Elections for the Football Federation of Belize are coming up on December second, and the nominations have been finalized - which means who all are vying for the vacant posts of President and Vice President.

For President, we have Ruperto Vicente, Sergio Chuc, Onan Maclean and Daniel Fabro.

For Vice President, there's Cruz Gamez, David Griffith, Carlos Obeah Galvez and Leslie Sharp.

Now, there are alliances within those names, and unofficial slates: Vicente is working with Obeah Galvez, while Chuc is working with Gamez and Fabro is with Leslie Sharp.

But our information suggests that there may be other unseen alliances where other candidates could act as spoilers, by taking a few votes away from the main contenders, who are seen to be Chuc and Vicente. But, it's an election, where only 20 people vote, so, like Boledo, any number can play.

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