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The San Pedro Sun

Stakeholders meet to discuss Belize’s National Oil Spill Contingency Plan
The Department of Environment (DOE) held a meeting at the Radisson Fort George Hotel, with the aim of updating Belize’s National Oil Spill Contingency Plan. Held from September 5th to the 7th, those in attendance included representatives from governmental and non- governmental agencies, as well as members from conservation communities. According to the DOE, it is the responsibility of all relevant agencies to plan and co-operate, since working closely together will ensure proper disaster risk management and protection of Belize’s terrestrial, aquatic and marine environment. The updating of Belize’s National Oil Spill Contingency Plan is important in strengthening Belize’s oil spill response capabilities by drawing on the knowledge and skills of all agencies. Throughout the meeting the discussion was based on how to develop and maintain preparedness to effectively respond to oil spill

SIB report indicates the cost of living is on the rise
The Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB) released a report on August 30th, citing a rise in the cost of living for Belizeans. Figures released by the statistical institute show that the price of the goods and services regularly purchased by Belizean households were 0.6 % higher than they were at the same period in 2016. In addition, for the first seven months of 2017, a year-to-date inflation rate of 1.4 % has been recorded. SIB further reported that the total value of Belize’s domestic exports for the month of June 2017 was $36.8 million, down 30.2 % or $15.9 million from the $52.7 million recorded in June 2016. The SIB reported that a decrease in exports may have led to the increase in the cost of living in the country. Also, an increase in imports could have led to it, since taxes are imposed to all these imported products and most products consumed by Belizeans are foreign products. The items that went up, according to the SIB, are food and beverages, transport, fuels and housing miscellaneous such as electricity, water, rents etc. The San Pedro Sun spoke to owners of different businesses on the island, who explained that indeed the prices of the products are coming in higher than before, and the only thing they can do to make a profit is to increase the prices as well.

Misc Belizean Sources


Belize's grand Carnival continues!

Junior Bands kick off 2017 Carnival Road March!

Only pictures take from our parade last night if you have any please feel free to add in comments. Thank you to Atlantic Bank, Ocean Academy, C.C.R.C. School, La Isla Carinosa Academy, St Francis Xavier Credit Union for participating.

Our Children's bicycle parade was held yesterday. Thank you to all our participants.

Jen's Dog Grooming on Caye Caulker moving location
Jen's Dog Grooming will be moving on Tuesday Sept 12th to Bahia. I will be taking appointments at the current location for Monday Sept 11th. Reopening in the new location on Wednesday the 13th. Message me if you need anything for your pups!!!

Military Parade in Belmopan this morning
The coolest ever. Ready to serve and protect. Even the helicopters came out.

SHAME: Designated Stann Creek Queen of the Bay, Aaliyah Ysaguirre REMOVED
It is with heavy hearts that we, the Stann Creek Queen of the Bay Committee, express our disappointment in the actions by the National Queen of the Bay Committee to remove Ms. Stann Creek Aaliyah Ysaguirre as Queen Designate. We are extremely shocked that after being selected on pageant night as the rightful winner that there would be a subsequent secret judging five days later unknown to the Stann Creek committee who stood to lose the most. We would like to inform the public of the following: The National Queen of the Bay Committee, nor the Orange Walk Committee never informed us that there was a challenged lodged against the decision of the judges. We are appalled to learn that there was an emergency meeting with the Orange Walk committee where they clarified that they wanted the pageant reassess and scores changed, obviously in favour of their candidate.

Job Opening at BEL
A vacancy exists at Belize Electricity Limited for the post of Programmer Analyst in the Information & Communication Systems Department (Belize City).

Carnival J'ouvert 2017!

The Reporter

Miss Dangriga will be crowned Queen of the Bay instead of Miss Orange Walk!
Chairman of the September Celebrations, Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber has over-ruled a decision made Friday by the National September Celebrations Committee. Faber, on his Facebook page tonight, announced that Miss Dangriga, Aaliyah Ysaguirre, will be crowned Queen of the Bay 2017, instead of Miss Orange Walk, Esmeralda Cal. Faber’s decision came after a meeting earlier tonight with the Stann Creek Queen of the Bay Committee, which asked him to intervene following the decision late Friday by the National Queen of the Bay Committee. In his Facebook post, Faber said: “Queen of the Bay coordinator Zenaida Moya was disrespectful and left the meeting without providing the right evidence that supported a queen other than Miss Stann Creek to take the crown tomorrow!”

Carnival road march 2017 hits the streets
Six senior and seven junior bands gave their best performances to thousands of spectators today, as the 2017 Carnival Road March moved through the streets of Belize City. Competitors in the Junior division included: Black Pearl, Sunshine Masqueraders, Mahogany Masqueraders, Soca Massive, Trench Town Masqueraders and Collet Royal Revelers. Competitors in the Senior category included: Titans Mass Band, Mother Natures’s Creation, Belizean United; Soca Moca Carnival Band, Fantasy Karnival Belize, and Belizean Jewel. The Carnival started at 1:00 p.m., following, for the first time, a revised route. The annual event started at the Yaborough area, as it traditionally does, moving onto Central American Boulevard. This year, however, the Carnival turned on to Vernon Street, instead of going up to Princess Margaret Drive.

Controversy over last-minute Queen of the Bay changes
The Stann Creek District Committee for the Queen of the Bay pageant is fighting a last-minute announcement by the pageants National Committee to substitute the 2017 pageant winner, Ms Dangriga, Aaliyah Ysaguirre, with first runner up Esmeralda Cal of Orange Walk. The National Committee made the announcement late Friday and that same night, the Stann Creek Committee fired off a press release, rexording its objection. The Stann Creek Committee held a press conference at the Best Western Belize Biltmore Plaza this afternoon to outline the details of the controversy and to say how far they are prepared to go to resolve the issue. Stann Creek Coordinator, Sherima Guity, explained that she and her supporters are prepared to file legal action if necessary because the National Committee did not act fairly when it decided to hold a second scoring of the contestants some days after the pageant had been concluded.

Hurricane Jose expected to hit Caribbean islands ravaged by Irma
Hurricane Jose, a “dangerous category four hurricane”, is heading towards the eastern Caribbean islands already ravaged by Hurricane Irma earlier this week. At 10:00 a.m., today, Jose was about 160 miles east-southeast of the northern Leeward Islands, and was forecast to hit the outlying islands later today. The US national hurricane centre has issued hurricane warnings for St. Martin, St. Barthelemy, and tropical storm warnings for Barbuda, Anguilla, Saba and St. Eustatius. A troprical storm watch is in effect for British Virgin Islands, St. Thomas and St. John and Antigua.

Six persons shot following J’ouvert, minors included
A shooting at around 6:05 this morning after the Carnival J’ouvert has left six persons, including minors, injured. Police say the incident happened at the corner of Kelly and Wilson streets. Notably, this is in the vicinity of the new route that the Carnival parade will take later today. Police say the victims were among a number of persons who were walking on Wilson Street towards Kelly Street when two men approached and fired several shots into the crowd. The six victims are receiving treatment for gunshot wounds at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. They include: a 15 year-old female who was shot in her abdomen; a 17 year-old male who was grazed on the left leg; a 15 year-old male who suffered a bullet wound on the left leg; another 15 year-old male who was shot on the right leg and toe; Keith Wallace, 20, who was shot on the left foot; and Akeem Augustine, 22, who was shot on the right toe.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Belizean detained in El Salvador for carrying $500,000
According to NoticiasTRV Salvador, a Belizean and a Panamanian have been detained by authorities pending charges for carrying almost half a million dollars. The men will be charged for money laundering.

Progresso villager dies on motorcycle accident
Last night around 6:30, police received information of a traffic accident on the Progresso road at about 1 mile from the junction with Copper Bank.

Police find US $16,000 in Orange Walk
On Wednesday, September 6, 2017, Orange Walk police intercepted a vehicle on the Philip Goldson Highway. The vehicle, a 2000 model red four door Mazda car was at the junction on the San Roman road and was driven at the time by German Reyes, 21, of San Martin area, Belmopan with passengers; Marcialito Rodas Cuestas, 31, Omar Dario Guttierez Castañeda,36, Johnny Arregueta Velasquez, 31, Julie Enriqueta Suarez Chacon,34, all of Barrio Sutchitan, Melchor de Mencos Guatemala.

Two police officers charged for extortion
According to police reports, Sergeant Lenancio Bol and PC Daniel Requena were charged jointly for extortion yesterday. On Tuesday, September 6, 2017, the two officers detained 3 Honduran females who had no legal documents.

6 persons shot in Belize City
According to police reports, this morning around 6:05, after the culmination of Carnival Jouvert, police responded to information received of shots fired at the corner of Kelly and Wilson street. Six persons were seen at KHMH with gunshot injuries.

Deaf mute man remanded to prison for aggravated assault with a firearm
Forty one year old, Gaylon Foreman, a deaf mute with a swollen genital condition, was hauled into #2 Magistrate’s court this afternoon in Belize City. He could barely walk but still showed up to answer to the charge of aggravated assault with a firearm which was read to him with the assistance of an interpreter.

Elvis Aldana busted with weed at Magistrate Court
Elvis Aldana, 26, a fisherman of Rivero Street in Belize City, today was busted as he attempted to smuggle weed in a burger to an inmate in the cell at the Magistrate Court.He was taken before Magistrate Aretha Ford where he was read a charge of possession of a controlled drug.

BPP condemns police and calls for apology to Marisol Amaya
The Belize Progressive Party (BPP) has joined the voices of all concerned Belizeans who saw or heard about the man handling of KREMANDALA journalist and editor, Marisol Amaya, who was assaulted by police for no reason while documenting the PUP’s protest at Tower Hill Bridge in Orange Walk.

Senate hearing winding down
The Government of Belize is discontinuing funding for the Senate Special Select Committee, leading the inquiry into the Auditor General’s Special Audit Report on the Immigration and Nationality Department.

Women’s commission stand with KREM editor, Marisol Amaya
The National Women’s Commission (NWC) has joined the Opposition, Special Envoy for Women and Children, as well as KREMANDALA and other bodies in condemning the man handling of KREM Editor Marisol Amaya.


Mini Parade in Corozal as part of the September Celebration 2017
The month of September is usually the fun part of your visit while being in Belize. I went to take pictures of a mini parade in Corozal. And, this mini parade is to collaborate the month of September to showcase the celebrations of Belize. 25 motorist came out for the parade. And, at midnight tonight there will be fireworks at Miami Beach.

September Day in Corozal Town
September celebration is one of the best months to Visit Belize. It's the tourist's off-season, which you know low price around Belize. Saint George's Caye is celebrated on the 10th of September. 290th years since the Battle of Saint George's Caye. Another main Holiday which is the 21st of September our, 36th years of our Independence Day is being Celebrated in Belize this year. As everyone is gearing up for Independence weekend in Corozal, I went to take pictures around Corozal town to update you about Belize's flag decorations. Offices and Houses around Belize decorate their houses and Offices to have a Belize's patriotic month of September. First thing, was I went to check up on Paty's Bistro Restuarant for some excellent food and wifi. It is right middle of town and has AC for you to sit back and enjoy your breakfast, lunch, and Dinner. And, you can sign your name on the wall.

International Sourcesizz

The Day I Survived the Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave in Belize
The journey into the Mayan underworld in the Cayo District is not for the weak-kneed or gutless, but if you're going to Belize, you won't want to miss a trip to the Actun Tunichil Muknal, or the "Cave of the Stone Sepulchre." Locals simply call it "ATM." This gem, tucked into the jungle in the middle of Belize in the Tapir Mountain Nature Reserve, has been deemed the #1 Sacred Cave in the world by National Geographic. With its crystalline stalactites and stalagmites, the caves are stunning to behold. Contained within are Mayan artifacts and the final resting place of the "Crystal Maiden" (more on her later) and other victims of the Mayans' ceremonial human sacrifices. The cave is home to thirteen men, women, and children, all left more or less as they were discovered in by explorers 1989. The remains are calcified, giving them a sparkly (and somewhat eerie) appearance. But don't expect a cushy, air-conditioned tour bus to drop you off for a quick look around the place. If you want to see what's contained within, you're going to have to work for it. And maybe risk life and limb.

1954: coronel Jacobo Árbenz sale al exilio
Today marks The Anniversary Of The C.I.A. Overthrow Of The Jacobo Árbenz Gov Guatemala.
Un día como hoy 9 de septiembre de 1954 salía al exilio el ex presidente coronel Jacobo Árbenz Guzmán. luego de haber sido derrocado por el ejército de liberación nacional en complicidad con el gobierno de Estados Unidos, Prensa Libre registró dentro de su edición del 10 de septiembre de dicho año la abrupta salida del segundo presidente de la Revolución de 1944. Extremadamente pálido, con el gesto severo, lucía el coronel Jacobo Árbenz Guzmán, ex presidente de la República, cuando arribó al aeropuerto La Aurora, en compañía de su esposa y de sus hijos, para abordar el avión que los condujo a él y a otros de sus principales colaboradores, a México, bajo la protección de la bandera de ese país.


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