Its Carnival Season and Belize is celebrating its 36th years of Independence Day on September 21, 2017. Festivities are being celebrated throughout the month of September in Corozal and around Belize. Today was one of the main activities being held in Corozal and that was the CARNIVAL PARADE 2017. Every year, eager spectators stop and peer down the Corozal streets while the Carnival parade is moving down the streets of Corozal. Soca music filled the air and spectators danced and enjoyed the festive spirit that filled Corozal Town.

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Celebrating September Celebration in Corozal; Uniform Parade 2017 was held at Corozal
Thursday, September 21, 2017, marked the 36th years of Independence Day held in Belize. BDF, Scouts, Students, and teachers, along with other marching Band gathered at the Corozal Civic Center for the Ceremony that commenced at 9am.. Today, schools came out with their uniform to participate in the parade and give tribute and respect our national flag. During the show, Crowning of Miss Independence, Carnival Parade, Dance where awarded on stage. Then, at 10am Uniform Parade and Citizens' Parade walked through the town of Corozal. Similar ceremonies were held countrywide and included the traditional speeches given by Belize's foremost parliamentarians, dignitaries and Mayors. After the parade had ended in Maimi Beach after party is being held at this moment in Corozal.