The Passing Of Pech, Noted Politician, And An Honorable Gentleman

Tonight we note the passing of former PUP Minister and 6 term Orange Walk South representative Guadalupe Pech.

The 83 year old Pech died a few days ago and was buried today in Orange Walk with honours.

Pech represented Orange Walk South for the PUP from 1961 to 1993 - losing for the first time in the swing of 1984. He lost again in 1993 and retired after that.

But, he mostly won, in fact, in the early days of his political career, he often won his seat by astounding margins with as much as 87% and 83% of the vote.

Pech was known as for his gentle, compassionate approach to politics, and he was considered a man who amply lived up to the term "honourable."

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