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The San Pedro Sun

San Pedro Veterans win the National Over 40 League
The San Pedro Veterans Football Club became the champions of the National Over 40 League on Saturday, October 7th, after defeating Mango Creek Veterans 2-1 at the Ambergris Stadium. It was a historic moment for the island athletes and community, to capture their first national football title at their new stadium, inaugurated less than six months ago. The tight, action packed game saw the best of both teams, who took the match into injury time before a champion could be crowned. The award for Best Midfielder went to Robert Muschamp from Mango Creek Veterans, followed by his colleague Wilmer Garcia, for Best Defence. Best Goalkeeper trophy went to San Pedro Veterans’ Alden Agustin and the award for the Most Valuable Player of the League went to San Pedro’s Orlando Pinelo. After the individual awards, the teams were given their trophies. Sub-champions Mango Creek Veterans received their second place trophy and a cash prize of $1,000. Taking first place trophy and a cash prize of $2,000 was the new champions of the National Over 40 League, San Pedro Veterans who celebrated the victory with their fans.

Belize Chefs shine at 2nd Annual See and Taste Belize Festival
This year’s event kicked off with a welcome reception dinner on Friday, October 6th from 6PM and 9PM at the FIU Biscayne Bay Campus. For a cover charge of $75, attendees enjoyed a special prepared plate from each chef presented during the sit-down dinner. The night was accompanied by music from the Marimba Academy and guests had the opportunity to meet the partners and sponsors of See and Taste Belize. The main segment of See and Taste was held on Saturday, October 7th from 10AM to 5PM. Admission ranged from $40 to $100, with attendees enjoying Belizean dishes from each chef, music by the Marimba Academy and the Garifuna Collective, as well as art activities and silent auctions. Food options varied from Elvi’s pork tacos to Rain’s rice and beans empanadas and even Garifuna specialties such as hudut.

Ambergris Today

Marco Gonzalez To Host International Archaeology Day Event
International Archaeology Day is recognized worldwide each year on October 21 and the Belize Institute of Archaeology will be holding its 2017 educational events during the week of October 16 through 20, concluding with a two-day event in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. Hosted by the Non-Profit Organization Marco Gonzalez Maya Site Ambergris Caye (MGMSAC), Ltd., the event will be held at El Patio Restaurant. Jan Brown, Founder/Chairman of the Board says, “Toni Beardall and Josue Ramos from IOA Research Department will be in San Pedro Thursday and Friday, Oct 19 and 20. The MOE Educational Officer Odelia Caliz has invited our schools grade Std. 4 and up to attend the 30 minute presentation and view a display of artifacts from around the island. If time allows after the children have finished, the presentation will be available to the public from 3:30 to 4:15pm.”

Hol Chan Reports Senseless (Illegal) Killing Of Nurse Shark
The Hol Chan Marine Reserve Office reminds that nurse sharks are fully protected under Fisheries Law and that it is an offense (illegal) to kill a nurse shark in Belize. Hol Chan posted this images of the animal found dead on the beach. “This is sad, since nurse sharks are one of the main attractions for tourist coming to San Pedro,” stated Hol Chan in their Facebook post. “It was clear that someone had cut the tail off, it was intentionally killed.”

Misc Belizean Sources


Musician Justin Etdan Hyde Murdered
On the 9. 10. 17 at about 9:16 p.m. a shooting incident in the Jane Usher area. 22 year old Justin Hyde and 2 other men were riding bicycles and when they reached the corner of Curl Thompson and Levi Slusher Street, someone fired several gunshots and Hyde was hit to the back. He was rushed to the KHMH. and at 10:12 p.m. while undergoing surgery, he succumbed to his injuries. Several persons have been detained as investigations continue. Hyde worked the construction industry but his goal in life was a journey of music with his friends whom he shared the same passion. The photo below, I took of him on the set of TY's "Paper" music video.

La Fiesta del Pueblo de San Jose Nuevo Palmer
Belize Yucatec Maya - On October 8th, San Jose Palmar in the Orange Walk District celebrated "La Fiesta del Pueblo de San Jose Nuevo Palmer" depicting its rich Yucatec Maya(Maya/Mestizo) people, history and identity with traditional dances, food, music and more. Everyone was welcomed. Ko'one'ex!!!

Remember the Mermaid jumping over the moon? Well I'm adding the last touches to Part 2 :) Moonlight Mermaid!

National Football Championship
Mayor Daniel Guerrero and the San Pedro Town Council would like to congratulate the San Pedro Veterans on their triumph in the National Football Championship over the weekend at the Ambergris Stadium. You represented San Pedro very well in all its unity! Congratulations and on to the next big win!

New pier at Ramon's
A perspective of what the new pier will look like, It's under the regulated limit to not interfere with boat traffic, the curves just make it appear a mile long! it's actually the same length as the old pier. Expected to be completed within the next week.

BELIZE FISHING REPORT, Weeks of Oct, 1st - Oct. 8th, 2017
An awesome week to be in Belize! To spite the threat of TS Nate, anglers that visited us this week enjoyed great bonefishing and beautiful weather. The low tide has happened when the sun is high which makes it easier to see all those bonefish coming your way. First time bone fisherman and women have all been successful catching that coveted fish

Belize's representation at this year's Central America Travel Market 2017 in El Salvador

Paradise Theater playing this weekend
Wind River, War: Planet of the Apes, Emoji Movie, Dark Tower

Channel 7

Triple Traffic Tragedy, US Diplomat To Blame, Exempted From Charges By Immunity
Tonight our headline story is a traffic tragedy of dizzying proportions: three members of the same family: mother, daughter and aunt were killed in a terrible collision on the George Price Highway. It happened on Saturday around 4:00 in the evening between miles two and three - not far from Cisco construction. 30-year-old Samantha Castillo, was driving her Honda Element down from Old Belize along with her sister in in law Martha Nayeli Vasquez, and Martha's one year old child, Deanna Castillo - and another 6 year old daughter. Samantha had just dropped off her brother and Martha's husband, Matthew Castillo at old Belize where he was going on a fishing trip.

Fire Department Responded To Accident
The Fire Department was also among the first responders to the scene. The Station Manager Orin Smith told us they also do not know the extent of injuries to the driver of the pickup: Orin Smith, Station Officer for the National Fire Service: "On Saturday October 7th 2017, at approximately 4:02 pm we received a call from police of a road traffic accident in the vicinity of the garbage dump mile 3 area. One unit was dispatched to that area. On arrival at the scene found was 2 vehicles that had collided a pickup truck and a SUV. There were two fatalities in the SUV an adult female and a minor, we had understand that a third female adult who was also injured in the SUV had succumbed to her injuries later that evening. I am not sure of the extent of the driver of the pickup at this time."

Martha Vasquez Will Be Missed
So, as we told you, the final of the 3 victims to pass away in this traffic accident was Martha Vasquez. She is graduate of the Youth Apprenticeship program, and during her time there, she became very well acquainted with the coordinator, Dianne Finnegan. In an interview with us today, Finnegan expressed her sadness that the quiet and soft spoken Vasquez had lost her life so tragically: Dianne Finnegan - Coordinator, Youth Apprenticeship Program: "Martha is a product of the Youth Apprenticeship Program, again, a young woman who knocked on the doors of the program because she wanted opportunities, and it's so unfortunate. I really don't know the full essence of how she lost her life through this tragic accident, but it's a loss of life that is valuable."

City Man Shot In Head At Neighborhood Food Spot
And while that triple traffic fatality is taking the headline tonight, in Belize City many southside communities are on edge because of escalating gang warfare. A 22 year old father of four was killed last night in the gang ridden Jane Usher Area and a 28 year old was shot in the head this afternoon in the St. Martin's area. 28 year old Jason Almendarez was on Jasmine Street at a food spot - just a few blocks from his home. He had pulled up in a vehicle and went in to get the food, at a neighborhood kitchen where he was well known. But while he was waiting for the food, a gunman walked in off the street and shot him in the head. Police have not issued any report yet, but a family member told us he survived but is in very critical condition. In an update, police have confirmed that this afternoon's shooting victim Jason Almendarez died while receiving treatment at 5:55 pm.

Justin Hyde Killed, Was He a Rapper or a Gangster?
So, while Jason Almendarez is clinging to life at the KHMH tonight, he's the latest shooting victim, but the latest murder victim in the city is 22 year-old Justin Hyde, a resident of the Jane Usher Boulevard area. Hyde was a very talented rapper and musician. But like so many of the at risk youths living in gang territory, he was pulled into the street life. Last night, a shooter waylaid him and fatally injured him a short distance from his house. Our news team went looking for answers today, and Daniel Ortiz took a closer look at the life and past of the man who went by the stage name "Et Dan". Here's that story:

Mediator Makes Plea For Peace
And with gang warfare well heated up - many lives are at risk. Community worker and mediator Dianne Finnegan says something must be done to stop the escalation - and she points to police:.. Dianne Finnegan - Civilian Mediator: "I think that it is high time for those in authority to look at what is taking place right now in Belize City, since August, and ask, if this is what we made the changes for. To see more death? To see the communities now getting all defensive, and protective of themselves, because they have to now kind of get ready for what's next. We had a calm in this city. We had a calm in this city, and now, there is an ants nest that is awake, and people are dying, and it hurts, because we worked very very hard to bring these guys together, to get, and it did not take 1 intervention. It did not take 1 week, 2 weeks, it took months to get them to see themselves as human beings, as individuals who are Belizeans, who have the same dreams and hopes, and opportunities."

Orange Walk Killer Shot Him In Back
So, from that climate of gang related tension in the city, we take you now to the Orange walk street slaying of 42 year-old Daniel Carrillo. He was shot and killed at around 1:00 on Sunday morning, while he was walking on Mopan Street. That's a short distance from his workplace, where he was socializing with family and friends, while finishing up some tasks. It is believed that he received a phone call just before he left, without saying where he was going. He went to a nearby Chinese Shop, and on the way back, he was shot by a gunman, who opened fire on him while his back was turned.

Police: Apolonio Kiou Killed Canadian
When Canadian Gabriel Bocchnia was killed in front of his Corozal home last week - his family recognized the shooter as someone known to them as "Polo". Well, police were quick to detain 52 year old Apolonio Kiou, also known as Apolonio or Polo Cervera. The president of Santa Rita Road in Corozal town was charged last night and arraigned for murder today in Magistrate's Court. He was remanded to prison. Our records show that 12 years ago in 2005, Cervera was charged for the robbery of a Police Constable Morris Martinez who was found murdered. One of his accomplices was charged for the murder. In this case, police would not discuss a motive for Cervera's very bold act to kill Bocchnia in front of his wife and three children. He also tried to kill his wife, but the gun snapped.

PM On the Road Looking for Bridge Financing
Prime Minister Dean Barrow is away on official business all this week. Barrow left the country yesterday for official meetings in Washington, D.C. One of those meetings is with the OPEC Fund for International Development, which will finance the new Haulover Bridge replacement Project. Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber is acting Prime Minister. Prime Minister until Sunday, October 15th..

Gareesh House "Bun Dung"!
Well known Pickstock carnival band leader Gary Gill says someone in the US paid to get his jungle hutment house burnt down. Gill was awakened by the blaze early Sunday morning after 2:00. He tried to escape through the door but it wouldn't budge. Fortunately he jumped through the window and got away unharmed. Today we spoke to the fire department about the arson and we also spoke to Gill about this frightening experience. Orin Smith, Station Officer for the National Fire Service: "The National Fire Service received a call from the police of a structural fire on Pickstock Street Belize city. Two units was dispatched to the area and when they arrived on scene a small wooden frame and ply-board siding structure measuring approximately 10 by 10 on the occupied side. There is an extension to the building that is unenclosed which is 11 by 10, we found that structure fully engulfed in flames. The fire was later brought under control and extinguished." "Preliminary instigation reveals that the fire originated from the North exterior of the structure and the fire is classified as incendiary."

Caye Caretaker's Body Found
Last Week Friday, we told you about the missing persons case of George, the Caretaker from Tobacco Caye, which is to the east of Stann Creek District. Well, his body was found, confirming the worst fears of his family and friends that he drowned while out on a dive. He was identified to us as George Coleman by his friend, but police say that his name is George Stewart. AS we reported, he was last seen on Tuesday, when he went diving for conch right in front of Tobacco Caye without a vessel. He didn't return, and so on Wednesday, his friends and family began to worry about him.

Ducey Targeted Again, This Time He Shot Back
In early September we told you about the attack on well know Haitian taxi driver Joseph Ducey. He was shot in the head and survived. Well two more robbers tried to steal from him last night but again, Ducey scared them off - he shot one of them in the shoulder. Here is how he described the encounter. Joseph Duce, Survived burglary attempt: "By 2:00, 10 to 2 I heard a sound on my verandah upstairs, I heard the sound again and I just pull out my firearm and just come out and check as I open the door I bump into the perpetrator right there when he is wiggling because he wiggling, when is wiggling maybe he has something I don't know what he got but all I do, I try to stop him if he got anything so he doesn't kill me or hurt my family." Courtney Weatherburne, reporter: "So you shot him on his shoulder." Joseph Duce: "Right around here yeah."

Another Fatal Accident
At the top of the news we told you about a triple traffic fatality on Saturday. Well, there was another fatal accident last night - and this one happened on the Southern Highway. Police say that at around 7:00 pm, at mile 32 a Nissan pickup loaded with five passengers in the pan collided head on with a Honda Element. Pablo Salam who was inside the vehicle pan was flung out by the impact; he sustained head injuries and died on the spot. The Driver of the Honda Element Wilton Morgan was served with a notice of intended prosecution.

Shot In Cheek At Conch Shell Bay
So far in the news, we've told you about two men who were shot to death in the last 18 hours in Belize City. One more narrowly escaped death. 28 year old Hattieville resident Julian Ebanks narrowly escaped death when he was shot to the left shoulder and cheek. It happened on Sunday night when Ebanks was socializing in the Conch Shell Bay area and gunshots rang out. EBANKS is listed in a stable condition at the KHMH. Conch Shell Bay is a scene of reacted acts of violence and murder because there is a battle for marijuana turf.

Kendis Trains Belize Media
Last week, we told you about Kendis Gibson's return to Belize. He's the Belize City native who moved to the US as a youth and became an accomplished television journalist there. The US Embassy in Belize saw his years of experience in several different newsrooms as a perfect opportunity for him pass on wisdom to the local press. He arrived on Wednesday, and up until his departure on Saturday, he's been on a very packed schedule of student lectures and workshops. He visited several schools to give motivational speeches to young people from communities similar to where he grew up. On Saturday morning, he held a 2-hour session with the press, and it gave us an opportunity for some self-evaluation. Here's what he had to say after the media conversation was done:

Mental Health Week Is Here
For many, mental health is a personal matter and it is not openly addressed in the workplace. Well, health professionals say it has to be for the productivity in the workplace. That is the theme for this years World Mental Health Day.Here is more There will be a banquet on OCtober 21st as well as a high school speech competition on Friday to celebrate world mental health day. You can pick up tickets for the banquet at the Welcome Resource Center of call the Ministry of Health.

Miami See And Taste
The 2nd annual See & Taste Belize 2017 Festival was held over the long weekend in Miami. It feature renowned Belizean Chefs and performing and visual Artists along with tourism and trade industry leaders. We leave you tonight with footage of the Garifuna Collective performing at the event. Enjoy, and join me back here tomorrow...

Channel 5

Latest murder claims Jason Almendarez on Jasmine Street
With two murders over the holiday weekend and a third reported this afternoon, the murder count for 2017 is up to one hundred and fourteen murders unofficially, slightly ahead of [...]

The two lives of murder victim Justin Hyde
The City’s second murder victim is twenty-two year old Justin Hyde. On Monday night he was riding with two friends on separate bicycles not far from his home on Curl [...]

Counselor Diane Finnegan says Justin didn’t have to die
This evening, youth counselor and coordinator of the Youth Apprenticeship Program Diane Finnegan weighed in on the life of Justin Hyde and his contribution to the intervention program coordinated by [...]

In Orange Walk, family clueless as Daniel Carrillo gunned down from behind
Prior to the murder of Justin Hyde, an Orange Walk man was shot and killed in the early hours of Sunday morning. His family is left with more questions than [...]

Charge for Apolonio ‘Polo’ Kiou in Gabriel Bochnia death
There is an arrest in the murder of the Canadian national, Gabriel Bochnia.  The construction consultant, who was living in Corozal for years and was married with three children, was [...]

Post-mortem confirms nitrogen gas inhalation killed David Doehm
A post-mortem examination on the body of fifty-six year old retiree David Doehm of Belize City certified his cause of death as chemical asphyxiation by inhalation of volatile substance. On [...]

Tragedy on the highway: two mothers, one child killed in collision with U.S. diplomat
We often report on traffic accidents – they have become a staple in our newscast – but the one we will tell you about tonight will move you – it [...]

Another road fatality in the South
There was another fatality on the highways. It happened at Mile thirty two on the Southern Highway near the Red Bank Junction. Thirty-four year old Paulino Pop, of San Roman [...]

George Stewart drowned while diving for conch in Stann Creek
The search for the missing caretaker at Tobacco Caye in the Stann Creek District has ended sadly, with news of his body being recovered Friday evening. Fifty-eight year old George [...]

Hattieville man shot in Conch Shell Bay
Twenty-eight year old Julian Ebanks is listed as stable at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital after being shot on Sunday night. According to police, the Hattieville resident was socializing in [...]

Homeowner shoots would-be minor burglar
A seventeen-year-old minor remains in the hospital in a stable condition after being shot by a homeowner who believed he was trying to burglarize his home. Sixty-three year old Joseph [...]

Convicted burglar admits to escape from police
Convicted prisoner, thirty-nine year old , was in court today for another offence. Already facing time behind bars for burglary and kept firearm offenses, Bailey today changed his not guilty [...]

Chinese make accord with Police Department
On October first, the Belize Chinese Association had orchestrated a shutdown of all its affiliated businesses countrywide. This was in solidarity for a funeral for one of their own – [...]

Chinese Association defends reasons for shutdown of business
At the time of the shutdown, there were many comments about those addicted to fry chicken and Sunday Lottery having to bring forward plans for Sunday, October first, when most [...]

Fire claims residences in Belize City, Burrell Boom
There was a pair of house fires in the Belize District over the holiday weekend. In Belize City around three a.m. Sunday morning, a fire was reported at the Pickstock [...]

Why interventions on Southside worked
During his tenure as Southside commander, Assistant Commissioner of Police Chester Williams initiated a program of direct intervention with a team of youth counselors including Dianne Finnegan and Nuri Muhammad. [...]

Mental Health Day shines spotlight on the workplace
October tenth is celebrated as World Mental Health Day across the globe. The day is used to bring stakeholders together to talk about their work and what more needs to [...]

Kendis Gibson danced the punta on Open Your Eyes
Last week, academy award winning journalist, Kendis Gibson was in Belize at the invitation of the US Embassy. Gibson is a co-host with ABC’s World News Now. During his visit [...]

Guats revoke corruption boss’ visa; name ex-Belize ambassador deputy for foreign affairs
And this news from Guatemala, immigration authorities there have revoked the visa of Ivan Velasquez, the  head of the CICIG, the United Nations  body investigating corruption in that country. The [...]

Football and bodybuilding top Sports Tuesday
Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   {Highlights of the weekend sporting activities…]


One Charged For Murder Of Canadian National
Corozal Police have charged 52 year old Apolonio Kiow, a resident of Santa Elena Road in the Port Saul Area of Corozal Town, for the shooting murder of 38 year old Canadian national, Gabriel Buchnia, which occurred on the night of Wednesday October 4th. Kiow, who was charged on Friday night, could not be arraigned at the Corozal Magistrate’s Court this morning because there was no Magistrate available.

Chemical Asphyxiation Causes David Doehm's Death
A post mortem examination conducted on the body of David Doehm today by Doctor Mario Estradaban concluded cause of death as Chemical Asphyxiation due to inhalation of a volatile substance. Doehm, viewers may remember, was found dead on Thursday of last week inside room 523 at the Ramada Princess Hotel in Belize City. As we had previously reported the fifty three year old retiree was found with a plastic bag over his head with a tube that led from a small Nitrogen tank to the inside of the bag; beside him a hand written suicide note.

Ten Homes Need Reconstruction In Santa Martha
Residents of Santa Martha Village here in the north remain on the road to recovery after most of the village was inundated on the evening of Monday October 2nd following incessant rains. The water level rose by approximately four feet directly affecting over forty families who sought shelter at the community centre, with family or friends. Personal possessions and even homes have been destroyed. So far an assessment carried out by the Orange Walk PUP East Executive has revealed that over ten houses are in need of reconstruction.

More Than Ten Thousand Belizeans Cross The Northern Border Over The Weekend
This past holiday weekend saw a high volume of traffic travelling across the border into Chetumal, Quintana Roo. According to statistics from Immigration sources, over the long weekend the northern border saw 13,232 departures, of which 12,607 were Belizeans heading to tourist locations like Mahahual, Cancun and Playa del Carmen.


Fires destroyed two homes and dislocated occupants
A fire broke out at approximately 2:50 a.m. on Sunday morning in the Pickstock Hutment area of Belize City. The dwelling belonging to 33-year-old Gareth Gill was totally destroyed. Love News spoke with Orin Smith, Station Manager of the National Fire Service, who told us more. Orin Smith – Station Manager of the National Fire […]

COMPOL & Chinese Community discusses safety measures
On Sunday afternoon at least one hundred Chinese business owners met with representatives of the Belize Police Department’s high command in Belize City. These include Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie, CEO in the Ministry of Home Affairs retired Lieutenant Colonel George Lovell, Operations Commander Assistant Commissioner of Police Edward Broaster, and Southside Commander Senior Superintendent […]

Chairman explained why Chinese community closed for business on October 1
As a response to the murder of 58 year-old Bainan Wu the Chinese community decided to close their stores for 24 hours on Sunday October 1, in a show of respect and mourning. The Association gave prior notice but over this past weekend, Chairman Edmund Quan was asked for his response to the perception that […]

Man stabbed multiple times during a fight
A man was stabbed multiple times to the head and body during the wee hours of yesterday morning. On Monday morning at around 1:31, police officers responded to an area of New Road in the Toledo District where they saw 22-year-old Javier Martinez, driver of Bella Vista Village, suffering from multiple stab wounds to his […]

Traffic accident in Southern Belize claims one life
A man lost his life in a road traffic incident last night on the Southern Highway. Police in Independence Village were called out to mile 32 of the Southern Highway near the Red Bank Junction where they observed the lifeless body of 28 year old Pablo Salam of Santa Theresa Village in the Toledo District. […]

Motorcycle and bicycle collision leaves man in critical condition
One person is in a critical condition while three others are in a stable condition as a result of an accident on Friday night in Roaring Creek Village. Fem Cruz reports. Fem Cruz – Love FM “Based on information received of a head on collision between a bicycle and a motorcycle Love News visited the […]

Taiwan’s generosity to Belize continues with laptop donations
On Friday the Embassy of the Republic of China, Taiwan, held a Donation Ceremony in Belize City where handed over refurbished Asus laptops to non-governmental organizations and schools. The donation was in correlation with Taiwan’s National Day Celebrations. Ambassador Charles Keh-yue Liu addressed the gathering. Special Guest at the donation ceremony was Prime Minister Dean Barrow. […]

Taiwan to assist BTL in fiber networking
On Friday, during a donation ceremony hosted by the Embassy of the Republic of China, Taiwan, Prime Minister Dean highlighted the partnership that Belize and Taiwan have enjoyed over the years. In his address, PM Barrow announced that Taiwan has indicated its willingness to assist Belize Telemedia Limited in its Fiber network project. Rt.Hon.Dean Barrow, […]

World Mental Health Day
Today Belize joined the international community in commemorating World Mental Health Day. The day is observed on October 10 every year, with the overall objective of raising awareness of mental health issues around the world and mobilizing efforts in support of mental health. The Day provides an opportunity for all stakeholders working on mental health […]

Burglar shot attempting to break into house
A suspected burglar was shot this morning in Belize City. Police say that around 2:23 am, 63 year old Joseph Duce of Police Street reportedly saw two men attempting to break into his house through the veranda. Duce fired two shots in their direction with his license firearm. A 17 year old was shot to […]

The Reporter

Two shot; one dead
Unconfirmed but reliable reports are that two youths were shot on Monday night in Belize City, one of whom died of his wounds. The report is that the incident happened at around 9:30 p.m., in the Jane Usher Boulevard area. Police have not yet disclosed the name of the deceased; hence we withhold his name at this point.

Separate fires cause damage to homes
Fires in Belize City and Burrell Boom early today have destroyed two homes. In the first incident, at around 12:55 a.m., fire personnel were called out to Burrell Boom village to the residence of 54-year-old Nathalie Hyde. Hyde told investigators that at around 12:50 a.m., she and her son were asleep when they were awakened by the strong smell of smoke. Upon making checks, she saw that her washing machine was on fire.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Man killed this afternoon in Belize City
This afternoon around 2:15, police visited the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) where they saw Jason Almendarez, 27, with gunshot wounds to the back of head and to the left shoulder.

Another man gunned down in Belize City
A 27-year-old man was shot and killed shortly after 2:00 today in Belize City.

Kylah Ciego is Belize’s New CARICOM Youth Ambassador
The Belize Youth Movement (BYM) today issued a release stating that it firmly believes in fostering the new generation in any and all leadership roles.

Bureau of standards meets with business support organizations
In an effort to foster a culture of standards in the country, the Belize Bureau of Standards (BBS) held a workshop today, inviting support organizations for micro, small and medium enterprise (MSME) support organizations.

MOH calls for greater empathy with suicide reporting
Following the extensive media coverage of the suicide of David Doehm, the Ministry of Health (MOH) is calling on Belizean media houses to change their approach when reporting suicides.

Belize celebrates World Mental Health Day
The Ministry of Health (MOH) and the Mental Health Association (MHA) of Belize held a joint event today in celebration of World Mental Health Day.

Proportional representation: Let’s change the system
By Charles Leslie Jr: I am sure you will agree, that more Belizeans are disempowered and disenfranchised today than at any other time in post-Independent Belize. This SYSTEM is not working. In the past 10 years alone, Belize has seen record high rates of: crime, corruption, poverty, unemployment, debt slavery, gentrification (lost of patrimony), family deterioration, child abuse, child disappearance, substance abuse, human trafficking, a corrupted and debased type of spirituality…

Two injured in stabbing incident
Yesterday morning around 1:31, police responded to information of a stabbing incident and visited New Road, Toledo. Police saw Javier Martinez, 22, a driver of Bella Vista village, suffering from multiple stab wounds to his head and body.

Belize~Should the minimum wage be increased?
By Richard Harrison: The minimum wage stipulated by law in Belize is currently at BZ$3.30 per hour, and was raised to this level in 2012….five long years ago. Prior to that it was set at BZ$3.10 per hour in 2010, and BZ$2.50 in 2007. In 1992, minimum wage was set at BZ$2.25 per hour for manual workers, BZ$2.00 per hour for agricultural and export industries and BZ$1.75 per hour for domestic workers and shop assistants.

US Embassy issues release on tragic car accident involving US Diplomat
The United States Embassy issued a release this morning saying that, “the Embassy community expresses deep shock and sadness in connection with Saturday’s tragic car accident that took three lives and injured two people, including a U.S. diplomat.”

Businessman shoots burglar in Belize City
This morning around 2:23, police received information that a man was shot and was taken to the KHMH in a private vehicle. Joseph Duce, 63, a businessman of Police Street reported that he saw 2 men on his verandah and fired 2 shots with his license firearm at the individuals burglarizing his residence.

1 dead; several injured in fatal traffic accident
Last night around 7:27, Independence police responded to the scene of a traffic accident at mile 32 on the Southern Highway near Red Bank Junction where they saw the body of Pablo Salam,28, on the road.

Embattled Belizean artist shot dead
Our newsroom has received confirmed reports that a man was gunned down in Belize City. Justin Hyde also known as EtDan of a Curl Thompson Street address passed away from gunshot injuries while receiving medical attention at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital.


Can ants really predict rain?
The story goes that leaf cutter ants – are the predictors of rain. Much like our meteorologists of modern times, the accuracy leaves something to be desired, but the chances of rain after seeing a line of dutiful ants and their cargo is between two to three days. Those ants carry a specific choice of leaf to their nest, which can grow up to 100 feet across!! Soldier ants stand guard at the entrance of the nest, ready to inspect the foliage before allowing them inside. If ever you see an ant headed the opposite direction, it is because it chose the wrong leaf, and now it is taking it back where it was found.

October Holiday Weekend Around Ambergris Caye
Yesterday was a holiday – Pan-American Day here in Belize. One of those long holiday weekends that creeps up on you…so much so that you don’t realize its a 3 day weekend until you find the gas station closed…or you see all the kids, uniformless, and playing at the beach. Saturday morning we boated up to Cayo Frances Farm & Fly – the address is 12 miles W. Side of Ambergris Caye. Here are a bunch of pictures I took of a gorgeous sunny weekend in October. These are actually the boat ride back TO town on the holiday Monday. Blue blue skies and kids swimming in “the river”.

Comparing Gasoline Price In Belize
Belize Gasoline went up with the new price of premium gasoline increasing by 93 cents on the gallon. The new premium gas, which was actually 14 cents less per gallon than regular gas since the price adjustment of September 20, 2017 would increase from $10.99 a gallon to $11.92 a gallon in Belize City. September 20th, 2017, the price of regular gasoline, which had been tagged at $10.21 since August 16, increased by 92 cents on the gallon, to $11.13. Here are some prices for Mexico from 03-Jul-2017 to 09-Oct-2017. The average value for Mexico during that period was 17.54 Mexican Peso with a minimum of 17.31 Mexican Peso on 24-Jul-2017 and a maximum of 17.82 Mexican Peso on 09-Oct-2017. For comparison, the average price of gasoline in the world for this period is 25.07 Mexican Peso. What is the Gasoline Price in Mexico? Price controls will be gradually lifted throughout 2017. These changes are intended to improve the competitiveness of Mexico's economy. But today Mexicans pay for gasoline almost as much as Australians and Canadians – in a country where the daily minimum wage is currently 80 pesos (US$3.60). Central America: Fuel Prices as of July 3. Price of a gallon of regular gasoline: $3.83, Honduras $3.64, Nicaragua $3.44, Guatemala $2.98, El Salvador $2.93, and Panama $2.60.

International Sourcesizz

Belize, il mistero del baseball "mortale" dei Maya
Scoperte a Belize due sculture Maya raffiguranti due giocatori di baseball. I reperti risalgono al 600-800 d.C. e sono stati trovati tra le rovine perdute di Tipan Chen Uitz. E potrebbero essere i primi nel loro genere. Le raffigurazioni mostrano giocatori che indossano cinture protettive. Al loro fianco dei geroglifici che suggeriscono che le sfere avrebbero potuto avere la circonferenza equivalente di nove mani. Secondo gli studiosi la gara è durata due settimane e alcune fonti suggeriscono che, al termine, qualcuno sia stato decapitato. Il Belize è un Paese dell'America Centrale affacciato sul mar dei Caraibi. Ed è proprio qui che risiede la sua principale forza: la natura.

The Mystery of the Mayas: A Visit to Lamanai, Belize
The idea of visiting archaeological ruins is generally to learn about past societies and cultures. In the case of Belize, some of the learnings pose more questions than answers. While the current population is just about 250,000, archeologists suggest that at one time there may have been one to two million people living here. Within a relatively small geographical area, there is a proliferation of Mayan ruins. Most are still hidden away with just a few pieces peeking through through jungles or brush. The five-square-mile area called Lamanai was once an important political and economic and trading center inhabited by 60,000 people. If you can read between the buried treasures, there are 3,000 years of Mayan history at this center by Indian Church, south of Orange Walk. While archeologists estimate 800 ruins remain, only a handful, less than one percent, have been excavated.

La. Guardsmen train Belizean forces to help at-risk youth
“We enjoy doing this because we love the job of teaching young people and training them how to be a success in life after this program,” said Minor. The Louisiana National Guard’s Youth Challenge Program concluded its most recent 10-day Challenge Program Instructor’s Course at the Gillis Long Center in Carville, Sept. 28. The class graduated with eight guest cadre from the Belize Defence Force who came to learn how to instruct troubled youths in their home country. The LANG and the BDF have trained and worked together as part of the State Partnership Program for more than 20 years. The trained cadre will return to Belize to facilitate a Youth Challenge Program that will mirror the LANG’s own program of the same name. The program is schedule to start Oct. 16, 2017.


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