The PUP's internal politics got a whole lot more interesting yesterday when PUP Deputy Leader Kareem Musa called the press to his office to say that he's considering challenging John Briceno for party leadership at a National Convention on November 26th.

But Musa didn't make a commitment - and didn't even discuss a timeframe for a final decision - because he said he didn't know when the party would set the deadline for nominations.

Well, he knows now - because that deadline was set today at a National Executive meeting. Party Chairman Henry Usher discussed the dates:

Henry Usher, Chairman - People's United Party
"What was approved at the national executive is that all nominations for the positions being challenge are being open, must be submitted in writing by October 27th, at 4pm here to the secretariat. These nominations must be accompanied by the person nominated sending in an acceptance of this nomination in writing as well by 4pm on that date, October 27th."

"Is there any discussions on the challenge from Mr. Musa?"

Henry Usher, Chairman - People's United Party
"No, it was a very quick meeting. I think that the different we went through all of the logistics and so on for the national convention and everybody agreed to it. Mr. Kareem was here. He agree to the deadlines and we just have to wait until after the 27th to see exactly what positions will be challenge, if any and what nominations will be received."

Musa Says There May Be More Than One Challenger

So the deadline for nominations and the delegate lists is 4:00 pm on October 27th., which gives Kareem Musa or any other challenger 15 days to decide.

Yesterday, Musa told us that he might not be the only one interested in a challenge:..

Hon. Kareem Musa, PUP Deputy Leader (East)
"But there's no challenger in the ring but yet we're getting these letters signed and a lot of the area reps and standard bearers are calling me and saying you're being pressured to sign unto these letters of endorsement and my suggestion to them is: I understand what you're saying but I'm not in a position this is a huge decision for me and for all my supporters, so I can't just make a rash decision even though it's a very small window that we have to make the decision. I can't make the decision right now so my advice to them was he is over Party leader there is no problem signing onto an endorsement letter at this stage on October 26th or whenever the Rules of Engagement are put in place the ball game changers."

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