International Archaeology Day is recognized worldwide each year on October 21st. Belize Institute of Archaeology will be holding their 2017 educational events during the week of October 16 through 20, concluding with a two-day event in San Pedro. Hosted by the non-profit organization Marco Gonzalez Maya Site Ambergris Caye, Ltd (MGMSAC), the event will be held at El Patio Restaurant in downtown San Pedro.

Jan Brown, Founder/Chairman of the Marco Gonzalez Board says, "Toni Beardall and Josue Ramos from IoA Research Department will be here Thursday and Friday, Oct 19th and 20th. The Ministry of Educational Officer Odelia Caliz has invited our schools grade Std. 4 and up to attend a 30-minute presentation and view a display of the artifacts that have been found on the island. If time allows after the children have finished, the presentation will be available to the public from 3:30 to 4:15pm."

MGMSAC, Ltd. has hosted this celebration in the past, skipping 2016. The San Pedro House of Culture's Mito Paz hosted the event in 2015 under the theme of Maya Technology. The children participated in hands-on use of grinding cocoa, spear throwing with an atlatal and writing their name in Maya glyphs, to name a few activities. "This year's theme, The Maya of the Coast, will briefly cover the origin of the Maya, who they were along with some focus on their maritime activities, particularly on Ambergris Caye. The video shows briefly the creation of man in the ancient writings of the Popol Vuh," states Mr. Beardall. The artifact display will cover five of our registered sites from Ambergris Caye. Mr. Beardall has some surprises to bring from the Belmopan NICH vault too!

"The children will receive handouts from IoA and will be provided with water as well. "We love to interact with the children; they're full of questions and very inquisitive when viewing the artifacts. They always seemed happy to learn about their heritage - particularly the Maya of Ambergris Caye," says Brown.

For further information about being an event volunteer or donating to the event expense, please contact Ms. Jan Brown, 672-2725, or Mr. Peter Nolan, President, MGMSAC, Ltd, 631-7813.