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The San Pedro Sun

New tree species discovered in Toledo
A new species of tree has been documented in the forests of southern Belize. Parasenegalia lundellii (family: Fabaceae) was discovered by plant ecologist Steven Brewer in the pristine Bladen Nature Reserve, which is co-managed by Ya’axché Conservation Trust. The new species is found in semi-evergreen tropical forests and is restricted to rugged limestone ridges and slopes such as those of the Maya Mountains. P. lundellii was first collected by Dr. Brewer in 2002. Recent taxonomic revisions have confirmed that the tree is indeed a species new to science. Fewer than 10 other individuals of the species have been documented in Belize and Guatemala, implying that the species could be threatened due to its rareness. In Belize, P. lundellii has been found in the Bladen Nature Reserve, Columbia River Forest Reserve, and Golden Stream Corridor Preserve. This nitrogen-fixing tree is in the same family as rosewood and bri-bri.

Misc Belizean Sources


Ken Fellure passes away
Very sad to hear Ken passed away on Saturday... A wonderful man and great friend of San Pedro... Much love to Mel, we are thinking of you sister....

Social Security Board Advisory for Customers with Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye)
Customers diagnosed with Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye) are hereby informed that the deadline to submit the relevant Sickness Benefit claims has been extended up to 10 days. This extension is to allow customers time to fully recover from "Pink Eye" before bringing in their claim forms to our offices.

Prime Minister Leaves Country to Attend Official Meetings in Washington, D.C.
The Office of the Prime Minister informs that Prime Minister Hon. Dean Barrow left the country today to attend official meetings in Washington, D.C., one of which is with the OPEC Fund for International Development, for the new Haulover Bridge Project. During the Prime Minister’s absence, the Deputy Prime Minister Hon. Patrick Faber will act as Prime Minister. Prime Minister Barrow will return to Belize on October 15th, 2017.

Brief good news snippet on former critical care patient
Thanks to our partners at Wildtracks for sharing an amazing update on this patient from 3 months ago: some of you may remember this monkey who was rescued by the BWRC team in Camalote and found to have most severe chest injuries and breathing difficulty after a dog attack. X-rays revealed a collapsed lung and bullae. She was in severe dyspnoea and her mucosals cyanotic due to the lack of lung function. After a couple days in the oxygen tank Dr. Isabelle and team conducted a thoracocentesis and removed fluid and air from the chest cavity to help the lung to re-expand and even though the lung bullae could not be treated, the monkey started to recover after the surgery. Consultation with international experts ensued to determine whether a surgery as drastic as the removal of a partial lung would have to be conducted. As soon as her breathing and behaviour improved she was transferred to Wildtracks. And now? Her breathing looks normal, she is well in the process of rehabilitation and about to be introduced to the troupe that will hopefully become her release group one day! Fingers crossed she will need no further help from the vets!

The Reporter

Hattieville man shot multiple times
A shooting on Sunday night in the Conch Shell Bay area of Belize City has sent a man to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital with multiple gunshot wounds. 28-year-old Julian Ebanks of Hattieville was shot in his left shoulder and left cheek at around 11:00 p.m. Ebanks reported to police that while he was socializing with a group of friends, he heard several gunshots ring out and felt a burning sensation immediately after and realized he was shot.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

PM Barrow departs Belize to attend official meetings in Washington
The Office of the Prime Minister today informed that Prime Minister Dean Barrow left the country to attend official meetings in Washington, D.C., one of which is with the OPEC Fund for International Development, for the new Haulover Bridge Project.

Nurse shark killed
According to the Hol Chan Marine Reserve Facebook page, a nurse shark was intentionally killed. The shark was found on the beach yesterday. The reserve posted pictures of the creature and reminded the public that nurse sharks are fully protected under Fisheries Law.

Belize celebrates Pan American Day
By Zoila Palma:Today Belize is celebrating Pan American Day in Belize in lieu of the annual holiday which falls on October 12. This holiday was originally known as Columbus Day, which commemorated the landing of Christopher Columbus in the New World on October 12, 1492.

Taiwan Embassy donates 40 ASUS laptops to Belizean organizations
On Friday, the Republic of China (Taiwan) celebrated its 106th National Day. As part of its celebration the Taiwanese Embassy held a reception and a donation ceremony at the Princess Hotel in Belize City.

Man shot while socializing in Conch Shell Bay, Belize City
Last night around 11:20, police visited the KHMH where they saw Julian Ebanks, 28, of Hattieville Village suffering from a gunshot wound to the left shoulder and left cheek.

Belize City home destroyed by fire
Yesterday around 3:00 am, police responded to a house fire report at apartment 13 in Pickstock, Belize City where they saw a small wooden structure engulfed in flames.

Washing machine ignites house fire in Burrell Boom
Yesterday morning around 12:55, police responded to a house fire report in Burrell Boom Village, Belize District. Police saw a two story house with the wooden section engulfed in flames.

International Sourcesizz

Belice tiene miedo Migrantes huyen de Guatemala, Honduras y El Salvador bañados por la violencia de los Mara Salvatrucha y 18 Revolucionarios. Conoce todos los detalles de las historias de niños, niñas, padres, madres, ancianos y ancianas.

Ex-con arrested in slaying of Canadian in Belize
Cops in Belize have charged a 50-year-old ex-con with murder in the vicious slaying of a former Toronto man. But — like many police probes in the Central American country — detectives aren’t saying if the murder was part of a broader conspiracy in tiny Corozal. Gabriel Bochnia, 38, was shot outside his home late Oct. 4 as his wife and children looked on in horror. Contractor Bochnia died later in hospital despite efforts to save him by his family and neighbours. Cops said the accused killer was known to Bochnia and his family, and the victim even shouted out “Polo” before gunfire shattered the quiet tropical evening.

Belize police make arrest in connection with fatal shooting of Toronto father
Police in Belize have made an arrest in connection with the death of a Toronto father of three fatally shot last Wednesday. Police have not said if any charges have been laid, but say the person in custody will appear in court Tuesday morning. Gabriel Bochnia was shot and killed in Corozal, Belize on Wednesday as he, his wife and their three children were returning to their home in the Chula Vista area, 135 km north of Belize City, near Mexico, according to Belize police spokesperson Raphael Martinez. According to Martinez, Bochnia was getting out of his vehicle, when a man with a rag over his face emerged from behind the bushes, shooting him in the abdomen.

Our Girl: absolutely everything you need to know about series three
Episodes 5-8 will air next year and focus on the Belize/Guatemalan border – “the British army have an involvement there because Belize used to be British Honduras,” explains Grounds. “The Brits, before they extracted, drew the border with a ruler which caused lots of problems…. In Belize and Guatemala, there are a lot of drugs going across the border so there are also a lot of bad people going around, armed in the jungle.”

5 things to know about Columbus Day
Monday is Columbus Day, a holiday losing favor among many as the nation wrestles with sanitized versions of its history. A number of cities in recent years have retooled the holiday to continue recognizing it without focusing on Christopher Columbus. Several cities, for example, celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day on this date, while South Dakota calls it Native American Day. In the Bahamas, where Columbus landed, it's Discovery Day. Just last week, city leaders in Nashville approved a resolution recognizing the day as Indigenous Peoples Day.

The Secret Life of Chocolate
Fermentation is responsible for many gastronomic delights: cheese, wine and beer among them. Steven ter Horst will showcase another food at the inaugural Ferment the Festival that is created due to this chemical process, chocolate. Ter Horst has recently become more interested in this process. He has no involvement with chocolate fermentation, however, as that it carried out on cocoa plantations well before he gets his hands on the chocolate to create the delicious wares he sells at his eponymous shop. Ter Horst’s partner Chantelle Giardina runs the bean to bar brand Maius, and even though she roasts Maius’ beans she doesn’t ferment. “That’s all handled overseas. But she’s developed a very good network of people she can communicate with to find out what’s actually occurring with the fermentation. There’s a woman over in Belize that Chantelle’s in contact with and she’s part of a cocoa co-op over there. We can talk to her about how the beans are produced and what the fermentation is like. She’s very much about fair trade and ethical. So the beans we get are about as ethical as they can be and the dollar that goes back to the farmer is very important.”

Belize is afraid
He pounded the desk with his boxer's hands and stared into my eyes. "I'm Detective Chuc!" Then he waited for a response — as if there was some required response — with his hands on the desk and with the most intimidating look he could manage. The presence of Detective Chuc filled that cramped office, which was stacked to the ceiling with papers and dust that seemed to have been there forever. The office is on the second floor of the border station of Benque Viejo. It is where the Belize police took us to question us after stopping us for taking photos on the banks of the Mopan River. —Good morning, Detective, we are journalists from El Salvador, my name .... And for the third time, we said the same thing: that we were journalists, that we were doing an investigation about Central Americans who take refuge in Belize and that we walked along the banks of that river because we knew that many undocumented immigrants pass hat riv … "And you have permission for that?" interrupted Detective Chuc, always with his hands on the desk. "We have a visa, we're legal in Belize, and that side of the river is from Belize, so we think it's legal to walk around.”


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  • Kendis Gibson back home again..., 1.5min. Emmy award-winning journalist, Kendis Gibson, features his punta lessons on Channel 5’s morning show: Open Your Eyes on World News Now on ABC. Gibson was invited to Belize by the U.S. Embassy Belize to speak with students and journalists across the country.

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