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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

The San Pedro Sun

San Pedro's PUP 7 Slate revealed at Endorsement Convention
With municipal elections set to take place on March 7, 2018, the Belize Rural South People's United Party (PUP) town council slate hosted their endorsement convention on Thursday, August 7th in San Pedro Town. The convention was held next to the Honourable Louis Sylvestre Sporting Complex and saw a large crowd of supporters. The candidates aspiring to form the next town council are Andre Perez, Ian Pou, Marina Kay, Ruben Navidad, Undina Graniel, Dianelie Aranda and Johnia Duarte. Closing the convention was Deputy Party Leader Mai. Not only did he mention the terrible road conditions around the island, but he also stated that San Pedro Town's tax revenue is higher than any municipality in the country. "If this island produces so many millions in taxes, why is the infrastructure in poor condition?" he asked.

Social Security proposes workers contributions increase to 10%
To make the national pension scheme and Social Security benefits financially sustainable, the Social Security Board (SSB) has proposed an increase in contributions to 10% of workers earnings, and to also raise the ceiling for insurable income from $320 per week to $500 per week. Simply put, expenditure has exceeded contributions, and this deficit is growing to a point where by 2021, it will become unsustainable. In 2014 the $73.6 million paid out in benefits exceeded the $72.1 million in workers' contributions by $1.5 million. In 2015, the $78.5 million in benefits paid out exceeded the $77.3 million in contributions by $1.2 million. Last year the $82.8 million in benefits paid out exceed the $80.1 million in contributions by $3.4 million. This year, the deficit is expected to grow to $11.4 million as benefits are expected to exceed $93.2 million, but contributions are trending towards $81 million by the end of the year. Benefits have been increasing, while contributions are tapering off.

Police says no reports made following alleged attacks to golf cart drivers in Northern Ambergris Caye
At the end of August, several residents from northern Ambergris Caye reported on social media that they had been attacked and mugged by what appeared to be gangs of teenagers. The assaults done by the alleged group of teens were apparently taking place late in the evenings and mainly targeting people driving golf carts. According to police, they have beefed up operations north of town, but to date, they claim that no one has visited the police station to file a report. Information of the different incidents posted on social media included an attack on a lady, who was driving her golf cart late one evening. She claimed to have her two children with her when she was attacked. It is said that the assailants beat and robbed her. The police were made aware of the incident and visited the area where the attack apparently took place.

Third whale perishes in Belizean waters
The site of a dead sperm whale on Belize's southern waters on Monday, August 28th, raised concerns as to what is happening to the whale population transiting through the region. The unfortunate discovery near the Silk Cayes in the Stann Creek District marks the third whale known to die in Belizean waters since April of 2016. As such, Belizean marine conservatives are trying to find out what is causing the death of these huge sea mammals that stray away to the country's shallow shores. TIDE stated that samples from the dead whales were collected in order to determine the ultimate cause of death. They also indicated that as soon as they have results, they will share them with the public. Whales are known to travel great distances during migration season. Some whales travel to tropical and subtropical waters to breed and give birth. Some of these mammals can weigh up to 79,000 pounds.

Ambergris Today

Four Women Among San Pedro PUP 7 Candidates For Municipal Elections
Amidst applause and high spirited cheering, the People's United Party (PUP) Belize Rural South slate for the upcoming Town Council Elections was endorsed and formally sworn in by the National PUP Chairman, Mr Henry Charles Usher. The endorsement convention of the PUP 7 took place on Thursday evening and was well attended by hundreds of residents from this municipality. The PUP slate is led by mayoral candidate Andre Perez and is supported by Ian Pou, Ruben Navidad, Marina Graniel Kay, Johnnia Duarte, Ondina Graniel and Dianeli Aranda. Mayoral candidate Andre Perez promised to bring visionary progress and hard work coupled with accountability and transparency. Highlighted was the fact that the slate of seven consists of four females candidates, a historic and notable accomplishment.

The Special Envoy Speaks Out On Assault Of Female Journalist
Message from Kim Simplis Barrow, First Lady of Belize - On September 6, 2017, frightening images were seen on national television of the unacceptable treatment of a female journalist by law enforcement officers. The journalist in question, Ms. Marisol Amaya of KREM News, was conducting an interview when she was assaulted by a police officer. Sadly, this is not the first time that Ms. Amaya, in her capacity as a journalist, has been disrespected in plain view on national television. As a citizen, I embrace the concept of a free press, given the role of journalists in a democratic society. The rights of journalists are enshrined in the Belize Constitution (Chapter 4), and they must therefore be afforded all rights and privileges as citizens of Belize.

Tremors Shake Belizeans Out Of Their Beds - Strong Quake Hits Nearby Mexico
Mexico's 8.1 Earthquake Was Strong Enough to Significantly Shake Things up in Belize - At least 20 people have been killed after a magnitude-8.1 earthquake struck Mexico, causing a tsunami and warnings for countries across Central America. Belizeans were very startled at the very evident shaking taking place as usually only slight tremors have been felt during earthquakes in the region. There were no reports of damages in Belize, except for strong shaking followed by some swaying. Belizean's reported feeling the tremors throughout the country, even on the Barrier Islands off the coast. There have been reports of structure damage in Guatemala.

Misc Belizean Sources


64 Police Officers Trained in Human Trafficking Identification and Referral
The Anti-trafficking in Persons (ATIP) Council of Belize in collaboration with the Belize Police Department is conducting a series of trainings to build the capacity of Police Officers attached to the Domestic Violence Unit and Criminal Investigative Branch. The objectives of the sessions are to provide officers with a clear understanding of human trafficking and its related issues to build the capacity of police officers in victim identification and referral. So far, 64 officers have been trained in one-day workshops held in northern, eastern, and western areas of the country.

World Suicide Prevention Day October 10th, 2017
Story of Recovery: Carla, a 33-year-old hairdresser living in the Stann Creek District became suicidal about 5 years ago. At that time, she was in a dark place where she just "did not feel normal". She describes experiencing racing thoughts, constant crying and an immense sadness, "I felt isolated, like nobody cared", and soon she began to think that no one would hurt her if she were dead. She attempted to take her own life several times and felt that Depression was taking over her life. She knew she needed help and eventually she reached out to a psychiatric nurse practitioner (PNP) at the mental health clinic at the Southern Regional Hospital. At the clinic "the nurse listened to me and allowed me to talk" said Carla. She also received medications to help her with her Depression. She stresses that the overwhelming support she received from her family members and her employer complemented the treatment she was receiving from the PNP. The PNP also arranged family sessions where Carla's condition was explained and family members were taught how to support her.

Memorandum of Understanding Signed for Port of Magical Cruise Ship Docking Facility
The Government of Belize signed a Memorandum of Understanding Thursday, September 7th, 2017, with Portico Enterprises Limited (the "Developer" doing business as Port of Magical, to construct a world class Cruise Ship Docking Facility on a parcel of land located along the coastline just south of the Sibun River in the Belize District (the "Project"). The Port of Cruise Ship Docking Facility, being led by David Gegg and Gulab Sharma, proposes to construct a cruise docking facility to accommodate four Oasis class cruise vessels in Phase I, inclusive of a marina, 120,000 square feet of retail space, a water park and pool area, an arts and craft centre, an aquarium and an indigenous cultural centre. Phase II of the project will include two (2) additional berthing docks, a Five (5) Star 300 room hotel and a water theme park. The total estimated investment size for Phase I of the Project is cited to be US $150 million.

Metal Haven Bash VII
The 7th annual Metal Haven Bash will be on November 4th, at the Los Angeles Sports Bar in Benque. Verge of Umbra, fresh off their win at the Waken Open Air Festival, will be headlining. Death Suppressor and Third Floor Mafia will also be performing. Tickets are going on sale this weekend, and are only $20.

Los Crackers de Chetumal in San Pedro
Crackers are presented for the first time on the beautiful island in the old football field to celebrate the independence of Central America, Mexico and Belize. There we go!!!!

Hol Chan office getting new mural
The Hol Chan office building has been sporting the colors blue and yellow for some years. And while we love our signature colors, we feel its time for a change. To brighten up the building, the neighborhood, and to display what we stand for "protection of our beautiful coral reef for future generations" we are in the process of getting a coral reef mural painted unto the front side of our building. Artist Eruterio Carillo of Chuy Arts has been contracted to make our ideas a reality. We hope that our San Pedro community will enjoy it once it is completed, and maybe feel a little more connected to our reef each day as they pass by.

$21 flights in country Sept. 21 on Propic
Celebrate with us this 21st of September with our $21 tickets countrywide! Tickets available at your local #TropicAir office ONLY! (Call 226-2626 for details on terms and conditions for this offer or check with your local Tropic Air office

The 1970's Belizean band in New York called, "The Webb", has passed right under the radar of many Belizean music enthusiasts and has been forgotten somewhat along the way as the 1980's and 90's brought American pop music through the airwaves of Radio Belize, and later the private radio stations of Belize. They became a popular R&B band that was made up of Belizean musicians like band leader and keyboard player, Jeffrey Adolphous, guitar player Eugene Adolphous, Patrick Pinkard on bass guitar, Patrick Flemming on trumpet and flugle horn, Erling Henderson on Saxaphone, Harrington Trapp on trombone and lead vocals, Ivan Domingo on drums, and Anthony Richards on percussions and lead vocals.

When Belizean musical brilliance Dickie Straughan came home to Belize from New York in 1980, he brought with him a vision for Belizean music that would change how Belizean musicians played music forever. Straughan was a trained jazz saxophone player who could play the best from Coltrane to Miles but he drafted up a group of musicians taken from two of the best Belizean bands at that time--- the Harmonettes and the Vibrations. Some of the best musicians had came to see this legendary Belizean musical innovator but only a few were able to deal with his disciplinary approach to moving from playing covers to composing original music for Belize that should have been done from the onset. Straughan gave music lessons and helped developed many of these musicians into better players and performers that when they exited into the modern world would be respected and would be able to play with the best in the world.

The true heroes behind our music are really those first Garifuna fighters who in the 18th. Century on the island of Yurume, St. Vincent, stood up against slavery, colonization, and cultural domination. Those were the passionate words that a spiritually uplifted Andy Palacio uttered at the World Music Expo, WOMEX, in reception of the internationally acclaimed music prize in Spain in October 2007. He had finally culminated his cultural and musical crusade for the Garifuna people, and laid the seal to the mission to which he was called. The work of this incredible personality in Belizean history was a life that was lived and not preached. His was the life of a splendid character, whom if you had got to know him and the beliefs that embodied and drove his way of life, was the epitome of a humble cultural revolutionary. He was a man from the inception of his career who had a vision to change the present status quo of what today we call Belizean culture and music. He was the quiet warrior, sometimes quite unpredictable, who sacrificed most of his life for a cause that he truly believed in, the liberation of the Garinagu.

Belizean Legends presents a special tribute and respect to "Miss Afro Honduras Pageant" and its second crowned contestant, Sheldon Vasquez, that was one of its kind in the former British Honduras now known as Belize. Seen here in this classic photo in capturing the historical title of the "Black & Proud" beauty pageant that was one of its kind presented by the United Black Association for Development (UBAD), Vasquez continues to speak about the "Miss Afro Honduras" in a truly cultural way that reflects the pride of Belizean black people of the 1960s and 70s. This was a period that appears to have not return again, cherishing the moment and documenting the history. During this time of Belize's 2017 September celebrations where the popular pageants of "Queen of the Bay" and "Miss Belize" stood the test of time, "Miss Afro Honduras" has been almost forgotten, and have been cancelled all together since the demise of UBAD, and that generation of black conscious Belizeans who had migrated to the United States. Belizean Legends presents a special tribute and respect to "Miss Afro Honduras Pageant" and its second crowned contestant, Sheldon Vasquez, that was one of its kind in the former British Honduras now known as Belize. Seen here in this classic photo in capturing the historical title of the "Black & Proud" beauty pageant that was one of its kind presented by the United Black Association for Development (UBAD), Vasquez continues to speak about the "Miss Afro Honduras" in a truly cultural way that reflects the pride of Belizean black people of the 1960s and 70s. This was a period that appears to have not return again, cherishing the moment and documenting the history. During this time of Belize's 2017 September celebrations where the popular pageants of "Queen of the Bay" and "Miss Belize" stood the test of time, "Miss Afro Honduras" has been almost forgotten, and have been cancelled all together since the demise of UBAD, and that generation of black conscious Belizeans who had migrated to the United States.

The 1970s Belizean-American band, the "Skyliters" of Los Angeles, California became one of the most popular Belizean bands on the West Coast of the United States. The legendary Belizean band recently lost one of its members, Thaddeus Barrow, who passed away in late August of this year. His brother, the legendary Patrick Barrow, was one of the brainchild of the band, and who went on later to form another legendary Belizean band, "Babylon Warriors". Babylon Warriors became one of the first Belizean reggae band to appear on the reggae music scene in the U.S.

Memories run while, and nostalgia haunts the Belizean football lovers, in remembering the knockout football tournaments at Belize's most popular football stadium of the 1960s, 70s, 80s, 90s golden age of Belizean sports, the "MCC Grounds" also called, "The Garden"!

It was the "Mass In Blues" musical project that the Belizean musician and trumpeter, Glenn Bood, received his notoriety in Belize's music scene. The most original Belizean musical project yet to date, that was composed and written by the Belizean musical phenom and classical concert pianist, Francis Reneau in the 1960's, featured Bood's melodic trumpet solo on the instrumental track, "Laura". "Mass In Blues", a classic Belizean musical masterpiece that is still hard to find up to today, could not had sounded better without the smooth jazzy touch of Bood's serenading horn.

She was called "The Panther" by the Jamaican coach "Sanchez" who went for his best batter against her. But Dugal still struck that batter out to put Belize ahead to win the 1969 Caribbean Amateur Softball Tournament (CAST). It was the finals: Belize versus Jamaica at the MCC Grounds!

San Pedro Holiday Boat Parade
Raise Me Up is proud to announce that the boat parade tradition will be kept alive again this year! Save the Date: Saturday, December 16, 2017 The first place prize for this year's winning boat will be $5,000 in cash! There are also thousands of dollars in cash and prizes for runners up and other category winners! Hey 2015 champs Ramon's Village Resort, do you have what it takes this year to beat 2016's champs Lisa and Ronnie Cyrier? Or will Chuck & Robbie's Scuba Diving & Instruction edge out this year to take the crown? Will San Pedro AIDS Commission win again this year for the charity category, or will Saga Humane Society or Belize Red Cross take it? All we know is that someone will take home the $5,000 cash prize this year; who will it be?? Send us a message to register your boat, or tag a friend or business in the comments if you want to see them in the boat parade! It's free to join, and charity registrants will receive a starter kit to kick off their decorations. Do you have a boat but don't have the help to decorate it? Let us know, and we'll find people or organizations to help you decorate!

Attorney General's Ministry Responds to Reports of Justices of the Peace Charging for Services
The Attorney General's Ministry continues to receive reports of Justices of the Peace soliciting remuneration for services they provide. The Ministry wishes to remind the public that Justices of the Peace are wholly disallowed from requesting or accepting any form of consideration for the duties (which they have signed an Oath of Allegiance and Office) they are to provide voluntarily, without fear or favour, affection or ill-will, as a civic duty. The Ministry informs that any Justice of the Peace found to be guilty of soliciting any form of consideration from citizens will be removed, Pursuant to Section 3 s. 4(b) of the Justice of the Peace Act (Revised Edition 2011) which states:

Stakeholder Consultations Belize Draft Tire Standards
The Belize Bureau of Standards (BBS) in the Ministry of Investment, Trade and Commerce hereby informs the public that notice is hereby given under Section 4(1) of the Standards (Preparation and Declaration) Regulations, 1997 that it proposes to recommend to the Standards Advisory Council that the following draft standards be declared compulsory Belize Standards: 1. The Belize Draft Specification for Pneumatic Passenger Car Tires; 2. The Belize Draft Standard Specification for Pneumatic Tires for Non-Passenger Vehicles; 3. The Belize Draft Standard Code of Practice for Storage of Tires, Inner Flaps and Tubes; and 4. The Belize Draft Standard Specification for Definitions of Terms used in the Pneumatic Tire Industry.

Team Belize U21 played Honduras yesterday
Team Belize won the first set 25-20 but let down on intensity and lost the second set 25-16. Belize was up very late in the 3rd set but lost it 25-23. Honduras pulled out the match winning set four 25-18. Francis Hauze had 25 points while Michael Jenkins had 20 points. Belize plays Panama this morning at 8:30 am and El Salvador at 7:30 pm tonight. Point by point, set by set. Let's go Belize!!!

UB is requesting proposals for a lease or partnership arrangement to operate it's facility on Hunting Caye
The station is located on the island which is 1.29 miles acres. Hunting Caye is located in the south of the Belize and it is about 36 miles from Punta Gorda Town. Hunting Caye lies within the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef system, a World Heritage Site. The deadline for submission of proposals is September 18, 2017. For more information, contact Mr. Roy Polonio at [email protected] Proposals are to be submitted to the Office of the President, University of Belize. or email: [email protected]

10th September 1931
We at BARS are saddened by the utter devastation faced by thousands of our brothers and sisters on the affected islands in the Caribbean. We keep in our thoughts those that are in the trajectory path of Irma, those that will be forced to endure the wrath Jose and those in the path of Katia. Although Belize was blessed enough to be spared from Harvey, some made comments such as "Shucks, I wanted a day off work." Perhaps it is because they weren't alive during the major storms that have leveled Belize City or devastated the islands and the south. Today, we give you an excerpt from the book Cyclone written by Ernest E. Cain. It documents the arrival of the catastrophic Category 4 hurricane which devastated Belize on 10th September, 1931, normally a day of fanfare and merriment. We urge everyone to keep in mind how truly blessed we are as we approach our Tenth of September Celebrations. Have a fun and save weekend whether you spend it inside hiding from the hot sun or patiently waiting for the Carnival to arrive at your viewing spot. Have a beautiful and blessed Tenth everyone! Happy Battle of St. George's Caye Day!

The cotton plant was the basic product for making the wick for Candles used for Maya rituals as seen at the Maya Altar. Nojoch Chiich Anselma Yam(Maya elder over 102years) is skilled in doing this string (K'uuch) from Cotton with a spindle (Pechech) and a Jicara (Luuch).'Wax' produced by bees (Xunaan Kaab) was also a basic product. Honey is also used to sweeten wine made from 'Balche' bark used at the Primicias(Maya Thanksgiving), Cha Chaac and Hanal Pixan. Honey was also used to sweeten "Sacab" sacred corn drink offered at all Maya Rituals at the milpas. If you did not taste "Balche Wine and Sacab" at Marcus Canul Day you surely missed it because the Balche is only made for the Maya traditions already mentioned .

Job Opportunity at BEL
A vacancy exists at Belize Electricity Limited for the post of Human Resources Officer I in the Human Resources Department (Belize City)

'Call for Artist' deadline extended
Kindly be informed that the date for our 'Call for Artist' submission deadline has been extended to Wednesday September 13th, 2017. For further details, contact Ilona Smiling at [email protected] or Yusliedy Chan at [email protected], or you may also call our office at 223-4524. The Museum of Belize is inviting Belizean artists to submit up to three (3) pieces of their original artwork, to be displayed in our new art exhibition on September 29th, 2017. Pieces should be no bigger than 24 inches by 36 inches, and must be submitted by Friday, September 8th. Artwork does not need to be theme-based, but must be family appropriate content. For more information, contact Ilona Smiling at [email protected] Yusleidy Chan at yusleid[email protected]. You can also call them at 223-4524.

"Flight Cafe" opens in San Pedro
We are happy to announce that we will be having our soft opening on Tuesday the 12th. We will offer 20% discount on all our coffee drinks and smoothies during all the week. We are welcoming everybody to stop by ! We are located at Sancas Plaza, right across from Tropic air.

Channel 7

Cops Take Aim At Media Using Social Media
For the past 2 days, all the news has been about the showdown between police and the PUP at the Tower Hill Bridge. PUP leaders, supporters and the media got roughed up by the police Special Patrol Unit, as they tried to clear the bridge. But one member of the media seemed to have been targeted for special manhandling, and part of it is surely because she's a female. The police have deservedly taken heavy public criticism for it, and it seems, some police officers are not happy with the coverage. They've taken to Facebook to make their displeasure known. We've seen a posts like this one from a woman claiming to be a police officer who was on duty that day. She makes absolutely no apologies for her comment, which is laced with expletives, and translated from Kriol, it says, "We had a job to protect those people today, and they chose to make it hard on themselves...So, we did what we had to." End quote.

Did the PUP Riot?
And while police can do their own internal discipline, externally there are mounting questions on whether the commander on the scene of the Tower Hill uproar should have read the riot act before using physical force and tear gas to disperse the crowd. Yesterday, Broaster told us that the gathering did not meet the definition of a riot:.. ACP Edward Broaster, Operations Commander: "It didn't meet the threshold." Jules Vasquez, reporter: "What would that threshold be?" ACP Edward Broaster, Operations Commander: "Threshold would have been riotous act where they were throwing missiles and committing other crimes."

Two More Officers Accused Of Extortion
Tonight, 2 police officers are being accused of extorting a civilian of $800. They are 37 year-old Sergeant Lenancio Bol, and 30 year-old Constable Daniel Requena - but they were allegedly caught in a sting operation after the extortion. On Tuesday Estefania Gomez, was at work when a taxi driver friend called her. He told her that 3 of her female friends were detained by police because they did not have proper immigration documents. She asked to speak with the officer in charge, and she recognized his voice as Sergeant Bol, who she is familiar with. She offered Bol $600 to release her friends, and according to her, he said that that money was too small. Gomez said that she upped the offer to $800, and he accepted.

Judge: Akeem Not Guilty In Ardon's Murder
After spending 4 years and 5 months on remand, 22 year-old Akeem Augustine has been acquitted of the March 2013 murder of Ardon Belgrave. That's the decision that Justice Adolph Lucas handed down at the end of Augustine's trial without jury. On March 19, 2013, 27 year-old Belgrave was shot on Caesar Ridge Road in broad day light. Eyewitness reports say that his shooter was chasing another target, who escaped. The gunman then turned around and shot Belgrave in the head.

Deadly Mexican Earthquake Shakes Belize
Last night at a few minutes to 11:00, Belizeans all across the west and north felt their beds and walls shaking. Those were the tremors coming from a powerful earthquake off Mexico's west coast near it's border with Guatemala. At least 58 persons were in Mexico by the country's most powerful quake in a century. The effects of the quake were felt as far out as Mexico City, Guatemala, and of course, Belize got a little taste of it as well. If you're like me, you were terrified, while others didn't even know it happened. Today we went out to Albert Street to sample reaction to the quake.

Caribbean Braces for More Battering
Tonight, Hurricane Irma's southwestern eyewall is moving over the north coast of Cuba with maximum winds of 155 miles per hour. The storm tore through the Caribbean all this week, leaving a wake of massive destruction and devastation in places such as Antigua and Barbuda, Turks and Caicos, Anguilla, and the US Virgin Islands, among others. And now, Hurricane Jose, A category four storm is heading right for Antigua and Barbuda. Today in St. LUCIA, Prime Minister Allen Chastanet - who is the chair of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean states held a press conference to discuss relief efforts being orchestrated by island nations close to those battered and wrecked by the storm:.. Here's one very direct account sent to us by a colleague from Antigua and Barbuda, as they prepare for another big hit from Jose:

Imagine If Irma...
So those two major tropical weather systems are terrorizing the eastern Caribbean, but Belize is very fortunate to be experiencing sunny and warm weather, perfect for the September Celebrations events on the calendar. But, while we celebrate Independence, our fellow Caribbean citizens in places like Bahamas are bracing for the worst this weekend as Cuba takes the beating tonight. Today, CEMO City Councillor Phillip Willoughby publicly breathed a sigh of relief. In a mood for reflection, he told us that Belizeans should be keeping the victims of Hurricane Irma in their prayers: Phillip Willoughby, Councillor: "That's a monster of a storm to be confronted with. We wish that on no one, no country, mo. people, but in light of what has taken place and what I have seen and I hope that the country of Belize even though we are in our festive mood at this time, take time out to look at what Harvey has done to the US, the State of Texas. Look at the islands affected and destroyed by Irma. Take time to search yourself and put yourself in those persons' position and really ravel with the situation they are facing at this time."

Dead Sharks In A Net After Season Closes
A few weeks ago we reported on a dead whale found by the Silk Cayes range. Well, today while giving a tour a San Pedro tour vessell came across a 500 foot net. Inside were two sharks that had been killed. The female, a tiger shark was reported to be about fifteen feet long and she may have been pregnant. The species of the other shark has not been identified yet. This came as a shock to many because the shark season is closed and the net that the sea animals were found in was far larger than the regulation size. The net did not have a tag on it so it is unclear at this time to who cast the net and caused the death of the two sharks.

Cruise Port Craziness?
Just two weeks ago, Government signed what it called a "Definitive Agreement" with the Feinstein Group to build the Stake Bank Cruise Docking Facility. That would be the first Cruise terminal in Belize where ships would actually be able to dock at the port, and not have to use cruise tenders. And now, there are reports that another agreement has been signed, this one with a group called Port of Magical They say they want to build their own Cruise Ship Docking Facility which will be on a parcel of land along the coast just south of the Sibun Rivermouth in the Belize District. Port of Magical - which, oddly, even with a name like that, doesn't seem to have a website - is led by long time Cruise Tour Operator, David Gegg, and Free Zone businessman, Gulab Sharma.

Keeping Citizens Safe In September
Earlier this week, we told you how police took 2 explosives off the streets. This first was a seismic detonator type explosive used in oil exploration, and the other was a live Austrian defensive grenade. Both of these are extreme dangers to public safety especially for the duration of the September Celebrations where tens of thousands of Belizeans come out for the events such as J'ouvert, Carnival, the St. George's Caye Day, and Independence Day Parades. So, the police are on high alert. And today, two of the ranking officers, Assistant Police Commissioners Edward Broaster and Dezerie Philips, held a press brief to reassure you, the viewer, that they will do their best to keep you safe.

Police Minister Not Protecting "Prima"
The Amy Forte land fraud and forgery case that was making so much news a week ago has fizzled tonight - and that's because Amy Forte has still not made a police complaint. But, the investigation is still live - and Darlene Padron - the justice of the peace who signed the conveyance from Forte to Andre Vega remains a key figure in the case. She has said that there was no forgery and it was Amy Forte who came before her to sign the conveyance.

No More Hustling "Japes"
And so while Darlene Padron is under scrutiny in this land deal as the Justice of the Peace who signed off, the Attorney General's Ministry is reporting that they have been hearing of JP's demanding payment for their services. A press release from the Government says, quote, "The Ministry wishes to remind the public that Justices of the Peace are wholly disallowed from requesting or accepting any form of consideration for the duties...they are to provide voluntarily, without fear or favour, affection or ill-will, as a civic duty." End quote

Cops Learn Human Traffic Detection Techniques
Police officers from all over the country have been participating in human trafficking training for the past 2 weeks now. They've been attending sessions with the Anti-Trafficking in Persons Council to identify and address instances of human trafficking. The hope is that these trained officers will be able to conduct victim identification and referrals. So far, 64 officers have been trained in one-day workshops in the north, the east and the western parts of the country.

A Week To Learn Letters and Words
Today was celebrated as International Literacy Day all around the world - the day set aside to highlight the importance of reading to school children. Here in Belize, the District Education Centers organized events in the 6 districts under the theme, "Read to a Child Today, and Every Day". We checked in on the activities organized by the Belize District and learned about literacy: The Ministry also held a digital literacy showcase to demonstrate how technology can enhance reading and learning.

Cops Seized Caesar Ridge Road Weed
Yesterday morning, the Police Special Assignment Team found about a pound and a half of weed in the area of Cesar Ridge Road. They found 27 ounces of weed along with 14 live rounds of 9mm ammunition.

One Burger, No Mayo, Extra Marijuana!
That wasn't extra lettuce in your burger! That green, leafy substance was weed! That's what police must have told 26 year-old Elvis Aldana, a resident of Rivero Street, Belize City, after he tried to smuggle weed to a prisoner at the Magistrate's Court cellblock. The authorities say that he hid it inside a burger. A police officer working at the cell block said that Aldana handed him a burger to give to Trevor Guy, a man on remand who was brought to court for bail. The officer opened the burger and found 2.5 grams of marijuana stuffed inside. Aldana was charged with drug possession, and when he was arraigned before Magistrate Aretha Ford, he wasted no time and pleaded guilty.

The Legend Of Lamb Lives
This evening some Belize's senior citizens went on a short but special pilgrimage to the Lord Ridge Cemetery to honor a few Belizean patriots by laying a wreath on their graves. We caught them as they were honoring Simon Lamb - the man who fought to make the Tenth of September a national celebration. They told us more about Lamb and the impact he had in Belize. The seniors hope to continue this tradition every year.

More Mas Camp Madness
All this week we've been taking you inside the Carnival Mas Camps. Its an integral part of the Carnival judging and the bands have to show organization, and strong spirit from their band members. Here's what the last four bands showed us, and the judges. Nadia Avila, Mahogany Masqueraders: "The costumes they are very detailed and difficult to make sometimes it's good to go outside of the box so I have to bring out things that would suit the judge so the kids and the general; public and I must say it was difficult but due to the assistance from my friend Ms. Jackie my other half Mr. Mcoy, Ms Julie and the kids of course. The kids gave me hope."

Bone Crunching Competition
Next weekend a competition like no other will take place. It's a chicken foot eating competition. Competitors will have to down as many feet as they can in ten bone crunching minutes. However chicken foot is not the only thing on the menu. Pat King the organizer of this charitable event told us more. Sahar Vasquez, reporter: "What can you tell us about the event that you are having?" Pat King, Organizer: "It's Friday night September 15th at the Corozal Civic Center. There are two different events. One is the rum, rice, and rib tasting event. The other is the very first Belizean National Chicken foot eating contest. The rum, rib and rice tasting competition, chefs will prepare their specialties for guests to come in and taste."

Steve Harvey Lives at QOTB
And before we go tonight, there's one stop the press moment that's left our head spinning. A release sent on letterhead from the Queen of the Bay Secretariat would make even Steve Harvey's head spin. It says that the national Queen of The Bay Committee has chosen a new Queen of the Bay. Based on a protest, scores were reassessed and the certified reassessment determined that Miss Orange Walk, Esmeralda Cal, is the 72nd Queen of the Bay. The release says, quote, "The National Committee is satisfied with the due process. Miss Cal will be crowned on September 10th, 2017, at the official crowning ceremony to be held at the Memorial Park.

Channel 5

Getting prepared for holiday weekend with Police; threats addressed
As Belizeans prepare to start the extended celebration weekend, citizen's security is a huge concern in light of lethal explosives found in recent days. A number of mass events such [...]

What did Home Affairs Minister really mean with media jibe over riot?
Are mixed signals being sent by the Ministry of Home Affairs? The Police Department spent upwards of half an hour at its Thursday press conference seeking to justify its treatment [...]

Cops vent on social media; one is reprimanded by bosses
The unfortunate incident on Wednesday during which reporter Marisol Amaya was physically assaulted by members of the Special Patrol Unit on the Tower Hill Bridge in Orange Walk, remains a [...]

Orange Walke�os to have final say over return of Gapi Vega
The news according to Orange Walk North area representative Gaspar Vega that he is considering running for another term put a cat among the pigeons in the United Democratic Party's [...]

Embattled rep has no answers for land scam
The Orange Walk North area representative made his first televised interview in several months during Wednesday's protests, but was careful to skirt the issue of activities at the Ministry of [...]

Cops to court for extortion
A pair of officers attached to Precinct Three in Belize City is out on bail after being arraigned on extortion related charges earlier today.� The duo, identified as Sergeant Lenancio [...]

Succotz tour guide killed in border area
A Belizean was reportedly killed in the Champon area of the western border with Guatemala. News Five has learned that San Jose Succotz tour guide Carlos "Botty" Manzanero was at [...]

Catholic leader in Belmopan promises "re-negotiation" over St. Michael's land
Pressure from members of the subdivision of Las Flores in Belmopan seems to have turned the Catholic Church around on the issue of two parcels of land located next to [...]

Mom delivers triplets at K.H.M.H.
A set of triplets was delivered at the K.H.M.H.'s Labour and Delivery Unit on Tuesday. Sometime, around ten that morning, the first time mother delivered two boys and one girl. [...]

Shutdown of surgeries in North delivers heavier workload to Karl Heusner
Holiday weekends often carry a greater load of patients for the national referral hospital, the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital in Belize City. This weekend, that load increases because all surgery [...]

New cruise port to be built in southern Belize District
Before Norwegian Cruise Lines' Harvest Caye opened last November, Belize had exactly zero docking facilities for visiting cruise ships. With construction set to open on Michael Feinstein's Stake Bank project [...]

Developer touts greater opportunities for villagers, established workers
A second phase to the project will add two berthing docks and a five-star three hundred-room hotel and water theme park. The Government, represented at the signing by Minister of [...]

Man walks from Ardon Belgrave murder
After four years and six months on remand for the murder of Ardon Belgrave in March 2013, Akeem Augustine, is freed of murder. Belgrave was shot and executed while on [...]

Belizeans felt the Earth move after Chiapas quake
Latest reports say that at least fifty-eight persons have lost their lives following a magnitude eight point one earthquake in Mexico on Thursday night, causing tsunami warnings for countries across [...]

Irma races for Florida, leaving destruction across Northern Caribbean
Since the start of this week we have been showing you the devastation of Hurricane Irma across the Caribbean, particularly the Leeward Islands. St Barthelemy, St Maarten, Barbuda and several [...]

J.P.'s warned not to charge for services
No justice of the peace should be asking people to pay for services they provide for free. That is according to the Attorney General's Ministry, which sent out a statement [...]

Celebrating International Literacy Day
The digital world is changing rapidly as we know. We can get information at our fingertips with just the click of button as long we have access to the internet [...]

Channel Five is the place to be for Carnival!
This Saturday Channel Five will be bringing you a comprehensive and live coverage of the 2017 annual carnival road march. Our coverage starts at one in the afternoon and hosts [...]

The final night of mas camps
Junior and senior bands showed off their costumes on Thursday night at various camps around the city. Four bands were the last to be judged in this season prior to [...]

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LOVE FM Police Officers Charged for Extortion
Thirty seven year old Sergeant of Police Lenancio Bol and 30 year old police constable Daniel Requena, both attached to Precinct three in Belize City, were jointly charged for extortion following an incident that happened on Tuesday September 5. According to an official police release on the incident, on that day the officers detained three [...]

Police Officer in trouble for lashing out the media on Facebook
And while on the topic of police conduct, there is another police officer who has found himself in trouble with the Department's command. His fault was posting on Facebook. While the department doesn't prohibit officers from being on social media, we learned today that there are social media policies they must follow. So what happened? [...]

NWC condemns man-handling of Female Journalist
The National Women's Commission fired off a release this morning expressing outrage over the treatment of female journalist Marisol Amaya. (VO STARTS) The NWC condemns the man-handling of Amaya saying that such acts of assault upon anyone, let alone a woman in the media are a form of gender-based violence that must not be tolerated. [...]

UDP comments on PUP's blocking of Toll Bridge
The Orange Walk UDP Executive Committee says what the PUP staged at the Toll Bridge on Wednesday was quote, "irresponsible, foolish and a wanton disregard for the public safety". End of quote. The UDP is holding Opposition Leader John Briceno and his colleagues responsible for what unfolded on the Toll Bridge. A release from the [...]

Elrington comments on Toll Bridge incident
The public outcry on the incident at the Toll Bridge in Tower Hill Orange Walk continues to dominate conversations this week, even as police have apologized to the media and other persons who were caught in the middle of the chaos. On Thursday, the media spoke with Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington who told [...]

Commissioner of Police on sick leave
Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie is absenting himself from his position for at least two months. He was on one month's leave and is now on another month's sick leave. Is the Ministry concerned that the Police's high command is out of office for so long? Minister of State in the Ministry of Home Affairs [...]

Kareem Augustine walks from murder charge
Kareem Augustine, charged with the murder of Ardon Belgrave, was acquitted of the charge today by Justice Adolph Lucas in a trial without jury. Belgrave was shot and killed on March 19, 2013, on Caesar Ridge Road. In his ruling Justice Lucas said that the Crown has failed to prove beyond a reasonable that it [...]

The Police reassure the public it's safe to celebrate
The September fever continues on Saturday starting early in the morning with the Carnival Jouvert starting at four o'clock and hours later Belizeans converge in the City for the Carnival parade. Today, Assistant Commissioner of Police Edward Broaster, Operations commander and Central Regional Commander Dezerie Magdaleno met with the media to inform the public that [...]

Has the public lost confidence in the Police?
But while ACP Broaster has asked that officers conduct themselves appropriately, he was asked whether the public can indeed feel assured that the police personnel will not in fact engage in the use of excessive and unwarranted force. There was a suggestion that the public may be somewhat nervous around the police at the moment. [...]

Inauguration of Schools
Four schools were inaugurated today down south. The construction of two primary and two preschools in the Stann Creek and Toledo Districts were recently completed. The Government secured a grant valued more than two million dollars from the Caribbean Development Bank under the bank's Basic Needs Trust Fund Programme for the construction of the schools [...]


Mauling Marisol!!
Belizeans across the length and breadth of the nation were stunned after they heard of, or saw the shocking display of excessive police force pointedly used on KREM Radio/TV's stellar news editor, Marisol Amaya, at the Tower Hill Bridge in Orange Walk yesterday. Marisol, who was covering an event, a "protest march against government corruption" organized by the People's United Party, Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition, was grabbed from behind, while doing an interview, and thrown to the ground by Inspector Aaron Gamboa, the Officer Commanding the Special Patrol Unit (SPU). While she was on the ground, another male officer of the SPU, identified as Nicholas Gomez, made an attempt to hit the journalist with his baton. Fortunately, Amaya's colleague from CTV3, Fernando Pier Sanchez, heroically stuck out his hand, thereby saving her from the blow.

In police custody, almost 5 pounds of suspected cocaine turns into sugar!
A Dangriga man who was remanded on a charge of drug trafficking for allegedly having in his possession 2.2 kilos (4.85 pounds) of cocaine, was cleared of the charge this morning when he was brought to court from the Belize Central Prison, where he has been since July 31, when he was arraigned on the charge. Keenan Flores, 23, appeared before Magistrate Aretha Ford, but the magistrate told him that the prosecution had withdrawn the charge against him based on a memorandum that was sent by the Belize Forensic and Science Services, in which the lab declared that the substance that was supposedly cocaine was in fact sugar.

Corruption has reached a peak - enough is enough, say the PUP
The Opposition People's United Party (PUP) today had an impressive turnout after declaring over the weekend that it would march on the town of Orange Walk, home to embattled former UDP Cabinet Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, Margarito Gaspar "Gapi" Vega. Vega's supporters also staged their own gathering in defense of his "honesty" and "integrity." However, the turnout of about fifty persons could not compare to over a thousand PUP protesters from across the country who poured into the town just before 9 o'clock this morning, creating a blue wave at the San Lorenzo Road near the Northern Regional Hospital. From there, the crowd marched peacefully, but loudly, on the Philip Goldson Highway, the Otro Benque Road, Hospital Crescent, Main Street, Bakers Street, Queen Victoria Avenue and finally to Central Park, where a short rally was held.

In Belize, an average of 2 suicides occur each month
Most suicides in Belize don't actually make the news. According to information published this week by the Ministry of Health, Belize has averaged about 2 suicides per month over the past 5 years (2012-2016), whereas there have been an average of 6 suicide attempts a month over the same period. What the data shows is that the vast majority of suicide victims are males (a ratio of 4 males to every female), whereas the vast majority of attempts are made by women (6 in 10 or roughly 60%). For the 5-year span, there were 113 suicides: 75 of them by hanging, 24 by medication or poison, 8 by firearm, 2 by drowning, 2 by cutting blades, and 1 by fire. By location, the bulk of cases were from the Cayo District: 31, followed next in line by the Belize District: 27.

8.0 magnitude earthquake offshore Mexico rocks Belize
Belizeans from Corozal and San Pedro all the way down to the southern parts of the country reported tonight that they felt the shaking caused for several minutes by an 8.0 magnitude earthquake which happened offshore Chiapas, Mexico, at around 10:50 p.m. Belize City, followed by powerful aftershocks. The earthquake-which had its epicenter in the Pacific Ocean, 60 miles southwest of Pijijiapan, just north of the Mexico-Guatemala border and 6.2 miles below the surface at 15.13 N latitude and 93.95 W longitude-is said to have caused "slightly damaging effects" in Mexico, where people fled buildings in the capital city amid the earthquake. The quake was also felt in neighboring Guatemala.

Warriors on Wheels founder, Mary Alisa Franklin, brings campaign to Belize
Unless you've spent a day in a wheelchair, you very likely cannot begin to fathom the everyday challenges with which a paraplegic has to contend on a regular basis. Imagine having to crawl up the stairway to get into a plane because help is refused, as was the case with a man in Japan, to enable safe boarding onto a commercial flight! And imagine the dread of being carried down wobbly stairs from an aircraft, just because a lift, which would make for safer conveyance, is unavailable. Provisions to enable people with diverse abilities to move around as independently as possible are fundamental to ensuring that these persons can go where they want to go, when they need to go. It is their right to seek and demand the fullest human existence possible.

WW Albert Street Criterium 2017 results
Here are the results from the September Criterium races held yesterday, Sunday, September 3, on the Albert & Regent Street circuits. Races started at 1:00 p.m. Categories included Weekend Warriors (WW) "C", "B" and "A," as well as Cycling Federation of Belize, (CFB) Juniors and Elites. Weekend Warriors "C" (10 laps): 1st place - Steve Gill (Smart, 28:38); 2nd Taralee Ordonez (Kulture Megabytes); 3rd Kaylen Gillett (Kulture Megabytes); 4th Anthea Sutherland (Team BFSC); and 5th Karl Mahler (unattached). Weekend Warriors "B" (15 laps): 1st place - Marvin Hyde (unattached, 49:25); 2nd Santino Castillo (Santino's, st); 3rd Ryan Willoughby (Valvoline); 4th Mark Reid (Santino's); 5th Gilberto Acosta (Santino's); 6th Raymond Hyde (Santino's); 7th Ruthford Cunningham (Spinnaz); and 8th Ian Abraham (Smart). 3 other riders failed to finish.

Dangriga sports stats
The Dangriga Basketball Association (DBA) U-21 semifinals took place at the Ecumenical Auditorium on Saturday, September 2. In the semifinals game 1, Harlem Shockers prevailed, 61-52, over Foreshore Pelicans. For Harlem Shockers, Donell Arzu had 24 pts, Howard Arzu 17 pts 12 rebs, and Dylan Flores 5 pts 11 rebs; while for Foreshore Pelicans it was Lesley Williams 20 pts 12 rebs, Deon Castillo 12 pts 8 rebs, and Erwin Middleton 9 pts 3 rebs. Dangriga Town Council, in conjunction with Dangriga Amateur Cycling Association, along with the Dangriga Town Council September Celebrations Executive, will be hosting the first annual Mayor's Cycling Classic, which will be a Criterium, 10 laps around Dangriga Town, on Monday, September 11, that will be a public and bank holiday.

With the # 1 seeded Dragons winning their semifinal match-up, 84-76, over Tuff E Nuff on Saturday night; and the defending champs, Belize Bank Bulldogs wrapping up their semifinal leg over Central Health by the final score of 81-73, we're about to get a finals dream match-up with the #1 seed facing the #2 seed. While a number of the Dragons players have played in the finals before, from a team name perspective, this is the first time they will be in the finals; and on the other hand, the Bulldogs will be looking to complete a three-peat for the first time, a feat which has never been attained in this modern version of Interoffice Basketball.

Measured steps forward for FFB, after more hiccups in 3rd Extraordinary Congress on Saturday
The media is not welcome inside the room at Football Federation of Belize (FFB) Congress meetings; and after over five hours of their closed door session this past Saturday morning, September 2, at the Princess Ramada hotel, Acting-President Marlon Kuylen answered questions from the press on the obstacles crossed at the Congress and those still in the way of the Federation. On the plus side, Kuylen reported that, as opposed to the completely failed Ordinary Congress in late June of this year, when a quorum of members could not be achieved, this past Saturday's Extraordinary Congress enjoyed one hundred per cent attendance from members of the Federation. But that was still not enough to successfully complete all the agenda items proposed to be settled at the meeting.

Editorial: Who gave the order?
Our feeling at this newspaper is that a civilian politician gave the order for KREM Radio/TV News Editor, Marisol Amaya, to be manhandled and abused on the Tower Hill Bridge on Wednesday afternoon, September 6, 2017. There is, of course, the possibility that Inspector of Police, Aaron Gamboa, who did the actual manhandling, and was videotaped doing so, acted on his own initiative, as commander of the Special Patrol Unit (security forces). Whether he acted on his own initiative or was following orders from a superior, Inspector Gamboa made a mistake which will haunt him for the rest of his life. A few months ago, May 18, 2017, to be exact, during a hearing of the Senate Select Committee which is investigating the various scandals at the Immigration Department, Brian Audinett, an activist of the ruling United Democratic Party (UDP) who is their sergeant-at-arms in the House of Representatives, assaulted the aforementioned Marisol Amaya, who was covering those hearings and was responding as a professional journalist to an uproar in the gallery led by UDP Chairman, Alberto August.

A Francis Arana Independence essay submitted by his son, John
Editor Amandala, Warm greetings. If you can, could you please publish sometime this month the Independence Essay "Independence is just the beginning" attached, written by my late father, Frank Arana, in 1981 before the discovery of oil in Spanish Lookout and Never Delay and before the discovery of gold in the Ceibo Chico. As a backstory, my Dad was affected by "pink eye" and was at home when he became aware of the Independence Essay competition and since he was on sick leave decided to participate and won the second prize. Thanks very much. Best regards,

"Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth." (Buddha)
Here's a statement that's not even controversial any more, but needs to be said: From top to bottom the GOB oligarchy is little more than a criminal enterprise. Period. The expression "thick as thieves", meaning "partners in crime", seems particularly appropriate when describing the Dishonorable's who haunt the halls in Belmopan, and who are recognizable by their lack of a moral or ethical compass. If you believed that the Government was honest and fair-minded you'd be the only one! What I find bedeviling is why Belizeans are not more outraged over the criminal behavior emanating from every opaque and corrupt Ministry. "What it is, is what it is" (there's a credible assurance that nothing will be done) indeed Mr. Barrow, and that would be a country without a leader who believes in Truth and Justice, Truth and Accountability, who is blind to Lies and Obfuscation; a morally bankrupt country. If there is no justice then the meaning of life is lost, and in order to get justice, you need to have truth.

The etymology of the name "Belize"
According to legend (no proof available), the name "Belize" is a corruption of the name of one Peter Wallace, a buccaneer who sometime in the 1600's was driven from the island of Tortuga by the Spaniards, but then sailed west, arriving at the mouth of what is now the Haulover Creek (not the mouth of the Belize River), where he set up a camp. It is alleged that the Spaniards called the "river" Valis or Balis; this legend is attributed to the Dominican priest, Fray Jose Delgado. There is also the suggestion that "Belize" is derived from the French word balise, or beacon. E. O. Winzerling, in his book "The Beginning of British Honduras 1506-1765," suggested that French corsairs were in the area before 1600 and others have suggested that they used to mark channels through the mangroves with "beacons." The most plausible or reasonable hypothesis is that "Belize" is of Maya origin, at least most scholars are of that view, and my most believable is that of the late Dr. Eric Thompson, the world-renowned anthropologist and hieroglyphics expert credited with cracking the Maya code.

A tale of two mysteries
Belize originally should have been politically independent in the mid 1960s; at least that was what the UK hoped during the government of Prime Minister Alec Douglas-Home. The Prime Minster wanted to join the European Common Market and his chances would have been improved without the encumbrance of colonial territories. However, Alec Douglas-Home was Prime Minister for less than a year, so his successor, PM Harold Wilson, had to continue the task which was first offered to Colonial Secretary, Anthony Greenwood (he came to Belize in October of 1965 to inaugurate the city of Belmopan). Greenwood refused the offer and threatened to resign if his hand was forced. He was moved to Ministry of Overseas Development and Duncan Sandys accepted the post of Colonial Secretary and was able to get rid of eleven colonies. Belize would have been #12 but for the territorial dispute with the Republic of Guatemala. Sandys was eager to do the job and in a secret memo to his staff he is quoted as saying, "Britain has no desire to hold on to her remaining colonies a day longer than is necessary. Politically, they involve much unwelcome controversy with the outside world and economically we draw no profit from our sovereignty."

Right to the Point
I had seen a notice that the PUP were holding an anti-corruption march in Orange Walk and wanted to attend. I wanted to attend because I am tired of the passive nature of our people in the face of all this corruption and it's like at the core we are all corrupt and are comfortable in it. I honestly did not mind that it was a political party that was doing it, even though I am not a supporter of that party and really have only had a card membership in the United Democratic Party. Nevertheless, I am fully aware that Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition needs to act, otherwise it is best they be removed as the official opposition in our government, as they too form part of our system of governance and cannot continue to fail us in denouncing the ills and corruption of this Barrow/Vega/Faber administration. I know lots of people cannot appreciate this finer point of our governance because they are too caught up in the divide-and rule political tribalism... but I am beyond that... I can stand with the PUP against corruption in a rally, and I know that my standing alongside them does not mean I join their party or even would wish to be a card-carrying member.

Ambush in San Pedro; one dead, one hospitalized
Rudolph Pitts, 36, a maintenance worker at a resort in northern San Pedro, was found dead at about 3:30 this afternoon in some bushes off a back road in northern San Pedro, with 4 gunshot wounds in his chest and abdomen. San Pedro police were looking for Pitts after he was reported missing after 8:30 last night by his friend and co-worker Edgar Lopez, 22, of San Pedro, also a maintenance worker at the same resort. Lopez told police that he and Pitts were walking on a back road in northern San Pedro at about 8:30 last night when three men came out of the bushes and opened fire on them.

Miss Jane celebrates 100th birthday
Dr. Jane Ellen Usher (nationally and affectionately known as Miss Jane), the longest running Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in the country, and the Caribbean, today celebrated her 100th birthday. Miss Jane, who lives on the Philip Goldson Highway, has been CEO of the Holy Redeemer Credit Union (HRCU), the largest and most asset-rich credit union in the country - with assets of over $501.2 million dollars and a record 50,564 members - since 1956. True to her spirit, Miss Jane spent her birthday at work at HRCU, on Hydes Lane, where she initially worked as a clerk when she joined the organization in 1944. On her birthday, she said she feels truly blessed to have reached this milestone of 100 years. She loves to go to her workplace, where she gets the opportunity to talk to staff members and of course, the member-owners of HRCU. She says she is humbled to be at the forefront as CEO of the largest credit union in Belize, which is also among the largest in the Caribbean region.

Back from hiatus, Senate Special Select Committee calls Immigration Director Diana Locke
The Senate Special Select Committee commissioned to probe into the latest immigration controversy unearthed by a 3-volume audit into the issuance of Belizean visas, nationality, and passports by Belize's Auditor General Dorothy Bradley, ended its hiatus when it called Immigration Director Diana Locke to appear this afternoon inside the National Assembly in Belmopan. Locke spoke of continued challenges even as they have moved to put new systems in place to curb acts of impropriety. Senator for the business community, Mark Lizarraga, asked Locke: "We have heard quite a bit about this culture of corruption that existed in this Department. Was this your experience when you came to the department, Director; did you encounter a culture of corruption?"

Road collision claims the life of Joaquin Viamill, 38
Joaquin Viamill, 38, a businessman of Carmelita, Orange Walk District, lost his life at about 7:30 last night in a traffic accident on the Philip Goldson Highway. Viamill and his wife, Julissa, 37, were traveling in their SUV from Orange Walk to Belize City when on arriving near Mile 15, Viamill, who was driving, lost control of the vehicle, which overturned several times and landed on top of Viamill, who was thrown out when it flipped. People who saw the accident moved the SUV off Viamill. Viamill suffered massive head and body injuries and reportedly died immediately.

The Reporter

Man crashes and dies while racing on motorcycle
A man lost his life earlier tonight in a motorcycle accident in the Orange Walk district. Police say that at around 6:30 p.m., they received information of a traffic accident on the Progreso road, about a mile from the junction with Copper Bank. When they […]

HRCU’s Mrs Jane Usher celebrates a century
Tuesday September 5, 2017 marked an important milestone in the life of well-known Belizean Icon, Dr. Jane Ellen Usher as she celebrated 100-years-of life on earth, of which she has dedicated most of her years to serving the people of Belize. Born as Jane Ellen […]

Hurricane Irma wreaks havoc on Caribbean islands; 2 more on the way!
Hurricane Irma – the most powerful hurricane ever recorded over the Atlantic Ocean – wreaked havoc over parts of the northern Caribbean as a Category 5 monster hurricane, with heavy rains and maximum sustained winds of 185 mph this week. Irma ripped through Barbuda, St. […]

GOB says Hurricane Harvey to blame for new gas price hikes
The price per gallon of gasoline in Belize is about to go even higher, and the Government of Belize says that the increase is due to Hurricane Harvey, which hit the United States earlier this month. GOB issued a statement on Monday, explaining that the […]

Churches against celebrating the 10th on the 10th
The much anticipated September celebrations in Belize have officially kicked off countrywide, however the Belize Council of Churches is demanding that the 10th of September celebration not be observed on the 10th on account of it falling on a Sunday. The Council expressed its dismay […]

Aaliyah Ysaguirre wins Queen of Bay 2017
Miss Stann Creek Aaliyah Ysaguirre returned the Queen of the Bay crown to the culture capital Dangriga for the third consecutive year, as she won the judges' approval with her eloquence and poise, when the Queen of the Bay committee held 72nd annual pageant at Birds Isle last Saturday night, […]

Man crushed to death in tragic accident, wife survives
A 37-year-old Carmelita village reisdent, Julissa Villamil, is recovering from injuries to her leg while mourning her husband, Joaquin Villamil, 38, who was crushed to death in an accident between miles 14 and 15 of the Philip Goldson highway on Wednesday night. According to police, […]

Police find 2 explosives in less than four days!
Police searches conducted in two abandoned lots between Saturday and Wednesday morning have unearthed two explosive devices capable of causing mass casualties if they were to be detonated in a public setting. The most recent device at around 1:15 Wednesday morning is a hand grenade […]

Family fear mounts for missing Belize City teenager
The family of 17-year-old Erwin Paulino Rodriguez are becoming increasingly worried after the teen went missing last week and has not been heard from since. The family carried out a weekend search in the area know as Dyke off Fabers Road in Belize City and […]

US citizen issued with NIP for traffic fatality on the Buena Vista Road
San Ignacio police have issued a Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP) to a US citizen after she allegedly knocked down and killed an elderly man on the Buena Vista road early Tuesday morning. The woman, identified as 20-year-old Jessica Miller, was detained at the police […]

The Billion-Dollar Question: How to fill Belize's Credit Gap?
There are some things that become so cliché that the reminder of their existence is often void of its original effect. This is true for several things, including the discussion on how to accelerate business growth in Belize. More specifically, we often hear the phrase: "Micro, Small and Medium-sized businesses […]

Taiwan donates $100,000 to Police for equipment
The officers of the Belize Police Department will soon be better outfitted to carry out their work more effectively through a donation of $100,000 from Taiwan. The donation was made during a signing ceremony on Thursday at the Raccoon Street Police Station for a technical […]

New Honorary Consul of Canada appointed to Belize
The High Commissioner of Canada to Belize, Deborah Chatsis, has recently announced that Lynn Young has been appointed as the Honorary Consul of Canada resident to Belize. The appointment was facilitated by His Excellency the Governor General of Belize Honorable Colville Young, after the Belize […]

Land dispute in Las Flores escalates
Las Flores community members took to the streets in protest on Thursday, demanding that Belmopan Mayor, Khalid Belisle, return the land that houses St. Michael’s Roman Catholic School, which the Belmopan City Council (BCC) had sold. Two days after BCC announced the parties had reached “an amicable […]

PUP Protesters teargassed!
Party supporters of both the United Democratic Party (PUP) and the People’s United Party (PUP) made political statements on Wednesday when they staged rallies in support of the two political figures in Orange Walk North, Gaspar Vega for the UDP and Ramon Cervantes for the […]

Policeman roughs up journalist
Wednesday’s rallies in Orange Walk did not go without incident. A senior media representative, Krem’s News Director, Marisol Amaya, was assaulted and dragged away by a policeman while conducting an interview. The policeman grew impatient when the media representatives, who were in the middle of […]

Social Security Board headed for disaster
The Social Security Board (SSB) said this week, that the fund could collapse in four years if there isn’t an increase in contributions. The SSB held a media mixer this week, giving a breakdown in its financials, and explaining the importance of revisiting the contribution scheme. The […]

Health officials battle surgery crisis in the north
The Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital Authority (KHMHA) has gone on record to say that it has not rejected any referral surgeries from the Northern Regional Hospital despite claims it has, during an equipment issue that rendered the NRH unable to perform surgeries requiring anesthesia. The KHMHA emphasized […]

Police assure safe September celebrations
The senior command of the Belize Police Department has assured that the Department will do all in its power to ensure that members of the public are safe during the September celebrations. Assistant Commissioner of Police, Edward Boraster, along with Assistant Commissioner of Police Desiree [...]

Massive earthquake kills dozens in Mexico
At least 33 people have been confirmed dead after an earthquake measuring magnitude 8.2 on the Richter scale struck Mexico's Pacific coastline last night. The earthquake struck at around 10:50 p.m., local time, about 54 miles south-west of Pijijiapan. Mexican media houses report severe damages [...]

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Deaf mute man remanded to prison for aggravated assault with a firearm
Forty one year old, Gaylon Foreman, a deaf mute with a swollen genital condition, was hauled into #2 Magistrate's court this afternoon in Belize City. He could barely walk but still showed up to answer to the charge of aggravated assault with a firearm which was read to him with the assistance of an interpreter.

Elvis Aldana busted with weed at Magistrate Court
Elvis Aldana, 26, a fisherman of Rivero Street in Belize City, today was busted as he attempted to smuggle weed in a burger to an inmate in the cell at the Magistrate Court.He was taken before Magistrate Aretha Ford where he was read a charge of possession of a controlled drug.

BPP condemns police and calls for apology to Marisol Amaya
The Belize Progressive Party (BPP) has joined the voices of all concerned Belizeans who saw or heard about the man handling of KREMANDALA journalist and editor, Marisol Amaya, who was assaulted by police for no reason while documenting the PUP's protest at Tower Hill Bridge in Orange Walk.

Senate hearing winding down
The Government of Belize is discontinuing funding for the Senate Special Select Committee, leading the inquiry into the Auditor General's Special Audit Report on the Immigration and Nationality Department. Prime Minister Dean Barrow, in a letter written on August 3, told the Clerk of the National Assembly, Eddie Webster to serve notice about the funding coming to an end.

Women's commission stand with KREM editor, Marisol Amaya
The National Women's Commission (NWC) has joined the Opposition, Special Envoy for Women and Children, as well as KREMANDALA and other bodies in condemning the man handling of KREM Editor Marisol Amaya.

Jose strengthened to "dangerous" Category 4 Hurricane
The National Hurricane Center (NHC) is also monitoring Hurricane Jose in the Atlantic. Hurricane Jose was strengthened today to an extremely dangerous category 4 hurricane. As of this morning 11, the eye of Hurricane Jose was located near latitude 16.3 North, longitude 57.1 West. Jose is moving toward the west-northwest near 18 mph (30 km/h).

He stashed the weed in a sandwich
A teenager attempting to smuggle weed in a sandwich to a friend in a cell in Belize City was busted by police. Love FM reported that Tibruce Street resident, Jamie Williams, 19, gave police the sandwich yesterday afternoon to give to his friend.

Hurricane Katia to make landfall in Mexico tomorrow
The National Hurricane Center (NHC) is reporting that as of 11 am today, the center of Hurricane Katia was located near latitude 21.0 North and longitude 95.8 West. Hurricane Katia is the sixth hurricane of the 2017 season and it is expected to make landfall in Mexico on Saturday. Katia is currently a Category 2 Hurricane.

Increased police activity in San Pedro deter idle teen gang
San Pedro residents are breathing a sigh of relief due to effective policing in their municipality. At the end of last month several residents had reported on Facebook that they were attacked by a gang of teenagers. The attacks mostly occurred at night and were directed towards persons driving golf carts.

2.2 kilos of cocaine tested turned out to be sugar
Dangriga resident, Keenan Flores, 23, was jailed since July 31, after he was busted with what appeared to be 2.2 kilos of cocaine. However, when he appeared before Magistrate Aretha Ford on Wednesday, the charge of drug trafficking was withdrawn and he was freed. That is because when the Forensic Department tested the substance purported to have been cocaine, it was simply sugar.

Latest update on Hurricane Irma
The National Hurricane Center (NHC) is closely monitoring Hurricanes Irma, Katia and Jose in the Atlantic. As of 11 this morning, the eye of Hurricane Irma was located near latitude 22.0 North and longitude 75.3 West. Irma is moving toward the west-northwest near 14 miles per hour and this motion is expected to continue for the next day or so with a decrease in forward speed. A turn toward the northwest is expected by late Saturday.

Smart donates school supplies in Santa Elena Town
Yesterday, Smart distributed school bags and supplies to 60 students at the Santa Elena Primary School in Cayo District.

Shotgun stolen from Cane field in Orange Walk
On Wednesday, September 6, 2017,Nasario Mendez, 71, a farmer of Douglas Village, Orange Walk reported [...]

Grocery store in PG robbed at gun point
Last night around 8:24, Hong Zhan, 23, a businessman of corner Cemetery Street and West Street, Punta Gorda reported that while he was inside his store - Happy's Store, two masked men ran inside his store.

Elodio Aragon apologizes but gives his account of Wednesday's protest
Following the mayhem on the Toll Bridge in Orange Walk Town where a journalist and PUP leaders were assaulted, Minister of State in Home Affairs, Elodio Aragon, apologized but provided his account of what transpired.

Is your vote secret? Derek Aikman says no!
Belizeans United For Equal Rights at Home and in the Diaspora (BUFERHD), led by former [...]

KREM denounces attack against Marisol Amaya; calls on all media houses to stand against attack
Yesterday evening, KREM Radio and TV and Amandala issued a statement denouncing the attack against [...]


Remembering Our Father of Democracy: Philip S.W. Goldson
He was a politician, a journalist, a man of faith, a family man, but most importantly, a National Hero. The legacy of Philip Stanley Wilberforce Goldson forms one of the pillars of Belizean history. Known as the Father of Democracy, Philip Goldson dedicated his life to making Belize a better place for all. Growing up, we learned much about Philip Goldson's contributions to society in grade school, but it's always exciting to revisit the knowledge! He was born on July 25, 1923 in the former capital, Belize City, to Florence Matilda Goldson and Peter Edward Goldson during the colonial era, when Belize was known as the British Honduras. He became a leading figure during the Nationalist Movement, and was in National Government between 1950 and 2001. Goldson never faltered in his work towards improving his country, and today he is best known for his position in defense of Belize's sovereignty with respect to the unfounded Guatemalan territorial claim.

Following friends through rehab - Mitch returns for Innie's release
I'll always remember the day I first met Innie, then a young Yucatan black howler monkeys at Wildtracks, and the moment he leapt onto my neck and purred in my ear. Looking back it was a pretty life-changing moment. It led to me returning to Wildtracks again and again and again. I've met so many truly incredible people, monkeys, and manatees during my summers here, but I'd be lying if I didn't admit that Innie is a little extra special to me. When I first met him he was a tiny baby with a broken arm, the only monkey of his age group at Wildtracks. Affectionate, seemingly confident (as long as his carers were nearby to back him up), and prone to mood swings, he was a handful, but everyone adored him. Then along came Vicky, a pudgy gorilla-like baby with an attitude and confidence that put Innie's to shame. Thus, a new troop was formed. Now "Innie and co." consists of Innie, Vicky, Maggie, and Finn...and they are one of the troops moving to freedom in Fireburn this year.

September fun events, Belize Hurricane stats, and other Belize news!
This has been a very stressful hurricane season for the Caribbean as we all know by now. It has led to a lot of panic throughout the region, and if you happen to be traveling to the Caribbean right now, you are probably not very happy about your timing. I wanted to take a look at Belize's hurricane history to find out your chances of being impacted during hurricane season here. Placencia itself was touched by Hurricane Earl in 2016, and was massively damaged by Hurricane Iris in 2001. There aren't too many reports of major hits in the 100 years before this - minor to moderate damage in the 1940's and once in the 1960's. So if you look at a specific village - the chances of that specific village getting hit are still pretty low - so, statistically - I would not plan your vacation around it!!

Magnificent Mangroves
When on your Tropic flight in Belize, if you look below you are bound to spot the Mangroves that make up much of the coast and the Cayes of our country. Mangroves are amazing trees. They are important to our eco - system in so many ways. They protect coastal areas from erosion, storm surge (especially during hurricanes) and tsunamis. Their massive root system is efficient at dissipating wave action and they slow down tidal water enough that its sediment is deposited as the tide comes in, leaving all except fine particles when the tides ebbs. In this way mangroves build their own environment, increasing land mass from mangrove swamp into low laying land. They spread by emitting aerial roots which fasten in the salty mud and eventually become new stems. This intricate root system makes these "forests" particularly attractive to fish as they act as feeding and nursery grounds to approximately 74 species of fish here in Belize. They also provide feeding and habitat to many of the birds, reptiles and mammals that you may see on your vacation.

"We Are Family" in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize
What do you do on a Tuesday afternoon on Ambergris Caye ? You go to a wedding, that's what.Rose and I have known Solomon and Diani for a few years now and were there when Solomon proposed. And Diani accepted. We joined everyone else in toasting them (again and again and again ) afterwards. He said that they would get married in August. We didn't think a great deal more about this until a few weeks ago when we were given our wedding invitation. Tuesday 29 August, 4.30 pm on the beach near Banyan Bay. "Get there early", we were told, "It will start on time". Yeh right, I thought. But Rose was insistent. So we set off from home with time to spare. Or so I thought. The journey there took longer than I remembered and it seemed that the roads were full of Sunday drivers ! But we made it. Just. I quickly parked the 'cart. Locked it up (cartjackers are no respecters of weddings) and quickly got the camera out. But only just in time. The bride had arrived.

The Belize Zoo - Top Tips Before You Go
Guided tours are available in both English and Spanish, and visitors will be able to see, touch, and learn more about the many animals that call Belize home. Visitors will also be able to take unforgettable photographs next to the zoo's ambassadors, including Junior Buddy the jaguar, Runt the Keel-billed Toucan, Indy the tapir, and Panama the harpy eagle. Other animals at the zoo include gibnuts ("royal rats"), margays, ocelots, coatis, kinkajous ("night walkers"), toucans, king vultures, macaws, giant jabiru storks, endangered Morelet's crocodiles, colorful tree frogs, coral snakes, and boa constrictor snakes. Far different from a traditional zoo, the Belize Zoo is proud of its role in helping to further the conservation efforts of the country. Every year, the Belize Zoo helps rescue, rehabilitate, and protect injured and orphaned animals. The Belize Zoo is also the first facility in the country to be completely accessible for reduced mobility visitors, giving everyone a chance to learn more about the wildlife and plants that make the country such a beautiful, natural paradise.

Top Beach Destinations in Belize
If you're planning on visiting Belize, it is very likely that your top priority is finding a great beach location to unwind, relax, and enjoy the sand between your toes and the cool sea breeze against your face as you stare at crystalline blue waters. This desire is very natural, after all, many people believe that Belize is actually a Caribbean island. Well, if you're interested in finding the best beach destination in Belize, you've come to the right place because below I will list 5 of the top beach destinations in the country.

September Celebrations in Belize - Things to do and a brief history of Independence Day
September is one of the best time to be in Belize. It's the tourism off-season, which means cheaper prices on accommodations and tours, and you can also partake in the patriotic September Celebrations. The most important date is September 21st, which is Belize's Independence Day, but for almost two weeks leading up to that day, there are many festivities throughout the country. In early Belize history, the country was under Spanish rule, but Spain did not actually control the area due to the belief that the country did not have sufficient resources worth exploiting. Spain allowed British settlers into the area, and the settlers eventually gained a large presence. After some time, Spain regretted the large British presence and asked them to leave, however, the settlers did not comply and a war was waged.

International Sourcesizz

8.2 earthquake strikes coast of Mexico, tsunami warning triggered
A massive 8.2-magnitude earthquake hit off the coast of southern Mexico, toppling buildings and homes in various states and killing at least five people, including two children. The U.S. Geological Survey said the quake struck at 11:49 p.m. Thursday local time and its epicenter was 102 miles west of Tapachula in southern Chiapas state not far from Guatemala. It had a depth of 22 miles. Authorities in Chiapas said at least three people were killed, while officials in Tabasco state reported the two children killed. Tabasco Gov. Arturo Nunez said that one of the children died when a wall collapsed, and the other was a baby who died in a children's hospital that lost electricity, cutting off the supply to the infant's ventilator. In Chiapas, Gov. Manuel Velasco told Milenio TV that the deaths occurred in San Cristobal de las Casas. He also said that the quake damaged hospitals and schools.

Author to launch Belize's first writers conference
She's on a mission to reinvent literary history. Belizean writer and author Joey Garcia is launching her country's first ever writers conference next spring. The Belize Writers Conference is set for April 23-28, 2018 and is going to give 30 writers a chance to a retreat on a resort and receive advice from literary experts about their work. It will be the first time a gathering of such is happening because in the past there were meetups for writers but none bigger summits, said Garcia. "There have been maybe one or two writing workshops but I did all the research and none has ever been held," she said. And as a writer she also took notice that other Caribbean countries in the region are well-known for their literature leaving out Belize.

Harvest Caye, Belize: the island for adrenaline junkies
We slip slowly into Harvest Caye, passing stretches of mangrove swamp on this island outpost of Belize. What appears to be an old lighthouse, standing at 130ft, is one of the tallest buildings in this little Central American nation, topped, so it's said, only by the Mayan pyramids that dot the interior. Then there's a shriek, not from a gaily coloured toucan but from a gaudily dressed human launching off the canopy-top zip wire. The "lighthouse" turns out to be the Flighthouse, zip-wire central on this tiny island. Welcome to Harvest Caye, a mix of beach, palm trees and brightly painted little stores run by locals that is the creation of Norwegian Cruise Line and opened only late last year. It's a pop-up island - each...

Ancient Maya May Have Foreseen Meteor Showers
Modern astronomical techniques have uncovered clues to a possible facet of Mayan astronomy from nearly 2 millennia ago not found in surviving records. Using state-of-the-art computer models, an amateur historian and a professional astronomer have found evidence that many important societal events recorded in Mayan hieroglyphic inscriptions may coincide with outbursts of meteor showers related to Halley's Comet. In newly published research, the two-person research team has found more than a dozen instances of hieroglyphic records from the Mayan Classic Period (250-909 CE) indicating that important events occurred within just a few days of an outburst of Eta Aquariid meteor showers, one of the celestial displays tied to the comet. No Mayan astronomical records from that period survived the Spanish invasion, and the four surviving Mayan codices from later eras do not mention meteor showers. However, the researchers suspect that many significant historical events that coincided with meteor showers, like a ruler's assumption of power or a declaration of war recorded in the codices and carved in stone monuments, are not chance overlaps.


  • Swimmers see shark feeding frenzy from the inside, 1min. Snorkelers in Belize flock to a shark and stingray sanctuary called Shark Ray Alley. They are given the rare opportunity to swim among a large group of hungry nurse sharks. These 10 foot beasts appear ferocious but they are really gentle and curious and they will allow swimmers to join them as they compete for scraps of fish that are dropped from the boat. Although they are capable of biting, like any shark, their mouths are not designed for the same kind of flesh ripping and tearing as some of their more aggressive cousins. These sharks have skin that feels like sandpaper and they bump the swimmers and push past them in their hurry to get the scraps. The swimmers are careful to keep their hands away from the sharks' mouth and they wear wetsuits if they expect to be in close to the action. Although perfectly safe, being so close to dozens of big and hungry sharks is a very exhilarating experience.

  • What to prep for a Hurricane, 36min.

  • Barber shop lyrics, 2min.

  • Tribute to T.V.Ramos, 2.5min. Thomas Vincent Ramos founded Garifuna settlement day November 19th. The reenactment is celebrated yearly in Belize, Central America.The other people in this video contributed to the betterment of the Garifuna Nation!

  • Diving Belize, 11min.

  • COldstream Guards: Belize 2017, 2min. Training and rehearsing of Instinctive Shooting and 4 man contact drills as part of the build up training at the start of the exercise.

  • ATM Cave & Xunantunich with Mayawalk Tours, 5.5min. In this vlog (3 days worth) we ride horses to the Xunantunich ruins, tour the ATM Cave in Belize, and travel for 12 hours from Belize to Tulum, Mexico!

  • Gillnets are indiscriminate, 1min. They don't allow live release of creatures that should be--like pregnant sharks. We were alerted by Amigos del Mar, a partner San Pedro tour boat company, that they came across a net over 500ft long that had caught a very large (15ft+) female tiger shark (possibly pregnant as she was very thick) and one other shark as they traveled back to San Pedro from Lighthouse Reef Atoll. The net had no tag indicating it was not registered and therefore illegal, it was far longer than regulation, also illegal, and also reveals that shark fishing is taking place during the closed shark fishing season and is therefore also illegal. Nets are difficult to enforce and they kill indiscriminately both protected and unprotected species. Amigo's guests had had an amazing day where they saw a sperm whale, dolphins, live sharks and many fish...and then they saw this. They were all very upset, with some in tears. And this is the image with which they will leave Belize. The guides said this was the largest tiger they had seen and mentioned how much they wish they could see one alive while diving but until now had never had that opportunity as there are so few tiger sharks seen in Belize.

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