The Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie has called the media to a meeting tomorrow to iron out our differences, and, hopefully, end the media boycott of the police department.

And while we wait and see what's the outcome of that meeting - media personalities and journalists have been making the rounds on morning talk shows - sensitizing the public to the reasons behind the boycott.

But, when Marisol Amaya and Luis Wade appeared on KREM W-U-B this morning, it took an unexpected turn when former police press officer Fitzroy Yearwood called in. He was unceremoniously pushed out of the department back in August when he reported, correctly, that one of the Castro brothers was wanted for questioning in connection with the Kevin Brown beatdown on San Pedro. Of course, he was right - Jafari Castro was charged for harm in that incident.

But, still, the Inspector had been publicly disavowed, and today he called on to the KREM W-U-B to make it known that this had left him bitter, angry, and unafraid of repercussions:

Insp. Fitzroy Yearwood, Former Police Press Officer
"But at the end of the day for some senior officer to get out on public TV and claim that they transferred me because of misinforming the public and wrote me a letter to that degree. Now that really pissed me off and for me to have been accused to releasing information that was untrue, that was devastating to my family and to myself."

"I was transferred with the intent to be punished. And I do not care what they do me after me making this call. They have muzzled that office. I strongly support the media in fair play across the board."

"There is a price that I will pay for making this call, but I support the call. Please do not just lay back and have me suffer for bringing the truth to the Belizean public and I have decided that whatever they want to do with me they can do, because I am prepared to put the pen on the paper and say I resign. I think I have suffered too much under them and the entire administration and I will not tolerate anymore."

"I may have the answers to all our problems, but they disregard me, because I am not under their regime and I refused to be guided by their misconception of Belize City."

YEARWOOD was transferred to Precinct 3 in Belize City where he is a relief commander.

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Ex-Police Press Officer Fitzroy Yearwood Defiant, Reveals Castro/Police Lawsuits

In a candid interview this morning, career police officer Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood exposed the police department for his abrupt transfer earlier this year. Yearwood was performing the duties of Public Officer for years, but back on August tenth, his sudden transfer was made known casually in a whatsapp group between the police and the media, while he was on personal leave.� Yearwood had passed on information to the media that police sought the Castro brothers for questioning for a melee in San Pedro during the Costa Maya weekend. The police originally denied the information, but would later admit that one was being sought and subsequently charged him for his purported role in the incident. Immediately, Yearwood was transferred to a desk job as a relief commander at the Queen Street Precinct. Here is how he explains the situation.

Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood

"I applied for some legitimate leave to be at my spouse's side and my family only to find out that an Assistant Commissioner [of Police]; I will not call his name.� He's not worthy of being mentioned from my mouth, relayed to the media that I was being transferred for disseminating information that was untrue to the public.� I have never, ever been deemed to be a liar by the Magistrate Court of Belize, by any magistrate, unlike that person and I have maintained my integrity.� For that person to try to rain on my parade, it's a dangerous path because I have nothing to hide or anything to lose in telling the truth to the general public. I am not a hypocrite; I will never be a hypocrite.� I entrust my trust in the Belize Police Department, but for them to try and throw me, for want of words, under the bus, for what, for being real, because they have two disorderly children of a so-called minister that cannot be controlled, I must suffer for them?� I dare them to take me to court.� I have raised my children to be law-abiding citizens, not to be running around contrabanding or doing anything illegal, and if they did that or have done that they will face the music of the law. �I refuse to apologize to anyone for defamation of character when you're not a public figure and I know that I am right.� If they want to pursue court action against me, I welcome that.� I have attorneys at my disposal and are willing to go the full hundred yards, not nine yards, against them."

Isani Cayetano

"Is there a claim at present that you should apologize to anyone of these individuals for so-called defamation of character?"

Insp. Fitzroy Yearwood

"I was instructed by a senior officer to provide a report because we are being sued, myself, the Commissioner of Police and the Attorney General's ministry because of something concerning persons that I will not, they don't even exist in my vocabulary, because they are suing for defamation of character.� I welcome their lawsuit.� I will not provide any report and I will fight them with my private attorneys because I do not want to be defended by the Government of Belize attorneys because I intend to sue them for what they are putting me through."

We attempted to reach the Castro brothers, but were unsuccessful. But we did contact their father, Minister Edmond 'Clear the Land' Castro, who said that he will not comment at this time about what is claimed by Yearwood because he is not aware of the precise statement.

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