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The San Pedro Sun

Construction worker falls from building in northern Ambergris Caye
A construction worker, identified as 28-year-old Oswaldo Mancia, is lucky to be alive after falling headfirst from the second floor of a construction site in northern Ambergris Caye. Mancia suffered injuries to his right side of the face and severely broke his right wrist. He was airlifted to Belize City where doctors will attempt to save his hand, which according to them is in very dire condition. Meanwhile, island residents once again ask government authorities for a proper medical facility on the island. The accident happened shortly after lunch on Monday, August 28th when Mancia was on the second level of a building making some measurements. According to some of his co-workers, he had just returned from running some errands in downtown San Pedro. "It happened so fast," said one of his co-workers." I saw him up there and I even said hi to him, but then after a minute or so, I heard that he fell down." Apparently, Mancia hit a concrete area of the building before hitting the hard floor at the foot of the building.

San Pedro Turtles rugby team hosts first inter-division game
On Saturday, August 26th, the San Pedro Turtles hosted their first inter-division rugby game against Belize City's Kings Park Scorpions. The match was the first of its kind on the island, and took place at the Honourable Louis Sylvester Sporting Complex. Even though the home team was defeated by the visiting squad, it served as a great experience for all the players. Many fans showed up to witness the game and supported their favourite team and players. The game tested the endurance and strategies of each team, who played exceptionally well. When the game ended the final score was 70-40 in favour of Kings Park Scorpions.

Ambergris Today

San Pedro Hosts First Inter-Division Rugby Game
The San Pedro Turtles Rugby Football Club hosted its first rugby game in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye this past weekend on Saturday, August 25, 2017. It was the first of its kind on the island and the team was very excited to host and compete against the Kings Park Scorpions Rugby Football Club of Belize City. The match was an exciting one as it was interesting to learn a new sport. Even as a spectator it was intimidating to see the smaller teammates of the San Pedro Turtles match up against the much larger boys of the city Nevertheless, the island team's performance was phenomenal. They lost against the Kings Park Scorpions but won great experience from their first match.

Misc Belizean Sources


The controversial issue about captive wildlife kept on Harvest Caye through the efforts of a foreign company, Norwegian Cruise Lines, continues to occupy the thoughts and actions of many. An online petition opposing this project, has resulted in over 50,000 signatures. The stark reality of Harvest Caye, with regard to the toucans and the scarlet macaws being held captive there, is sad and unfortunate. To start, there is no "comfort zone" for the birds to escape from huge crowds of people, who climb off a cruise ship and saunter over to the "Nature Center" so that they can gawk at these rare birds. The marine environment, so foreign from their natural habitat of humid tropical forests, is destined to have adverse effects on their skin and feather condition. And while managers of the Harvest Caye Nature Center proclaim that "no evidence exists" about negative impact of salt and sand would have on the health of these birds, evidence indeed DOES exist. Professional feedback from a certified avian vet at the Biodiversity Research Institute in Portland, Maine (there are no certified avian vets in Belize) strongly states that this type of situation bodes dangerous to the health and well -being of both forest dwelling species. Not only does overexposure to harsh sunlight on the cayes damage their eyes, but so do salt and sand in the air.

Support Hopkins Belize Humane Society
I know quite a few wildlife NGOs and humane society folks that are familiar with HBHS, and have received support from the wonderful Clara Lee Arnold. Help them to continue making an extremely positive impact in Belize. If you can't donate, please share and spread the word. Or do both! Thank you!

Visit the 2nd Annual See and Taste Festival!
TASTE exquisite Belize Culinary Delights, Belkin Beer and Local Belize Rum. Welcome Reception: Friday October 6th, 2017, 6:00pm - 9:00pm. Saturday October 7th, 10:00am - 5:00pm. Bayview Waterfront Ballroom, Florida International University, 3000 N.E 151 Street North Miami, FL

The Urban Bird Watch
This is an outdoor birding activity started by the Belize Audubon Society in 2009. Since then, this citizen science event has gained popularity, becoming BIGGER and BETTER with each year! This year, we'll be traveling to 13 locations to observe the birds of Belize. Join us at 6:00 a.m. sharp at each meet-up location - no registration needed.

Marcos Canul Day in Orange Walk
Northern Maya Association of Belize - Marcos Canul Day to be commemorated in Orange Walk Town on September 2nd, 2017 for first time.

Tour Guide Training Schedule
Interested persons can become a certified tour guide through The National Tour Guide Training Program, which consists of the General Core and Professional Core modules, and Specialization training. The General Core modules include basic knowledge such as history and geography of Belize, Belize's governance structure, an introduction to Belize's tourism product, laws and regulations about or impacting tour guide and tourism activities, and contemporary issues affecting the Belizean society. The Professional Core modules include a more in depth training of Customer Seruice, Promoting Tourism Products and Services, Developing Workplace Communication Skills & Techniques, and Conducting Tours. After completion of the General Core and the Professional Core modules, participants then select a specialization training (e.g. Archaeology, Birding, Advanced Marine, Dining, etc.) to complete the training program thus paving the way for application of his/her tour guide license.

Come paint with us this Thursday at Crazy Canucks Beach Bar. We will be painting "Being Coy".

Ministerial Exchange
The Government of Belize and the United Nations Development Programme are hosting a two-day ministerial exchange on the 28th and 29th of August 2017. During these two days, sessions will promote dialogue and exchange between Ministers and Permanent Secretaries/Chief Executive Officers of Ministries with responsibility for National Security from CARICOM (Barbados, Guyana, Saint Kitts and Nevis and Saint Lucia) member countries with their counterparts in Belize. There will be various presentations and opportunities for reflection and sharing of good practices to improve policy-making and programming aimed at decreasing crime and violence in the Southern and Eastern Caribbean.

Launching the new book program in Forest Home Village
Free story books for all children aged 0-5. One book a month from Bedtime Ministeries, hoping the mothers will read to their children every night!

Jacob's Rehabilitation Farm Center in Patchakan
It was a wonderful privilege to honor and recognize two wonderful professionals who have given selflessly and supported our efforts at The Jacob's Rehabilitation Farm Center in Patchakan Belize as we work to combat the epidemic of addiction in our beautiful jewel of Belize. Doctora Amparo Muro and psychiatrist nurse Juchim has been an invaluable support to us all as we walk the path to recovery together with our brothers at the Rehabilitation center. They have always extended kindness and compassion coupled with the highest level of professionalism.

Dead whale near Silk Cayes
Here are photos of what appears to be another dead whale in the Silk Cayes area of Southern Belize. The surface photos look like a baby sperm whale. There are quite a few whales in our waters. This is the second recent report of a dead whale in southern Belize. Photo by Conrad Villanueva.

Corozal Police Mass
Officers of the Corozal Police Station together with our Police Cadets attend a mass service this past Sunday at the St. Francis Parish Xavier Church in Corozal. Congratulations to all those who attended and made Corozal proud. It is the little things that you do that impact our community in a positive way. We support these efforts wholeheartedly.

Conch Shell Street closed tomorrow in San Pedro
Street Closure. Tuesday 29th and Wednesday 30th August, Conch Shell Street will be closed from 4:00pm till 10:00pm for a Church function. Please avoid the area and use an alternate route.

Belizean Patriots: Nadia Evadne Cattouse
Nadia Evadne Cattouse was born in British Honduras on 2nd November 1924 (93 years old). Her father Albert Cattouse was a civil servant who went on to become Deputy Prime Minister of British Honduras. She is a Belizean-British actress, singer and songwriter. She is best known for her acting roles in many British television programmes including Play for Today, Crown Court, Dixon of Dock Green and Johnny Jarvis. As a singer in the 1960s she performed at Les Cousins folk and blues club in Greek Street, London, and appeared on television programs including the BBC's Sing Along and Hootenanny. On the folk scene she was a contemporary of Julie Felix and Fairport Convention, and was called by Melody Maker "one of the giants of the folk-song revival in Britain". With Robin Hall and Jimmie Macgregor she made Songs of Grief & Glory (1967).Her album Earth Mother (1970) was partly recorded at the 1969 Edinburgh Festival. Among other compilations, Cattouse features on Cult Cargo: Belize City Boil Up (2005), singing "Long Time Boy", and on the 1972 album Club Folk 2 (Peg Records PS3), singing "B. C. People" and "All Around My Grandmother's Floor".

Channel 7

Father of Five Killed In City
So far in the month of August, we have reported on seven murders in Belize City - and tonight there's one more. A 32 year old father of five was killed close to his home on the Jane Usher area of Belize City this morning. 7News was first on the scene and here's our report: Sahar Vasquez reporting: Just after 8:00 this morning on Curl Thompson Street 32-year-old Gilroy Martinez was murdered a couple blocks from his residence. Police report that Martinez was visiting a residence in his neighborhood and he left upon his return back to the residence he was murdered. His family and friends are shocked, but his sister says that this is not the first time they tried to kill him.

Police Say Murder Is Gang Related
We note that his sister told us Gilroy Martinez was going to see the mother of the men who threatened him, while his wife says he was going to return a saw, but Vidal confirms that he was going to the residence of the man who tried to kill him, and when he left, they did kill him. This afternoon Senior Superintendent Vidal said that the murder seems to be gang related. Here is more of what he had to say. Marco Vidal, SR. SUPT. Officer - Eastern Division: "In regards to Mr. Martinez's demise um we have two persons in custody at this time and we are conducting the investigation in retaliation to that matter." "He got injuries to his head and there may have been two wounds to his head, gunshot wounds."

Two Charged For Fish Market Murder
And while that is today's murder...last week Thursday, the killing came out of a wild shootout at the Conchell Bay Fish Market. There was a spray of gunfire in the busy market place on Thursday evening, and when the shooting ended, 26 year-old Windell Gibson Jr. was found dead, and Karron Santos was injured. Well, police have arrested and charged 2 men for that shooting. They are 26 year-old Orlando Salazar and 21 year-old Joel Choco, and tonight, they are at the Belize Central Prison. They were arraigned jointly on the charges of murder and attempted murder before Acting Chief Magistrate Sharon Frazer. Because of the nature of the offenses, Acting Chief Magistrate Frazer couldn't grant them any bail this morning, and she remanded them to the Belize Central Prison until October 30.

The Cravan Cardinez Murder At Sea Still a Mystery
And while there's been an arrest for that murder, no one has been arrested for throwing Crevan Cardinez off a boat to his death. On Wednesday eyewitnesses saw him being thrown out of a boat by the Rock Park on Princess Margaret Drive. He never resurfaced and was found dead the next day. Senior Superintendent Vidal told us what police know so far: Reporter: "Has there been any developments regarding this murder. I know that last week Friday when the media was here, it was indicated that police were looking for two suspects?" Sr. Supt. Mark Vidal, OC, Southside Commander: "Right. That matter is still being investigated. For the police to charge somebody they have to have all the necessary evidence to charge, so they are still investigating."

Can Police Contain The Killing?
So, there have been four murders in less than a week, and what are the police doing to contain the crime spree? Here's how Vidal put it today. Reporter: "Several murders on the Southside Belize City in particular. In terms of the response of the police department, can you speak to what the department is doing to mitigate against an escalation of crimes of this nature?" Sr. Supt. Mark Vidal, OC, Southside Commander: "Right. We have made several changes in this regard. But first of all we must understand that this is not something out of the ordinary for this year. If you look at the statistics for January, there were 7 murders as well in that one month. We are looking at our deployment. We are looking at our intelligence given that these matters recently are gang related. So we are revisiting a number of areas with information where these incidents are occurring and we are in fact addressing them as we speak."

Guatemala Lurches, Close to Crisis: Wilfred Worries
Turning away from crime now, Tonight, there's trouble in Guatemala for president Jimmy Morales. He's moved to expel the head of a U.N.-backed investigative body called CICIG. CICIG is the same body that led the investigation which put Morales's predecessor Otto Perez Molina and his vice president in jail - where they remain today. Well, now CICIG and Guatemalan Attorney General Thelma Aldana announced on Friday that they would seek to strip President Morales of his immunity from prosecution. The allegation is that he had failed to report anonymous contributions to his campaign.

Wilfred Remembers Carlos Raul, With Fondness
And while Elrington hopes for the best in terms of the referendum process - what about the successor for the Guatemalan Foreign Minister's post? Elrington's critics would say that for him, a Foreign Minister couldn't get any better than Carlos Raul. Elrington was often criticized for being too soft with the hawkish and occasionally insulting foreign Minister Morales. Today he confirmed that he did like Minister Morales - even when he wasn't answering Elrington's calls - but Elrington says, he should've listened to his boss:.. "But the report is that he was instructed by the President to expel the head of CICG, the Colombian Ivan Velasquez, and when he refused to expel, he was then summarily dismissed." Hon. Wilfred Elrington, Minister of Foreign Affairs: "Dismissed! Well, you know it is always dangerous not to obey the instructions of your boss, Jules! And if he did not obey the instructions of his boss, I imagine his boss would have taken that kind of step. That is the danger when you are minister, you are very expendable, you cannot afford to get your prime minister or your president upset."

Fatal Accident In OW Town
There was a fatal accident in Orange Walk Town yesterday morning. A passenger was killed on impact when A Toyota RAV4 slammed into a lamp-post. It happened around 7:00 when 20-year-old Raymond Dominguez was driving the RAV4 and careened into the lamppost near the Akihito Hotel on the Belize-Corozal road. Dominguez survived and tried to help out his passenger 52 year old Raymond Hendricks, but he died on impact. The police have served Dominguez with a notice of intended prosecution.

San Jose Village, OW: 18 Year Old Wanted For Leaving 15 Year Old In Coma
A fifteen year old boy from San Jose Village in Orange Walk is in a coma at the KHMH after he was viciously chopped up in a brawl with a village gang. Police say that 18 year old Ronald Reyes known as "Pito" is responsible for the chopping and have issued this wanted poster for him. He is also a San Jose Villager, but the police say he is believed to be near Big Falls Farm between miles 24 and 25 on the Western Highway. Police say they plan to charge him for attempted murder.

The World Series Of Politics: Dion Vs. Willoughby
Dion or Philloughby? Who were you riding with for the UDP Belize City Municipal convention. Indeed, it was just a local convention - but because both candidates are in Belize City with all the media - both city councillors took on a national profile. And when we went to the ITVET for the convention yesterday - we found a turnout befitting that. Jules Vasquez was there:... The ITVET was swarming with UDP supporters, and political animals of all species - it was like a political bazaar. And political paraphernalia littered the landscape. Police had a very heavy presence in the line and on the ready. As conversant with M-16's as they are with mobile phones.

The Peculiar Case of Mesop
The convention itself raises lots of questions, not least is the peculiarity of the Mesopotamia division. As you saw, the area representative, Michael Finnegan declared himself neutral, and Willoughby won that area. But the man who wants to be his successor, Shyne Barrow wasn't neutral at all - he was out there batting hard for Dion Leslie. So what does it mean, then that Willoughby won the area? That's what we asked Finnegan:... Jules Vasquez, reporter: "Your nephew Mr. Shyne Barrow who hopes to take over the Mesopotamia, he was batting hard for Dion Leslie and you said in a race without any interference from you he lost. That's not a good sign." Hon. Michael Finnegan, UDP Mesopotamia Rep.: "But I don't now how hard he worked. I don't know what they put in and how hard they worked. So I cannot really comment on that. Maybe they say they worked and they don't really worked."

Penny-wise In Pickstock
We also wondered about the effect of money on yesterday's race. A few hundred thousand dollars were spent on t-shirts, banners, mobilization, logistics and, not least taking care of voters in need - to put it gently. Today, Wilfred Elrington - whose daughter Alifa came in second in the polling for councillors - told us he knows nothing about that big money rolling:... Jules Vasquez, reporter: "Our leaders, yourself, your party, the Opposition operate with complete impunity. You all can get any amount of money in cash from wherever you want to fund political galas like you did yesterday."

San Pedro Cops Got Another Gun
San Pedro police are keeping up the pressure on the island's criminal element after a spate of drug related murders. On Saturday police got their third gun for the week. Police searched a home in the Escalante subdivision which led to the discovery of one silver colored pistol with the inscription GUA on the handle - meaning it comes from Guatemala. They also found a magazine containing 8 rounds of ammunition. At the time 28-year-old Ellerton Staine. 21-year-old Joshua Gongora, 24-year-old Andrew Reyes, 21-year-old Clifford Spencer, 29-year-old Ruth Hyde, 30-year-old Elton Staine, and a 16-year-old minor were all present. All seven were arrested and charged with the offense kept unlicensed firearm and ammunition.

The Chinese Troupe Did Their Thing With Wonderment
The Thousand hand Goddess: We have seen it in pictures, youtube videos and it is often times featured in music videos, but this weekend, Belizeans got to see this mesmerizing performance right at the Bliss. The China Disabled People's Performing-Art troupe traveled to Belize to showcase the uniqueness and diversity of Chinese art. And on Sunday at the Bliss, they mesmerized audiences. The President of the Belize Chinese Association Edmond Quan told us more after the show.

Belize-Chinese Community Still Stung By No Visa-Waiver
While the show was well received, it certainly was a struggle for the performance troupe to get here. As we told you, one main setback was that the visa fees for the troupe would not be waived. That's two thousand dollars per visa, for a troupe of 33. And on top of that some members of the troupe even lost their luggage. Quan told us how they got through this hurdle. Edmund Quan, President - Belize Chinese Association: "The Visa fee waiver was denied to this group of 33 children with disabilities. We manage to get our board to embark on a loan and also additional sponsorship to come up with the money to pay for the Visas. We got through it yesterday at the airport around like 8pm in the night."

Foreign Minister Says Chinese Community Can Afford to Pay For Visas
And while, privately, the Belize - Chinese Community is complaining bitterly about what they feel is unfair treatment - today the Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington told us, basically, that "they could halla that!" Here's how he put it:... Jules Vasquez, 7 News: "Let's be real Mr. Elrington, we are sweating fever for Taiwan, because they have to maintain their cultural and economic sway over Belize. That's the nature of our alliance. If it was a Taiwan troupe, well I know there is a Visa waiver, but if it was an Indian troupe from India, they wouldn't have paid - they are here for a few days. Goodwill." Hon. Wilfred Elrington, Minister of Foreign Affairs: "As far as I am aware Jules, what I heard stated by the Minister of Immigration, the substantive Minister - that there is no provision in our law for visa waiver - for the waiver of the visa fee. You see its a catch 22, you waive the visa fee and then they will want a senate inquiry to find out why you waive the visa fee, because you had no authority to do so in law."

Media Making Waves In Hopkins
On Friday night's news, we gave you small peak at the media familiarization trip that our news team was a part of over the weekend. The Belize Tourism Board organizes the event every few years, to show the local media, what the international press regularly gets to see: which is the best tourist attractions in Belize. This time, they chose the southern Village of Hopkins to showcase all the tourist attractions that the coastal community and its surroundings have to offer. We showed you how some of the press corps had some comical mishaps while going on their first ever waterfall rappelling tour. Tonight, we have the full story for you from the Bocawina National Park, and Jaguar Reef Resort. Here's how day 1 of the weekend looked when our Daniel Ortiz and camera man Codie Noralez went out to be tourists in Hopkins Village:

CARISECURE, One Shot of Orwell, Once Shot Youth Utopia
You might not have heard of the CARISECURE project, but it's a major information sharing initiative that the US government is organizing between Belize and Eastern and Southern Caribbean. It's about citizen security, but with a bit of an Orwellian twist: that's because it's about collecting, analyzing and sharing citizen data with the intent to improve youth crime and violence policy-making. The idea is to pool all this data to address the root causes of criminal activity among youth. This week, Government Ministers and Permanent Secretaries from Ministries with responsibility for National Security from Barbados, Guyana and Saint Lucia are in Belize to see the models for citizen security data management and analysis.

National Song Competition Played!
You know September is here when The National Song Competition rolls around. It is first time it moved from the old capital, to be held in the culture capital, Dangriga. But that didn't make a difference because an energetic crowd came out to support their favorite artists. 26 participants took the stage but only one came out on top for each category. There were 3 categories - Belizean song for Juniors and seniors and the Carnival song category. Belize's Soca Queen Ernestine Carballo took first place for Carnival. We met up with her to find about her winning entry. And Carballo isn't just settling for this win, she is moving forward and launching her new Album this Thursday night at the Jungle Restaurant and Bar at 7:00. We also caught up with the winners for the Belizean song senior category - It was a collaboration between musician Alexander Evans and artist Denise Castillo. Here is what they had to say about the significance of their song "Umoja".

A Chinese Goodnight
We leave you this evening with highlites from the China Disabled People's Performing Arts Troupe. They're all disabled - and don't have use of different senses - but when they hit the stage, they created SUPER-SENSORY magic.

Channel 5

Guat Foreign Minister is Fired; He Refused Order to Expel Anti-Corruption Official
Across the western border, Guatemala has been thrown into a political crisis following an attempt by President Jimmy Morales to expel United Nations anti-corruption commissioner Ivan Velasquez.� It succeeds an [...]

Sedi Elrington Pays Tribute; Warns Belize Cannot Be 'Scapegoat'
The unrest is particularly worrisome for Elrington who says that Belize must now be extremely conscientious of its relationship with its neighbor since the territorial dispute can be used as [...]

Belize Must Show Caution in Uncertain Time
So, with Carlos Raul gone, should Belize step up its security presence along the western border?� According to Elrington, that has been his intonation all along; however, it doesn't mean [...]

Dion Leslie is U.D.P. Mayoral Candidate for Belize City; 1 Incumbent Councilor Dropped
2008 was the last time the United Democratic Party staged a contested convention for the mayoral nomination for Belize City; the U.D.P. has been in control of the City Council [...]

Like Father, Like Daughter? Pickstock Rep Proud of City Councilor
Earlier today, we asked the Minister of Foreign Affairs about dubious campaign financing. Elrington says it's not a charge that can be made against him since his political campaigns and [...]

Gang War Flares Up; Latest Murder Rocks Curl Thompson Street
Has the gang truce in the city fallen apart? This month alone, there have been as many as eight murders in the Old Capital where August has turned out to [...]

2 Belize City Men Arraigned for Murder of Windell Gibson
Following Friday evening's news, police announced the arrest of two men in connection with the murder of Windell Gibson and attempted murder of Karon Santos. The men were shot by [...]

Teenager Raped in San Pedro; Suspect Charged
Lyndon Dean Flowers is accused of the rape of a fourteen-year-old girl on Ambergris Caye in July. Today, he was read charges alongside his attorney Oscar Selgado in the court [...]

Gangs' Warfare Blamed for Surge in Murders
There have been as eight murders in the city this month and all indications are that the killings have broken the fragile truce.� Today, Eastern Division South's Senior Superintendent Marco [...]

Belizean Arrested in Guatemala for Credit Card Fraud
Guatemalan authorities have arrested a Belizean man they believe is behind a criminal structure dedicated to cloning credit cards for the purpose of fraud. Guatemalan news sources say fifty-seven-year-old Harold [...]

Man Killed in Accident on Philip Goldson Highway
Twenty-year-old Raymond Dominguez of Otro Benque Road, Orange Walk Town has been served with a notice of intended prosecution in respect of a fatal traffic mishap on the Philip Goldson [...]

Foreign Minister Bristles at Suggestion of Taiwanese Influence behind Visa Waiver Denial
The Chinese Disabled People Performing Arts Troupe arrived in Belize over the weekend and took to the stage free of cost at the Bliss on Sunday, as part of a [...]

PAC Will Not Meet in Public; Chairman Disappointed
The Public Accounts Committee of the House of Representatives met in session this morning in Belmopan to plot a course for investigation into the 2012-2013 Auditor General's Report tabled in [...]

Why the PAC Must Be Non-Partisan
Espat is hardly deterred, saying he will continue to fight for publication of the Committee's work before the final report is laid on the House's table at some point in [...]

Belizeans Staying Safe as Harvey Wrecks Houston, Texas
Belize was spared a direct hit from what was then Tropical Depression Harvey a week ago tonight, but residents of the Gulf Coast of Texas have not been so lucky. [...]

Getting to Know Hopkins and Southern Belize
San Pedro Ambergris Caye is considered a tourist's paradise; but a visit to southern Belize shows that in the jewel you can do the sea, enjoy eco-tourism and learn so [...]

Regional Officials Tour Belize to Address Citizen Security
Across the region, the economic and social well-being of the Eastern and Southern Caribbean have been plagued by high levels of violent crimes.� Formally known as CariSECURE, short for Strengthening [...]

The Winners of the National Song Competition
The song competition is an anticipated event in the calendar of national celebrations for budding as well as established artists. The judges look for originality, presentation and performance by the [...]

Jiu-jitsu Athletes Return with Many Medals from Mexico
A group of Belizeans returned from a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competition with a trove of medals over the weekend. Nine competitors travelled to Cancun to participate in the South Eastern Regional [...]

Softball and Cycling Top Sports Monday
Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   [Highlights of weekend sporting activities...]


Traffic Accident Claims One Life
Tonight the family of fifty two year old, Raymond Hendricks, A well-known football enthusiast affectionately known as 'cususini' are mourning his death following a tragic traffic accident on Sunday morning. Official police reports indicate that shortly after 7:00 yesterday morning authorities responded to a traffic mishap on the Center of town at the corner of Belize Corozal Road and Cemetery Street where a Toyota Rav4 was seen with extensive damage to the front passenger side.

Corozal PUP Slate Assists Fire Victim
A family of four in Corozal Town is trying to pick up the pieces and get back to normal after a fire totally destroyed their homes on Saturday morning. The family is accepting donations of building material, food and clothing as they lost everything in the fire. And one group that has responded quickly to the appeal is the PUP Town Council slate. This morning PUP Mayoral Candidate Rigo Vellos and the town council team members gathered donations of food and clothing and delivered them to Glen Roches and Zolany Whitaker. Vellos told us that the slate stands ready to help the fire victims meaningfully.

Guatemala Falls Into Political Crisis, Elrington Comments
Guatemala is in deep political crisis as demonstrators have taken to the streets, demanding the resignation of the President, Jimmy Morales, who was elected two years ago. The row is the result of an attempt by Morales to expel Ivan Velasquez, who is the head of the International Commission against Impunity in Guatemala, known to them as CICIG. Morales attempt was blocked by the constitutional Court. The move by the President came after CICIG launched in investigation of him and his party, over allegations of corruption, in particular illegal campaign financing. Reports are that Morales even travelled to New York, in an attempt to convince the UN secretary general Ban Ki Moon to fire Velasquez as the chief prosecutor in Guatemala.

Police Issue Wanted Poster For Ronald Reyes
Fifteen year old Allen Sanker from the village of San Jose here in the Orange Walk District tonight remains in a coma at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital after he sustained two chop wounds, one to the head and one to the left arm on Thursday afternoon. As we reported on Friday, Sanker along with his cousin, another minor, were making their way back home after visiting a local grocery store shortly after mid-day on August 24th when they came under attack by a group of boys from the village. Reports from Sanker's cousin is that while they both tried to escape, their attackers managed to catch Allen after which one of the boys, identified as Ronald Reyes proceeded to inflict the wounds.

Death of Almendarez Treated As A Criminal Investigation
Official information tonight is that the incident which transpired on Tuesday August 8th in the village of Yo Creek where thirty year old Dwayne Almendarez was shot by a customs official and subsequently lost his life, will be treated as a criminal matter by authorities. Viewers may remember that the incident played out as Customs supported by BDF officials conducted a search on a passenger bus where they attempted to confiscate illegal goods from passengers on board. An altercation reportedly ensued between officials and a group of individuals including Almendarez, during which he physically attacked one of the custom officers, who reportedly fired a warning shot in the air. Almendarez allegedly did not cease his attack and the officer fearing for his life fired the shots which wounded Almendarez.


After a 5 year delay, GOB signs agreement to build Docking Facility
The Government of Belize has finally signed an Investment Agreement with Stake Bank Enterprise Limited to construct a world class Cruise Ship Docking Facility after about five years of delays. The Stake Bank Cruise Ship Docking Facility is a project led by the Feinstein Group of Companies. Today, Attorney General, Michael Peyrefitte and Michel Feinstein [�]

Shooting incident leaves one man dead,the other hospitalized
24-year-old Windell Gibson was shot and killed on Lindos Alley shortly before five o'clock on Thursday afternoon. A second man Keron Santos was also shot to the left shoulder and is currently hospitalized at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. Love News understands that two men on a motorcycle rode up to them and fired several [�]

Vendor injured in shooting incident
Belize City police are also investigating another shooting incident that happened after four o'clock this morning. ASP Alejandro Cowo says 30 year old Peter Sutherland, a vendor of Belize City was injured. ASP Alejandro Cowo - Officer Commanding, Crimes Investigation Branch: "On Cemetery Road in front of the homeless center a male person by the [�]

Police seek two in connection with man killed at sea
Police are seeking two persons in connection with the murder of Crevan Cardinez. The 18 year old was the person who was beaten and stabbed and then thrown overboard a vessel by Rock Park on Princess Margaret Drive. Police continue to investigate the incident and this morning ASP Alejandro Cowo told the media that they [�]

AG explains GOB options against Lord Ashcroft
On August 18, U.S. District Judge, Colleen Kollar-Kotelly agreed to have Midway Investments of Turks and Caicos take over the ownership of the twenty seven point four million US dollar arbitration award owing to the BCB Holdings and the Belize Bank Limited by the Government of Belize. This means that Midway Investments can enforce the [�]

Attorney General updates the media on trip
Earlier this month, Belize participated in a Human Trafficking Seminar in Washington D.C. Minister of Human Development, Anthony Martinez and Attorney General Michael Peyrefitte represented the country. Both men met with the Deputy Attorney General for the US Department of Justice Rod Rosenstein and discussed the partnership between both countries to halt human trafficking. The [�]

Queen of the Bay Committee at odds with Moya
There is trouble brewing within the Queen of the Bay Committee. A statement was issued this afternoon which states quote, "Five of the seven district pageant coordinators for the District Queen of the Bay Committees have united to stand in solidarity against the National Coordinator, Ms Zenaida Moya and her team on the national pageant [�]

Chinese Community not happy with GOB
Earlier in the week, we reported on the request made by the Chinese Association of Belize to the Government of Belize. The association had requested for the government to waive more thansixty thousands dollars in visa fees for a group of visually impaired performers travelling through Panama to Belize. However, that request was denied. Yesterday [�]

Thirteen Students leave on scholarships for Cuba
The Embassy of Cuba and the Government of Belize today held a farewell ceremony for thirteen young Belizeans travelling to Cuba to pursue studies in medicine, dentistry and health technologies as part of the CUBA - CARICOM program through which Cuba provides scholarships to citizens of its sister nations in CARICOM. The ceremony was hosted [�]

Elrington says - he shall not be moved
Several activist groups and outspoken Belizeans along with the People's United Party have called for the immediate resignation of Belize's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Wilfred Elrington. Yesterday, Elrington told us that he is not going anywhere any time soon. WILFRED ON POLITICS Wilfred Elrington, Foreign Minister: "I have not made that determination yet it depends [�]

The Reporter

The Battle of St. George's Caye was the climax to a series of provocative actions taken by the forces of Spain against the Baymen Settlers,who were cutting logwood for export to Britain, where it was used to make a rich purple dye. The ups and downs of the early settlement were determined by the frequent strife between Britain and Spain. In 1779 Spanish forces destroyed St. George's Caye, taking many of the settlers as prisoners and shipping them off to dungeones in Havana. . Spain, which was overlord of all the territory on the Atlantic side of the continent, allowed the Settlers to cut and harvest logwood and mahogany, but they were forbidden to build any permanent structures, especially fortifications or any defensive work on the mainland. They were also required to confine their logging activities to the lands north of the Sibun River.This arrangement was cemented by treaty in 1783. . But the Baymen settlers chafed under these restrictions and largely ignored them. They pushed their logging operations to lands beyond the Sibun and for their own comfort and protection, built permanent buildings on the mainland.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

"Avoid going to Guatemala if possible," says Foreign Minister
Minister of Foreign Affairs, Wilfred Elrington, is calling on all Belizeans to limit their interaction with Guatemala in light of the looming social crisis that the country is facing. International media has pointed out that social tensions have been running high in Guatemala since their president Jimmy Morales came under investigation for corruption charges. Elrington called on Belizeans, both security forces and civilians, to do all in their power to avoid any kind of confrontation in Guatemala.

Early morning murder in Belize City
This morning around 8:15, police received information of a man found dead on Curl Thompson street. According to police, 32-year-old construction worker Gilroy Martinez was found with multiple gunshot wounds.

Elrington prays for good relationship with new Guatemalan Foreign minister
Minister of Foreign Affairs, Wilfred Elrington, said today that he is hoping to have a close relationship with whoever replaces former Guatemalan Foreign Minister, Carlos Raul Morales. Elrington explained that he has worked well with all foreign ministers from Guatemala, including Morales, on maintaining the relations between the two countries.

Jimmy Morales fires Foreign Minister Carlos Raul
According to a report from, yesterday, Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales fired Foreign Affairs Minister, [�]

Crisis escalates in Guatemala as President Jimmy Morales investigated for corruption
Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales, the comedian with zero political experience turned president after the previous [�]

Dion Leslie wins UDP Mayoral convention
Dion Leslie is the United Democratic Party's (UDP) new Belize City Mayoral candidate after defeating [�]


Green Juice: The Official Ambergris Caye Recipe
But I had two giant bunches of chaya�so pretty that you could just display them on your table� We de-stemmed one bag - chopped it, quickly sauteed it with onions and garlic, mixed it with some pesto and ate it with pasta and LOTS of feta. Delicious. The second bunch was earmarked for Jeff's famous GREEN JUICE. I'd first tasted it at the now defunct Chaya Cafe and then at Rojo Beach Bar & Lounge and I was HOOKED. It's the perfect thing to do with a pineapple. Even better than just eating the pineapple. Here is the recipe. And it is originally from the Cayo region. From a man named Saeed who works in bamboo - art and furniture - who prepared the juice many years ago.

I Thought I Would Die Many Times on This Adventure Through Belize
I don't necessarily consider myself an adventurer. At a young age, movies served as my adrenaline fix: beefy heroes jumped from ledges, confronted threatening wildlife, and uncovered mysterious secrets-I never considered I might one day come close to experiencing anything as remotely exciting. But after having the opportunity to explore San Ignacio, Belize, go ahead and put me on the same page as the leading heroes of Hollywood. I didn't quite fall into a pit of insects, face off against bandits, or escape the lair of a weird alien. But there were tarantulas! Dark, tight caves and ancient Mayan ruins! Horse rides through the jungle! Looking for an exhilarating adventure with all the trimmings of a luxury vacation? San Ignacio summons you.

Open for business: Jyoto delivers authentic Japanese Cuisine
When I heard in 2016 that Ambergris Caye would soon have a Japanese restaurant, I was over the moon. Since then, I have met restaurateur Toshiya Tsujimoto, and even had the privilege of tasting an array of his cuisine in two separate occasions. Located at Mahogany Bay Village, just south of San Pedro Town, Jyoto Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar is causing quite a stir among sushi lovers. With authentic flavors from his homeland, made with only the freshest sourced Belizean produce, Toshiya has set the bar high. On a recent Girl's Night Out, my best girlfriend and I headed to Jyoto for dinner. The restaurant's fa�ade blends in with the colonial theme of Mahogany Bay Village. But once inside you're in a different world. While there is plenty of table seating, we were there to see Toshiya in action, so we chose the bar seats!

Eight Instagramable Photos at Villa Margarita, Hopkins
Our stay at Villa Margarita was brief. We only stayed one night as we moved from Hopkins village further down south to Placencia. Still, it was a relaxing getaway with a sandy beach and picturesque view at our doorstep. Villa Margarita is a beautiful three story dwelling with expansive amenities and comfortable rooms that are suitable for families, friendly gatherings or for business persons looking for a gorgeous atmosphere. The smell of the salt air, sound of the crashing waves and the warmth of the rising sun greets you as you open your sliding doors. The beachfront resort features a swimming pool, hot tub, bar and spa services. We loved the heated pool and hot tub. They were just perfect to unwind at night after a long day of activities.

Why Visit the Belize Blue Hole
Instead of its roaring waves and scary storms, the calm ocean often offers amazing natural wonders below its otherwise uncertain surface. The Great Blue Hole of Belize, which is located off the coast of Belize, on the eastern coast of Central America, is one of such existing wonders. Researchers say this giant underwater sinkhole was made by the collapse of a cavern formed during the glacial ages tens of thousands of years ago. Located less than hundred kilometers away from the city of Belize, this swallow hole is one of the world's most famous diving zones now.

International Sourcesizz

Nine things they do in Central America that we should be doing here
Ever notice how people in other parts of the world seem to be a bit more relaxed than North Americans? Part of the reason for that can be attributed to a difference in culture and on placing more value on time rather than on things. I spent a week in Belize and learned how easy it can be to slow down, chill out and live a little bit better. All you need to do is apply these simple customs from Central America to your own life.


  • Woodpecker: Belize bird rescue 2017 soft release., 1.2min.

  • Whale Shark Dive Belize 'Virtual Dive Highlights', 1min. Gladden Spit, Silk Cayes Marine Reserve Belize. SEA Belize (Southern Environmental Association) Sanctions Enforced~ $10,000 fine for touching a Whale Shark, Max Depth Restriction 80ft , 12 Guest Max Per Boat. SHOW MORE

  • On Saturday the annual BTIA Tourism Expo took center stage here in Orange Walk, 8.5min. On Saturday the annual BTIA Tourism Expo took center stage here in Orange Walk. Since its inception three years ago the expo has consistently grown and has earned its reputation for offering a marketing platform for Belize's Tourism Industry. Apart from presenting an effective showcase for persons active in the tourism, the organizers revitalized the exhibition this year by expanding the showcase. Here is a look at some of the highlights of the event.

  • FIRE DESTROYS HOME OF FAMILY OF FOUR IN COROZAL TOWN, 5.5min. The family is accepting donations of building material, food and clothing as they lost everything in the fire. And one group that has responded quickly to the appeal is the PUP Town Council slate. This morning PUP Mayoral Candidate Rigo Vellos and the town council team members gathered donations of food and clothing and delivered them to Glen Roches and Zolany Whitaker. Vellos told us that the slate stands ready to help the fire victims meaningfully.

  • National Meteorology Service of Belize, 8.5min. Last week, our team visited the central office of the National Meteorology Service of Belize and prepared this special report on the daily work of the staff.

  • Health fair in Gardenia Village, 3min. Water is essential to public health and while the Social Investment Fund continues to Provide Safe Potable Water to communities across the country, they found it equally important to ensure that with access to clean water, people practice safe health. On Thursday, August 24th, the Social Investment Fund hosted a health fair in Gardenia Village.

  • Goldson House summer camp, 6.5min. Last month we shared an update on the Goldson House, which was built in honour of National Hero Philip Stanley Wilberforce Goldson. Last week, the museum held its first summer camp and our Belize Now team was there for the excitement.

  • Webinar: Making Marine Ecosystem Services Matter, 90min. This webinar was presented by Nicola Beaumont of PML, Esther Wolfs of Wolfs Company, and Samir Rosado of BCZMAI. For this webinar, presenters showcased how marine ecosystem service information can be used in conservation and sustainable development decision making. Two Blue Solutions case studies were featured: "Nature's contribution to the economy" in Bonaire and "Mapping and valuing ecosystem services for integrated management" in Belize.

  • Horse powered saw mill, Belize, 6min.

  • Belize Underwater, 4min.

  • Snorkeling, Belize 2017, 2min.

  • The Landscape of Belize, 4min. A Visual Journey Through the Land of Belize.

  • Belize Nurse Sharks, 1.5min.

  • Belize shark feeding dives, 6min.

  • Belize Canyon reefs dives, 6min.

  • Belize caves, 2.5min.

  • Dead whale near Silk Cayes, 1min. A second whale has been found in Belizean waters dead. According to Boat Captain Jason Westby, it's a juvenile sperm whale. He found it lifeless and floating near the Silk Cayes.

  • Timeless Motown Memories show, 1min. Wow! Such jaw-dropping Belizean talent! Here's Rohjani Perriot performing Etta James' hit, At the Timeless Motown Memories show, Bliss Center for the Performing Arts. Lets go down memory lane together! Catch KTV the Remix Judge - Rohjani Perriott performing Live at Francis Reneau's TIMELESS MOTOWN MEMORIES on Thursday, August 31 or September 1 at the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts!!! Tickets are only $30 Reserve | $20 General