the minor was heading home with a female and was then approached by Ronald Reyes who inflicted the wounds. He was later transported to the KHMH where he is in a critical condition.

To Cuba With Love
Last night we told you about the 7 Belizeans who were awarded the Chevening Scholarship. Well, while they will be heading to the UK another group of Belizeans will be heading to Cuba this weekend. 13 were chosen to study medicine as part of the ongoing relationship between Belize and Cuba. Today a "going away" ceremony was held for the recipients and we found out how ready they are to take up this new challenge in their academic life. Deryck Satchwell, Deputy Director, Tertiary and Post-Secondary Education Service: "We have 13 scholarships offered by Cuba to Belize this year, we have identified 12, we are still looking for one more and today the Cuban Embassy has had a farewell ceremony for them, they leave on Sunday actually for Cuba."

Media Living Like Tourists
Tonight - members of the media including our Daniel Ortiz and Codie Norales are on a media familiarization trip in Hopkins Village. The Belize Tourism Board is hosting members of the press on tour of different vacation getaways in the village. It's a free promotion where the local media gets to experience the location the way a tourists do. As part of the day 1 experience, BTB took the press to the Bocawina National Park for a bit of rappelling. We got a chance to speak with the General Manager of the park, and here's what he had to say, accompanied by clips of blooper-like moments of the novice rappelling that the reporters demonstrated this afternoon.

Ashcroft Alliance At It Again
The Ashcroft Alliance saga has entered another tedious, taxing chapter. The latest move by the Alliance is that it has assigned the British Caribbean Bank's 50 million dollar arbitration award to Midway, a company registered in British Virgin Islands. The government disagrees but the courts in the US have granted the application so Midway was able to replace the British Caribbean Bank. Today, we asked the attorney General if this means that they can go after Belize's reserves:.. Michael Peyrefitte, Attorney General "What the Ashcroft Alliance has done they assigned their rights in BCB to a Midway, which is a British Virgin Islands outfit type of thing, similar Ashcroft type of company and we objected to that assignment, saying that essentially the issues wouldn't change, essentially the merits of that case have been decided upon. So really what are you trying to do? You're trying to hide behind a name. In their ultimate wisdom the courts in the US granted them that application that they won.

"Philloughby" - On The Verge of Greatness or Infamy
The UDP is in the full swing of its municipal convention season - and in about 40 hours, the polls will open in the biggest convention - which is in Belize City. There are two candidates for mayor - and 16 candidates for 10 councillor spots. That means that there's going to be lots of competition, and Phillip Willoughby is definitely the underdog for the Mayoral nominaiton. We asked him about his chances an hour ago: Polls open at 10 on Sunday and you can check our 7News Facebook page for live updates

Hello To Haircuts
For all you parents stressing out and rushing to get those back to school supplies for your kids in time, you at least don't have to worry about giving your children a brand new look for the school year. That's because you can take your son and your daughter to the back to school trimming drive next weekend to get their hair cut or braided. One of the organizers told us more today. Brian Dina, Organizer: "This is the 7th annual back to school trimming drive, it is an event that kids look forward to every year now and I give thanks to the community and the kids at large that need that support and we will be having kids from around the city, city wide whereby we go out and look for kids that are less fortunate and try to give them a nice haircut due to school opening and some school supplies as well."

Channel 5

Stake Bank is a go! G.O.B. and Michael Feinstein shake hands on multi-million dollar cruise port for City
After years of negotiations with the Government of Belize, developer Michael Feinstein has finally gotten the green-light to proceed with the construction of the Stake Bank Cruise Ship Docking Facility.� [...]

Two detained as police probe murder of Windell Gibson
There have now been four murders in Belize City in as many days, and seven so far in the month of August. At news time Thursday evening, twenty-six-year-old Windell Gibson [...]

Peter Sutherland is Old Capital's latest shooting victim
As if police did not have enough on their plate to deal with this week, another shooting was reported near downtown Belize City. The officer in charge of the Crimes [...]

Two suspects wanted in murder of Crevan Cardinez
The body of eighteen-year-old Crevan Cardinez was recovered from the shallow waters in front of the Sir Barry Bowen Municipal Airstrip on Thursday morning.� Cardinez, living in Belize City but [...]

Suspects also sought in murder of Linton Wilshire
Police are also chasing leads in at least one other murder reported this week. Around two o'clock on Wednesday afternoon, the body of a man was discovered some three hundred [...]

Chinese Association vents frustration over visa waiver denial for visiting performers
The Belize Chinese Association is not happy with G.O.B. They have had to fork out thousands of dollars after they requested a visa waiver for The Chinese Blind People Performing [...]

Belize refocuses efforts to address human trafficking
Last Wednesday, Minister of Human Development Anthony Martinez and Attorney General Michael Peyrefitte met with U.S. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein as part of a roundtable seminar on trafficking in [...]

U.S. refuses to name trafficking suspects; police to be pulled from 'extra duties' at nightclubs
One finding of the report that clearly rankles the Barrow administration is the references to trafficking-related complicity by government officials, including those at high levels. Try though he might, Attorney [...]

G.O.B. refuses to acknowledge new owners of arbitration debt
The Government of Belize remains at an impasse with several companies seeking enforcement of various arbitral awards due them after judgments made in U.S. courts. It maintains the position that [...]

Belize sends off thirteen to study in Cuba
The Cuban Embassy hosted a farewell event for students who are leaving Belize to pursue studies in Cuba. The students were selected from a pool of about seventy applicants to [...]

Kids taught cultural skills at House of Culture summer program
The Museum of Belize and Houses of Culture concluded an annual summer program for children in Belize City earlier today.� The camp ran for a month and a half and [...]

Making the summer GREAT for City youths
The Eastern Division South held the closing for its annual Great Summer Programme. Fifty youths from the south side kicked off the programme on August seventh and it ended on [...]


Fish cleaner murdered by motorcycle assassin
Over the last four days, four men have lost their lives to the callous violence that has become common in Belize City. The latest victim, Windell Gibson, Jr., 26, was killed today, Thursday, August 24, around 4:30 in the afternoon. Gibson, also known as "Horse" or "Footie," was at the junction of East Collet Canal and Lindo's Alley, near the popular Conch Shell Bay fish market, where a cement structure, inside which the fishermen clean their catch, spans the river. Information to Amandala is that Gibson was speaking to Pomona resident Karron Santos, aka "Killa", 24, when two men pulled up on a motorcycle.

Crevan Cardinez, 18, beaten, stabbed and thrown overboard
A search in the sea in the area of "the Hangar", off Princess Margaret Drive, for a man who was seen being beaten with paddles by three men in a boat, after which he was thrown overboard, at about 2:30 yesterday afternoon, came to a sad conclusion at about 10:00 this morning. The body of the man was found in the sea in the area of the Sir Barry Bowen Municipal Airport by Coast Guard divers who began the search for him yesterday. The victim, whose body was taken to the morgue, has since been identified as Crevan Cardinez, 18, of Orange Walk Town, who reportedly was a student of ITVET in Dangriga.

Men, women and children in Partridge Street Extension attacked by killer bees
Bernard Richards, Jason Saldivar, and two young mothers, who are sisters, and their three children were stung by killer bees in the Partridge Street Extension area near the Lord Ridge Cemetery around 4:30 this afternoon. The police and the ambulance services were called to the scene to rescue the victims. The ambulance was unable to retrieve the children due to the swarming bees, but the heroic police officers got out of their mobile and went for them. They successfully brought the children to the ambulance, despite the bees that were attacking. The two sisters and the children were taken to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital for treatment.

It is what it is!
Former Lands minister Gaspar Vega resigned from Cabinet last October in the wake of a land scandal in which his son, Andre Vega, and well-known Belizean attorney, Sharon Pitts-Robateau were implicated in a deal which saw them acquire privately owned land through the Government for $2,500 each, before getting $400,000 in compensation from the Government for the duplication of ownership. That matter is now being pursued in the courts, as the Government has demanded the return of the money paid to those persons. Since that case was unearthed, there have been others coming to light involving the purchase of lands from the government at a nominal fee and resale of lands for much higher prices, several of them involving the Vegas directly or persons close to them, from whom the Vegas later acquired the lands.

Senator Rocke swings vote on town council borrowing
There was a lively debate in the Senate today on proposed amendments to the Town Councils Act which, according to the description of the bill given to Parliament, would afford greater autonomy to town councils to raise money for capital projects. The presentation of the bill comes about 6 months ahead of the next municipal elections, which will see voters from 9 municipalities (two cities and seven towns) go to the polls to choose their local governments. The seven towns are Corozal Town, Orange Walk Town, San Pedro Town, Benque Viejo del Carmen, Dangriga Town, Punta Gorda Town, and the twin towns of Santa Elena/San Ignacio - the municipality for which the bill was apparently crafted, in order to enable them to borrow funds from the National Bank of Belize to complete their town hall.

We have been informed of the charge read against the accused on the matter of the vicious beating of 22-year-old Galen student, Kevin Brown. The three accused were brought to court to face a single charge of HARM. Based on what this ordinary citizen has read about this charge, if any of them, or all, is/are found guilty, he or they is/are liable to spend one year in prison. The Substantive Laws of Belize, Revised Edition 2000, describes HARM as bodily hurt, disease or disorder, whether permanent or temporary. There are different kinds of HARM. There is GRIEVOUS HARM, which amounts to injuries that can be classified as maim, dangerous harm, or lead to permanent physical/health problems or disfigurement; DANGEROUS HARM, which is harm that endangers life; MAIM, which is the destruction or permanent disabling of any limb or organ; and WOUND, which has to do with injuries that puncture or cut through the skin and muscles.

The 2017 Interoffice Basketball Championship postseason is finally here, and the spectacle commences tonight, as the #1 seeded Dragons take to the court against #8 seeded Belize Telemedia, while the nightcap game has #4 seeded Warriors facing off against Tuff-e-Nuff, seeded at #5. The Dragons, as their seed signifies, enters the postseason as the clear favorites to win it all, after posting a league-best (7-1) record during the regular season; and should be off to a good start, given the fact that they will be playing against a BTL team that won only two of the eight games played during the regular season. The other bracket will see the (5-3) Warriors doing battle against a tough-minded (5-3) Tuff-e-Nuff team, who, incidentally, won last week against Infotel/Mars by the final score of 83-80. In that one, it was the duo of Jason Wade and the veteran Rico Black totaling 24 points each for Tuff-e-Nuff, while Elvis Olivera was high man for Infotel/Mars, totaling 26 points 10 rebounds on 10-of-17 shooting from the field.

The "man in the middle" - a necessary part of the game
The same as in baseball/softball/hockey, etc. where passionate fans sometimes go over the limits in their outrageous remarks against the well-being of game officials (e.g. "k___ the umpire!!") when calls go against their team, in football you can sometimes hear some pretty distasteful pronouncements coming from normally decent folks, as they take the opportunity to vent their week-long daily-life frustrations, using the referee or linesman as their lightning-rod target for emotional release. Sometimes the criticisms are merited; after all, the referee is a part of the game, just like the players, who similarly receive their fair share of insults and condemnation from disgruntled fans. It's all a part of the game; but when the long whistle blows, it is expected that we all return to sanity and civility in our behavior towards each other. In the heat of the game, players who are even otherwise friends in daily living, will sometimes go hard at each other in tackles that sometimes could even lead to injury.

Basketball exchange planned between Belize and Chetumal teams
A basketball exchange has been planned between Atla Eagles U-20 male and female teams of Belize and the Huracan male and Fenix female teams of Chetumal, Mexico. The Atla Eagles U-20 male and female teams along with Abrey's Eagles U-15 male team are invited to play in Chetumal on September 29th and 30th at the Instituto de Tecnologico basketball court. The Eagles U-20 male and female teams along with Abrey's Eagles U-15 male team of Belmopan will play against Fenix Female, Huracan male and Instituto de Tecnologico male teams of Chetumal.

Dangriga sports stats
Here are Week 3 results from the Dangriga Basketball Association's 2017 tournament games held last week at the Ecumenical Basketball Auditorium. On Thursday, August 17, Benguche Flames won over Ghans Stars, 65 to 30. Quinton Bowen had 19 pts 8 rebs, and Frederick Williams 14 pts 5 rebs for Benguche; while for Ghans, Shedrak Jorgenson had 9 pts 4 rebs, and Bryton Augustine 9 pts 4 rebs. In game 1 on Friday, August 18, it was Foreshore Pelicans over Ghans Stars, 78 to 42 Leading Pelicans were Glency Lopez 21 pts 2 rebs 2 stls, and Leslie Williams 13 pts 3 rebs; while Marion Young had 17 pts 6 rebs for Ghans. In game 2, Benguche Flames defeated Harlem Shockers, 66 to 49. Quinton Bowen 18 pts 3 rebs, and Raheem Thurton 8 pts led Benguche; while Donell Arzu had 21 pts 6 rebs, and Dylan "Chris" Flores 21 pts 4 rebs for Harlem.

Editorial: Leslie vs Willoughby
Political insiders know that there is a rivalry between the Dean Barrow/Michael Finnegan axis of the ruling United Democratic Party (UDP) and the Kremandala chairman, Evan X Hyde, which is more than four decades old. Every now and then, that rivalry flares up, such as when Mr. Barrow, as Prime Minister/Minister of Finance and UDP Leader, poured millions into the ill-fated Mark King's 2015 campaign in an abortive attempt to block Cordel Hyde's triumphant return to Lake Independence. As a highly intelligent man, Rt. Hon. Barrow should have known better, but he just couldn't help himself. He is a prisoner of the rivalry. In Mr. Barrow's case, it is a family rivalry between the Barrows and the Hydes which began with the respective grandfathers - E. O. B. Barrow, a high ranking civil servant and pro-British National Party (NP) leader, and James Bartlett Hyde, a machinist, mechanic, seaman, and PUP-supporting employee of the late millionaire, Robert Sydney Turton, the man who sponsored the Right.

Czarnecki quotes Claude McKay
Editor Sir, Claude McKay ,a Jamaican born poet and self-educated man-of-letters who lived and wrote in the early part of the twentieth-century, is seldom read today, but like all inspired poets who tell it like it is, his words never grow stale, remaining timeless for other men who have ears to hear. Sure, it's a bit somber perhaps, but the words ring true � Towards the latter part of his life, and while living in Harlem, he converted to Catholicism, although it's hard to see him as a man likely to turn the other cheek; nor can I see him lining up and getting fat at the public$ trough like so many of today's hypocritical men of the cloth. No. He sounds like a MAN to me.

In continuing in the series of dealing with family and matrimonial issues, it is important to ensure that readers know that these series are not legal advice, but rather a sharing of information of the law and legal principles, so that citizens know their rights. In law a simple change of fact could give a different outcome from another person that seems to be in almost the exact same situation. That being said, I must address errors not to make before marriage, during marriage and especially after divorce. I know when people fall in love they bring out a more vulnerable side of themselves. And when they get married and at their wedding they read the above Biblical verse, (a favorite at weddings) they get even more disarmed. I know, love � does not keep records of wrong, but the verse did not say the spouse should not keep records of your financial and monetary transactions. Ironically, its seems that many couples, only heard "love does not keep records" � full stop!

The real re-registration affair
The evil genius and father of modern wartime propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, was not only instrumental in spreading the righteousness of the German cause in World War II, but most important he was able to galvanize the German population behind its leader and his twisted agenda. For the most part, he was successful and the evidence to that is that there are still those today who believe that Nazi German was on the right side in World War II. Goebbels' programs were not targeted only at the German population, but also at those territories that the Wehrmacht had conquered and those populations outside Germany, like the Sudetenland, that were sympathetic to Nazi occupation. Early in the war, the British, the US and all Allied forces quickly realized the power of propaganda and any type of German propaganda was banned in all countries under the Allied umbrella. Fast track to the 1950 and the Korean War, where the North placed a total blockage on any type of pro-democratic propaganda emanating from the South, in fear that their population would embrace democracy.

The long view on Chinese immigration in Belize
Those of us who think that there is nothing amiss with Chinese immigration and overarching influence in Belize which, to my mind, portends a far graver danger than even the spectre of Guatemala - are living in a bubble that will burst in the fullness of time. And, critics like Neri Brice�o are neither racist or paranoid, nor alarmist. The present dynamics in international relations, especially as it concerns Belize, with its tiny population, easily exploitable natural resources, strategic location and an inefficient, shortsighted, ignorant, but conceited and hopelessly corrupt political class, are full of foreboding for its future. Almost 200 odd years ago, Napoleon Bonaparte warned: "China is a sleeping giant. Let her sleep, for when she wakes she will move the world." Nothing lasts forever, and empires and superpowers come and go - Greece, Rome, Spain, Britain, the USSR; and the US now in decline. Barring an unforeseeable incident, the 21st century is Asia's, with China, the "sleeping giant," fully awake and leading the charge as the world's newest superpower on the block.

Where do we start in recounting the life of a husband, father, father-in-law, grandfather, brother, uncle, cousin, a friend to many and a lover of life? This short sketch and remembrance that I will share with you, on behalf of all of us who were closest to him and loved him dearly will reveal only a fragment of a soul who was unassuming, who cared for his family, his people and about his country. One of his most ardent desires and hopes, as he struggled with the disease that robbed him of his independence, was to get well enough to be able to return to Belize for whatever period he could be here, to be among his people and to continue to serve Belize in whatever way he could. He is here with us, in spirit, this morning.

Dareth Cayetano Obermayer is the PSU's new president
Following a spirited round of elections held this past Saturday at the Agriculture and Trade Show grounds in Belmopan, Dareth Cayetano Obermayer, Examiner of Accounts at the Office of the Auditor General, emerged as the new president of the Public Service Union (PSU). Obermayer received 88 votes, 7 more than the only other contender for the post - Gerald Henry, Jr., also of the Office of the Auditor General. A hundred and eighty-five PSU members attended the AGM. In a thank you letter to PSU members, the newly elected president said: "My victory was made possible by the outpouring of support from you the members who had the trust, belief and confidence in me to serve you for the next two years as president."

Office of the International Zoological Expedition burglarized
A thief or thieves burglarized the office building of the International Zoological Expedition located on South Water Caye, Stann Creek District, sometime between 8:00 Sunday night and 8:00 Monday morning. They stole an Avanti security safe valued at $350, an expired Canadian passport, a Belizean residence certificate, a Canadian birth certificate, an updated Canadian passport and $16,000 cash. The burglary occurred at the office of Barbara Dawn Kelt, 58, a Canadian who is the manager of the enterprise. So far, no one has been arrested in connection with the burglary, and the stolen cash and documents have not been recovered. Apparently, over the weekend, there were a number of individuals on South Water Caye. When Kelt went to her office on Monday morning, she found that her office had been burglarized.

Ciguatera poisoning linked to Turneffe barracudas
Each year, between 10,000 and 50,000 people who live in or visit tropical and subtropical areas suffer from Ciguatera Fish Poisoning (CFP), which is said to be the most frequently reported seafood-toxin illness in the world, according to an article published in the US National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health. Ciguatera poisoning-which causes symptoms such as tingling and numbness in fingers and toes, around lips, tongue, mouth and throat; nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and/or abdominal cramps; joint pains and headache; and breathing difficulty-has also been reported in Belize, and over the past four days, two alerts have been issued by the Ministry of Health in Belize, following reports of cases cropping up, which have been linked to the consumption of barracuda fish.

Pump prices increase for premium gas, diesel and kerosene
Pump prices continue on their upward trend, with new prices taking effect at midnight last night. According to an official release, premium gasoline will now cost 50 cents more per gallon in Belize City, with an increase from $10.49 to $10.99. The price of diesel sees its second consecutive increase in a matter of 8 days, from $8.82 to $9.26. The price of diesel increased from $8.68 to $8.82 on August 16, when the price of regular gasoline also saw a substantial increase, from $9.70 to $10.21. This time, though, the price of regular gas is unchanged.

The Reporter

Police recapture murder suspect
Almost 24 hours after escaping from lawful custody, Belize City police have recaptured a man believed to have been involved in a weekend murder. While police have not issued the circumstances under which 24-year-old Jevaun Belizaire was recaptured, they have indicated that he was detained [�]

NGO Senator speaks on the need for re-registration
At the Special Sitting of the Senate this week, Senator for the Non-governmental Organizations Osmani Salas joined the ranks of those who are concerned about the government's decision to postpone voter re-registration. Salas pointed out that is has been 20 years since the last voter re-registration exercise, […]

Sustainable Development Symposium kicks off in Belize River Valley
Residents of the Belize Rural North constituency gathered in Bermudian Landing this week for the Belize River Valley Sustainable Development Symposium. The two-day symposium began on Wednesday, August 23, at the Community Baboon Sanctuary. The objective of the symposium is to assist communities in the villages throughout […]

Four students get scholarships from BTB
Four students were awarded scholarship opportunities in tourism related fields by the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) during a short ceremony at BTB headquarters in Belize City on Wednesday. The scholarships, valued at over $31,000 is expected to cover tuition costS, book costS, fees and other related charges. […]

Education Minister lashes schools charging unnecessary fees
Minister of Education, Patrick Faber, is calling members of the public to report any schools which they feel are charging outrageous fees for the upcoming 2017/2018 school year. Faber started his controversial campaign with a post on his Facebook account, showing a book list for Valley of […]

Faber weighs in on Gwen Liz fallout
Minister of Education Patrick Faber explained, this past week, that the decision to suspend Gwen Lizaraga high school Principal, Lorna McKay, on administrative leave was a school board decision and not done with any malice by the school board’s Chair, Roosevelt Blades. Faber said that McKay was […]

Pallottine sisters to host telethon to raise much needed finance
The Pallottine Sisters are inviting the general public to take part in a telethon set for this weekend, the proceeds of which will be used to finance the demolition of their old dilapidated convent. The telethon, set for Saturday, August 26 will be hosted at the Bliss […]

Rehabilitation works coming for Santa Elena
Officials from the Ministry of Work, on Monday, met with Belize Roadway Construction Ltd. to sign a contract marking the commence of rehabilitation works in Santa Elena town. The project is valued at nearly $7 Million and will include drainage and pavement works on the George Price […]

Taiwan donates towards Chiquibul cave
The government of Taiwan this week donated US $10,000 towards the protection of a cave in the Chiquibul National Park. For the third consecutive year, Taiwan’s Forestry Bureau of the Council of Agriculture has supported the conservation work with the monetary contribution to Friends for […]

Seven-year-old knocked down and killed in Stann Creek
A seven-year-old Dangriga girl was knocked down and killed by a motorist on Tuesday afternoon between miles three and four of the Stann Creek Valley Road. According to police reports, Janey Bailey, who was in the company of her grandmother, had just exited a passenger bus at […]

Ganja farmer gets 7 years in jail
A Cotton Tree farmer will be spending seven years in prison after being caught near a marijuana plantation with an unlicensed gun and ammunition last Wednesday. At around 5:05 p.m. on August 16, Belmopan police were on patrol approximately 4 miles west of Cotton Tree village and […]

Contrabandista shot by Customs Officer dies
An Orange Walk resident is died over the weekend of injuries he sustained during a face-off with Customs and BDF officials on the Santa Cruz road last week. Dwayne Almendarez, 30, died around 6:47 a.m. last Saturday at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH), where he was […]

Two San Pedro residents busted for high-power rifle
Two San Pedro residents were remanded to the Belize Central Prison on Monday, after being caught by San Pedro cops with an illegal high-powered rifle along with ammunition. On Monday, Aureliano Pascual,18, and a 17-year-old female were both taken before the Belize City Magistrate Court where they […]

One dead, one critical in Conch Shell Bay shooting
One man is dead and another critically injured during an evening shooting on Lindo's Alley, in the Conch Shell Bay area of Belize City on Thursday. According to witnesses on the scene, shortly after 4:30 p.m., Windel Gibson was double riding another man on a bicycle when […]

Vega land scandal continues
The Vega family was named again this week for more questionable transactions which occurred over land on Mosquito Caye, located about 8 miles northwest of San Pedro town, while disgraced minister, Gaspar Vega was in charge of the Natural Resources portfolio. The prime parcels of […]

Man beaten, stabbed and thrown into sea
Police are investigating a case of murder in which a man was reportedly severely beaten, stabbed and thrown into the sea from a moving boat off the Belize City coast near the Fisheries Department on Wednesday. The body was fished out of the sea by Coast Guard […]

Gas prices hiked again
Drivers faced another price hike at the pump this week. With the new prices, premium fuel is now almost $11 per gallon. On Thursday August 24, gas prices went up for the 11th time for this year, raising premium fuel up by 50 cents, from $10.49 to […]

Man found with throat slashed near dump site
A man was found dead with his throat slit near the dump site at mile 3 on the George Price highway in Belize City on Wednesday afternoon. According to police, Linton Galenorman Wilshire of a Neal's Pen Road address was found partially nude and was found with […]

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Five district coordinators lash out at Zenaida Moya over Queen controversy
The Queen of the West pageant held last weekend has stirred much controversy over the scoring of the participants and allegations of bias. The controversy also included conflicting views between the San Ignacio/Santa Elena Pageant Committee and the National Coordinator, Zenaida Moya.

Four murders in four days – Is Belize City missing Chester Williams?
Tensions are high in Belize City where four (4) men have been murdered in the last four (4) days. Police have increased their visibility and patrols in known hotspots while several check points have also been initiated, much to the discomfort of drivers. BBN understands that two (2) of the murders were allegedly caused by a dispute between neighbors while the other two (2) may be due to gang rivalry.

Food vendor shot in Belize City
A food vendor was shot early this morning in Belize City. According to confirmed reports, at around 4:55 a.m. Police visited the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) where they saw Peter Sutherland, 30, suffering from a gunshot wound to his right hand.

Culprits steal $400 from Westrac in Orange Walk
On Wednesday night, the branch of Westrac located on the Philip Goldson Highway, Orange Walk District was broken into. According to 7 news, the culprits stole the whole metal safe which contained the four hundred dollars and some documents.

Minor chopped in Orange Walk
Yesterday afternoon, police visited the Northern Regional Hospital where they saw a 15-year-old minor of San Jose Village, Orange Walk District suffering from a cut wound on top of his head and left arm. According to reports, the minor was heading home along with a female companion when he was approached by Ronald Reyes who inflicted the chop wounds to the minor.

Man stabbed in Dangriga, police seek suspect
Last night around 7:30, police visited the Southern Regional Hospital and saw 17-year-old Japhet Castillo, student of Harlem, Dangriga with a stab wound to the left side of his stomach and cut wounds to both arms and right shoulder. Castillo is listed as stable.

Hurricane Harvey heads to Texas
Last week, Belize and the Yucatan Peninsula had been monitoring Tropical Storm Harvey for possible formation. While approaching the Yucatan peninsula, Harvey dissipated and advisories were issued on the remnants of Harvey. However, Harvey has now strengthened to a strong Category 2 Hurricane heading for Texas tonight or early Saturday morning. Forecasters say that Harvey will then stall or meander for several days, leading to a devastating flood threat in parts of Texas and Louisiana.

International Sourcesizz

USC program helps educate children in Belize
"Jim and I have always tried to do some community service wherever we've been," she said. "And across from one of our properties, there's a little school called St. John's Anglican School." St. John's represents a side of Belize that HGTV viewers and Turtle Inn guests don't see. The former British Honduras has a per capita annual income of about $4,900, according to the World Bank, and the state of education is hardly on par with what the Berquists are used to seeing. "The schools are concrete, with no air conditioning," Rebecca said. "The teachers have to make their own teaching tools. A teacher is not paid well, at all. You make more money being a bartender or server. And education is only mandatory to eighth grade." St. John's website elucidates further. "Some children are unable to attend school because they don't have shoes to wear, uniform or school supplies. This is not a rule which school imposes, rather something which parents (and children) see as a barrier." And so the Berquists made the acquaintance of St. John's principal, Stephen Whyte, and asked if they could help in any manner.

Indigenous Group launches Maya Land Registry to Protect Ancestral Territory
On Aug. 9, in the context of the International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples and the 10th anniversary of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, the Sarstoon-Temash Institute for Indigenous Management (SATIIM) launched the Maya Land Registry to protect their ancestral territories due to the Belizean government has not complied with a Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) ruling of 2015 that ordered it to "create an effective mechanism" to identify and protect Maya lands in accordance to their traditional governance. "Given the ongoing uncertainty surrounding the implementation of the Court order, [the Mayan community of] Crique Sarco took the matter into their own hands," said Froyla Tzalam, SATIIM executive director. "They identified traditional territorial boundaries and resolved boundary conflicts, creating a local model that can be applied nationally."


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