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Today's Belize News: October 28, 2017 #526710
10/28/17 05:59 AM
10/28/17 05:59 AM
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Marty  Offline OP


Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and other specials

The San Pedro Sun

San Pedro Volleyball Tournament: Week Three
The San Pedro Volleyball tournament continues at the Angel Nuñez Auditorium in San Pedro Town. The third week of the tournament began on Saturday, October 21st, with the first game taking place at 1pm. The San Pedro Roman Catholic School (SPRCS) girls triumphed over Isla Bonita girls, with a 21-4 and 21-11 in the second set. The player of the game was Emely SPRCS. The next game saw SPRCS boys facing Isla Bonita boys, with the SPRCS boys winning both sets, 21-8 and 21-17. The players of the match were Calion and Damion from SPRCS with eight points each, and Isla Bonita’s Lara with 10 points. Games continue this weekend on Sunday, October 29th, starting at 1pm at the Angel Nuñez Auditorium. Islanders and volleyball enthusiasts are invited to come out and support their favorite team.

Heavy Rains and flooded streets frustrate Ambergris Caye residents
The San Pedro Sun made several attempts to reach Mayor Daniel Guerrero but were told that he was on sick leave. In the past, The San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) has simply indicated that nothing can be done during the rainy season. In an interview with The San Pedro Sun in December of 2015, Mayor Guerrero himself said that it would make no sense to fix roads during the rainy period because they would have to back and fix them again. During that time, island residents were dealing with deplorable street conditions due to heavy rains. Despite works done on the damaged streets when the rain stopped, when the rainy season returned the following year, the infrastructure was no match for the initial showers. Mayor Guerrero made no mention of preventative measures for the annual, expected heavy rains. October is considered to be the rainiest month of the year in Belize, thus, residents believe that the roads should be in good shape so as to avoid a severe impact during the rainy season.

Imer Hernandez Development Company Limited to Construct Caye Caulker Airstrip
A multi-million-dollar contract for the Caye Caulker airstrip reconstruction has been awarded to the company of Imer Hernandez Development Company Limited, which has caused much controversy. Hernandez is the nephew of former Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega, whose name has been linked to many land scandals. The Caye Caulker airstrip was closed on October 1st after Tropic and Maya airlines suspended their services due to its dire conditions. As a result, the Government of Belize (GOB) through the Belize Airport Authority, negotiated with the Social Security Board (SSB) to acquire part of a seven-million-dollar loan to repair the airstrip, which is the third most trafficked airport in the country. Hernandez is considered GOB’s contractor of choice, having been granted several construction contracts nationwide, including the controversial eight-million-dollar contract for the one-mile stretch of Faber’s Road in Belize City.

Guatemala to hold referendum on territorial dispute with Belize in 2018
The government of the Republic of Guatemala has set Sunday, March 18, 2018, as the date when their referendum on the Belize-Guatemala territorial dispute will be held. The official announcement was made on Monday, October 23rd at the Tikal Futura Hotel in Guatemala City by that country’s Supreme Electoral Tribunal. It is expected that around seven million Guatemalans will vote whether the centennial territorial dispute between both countries should be taken to the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

Misc Belizean Sources


Take Advantage of Belize Mission Project's Dental Services at the Lions Den through next week...
They are back, the Belize Mission Project serving the country of Belize with the highest quality of dentistry. Here to serve you for 2 weeks; Monday to Thursday from 8am-5pm and half day of Fridays. Thank you Belize Mission Project!

Paradise Theater playing this weekend:
We will be playing 6 different horror movies on Screen 2 this weekend. That means, 2 different movies every night. Make sure you come for the movie you'd like to see on the correct night as there are no repeats. Horror Fest: FRIDAY: Better Watch Out at 7, Monster Project 9. SATURDAY: Shortwave at 7, Annabel Creation at 9. SUNDAY: Dark Song at 7, Baskin at 9. ONLY $25 FOR ACCESS TO ALL HORROR MOVIES! CARS 3 @ 7pm and ATOMIC BLONDE @ 9pm are playing every night on Screen 1.

Ocean Hero 2017, Madison Pearl, using her Halloween costume to speak up for the Belize Barrier Reef
highlighting its beauty as well as the threats it faces daily! "I am the Belize Barrier Reef! I am full of life, but my life is in YOUR hands. I depend on you to protect me from things like plastic, gill nets, toxic waste and oil spills. You can defend and protect me, or you can destroy me. My future depends on YOU"

NEMO and the National Met Service hereby inform the general public that as at 2:00 p.m., showers and thunderstorms associated with a broad Area of Low Pressure (93L) located over the north western Caribbean Sea are beginning to show signs of organization. The broad Area of Low Pressure (93L) has a medium to high chance of development into a tropical cyclone within the next 48 hours. Environmental conditions are expected to be conducive, and a tropical depression or tropical storm is likely to form later today or Saturday as the system moves northward over the north-western Caribbean Sea before turning north eastward by late Saturday. The Area of Low Pressure (93L) is currently located east of Belize near 17.5 North Latitude and 84.5 West Longitude. The models are all in consensus for this potential system to moved northwards and then north-eastward away from Belize. It is currently moving slowly northward towards Jamaica, and Cuba, and is forecasted to continue track towards the Bahamas over the weekend. At this time the Area of Low Pressure (93L) does not pose a threat to Belize. Most of the heavy winds and rains are on the eastern side of the system, over the sea.

Belize making great strides in the medical field. Congrats to Belize Gastroenterology and Endoscopy Center in paving the way towards better health care in the country
History was again achieved at our center as Dr Joel Cervantes and Dr Andres Vasquez performed the first ever placement of a lumbo-peritoneal shunt on a 77 year old male with a 2 year history of a special type of dementia known as Hakim-Adams syndrome or Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus of the Adult. The surgery was highly successful with the patient leaving the hospital walking on his own and already demonstrating excellent signs of recovery from his dementia.

Government Did Not Boycott Public Accounts Committee Meeting
The Government of Belize wishes to make it clear that the Government side did not boycott the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) Meeting slated for October 26th, 2017. The first meeting of PAC to consider the Auditor General’s Report 2012/2013 was held on August 27th, 2017 and attended by all members from both sides. At that meeting, the schedule for the next three meetings was set along with the terms of reference for how the report would be handled. The scheduled meeting of October 12th was called off at the request of the Chairman, Hon. Julius Espat. The Government side asked for a postponement of the meeting scheduled for yesterday, October 26th, because two ministers reported they were down with pink eye and another minister came down with the flu.

Statistical Institute of Belize and Ministry of Health Partner for Survey of Risk Factors for Chronic Kidney Disease
The Statistical Institute of Belize, in partnership with the Ministry of Health, informs the public that we currently have teams of interviewers in the field conducting the country’s first ever Survey of Risk Factors for Chronic Kidney Disease. This survey is part of a larger project aimed at diagnosing patients in the early stages of Chronic Kidney Disease, thereby preventing the worsening of the disease and decreasing the negative socio-economic impacts it has on the country. Here’s what you can expect if your household is selected to be a part of the survey:

Statement concerning the Lake Independence Blvd design
Belize Infrastructure Limited (BIL) issues statement concerning the Lake Independence Blvd design and construction in order to fully clarify the involvement of BIL in the execution of this project as well as correct several allegations that stand inaccurate today. BIL was brought into the design as the urban planning agency to achieve three main goals. 1. To prepare a master plan for +50 acre development inclusive of the road link between two heavily trafficked highways. The challenge posed was to ensure that the size and design of the road would sustain future development and growth for that area including critical future traffic volumes, pedestrian circulation, public transportation, freight movement and private autos as part of a major need for the added accessibility and alleviation of the traffic to the city. This goal was no doubt achieved.

IDB hosts Advanced-level Certification Course to Support Government’s Capacity Building Efforts in Public Procurement
The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) has partnered with the Government of Belize (GOB) in the delivery of the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS)-Accredited Diploma in Strategic Public Procurement (Level 4) course to train and certify public sector procurement professionals in Belize. The course brings together twenty-six (26) professionals from the IDB’s Project implementation Units, GoB’s Procuring Entities and various Ministries to undergo a week-long, advanced-level procurement training, which was held a few weeks ago. In addition, participants are to submit a written essay over the next eight (8) weeks. Upon successful completion, candidates will receive their CIPS accredited Diploma in Strategic Public Procurement (Level 4).

Belize City Primary School History and Social Studies Competition Winners
Today, the Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation held the Finals for the Belize City Primary School History and Social Studies Competition. The competition is part of the public education campaign for the Belize City House of Culture and Downtown Rejuvenation Project. A total of seven primary schools participated in today’s competition at the Bliss Centre for the Performing Arts. At the end of the day, the top three participants took home grand prizes for their hard work.

The BNTU is sounding a warning to Prime Minister Dean Barrow that, “his continued actions and the actions of his Ministers are clear indication that the Belizean people are being taken for fools!” The BNTU says that it will not sit idly by and allow the Barrow Administration or any administration to act as if though they are not accountable to the people.

NEW GOB's Controlled Pump Prices
Effective Date: Saturday, 28th October 2017

Mini golf and soccer weekend at Rainbow Beach
It is a mini golf and soccer weekend today Saturday, October 28th and Sunday, October 29th at Rainbow Beach starting at 10:00 a.m. Come out and bring out the kids and family. Please share!

Corozal Junior College Auditorium! Oct 31, 9am-11am

Job Vacancy at BEL
A vacancy exists at Belize Electricity Limited for the post of Manager, Customer Care Department (Belize City).

Diabetes Run 2017
"Belize Diabetes Run is a momentous twenty-three (23) miles run that was created on May 24th 2015 to catapult an awareness about the dangers of Diabetes. Our dream is to contribute to the prevention and elimination of this deadly disease, which is a leading killer of Belizeans and people across the globe. Yet there are very little awareness of such disease, and the effect that are associated with diabetes, and all other forms of chronic non communicable disease namely: Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure and Cancer. This year Our 23 Miles Diabetes Run will be held on Saturday November 4, 2017 in commemoration of World Diabetes Day Program of events 2017. Aim of the event is to highlight the role of physical activity in prevention/reversal of Type 2 Diabetes."

Belize City Primary School History and Social Studies Competition
The 2017 Belize City Primary School History and Social Studies Competition has come to an end. The contest was fierce and close all the way to the end. In the end, the Wild Card School, Salvation Army, took the lead in the first round and never let it go. Their constestant, Darwin Robinson, defied all odds and won the History Cup for his school with a total of 1450 points. Second place went to Ebenezer Methodist School's Aniq Perdomo with a score of 1,300 points and third place went to St Joseph Roman Catholic School's Aritza Sosa with 1,250 points. We would like to congratulate all schools that participated in this year's event.

Belize Museum Director and Associate Director in Miami
Our very own Director and Associate Director participated in the Museum Association of the Caribbean's conference & AGM this past week. MAC 2017 was held in Miami and saw participants coming from all over the Caribbean as well as southern United States.

The Belize Jazz 'N Culture Show
Nov. 4, 7:30pm, Pickwick Club

Channel 7

Another Cabbie Killed, This One In Griga
Another taxi man has been murdered - this time it's in Dangriga. This morning around 9:00 farm workers at an Orange Orchard between miles one and two on the Southern Highway found 32 year old Jose Alfredo Majil dead beside his taxi - a Ford Escort with Dangriga plates. His throat had been slit - and police believe it happened within the 12 hours of finding him dead. The taxi was parked about 100 yards from the highway. Majil was a Dangriga resident - but police have no clues yet as to what led to his death. They note that in May, 2015 he was charged for drug trafficking 25 pounds of weed in Arenal. That is one angle investigators are looking at.

Police Launch Major Operation In City's Hotspots
And while that 120th murder of 2017 happened in the south - on the southside of Belize City tonight, police are trying a new approach by going on the offensive. After three months which tallied a record number of murders - they've launched a major intensive operation called ACT. Today the police commissioner - flanked by all his senior commanders and his minister called the media to the Raccoon street station to explain what it is all about:... Allen Whylie, Commissioner of Police: "The Belize Police Department has launched a special anti-crime operation code name "ACT" which basically means "Addressing Crime Together"." And today that meant installing these command centers in the St. Martin's, Collet and Jane usher Areas. They insert a fixed police presence in these gang ridden and violence torn communities.

Police Plan to Cut Off Weed Supply
And while the new operation can be cynically interpreted as just more boots on the ground - as we mentioned, there's also the mediation element. It's left to be seen how that will be balanced against pure police force, but according to ACP Williams - there is another element. He says police plan to reduce the supply of marijuana to the city - the same high grade marijuana which is fueling the gang wars. Williams says that by reducing the supply, it should take an edge off the violence:... ACP Chester Williams: "One of the purposes of the operation is to see how we can reduce the importation of marijuana into the city. That itself will create some scarcity where marijuana is concerned and that should, to some extent, diffuse certain aspect of the tension; it is time now to put it to an end. I always say to them, it takes a fool or a coward to pick up a gun and shoot but it takes a real general to end a war."

Another Shooting In St. Martin's, Not Far From Police Command Center
And while police are swarming the St. Martin's area - they still couldn't do anything to stop another broad daylight shooting - this one just about a half a mile from where they have their command on Flamboyant Street. It happened on Complex Street at about five minutes to five. Very preliminary information says that a Haitian Dollar Van driver, 40 year old Odner Estizeine was shot to the upper back. Eyewitnesses tell us he ran out of his van and collapsed on the street about 200 feet away. Estizeine lives nearby on Nutmeg Street. He is presently in the operating theater. We saw police laying more than ten evidence markers.

Bail For Alex And Austin, Suspicions Linger About Planted Bullet
On Wednesday, we told you about the two SSG figures, brothers, Alex and Austin Underwood who were remanded for possession of a single round of prohibited ammunition. Well, today they both went for Supreme Court bail. 24 year old Austin had no trouble getting his, but it was a little more complicated for Alex Underwood. Still he managed to get bail this afternoon and is now home pending trial. But, the case is a little more complicated, because the Underwoods claim that police planted that round of 5.56 ammunition in their yard. Their attorney Dickie Bradley explained it to us at court today: Richard "Dickie" Bradley, Underwood Attorney: "There appears to have been some kind of video footage of the police officers entering the Underwood's yard shortly after midnight. The search is said to have found a single round of ammunition in a blue plastic stuck somewhere by the fence."

Selma To Send Rains
Tonight, NEMO is advising Belizeans to keep an eye on the weather this weekend - because there are two systems that bear watching. The first is a broad area of Low Pressure called "Invest 93L". The experts say it could become a tropical storm within the next 48 hours. Now, they stress "At this time the Area of Low Pressure (93L) DOES NOT pose a threat to Belize" and all the models say it will move northwards and then north-east away from Belize. Additionally even when it slides pass Belize, most of the heavy winds and rains are concentrated on the eastern side of the system, over the sea. So, we should be pretty ok with that one, but there's also Tropical Storm SELMA which is in the south-eastern Pacific Ocean. SELMA is expected to make landfall on the Pacific border of El Salvador and Guatemala this weekend. NEMO warns that Flooding, rain and mudslides are likely to threaten lives and property in parts of Central America, regardless of SELMA's strength.

Detainee Found Dead, Suicide Suspected
A man died in police custody today. It happened in Maskall where this morning at 11:30, the police officer on duty at the village station found 50 year old detainee Mario Herrera hanging from the cell window. He had been detained an hour earlier for the breach of a protection order. Police say no signs of physical violence were observed and right now it is being treated as a suicide. The body has been transported to the KHMH pending a post mortem examination.

BIL Flips The Script On Broken Boulevard
For the past week, Belize Infrastructure Limited, known as BIL has been all over the news. No less than the Prime Minister suggested that BIL's manager Christy Mastry is to blame for the disaster that is Lake - I Boulevard. For those not familiar with the name, that's the street connecting the new bridge to the Western Highway. Well, today BIL issued a 700 word press release to change the narrative in this blame game. They say they were called in to design a mile long, 100 foot wide road including sidewalks, easements and lighting, all on a 3.25 million dollar budget and a tight timeline. They say that they employed standard construction practices used in the past on both Northern and Western Highways. But they messed up on the fill, and the release says, quote, "We now expect that some form of stone-based fill will have to be placed similar to ongoing construction on the Philip Goldson Highway.

Cardinal Andrews Clings To Life, Cops Look For A Suspect
He was shot right through the head - But Cardinal Andrews continues to cling to life at the KHMH this evening. He was shot on Wednesday evening on Partridge Street - which is in the embattled St. Martin's area. Today police said that his shooting was not a consequence of the current rash of gang related violence in that community:... ASP Alejandro Cowo, OC - CIB: "We have a suspect that we are looking for at the moment. Apart from that there is no other information in regards as to the exact motive." Jules Vasquez, reporter: "As a part of this ongoing rivalry we have seen within PIV area where certain people were targeted for execution."

One Killer, Two Dead, Two Motives
Cowo also spoke about this week's other murders in the Martin's area. Sydney Lamb was killed on Saturday night and Shaquan Almendarez was killed on Sunday. Police say they were killed for different reasons, but possibly by the same person. Here's how Cowo put it. ASP Alejandro Cowo: "We are confident; we have a person that we are looking for at this moment. We have sent a message to all formations in the entire country looking for a suspect and as soon as we have that person, definitely I can guarantee you that we'll have an arrest for those murders." Reporter: "Have you established whether those two murders are in any way related?" ASP Alejandro Cowo: "No, they are separate incidents."

Cops Say Rocke Not Cooperating
And the city's other shooting this week happened on Tuesday night - when Judith Rocke and her grand-daughter Mali Herrera were hit. The two were in their living room watching the news when a gunman shot from the street into their home. Rocke received a minor injury, but Mali Hererra was hit in the back and it went right through her abdomen. Today, police told us what they know about the shooting and her condition:.. ASP Alejandro Cowo- OC, CIB: "We know that there was a previous misunderstanding some days ago where some of the family members and the suspect that were involved in the shooting that led to that shooting. But unfortunately, I have to tell you that the police has been behind them, trying to convince them to come in and give a statement."

Rosado Accused GOB Of Using GST To Shut Him Down
Yohny Rosado has been in the news many times as a member of FECTAB - fighting the big cruise lines, and the foreign owned power players in the cruise tourism industry. But today he called a press conference to fight for himself! Rosado has been assessed as owing over half a million dollars in GST. Today, he called a press conference to say it's unfair:... Yohny Rosado - "They have given me the results of a default of $600 thousand. As you know the GSU is trying to get rid of all the opposition, of all the criminals and the GST is trying to get rid of all the outspoken persons. This amount of default by GST on behalf of me, on behalf of my business, this is for you to get a gun and shoot yourself. This a ridiculous number; I don't even think I owe $600 thousand. But the GST have defaulted me of $600 thousand. This is not a default, this is corruption because they could have found me in default in the first year or in the first second month. If I miss GST right now, next Monday they penalize me but they audited me because I'm talking too much."

BNTU Says GOB Boycotted PAC
Last night you heard the PUP members of the Public Accounts Committee complain about the four UDP members who did not show up for the meeting. The PUP called it a boycott. Well, the BNTU has joined that chorus. Today the union issued a release condemning the four ministers who were no-shows. The union concludes, quote, "it is an obvious boycott of the process and blatant disrespect of the Belizean populace…" The release concludes with fire. It says, quote, "we therefore wish to sound a warning to Prime Minister Barrow that his continued actions and the actions of his ministers is clear indication that the Belizean people are being taken for fools!…We will not sit idly by and allow this or any administration to act as if though they are not accountable go the people who put them into power" End quote.

Kareem Kicked Off PUP Unity Slate
It's official, the PUP will have what's called a "Unity Convention" on November 26th. That's the term used when there are no challenges for any of the official posts. The deadline for nominations was at 4:00 pm today and the news is that none of the positions will be contested. But there is one change in the executive. Kareem Musa is not on John Bricneo;s slate. As Briceno told us - he failed to answer on whether he wanted to be on the Briceno slate, so he has been replaced with Briceno loyalist Anthony Mahler.

Cops Say He Tried To Kill His Ex
Last night, we told you about 28-year-old Gilbert Anthony Palacio. He allegedly cut his ex common law fie, 45-year-old Alexia Del Carmen Melendez to the neck in a San Pedro street assault. She told police that they recently had a misunderstanding. Palacio was charged with grievous harm and use of a deadly weapon and today he appeared in court before Magistrate Michelle Trapp. No plea was taken because the offences are indictable and the court could not offer him bail. Palacio was remanded into custody until January 11th, 2018.

Police On Top Of First Stop Pawnshop Robbery
Tonight, Belmopan police have moved quickly to close in on the men who robbed First Stop Pawn shop at gunpoint of cash and jewelry totaling sixty thousand dollars. Presently two persons are in custody and the cops have also recovered some of the jewelry and cash. They believe that they perpetrators are from a Belize City gang, contracted by a former employee to pull off the heist.

How To Bring Obesity Under Control
Today the Ministry of Health held a consultation conference to talk about controlling Obesity in Belize - which is rated as one of the top 20 fattest countries on earth. The Deputy Director of Health Services told us why they are working with different stakeholders on the plan. Dr. Francis Murray, Deputy Director of Health Services: "Obesity in our country we basically, currently only have data that goes up to what we did call the CANDIS survey. The survey then showed that we had levels of obesity of more than 48% that was approximately 7 to 10 years ago, so almost half of our population suffers from this condition. The purpose of this strategic plan is also to update that profile."

Another "White Van" Scare
Recently, there's been a social media public scare about a Kidney study that the ministry is conducting along with the Statistical Institute of Belize. The scare is that someone who was dropped off in a white tinted van with no identification and unmarked attire appeared at houses and asked questions about each families kidney medical history. After asking questions the person then requested that a blood test be taken. The individuals refused to give the blood test and the individual left. Well, the Statistical Institute of Belize along with the Ministry of Health sent out a press release this afternoon to clear things up. First, the Ministry confirmed that it was not them who appeared at those houses. Even though they are running the study they stated that if your household is selected you can expect a trained interviewer who will have on a SIB shirt along with a SIB identification card.

Engineering Students Making Moves with Macaroni
Today the engineering students of the University of Belize came together to compete in a construction competition. They had to build a crane module but the material they used to build the crane was not your regular lego blocks or erector sets. They used macaroni. Yes, that's right, macaroni. Leonard Mortis of UB explained the reasoning behind the macaroni to us this morning. Leonard Mortis, University of Belize Chair of the Engineering Department of the Faculty of Science and Technology: "It is something we have been doing since 2010 and we got the idea from and we got the idea from Chetumal one of our past lecturers brought the idea to us and since 2010 we have been doing an annual local macaroni competition."

Wild Card Winner In Social Studies Quiz
Last week we told you about the winners from the primary school History and Social Studies zone eliminations, Well today the 7 finalists came together to battle it out for the title of first place, and the final winner was the most unexpected candidate: A wild card who barely made it to the finals. 7 news was there to capture the victor in his glory, and of course the other contestants that put their all into the competition. Sahar Vasquez, reporter: "Now Darwin you came into this competition as a wild card. How did you get to win this competition? What did you do?" Darwin Robinson, 1st Place Winner (Salvation Army School): "I just had luck and knowledge." "It was hard for me at first but when I knew it, it was easy."

Aurelio Arrives To Judge Song Competition
October is coming to a close with Christmas right around the corner, but before that, we have November which is the month we celebrate the Garinagu. The festivities have already begun with a Garifuna song competition which started in September. It's coming down to the final tonight when all competing artists will come out to perform head to head. Five lucky artists will go home with awards and an opportunity to showcase Garifuna music to the world. Darius Avila told us more about competition and he also brought along a special guest that flew in to be a part of the competition. Darius Avila, President of the Battle of the Drums: "Well actually tonight is the night where we have the awards. We will issue the awards and we will also have a mega concert that follows so as part of the awards each finalist of the competition will be showcasing their song. They will be performing their song and after which we will be issuing out the awards."

Re: Today's Belize News: October 28, 2017 [Re: Marty] #526711
10/28/17 05:59 AM
10/28/17 05:59 AM
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP

Channel 5

Haitian Taxi Driver Shot Critically in Lake
The Belize Police Department has launched a new offensive on gang-related crimes in the city.  We will show you what is being done in an attempt to curb the spike [...]

Police Prepare to ACT
Police today launched an initiative called ACT, which stands for Addressing Crime Together, to tackle the spiralling urban violence related to gang activities.  ACT will boost police presence in three [...]

New Wheels on the Ground
Minister of State Elodio Aragon Junior whose office is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Belize Police Department, says the plan of action has the full support of the [...]

Dangriga Taximan Found with Throat Slit on Southern Highway
While police put more boots on the ground in the city, police in southern Belize continue investigations into the apparent murder of thirty-two-year-old Jose Alfredo Majil, a taxi operator based [...]

1 Individual Sought for Lamb/Almendarez Murders – They Are Not Related
A pair of relatives is being laid to rest this weekend, following a series of murders in the Lake Independence area over the past few days.  The family and friends [...]

Cardinal Andrews Still Fighting for Life
Twenty-eight-year-old Cardinal Andrews was shot once in the back of the head on Wednesday and remains in a life-threatening condition at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital.  Tonight, his attacker remains [...]

As Granddaughter Recovers, Family in New Road Incident Clam Up to Police
Seven-year-old Malli Herrera was the unintended target of a gunman who opened fire on a New Road residence on Tuesday night in Belize City.  The Saint Joseph School student was [...]

Brothers Underwood on Bail; Accuse Police of “Planting” Live Round
Brothers Alexander Underwood, twenty-eight, and Austin, twenty-four, have made bail on a single charge of possession of prohibited ammunition, to wit, a single five-point-five-six round allegedly found on their property [...]

Family Claims Heavy Police Harassment
Following Underwood’s release from custody this evening, News Five spoke with one of his relatives.  She says that there is indeed surveillance footage which purportedly captured a team of officers [...]

No Bail for Warren Lewis
Judge Herbert Lord today handed down a decision in the bail application of twenty-six-year-old Warren Lewis, accused of the August eighteenth 2009 murder of Albert Braddick Allen. Lewis’ attorney, Darrell [...]

Pacific Storm to Dump Rain in South, Central Belize
The National Meteorological Service and National Emergency Management Organization are advising Belizeans to get ready for a wet weekend. Tropical Storm Selma in the south-east Pacific is expected to move [...]

Yhony Rosado Spills Tale of Woe
The General Sales Tax Unit says Yhony Rosado owes over half a million dollars, but the firebrand FECTAB front man says not so! Today, Rosado and his colleagues, along with [...]

For Tour Operators, ‘Plantain Noh Eat Like Rice’
Are the Belize Tourism Board’s tourist stats bogus? That is what the Federation of Cruise Tourism Associations of Belize says. David Almendarez, a tour operator and member of FECTAB, says [...]

Pawnshop Robbed in Belmopan
Three persons are tonight in police custody pending further investigation into the armed robbery of a pawn shop in the Capital City of Belmopan. Around nine-thirty on Thursday morning, police [...]

Maskall Villager’s Death Leaves Shocked Residents with Many Questions
We don’t generally report on cases of suicide, but it is unusual to have deaths occur in a police station, as this one did. Fifty-one-year-old Mario Herrera of Maskall village, [...]

Gavin Courtenay, Son of Eamon, Called to the Bar
Four young men and one woman were called to the Bar of Belize this morning at the Supreme Court. It was a grand occasion, featuring the return of Eastern Caribbean [...]

4 New Attorneys Called Including Magistrate
Joining the younger Courtenay on the roll are Magistrate Carlon Mendoza and two young attorneys out of the Marine Parade Chambers founded by Godfrey Smith. Hector Guerra is from San [...]

P.U.P. Gets No Challengers for Johnny
It’s now official: there are no challengers to People’s United Party leader John Briceño or indeed any others on the unity slate for the National Executive. Today, at four p.m., [...]

26th Time Lucky? Cuba Appeals to U.N. against U.S. Embargo
On November first, at the United Nations General Assembly, the Cuban Government will yet again table a resolution entitled, “Necessity of ending the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by [...]

Teachers and Government Spar over Aborted PAC Meeting
Did members of the Government boycott the Public Accounts Committee meeting set for Thursday? The Belize National Teachers’ Union believes they did. The meeting was the first opportunity to question [...]

Trim the Fat! M.O.H. Tackles Obesity in Belize
The Ministry of Health, in collaboration with PAHO, is taking on obesity in Belize. Globally, obesity is an epidemic and locally while the data is not updated, the Ministry says [...]

Harvest Caye Still ‘Alcatraz’ for FECTAB
Is Norwegian Cruise Lines’ Harvest Caye crippling the tour operators of the Fort Street Tourism Village?  President of FECTAB, Tom Greenwood, says that the NCL ships have taken away about [...]

FECTAB Declares Cruise Crisis
But Greenwood says that tour operators are also hurting from other decisions made by Government agencies. The FECTAB President made a call to the stakeholders involved to save what he [...]

Beware Survey Impersonators
On Thursday night, a Facebook post went viral and the Ministry of Health and Statistical Institute of Belize were in the middle of it. One Facebook user alleges that a [...]

Song Competition Boosts Garifuna Music
The first ever Belize Garifuna Song Competition kicks off tonight at the Bird’s Isle.  From as many as seventeen entries, five musicians have made it to the finals and the [...]


Guatemala changes Referendum Date
Reports coming out from Guatemala are that the Supreme Electoral Tribunal has changed the date for their referendum. We are told that the new date is Sunday, March 11, 2018 and that the reason for the change is because of their ‘busy activities during Lent’. The spokesman of the electoral body, Luis Gerardo Ramírez, was […]

Taxi Man’s Throat Slit in Dangriga
Police in Dangriga are investigating the murder of a taxi man. Harry Arzu has more details. Harry Arzu “Details from our side are sketchy at this time but Dangriga Police processed an area just before mile 1 off the Southern Highway. Opposite a dump site where the body of a Hispanic male person was found […]

Police launch Operation ACT
The Belize Police Department has mobilized and launched an operation in Belize City to curb the spate of gun violence that has plagued particularly the Southside area. That operation has been dubbed ACT, which stands for “Addressing Crime Together” and involves several units of the police department working in unison. The Department’s strategy has also […]

ACP Williams returns to Southside for Operation ACT
As we mentioned earlier, ACP Chester Williams will be back in the City, though not in his former capacity. ACP Williams will be leading the mediation component of Operation ACT. He will be joined by his former colleagues Diane Finnegan and Nuri Muhammed, who have worked closely with him in the intervention program that was […]

Police seek Public’s help in fight against Crime
As the title of the operation suggests, the Police Department is also seeking the cooperation of the Belize City residents. Some of these residents, as the Department’s high command, has acknowledged may be caught in some of the stints and have asked for the public’s tolerance and forgiveness if this happens. Beyond that, the department […]

Operation ACT comprises of Rigid & Amiable
Operation ACT, as we heard from the Department’s top brass, will employ both a rigid and an amiable approach in the attempt to curb the ongoing gun violence in the City. Although the mediation process is one that residents will have to seek on their own, the other component of the operation raises concern. As […]

Briceno comments on Belize Infrastructure Limited
Two weeks ago Prime Minister Dean Barrow hosted a press conference with the aim to explain the Faber’s Road Rehabilitation Project contract. During that press conference, the deplorable state of Lake Independence Boulevard was brought up. Engineer, Evondale Moody, blamed Belize Infrastructure Limited, BIL. Moody said that the failure was in the design. Today BIL […]

Ambassador Lissette Perez: “US blockade against Cuba, the longest genocide committed against any people.’
The United States has imposed an embargo against Cuba for almost 60 years. The embargo or “blockade” as it is referred to by the Cubans is an economical, commercial and financial blockade and was imposed on October 19, 1960, whereby the U.S. restricted exports to Cuba. The damage done by the embargo is more than […]

Rosado denies owing GST 600K
It is alleged that Yhony Rosado, a businessman and a member of FECTAB owes the Government of Belize, in particular, General Sales Tax (GST) more than half a million dollars. Today, FECTAB held a press conference where Rosado denied the accusation. Yhony Rosado “GST have audit meet two years ago. They didn’t find anything. Then […]

BNTU sends warning to PM, after UDP Ministers Boycott PAC
This morning the Belize National Teachers’ Union, BNTU, fired off a statement in which it placed on record its “condemnation of the four Ministers of the United Democratic Party, UDP, who were no-shows of the meeting of the Public Accounts Committee, PAC.” The PAC was supposed to meet yesterday in Belmopan but only the Chairman, […]

Survey being conducted for Chronic Kidney Disease
The Ministry of Health has issued a clarification surrounding questions that have been raised by some Belizeans on Social Media. This week, Belizeans took to Facebook to express concern over what they call suspicious behavior by persons who claim to work with the Ministry of Health. One of those posts claimed that a woman in […]

Ministry of Health to sensitize the populous on Obesity
The Ministry of Health has begun discussions to address obesity in Belize. Dr. Francis Murray, Deputy Director of Health Services is the focal point for the development of a national strategic plan. He explained the objectives of the work towards sensitizing the Belizean population on obesity. Dr. Francis Murray “The purpose of today is to […]

More Rains in store for Belize
Earlier this week, the country received torrential rains which cause flooding in various parts of the country and disrupted classes. More rains are expected over the weekend as NEMO and the National Met Service are monitoring Tropical Storm SELMA in the south-eastern Pacific Ocean. SELMA is expected to threaten parts of Central America including El […]

Pink Eye Outbreak May be Over
The Pink Eye epidemic is looking to be over. While there has been a surge of cases being reported in the Country since September, the situation seems to be going back to normal as less new cases are being recorded. Doctor Ethan Goff, head of the Epidemiology Unit in the Ministry of Health told us […]

Haitian Man killed in the Old Capital
Love News has confirmed that a taxi man was shot and killed this evening in Belize City. The victim has been identified as forty-year-old Haitian Odner Estizeine. Police say that at around 5:15 pm, the taxi driver was shot in his back. He was driving his grey Dodge van at Complex Avenue and Jones Street […]

Mahler walks from Attempted Murder
Twenty-six-year-old Alber Mahler, charged with attempted murder, was acquitted of the charge today by Justice Adolph Lucas in a trial without a jury. After the prosecution, represented by Crown Counsel Shanice Lovell, closed its case, Mahler’s attorney, Kareem Musa, submitted that he does not have a case to answer to. Musa said that the Crown […]

Court of Appeal orders Re-trial for Ical convicted of Rape
An appeal by Alberto Ical, convicted of rape and robbery and sentenced to 15 and 10 years respectively, succeeded when Belize Court of Appeal delivered its judgment today and allowed the appeal and ordered a retrial. The appeal was allowed on the grounds that it was prejudicial to Ical. It was revealed that the complainant […]

Palacio charged with Attempted Murder
Twenty-eight-year-old Gilbert Anthony Palacio, a resident of San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, was charged with attempted murder when he appeared today before Magistrate Michelle Trapp. Palacio was also charged with grievous harm and use of deadly means of harm. No plea was taken because the offences are indictable. Neither could the court offer him bail. He […]

Robbers make off with over $50K worth of Jewelry
Robbers got away with more than fifty thousand dollars’ worth of jewelry after an armed hold up in Belmopan. It happened yesterday morning at around 10 o’clock. Two armed men, not wearing masks, targeted First Stop Pawn Shop. The reportedly barged into the establishment and held up two female employees. One of the robbers put […]


Mexican President and CARICOM meet in Belize
Belize hosted a historic meeting between heads of government of CARICOM and the president of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto at the Best Western Belize Biltmore Plaza on Wednesday, October 25, 2017, at which the devastation recently wrought by multiple catastrophic hurricanes in the Caribbean region as well as Mexico—also hard-hit by devastating earthquakes in the recent weeks—took center stage. Peña Nieto, who was visiting Belize for the first time, announced at the summit that Mexico will provide US$14 million to the CARICOM nations in disaster relief, to be channeled through the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB). At the press conference at the closing of the summit, Peña Nieto, who pledged that his country will pay more attention to the Caribbean region, spoke of the declaration developed jointly by the parties at the summit which aims to strengthen cooperation in areas such as ICT, promoting Spanish as a second language, agriculture and health.

“Nitro” remanded for “threat of death”
This is the first time in Belize that someone who has posted on Facebook is facing a criminal charge for that post. Today, Shikell Nunez, known by his performance name, “Cross De Nitro”, was arraigned on a charge of threat of death and remanded to the Belize Central Prison after the court prosecutor objected to the court granting him bail. Nunez, a resident of 37 Mopan Street, appeared in the #8 Court before Magistrate Stephanie Gillett, who arraigned him on the single charge that he made threats of death against members of the Gang Suppression Unit (GSU) and their families. Nunez pleaded not guilty to the charge.

Guat boat runs aground on Belize reef
On Saturday night, October 21, a 60-foot yacht, Amador, owned by Guatemalan singer Carlos Peña, ran aground on the reef near South Water Caye. Peña was onboard his boat, which was being captained by Gustavo Aleojos Andres Jansa and another unnamed crew member. There were 10 passengers onboard the yacht when the incident occurred some 21 miles southeast of Dangriga Town. Exactly where the Amador was heading is not known. The singer used his Facebook page to send out distress signals and the yacht was eventually towed off the reef. No injuries to any of the passengers were reported.

Shot in head, fighting for his life
Yesterday, Wednesday, a young woman was standing at the right-hand corner of Partridge Street where it joins with Partridge Street Extension, and a man, walking from the direction of the George Price Highway, towards Vernon Street, was approaching her. A short distance from the girl, a man sat on the trunk of a small blue car. The fourth person in the tragic scene about to be played out was a very small-bodied young man with a low haircut. He was on a small bicycle, traveling from the direction of Vernon Street, towards the George Price Highway. The man approaching the woman on foot shouted to her, while she was still standing at the corner, “Turn around and don’t look!”

Consumer prices up
Escalating transport costs continue to drive up consumer prices for goods and services, which rose by 0.7% in September 2017 and 1.2% for the first 9 months of 2017, according to the latest information released by the Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB). “The ‘Transport’ index remained the main contributor to the overall rise in consumer prices during the month, recording an average increase of 6.6 percent compared to September 2016,” the SIB explained. It explained that higher international airfares coupled with the effects of last year’s increase in domestic bus fares contributed significantly to this rise in transport costs.

Maya say GOB in “flagrant violation” of CCJ order
Back in 2015, the Government of Belize undertook via a letter from its attorney to the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) to “work towards demarcation and registration of the Maya villages’ property rights by December 31, 2017.” That date is just over two months away, but the parties are nowhere close to achieving that milestone. In fact, when the parties appeared before the CCJ today, attorney for the Maya appellants, Magali Marin-Young, told the CCJ that there has been a “complete failure by the Government to abide by the court’s order and to develop affirmative measures to identify and protect proprietary rights of Maya arising from customary tenure.”

Stann Creek F.A. 1st Division Cup Week 4 results, standings
The Stann Creek Football Association (SCFA) 1st Division Cup 2017 tournament continued over the weekend with Week 4 games at the Carl Ramos Stadium. In the opener on Friday night, October 20, Bowen & Bowen Landsharks drew, 2-2, with Conquerors. Car Saravia (2’ & 67’) struck twice for Land Sharks, while Conquerors got a goal each from Leonarde Valdez (65’ PK) and Shanty Castillo (71’). And in the nightcap, Pomona Warriors blanked Hopkins Blak Lyons, 3-nil, with goals from Patrick Cruz (14’), Yibemeh Roches (34’) and Harrison Roches (82’). The games scheduled for Sunday, October 22, were not played due to the weather (rain). Those games will be played later as back matches.

Belize Rural Primary School boys and girls are Rural Basketball Champions 2017
Last Tuesday, October 17, the one-day Belize Rural Primary Schools Basketball Zone 1, 2, 3 & 4 Tournament finals were played at the Ladyville Basketball Court with 4 female (F) and 5 male (M) teams participating. In a simple knockout format, 4 games were played in the first round: (F) Burrell Boom Methodist defeated St. Therese RC, 10-0, with Zoila Aguilar scoring 6 points for the winners. (M) Our Lady of The Way RC easily disposed of St. Therese RC, 27-3. Elmer Moralez and Jaden Frazer had 8 pts each for Our Lady of The Way, while Winston Dawson scored all 3 pts for St. Therese RC. (F) Belize Rural Primary won, 6-3, over Lucky Strike Government. Nadine Humble netted 4 pts for Belize Rural, and Kenisha Herbert scored 2 pts for Lucky Strike. And (M) Belize Rural crushed Burrell Boom Methodist, 24-4, behind 12 pts from Randy Moody, while Solomon Tillett and Tayjawn Gallego got 2 pts each for Burrell Boom.

Table Tennis – 2017 – 7th Annual 5-Barrel Veteran Championships results!
7th Annual 5-BARREL Veteran Championships took place this past Saturday, October 21, at the Beliaze Elementary School Auditorium. The tournament started off with the top 8 veteran table tennis players (35 years and over) competing for this title in an 8-Double Elimination Competition format. Defending champion Zhi Chen could not participate this year, but finalist Tux Vasquez and third place winner Carlos Cui were among the veteran players in this competition.

Belmopan F.A. kicks off its Saldivar Kids, Youth & Female Cup Late Tournament 2017
The Belmopan Football Association (BFA) kicked off its Hon. John Saldivar U-13, U-15, U-17 Male and U-17 Female Late Tournament 2017 over the past weekend with games on Saturday and Sunday, October 21 & 22, at the Isidoro Beaton Stadium. Participating teams in the tournaments are: Bandits; Piccini Rising Stars; San Martin Medina’s; Mountain View Revolution; Salvapan FC; Las Flores Latin Boys; Spanish Lookout; Armenia Atlas; Police Cadets; YWAM Valencia; Valley Of Peace; Roaring Creek; and Bmp Compre Flames.

EDITORIAL: The joker in the deck
The joker in the Guatemalan claim deck of cards has always been the Mexican position. Mexico’s position, in the aftermath of the 1893 Mariscal-Spenser Treaty which regularized the border between Mexico and British Honduras, has been that they were cool with Belize and its borders unless any change occurred to these borders in favor of Guatemala. If any such change occurred, Mexico reserved its rights, as the attorneys say. The joker in the International Court of Justice (ICJ) deck of cards has recently been Kremandala, whose position has been that this institution is opposed to ICJ arbitration but would not rule it out entirely. This is not a position which is favorable enough for the Government of Belize and the Friends of Belize with respect to the ICJ initiative, an initiative which is being pushed by the Government of Belize and which is being financed by the Friends of Belize with double-digit millions of dollars. It is our feeling at this newspaper that there has been collusion over the last few years between the Government of Belize and the Friends of Belize with the aim of weakening Kremandala in any way possible, and especially financially.

From The Publisher
Over the last few weeks, a couple ladies mailed me to encourage I with this column. It was well appreciated. I have gone through months of anger which sometimes reached the point of rage. There were things I could see happening, and a bitter sense of my own powerlessness was coming over me. So how many times would we have to say the same thing? So how many youth had to die? More than fifty years ago, Bob Dylan said it real – the answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind. For a revolutionary, it is always important to remember that the people for whom he or she fights are downtrodden and, yes, that word again, powerless. If you do not consider me a revolutionary, I would not take it amiss, or consider your opinion disrespectful. There are many people all over the world today who considered themselves revolutionary in the 1960s and early 1970s who lived long enough to return to being bourgeois and respectable.

The Politics of Pot
Dear Editor, Please allow me a space in your prestigious newspaper to add to the discourse on the decriminalisation of certain quantities of marijuana. Firstly, I want to state clearly that I support the decriminalization of certain quantities of marijuana and any other law which seems to be applied disproportionately against the poor. However, I have a few concerns. The Government and promoters of the Bill say that it’s not intended to promote marijuana use, but to decriminalize a behavior or persons who are otherwise not criminal except for their use of marijuana. It also seeks to correct an “injustice visited upon certain classes of people.” I am very much concerned that there has not been much public education on this matter of public interest. In summary, the Bill, if passed into law as is, will provide for: – A new definition of ‘cannabis’ which excludes “medicinal preparations from that plant…” and also excludes “Industrial Hemp”.

Misuse of Drugs (Amendment) Bill 2017 — the need for greater public education
Dear Editor, The democracy we are afforded gives us the right to dissent and I must categorically state that the House of Representatives made a monumental step backward last week with the legalization of certain amount of marijuana. The measure is grossly counterproductive to the citizenry of this nation and a step backward to the establishment of a society that is productive and one that enhances positive nation building. But naturally do not expect the politicians to do the right thing, but rather merely to put a Band-Aid on a gunshot wound. Now there are those who will quickly counter this argument with evidence that studies have shown that marijuana can help to improve with some forms of diseases and ailment.

A Belizean patriot from the United Kingdom
Dear all, It is with immense sadness that I take the liberty of writing in lamentation on the incredible rise in crimes of violence and death, particularly amongst the young men in our land. It appears that death and personal loss of many loved ones is a continued “Game of Thrones” in daily living! It is difficult to put real meaning and context to the emotional experience that is stirred deep within my psyche when presented with such sad observations. It seems beyond immediate conscious explanation. Hence, I ask for understanding as I dare to comment on the grieving of fathers, mothers, sons and daughters who are affected by and feeling the painful loss and grief at this very moment. Notwithstanding this, I also grieve for the loss of my land and the serenity of the past. Nostalgia, real enough, but I knew of a time when, in Belize City, I could walk anywhere, anytime; night and day, only fearing the bites of stray dogs and scoldings when passing another citizen without a courteous greeting!

We need people with common sense in authority
Dear Editor, We stay complaining about the long lines and other problems at the Santa Elena Border, but until our authorities begin to understand that this is a modern world, we are no longer a colony and our Belizean citizenship must count for something in our own country, we will always remain subjects and not citizens. Why on earth do persons who report to work in the Santa Elena Border Free Zone have to have a border card which is scanned. A Free Zone Pass is all they are supposed to produce to be able to go through the border and report to work. It was like this before and it was much easier. You cannot get a job there if you are not a Belizean, and this entails proper identification as such.

If there is no guarantee, why risk taking us there?
Dear Editor, Please allow me space in your valuable newspaper to APPEAL to my fellow Belizeans not to be swayed by party politics and follow the confusing decision of our Foreign Minister, Hon. Wilfred “Sedi” Elrington, and the Government of Belize for us to vote either to go, or not to go to the International Court of Justice (ICJ). I have written on the subject of the Guatemalan claim before, and I insist on it asking the question, “What are we going to discuss at the ICJ?” Does Guatemala have any claim to all or part of our country? If we follow Minister Elrington, who signed the Agreement in December 2008 in Washington DC, we are not only going to be spending money we don’t have, but the agreement signed with Guatemala stipulates that “the decision of the Court will be binding”.
Editor Amandala, The well-known basketball superstar and activist, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, one of Ellis Island’s 2017 honorees, traced his ancestry back to Belize. His grandmother and grandfather emigrated to the US in the first quarter of the 20th century. What the primitive politicians in Belize do not know, and will never know, is that a nation’s most valuable asset is its people. And, they continue to ignore this at our own peril. That is what Singapore’s visionary leader, the great Lee Kuan Yew, understood and that is why his tiny state, with absolutely no natural resources, is a giant today among the world’s nations in almost every key index of development.

RIGHT TO THE POINT: The herb … the ten grammes myths
The above is the preamble to the proposed amendment being made to the Misuse of Drugs Act, Chapter 103, which has stirred such grave debate and heated arguments to the point of name calling amongst friends and virtual friends on social media! I opine there is no need for that as each is entitled to their opinion and own personal choices. However, there is no need for that since those so-called debaters are talking at each other and not with each other and thus are not able to soberly discuss the issues and handle the actual contents and purpose of the proposed legislative amendments. However, a look at and careful reading of the stated purpose of the amendment from the preamble cited above gives a very unequivocal and concise objective of the amendment.

Hogan’s football story – Part 5
Charles Hogan (H): Yes, 2-nil. And we finished that 4-game series. And then… it was Ebenezer time!! Amandala (A): What! They’re bringing you guys to town? H: Yes, they’re bringing us to the City!! Part 5 A: I didn’t hear about that game at the time; but that must have been a monster game!… So, you guys coming to town… H: Right here at Rogers Stadium… and there were a lot of old ‘ballers there… from Landivar… BEC… some of them spoke to me long after… and they remembered the game… A: So, at that time then, Ebenezer Primary (also a Methodist school) would have been the Belize City champion… because they had a City competition too… H: Yaa… because on the radio we were listening to their games every day… beating Holy Redeemer… they were beating St. Mary’s… St. Ignatius… and we heard about this… this dominating team from the City… A: Eben! Eben! (laughs)

The Final Call – Belizeans
Belizeans are in for a rude and wicked awakening as the Guatemalan militaristic/oligarchy eagerly mobilizes and pushes for what they believe is theirs – Belize! The regime has made public its commitment to seal this quest by allocating $14 million for public brainwashing upon its citizens and an additional $32 million for its referendum. The excitement and aggressiveness that permeates the regime’s approach to finally settle its protracted territorial claim to Belize is likened to a predator closing in on its prey. Meanwhile, the handful of career politicians and bureaucrats who have enjoyed a monopoly on national leadership in the tiny nation of Belize agreed to collaborate. After being wined and dined by regional and global powers in the various metropolitan capitals, they have totally committed themselves to the scheme and gamble of submitting the national territorial integrity of Belize into the hands of the ICJ (International Court of Justice).

No super player
Minister Sedi Elrington’s assessment of the performance of our present Police Commissioner, that it isn’t ANY WORSE than that of any of his predecessors, is just about the lowest compliment ever. And his observation that he doesn’t believe in super players, only in super teams, exposes him as a man who doesn’t have a full grasp of how the world works. There was a time when Sedi couldn’t go to a House meeting without disparaging the job done by former PM, George Price. It did seem to be an obsession and there was real concern for his inability to get over it. When he kicked the habit, there was a breath of relief. We were glad for him, that he was past the bile within him. We really should be more careful about the things we pray for. We should have prayed for the bitterness to increase until it consumed his every waking hour.

“Big Tom” is still alive
As of press time tonight, Kenneth “Big Tom” Flowers is believed to be alive and well despite alleged threats to his health, that he would not live past today, Thursday, October 26. On Tuesday, reporters and television cameramen took up vigil outside the Kremandala compound shortly after 1:00 p.m. They were waiting for the reputed “PIV big man,” Flowers, who had agreed to grant an interview to the media on our compound. According to a post on Shakir “Cross De Nitro” Nunez’s Facebook page, his “general,” Flowers, has been marked for death by a police squad, which has been rounding up friends of Flowers in their Lake Independence neighborhood, and who reportedly shot Flowers’ dog Sunday night.

Establishment of sex offender registry lags behind 4 years
On October 1, 2013, Minister of Human Development, Social Transformation and Poverty Alleviation and United Democratic Party member for Port Loyola, Anthony “Boots” Martinez tabled legislative amendments to the Belize Criminal Code which were touted as paving the way for the establishment of a national sex offender registry for Belize, amid reports of rising sex crimes. Today, more than four years later, that registry has yet to be established. Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Home Affairs, Ret’d Colonel George Lovell, told Amandala, when we asked him about the matter today, that the Government of Belize is still doing the groundwork to determine exactly what model it will adopt. The enabling amendment was tabled back in October 2013. The provisions had included expanding protections from sexual assault for persons with cognitive disabilities and mental illness to include males with these conditions, establishing a National Sex Offender Database and protecting witnesses from being influenced either directly or indirectly by alleged offenders or their agents.

“Boots” drops burglary charge against his caretaker, Kirk Lamb
Human Development Minister Anthony “Boots” Martinez made an appearance before Chief Magistrate, Sharon Fraser, in her chamber this morning. The minister’s appearance was in relation to a charge brought against Kirk Lamb, 38, who works as a caretaker at the Human Development office, located at the corner of Central American Boulevard and the George Price Highway. Martinez had gone to the Chief Magistrate to ask her to drop a charge of burglary against Lamb, who was in police custody and was scheduled to be arraigned on the charge for making off with a door valued at $658, the property of the Ministry of Human Development. In the afternoon session of the court, Lamb appeared before Chief Magistrate Fraser, who told him that the minister had come that morning and dropped the charge.

One year almost up; no $400,000 each from Vega and Pitts
In the next five days, exactly one year will have passed since the Office of the Solicitor General wrote UDP crony Sharon Pitts, and the son of disgraced Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Lands Gaspar Vega, Andre Vega instructing them to return nearly one million dollars of taxpayers’ money ($400,000 each) they had received in a shady land transaction when the senior Vega was the Minister of Lands. However, to date, neither Pitts nor Vega has returned a cent of those monies. To add insult to injury, last December the Solicitor General filed a lawsuit in the Supreme Court against the duo, but that suit has not yet seen the light of day. Today, Amandala spoke with Attorney General (AG) Michael Peyrefitte, who immediately washed his hands of the matter, saying immediately that as far as he is concerned, “nothing come outta it.”

The Reporter

Police roll out new anti-crime operation in Southside Belize City
At 6:00 Friday morning , the Belize Police Department (BPD) in an effort to combat the recent upsurge of crime in South Side Belize City, launched a special anti-crime operation which is expected to be effective until the ending of January 2018. The operation code […]

Dangriga taxi driver found dead in orange orchard
The body of a Belizean taxi driver from Dangriga town was recovered early this morning from an orange orchard in Southern Belize. Information recieved is that the taxi driver, Jose Alfredo Majil, 32, was discovered lying on his back with a large cut wound on […]

Pink eye cases peak at 16,000 Officials say cases decreasing
on Wednesday. Between September 10 and this past Monday, October 23, a total of […]

Fuel price goes down, a little
The reduction of fuel prices promised by Prime Minister Dean Barrow finally arrived this week, seeing a marginal reduction in the price of Regular fuel. The Belize Bureau of Standards (BBS) announced that as of Wednesday the price per gallon for Regular fuel went down by 16 […]

The hustle – passiveness will not work
By Neri Briceno The state is probably the only legal body authorized to use force on its citizens, apart from private citizens acting in self-defense. The conditions and terms for using it are strict and narrow. In the case of the state, it comes with great responsibility and there are […]

What is a silent stroke?
It is possible that you could be having a stroke and not know it right away. It is called a “silent stroke” and it occurs when blood cannot access a part of the brain temporarily. It might not come with any symptoms at all, but […]

GOB decriminalizes Marijuana, less than 10grams
By William Ysaguirre Freelance Repoerter The Government of Belize is about to decriminalize marijuana by a Bill to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana, not to exceed 10 grammes, which Minister of Home Affairs Hon. Wilfred “Sedi” Elrington introduced for its first reading at a Special sitting of […]

The Billion-Dollar Question: How to fill Belize’s SME Credit Gap? Part 5
Last week’s “The Business Perspective” column took a short pause from the access-to-credit discourse, and focused on yet another set of factors affecting the business community and growth: the competition that local businesses have with cross-border purchases. As was stated last week, the idea is not to encourage any government […]

Cost of living was up in September
Keeping with the trend since the start of 2017, new statistics show that the cost of living during the month of September was higher than it was last year. The Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB) released its Consumer Price Index (CPI) on Wednesday, showing that Belizeans paid […]

Police and media find middle ground
After weeks of impasse between the Belize Police Department and media houses countrywide, both sides have agreed on a system of information sharing going forwards, bringing the media boycott of police events to an end. On Tuesday the media met with senior command of the department, including […]

Man shot in the head clings to life by a thread
A young man from Burrell Boom village is on life-support at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) suffering from severe brain injuries he sustained after he was shot once to the back of his head on Wednesday evening on Partridge Street in Belize City. Cardinal […]

Grandmother and granddaughter shot while watching tv
A little girl narrowly escaped death when a bullet ripped through her house as she sat and watched the evening news with her two siblings, cousins, and her grandmother on Tuesday. One bullet struck the 7-year-old girl in the back, exiting her abdomen, damaging her […]

“Unlimited” not untouchable Police arrest deemed police brutality
Bernard Cayetano, aka “Unlimited”, was arraigned this week in the Belize City Magistrate’s Court after he was arrested by police. Cayetano claims the charges are baseless, then accused police of brutality. A house search by police, reportedly turned south for a recording artist, when the […]

$1,000 reward offered for information about Mark Pollard
A new group formed to assist in the search for missing persons in Belize has undertaken a renewed effort to locate Mark Pollard by offering a monetary reward to anyone who provides information regarding his whereabouts. The group, Missing Persons-Search and Rescue Belize issued a release last […]

Spare the rod and spoil the child! The phrase come from a 17th century poet, Samuel Butler of England, but the inspiration undoubtedly comes from the Book of Proverbs, which instructs parents that “He that spares his rod hates his son: but he that loves him chastenes him. The “rod” […]

Thieves target Belmopan pawn shop
Belmopan police are investigating an armed robbery at a pawn shop in the capital, where thieves made off with over $60,000 in cash and valuables. The manager of First Stop pawn shop on Constitution Drive, Belmopan told police that around 9:20 a.m., on Thursday October […]

Two loans, $80 Million later, New Haulover bridge still not done
The Government of Belize, this week, passed a motion for a $24 million loan to upgrade the Haulover Bridge, even though it had already gotten a $60 million loan in 2014 for the same purpose. Both loans, as is the case with all other public […]

Big Tom targetted?
There was a dangerous spate of back and forth earlier this week between the mother of two men murdered within 12 days and a former gang associate, who has denied reports that it was he was behind the killing of her two sons. That man […]

Man stabs common-law wife, stepson and stepdaughter
A little girl, age 12, her brother ,14, and mother were viciously stabbed by her stepfather as they slept at their house in Belize City, not even 100 yards from a police checkpoint, early Tuesday morning. Police say the girl, Veril Morris, was sleeping on […]

Mexico gives $14 Million to CARICOM CRIF
The Government of Mexico will contribute $14 Million to the CARICOM Catastrophe Risk Insurance Fund (CCRIF), Mexico’s President, Enrique Peña Nieto confirmed at the IV CARICOM-Mexico Summit, which he co-chaired during his first official visit to Belize, at the Best Western Belize Biltmore Plaza Hotel […]

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Police confirm shooting in Lake-I
Police have issued an official report on today’s shooting in Lake Independence, Belize City. According […]

Police Minister explains new approach to tackling crime
The Police Department, today, launched its new Addressing Crime Together (ACT) initiative at the Raccoon […]

PUP announces mayoral candidate for Belize City
The Opposition People’s United Party (PUP) has selected its mayoral candidate and councilors to square […]

GOB: We did not boycott Public Accounts Committee Meeting
The Government of Belize (GOB) issued a release just now informing the public that they […]

Dollar van driver shot in Lake I
BBN has confirmed that a dollar van driver of Nigerian nationality was shot on Complex […]

Police bust Belize City man with ganja
Belize City cops have busted a man with 223 grams of cannabis. On Thursday at around 4:30 […]

Belize City man beaten and shot
A Belize City man was beaten, knocked out, and shot near a Belize City bar […]

NEMO issues advisory on Tropical cyclone activity
NEMO and the National Met Service are informing the public that at 2:00 p.m., showers and […]

Belize Infrastructure Limited fires back explaining Lake I design and construction
Belize Infrastructure Limited (BIL) issued a statement today detailing the Lake Independence Blvd design and […]

Ministry of Health and SIB carrying out survey on kidney disease
The Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB) in partnership with the Ministry of Health, today informed […]

Belmopan barber shop robbed at gun point
Last night around 9, Tyron Bell ,34, Belizean barber of Ontario Village, Cayo District, reported […]

BNTU admonishes PM Barrow on his Ministers’ boycott of the Public Accounts Committee
The Belize National Teachers Union (BNTU) issued a release today stating that it is putting […]

Blackman Eddy Village gets playground set
This morning, Officer Commanding Belmopan Police, Sr. Supt. Howell Gillett handed over a playground set […]

Thieves take over $60,000 in items and cash from Belmopan pawn shop
Yesterday morning around 9:30, Belmopan police responded to a robbery report at Frist Stop Pawn Shop […]

Man found dead in taxi
According to reports, this morning a man was found dead inside a red taxi near […]

Pesero pistol whipped in Corozal town
About 7am on Thursday, Jose Sanchez, a pesero (microbús driver), was preparing to leave home in his car […]

Home Invasion in Kontiki, San Ignacio
On Monday, October 16, 2017, a man reported to police that shortly after 3 in […]

Pitts and Vega still haven’t returned tax payers money
The Attorney General has given Andre Vega and Sharon Pitts up until October 31 of last year […]

Belize Archives & Records Service to hold lecture on colonialism and the making of southern Belize
The Belize Archives and Records Service (BARS) will host its first lecture in its Lecture […]

Two detained minors escape from San Ignacio Police Station
According to confirmed reports, yesterday morning two minors that were detained for questioning escaped from […]


Rain, Rain, Rain Gives Way to Fall Weather Perfection on Ambergris Caye
After 8 days of RAIN RAIN RAIN…grey weather and then MORE RAIN, the weather gods have decided to have mercy upon us. Many residents of Ambergris Caye have found their yards flooded and their local streets, swamp. While fascinating to watch the life cycles of tadpoles and mosquitoes, it grows tiresome QUICK when it is your yard. And you need to wade through it each day. Clemency came in the form of THE MOST GORGEOUS DAY EVER. A cool northerly wind (the first of the fall season), crispy clear air and SUN! Residents pulled out wind breakers and hoodies (to the amusement of visitors) and everyone headed out to enjoy.

International Sourcesizz

Belize - EU: 3rd“Article 8” political dialogue session
As part of Belize’s Diplomatic Week and Independence Celebrations, the third political dialogue session between the European Union (EU) and Belize took place in Belmopan on Tuesday, September 19th, 2017. The cordial and constructive dialogue offered a platform for consultations over a broad range of bilateral, regional and multilateral issues, as well as an opportunity to take stock of progress made concerning ‘essential elements’ of the Cotonou Agreement, including respect for human rights, democratic principles and good governance. Among discussions was the progress of the EU/Belize development partnership and renewed their commitment to partnering on health, energy and public finance management in Belize. Minister of Foreign Affairs, Wilfred Elrington led the discussion on the recent developments in the process to resolve the Guatemalan Claim to Belizean Territory.


  • Snake on the move, 1min. In these flooded roads you see all creatures coming out, sorry for the video shaking.

  • Chicken Drop Belize, 4min.

  • Caleb Orozco, Belize - Testimony at the 2017 Dublin Platform, 5min.

  • DIABETES, OBESITY, HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE AND RENAL FAILURE, 9min. Approximately eight to ten percent of the adult population worldwide are diagnosed with some form of kidney damage, and statistics show that each year millions of persons die prematurely of complications related to Chronic Kidney Diseases.

  • Belize: Island Wildlife, 25th Anniversary, 3.5min.

  • Serendipity Cacao Farm in Belize, 2.5min. Co-owners Jeff and Deon take guests on a walking tour of a sprawling farm full of healthy, growing cacao trees. Each tree's cacao seeds yield approximately two pounds of chocolate. Here we are at sunset atop the tallest hill on the farm, offering a picturesque lookout of the Toledo District in southern Belize, known for having ideal conditions for cacao tree production.

  • Rio Blanco Falls in Belize, 1.5min. Join us on a healing eco-adventure wellness retreat in the tropical jungle of southern Belize at a pristine waterfall, Rio Blanco Falls. Jump in!

  • Belize Adventure, 2min.

  • Mr. Pedro Lozano from Atlantic Bank Belize, 3min. Mr. Lozano, Payment System Manager of Atlantic Bank Ltd. at the Belize TechExpo 2017.

  • Salvation Army students celebrating their #1 position at the end of the 2017 Belize City Primary School History and Social Studies Competition, 5sec.

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