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The San Pedro Sun

San Pedro Town's "Return to Happiness" Program receives donations
On September 20th, Dede Gordon, Jason Burris, alongside Karen Brodie presented donations to the " Return to Happiness" program being run under the Sustainable and Child Friendly Municipality of the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) at the San Pedro Town Council( SPTC). The donation included school supplies donated by Gordon and Burris, puppets by Jamie Cozby, 30 books donated from a past visitor of the island Rosleyn Pierce, and 10 story books gifted by Cori Sterrenberg. The program aims to help children who have had traumatic experiences to find happiness once more. The SPTC is responsible for the program and accepts puppets, books, crayons, and other miscellaneous children's items to assist their mission. The program trains volunteers that are willing to work with children, so they can provide adequate care to those who have suffered trauma.

Ambergris Today

Belize On Its 36th Birthday By Valerie Woods
On September 21st, 2017, Belize marked its 36th year of independence. To listen to the Leader of the Opposition, Hon. John Briceno and the Prime Minister of Belize, Rt. Hon Dean Barrow, it is a tale of 2 countries. This should not come as a surprise to anyone who is prepared to remove their party political lenses and analyze the speeches for their content. A review of the past speeches on Independence Day under the 10 years of the Musa Administration and the past 9 years under the Barrow administration will validate that it is always an essay in two distinct perspectives of the country. The Leader of Opposition presents the weaknesses and realities of the nation state and the Prime Minister celebrates his government achievements. Barrow as Opposition Leader did no differently. It is what is done to provide a balanced view of the state of the nation.

Belizean Short-Film Selected For An Oscar-Qualifying Theatrical Run
Yochi," a short film written and directed by award-winning New Mexico filmmaker, Ilana Lapid, is one of ten films selected for "SHORT FILMS FROM AROUND THE WORLD," a week-long Oscar-qualifying theatrical run presented by ShortsTV. After this theatrical run, "Yochi" will be qualified to submit to The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, in consideration (alongside approximately 135 other films from around the world) for a 2018 nomination in the Live Action Short Film category. "This will make "Yochi" the first Belizean short-film qualified to submit for consideration for an Academy Award," said "Yochi" producer and Belizean filmmaker, Daniel Velazquez.

BTIA Congratulates Fisheries Department On Off-Season Conch Bust
The Belize Tourism Industry Association sent out a press release congratulating the Fisheries Department on their recent sting operation that resulted in the confiscation of 8,980 pieces of off-season conch. As reported on the media, last week, about 1,500 pounds of conch was found within different fishing camps in the Lighthouse Reef Atoll this past weekend. It is believed that this type of illicit fishing activity is not a one-time operation. It is very organized and supports the illegal trade with Honduras.

Belize Proposes Increase In Firearms Fees To Tackle Gun Control
Firearm fees are going up! The Ministry of Home Affairs and Belize Police Department has announced and advised holders of Firearm, Gun Dealers', Sport Hunters Licenses, and the general public of the proposed increase and application of new fees and the requirement for firearm certification. This is in an attempt to minimize the number of illegal firearm and ammunition currently on the streets and proposes to make increases by over 100%.

Watch Out For Pink Eye!
The Ministry of Health reports that there is an increase in the number of reported conjunctivitis cases (more commonly known as "pink eye"), particularly in the northern and central health regions. Conjunctivitis is an irritation of the eye, which is very uncomfortable, caused by bacteria or viruses which can spread easily from person to person.

Misc Belizean Sources


Regional Coconut Development Project
The Belize Bureau of Standards (BBS) in the Ministry of Investment, Trade and Commerce in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and the Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute (CARDI) through the Regional Coconut Development Project hereby informs the public that stakeholder sensitization sessions will be carried out for the following standards: 1. Coconut Standards: Specification and Code of Hygienic Practice for Pre-Packaged Coconut Water. 2. Coconut Standard: Specification for Coconut Oil. Stakeholder sensitization sessions will subsequently be held during the following dates with the morning session commencing at 8:30 am to 12:00 noon catered for processors/packagers of natural coconut water and in the afternoon commencing at 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm for processors of coconut oil. Stakeholders are to note relevant session and one in most proximity to their establishment.

Tide 20th Anniversary Awards Concert
Inviting everyone from near and far to celebrate with us at the TIDE 20TH ANNIVERSARY AWARDS AND CONCERT on Saturday October 7, 2017 during the TIDE Fish Fest weekend! Tickets for this event are $50 each and are available at the TIDE Headquarters in Punta Gorda. You can email [email protected] or call 722-2274 for more information.

For those of you who are sponsoring a golf hole for this weekends event. PLEASE READ!!! You will be allowed to starting setting-up and decorating your assigned hole at 10am on Saturday, September 30th. The event will start at 12 noon. There are awards for the Best Drink and most creative hole. You also have the ability to establish the rules for how the hole is played...Played putt backwards, sitting down, or what ever else your creative mind comes up with. CONTACT PATRICK AT THE FLYING PIG IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS. I would also suggest visiting Laru Beya to see where your hole is located to help with planning and setup.

Goldson House Open House
The Goldson House For Democracy and Patriotism is having an Open House next Tuesday and Wednesday. "Help spread the news, The Goldson House For Democracy and Patriotism is having An Open House Celebration!"

International Leaders Visitor Program
Mayor Fern Gutierrez is currently participating in the International Leaders Visitor Program (IVLP): "State and Local Government." The Program consists of meetings, site visits, training, and cultural events across the United States. This Program enhances the development of democratic institutions supporting the State Department's strategic goal of building democracies. Participants explore the functions of state and local governments in a time of rapid change. They also explore the interactions between these entities and the federal government. Participants examine the separation of powers and the cooperation between the levels of public sectors, and explore the responsibilities of state and local government in public outreach and administering public services such as elections, the justice system, health and education.

Channel 7

Wasani's Wife Shayanne's Shady Deal With the Cops
Over the weekend, police got 4 firearms and 37 live rounds of ammunition off the street. It was all done by officers of the Eastern Division's Special Assignment Team, who also seized 12 kilos, or 26.5 pounds of marijuana. Normally, that would have been reported as great police work. Except tonight, a Belize City family is crying foul. That's because the 26 pounds of marijuana was found at the home of 27 year-old Shayanne Castro's parents. She's the wife of Wasani Castro, minister Edmond Castro's son. On Saturday evening, the couple were going to her mother's house on Sarstoon Street, when police stopped them. Her family says that they convinced her to open her mother's house, and they searched it. That's when they found the 26 pounds of marijuana, and because she was the only one there, they charged her with drug trafficking.

GSU Bust Ras Ruben On A Plantation
He's a devout rastafarian, a staunch advocate for the legal use of marijuana, and a well known chef who owns the Vegan Bites food business. But, the GSU caught 41-year-old Cameron Kelvin Usher, known as "Ras Ruben" at a marijuana plantation in rural Belize yesterday - and have charged him for Cultivation of Cannabis Plant. Yesterday at 11:20 am, the GSU descended on the plantation in Lucky Strike Village where they allegedly found Ras Ruben in the middle of a spread with 150 marijuana plants between three and four feet high. Police destroyed all the plants along and some farming equipment. Ruben was arrested and charged with Cultivation of Cannabis Plant. He appeared in court today where he was charged for cultivation of 121 plants, not 150. He pleaded not guilty and was offered bail of $10,000 dollars which he met. His case was adjourned until December 29.

Ras Ruben's Son Disappeared During Bust, 30 Hours Later, He's Still Missing
And while Ruben has met bail, the concerns tonight are for his 17 year old son, Kelvin. He was reportedly at the plantation with his father, and when the police came, everyone scattered, disappearing into the bushes. But Kelvin has not re-appeared since - and it's been more than 30 hours. Today, we spoke via telephone to his mother - who has been leading searches in the Lucky Strike area: Karima Williams - Mother: "Well, it wasn't until today that we did that missing person report. I wasn't made aware of it until after six yesterday that he is missing. When we found out after six, almost seven, a team went to look for him last night at the site. It was raining, everybody looked as much as they can, it was dark. We had flashlights and stuff but it wasn't much and it started raining so we decided to leave it and start it again today. We found his hat. He had on a gray hat, we found that along the way. We found that, we found, apparently...

As we told you last week, there have been a number of cases of conjunctivitis also known as pink eye in Corozal, and Orange Walk Districts, and Belize City. And the news tonight is that it is way more serious than we thought. In fact, health officials are calling it one of the most severe pink eye out breaks since 2005. In just 3 weeks, there have been about 1,108 cases reported country wide. That's alarming, and today head of Epidemiology Dr. Ethan Gough gave us the breakdown in cases by district and advised what those infected should do.

Police Pop Peddler
The GSU caught a person they claim is a known drug peddler who operates in the Conch Shell Bay area. On Saturday morning the unit chased 37-year-old Jason Orosco down an alley beside New Asia restaurant on Vernon Street. They ran him down and claim to have found him with three parcels of cannabis amounting to three ounces. Orosco was arrested and charged with Drug Trafficking. This is not the first time the GSU has arrested him for drug-related offenses.

Weed On the Roadside
And there was one more GSU bust where they got over 8 pounds of weed. At around 4:00 yesterday evening, the unit was called out to mile two and a half on the George Price highway where they found this bundle of weed stashed in the bushes. It weighed 8.1 pounds. It was deposited as found property.

78 Year Old's Death Being Looked At More Closely
Police are looking more closely at the sudden death of a 78 year old after they found out that he had a broken neck. Karl Leslie was found lying dead in his home in Hattieville 11 days ago - and because of his advanced age, and the fact that there were no signs of violence, forced entry or theft, police thought he died of natural causes. But, a post mortem showed that he had a broken neck and that has police taking a second look at the case tonight. Village police are trying to determine if he had a bad fall or if he was choked. So far, there are few leads into the case. We'll keep following it. Leslie lived alone.

Illegal Mahogany On the Move
On Sunday, Police busted a cargo truck stuffed with illegally extracted Mahogany. The cops stopped the Isuzu Freight Truck with 32 mahogany logs inside. Four men were inside. They had no license for the wood, which also did not have any forestry stamps. All four were detained and the truck plus cargo was handed over to the Forestry Department. They will be charged tomorrow in Orange Walk magistrate's court.

Holdup At Arwing
A Santa Barbara Street Chinese store was robbed on Friday evening after 4:00. Store attendant, Wen Wei Yang reported that she was inside the Arwing Shop when a man walked in, pulled out a gun and demanded money. Yang gave up over $1,500 dollars in cash. The man then fled. Yang says a police officer lives upstairs but he was out at the time. Everything was caught on surveillance camera.

Three Year In Jail For "Nothing"
He told the court that he punched a man for "nothing" - and Jamal Ifield will spend three years in jail for it. The 19 year old fisherman appeared before Chief Magistrate, Sharon Fraser, where he pled guilty to wounding. Before she sentenced him, Chief Magistrate Fraser asked Ifield why he punched 22 year old Jose Salvador. Ifield's casual reply was that it was for nothing. That's when Chief Magistrate Fraser decided to give him a custodial sentence.

Live Rounds Taken Off Street
At the top of the news, we told you about the controversy surrounding the seizures of 4 guns and that garbage bag of weed that the Special Assignment Team seized over the weekend. Well, officers from that police unit also came upon a large stash of ammunition - and this one has no controversy attached to it. It happened on Saturday night at around 8:30, and the police report that officers from the Team searched an alley off Lakeview Street. That's where they found a black plastic bag, with 36 live rounds of ammunition, 14 rounds for a .38 special revolver, and 22 rounds for a .9mm pistol.

Village Fire Leaves Family Homeless
Yesterday morning at around 6:00, there was a house fire in the village of Burrell Boom. The Ladyville fire station along with police did respond but by the time they got there, it was too late: The two houses on the compound were burnt down to the ground. The house belonged to Dyron Hyde who would usually occupy it with his daughter and girlfriend, but at the time of the fire, none of them were there. We spoke to Hyde and the Station Officer for the National Fire service about the blaze. Dyron Hyde, Resident of burnt down house: "Somebody called me and told me when I find out and check the number when I checked the number and when I called back it as my mom that called and told me that my whole house burnt down. Two houses went to nothing. I did not save anything."

Premium Prices Peak
While you were sleeping off that September celebrations hangover on Friday night, fuel prices went up again at midnight. This time, only premium increased. It went up by 93 cents, erasing that anomaly where it was briefly cheaper than regular gas. Premium is now prohibitively priced at almost 12 dollars a gallon.

PM Skerrit's Hurt and Heartfelt Plea To The UN About Climate Change
Hurricane Maria's death toll on Dominica is 27 tonight, and more casualties are expected because 18 persons are still listed as missing. As much as 80 percent of the island nation's buildings have been damaged and there's no phone service or electricity. Food and water are scarce, and officials and aid workers say it could take months, if not years to rebuild what has been destroyed. All that must have been weighing heavily on the mind of Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit when he went to the United Nations General Assembly to address the plenary session on Saturday morning. While the world news followed the antics of Trump and his Rocket-man, Skerrit gave a sobering address on the devastating effects of climate change on small island states:...

Did You Hug Your Pharmacist Today?
Today, September 25th is celebrated as World Pharmacist Day and Pharmacists all of the country gave back to the community through patient consultations. We found out more about what was done today: Samira Gongora, Drug Inspector, Pharmacy Department: "Well today which is actually pharmacy day we are having a brown bag day at all public health facilities where the pharmacists will be doing consultations. The public is invited to bring out all the medication they had or have had and the pharmacist will assess it to see what is viable, what is still good and what doesn't need to be taken again and they will also be doing a continuing education to the patients that are waiting to see the doctor today."

Channel 5

Shayanne Castro Charged for Drugs; Did Police Try to Extort Her Family?
Tonight, another member of the Castro family is in the news, this time for drug trafficking. Twenty-seven-year-old Shayanne Castro nee Rosado, wife of Wasani Castro, was arraigned and pleaded not [...]

Firearms, Believed to be Linked to Castro, Taken Off Streets
Back to the story involving Shayanne Castro�Police have confirmed that it recovered four high-powered weapons off the streets, along with ammunition. However, no arrests were made and the firearms were [...]

City Man Charged over Marijuana Plantation; His Son is Missing
There were other marijuana busts over the weekend. �The largest one took place in Lucky Strike village off the Maskall Road in the Belize District on Sunday morning following the [...]

G.S.U. Makes 2 Busts for Drugs
In the other busts by the Gang Suppression Unit over the weekend, thirty-seven year old Jason Orozco was arrested and charged for drug trafficking on Saturday morning. He was captured [...]

4 Busted with Illegally Cut Mahogany Logs
An illegal logging operation in northern Belize District has resulted in the arrest of four men who were found with as many as thirty-two pieces of mahogany logs in an [...]

Pain of New Gas Prices Settling In
Fuel prices have increased as many as four times in two months; twice in August and twice in September. The surprise increase sneaked on Friday sent premium prices rocketing at [...]

Belizean Recounts Mexico Earthquake Experience
Millions have been affected by the massive seven point one earthquake that hit Mexico City on the nineteenth of September. Over the weekend, two other quakes were experienced even as [...]

Charles Brown Charged for Rape of a Child
There is a disturbing report of rape of a minor by a man three times her senior.� Thirty-nine-year-old Charles Alexander Brown of Madam Liz Avenue, Belize City is remanded to [...]

Business Senator Defends Pace of Senate Committee
Member of the Senate Special Select Committee, business community Senator Mark Lizarraga, was a guest of Channel Five's Open Your Eyes this morning. The Committee has been meeting since last [...]

Pink Eye Attack in North and West
There is an outbreak of pink eye that is spreading quickly across the region.� While the rash of conjunctivitis has taken hold in neighboring Mexico, dozens of cases are also [...]

Tests Ordered to Determine Cause of Conjunctivitis
Health officials believe that they are dealing with a viral case of pink eye, which proliferates quicker than a bacterial outbreak.� Dr. Gough says that samples will be sent to [...]

Pharmacists at Your Service
World Pharmacist Day was celebrated in every corner of the globe today.� The day is set aside to expose the work of pharmacists in improving health care to all. There [...]

Arson Suspected in Burrell Boom Fire
A fire consumed a property in Burrell Boom, Belize District, early on Sunday morning. The caretaker of the house was not at home when the fire broke and he and [...]

Police Re-Open Investigation into Death Of Karl Leslie in Hattieville
Police are revisiting the recent death of a retiree from the village of Hattieville. The lifeless body of seventy-eight-year-old Karl Leslie was found on September fourteenth on the floor of [...]

Dominica P.M. Calls for Climate Change Fight
The Eastern Caribbean island nation of Dominica continues to recover from the ravages of Category Five Hurricane Maria which struck a week ago tonight. Its prime minister, Roosevelt Skerrit, has [...]

A Look into the World of Sports
Good evening, I'm James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   [Highlights of the weekend sporting activities�]


MOH Monitoring Closely The Epidemic Of Conjunctivitis In The Country
So just how serious is the outbreak of infectious conjunctivitis in our country at this time? The Ministry of Health is currently engaged in a nationwide campaign monitoring the situation. Head of the Epidemiology Unit in the Ministry of Health, Dr Ethan Gough today highlighted the results of their investigation so far. Dr. Ethan Gough- Head of Epidemiology Unit: "Last week we were made aware of a report from Chetumal that they have been seeing an increase on a number of cases of conjunctivitis as well I think it was a media report also reported about two thousand three hundred cases in Chetumal so overall for last week we had a total of eight hundred and seventy cases reported country wide and the majority of them are in Corozal 379 cases are reported from Corozal last week and so that supports the idea that perhaps a lot of the cases are seeing coming from the proximity to Chetumal, the other districts that are affected; Orange Walk, Belize, Cayo are reporting around 160 cases of so Corozal is the highest number of cases reported so far."

Armed Robbers Target Chinese Store In Corozal
Corozal Police are investigating a robbery of a Chinese-owned store on College Road in Corozal Town that occurred in broad daylight on Sunday, September 24th. Reports are that about 3:30pm, store-owner of Huan Huan Supermarket, 46 year old Meinyan Wu, a naturalized Belizean, was at her store when two male persons wearing masks and dressed in dark clothing entered her business. One of the men, who was armed with a knife, ran behind the counter while the other who appeared to be armed with a pistol, remained by the door. Reports we received is that a Police officer standing guard at the store was forced to the ground and tied up along with the store owner. The armed robber then went behind the counter and took approximately $2,200 from the cash register and two cell phones. The men then climbed on bicycles and rode away.

Four Men To Be Charge For Illegal Logwood Operation
Four male individuals are tonight facing serious charges from the Forestry Department after they were caught by Orange Walk Police with over thirty pieces of illegal Mahogany wood over the weekend. On Sunday September 24th Orange Walk Police were conducting patrol on the old Northern Highway when they came upon a white Izusu freight truck with four male occupants. A search on the vehicle resulted in the discovery of thirty two illegal mahogany logs. All individuals were detained and subsequently handed over to the forestry department.

PM & Opposition Leaders Addressed Good Governance Effort In Independence Day Speeches
The speeches delivered by Prime Minister Dean Barrow and Opposition Leader John Briceno on Thursday, September 21st at the official Independence Day ceremony in Belmopan will be better remembered for their differences in view points and conclusions. As we reported last week, it was almost as if the two leaders were talking about two Belize's and the state of the economy and social conditions. Another area where there was a difference of opinion had to do with the level of effort by the Government to get good governance ,watchdogs such as the Public Accounts Committee and the UNCAC, functioning.

Men Accused For Robbery At Rapidito loan Unable To Make It To Court Due To Pink Eye Infection
Back in November 2016, Police detained four men in relation to the attempted robbery of Rapidito Loans located downtown Corozal. The incident occurred in broad-daylight, but the assailants had to abort once the security guard retaliated and shot after them. The men jumped inside an awaiting vehicle which sped away but they were followed by a Police Officer who had been nearby the scene. They were caught all the way in San Jose Village, heading in the direction of Orange Walk Town.

PUP Condemns The High Price Of Fuel
Last week Friday, the September celebrations mood was seriously dampened by an increase in the price of fuel, which took the cost of a gallon of premium fuel past the $12.00 mark. This was the fourth increase in just two months, and the second in just three days, as the last increase was done on September 19th, affecting regular and diesel fuel. The Opposition has been monitoring the upward change in prices and on Friday they issued a strong-worded press release, calling on the Government to immediately reduce the taxes on fuel in order for the price to fall.


Over a thousand cases of pink eye reported in Belize
Last week, the Ministry of Health issued a release warning that conjunctivitis cases, more commonly known as pink eye, is on the rise. The release went on to advise the public to take precautionary measures in order to avoid contracting the illness. Further, it stated that those who have reason to believe that they may [�]

The conservation of the coral reef to be discuss at upcoming workshop
Belize is part of an international coalition tasked with advancing the interests of the Mesoamerican reef system. The Sistema Arrecife Mesoamericano (SAM) board includes representatives from M�xico, Belize, Guatemala and Honduras, the countries directly associated with the Mesoamerican reef system. The board has been put together to better establish communication between sectors of both government [�]

Business Senator says Petrocaribe funds need to be accounted for
During his Independence Day Speech, Prime Minister Dean Barrow officially announced that Alba Petrocaribe will continue to import petroleum products from Petr�leos de Venezuela, PDVSA, under the PetroCaribe Agreement. While it is good news, Senator representing the business community, Mark Lizarraga says that the Petrocaribe money must be accounted for. Senator Mark Lizarraga "My issue [�]

Will the Public Accounts Committee be reshaped?
In his address Prime Minister Barrow also spoke about the implementation of the UNCAC saying it is moving full speed ahead, with multiple stakeholders participating in this national process. Barrow also said that the Integrity Commission is functioning and has already published a list of those politicians who failed to comply with their obligations under [�]

Chamber says Senate hearings must continue
Last week the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry, BCCI, wrote to the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Dean Barrow, expressing concerns over the Government's decision to no longer financially support the Senate Special Select Committee past November 2017. According to the President of the BCCI, Nikita Usher, Government's decision to no longer fund [�]

Attorney for woman charged with drug offence says she was set up
Twenty-seven year old Shayanne Castro, the wife of Wasani Castro, was arraigned for the charge of drug trafficking today. According to Police, early on Saturday night, the Special Assignment Team searched Castro's residence on Sarstoon Street in Belize City. Inside, officers found two large parcels of marijuana. They first found a black garbage bag containing [�]

Week set aside to celebrate the elderly
This week is being observed as Older Persons Week. Patroness of Helpage Belize, Maria Elena Sylvester delivered the opening address. Maria Elena Sylvester - Patroness of Helpage "Help Age Belize has never wavered in working towards its goal of alleviating situations that many older persons experienced as the ageing process takes it toll on their [�]

Pharmacists take center stage
Today is being observed as World Pharmacy Day. This was an initiative of the International Pharmaceutical Federation, which felt it was necessary to bring awareness to pharmacies and the positive benefits they offer, when it comes to health. Love News spoke with the President of the Pharmacy Association of Belize, Beverly Coleman, who tells us [�]

Another house goes up in flames
An early morning fire on Sunday destroyed a wooden house in Burrell Boom Village. Police report that Patty Seguro told officers that her son, Byron Hyde was staying in the house but he was out of town. Neighbors told police that they got up at around 5:45 that morning and heard crackling outside and soon [�]

Spanish Lookout business destroyed by fire
On Sunday night, police visited Midwest Lumber Yard on Center Road Spanish Lookout in the Cayo District where they saw a zinc structured building completely engulfed in flames. Investigation revealed that 50-year-old Allan Reimer, a Mennonite businessman and owner of Midwest Lumber Yard, was at home when he received a call that the Lumber Dryer [�]

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

President Trump issues new travel ban
United States President Donald Trump has signed a proclamation imposing strict restrictions on travelers from eight countries, five of which were included in his previous expiring travel ban.

Conch Shell Bay drug peddler arrested
Police say a known drug peddler is off the streets after the Gang Suppression Unit (GSU) busted 37-year-old Jason Orosco for drug trafficking.

GSU finds cannabis on George Price highway
At about 4:00 p.m. on Sunday, the Gang Suppression Unit (GSU) visited mile 2 1/2 on the George Price Highway and conducted a search in some nearby bush where cops found a white sack containing three parcels in transparent paper wrap and black plastic bag.

Suspected ganja farmer charged
On Sunday just before midday, the Gang Suppression Unit (GSU) received information of a marijuana plantation in Lucky Strike Village.

Thugs stash Glock at the cemetery
With increased penalties for offenses involving firearms, criminals have become more creative in concealing their weapons. Police, however, have strengthened their intelligence gathering techniques and on Sunday afternoon, acting on intelligence police found a Glock .9mm pistol at the Lord Ridge Cemetery in Belize City.

Minister Castro's daughter-in-law busted with 26 pounds of weed
Shayanne Castro, 27, the wife of Wasani Castro, son of Transport Minister, Edmund Castro, was busted with over 26 pounds of marijuana in her home over the weekend. According to police, around 6:30 p.m. on Saturday night, cops visited her residence on Sarstoon street and conducted a search.

Fire in Spanish Lookout last night
Sometime around 10 p.m. last night, police visited Midwest Lumber Yard located on Center Road in Spanish Lookout Village situated in the Cayo District.

Corozal supermarket robbed with a knife and a gun
Corozal police are investigating a case of armed robbery in that northern municipality. According to police reports, Meinyan Wu, 46, was alone inside her store, Huan Huan Supermarket, on College Road at about 3:15 yesterday when two masked men dressed in dark clothing entered the establishment.

Lamanai Women's Group Gift Shop burglarized; Thieves take over $6000 in items
On Saturday morning, Blanca Esquivel, 57, a businesswoman of Indian Church Village in the Orange Walk District reported that her shop, was burglarized. Sometime between the hours of 3:00 p.m. on the 21st of September, 2017 and 07:30 a.m. on the 22nd of September someone made their way into Friends of Lamanai Women's Group Gift Shop...

Moist conditions to prevail
The 24-hour forecast is for mostly moist and unstable conditions to prevail. Cloudy skies with a few showers and isolated thunderstorms are expected over most areas. The wind will blow at 10-20 knots.

Regional Coconut Development Project sessions commence tomorrow
The Belize Bureau of Standards (BBS) in the Ministry of Investment, Trade and Commerce in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and the Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute (CARDI) through the Regional Coconut Development Project informs the public that stakeholder sensitization sessions will be carried out for the following standards:

No justice yet for Danny Conorquie
By Zoila Palma: Today marks three years since the death of 20-year-old Special Constable (SC) Danny Conorquie. Conorquie was a SC of the Tourism Police Unit (TPU), who was gunned down execution style at the Caracol archeological site where he was stationed. At the time of the incident, tourists and tour guides were at the site.


Style in Belize: Designer Rebecca Stirm is Going to Be Famous�Seriously
Born and raised in Belmopan, Belize, Rebecca Stirm is BURSTING with talent. Rebecca is the creator of the beautiful Belizean brand Twig and Pearl. She designs and manufactures hangbags, accessories, clothing and more from sustainable materials here in Belize. Yesterday I met up with the young designer for the first time to chat - and I am absolutely smitten. Rebecca - never Becky - just like me. Only 24 years old, she has lived such an creative, interesting, thoughtful life so far, I am super excited to see what's next. It's an easy prediction to make but I'll put it down in print officially. My Prediction? BIG THINGS.

International Sourcesizz

"Shameful" move by St Kitts-Nevis following Hurricane Maria
A press release issued on Saturday by the Citizenship by Investment Unit (CIU) in St Kitts and Nevis announcing a drastic 50 percent cut in the investment requirement for its citizenship by investment (CBI) program, ostensibly to create a "hurricane relief fund", has drawn widespread condemnation, including one CBI consultant who described the move as shameful. "This is a truly shameful move by St Kitts," said Mahdi Mohammed, CEO of Guide Consultants. "This is simply a ploy, a blatantly opportunistic move to improve the competitiveness of the St Kitts and Nevis CBI program at the expense of their Caribbean neighbours," he continued.

Belizeans still feel insecure about their future
By Wellington C. Ramos. Thirty six years ago the British government granted our nation Belize its independence on Sept. 21, 1981 with the Guatemalan claim to our country unresolved. Britain's Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was determine to rid her people and government from all its colonial territories. She saw them as a burden to the people and government of Great Britain. Ignoring the exploitation their country was engaged for centuries in all these colonies including ours prior to their independence. Our premier at the time, the late George Price and his People's United Party members, wanted independence from them desperately despite the Guatemalan claim. Our Belizean nationalist the late Philip Goldson's position was to seek independence from Great Britain with a long term defense guarantee. He warned us that if we make the mistake and accept independence from Great Britain without a long term defense guarantee, Guatemala will become a thorn on our side for a long time. The members of the People's United Party use to laugh at him and said he was crazy and was against independence. He is now dead and gone but his words, vision and prophecy is now a living truth.

Disdain for the lack of depth
Following Thursday's speeches by both the Prime Minister and the Leader of Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition, the Belize Progressive Party (BPP) takes this opportunity to express its disdain for the lack of depth displayed in each of their addresses, regarding the wide expanse of governance-related issues and the subsequent, detrimental impacts on Belize. Of note, the BPP is not disappointed, for the utter lack of leadership demonstrated by these purported "leaders" is well documented. Coupled with the reality of the two-party system that both sides of the PUPD non-divide supports and maintains, it is no surprise that Thursday's presentations were devoid of true and honest explanations as to issues such as to (1) the ongoing, naked aggression by the Guatemalan military against innocent, unarmed Belizean citizens, within Belizean territory, as well as (2) their mutually intentional avoidance of adhering to the rule of law, particularly as it relates to the Prevention of Corruption Act (POCA), of which the requisite fines incurred by those who have failed to declare their assets, can go a considerable way toward creating work and development opportunities for the ever-increasing number of our citizens who are in need.

Migration In the Caribbean: Current Trends, Opportunities And Challenges
In 2007, the Caribbean emigration rate was four times higher than Latin America's overall emigration rate. The Caribbean emigration rate has somewhat slowed, but the region nevertheless remains an area of net emigration. Guyana and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines show the strongest emigration movements: 9.65 and 9.6 per 1000 people respectively were emigrating in 2013. Of the countries included in this study, the only confirmed2 net recipients of migrants are Antigua and Barbuda and Suriname, with immigration rates of 2.23 and 0.57 per 1,000 respectively for 2013 (CIA World Factbook, 2015). In absolute terms, Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Haiti have the largest diaspora communities: over a million emigrants each, with most living in the United States (World Bank, 2015). Guyana and Haiti are, in absolute terms, the primary countries of origin of intraregional migrants. In relative terms, Guyana and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines have the most emigrants. Respectively, the emigrant population is 58.2 per cent and 55.5 per cent the size of the population living at home (World Bank, 2015).

Are you a US Citizen who would like to become a diplomat?
REMINDER! Don't miss the deadline: September 27, 11:00 a.m.! The Embassy of the United States of America hereby announces that applications for the position of Foreign Service Officer (FSO) are now being accepted from U.S. citizens by the Department of State. One of the first steps in becoming an FSO is to take the Foreign Service Officer Test (FSOT), which is offered worldwide at various locations and only to U.S. citizens. The FSOT will be offered in Belize at the U.S. Embassy in Belmopan on Tuesday, October 3 and Wednesday, October 4, 2017. The registration deadline for candidates intending to test overseas is September 27, 2017 at 11:00 a.m.


  • Diving in Belize, 1.5min.

  • Morning Matters at the Zoo, 65min.

  • Grace & You Chicken encrusted with Corn Beef, 18min.

  • Musical Guest Wilson Grinage, 25min.

  • Cool Apps for Back to School & Professionals, 35min.

  • Senate Select Committee, 43min.

  • Belize Pharmacists Association, 20min.

  • Sagicor Walk / Run 2017, 18min.

  • The 2 Belizes of Independence Day 2017, 6min.


  • Island Time in Belize, 4min.

  • The best Ice cream in Belize, 1/2min. Western Dairies Ice Cream.

  • Off grid homestead in Belize, Central America, 5min. Join me on a quick walking tour of my thatch roof house in the tropical jungle of southern Belize, where I've been living for the past five years.

  • Homegrown Belize: San Pedro, Ceviche & Michelle Nu�ez, min.

  • Homegrown Belize: Cayo, BBQ & Quilz Tamay, 6min.

  • Homegrown Belize: Belize City, Rice & Beans, & Tanya Carter, 8min.

  • Placencia Belize Humming birds, 2min. Sitting on our deck Castillo Mio in Placencia Belize.

  • Sitting on our deck Castillo Mio in Placencia Belize., 2.5min. Fresh fruits and vegetables are sold locally here in Punta Gorda, southern Belize at the market as well as on the street by small family farmers like Vicente and his family. I enjoyed meeting them today and eating juicy watermelon by the Caribbean Sea!

  • Meet Sylvia Eiley who will share here gastronomic delights at this year's See and Taste Belize, 2min.