The San Pedro Sun has confirmation that plans are underway for the construction of three new educational institutions on the island in the future.

The funding for these educational institutions is coming from a Caribbean Development Bank loan of $70 million dollars, granted to the MOE. The program is to serve areas in need of educational institutions, in which San Pedro was included. The island is expected to receive a pre-school, primary school and secondary school. The MOE will be visiting the island at the end of this month to verify the location and to make sure all processes of the construction of the new educational institutions are clear. “The construction of these educational institutions are designed to start up early next year,” said Erold Gill from the MOE. Prior to the construction of the schools, a community consultation will be held to ascertain the best possible location for the schools. It is expected that the schools will be state of the art and able to accommodate San Pedro’s growing population.

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