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The San Pedro Sun

Hope Haven Children’s Home expected to open in November
San Pedro’s first children’s home Hope Haven is just weeks away from being completed, with opening day expected for the first week in November. According to representatives from the non-profit organizations (NGOs) Raise Me Up and Shaping Healthy Identities through Nurturing and Empowerment (SHINE) all that is left are some final touches on the building floors, furniture and painting on some of the walls inside the building. The shelter is still in need of items like air conditioner units and kitchen utensils that could be donated to the facility. It is expected that once complete it will accommodate the community’s vulnerable groups and provide adequate assistance to victimized children and women on the island. According to Britney Travis from Raise Me Up, the second floor of the shelter will serve as the space where vulnerable children will be housed. “The second floor of the building will host children who may need immediate removal from their homes to be placed into protective care,” said Travis. “This could be for an overnight, or more time if parents lose the custody of the child, to even a prolonged period of time if it is needed depending on the situation.”

Ambergris Today

Pink Eye Is Not Over Yet - Worst Outbreak In Belize History
Jesse Chun, Sr. Biostatistician at the Ministry of Health told Belize City media last week that approximately 11,000 people have shown up at clinics countrywide with the dreaded conjunctivitis (Pink Eye). He also stated that, in terms of numbers, it is the biggest outbreak in decades for Belize. Chun told 7News Belize that he believes that Belize is currently in the middle of the outbreak; that the Pink Eye came from the northern part of the country and has since spread all the way down to the Toledo District down south. The Belize District reports having the majority of cases which is expected, as it has the most population in the country.

Faye Lin Cannon's Father Holds Memorial For His Departed Daughter
In the wake of the court cases, dramatic news headlines, death and hope for justice, David Cannon, father of young Faye Lin Cannon, organized a memorial service for his deceased young girl, held at the San Pedro Lions Den on Saturday, October 14, 2017. The venue saw residents in and out the Lions Den throughout the afternoon as they came to pray for Faye Lin, meet her father David Cannon and extend their support and assistance throughout his ongoing battle for the custody of his three adoptive daughter, sisters of Faye Lin - Mia, Siri and Zoe. The children who visited the memorial were not the only ones writing messages of love and hope to Faye’s siblings, but even the adults took to creating their own cards, filling them with positive messages for David to deliver to his daughters.

Misc Belizean Sources


Join us this Thursday to paint "Cock-A-Doodle-Do" at Crazy Canucks from 2pm-4pm.!!

Belize Bodybuilding in Chetumal, Quintana Roo, Mexico
Back from Mr Bahia 2017 in Chetumal!! Belize represented! I won 1st Place Overall. My colleague Lee Barry Busano won 2nd Place Overall. Oyinkro Akpobodor​​ won 1st place Mr Physique Classic, and Spartan Gym's Elvis Sanker​​ won 2nd place in Mr Physique Novice.

80's Halloween Masquerade at the Biltmore Plaza
TIME Sat Oct 28 2017 at 09:00 pm. VENUE Belize Biltmore Plaza, 3 Miles Northern Highway Belize City.

Dog Show and Pawty in the Park
TIME Sat Oct 21 2017 at 02:00 pm. Belize Humane Society, PO Box 2622, Belize City.

7th Annual Bob Marley Tribute 2018
Sat Jan 27, 2018, at 06:00 pm. Muffles College Auditorium, San Andres Street, Orange Walk. UNITY SOUNDS - Belize City, RAS CAS SOUNDS - San Ignacio, VIBES ALIVE INTERNATIONAL - Orange Walk City.

Working together!
OUT AND ABOUT- New U.S. Embassy Political Officer, Bryn West, and members of her team visited the Ombudsman Office, the Belize Central Prison, representatives of the LGBT community, and Belize Youth Empowerment for Change to introduce herself and discuss various issues affecting Belize.

Diversity Visa Program Entry Instructions
The Diversity Visa Program 2019 is here! Application deadline is November 7, 2017. APPLY NOW

World Food Day
We’re celebrating World Food Day in Belize too! 16 farmers have established inga alley cropping plots to grow corn, beans, and other annual crops. They are investing in their soils because they want to eat healthier food!

Caye Caulker dental clinic hours
The dental clinic is open on Wednesdays from 9 am to 4 pm. Call 6150707 for an appointment, by Dirty McNasty. Making an appointment is necessary. This Wednesday is fully booked

San Juan/ Cowpen receives NEMO Flood Mitigation Works
Having recently benefited from expansion of electricity and paving of its main road, the village of San Juan/Cowpen is now receiving much needed Flood Mitigation works. This week, equipment owned by the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) began works in that village, excavating and cleaning drains to facilitate the free flow of water in times of excess rainfall. The works are being supervised by NEMO Southern Regional Coordinator Keith Emmanuel and Stann Creek District Coordinator David Cruz along with personnel from the Ministry of Works. Direction on the ground is also being provided by San Juan/Cowpen Village Chairman Carlos Peraza and Councillor Abby Blades.

Rigo Vello is Back for Mr. Bahia 2017 in Chetumal!!
Belize represented! He won 1st Place on Overall. His colleague Lee Barry Busano won 2nd Place Overall. Oyinkro Akpobodor won 1st place Mr. Physique Classic, and Spartan Gym's Elvis Sanker won 2nd place in Mr Physique Novice.

Cayo Talent Competition
The SISE House of Culture is having a Talent Competition on Saturday at the Cayo Welcome Center, and the top 5 contestants will be invited to the Cayo Art Festival on December 2nd. "The San Ignacio & Santa Elena House of Culture is hosting a Talent Competition this Saturday October 21st at the Cayo Welcome Center. Kindly see attached flyer for more information."

Channel 7

Three School Girls Escape Abductor
Tonight, Cayo police are looking for a man who allegedly tried to kidnap three school girls. It happened this morning at around 8:30 in the fairly remote, rural area of 7 Miles/El Progreso. The girls, aged 9, 10, and 11 were walking to school when a man allegedly picked them up and put them into his double cab Isuzu pickup. Reports say he also tied them up. The family found out about the abduction almost immediately, and gathered men from the community to set chase. Somehow, the report is that the girls managed to get out of the moving pickup and escape. The girls - two of them are sisters - have been returned safely to their parents - who are tonight giving statements at the San Ignacio police station. As for the suspect - reports suggest he is a foreigner who lives in the area, but he is not at home, and nowhere to be found. Tonight police have checkpoints up to try and find him - but reports also say that San Ignacio police had no vehicle to respond at the time of the attempted abduction this morning. 7Miles/El Progreso is on the road from Georgeville heading to the Chiquibul.

Corporal Acting Like An Outlaw
Tonight, the police Professional Standards Branch is investigating the conduct of a police corporal caught on security camera behaving like an outlaw. Corporal Daniel Requena, who is assigned to the Major Crimes Unit in Belmopan, was in his hometown of San Ignacio on Friday night. This footage shows him walking into Rainbow Restaurant, pointing what looks like a nine millimeter pistol at the woman behind the counter, and then holding the gun to another man's head, as he puts him in a chokehold. Requena then points his weapon once more and then puts it away. After that he turns his attention to the woman behind the counter and on the security video, it looks like he tries to sexually assault her. She quickly steps away and the Corporal continues to jolly himself inside the restaurant - leaving a minute later.

COLA Angry About Street Contract, Ready To Take It To Streets
Work has already started on Faber's Road - where the contractor Imer Hernandez Development Co. Ltd. is being paid a shade under 8 million dollars to reconstruct just over a mile of the battered roadway. The works include drains and other effects, but, still, it has generated a great deal of controversy - with the PUP today calling it a bloated contract. But, COLA isn't just calling it names, that activist group has applied under the Freedom Of Information Act to see the actual working papers. Today COLA President, his attorney and contracting consultant had a repress conference to outline the many ways they plan to try and block this project: Rufus X, COLA Consultant: "Really and truly there is nothing in that piece of road that can cost 8 million dollars. No way, you look at it. This is craziness."

Teenager's Remains Found
17-year-old Erwin Rodriguez was reported missing on August 24th, and 52 days later on October 14th, the mystery of his disappearance was solved with a bitter ending the family had come to expect: at around 2:40 pm on Saturday, his skeletal remains were found buried in a shallow grave. A search party, along with the police found the remains near the SeaShore area, west of his neighborhood in the Jane Usher Boulevard. The search had been going on intensively for weeks, and some of his belongings had already been found. Jose Espat who was the leader of the search party said that on Saturday Erwin's mom got a tip as to where her son's body was.

Erwin's Family Gets Grief With Closure
Like his brother Kevin who was killed three years earlier when he was 18, Erwin met a violent end. But, still, the family and friends of the teenager now have the closure of knowing where his remains are buried. They spent many long days not just searching but dealing with all the anxiety and fear that came with the situation. Rodriguez's mom said she is relieved that her son has finally been found but she is hurting. Sylvia Rodriguez, Mother: "They came for me around 5 telling me that they discovered him." Sahar Vasquez, reporter: "When you heard your son was discovered what was your reaction, your feeling?" Sylvia Rodriguez, Mother: "Not nice, but at the same time at that moment I thanked the Good Lord because that is what we were praying for. To find him."

Recycler Died On Highway Cleanup
On Friday night we told you about the highway cleanup called Walk For A Green Belize. It's a great initiative to pick up garbage along all 77 miles of the George Price Highway. Recycler Elroy Jones was a part of that effort - he was part of the cleanup crew sweeping up the bags of garbage that the volunteers had collected. But, a terrible accident happened; when he fell off the truck he was working on, and was crushed under its wheels. Sahar Vasquez has more on the loss of the 39 year old father of three: 39-year-old Elroy Jones showed up to work at the sanitary landfill on Saturday to work for a good cause, picking up the bags of trash left by those participating in the big clean along the George Price Highway. But near Jaguar Paw - a day of doing a community cleanup turned into tragedy

Security Guard Shooting Leads To Accident, More Hurt
3 men are in the hospital tonight after a strange series of events. 2 of the men were shot and then got into an accident on the way to the hospital while the other man is in a coma as a result of the accident. Now it all started early Sunday morning after 3:00. Tyrin Faber and his cousin Elon Faber were along with friends at Elite Club inside the Princess Hotel. Reports are that a fight broke out between one of Faber's friends and another group of men. All the men were chased outside the club but they took the fight out in the parking lot. That is when one of the security guards, Glenford Brown fired his 12 Gauge Mossberg Sawed-off Shotgun to the ground to break up the brawl, but one the bullets ricocheted and struck Tyrin Faber to the chest and hand while Elon Faber was hit to the back.

Despite Controversy, Justice of Appeal Franz Parke Is Sworn In
We've been reporting on Justice of Appeal Designate Franz Parke for weeks now, but he was only sworn in today. This morning, in Belmopan, Parke went to the Governor General's office where they had a brief, cordial discussion. After that, Parke took the oath of office, making the Jamaican - American a justice of the Court of Appeal for 5 years. Controversy over his qualifications, and a pending lawsuit have attended his ascension to the post - but ultimately it's the Prime Minister's advice to the Governor General that matter most - and they made it official today.

What Will BNTU Do About Franz Parke?
...Now as we have reported the Belize National Teachers Union, the Bar Association, the Opposition, and Civil Society have made it clear that they do not support Franz Parke's appointment as Justice of Appeal because in their view, he is not qualified for that position. The PUP have even filed a law suit against the government to block this appointment. Well, all this opposition and condemnation was pretty much ignored because Parke was sworn in today. So what will these groups do now? When we asked the BNTU president today, she didn't have a hard and fast position but she said that she just hopes the PM rethinks this decision.

A Pair of Holdups In OW District
On Saturday night around 8:25 a robbery took place a Mini Harvie Shop located in Carmelita Village, Orange Walk. 37-year-old self-employed Yulisa Villamil reported that two dark skinned men in dark clothing and masks stormed into her shop. They held her son at gunpoint and stole several items from her and her customers. A still shaken Villamil gave an off-camera interview to CTV-3 news to describe some of what she experienced. Voice of: Yulisa Villamil, Shop Owner: "One of them detained us on the verandah the other two entered the house and put the gun in my sons head and demanded money. I was scared and I told them to take everything but do not hurt my son nor my family. They took the money and also robbed the customers of their items."

Man Used Halloween Outfit To Rob
Another robbery took place in Orange Walk - this one happened in the town on Friday afternoon and the terror of it was caught on security camera. At around 3:15 in the afternoon, 2 men - one of them in a Halloween outfit white rags covering their face came into the store. One of the men pointed a 9mm pistol at Quin and they made out with $600. The police continue to investigate the matter.

Another Murder In City
There is the report of another fatal shooting in the City's Southside tonight. Initial reports are that a man was shot in his head in the Jane Usher Boulevard area near the basketball court. Our team on the scene reports that he is dead - in an area that has seen countless murders.

BNTU Fires Off Letter to PM
Back to BNTU news - We also asked President Elena Smith about an update on their 8 demands. They have been waiting on the PM to give them a progress report. But at this point - there has only been a back and forth of letters between the PM and the BNTU. So they fired off another one to him today. Here is how Smith put it. Hon. Elena Smith, President, BNTU: "We wrote the PM again because he responded and we sent him another respond and our request remains the same that we are asking that he provide us with an update on our 8 demands. Again we must reiterate the fact that when we discussed or when we negotiated these 8 demands, it was with the PM and so we feel that it is only right to go directly to him and ask him to provide the update we haven't gotten any as yet, we hope that we will be getting one seeing that we sent him another letter."

BNTU Says Ballots Not Secret
Is your vote really secret and confidential? Well according to a mock election that was held in September - it isn't. BNTU president Smith participated in this simulation exercise and here is what she had to say. Hon. Elena Smith, President, BNTU: "We were invited to witness what was happening and it was of interest to me personally and to us as a Union because we have always been hearing that your vote isn't secret and so I wanted to see for myself, you can call me doubtful Thomas. So I took part and at the end of it I was surprised to hear that Mr. Akeman was able to share with us how each person voted, he told us exactly who spoiled their ballots, how the ballots were spoiled and how each person voted on each of the questions. It was a bit alarming to me to find out because I look back and I say Oh my gosh anybody can tell how you vote. But for me it poses a question of secrecy and how is it that as Belizeans people would react knowing that now it is possible that they can tell who vote and how you vote." The mock election was held at St. Mary's hall in Belize City. It was a public event organized by BUFFERHD - which is Derek Aikman's new political activism group.

A Week For Antiquities
International Archeology Day is celebrated on October 21st - that is this Saturday but the Institute of Archeology is commemorating this day with a week of activities. The overall purpose is to recognize the important role archeology plays in our history. Dr. Allan Moore told us more about this observance. Dr. Allan Moore, Associate Director, Institute of Archeology, NICH: "We decided hey! Why not put it into an archeological week and extend it. Unfortunately not everyone could be involved in this week and for it to be meaningful and kinda get something out of it we decided to take two, three venues, we tried Dangriga but we have postponed that until after so tomorrow we start at Banquitas." "Banquitas is in Orange Walk right so they are highlighting a number of what is happening in Orange walk in terms of the history, the culture etc. etc. so we will kinda of support that and augment that with some of the local archeology you know the Quello, the Noh Nul and the Cacabish and the what have you and to show them and highlight what they have in their district."

UDP Danger in Dangriga With Rep. Pawpa
The UDP held its municipal convention in Dangriga on Sunday and - while the outcome was not close - it was fiercely contested. That's because the larger factions within the party are jostling for dominance. When it was done, the slate that Area Representative Frank Pawpa Mena's supported was defeated - and that led to some Facebook ugliness that has caused a black eye for the UDP. On his Facebook page, Mena addressed his opponents within his own party, posting, quote, "it's a shame ... you have to use money to buy my people. Sad that they don't know how you only care for your agenda and your racist needs. That's politics." And when a bogus account struck back with an insult for Mena, he then later added, quote, "Create your accounts and attack. With time my people will know that you don't really give a (blank). I will continue to defend them even though you think we all have a price."

Despite Tragedy, Cleanup Was Successful
The "Walk for a Green Belize Clean up" took place on Saturday and according to Tyrone Chimilio the Communications Officer for the Belize Management Solid Waste the clean up was a success. People came out in big numbers to help clean the George Price Highway. He also shared his sorrow regarding the freak accident that took the life of Elroy Jones during the bag collection. Tyrone Chimilio, Belize Solid Was Management Communications Officer: "It was a very succesful campaign that we did. We had a great number of individuals that came out and assisted with the cleanup." Sahar Vasquez, reporter: "Was there a lot of garbage that was actually found on the side of the road?" Tyrone Chimilio: "Yes it was. We had several groups who actually ran out of bags. So we had to quickly redistribute those bags to them. Of course we know on hand that we do have an issue which is littering which is a continued effort that highlights the reason as to why we continue to do the "Walk For A Green Belize Clean Up.""

Channel 5

Brave Schoolgirls Escape Abductors in El Progreso, Cayo
There is a disturbing report coming in from the west where two men attempted to abduct three girls—ages nine, ten and eleven—from El Progresso, seven miles village in the Cayo [...]

Erwin Rodriguez Laid to Rest after Remains Found Near Sea
Tonight, seventeen-year-old Erwin Paulino Rodriguez was laid to rest at Eternal Garden Memorial Cemetery on the George Price Highway following a short graveside service. The last faint hopes of his [...]

Franz Parke Appointed Despite Storm Clouds of Controversy
As the October session of the Court of Appeal opened today in Belize City, in Belmopan, attorney Franz Parke was sworn in as the new justice to the court. The [...]

COLA Says “Obscene” Fabers Road Contract May Be Final Straw
The Imer Hernandez Development Company Limited has already begun construction on the stretch of Fabers’ Road between Central American Boulevard and the George Price Highway. For that approximately one-mile stretch [...]

Did Ministry of Works Violate Finance and Audit Reform Act?
But before it gets to that, COLA has engaged Kareem Musa to write to the C.E.O. in the Ministry of Works, Errol Gentle, along with Minister Rene Montero and Contractor [...]

Does Imer Hernandez Have Airstrip Contract Too?
The People’s United Party issued a statement today condemning the award as containing no rational justification other than to, in the P.U.P.’s words, enrich select U.D.P. ministers and cronies and [...]

Recycler Run Over on Highway
A recycler was killed over the weekend following a clean-up of the George Price Highway. Elroy Jones was on the job when he lost his life; he was run over [...]

Security Company, Police Eye Guard for Breach Following Shooting at Princess
A security guard attached to Technical Security Systems Company Limited out of Cayo is tonight in police custody following a shooting incident at the parking lot of the Ramada Belize [...]

Kirkland Dawson Shot Following Misunderstanding
But thirty-one-year-old Kirkland Dawson is tonight at home recovering from a gunshot wound to the thigh. The electrician of Euphrates Avenue was socializing with friends and family inside an open [...]

Teen Charged in Attempted Murder of Floyd McNab
Nineteen-year-old Asher Saunders has been charged for the attempted murder of Floyd McNab who was shot in the buttocks in Belize City on Friday night.  Shortly after nine o’clock, officers [...]

Gas Station Robbed in Cayo
There was a brazen armed robbery on Friday in San Ignacio. Just before ten a.m., twenty-eight-year-old pump attendant Vicente Maldonado of Shawville area was held up at gunpoint at Sirrom [...]

Robbers Strike Carmelita, O.W. Town
There were two other armed robberies over the weekend in Orange Walk. The first occurred on Friday afternoon on Zericote Street in Orange Walk Town. Sometime after three o’clock, two [...]

Jermaine Rhaburn Awaits Decision in Murder Trial
Twenty-two-year-old Jermaine Rhaburn awaits his fate at the Belize Central Prison, pending a decision by Justice Adolph Lucas in a murder trial which concluded earlier today.  The former Belize Defense [...]

P.U.P. Gags Would-Be Candidates before National Convention
The National Executive of the People’s United Party met on Thursday and set a deadline of four p.m. on October twenty-seventh for Party Chairman Henry Charles Usher to receive both [...]

U.D.P. Return Francis Humphreys in Dangriga, But Area Rep Not Happy
In other political news, the United Democratic Party held its municipal convention for Dangriga on Sunday at Holy Ghost Roman Catholic School near the sea. Incumbent Mayor Francis Humphreys is [...]

B.N.T.U. Tries Again with Curt P.M.
The Belize National Teachers Union is giving Prime Minister Dean Barrow an ultimatum after receiving a terse response when the executive requested an update on the progress of the eight-point [...]

Teachers Wary Over ‘Divide and Conquer’ Tactics
Smith says the inclusion of the other unions is simply another attempt by government to disrupt the harmony within the National Trade Union Congress of Belize.   Elena Smith, National [...]

Police Chase Clues but Activists Bunker Down after Albert Cattouse ‘Hit’
The activist community is shaken by the Thursday night execution of seventy-two-year-old Albert Cattouse.  The taxi operator was gunned down with a single shot to the head inside his Lincoln [...]

How to Clean Up Jane Usher Boulevard: Send G.S.U./B.D.F.
The Jane Usher Boulevard area has become well-known for its murderous rivalries. When the intervention and community policing program under former south side commander ACP Chester Williams was in full [...]

K.H.M.H. ‘Poor a Blood;’ Suspend Elective Surgeries
If you have an elective surgery scheduled at the K.H.M.H. – they say it will not happen because all elective surgeries have been suspended due to the lack of blood [...]

Why Was Santa Elena’s German Flores Beaten into Coma?
Twenty-seven-year-old German Flores, a resident of Hill View area in Santa Elena, is clinging to life at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital tonight, after being beaten to a bloody pulp [...]

James Adderley Brings You Sports Monday
Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   [Highlights of the weekend sporting activities….]


COLA Demands GOB Bust Open The Books On Faber's Road Contract
And as we told you last week, COLA is also highly sceptical of the million dollar contract and has evoked the Freedom of Information Act to request the contract documents from the Ministry of Works. Today, COLA’s attorney Kareem Musa explained why they believe the matter will end up in Court. Kareem Musa, Attorney for COLA: “At this point what we do know is that they employed the selective tendering process and I think it was the VIP that issues a Press Release that rightly pointed out under the Finance Audit Reform Act section 19(5) that any contract, any procurement in excess of five million dollars ought to be under the open tendering procedure and we get the initial remarks from the government that this was not done so this was ought to have been open to tender...”

Franz Parke Is Appointed To The Courts Of Appeal Despite Growing Opposition
Despite growing opposition, this morning Governor General Sir Colville Young proceeded with the appointment of Jamaican-American Franz Parke as a Justice on the Court of Appeal. On Wednesday October 11th, Opposition leader John Briceno requested the Court’s permission to seek a constitutional challenge of the appointment. In his affidavit, Briceno called on the Court to review the appointment and declare it improper, unconstitutional and therefore null and void. Briceno indicated that he opposed the appointment as he did not believe that Parke was duly qualified to be appointed to the Court.

Chinese Business Robbed At Gun Point
And the second robbery took place on Friday afternoon. This time Chinese businessman, twenty four year old Hong Zhen Quin, reported to Orange Walk Police that shortly after three o’clock two Hispanic men dressed in full black clothing with white rags covering their faces entered his establishment “Sun Luck Store” located on Zericote Street here in Orange Walk Town. According to Quin, one of the men was armed with a 9mm pistol. The perpetrator allegedly pointed the firearm at Quinn and proceeded to rob the store of six hundred dollars in cash before fleeing the area.

BNTU Scold PM Barrow And Demands Answers By October 20th
On October 3rd, the Belize National Teacher’s Union held a special ceremony in Belize City to commemorate their “Save Belize” campaign, which was marked by an 11-day protest to advocate for good governance reforms. Union President Elena Smith indicated that as part of the anniversary she had written the Prime Minister, requesting an update to the reform measures that had been accepted by the Government for implementation. The Prime Minister’s response came with a degree of unwelcome indifference, according to Smith.

St. Francis Xavier Credit Union Experiencing Serious Economic Challenges
There is no question that our country is experiencing serious economic challenges. At the macro level, last year the Government had to force the renegotiation of the terms to pay its external debt. At the micro level, just take one look at the weekly local newspapers and note the number of homes being auctioned away by the banks, based on non-performing mortgage loan agreements, is just the tip of the iceberg. Last week, we had the opportunity to speak to St. Francis Xavier Credit Union Assistant General Manager, Michael Riveroll Sr, who told us his institution is doing its best to aid those in need.

PUP Says 8 Million Dollars Farbers Road Contract Is Bloated
The controversy continues over a contract awarded by the Ministry of Works to Imer Hernandez Development Co. Limited, a company involving the nephew of former UDP Deputy Leader Gaspar Vega. The contract is for the rehabilitation of just over 1 mile of Fabers Road, but the amount agreed to as payment has raised eyebrows. The Ministry says it will pay $8 million to the company for the work. The Opposition expressed shock in a press release issued today. The release states, “The PUP condemns the awarding of a grossly bloated contract…to Imer Hernandez, nephew of disgraced former Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega”.


Four Shooting Incidents – No Fatalities
21-year-old Tyrin Faber received gunshot wound to the chest and forearm. According to police report, an altercation occurred at approximately 3:00 a.m. on Sunday inside Elite night club at the Princess Hotel & Casino in Belize City. The altercation moved to the parking lot where it escalated. In an attempt to part the fight, 33 […]

Business Establishments: Robbed at Gunpoint
Mini Super Harvies in Carmelita Village in the Orange Walk District was robbed at gunpoint over the weekend. According to Police reports, at approximately 8:15 p.m. on Saturday night, two masked men dressed in dark clothing barged into Mini Super Harvies. One of the men was armed with a handgun. One of the robbers stole […]

Court Late with Maintenance Money
Last Friday, October 13th, a group of single parents was almost in tears after being told by the Belize Family Court that they would not be able to collect their monthly maintenance money, which became due at the end of September. They were given the run-around and were not told when the funds would become […]

Gilharry Pleads Guilty to Wounding
Fifty-five year old Henry Gilharry, aka “Punisher”, a car washer of Belize City, pled guilty to a charge of wounding when he appeared today before the Chief Magistrate, Sharon fraser. Gilharry was sentenced to 2 years. In addition to that a warrant was prepared for him to serve 1 month for a fine of $100 […]

Belmopan City Council continues its infrastructural work
Infrastructural works are currently on-going in Belmopan. Fem Cruz spoke to the Mayor Khalid Belisle. Fem Cruz “The Belmopan City Council continues with their ongoing work in Central Belmopan. As you can see both motorist and pedestrians are benefiting from the upgrading of streets, walkways, drains and parks. Love news caught up with the Mayor […]

Belize to Benefit from CDB’s Poverty Reduction Programme
Belize is set to benefit from a poverty reduction programme being implemented by the Caribbean Development Bank, CDB. The CDB said that it has been able to negotiate more funds for the Basic Needs Trust Fund (BNTF) to improve the programme’s efficiency and effectiveness, and will strengthen partnerships with the private sector. It said these […]

Belize to participate in 19th World Festival of Youth and Students
A Belizean delegation is in Sochi, Russia, participating in the 19th World Festival of Youth and Students. The festival began on October 14 and is schedule to conclude on October 22. The purpose of the festival is to bring together the youth of the world community around the idea of justice, the strengthening of international […]

Remains believed to be those of Erwin Rodriguez found
Reports to Love News are that remains believed to be those of Erwin Rodriguez have been found by a search party. The discovery was made in the ‘Dyke Area’ in the Jane Usher Boulevard in Belize City on Sunday afternoon. Rodriguez went missing in August and his family had been searching for his body for […]

Franze Parke sworn in as Justice of the Court of Appeals
Despite objections from the People’s United Party, the Belize National Teachers Union and the Bar Association of Belize, Franz Parke was sworn in as a Justice of the Court of Appeals. The PUP has filed a lawsuit challenging Parke’s appointment. The claimant is PUP Leader, John Briceno and the respondent is the Attorney General of […]

Remains believed to be those of Erwin Rodriguez found
Reports to Love News are that remains believed to be those of Erwin Rodriguez have been found by a search party. The discovery was made in the ‘Dyke Area’ in the Jane Usher Boulevard in Belize City on Sunday afternoon. Rodriguez went missing in August and his family had been searching for his body for […]

Franze Parke sworn in as Justice of the Court of Appeals
Despite objections from the People’s United Party, the Belize National Teachers Union and the Bar Association of Belize, Franz Parke was sworn in as a Justice of the Court of Appeals. The PUP has filed a lawsuit challenging Parke’s appointment. The claimant is PUP Leader, John Briceno and the respondent is the Attorney General of […]

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

“Cattouse’s murder was a hit,” says COLA President
Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action (COLA) President, Giovanni Brackett is calling the recent murder of activist Albert Cattouse an ordered execution.

Man loses his home to fire
A man is homeless after his house was burnt to the ground yesterday. At around 2:39 a.m. on Sunday, Alberto Logan, 44, told police that he received information that his home at Amazing Grace area in Independence Village was on fire.

Three men busted with a 9mm
Just before 10 o’clock on Sunday night, police was conducting a mobile patrol on the George Price Highway when they came to a stop at mile four.

Alleged gunman charged for Friday night shooting
Police have charged Asher Saunders, 19, with attempted murder of Flord McNabb. On Friday night, McNabb was on Mosul Street closing a gate when a man pointed a gun at him and opened fire.

Police: Erwin Rodriguez died of multiple facial gunshot wounds
A post mortem examination says that Erwin Rodriguez, 17, died of, “traumatic craneoenecephalic due to multiple facial gunshot wounds.”

Man and woman busted with 1,142 grams of cannabis
This morning, police conducted a predawn operation which led to the discovery of 1,142 grams of cannabis.

Man loses $16,350 worth of valuables in burglary
There is a case of burglary coming out of the Cay District. According to police reports, just before 5 p.m. on Sunday, cops visited the Lomas Del Rodeo New Extension area of Benque Viejo where they spoke to Cesar Olivarez, 39.

Mark Pollard missing for 105 days and counting
There has been closure for the families of Erwin Rodriguez, 17, and Kelvin Usher, 17, who had previously been reported missing.

COLA to take legal action against GOB for Faber’s Road contract
Community activist group Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action (COLA) is prepared to pursue legal action against the Government of Belize (GOB), over the contract for the rehabilitation of Faber’s Road.

Man beaten and left on roadside
Police are investigating a case of “Grievous Harm” after a man was found badly beaten on the road side.

Surgeries getting canceled due to reagent shortage
The Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) is postponing elective (non-emergency) surgeries, because of quality assurance […]

Francis Humphreys wins UDP convention in Dangriga
Over the weekend, the United Democratic Party (UDP) held its municipal convention in Dangriga. UDP […]

PUP demands Cancellation of Bloated Contracts
The People’s United Party (PUP) today issued a release condemning the awarding of a “grossly […]

The murder of Albert Cattouse – Whose legacy?
By Glenn Tillett: It has taken a few days for me to regain some semblance of emotional control […]

A closer look at road rehabilitation for Santa Elena town and Fabers Road projects
On August 21, the government of Belize issued a press release informing the public that […]


The beauty of the Silk Cayes
Long before they were called the Silk Cayes, a cluster of three islands in the middle of the Caribbean Sea were called Queen Cayes. That is the story relayed to us by Splash Dive Center on a recent visit to the remote and beautiful islet. It was a bright sunny day when our boat pulled up to the island’s shores. The varied hues of blues and greens around the tiny slip of white sandy island positively glowed under the bright sunshine. There is nothing quite so delicious as wading out, the sun beating down mercilessly as our feet disappeared into the thick sandy floor, water swirling around us. When we looked down, tiny fish darted about, ignoring the intruders who would soon be out of the water and lying on the sand to catch the rays, or hanging on a hammock over the water.

The 10 best Belize Resorts to stay
From the reef to the rainforest, swanky offshore islands to rustic hillside retreats, Belize combines its the Caribbean and Central American assets into a “one-stop” vacation package that has something for every traveler. It’s the kind of destination that draws an eclectic mix of travel aficionados, including passionate beach-seekers, trekkers, and top drivers from around the world. But many are just looking for those signature Belize resorts, the places to stay that you can’t find anywhere else. So whether you want to laze on a beach; tour ancient Mayan ruins; or see jaguars and other jungle wildlife up close and personal, Belize definitely merits a spot on your 2017 must-see list. Here are the top 10 Belize resorts for every kind of getaway.

Flintstones Size Belize Licence and Money Saving Option
Note to anyone needing to renew theirs in the next two weeks, you will get a "Flintstones Size Belize Licence." As advised by the traffic department, I got mine laminated at Gecko Graphics. Also included in this post, information on the Hot Guide Belize Loyalty Card Discount APP - great for both travelers and locals.
September is my birth month so my Driver’s license was up for renewal. This year, I waited until the pink eye epidemic had mostly passed to cross that chore off my list and today turned out to be the perfect day for it. First thing this morning my Have Fun Stay Fit trainer Sara messaged me to cancel our morning session due to a golf cart malfunction. I decide to replace my work out with a 1 hour errand run walking around town. First stop was Caye Supplies to check out their curtain selection. Next came the Traffic Department which is downstairs from the San Pedro Town Council Office on Barrier Reef Dr (Front St). This time I got lucky and I was given a tip to save a step by going to the town Treasury upstairs (actually in the Town Council Office) and pay before going into the office. So I proceeded upstairs, showed the lady in the Treasury Office booth my expired license and told her I wanted to pay for my renewal. She took my $60.00 and gave me a receipt for the payment.

International Sourcesizz

Antigua and Barbuda PM reproaches developed countries over financing
Antigua and Barbuda’s Prime Minister Gaston Browne electrified a gathering of representatives of international agencies and governments in Washington DC on Saturday by reproaching developed states for undermining the development of small states by the withdrawal of correspondent banking relations. The prime minister was speaking at a Small States Forum organised by the World Bank as part of the week of meetings of the Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Browne told the Forum, “It is unconscionable that developed states, which control the international payment system, have increased the vulnerability of small states by creating artificial impediments that undermine our development.”

Helping hands in Belize
This past summer, two students and an instructor from SAIT’s School of Business embarked on a field trip to Belize, an independent country on the eastern coast of Central America. Their initiative was to partner with a UK based organization called Accounting for International Development (AFID) to establish relationships and experience by participating in field work at an International NGO. The purpose, said Fiaz Merani, faculty member at the school of business and organizer of the trip, was to allow the students to apply their technical skills and professional knowledge with a not-for-profit organization, while gaining experiential learning, integrating acquired skills and knowledge, and taking a holistic approach to learning.

When lemons give you life: Herpetofauna adaptation to citrus orchards in Belize
Natural habitat areas exhibit similar abundances and diversity of herpetofauna as citrus orchards and reclaimed orchard forests in Stann Creek, Belize, reports a comparative study by researchers Russell Gray and Dr. Colin Strine of Suranaree University of Technology (SUT), Thailand. The scientists utilized several drift-fence arrays equipped with double-funnel traps to monitor and compare reptile and amphibian communities in a lowland broadleaf forest, a lime orchard and a reclaimed citrus orchard at the Toucan Ridge Ecology and Education Society (TREES) field station. Their study was recently published in the open-access journal ZooKeys. Often referred to as Central America’s “hidden gem” for its abundance of undisturbed rainforests and natural beauty, Belize has a long-standing record for vigorously protecting and maintaining their forested areas. However, just as in any other developing country, its primary sector is expanding with agricultural land clearings becoming more frequent with newly established properties.

Placencia, in Belize, è la meta da sogno che nessuno (ancora) conosce
Il piccolo villaggio di pescatori di Placencia è stato di recente scoperto dai primi turisti che se ne sono innamorati e hanno sparso la voce che, in un angolo sperduto del Belize, affacciato sul Mar dei Caraibi, c’è un paradiso inesplorato che aspetta solo di essere scoperto. Qui il mare è spettacolare. La barriera corallina, lunga quasi 300 chilometri, permette di fare snorkeling e immersioni incredibili. Nei suoi abissi ci sono canyon da esplorare e coralli rimasti ancora intatti. Per non parlare della spiaggia: oltre 25 chilometri di sabbia bianca e fine, con una laguna nella zona occidentale, il mare caraibico a oriente e pace e tranquillità in mezzo.

Olympic champion Simone Biles has new coach and plan for her return to competition
Simone Biles has a new coach and a plan for when she’ll return to competition. The Olympic all-around champion said Monday night that she’ll train with Laurent Landi, who coached fellow Final Fiver Madison Kocian. Landi also will serve as the team program director at the World Champions Centre, the gym owned by the Biles’ family. Biles and Landi will begin working together Nov. 1. “I’m excited to get to work with him because I know how strong a bar worker he is,” Biles told USA TODAY Sports. “Hopefully I’ll gain more swing and rhythm. If not, at least I’ll gain more confidence on bars.”

Caribbean officials agree on marking vessels to fight IUU fishing
As the Caribbean continues its fight against illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing, fisheries officials agreed at a meeting last month to harmonize standards for marking authorized fishing vessels, as well as to establish a list of vessels involved in IUU fishing. According to a news release on the website of the Food and Agriculture Organization, a working group comprising members of the Western Central Atlantic Fishery Commission, the Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism, and the Organization for Fisheries and Aquaculture of Central America reached the agreement at a second meeting, held 19 to 21 September, to devise strategies for deterring, preventing, and eliminating IUU fishing. IUU fishing is estimated to account for 20 to 30 percent of fish harvests in the Western Central Atlantic fisheries, which includes the Caribbean Sea, and is valued at between USD 450 to 750 million (EUR 384 to 640 million) annually.


  • Ministry of Defence Hosts Third Annual Multi-National Security Conference, 4min. The Ministry of Defence hosted the 3rd Annual Multi-National Security Conference on Friday, 6th October in Belize City. The main objective of the conference was to share Belize’s vision, work, and requirements with regards to military assistance with our allies and partners.

  • Government of Belize Hosts Study Tour on Marine and Coastal Management, min. From the 1st to the 10th of October, officials from Morocco were on a study tour in Belize to learn and exchange views on Belize’s experience in marine and coastal management. As a part of the tour, the Moroccan officials visited the processing facilities at the National Fishermen Cooperative, the Placencia Rainforest facilities, the Punta Gorda Rainforest facilities, Port Honduras Marine Reserve and Punta Negra Village, TIDE Fish Festival, and the Fishermen and community leaders at Punta Negra.

  • Community Baboon Sanctuary Video, 1/2min. Devin Burns put together a nice video highlighted everything the Community Baboon Sanctuary has to offer visitors.

  • Glovers Reef Belize, 1min. Nothing like living, fishing, swimming, cooking and eating... You better Belize It. Making memories before I head out again.

  • See it to Belize it - Mi viaje por Belice, 8.5min. Un viaje espectacular en Caye Caulker - Belize

  • Scuba Diving in Belize, 4min.

  • San Ignacio, Belize, 7.5min. San Ignacio is the second biggest city in Belize, after Belize City. The town is located near the guatemalan border and is surrounded by the Macal river, mountains and jungle.. we can find there two mayan ruins: Cahal Pech and Xunantunich.. It's the perfect place to discover Belize, its landscape and population.

  • Caye Caulker Belize, 2min. This is from my trip to Belize over the summer of 2017 here are the highlights.

  • THIEVES TARGET STORE IN CARMELITA VILLAGE, 5min. There were two armed robberies to report here in Orange Walk tonight. We start off with the incident that occurred on Saturday in which a small grocery shop in the village of Carmelita fell victim to robbers who walked away with almost four thousand dollars in cash and other items.

  • Understanding GDP - Legacy Foundation, 36min.

  • National Women's Commission 16 Days of Activism, 22min.

  • Archaeology Week 2017, 25min.

  • Not that clear but play and zoom. 5-6ft Croc trying to grab a duck..., 10sec. In San Pedro

  • The Government of Belize continues to Move Belize Forward with: 27 new rural water systems, 1min. 43 more rural water systems expanded ... 11 villages in Belize River Valley connected to BWSL ... Life is BETTER; Water is LIFE!

  • Cahal Pech, San Ignacio, Belize, 6min. Cahal Pech is a small Mayan historical site just next to San Ignacio in Belize.We ca reach the ruins by walking 20 minutes from the center of town. A very quiet place, not touristic at all in low season. The entrance fee is 10$B per person. It definitivly worth a visit if you are in san ignacio!

  • Harvest Caye Belize View from the Norwegian Escape, 1.5min. The beautiful view from the Harvest Caye port in Belize from the Norwegian Escape.

  • Travel Belize, 4min. We all went to Belize back in August, these are our travels.