Bone Crunching Competition

Next weekend a competition like no other will take place. It's a chicken foot eating competition. Competitors will have to down as many feet as they can in ten bone crunching minutes. However chicken foot is not the only thing on the menu. Pat King the organizer of this charitable event told us more.

Sahar Vasquez, reporter
"What can you tell us about the event that you are having?"

Pat King, Organizer
"It's Friday night September 15th at the Corozal Civic Center. There are two different events. One is the rum, rice, and rib tasting event. The other is the very first Belizean National Chicken foot eating contest. The rum, rib and rice tasting competition, chefs will prepare their specialties for guests to come in and taste."

"All the Funds go to non-profit organizations, for example, there going to be the Corozal bay sailing club that teaches the young 6- 18 how to sail. There are also funds go to scholarships for the kids. Also, the Civic center in Corozal needs some upgrading, so some of the funds will go to help upgrade the civic center. Now our very first Belizean chicken foot contest is where competitors who enter they get ten minutes to eat as many chicken feet as they can."

"After ten minutes we will have a countdown to see who wins to be the Belizean national Chicken foot champion."

The event starts at 5 pm and if chefs are still interested in participating they can call King at 668-7662.

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