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Congratulations to this year's Ocean Heroes! Luz Hunter and Madison Edwards!

Misc Belizean Sources


2017 Coastline Newsletter
The Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute is pleased to share with you the first issue of our Coastline Newsletter for 2017. Many thanks to all who have contributed towards preparing the newsletter.

Farmer Field School Completion Ceremony
SIRDI Celebrated it's "Farmer Field School Completion Ceremony" yesterday; graduating 371 of its farmer students who participated in the Hershey Learn to Grow Farmer Field School program.

See and Taste Belize
Coming from Belize's beautiful and exotic Peninsula is Chef Irwin Mai from the dreamy seaside Turtle Inn making a splash, tantalizing the taste buds of many preparing Belizean food with a gourmet twist at Bite of Belize on October 7th! Take a sample of his shrimp sausage, organic ginger chicken or his trio of fish ceviche and many more amazing dishes!

See and Taste Belize
Drum roll....the Garifuna Flava team is back on stage to delight us with their charm and down to earth Belizean cooking! Born and raised in Dangriga, Yolanda (Cordelia) Castillo and her husband, Rodell Castillo migrated to Chicago and opened up Garifuna Flava Restaurant featured in famous food show, "Diners, Drive Inns and Dives". Come get a taste of home with some Fish and Beans Panades and Conch Fritters!!!

The Belize ek balam poktapok Team has won its 1st three matches
Super intense game against Guatemala, but we made it. We are in the finals! Tomorrow we play against El Salvador for the championship! Go Belize!!

Blue Water Classic 2017
Happening next weekend at South Water Caye. BLUE WATER CLASSIC 2017.

Clean up campaign, Corozal Bay
All in a day's work. Glad to have been part of the clean up campaign along our Corozal Bay this morning. Good people can do wonderful things for our community. Let's Keep Corozal Safe and Clean! Thanks to all those that took part and helped.

The Reporter

Accused trigger-happy cop out on bail
Police Corporal, Steven Parham, accused of ordering food for which he did not pay, then using his service weapon to bully the restaurant owner and security guard, is out on bail of $5,000. Parham's attorney, Oscar Selgado was able to secure bail for him from the Supreme Court the same day Parham appeared before the Magistrate's Court to face the charges and was initially remanded for the gun offense. Parham, 39, pleaded not guilty to 'aggravated assault' and 'discharging a firearm in public'. He is accused of entering the New Asia restaurant on Vernon Street along with two police constables, and ordering chicken chow mein. When they were served, however, they reportedly refused to pay. When the restaurant owner and security guard approached them about it, Parham allegedly pulled out his police-issued handgun and used it to intimidate the guard, the restaurant owner and a customer.

Chinese businesses shut down countrywide Sunday
Chinese restaurants, bars, supermarkets, stores, shops and gamerooms across Belize will close for business on Sunday, in protest of recent criminal attacks against three of their businesses, one of which ended in the murder of the store owner. This means that anything from Sunday lottery - controlled by the Chinese owner of Brads Store - to sliced bread, and anything else considered to be a staple on Sundays, will not be readily available, unless you are lucky to have a Belizean grocer not of Chinese origin in your area. President of the Belize Chinese Association, Edmund Quan has said the shutdown is more out of mourning than a protest, but even those who are far away who do not attend Wu's funeral on Sunday are not expected to open for business. He added that they decided also to carry out the shutdown on a Sunday because that is the day many Belizean families eat at home.

Police's and civilians' accounts of raid differ
The police account of what transpired during a raid on Armadillo Street on Thursday afternoon differs from what residents say what happened. The residents say police arrived and started to indiscriminately assault two men, while the police claim they were the ones who were on the defensive line. Police say that on Thursday, members of their Special Assignment Team (SAT) and Special Branch (SB) unit were in the process of conducting a search for drugs and firearm in an open lot in the area when they saw two brothers leaving. Two policemen intercepted the duo, while the other officers proceeded to the open lot. Police say that while trying to search Doyle Palacio, one of the brothers, the other one, Delbert Palacio, 24, began to curse the officer searching him and resisted a search. At the same time, Doyle reportedly tried to aggress the officer and prevented him from searching Delbert.

Traffic accident near Sand Hill
Police are currently on the scene of a traffic accident on the Philip Goldson highway. Reports are that the mishap occurred at around 11:00 this morning in Sand Hill village. An ambulance is transporting injured victims for medical attention in Belize City.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Marcel Samuels shot dead
A post mortem examination conducted on Friday revealed that Marcel Samuels, 62, a career butcher, died of "massive brain damage due to gunshot injuries."

Dog show postponed due to weather
The Belize Humane Society (BHS) has announced that its dog show, originally scheduled for 2:00 p.m. today, has been postponed due to weather conditions. According to the BHS, the new date for the show will be announced later in the week.

3 buckets of marijuana found in Santa Elena; Police also arrests 2 for drug trafficking
Yesterday between 4am and 8am, San Ignacio police conducted a pre-dawn operation which resulted in the arrest of Patrick Gordon, 34, and Darren Laza, 28. Gordon and Lanza were intercepted in a blue Nissan car on Maya Street in San Ignacio Town after police observed that they threw a black bag through the window of the car.

Dangriga Police retrieves weapon used to murder Bullet Tree man; 2 suspects detained
On Thursday, September 28th around 4:30 PM, Dangriga police visited Valley Community on the Hummingbird Highway at the farm of Lindon Lewis where Ramon Teck, 30, a butcher of Bullet Tree Village, Cayo reported that around 2 pm, he, Luis Sierra (also a butcher of Bullet Tree), and Lindon Lewis went to Lewis's farm to see some cattle which Lewis was going to sell them.

International Sourcesizz

Belize Chinese businesses closed to protest murder of businessman
The Chinese community in Belize said it will shut down all Chinese-owned groceries and gaming centres on Sunday protest the recent spate of armed robberies that left one Chinese dead. Businessman Bainan Wu was shot dead on Monday night by a lone gunman who entered his business demanding money. The gunman escaped without any money, but as he fled, fired a shot that hit the businessman in his temple. The Belize Chinese Association in a notice said that while it mourns the "death of our fellow countryman who was senselessly killed � the entire Chinese community and businesses countrywide will be closed for business" on Sunday in solidarity. The shutdown is not the first by the Chinese community. In 2005, Chinese businesses were closed after 26-year-old Lou Xiao Yue, better known as Susan Yue, was killed in Orange Walk.

Return to the Underworld: Cave Tubing in Belize
There are many reasons why tourists head to Belize. If you do some advance research, you will find that one of the most popular adventures is a visit to ATM. This is billed as an Indiana Jones type trip through underwater caves in search of the Golden Maiden. It's not recommended for those who are afraid of water, claustrophobic, or uncomfortable in the dark. Nor, is it advisable for the obese, or those who are unable to climb and fend their way against currents and spiky rocks. For those people, cave tubing is a better alternative. Both give you a sense of how the Mayas respected the Underworld, or Xibalba. Xibalba is a Maya Ki'che word that refers to the underworld as "place of terror." In fact, Xibalba is referenced in the Mayan bible, the "Popol Vuh." Today, a visit to the Mayan underworld invokes more feelings of being in a sacred place, rather than a frightful space. The underground centers give you a sense of connecting with another world, and also a sense of awe for the rituals and beliefs of the highly advanced societies who inhabited Mesoamerica long before us.


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