On Saturday Kristie Hulse and her family and friends were having a bridal shower at their residence on St. Jude Street in Belize City. They were all having a great time, when two males entered the house dancing. Everyone thought they were part of the night's entertainment, until the dancers pulled out guns. Hulse shared her traumatic experience with us via phone.

Sahar Vasquez, reporter
"You guys were there having a good time and then what happens?"

Kristi Hulse, Shower Attendee
"We saw two guys come in dancing to the music. They were dancing coming in like strippers, so we did not actually notice it was two gun guys until like everybody stared them down and we noticed that they had two guns."

"They yell and they said Bitches you all just got robbed. Please hand out your jewelry, your phone and everything you have or else I will shoot one of you."

"They stole everything. They took my sister's chain and popped it off her neck and my aunt's neck. One of the doors was closed so the boy jumped in the chair and said if the lady did not open the door that was in there he would have shot her and a little baby was sleeping on the bed so she quickly opened the door."

Hulse said the males were wearing blue rags on their faces and looked very young. They did make a police report but no arrests have been made.

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