And so while that is all that happened on the bridge, there was lots of other very big news coming out of Orange Walk today - and most of that from the Gaspar Vega camp.

The embattled, scandalized UDP Orange Walk North Representative made an appearance and actually took a few questions form the media. We have all that coming up, but first to the most news making announcement - that Vega - despite all he's been accused of - is considering throwing his hat back into the ring as a candidate for the UDP in Orange Walk north.

Here's how he put it today:...

Jules Vasquez - Reporter
"Mr. Vega will you run again? Look like you dih get inna political trade."

"Yes, yes, he will run!"

Hon. Gaspar Vega- Orange Walk North Representative, UDP
"Let me tell you something, if me not running means that PUP weh win, I weh bloody run!"

Jules Vasquez
"You serious?"

[People Cheer]

Hon. Gaspar Vega
"If it means that only me can win that division for the UDP I will run."

Jules Vasquez "But you said that you will look for a successor."

Hon. Gaspar Vega
"That's what I just said, Jules. If it means that only me can win the division, I will run."

Jules Vasquez
"But do you think you still can win?"

Hon. Gaspar Vega
"Jules, I won't answer that question. I will let the people decide that."

Jules Vasquez
"You've taken a lot of blows publicly Mr. Vega."

Hon. Gaspar Vega
"I've been quiet Jules because I wanted to retire. I wanted to retire."

Marisol Amaya - Reporter
"Will you challenge for the leadership, sir?"

Hon. Gaspar Vega
"Look man, uno dih jump the gun."

Jules Vasquez
"People are pressuring the party leader to expel you. The PUP is pressuring the party leader to kick you out of the UDP."

Hon. Gaspar Vega
"Look here, my people will decide what I will do."

"I weh tell you something, you got your people deh. You no have to answer none of them questions you got your people weh got your back. You understand? We got your back! And if we have to go dah hell, dah hell we going together. Gaspar Vega!"

"Que viva Gapi!"

After the statement, Vega became very visibly animated and engaged aggressively with the crowd - which is how he used to act at major political events before his downfall.

Vega resigned from Cabinet in October of 2016, and announced that he would run again one month later in November.

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