There was robbery of another Indian-owned business operation, which happened this morning. Fortunately, no one was hurt, but the thief got away with over 10,000 dollars in cash.

At around 9:26 a.m., 28 year-old Doris Montejo, a frontline Associate at the Western Union Office in Corozal Town, arrived at her office at 4th Avenue. That's along the busy business strip in Corozal Town, and, she was only a few steps away from entering the front door.

She was carrying her purse which contained $10,000 in cash which belongs to her work, $100 in cash which belongs to her, and her Samsung Galaxy cellular phone.

She never made it inside because a man wearing a peak cap approached her and pointed a gun at her. He ordered her to hand over the money, which she did, and he ran away toward the direction of Corozal House of Culture.

Today, Arun Hotchandani shared what information he had on the incident with us:

And a correction, it happened in Corozal Town, not in the Freezone as Hotchandani had been informed.

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Are More People Involved In Western Union Robbery?

While Corozal Police are investigating and seeking the identity of this morning's robber, they are also closely evaluating the video footage to verify if two men seen in the images were accomplices or just bystanders.

Once the vehicle was parked, the two men seen at the top of the footage are seen walking slowly and suspiciously across the street on 4th Avenue. One of them seems to be talking into a phone, while the other follows him. But as the robbery takes place, they turn into 2nd Street South, and seem to ignore the victim's call for help. Instead, they also dash away in the direction of the robber.